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Cousin Incest Stories

Incest Videos Pictures, Stories Incest Pics Gallery 6 Free Mom Son Sex Pictures Galleries Photos Incest Hardcore
"I need to get these pictures edited and condensed so I can submit them tomorrow," Katie, my 18 year old daughter said as we kept soaking in the hottub. She had her arms up on the side of the tub and was letting her legs float back on forth, floating on the top of the water. As my eyes followed her bush from side to side I tried to get my wits. I had just done something I never thought I was going to do. I had masturbated in front of my daughter. At the end of the photo shoot for her audition package for Playboy things had been way too hot. She had started masturbating while I was click, click, clicking away...and then, before I knew it, I was nude in the hottub whacking myself to the largest climax I had experienced in quite some time. Now, as we were both recovering our energy to move, we were sharing the hottub completely nude for the first time.

"I kinda like this," I said smiling at her. "I don't know why we never tried this before...being nude in the hottub, I mean. Its fun, and feels good."

"I know," she said. "I like it, too. Of course the fact that I just had the biggest climax of my life with my father watching me has helped to make it fun, too."

"Really? It was your biggest ever?"

"Yeah, Dad." She sank deeper into the tub, her eyes glazing over as she remembered the feeling. "It was unforgettable."

I didn't know what to do. We needed towels. And we needed to edit her pictures. I stood up in the hottub, not far from my daughter, and stretched to the roof of the gazebo, letting my cock come in to full view. Her eyes stayed on it as she looked up at me. "Maybe I'm a nudist...I just feel so comfortable right now."

"You might be. Hell, I might be!" she said. "I'll tell you this,'ve got a kick-ass body."

"Thanks, sweetie. Yours is unbelievable, too. I'm gonna go inside and grab some towels, okay? I'll be right back." We hadn't planned really to get so wet during the photo shoot, so I thought some towels would be a good idea, and help us work our way inside at the same time. I climbed out, giving her a great look at my ass and dangling cock, and walked into the house to grab some towels. When I reached them my brain was already whirling again. Should I wrap myself up in a towel? Get dressed now? Stay nude? What do I really want to happen here? The only thing I knew was that I didn't really want to get dressed, so I just threw both large towels over my shoulders and walked back outside, still uncovered. When Katie saw me coming close she stood up and started to climb out of the hottub.

"Thanks for getting me this," she said as she grabbed her towel and threw it around her body, under her armpits and covering herself up. I took that as my cue to cover myself up as well, but from my waist down.

"My pleasure."

"Lets go get that editing done so I can get this in the mail tomorrow." She started walking into the house and heading toward the office. I grabbed the camera and followed her holding my towel on my waist with my hand.

As we entered the kitchen I asked, "Snickers?"

"Mmm...yeah!" she said. "And I'll grab some milk." She headed back for the fridge and opened it to grab the milk bottle. When she did this her towel fell because her arms weren't there to support it anymore. "Shit!" she said. "Ah, well. I think I'll just keep my shoulders warm." She grabbed the towel off the floor and rolled it a little draping it around her shoulders. If she stayed like this she was going to be virtually totally nude while we were editing the photos. I didn't mind that one bit. I grabbed a couple of Snickers bars and headed back to the office. She was close behind with the jug of milk and two glasses. "I need some energy," she said as she poured it into our glasses. I looked at her and smiled. She took her towel off and draped it over her chair in my office, as if to keep the chair dry, but it left her shoulders cold, so she said, "I'm gonna turn the heater up." She walked into the hallway nude and came back as the heater clicked on.

"Thanks, Katie." I put the USB cable into the digital camera and computer and started to upload the pictures to the computer. The Snickers bar was just what I needed. I was feeling very good.



"Could I borrow your towel for my shoulders while its heating up?"

Quickly I answered, "Sure...I don't mind." I stood up and unwrapped myself, like it meant nothing, and started to hand her my towel. As I was turned around to her sitting directly behind me my cock was bouncing around less than a foot from her face. I took a moment to roll the towel up like she had done and then placed it around her shoulders. "Here you go sweetie." She didn't turn her head but kept it still as my cock came within about 6" of her nose, when I reached over her head to place the towel on her.

"Thanks, Dad." The pictures were ready to edit. We worked on the cropping and editing for about 20 minutes and narrowed it down to 4 pictures. As we neared the end of the process I asked if she wanted to send in any closeups. "What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well. Like this." I showed her how I could enlarge and crop a photo and show just her breast. I showed her one of just her nipple enlarged about 20 times. "I can even do your pussy area."

