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Family Letters Incest Magazine Incest Taboo Open Forum By Susan Incest Stories With Pics Free Hardcore Mom And Son Incest Porno
The knock on my bedroom door woke me up, less than a second later my mother came into the room. She walked over to my bed, grabbed my shoulder and gave me a gentle shake “7 o’clock, time to get up”. As my eyes grew wider, I saw my mother leaning over me with her hand on my right shoulder. Her eyes weren’t looking into mine, nor were they looking at my face. She had her vision trained on my crotch. I looked down my body to see what she was looking at, and that’s when I saw that my sheet was raised significantly. I had an erection and it was forming a tent with my sheet. “I’m sorry” I said as I rolled over onto my side, now I was facing away from my mother. “Its okay” she said “It’s completely natural for a man to wake up with an erection”. I cringed when she said the word “erection”. It’s a word mothers aren’t meant to say, especially to their sons. I think she saw me screw up my face. “Hey, when I was a nurse I saw this kind of thing everyday, its no big deal”

“How did you deal with it, when you were a nurse?” I asked as I turned back to face her.

“Well, I just left the room and came back in fifteen minutes. I let the patient sort it out.”


“So that’s what I’m going to do know, okay?”

”Yeh, alright” I said as I shrugged my shoulders.

“What’s wrong?” my mother asked me

“Well ever since the accident I haven’t been able to ‘take care of myself’ “

“Oh, I see”

Let me fill you in on a bit of background. About a month ago I was riding my motorcycle when I hit a stone on the road. I went flying over the handlebars and I severely broke both my wrists. I was completely incapacitated; my mother had been doing everything for me. I couldn’t my wrists without some pain, I was taking painkillers but they only relieved the pain if I kept my wrists stationary, once I moved them or rotated them, they hurt like hell. So of course, I couldn’t masturbate, the only “relief” I got was from wet dreams…

“Of course, I should have realised” my mother said “I had been so busy looking after you in other ways I had completely forgot about that”

”It’s okay, mom, there’s nothing you could have done anyway”

She sat down on the edge of my bed. “Does it happen a lot?” she said as she pointed to the peak in the sheet. “Just the normal number of times” I replied.

“And what do you do about it”

“Nothing, there’s nothing I can do. I just have to wait until it goes away”

“Oh you poor thing, doesn’t it hurt?”

”Sometimes, but I just have to deal with the pain”

”Does it hurt now?”

”A little”

It was hurting, I wasn’t lying. My erection had started to go down, but when she sat next to me and continued to talk about it, my dick stirred back to life and became bigger than when she first saw it.

“Well would you like me to help you out with this too? I know your wrists give you a lot of pain, and I don’t want you suffer any more discomfort. Especially when it can be stopped.”

“Are you saying what I think your saying?”

”What’s that?”

”You want to … masturbate me?”

”It’s not sexual, well it is, but I mean, I’m just helping you out, just like I would if I was feeding you or driving you around” You may ask who’s been washing me and putting my clothes on since the accident. Well my father has been and no there haven’t been any awkward moments.

“Have you done this sort of thing before? For patients I mean”

”Sometimes, I have, not very often”

”Why’d you do it in those cases”

”Well, I’ll be honest with you. Sometimes you may get a handsome patient, and as your giving him a sponge bath, he may get excited and you want to finish him off”


”Oh yes, this was well before I met your father. I was a young single woman and I had all the usual desires”

”Wow, I never knew”

”Neither does your father so don’t tell him about it, okay?”


”So what do you think?

“Well, I guess so. It does hurt a bit down there”. All this masturbation talk was getting me very excited and I was keen to relief the strain. I never really thought about my mother in that way, because of the fact that she is my mother. I’ve seen photos of my mother when she was my age and she was very attractive. Now she was getting on in years, but she still had that look about her. She was short about 5’1”, 100lbs, shoulder length brown hair, medium size breasts and had a nice golden tan. She has kept herself in shape, she is very body conscious.

“Now are you sure about this?” she asked me.

“Yeh” I replied back.

“Because I can understand if you feel uncomfortable about it”

”Well if you’re alright with it then I’m alright with it”

”I have had experience with this sort of thing in the past, so it’s easy for me. I’ll just pretend your one of my patients and not my son”

”Okay then, I’ll pretend you’re a nurse and not my mother” she laughed and looked into my eyes. “Good, okay how do you want to do this then?”

”Well you’re the nurse, you tell me”

”Okay then, um, get comfortable. I don’t know if you want to sit up or lie flat on your back”

”I’ll stay where I am thanks”

”Okay” She got up from the my bed and grabbed my chair. She wheeled it over to the edge of the bed, in line with my groin, and sat down facing me. She began to pull back the sheet. I took in a deep breath through my nose, in anticipation of what was to come. I tried to conceal the sound, but she heard me.

“If this is uncomfortable for you let me know”

”No its okay, I’m fine” She continued to pull the sheet back until my boxer shorts when completely exposed, and then all the way to the end of the bed.

