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Mom opened her mouth and slowly lowered her head until the head of brother's shaft was warmly wrapped up into her mouth, daughter did the same with dad tool... Dad let out a loud groan as she felt and she understood she was doing everything right. Mom's deepthroat looked much more professional, but daughter's blowjob was getting better and better with each movement of her head... Click to know more!
mom and dad want us to know everything about sex by the time we leave them
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When we reached my bedroom I turned to Steve, grabbed his hand and pulled him inside. Once inside I began removing my clothes as slowly as I could. Though it did feel a little weird stripping in front of my brother; I didn't let that bother me. As I removed my blouse I looked over and saw Mike watching me like a hawk. Steve was also watching but he had a nervous look about him.

"You do still like girls don't you Steve?" I asked teasingly.

"Y-yes." Came his broken reply.

I looked down at his limp dick and said. "I'm not to sure about that, you're not even semi hard yet."

I reached down and started gently stroking him and felt it start to grow in my hand.

"Mmm now that's more like it."

I leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek and continued stripping. When I was done I laid down on the bed and crooked my finger at Steve. Again he had that nervous look about him and he turned and looked at Mike as if seeking his permission to fuck me. Mike laughed and said...

"Well go on you lil pussy, cant you see she's hot for you. Go on and get ya some boy."

"B-b-but she's your sister."

"So what?" Mike bellowed and grabbed Steve's arm and half drug half pushed Steve to the bed.

Steve just stood there until Mike said something I never thought I would hear.

"Look man if you don't fuck her I will."

I looked at Mike like he had lost his mind then back at Steve.

Steve, don't pay Mike any attention he's full of hot air and you know it as well as I know it. And besides I have been wanting you for awhile now."

I batted my eyes flirtatiously he still looked undecided so I decided to take things into my own hands. So to speak, I sat on the edge of the bed took Steve's dick in my hand and started licking just the head, just the way my daddy taught me.

I was thirteen when I learned how to suck a dick. I was coming back from a friend's house and was going to put my bike in the garage like I always did. As I got to the garage I could hear strange noises. I heard a man cry out, so I walked around to the side of the garage and peeked in the window. That's when I saw my dad and Mr. Tindall. My dad was on his knees in front of Mr.Tindall. At first I couldn't see what daddy was doing so I went to the other window and that's when I saw daddy with Mr. tindall's dick in his mouth. I stood at that window and watched my dad with Mr. tindall. I watched and memorized everything he did.

That day was not the only time I saw my dad and Mr. Tindall together. I saw them several more times over the summer, and I always paid close attention to how daddy sucked Mr. Tindall's dick. I couldn't wait to get a boyfriend and practice on him. Well I didn't have to wait for a boyfriend to practice on. I got to practice on my best friend Tammy's twin brother about a week after the second time I saw dad and Mr.Tindall.

So there I was with Steve's beautiful dick in my mouth licking it up and down. Making sure I swipe his pee slit with my tongue and get all of his precum. I could hear Steve moaning so I must have been doing it right. The more I licked him the more pre cum he developed and the more he moaned. All too soon I felt Steve swell in my mouth and before I could take his dick out Mike grabbed the back of my head and held my head in place so I couldn't move when Steve shot his load. I can still hear Mike say...

"Oh no you don't you little slut, you wanted his dick now you got it and you will swallow it all."

I didn't mind too much Steve's cum had a nice flavor too it. It was kinda sweet like apple juice. Just with a different after taste and texture. Steve just stood there looking totally satisfied. He had this big goofy grin on his face. That is until Mike pushed him out of his way.

Steve shouted, "Watch it man!"

But was silenced by Mike glaring at him and saying."Shutup you little fag."

Then he turned to me, pulled his dick out and said "My turn you slut."

"No way, I'm not going to suck you, you creep. Get that thing away from me."

Mike grabbed me by the back of the head and said

"You WILL suck me or I'll call your pretty boy and tell him that you have been fucking Steve for the past 3 months."

"You wouldn't dare?!

"Oh but I would you little slut."

"He wouldn't believe you anyway."

Mike turned and looked at Steve and said

"Tell her Steve, you would back me up wouldn't you boy?"

Steve looked at me and with a look that was apologetic and slightly fearful, ducked his head and mumbled

"Whatever you want Mike." Then looking up at Mike he continued, "You know I can't deny you anything."

