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Cousin Incest Stories

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Almost six months after Chapter One we were in the depths of winter in January and the telephone rang. I answered and the voice on the other end of the line said, "Hello, Johnny. This is your Aunt Rita! Do you remember me, honey?"

I had only seen her once before. That was when I was about seven when Mom and I drove down to Texas to visit her. Mom was the youngest of three siblings. Rita was in the middle and Max was the eldest. All had about two years difference in age and were raised in Texas. I never knew my grandparents, nor Max. Mom just clammed-up mostly when I asked about them and I sensed there was a big secret. Mom called Rita sometimes but not often. I remembered Aunt Rita as a large woman with bleached blond hair that was swirled high on her head. I had gleaned from Mom that Rita had lived with several men quite a bit younger than she. Rita was a waitress and drove a pink Jeep. Whenever I asked about Uncle Max Mom would only say that he had left the country and hadn't heard from him since.

"Sure, I remember you, Aunt Rita," I said. "How are you?"

"I'm just dandy, sweetie. I'm anxious to talk to you, honey, but right now is your Mom around?"

"Yeah, hold on." I yelled for Mom and told her it was Aunt Rita. Mom grabbed the phone and I hung around trying to get the gist from Mom's side of the conversation.

"Rita, Hi! How are you, sweetheart?......He just left? When was that?......Did he take his stuff?......Did you know he was going to......I'm so sorry, Rita......Of course, you can cry......How long has it been since you have not been able to work?.......They're OK with it?.....What do you want to do?...... Rita, don't even say that!.......Yes, I know, Rita, but that was a long time ago......I'm fine now......Rita, stop! Listen to me! I want you to come here for a visit.... Yes, of course, there's room......We'd love a visit.... Rita, sweetheart, you can't be alone at a time like this....I love you.....Johnny would love to see you again too.....When can you......Of course......However long you need to.......Don't worry about it.....Come on up, Rita.....No more....I mean it.....OK. See you soon, Rita!" And she hung up the phone slowly with a worried look on her face.

Mom stared at me for minute and looked like she was formulating what to say. Finally, "Honey, Aunt Rita is coming for visit, as you heard. Her boyfriend just moved out suddenly and she is devastated and is in a bad depression. We have to make sure she is OK and help her to get back on her feet. Do you understand?"

"Sure, Mom."

"I'm just trying to think of how we'll do this. I guess we should offer her your bed in the basement and you can sleep in the living room for a while. We'll make it comfortable for you, honey, and it won't be for too long."

"That's OK, Mom."

Then a slight smile came over Mom's face. "At least with you up here we can still...."

I smiled too. "I don't think I could be without you for very long, Mom. "

"But, Johnny....there is something you should know now, I guess...." She looked like she didn't know how to say it.

"What, Mom?"

She paused. "You know what, let's just see what happens. But we can't do anything in front of Aunt Rita. You know that, right?"

"Of course, Mom! I would never endanger our..."

"OK, sweetheart. That's what I needed to hear. You are such a man now. I know that we will be just the tonic Rita needs right now. Come here, baby."

I strode over to Mom, grinning, knowing what I was going to get. But Mom surprised me. I knew I was going to get a kiss but Mom planted her lips on mine and started to grind them hard. Her mouth opened and then her lips seemed to melt on mine and her tongue flicked inside my mouth. Her breath got heavy and I felt her breasts pressing into my chest. And I was hard in a heartbeat. I so wanted to cup those breasts and suck them and then cum inside my mother but I knew the rules and I dared not violate them. But I felt her pussy press against my hard-on.

"Mom, could you...."

"Of course, honey" And she quickly tore off her blouse and bra and, topless, pulled me toward the sofa in the living room. By now we kept Kleenixes by the sofa and I grabbed a few as I dropped my pants and underwear. Getting in our usual position, I sat on the sofa, stroking my penis, as Mom leaned over me with one hand offering me a half-inch nipple, that I dared not suck, while she fingered her pussy through her pants. We kissed and kissed and stroked and stroked and finally both of us came, as usual, with me exploding into the Kleenixes, not spilling a drop on the sofa, and Mom screaming and throwing herself beside me, convulsing and crying, with her eyes on my throbbing cock.


On Friday evening about 9 o'clock, we heard the doorbell ring. "Aunt Rita!" I yelled as I ran to the door. I opened the door and there was Aunt Rita, still a blond, but probably about 75 pounds heavier than when I saw her last. She only had a cotton coat on and looked cold. "Come on in, Auntie!" I said as held the door open.