“Sure you’re okay?”

“Yeh, I’m fine” She grabbed the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down. They caught on my erect cock and she had to pull harder to get them over it. My cock bounced on my stomach. It was free; it was good to get it out in the fresh air. My mother looked at it and smiled. She looked into my eyes and said, “Ready?”

”Yep” By now, I think I had the biggest erection of my life; there was a lot of pre-cum leaking out too.

“Okay, here we go” she put her palm over my cock and pressed it into my pelvis. Slowly she made a fist around my cock. She stroked it slowly and gently. She looked as though she was enjoying this, maybe she was thinking about someone she jacked off while she was a nurse. She looked at my cock moving in and out of her hand the whole time. She never once looked at my face; I guessed that this was part of “pretend you’re a patient” idea. I on the other hand was looking everywhere. My cock, her hand, her arm, her breasts, her face, everywhere. I couldn’t believe what was happening - my mother was masturbating me and it felt good, really good. I think she had done this more than a couple of times, unlike she mentioned. I bet she was a little nymph in her nursing days. Her slow rhythmic strokes felt amazing, I wished it could last forever. She continued to look at my cock, the way it would disappear into her fist, and then reappear out of the hole made with her index finger and thumb. Her stroke rate increased and she gave the head of my cock a little squeeze on the upstroke. Man, she was good. My cock was leaking pre-cum profusely now. It began to bath her hand in a glistening glow. I took my eyes away from the scene and arched my neck back, I looked up at the ceiling and gave out a long breath.

“Anything wrong?”

I quickly brought my head back down and towards my mother, it was the first time she looked at me since it all started. “No, nothing’s wrong” She took her hand off my dick “Well, I’ve been doing this for fifteen minutes and you haven’t, you know, ejaculated yet”

”Fifteen minutes? What?” I looked over at the clock, she was right. I had lost all track of time, I was enjoying it so much that I didn’t realise how long it was taking.

“My hand is getting kind of sore”

“I’m sorry”

”Am I doing it right?”

”Yes, yes, very right. Couldn’t be better”

“Well what if I give you some extra stimulation?”

”What do you mean?”

“Well, I know males are very visual creatures, so what if I do this. Would this help?”

She began to unbutton her blouse and exposed her breasts, which were encased inside a white lace bra. My eyes widened and she smiled “I thought that might help” she took the blouse completely off and dropped it by my bed. My mother’s breasts were very beautiful, they were a nice size and they looked amazing inside the bra she was wearing. I thought she was going stop there, but she reached around and began to unclip her bra. I couldn’t believe it.

“It’s okay mom, you don’t have to do that”

”Its alright” she said “I have to do everything possible to help my patient” She smiled and brought her hands around to her front holding onto the material from the back of her bra. She picked up the top of the bra cups in between her index fingers and thumbs. Then she moved her hands down and dropped the bra to the floor. I stared at her chest and she giggled “Oh, sorry”

”Its okay. I want you to look”

She patted the edge of the bed and said, “Sit here”

I got up from my back and sat on the edge of the bed, she got up from the chair and knelt down in front of me.

“Maybe this will help you”

She clasped her hand around my dick, she pulled me towards her and placed my cock against her chest, in between her breasts. She began to stroke me again. The sensation of her fingers on the top of my cock and her bare chest against the underside was awesome. I knew that I wouldn’t last fifteen minutes worth of this. I moaned and she looked up at me, “Good?”

”Yehh” I breathed it, rather than said it.

She took her hand off my cock and pushed her breasts together. They surrounded my cock, she then began to bounce on the spot, rubbing my cock with her two breasts. I had never experienced anything like this before, it was unbelievable. My whole cock was in contact with her skin the whole time, not like with her hand. I pumped my hips and I made love to her breasts. It couldn’t handle it anymore “Mom, I’m gonna cum soon”

”Good, good, cum for me, son”

She took her hands off her breasts and put them back on my cock, she used two hands this time instead of one, continuing the whole contact feeling. She stroked me rapidly with her hands, both of them were a blur in front of our eyes. I could feel the sperm bubbling in my balls, I could feel in rising up my shaft. “Oh, oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” She aimed my cock at her breasts as she stroked me vigorously “Cum, baby, cum for me. Cum all over my tits”

“Ah, ah, ahhhhh” The first load shot out and hit her right between her tits, she pulled my cock to the right and shot the next load on the left breast, then to her right one. The cum streamed out of me coating her breasts in a white goo. She continued to stroke me with both hands until she had milked me dry. She spread the last of my cum across her chest. She took her hands off my drooping cock and reached for a box of tissues. She ripped one from the top and began to clean the mess from her chest. I fell back onto my bed and panted. I felt something on my cock, it was my mother wiping it with a tissue. “Next time it hurts” she said, “let me know and I’ll relieve the pain” With that she kissed my cock and walked out of the room.
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