When I heard this I got totally pissed and jumped up to leave. However Mike wasn't going to allow that to happen. He grabbed me by the arm and sat me back on the bed heavily. Mike still holding my arm, leaned down and said

"Suck me now bitch!!!"

"NO! Never."

Mike raised his hand to hit me but surprisingly Steve stopped him. Steve sat down next to me and started rubbing my leg and whispering in my ear.

"Just do it you will like it I promise."

His hand kept getting closer and closer to my wet sex finally I gave in and gave Mike a blowjob. I have to admit once I got over the fact that this was my brother I was sucking, I really enjoyed sucking his big dick. When I finished sucking Mike he looked over at Steve who was busy stroking his dick. Mike nudged me and said

"Hey sis, would ya look at that. My boy toy is ready to go again, do you still want to thank him for putting on such a good show down stairs?"

I looked over at Steve with a big smile and told Mike that I wanted Steve to fuck me. Mike laughed a short laugh and slapped Steve on the back and asked

"What do you think Steve-O? Think you want to be a man instead of a pussy for a little while?"

Steve just stood there for a few minutes staring between me and Mike.


I always thought my sister would give good head. She had the right lips, big and fat, and though she could be a little bitch most of the time, I knew there was a wild little slut just under the surface. Of course what could I do, shove my cock down her throat while she was sleeping? Actually I've come close to doing that. Just last week I was brushing my cock against her lips while she slept. Luckily she's always been a very deep sleeper.

So I've really got to hand it to Amber, turns out she is a good cocksucker after all. Not quite as good as my bitch Steve, but something tells me she will be getting in much more practice in the future.

First Amber couldn't bring herself to do it, and I really can't blame her. I am her brother after all. Luckily Steve knows a thing or two about being a whore and convinced her to give it a shot. Now here I am, balls-deep in throat and the little slut is moaning with pleasure. I'm holding back of course, I could cum any second now, but I want sis to work for it a little. Watch her head bob and up down, look her right in the eyes while she takes me deep. I grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her down all the way till my balls slapped her chin. She choked a little on it, which made me smile of course.

"Mmmm, Amber your boyfriend is a lucky guy," I said. "Of course now you'll be sucking three cocks from now on, I hope your neck doesn't give out." She didn't say a word, which surprised me. She can be such a little bitch. Instead she pulled out my cock and flicked it with her tongue. I took my cock and wiped it on her lips before shoving myself back in her throat.

Not a minute later I was cumming down my little sister's throat. And she swallowed every drop. Yeah, I think I'll keep her too.


Steve stares between Amber and me like a dumb shit. He just stares at me mouth agape. If I hadn't just blown one in Amber's mouth, I'd probably take that as a cue to mouth fuck my little whore Steve. Instead I slap the little pussy on the back and tell him to get to work. What amazes is how much Amber is into this. Of course I should have known with her short shorts and her constant grinding of her ass in front of us, my little sis would go all slut on me. Steve looks at me one last time and says nothing.

"May I?" the little pussy stammered.

"May you what, fag?" I said to him as I wiped the cum on my cock off on Amber's face.

"May I fuck Amber sir?" he said to me, his eyes on my cock.

"I told you do it, now do it bitch. If I had it in me, I'd fuck the whore myself." I taunted him.

I sat back and watched Steve go to work. He actually treated the little rag doll gently if you can believe that. He must be just about a total fag by now, the way he was kissing her stomach and tits, rubbing his fingers in her pussy. Like he was some kind of fucking lesbian. I told my little bitch to fuck her and he starts going down her. Still, it was kinda nice watching the two of them. Steve would lick Amber's pussy up and down the whole way, like she was made out of honey and she would squirm and squeal and pull at his hair while he did.

Eventually the little bitch finally got hard and climbed on top of her. He pushed himself inside and fucked her slow at first. She wrapped around his back with her legs and they took a slow rhythm. Their hips came together like waves and Steve sucked Amber's neck while they fucked. After a few minutes he started to get her harder, pushing up off his arms like he was doing pushups on top of her. She screamed and scratched at his back. They kept this up as I stroked my own cock. After just about 10 minutes of watching them, I was hard again already.

I have to admit, seeing it push in and out of my sister's pussy, that Steve has a pretty nice cock. Not that I would ever touch it, but it has been a shame, him not being able to use it properly since I started fucking him. Maybe I'll let Steve keep using Amber for a little while.

