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It has been a long time since I submitted my experiences – well I am so buuuusssyyyy that it becomes difficult to pick up the pen and write.

Well – thanks to my fan club – I am literally grateful and also overwhelmed at the rate at which you keep sending me feedback- the father-in-law experience seems to have made quite of you mostly aroused and it is really enthralling- what I began to submit as an innocent submission or confession has become a raging hit.

My father in law taught me too many things –and my current life, which is mostly exciting and sexual – belongs to him and him only. He is the one who directed me into the current lifestyle, which beckons day in day out – sexually exciting works beating Caligulas own record at incest and sex power.

This is an episode a few months later and I was in Gollaprolu attending to my brother-in-laws wedding – Seenu, younger brother of Ashok. Seenu is around 22 years of age – 4 years younger to me and was pretty shy and introvert. His marriage was planned with a local girl from Kakinada – Shyamala.

Shyamala was my sisters relative on her husbands side and demure looking, she was and is beautiful, and around 163 cms she stands as tall as Seenu and possesses meaningful looks.

It was quite chill in the night at Gollaprolu – December month and all was quite that night- the nuptials were 48 hours away and I was in our room with Ashok when suddenly I heard a voice calling out my name, so I came out of the room – it was my father-in-law asking me to come down to his office – pleaders office in the front of the house.

Ashok asked him if he also was needed- Raja Rao put him off – Nuuvu akharledu- Amaiyi voste Chaalu (Stay where you are, she is enough).

I looked at Ashok and could see the hurt in his eyes- I shuddered to think of what will he go through if it descended on him what we (Raja Rao and I) did at his back, in Kakinada.

In the pleaders room, I met Revanna (the man who setup Ashok to spoil my first sexual escapade with my F-I-L). Revanna was older than Raja Rao and he had a young man next to him – Hello, na peru Revanna, vidu na main alludu Prakash – neevu baaga telusu ta. ("Hi, my name is Revanna, this guy is Prakash- my nephew- he says he knows you well.)

I could not recall the name or the face- till Prakash came near to me and shoved a photo in my hands- tattered but distinct. It had my sister Jyothi and me on it- young in front of our house along with the entire owners family. Then I remembered – Prakash was Bhagwans elder brother Ramaraos son – a cousin of Chitran.

Well, perverse though, it dawned on me – maybe that this guy had spilled some of my early erotic stories to these two old perverts- and started staring at him bravely, when out of the blue my father in law told me that he was contemplating this guy as a son-in- law- wanted him to marry my sister-in-law Sravani.

He wanted my opinion – I was very elated and really felt great that my father in law was taking my opinion.

I told him it was a good choice, after which Prakash left the room and went out.

Mt father in law looked into my eyes and gave my dress wear a long look – blue embroidered saree with a black petticoat inside, black satin bra and white blouse – scented flowers in the hair – I was looking stunning and sexy.

Alaag undi ma pella – Revanna?(How is the girl- referring to me) – asked Raja Rao.

Daaniki Een Superb ka unnadi. (She is superb)– leered Revanna.

Raja Rao asked me to bolt the door from inside and come and sit next to him – I told him Ashok was waiting for me upstairs and also gave him my clear message of Revannas presence, which for me was unwanted. Raja Rao gave me a cold stare and told me to do as said- and I slowly made my way back to the sofa and sat next to him facing Revanna.

It was a deal – Raja Rao and Revanna were friends for long and now had got into the habit of sharing spoils and riches. Raja Rao was constantly provided the warm bed of Revannas young wife Savithri (23 years of age – married Revanna for his money and was his second wife) and Revanna enjoys Lavanaya.

Revanna presumably was eyeing me for quite some time and when it became apparent that my cunt was getting pleasure in squeezing juice out of Raja Raos dick – he demanded the return in flesh. Raja Rao took me in his arms and my reaction was not very straight and I resisted – did not like the idea of giving in right in front of the asshole (I did not like Revanna at all).

After a few minutes in which my body became pretty stiff and unfriendly – Raja Rao saw the futility and gave up. you will pay for this – in kind- wait and watch - he whispered.

Revanna sensing an opportunity came towards me and I gave it back to him – Deger raaku Donga lanja kodaka- nein e Sani munda ni kaadu- (Dont come near me bastard – I am not a prostitute).

