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mom and dad want us to know everything about sex by the time we leave them
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The next morning I was up early even though it was Saturday. Well, to tell the truth, I had not really been able to sleep. I kept thinking about the phone conversation I had overheard the night before between my well-spanked mother and her best friend Karen. I heard my mother tell Karen that their little plan had worked perfectly and gotten me to spank my own mother. She said what a wonderful experience it was and she hoped I would do it again soon. This is enough to make any 18 year old, red-blooded American boy think (and fantasize). It was clear that the spanking I gave her last night got her extremely sexually excited. I didn't need to overhear a phone conversation to know that. One glance at her hot, wet pussy last night as I was smacking her behind is all the evidence that was needed. What did surprise me about the conversation was that my mother and Karen had conspired and invented this elaborate scenario to trick me into spanking my mother. And all she had to do is ask! It told me just how badly she wanted to be spanked.

This was a young man's dream come true!!! His mother needed and craved punishment. And I was just the man to administer it. I knew I had an opportunity to turn the incredible experience of last night into a long-term erotic relationship. But during the long, sleepless night I had come up with a creative plan of my own.

I got dressed and left the house before my mother was out of bed. I took myself out to breakfast to put the finishing touches on my plan and put the first phase of it into action. This was the critical piece... if this worked, I was home free.

At around 10:00 o'clock, I knocked on the door of Karen's posh apartment. She answered the door and was surprised to see me. I had only been there one other time when mom and I had dinner there. I was somewhat surprised myself and encouraged. She answered the door in a long, men's football shirt... and that's it!!! It was immediately apparent as she gave me a big hug that she had no bra on. I immediately got hard and embarrassed. She held me for an eternity and even seemed to grind her hips against my big and now extremely hard cock.

When she did finally release me (not that I'm complaining), she stepped back and said, "Oh Peter, it's wonderful to see you. What a pleasant surprise."

"Huh... Oh., I just wanted to talk with you," I stammered (real suave).

"Well, come in," she replied with a sly smile on her face. "Can I get you some coffee or juice?"

"Oh, no thanks. I just had breakfast," I answered as she led me into her luxurious apartment.

Karen is younger than my mom and she had gotten divorced a year ago with no kids. She had a killer body. Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes with large, shapely breasts, long, slim legs and a nice, well rounded ass.

She led me to the black leather couch and indicated for me to sit down. Then she proceeded to saunter into the kitchen. Her tight ass was outlined perfectly by the rather tight jersey. That was when I realized she definitely wasn't wearing any panties. Her ass wiggled as she walked and I was sure she exaggerated her hip swaying for my pleasure. She got her coffee and strode back and sat down right next to me. The view of her coming was even the better. Her large tits called to me invitingly as they bounced in step. And her hard nipples were poking through the thin cotton jersey.

"So what did you want to talk to me about?" she asked.

"Well, uh, I wanted to discuss what happened last night," I said trying to screw up my courage to have this conversation.

"What did happen last night?" she asked.

"Oh come-on Karen! I heard you and mom talking on the phone last night," I said a little louder. "You two set up the whole charade last night to trick me into spanking her. My guess is the whole thing was your idea, wasn't it?"

There was a pregnant silence as my anxiety level went through the roof.

"Well, yes it was," she said, "but I was only helping her live out her fantasy."

As I stared at her, she blushed for the first time since I have known her.

"My mother lied to me and manipulated me for her own pleasure. For that, she will be punished severely. But it was you who came up with the whole scheme, wasn't it?" I asked with a stern voice.

She got a little more red and a look down at the floor.

"Karen, when I ask you a question, I expect an answer!" I said in the same stern voice.

"Ye...yes, it was my idea," she said meekly without looking up.

"And Karen, what usually happens to naughty little girls who conspire to manipulate their best friends son?" I demanded, knowing the answer to this question could determine the entire success of my plan.

She looked up and without hesitating, she said, "They get punished...Sir."

My heart skipped a beat. Those were the exact words I was hoping to hear!!

"Oh yes, Karen, they deserve to be punished and punished severely. And that is exactly what I am going to do to you," I said with a small smile.

"Oh no," she groaned.

"Stand up and come to this side," I said pointing to the right of me.

Again without hesitating, she stood up and came to the exact spot on the thick shag carpet I was pointing to.

"Alright, over my knee," I commanded.

Oh, how excited I was as she slowly lower herself onto my lap. She had to feel my hard cock as it dug into her belly. The hem of her shirt was riding up and I could see her tanned thighs and the beginning of her rounded ass. I placed my hand on her magnificent ass and began to caress it. She moaned softly.

I raised my hand and brought it down hard. WHACK. She moaned a little louder and I was amused to see her open her legs a little. I began to spank her ass fast and hard. Her moans turned into groans. After several minutes and many swats, I stopped. I again caressed her sweet ass.

"Ummm, that feels good after the spanking," she moaned.

"Oh, we are not through yet...not by a long shot," I replied.

"Oh no, please, my ass feels like it's on fire. Please, no more!" she whined, without much conviction I thought.