"Show me," she said. I grabbed one of the fully nude jpg's and cropped and enlarged her pussy area. It made her cunt lips huge on the monitor, nearly 7" large, and the rest was just skin and pussy hair. It was a great closeup. "Fuck," she sighed, "...that's hot."

"Yeah," was all I could muster. As I said it, I turned away from the monitor and looked down at her pussy. I licked my lips just a little bit. Not lasciviously, but just to moisten them because my mouth was dry...and just for 2 seconds. I turned back to the monitor and, after saving the ones she wanted to a CD Rom, closed out the programs. I took out the disk and showed it to her, "I'll leave this here for you. When you're ready to go, just grab it. I hope that Playboy really likes this. I'm pretty sure you'll be getting a call on this."

"What are you going to do with the pictures of me on your computer?"

"I hadn't thought about it. What do you want me to do with them?" I hadn't thought about it. I would do what she wanted. I turned back to look at her.

"What do I want you to do with them?" she asked playfully. "I want you to keep them."

"Oh, yeah?" I asked. "I'll keep them if you want."

"You don't have to," she offered.

"No...I want to keep them if you want me to. I thought you might want me to delete them, to erase all traces of today...that sort of thing."

"No...I don't want to forget today. It's been special." She paused seeming unsure of what to say next. After a moment she said, " I don't want it to end."

"Don't want what to end, sweetie?" I asked.

"Today. I want to do more." She grinned like a naughty girl with naughty things on her mind. "I am so horny, Dad. I want to cum again so bad. You've got me all hot. Can we do something?"

"Well what do you want to do?" I asked, unsure of where this was going.

"I don't know. Its just...I'm not sure what to say. When you wrapped your towel around me, and your..." she paused, blushing a little.

"What?" I asked blinking my eyes and seeming innocent.

"Your cock...was so close to my face. I almost grabbed it to kiss. It just seemed like what I wanted to do. Would you have let me?"

I was stunned. We were preparing to cross a line. But it was a line I wanted to cross. The thought of my daughters beautiful face close to my cock had me getting hard again. "Does this answer your questions?" I said, motioning to my rising member.

"Aw...fuck, Dad." she scooched her chair closer to me and put her hands on my ass, pulling my cock close to her face. She didn't take it in her mouth. She ran her face and hair all over my cock and balls like she just wanted to soak it all in. It was too erotic, too overpowering. Her hands ran all over my ass and under my balls. This was all she did for at least 5 minutes, while I just stood there letting her. " pussy has such a need right now. I have got to take care of it."

"Go over to my bed baby. I'll come watch." We hadn't really done anything. The feelings were very powerful, but touching was all that she seemed comfortable with. She went into my bedroom and starting going at herself like a crazy woman. She held out her left arm to me as I watched her with my hardon in my bedroom doorway.

"C'mere, Daddy. Come closer." Her fingers moved in the motion like she was squeezing a grip strengthener. It was the same finger position she had been using on my cock. I came closer to the bed and she grabbed me again while with her right hand she kept pushing herself closer to a climax. "Oh, Daddy...I want you to cum on me. Please! Come on top of the bed and cum on me while I masturbate. I wanna cum so bad!" I put my knees up on the bed and started stroking myself over her midriff. As I watched her rubbing her pussy with her right hand and squeezing her left tit with her left hand, I got busy pushing myself to cum on my daughter. The thought itself was enough to push me over the edge. It took me about 30 seconds and I was peaking...watching my cum drop onto my daughters belly. I even had enough cum left to stroke some onto her left tit while she was rubbing her nipples. As my cum touched her hand and her tit she reached a peak like I had never heard a woman reach before in my life. It must have felt really, really good for her, because as she was coming down from the peak, she said, "I think I'm in love, Dad. You are amazing!" I grabbed a towel to help clean ourselves up and then layed back on the pillows beside her.

"I hope this modeling deal with Playboy comes through for you and is a really good experience. Will you tell me what happens?"

"Dad. I will make sure you know what happens." She smiled at me. "I've never felt as close to you as I feel right now, Dad. Its like...all my life, I thought getting anywhere close to something like this with you would be so wrong. And now just feels so right. More than right. Like it was meant to be. Thankyou so much." She leaned over and kissed me on the lips, closed mouth. Her hand dropped down to my cock and gently touched me.

"I love you, sweetie. I only want what's best for you."

"I know, Dad. I know that now...more than ever."

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