Immediately – giving my father-in-law the dirty looks of his lifetime got out of the room and just as I was taking the flight up the stair case- met my step mother in law – Lavanya. I just ignored her and went to my room – wept into the pillow and slept uneasily next to the already snoring Ashok.

I started to like and enjoy the treatment given by me to both the lecherous old men – I also began to wonder how it will be to face them the next time- one thing I knew for sure- Raja Rao – my F-I-L was going to fuck the brains out of me whenever he got the next opportunity and make me repent for this mistake.

Well for now I was not getting sleep and was embarrassed at first by what I was doing, it was all happening in a sub-conscious state but then Ashok's breathing continued to come steadily beside me and I realized that there was not a chance in the world that he would wake up, even if I were to make a lot of noise.

Even so, I kept my moans low and soft although the self-induced pleasure was acute and maddening.

But, something about the secrecy of what I was doing gave me an illicit thrill and made the experience an even greater enjoyment. My breath came in jagged uneven spurts as my hand roamed the terrain of my just aroused and hungry pussy for sex.

Over and up they traced ... back and forth ...sometimes sliding down and inside the hot tunnel of my pussy.

On and on it went, until I could bear it no more, and suddenly my orgasm burst upon me like a dam breaking, flooding me with a torrent of shattering emotions, racking my body with ripping spasms of joy.

I lay back, exhausted ... body satisfied at last ...but as the sensation slowly ebbed away, a great sadness enveloped me, saddled with Ashoks slow, even breathing reached my ears.

I became upset once more with the behavior received from Revanna and my F-I-L, making me not have my F-I-Ls cock all for myself and ooze cum which I finally did with pleasure derived out from my own hand.

"Damn it!" I said to myself angrily ... "Damn! I turned abruptly on my side, and after a short while fell into a deep but restless sleep.

Next day all was not well –early morning Lavanya woke me up and told me Revanna and Raja had a fight and there was a discord note between the two because of me, Ravenna had finally offered to say sorry to me and I was supposed to meet him in Raja Raos room. I pirouetted down the staircase along with Lavanya only to reach the room and find only Raja Rao angry and sullen inside – standing by the window in his lungi and a shirt.

He could see me in my satin sari. My full, firm breasts were straining against the tight smooth, almost shiny bra. I could see my nipples were erect through the satin sari and made humiliating outlines that he could easily see.

I was afraid, confused, and hot. I stood, my breasts heaving, my face bowed.

I felt as naked as I had ever felt in my whole life.

"Remove and bring your sari and blouse to me," he said. I walked to the table I stood in front of him, uncertain and scared. I took my SARI and the blouse off and gave it to him. He slowly, deliberately found the armpit of the blouse and the patch of sweat that I had left.

He lifted it to his nose and inhaled.

I was shocked and ashamed. He saw my discomfort and said, "Sweat mingled with a strong deodorant...Hmmm, the smell of your sweat turns you on, does it? You miserable, perverted slut... I felt tears swell in my eyes.

He smelt the sweat patch on my sari again and said, 'Take your petticoat off and put it on the chair, I did as he asked.

I was now standing before him, in my satin bra and panties. I knew that I shouldn't, but I instinctively covered the front of my panties with my hands.

He shot a look at me and I slowly removed my hands to my sides, clutching my fingers tightly together.

I shut my eyes, as I knew that he could see the wet patch on my panties. The satin panties were incredibly sexy, but if I were even slightly aroused, it would show so I clutched my legs tightly together and hoped that he would not see.

He saw. "So you are horny you slut," he jeered.

The language was demeaning and made me weak in the knees. I couldn't believe this.

I gulped and kept looking at the floor.

"The patch of dampness from your pussy in your panties gives you away. Whore. You crave to be treated like a slut. You are a naughty girl and will be treated like one. Go and stand in the corner of the room next to the dust bin and face the wall until I call you back."

I could not move and then his words rang in my ears. I slowly walked to the corner of the room where the dustbin were kept and stood facing the wall, my heart beating at a million miles.

I knew that he could see the flimsy strap of my bra across my back and my firm round ass enclosed in the tight panties. I squirmed as he carried on walking up and down as if I did not even exist.

I was trying to catch up with my thoughts.