"Well, maybe you will think twice next time you plan to help my mother manipulate me," I said as I yanked the jersey up her back exposing her round and slightly pink ass.

Karen gasped and twisted her head to get a look at the condition of her butt.

"See," I said, "it is barely pink. By the time I am finished with you, it will be a deep shade of red."

"Noooo, please Peter. I can't take anymore!" she wailed.

"I don't believe you Karen. I think you are enjoying this as much as my mother did last night."

"No I am not. She is the pain slut, not me," she cried again without much conviction. I suspected her lovely body would belie this statement.

"I'll tell you what, Karen. If you are not a pain slut just like my mother, then you won't be excited and your pussy won't be wet. So, if it is not wet, I will stop. If it is wet, I will continue to spank you until I think you have had enough."

She groaned loudly probably because she knew what the result would be.

"Now, spread your legs like a good girl," I said gently.

She slid her legs open further and I slid my finger down her ass crack to her sopping cunt. My finger came away very wet.

Without any warning, I raised my wet hand and brought it down hard on her naked cheeks. The loud sound seemed to reverberate through her whole condo followed by another loud moan. I proceeded to spank her hard for the next 20 minutes. Her moans quickly turned to groans followed by crying. Finally, she reached out and grabbed a pillow from the couch to muffle her screams. By the time I stopped, my arm was tired, my hand hurt and her ass was a deep red.

I rubbed her ass gently while she calmed down. As I continued to rub and caress her, she opened her legs. Obviously, this was a clear invitation, which I immediately acted upon. Once again, I slid my finger down her crack and found her rock hard clit. She moaned loudly as a massaged her slippery button. Without warning, I shoved 3 fingers into her tight pussy. She groaned and bucked wildly. I pulled my fingers out.

"Karen, your punishment is over. You can get up now," I said softly as I again caressed her ass.

Slowly she stood up and I stood up as well trying to ignore the two wet spots on my pants, only one of which was mine. I saw a panicky look on her face.

"Oh Peter, you can't leave me like this," she whispered.

"What do you mean Karen?"

"I need you to fuck me," she replied as she grabbed by cock through my pants. I couldn't believe it! I was about to lose my virginity with my mother's best friend. I grabbed her hair behind her neck and brought her lips to mine. My tongue immediately found hers and we kissed passionately while she continued to stroke my painfully hard shaft. I reached up and took a nipple between my thumb and forefinger and rolled it gently. She immediately thrust out her chest. I pinched her nipple hard and felt her whole body spasm in orgasm.

I disengaged my lips from hers and stepped back.

"Take off your shirt Karen," I commanded. She did so immediately giving me my first look at her gorgeous body. Her tits were full and proudly firm with no sag whatsoever. Her pussy appeared to be bare except for a small triangular patch of fine blonde hair just above the beginning of her slit.

I quickly striped off my clothes. Then I took grabbed both nipples and pinched hard. Again, she thrust out her chest and moaned loudly as I continued to pinch and twist her nipples.

Finally, unable to take it any longer, she screamed, "FUCK ME NOW."

Without any further ado, I threw her on the couch and drooped on top of her, guiding my long, thick cock into her hot pussy. Within a minute I was ready to explode. All of a sudden, her cunt clamped around my rod as she came. That put me over the edge and I came deep within her.

I pulled out and said, "I think you should clean me off."

There was a look of animal lust in her eyes as she began licking both our cum off my softening cock. She was obviously very experienced at it because before long I was hard again and ready for round two. I pulled her to her feet and escorted her over to the kitchen counter. I pushed her down, mashing her tits into the counter and slid her legs apart. I then plunged into her still hot pussy getting an excited squeal from her. I began to pump her hard and fast until again, she had an intense orgasm causing her cunt to milk me of my precious fluid.

Finally we both came back down to earth and I got dressed. She just sat on the couch with a dazed look on her face.

It was time for me to put the rest of my plan into action.

"Now Karen, this is what I want you to do. Call my mother and tell her you want her to do the clubs with you tonight... and tell her to dress for the hunt!"

"Karen, I want you to wear a tight, low-cut blouse and your leather mini-skirt. Black stocking and 5" pumps. No underwear!"

As I was talking her eyes grew larger and larger. "I can't go out in that outfit. It will make me look like a slut," she blurted out.

"Don't worry, the only people who will see you tonight already know what a slut you are!" I replied.

As I stood and prepared to go I said, "Tell her you will be at our house at 8:00 and don't be late. Now, I have preparations to make."

On my way home, I went and bought some toys of my own. I also found a pair of leather pants I liked. When I got home, I put my packages in the garage before entering the house. No need for my mother to get suspicious. When I entered the house, she told me she and Karen were going out tonight and that she had to go out and get a new outfit. I retrieved my packages and went to the basement. I proceeded to install several sets of heavy-duty hooks in the ceiling and floor. I laid out several coils of rope and placed the remaining toys out of sight. That done, I went upstairs to relax and wait for the nights fun to begin!
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