I climbed up on the bed behind Steve. He nervously shot his head around back to me, but I grabbed his face and pushed him back toward Amber. "Just keeping fucking her, bitch" I commanded.

Steve kept his attention on Amber, pushing his hips down onto hers and shoving that better than average dick of his down deep inside her. I grabbed some lube off the night table and spilled it into Steve's ass again. He jerked forward as the goopy liquid filled him, but he was a good boy and kept right on fucking Amber. I took a pretty generous glob and smeared it over my cock.

Then I grabbed him by the hair and shoved my cock all the way in my bitch's ass at once. He let out a muffled scream and pushed deeper into Amber, who in turn let out a scream herself. I took that as a cue to fuck my sluts harder, which is exactly what I did. I didn't do any faggot routine about getting him softened up. I just hit my little boywhore's ass hard and fast, just like I like it. I fucked him so hard he fell right on top of my sister and forgot that he was supposed to be fucking her too. I whispered harshly in his ear that he better not stop giving sis the dick or there would be trouble. I said it just like that, while thrusting my cock in him after every other word. Just. Like. This.

"Now you listen to me bitch," I hissed at Steve while I fucked him. The little whore grabbed at my cock with his muscles and squeezed. "I am going to give you a choice. You can take my little sister and do whatever the fuck you want with her. Or you can stay my little whore." I shoved my cock into him hard and circled my hips in time with his ass. "But I have to warn you, if you stay with me, things are only going to get harder for you. So what is it going to be slut?"

Steve worked to catch his breath between my strokes and his inside Amber. He finally got the wind to speak. "I want you Mike, God I want you so bad," he sighed.

"Steve you little faggot," I said, and naturally took another chance to punctuate with a long, hard stroke up his ass.

The three of us kept right on fucking, and it was Amber who started to cum first. I almost forgot the little whore was there. She started to pop and thrash and Steve asked me for permission to cum right after her. I ordered him to pull out and crawl over her head so he could cum on her face while I kept fucking him. He did and the downward push of his cum painted the little slut's face white with sticky goo. I pulled out of Steve's ass and pushed him down on the bed next to Amber. I made Amber jerk me off until I came on his face too. The two of them lay there on the bed, faces dripping with baby batter and looking at me like I was their fucking king. Maybe I was.

"Now don't you two look pretty," I said to them. "You girls wait here, and I'll be right back," I said to them. And they really did look pretty, too, the two of them. Faces splattered with cum, laying next to each other like a couple of girlfriends. Today turned out to be a very interesting day, after all. I got dressed and went downstairs for a snack. I knew that they wouldn't move from that spot, so I took my time, had a nice bowl of ice cream and read the sports section while my two sluts stewed in their juices, so to speak.


"Amber," I said after what felt like an hour of silence. "I think Mike's cum is starting to dry."

"Yours too Steve. It feels weird," she said to me, looking up at the ceiling.

"I don't want to move," I confessed.

She looked at me, cum oozing down the side of her face and blushed. "Me neither," she said.

We kept silent until Mike got back. I knew I was so incredibly turned on and confused by this and I knew Amber must be feeling the same way, otherwise she would have stormed out of the room crying an hour ago. Eventually Mike came back in, carrying Amber's cell phone.

He sat next to the side of bed nearest Amber and handed her the phone. "Hi sis," he said and placed a hand high up on her thigh. "Give your boyfriend a call."

She looked at Mike desperately. "Can I get cleaned up first?"

"No. Now give him a call slut," Mike said coldly. "Tell him you want his cock up your ass. Tell him that's all you've been dreaming about today."

Amber turned a deep red and hit the memory button of her boyfriend's number. She started immediately telling him about how she wanted him to sodomize her. She was very convincing, of course. Mike looked at me and smiled.

"See, Stevie, your not my only slut anymore," he said to me. "I think its time that everybody learned what a little homo you've become Steve. Unless you can give me a good reason why not."

I gulped hard, but something in me was very excited by all this.

"And little Amber here," Mike said, stroking his sister's hair. She kept on talking about how hot it would be for her boyfriend to buttfuck her. "Little sis is about to become the biggest whore in school."

Part 3 will be out in about a week. As always remember we love feedback, James and I work hard to bring you a top quality erotic story. So let us know if we did our job or not. Just be honest that's all we ask. All feedback should be sent to the link below.
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