I was hot and strangely excited. I felt ashamed at being horny and shuddered at what he had in store for me. Yet the patch of damp between my legs displayed shamelessly by the satin panties gave away how horny I was.

My breasts ached in my bra and my nipple craved to be touched.

I shivered and squirmed as I stood and my heartbeat would not slow down.

Suddenly my eyes widened and my heart skipped a beat as my Father-in-law spoke to someone on the mobile and asked them to come to his office.

I whipped around and looked at him, my eyes pleading.

"I am telling you for the last time, if you once again do anything that I did not tell you could or I have to say anything to you more than once, I will ruin you", he growled.

I turned around, my heart beating faster, still facing the wall.

I stood there like a little punished girl facing the wall in my bra and panties, my heart thumping against my chest fearful of the unknown.

Who was going to come in, what was going to happen to me? There was a knock on the door and my FIL said, "Come in"?

My heart stopped ...stunned, I shivered and squirmed as I saw, through the corner of my eyes Revanna, Seenu and Prakash walk into the room.

I was quivering. He asked them to shut the door behind him.

I was surprised.

Now I understood that they were all bastards and were here to see me facing the wall in my undergarments and squirming in embarrassment and shame.

My FIL clicked his fingers and someone walked behind me.

I held my breath as I felt someone's breath over my shoulder. "The slut never acknowledged ME, now she will pay, It was Prakash. He was standing behind me and I felt his hand on my back. I drew a quick breath as his hand made me feel so helpless and held my breath. "Go ahead, Prakash, feel her," my FIL commanded.

PRAKASH reached around the front slowly running his fingers along my waist to my flat smooth stomach, he reached my navel button and prodded at it with his index finger.

I was breathless and was shaking.

Then he placed both palms of his hands on my tummy and started to move his hands up towards my breasts, his coarse hands passed over my smooth skin and slowly, deliberately, he felt my breasts over my bra, squeezing just a hint, as his hands passed my firm full breasts.

I squirmed and shut my eyes trying to block this intrusion out. I was breathing harder and knew this would be the worst kind of turn-on for these bastards. Worse, I was getting wetter and wetter between my legs and know that this would show in the damp patch on the satin panties.

Then Prakash withdrew and Raja Rao commanded, "Turn around and face us. Jaya, I turned around and lowered my head. I was facing the four men in my shameful state and found tears well in my eyes.

I struggled to keep my hands from covering my bra and panties and my nipples were aching through my bra and I knew that this was a definite turn-on to these people.

Raja Rao asked me to stand and face them. Then all of them sat around me on the bed and floor and my FIL came up to me. I was shivering and pleading with my eyes. He picked MY LOOSE hair strands and matter of factly said. "I will demonstrate to you, the main qualities and features of a whore."

I was a piece of meat to these people. Raja Rao made me stand straight and keep my arms by my sides. He began, "Notice how her breasts are heaving. Look how her nipples are aching to tear out of her bra, see how her breasts are clinging to the fabric of the bra," he was pointing to my nipples and making circles around my breasts with the finger. "Look at the slim waist and the extreme sexuality in her squirming. This woman is a born slut."

Next he tapped my arms with his pointer and said, "Jaya, raise your arms above your head and clasp them behind your neck."

I slowly did as he asked feeling for the first time in my life totally submissive and humiliated.

I stood there before him and quivered as he continued, "The greatest asset of a raw slut is the way she smells.".

He came close to me and bent slightly to bring his nose close to my left armpit.

He took a long deliberate sniff and said, "Very sexual and raw. Her sweat mixed with the flowers smell she wore last night, an animal like sexuality, her fingers smell of her cum- she must have masturbated the whole night".

I turned my head to the side and shut my eyes, my face flushed with shame and degradation.

He made all of them do the same. They each took turns in smelling my armpits slowly,lingeringly.

I was so ashamed.

I felt raped, abused.

Seenu came to me and looked at me. He took my chin in his fingers and raised my face towards him. I still had my eyes shut. He ran a finger from my neck to my armpit and rubbed his finger in my sweat.

Then he raised the finger and placed it near my nose. I smelt my own animal fragrance, my own sweat.

I shivered in shame and a hot strange excitement. Then he bent and deeply smelt my armpits, first one then the other.

Revanna and Prakash did the same.

Then my FIL continued, "Now look at her pussy. See how wet it is. She is nothing but a slut and is turned on by degradation and shame. See how shapely her ass and thighs are. Feel how hot her calves and inner thighs are. We will have to give her this abuse that she no doubt craves...Jaya, look at me.."

I opened my eyes and looked at him.

He was standing at the end of the room from where I was.

He said, "Crawl to me slut and when you reach me, kiss my legs." I hesitated and then slowly got to my knees and slowly crawled towards him on all fours.

The floor burned against my skin and my face burned with shame as I reached him and bent and kissed his feet and hairy ankles.

Then Revanna said, "Now crawl to me and when you reach me place your elbows on the floor and palms facing upwards and place your forehead on the floor and say - I'm your slut Sir, I turned and found him halfway to the door.

I knew that this bastard was behind all this and crawled to him and felt my body shivering as my legs brushed my pussy lips together as I crawled and my breasts felt like they were heavy with lead in them. I took the position he demanded and whispered, "NENU nee saani munda nee I'm your slut, sir... He laughed and then Seenu said, "JAYA vadina, crawl to me and when you reach me kneel, put your arms behind your head and say - please smell my sweat, Seenu".

I couldn't believe what was happening and I was crying as I crawled to him and knelt before him and clasped my arms behind my head and whispered, "P.Please s.smell my sweat Seenu." He knelt and took another deep sniff from my right armpit.

Prakash said to me, "Crawl to me and kneel before me and say - I'm a whore and need sexual release, I crawled to him and whispered the words.

My FIL walked behind me and grabbed a fistful of my dark lusty hair and tugged at it hard, yanking my head in his direction.

My hands reached for his and I whimpered as he lowered his face to my ear and said, "Now LANJA - slut, kneel before us and look at me and say - please rape me MASTER. I shivered as he let go of my hair. The sudden pain had caught me unawares and I was loosing control of my emotions. Tears flowed down my face as I knelt and faced him and whispered, P.p.Please r.r.a.p.e m. me sir."

He came up to me and slapped my face.

I shivered as my face fell to one side, my hair falling over my eyes.

Then he came close to my face and hissed, "Now I want you to do the following things. Go now and pretend as if nothing happened. Go to your room and take off all your clothes. Leave your bra and panties on. Don't put on any FAN, we want you to sweat all afternoon. When you lie on your bed, you are not to touch your pussy. Lie in bed and gently touch your nipples over your bra and whisper to yourself the following - I am a slut, I am a whore, I crave humiliation, I am a dirty slut and deserve to be raped. You will keep saying this as you pinch your own nipples. You will not touch yourself at all. EVENING AT 7PM, I want you to be in the same bra and panties under your normal clothes, and you must go on a long walk and you will not have any shower the whole day or use any perfumes and deodorants. When you finish, you will be sweating and hot and reeking of your sweat. I want you to then come to this address."

Throwing a piece of paper at me he let go of my hair.

I could not believe what he was saying.

I got up and my FIL caught my arm and pulled me to him. Yanking my hair back he looked at me and said, "If you fail, you know what will happen, do you understand?", I nodded.

He let go of my hair and said, "Before you leave, go to Mr. Revanna, kiss his lips and beg him to rape you this evening."

I unsteadily walked to Mr. Revanna and stood before him.

I then placed my lips on his and whispered, "Please.Master...rape me this evening." .

I could not believe I was saying this, but what option did I have? .

They asked me to wear my clothes.

My FIL said, "Before you leave, lift your petticoat and reach under your panties and run your finger through your soaking pussy and then make all of us smell your juices."

This was the ultimate humiliation.

I shamefully lifted my petticoat and reached into my panties, the sensation of my fingers on my hot and burning pussy was like a bolt of lightening. I shivered and let out a soft moan.

I knew that my pussy was soaking and so did they.

I pulled out my finger and prodded it hesitantly towards Revanna.

He took a deep sniff and shut his eyes, next the others took turns and then made me lick my finger.

The taste of my own juices was driving me mad.

I was so close to going over the edge but I controlled myself and wore the sari and left.

I was in my room and was standing in front of my mirror again.

I was in the bra and panties that I had been ordered to sleep in.

I knew that my life was never going to be the same again, I was humiliated and abused, and had no way out, I was hot and sweaty and knew that I was going to be terribly humiliated by the evening.

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