"It's soooo cold up here! I'm freezing!!" I stepped back to accommodate her girth as she entered. "Oh, John, when did you grow up? Oh, my god, what a handsome young man you are. Give your old auntie a kiss!" I thought she might do one of those cheek kisses but, no, with her bright-red-lipsticked lips she kissed me right on the mouth.

Looking a Mom, standing behind me, auntie looked like she was going to cry, walked to Mom and gave her a long hug.

"Oh, Rita, I'm so glad you are here. Welcome to our little home."

"Anita, you are wonderful to let me come. I'll never forget this."

"Johnny, please get Rita's luggage out of the car."

"Sure, Mom."

I carried her luggage down to my room in the basement and, when I came upstairs, I listened as Mom and Rita chatted excitedly. Rita told about her boyfriend who "could not get a better piece than me" but left her anyway after three years together. Evidently she had supported him to some extent and was feeling rejected and burned.

"He's a bastard and a fool for not knowing what a wonderful woman he had," Mom commiserated.

I pretended to do some homework at the table but both women knew that I was listening.

"I let him do anything to me."

"What do you mean, Rita?"

Aunt Rita leaned in close to Mom but I heard her whisper, "Sexually!"

With that, Mom slid her chair back and said to me, "Johnny, why don't you study downstairs while Rita and I catch up."

I said, "Sure, Mom." But, as I gathered up my books, I glanced Aunt Rita and saw her in a slightly different way. I saw a sexy woman, wearing ruby-red lipstick, rotund, with breasts that evidently rested on her stomach, rings on every stubby finger, wearing a sweater that looked like it was twenty years old.

"Oh, I hate to send your handsome son away," Aunt Rita protested.

"I don't mind, Aunt Rita. Let me know when you want to go to bed. I'll come up then." I knew that I was really bucking for sainthood and I wanted to hear the sexy details but I thought I'd bide my time.

When Aunt Rita finally called downstairs to me that she was ready to retire I came upstairs to find a comfy nest made for me on the floor in the living room.

"Do you think that will be comfortable, honey?" Mom asked.

It looked pretty inviting. "Sure, I think so."

"I feel so bad, kicking you out of your bed, Johnny," Aunt Rita said.

"Really, it's OK. I'm just glad you're here with us, Aunt Rita."

Looking at Mom, Aunt Rita said, "I see what you mean, Anita."

"Give me a good-night kiss, Johnny," Aunt Rita said as she came over to me and pulled me into her soft body. She kissed me on the lips but her lips were not so red anymore so I didn't worry about having red lips too after the kiss.

I kissed Mom goodnight too and crawled into my living-room nest. Mom turned out the lights and the next thing I knew it was morning.


After breakfast I told them that I had some neighborhood jobs shoveling driveways and said I might go over to see my friend, Joey, after that. Mom said to be home by six for dinner and I was home, hungry, at 5:45.

Mom made her famous lasagna and we ravished it while more details kept coming out.

"Max sent me a thousand dollars when the roof needed to be sealed and I didn't have money to buy Tampex."

I excitedly said, "Uncle Max sent you money? Where is he?"

"He is still in Thailand, honey."

"Uncle Max is in Thailand?"

"Of course. Don't you know....?"

Mom interjected, "No, he doesn't know. But he should be told, I guess."

Aunt Rita put her fingers up to her lips signaling that she knew she had said too much.

"No, it's time he knew," Mom said. Looking at me, and grabbing for my hand on the table, she said, "I know I haven't told you much about our family but there were reasons. Your Uncle Max, Aunt Rita and I were raised pretty much on our own. We didn't see our parents much and were left to fend for ourselves much of the time. So we three became very close." Mom looked at Aunt Rita who was looking very intently back.

"Why did Uncle Max leave for Thailand?" I asked.

"I can't tell you yet," Mom said.

"But he is OK?" I asked.

"Yes, he is quite rich now."

"What do you mean that 'you were very close'?"

"We didn't need anyone else," Aunt Rita answered. She looked at Mom with an intense look.

"I think I know what you mean. I don't think I need anyone else but Mom," I said as forthrightly as I thought I could be, now that secrets were coming out.

Both Auntie and I looked at Mom and I saw she was blushing.

"Anita, do you and Johnny....."

"Rita, it's nothing like what we had. We don't even touch. But I love my Johnny so much. And we are so comfortable with each other. We give each other what we need." Looking at me, "Johnny, I'm opening up a little to Rita because she knows me and we have something in common. But, Rita, I have no intension of doing anything more than we are. And I want you to respect that. Rita, do you understand?" Mom shot Rita lightning bolts with her eyes.

"I think I do," said Rita.

"I don't," I said.

"That's good," Mom said.


After dinner, Mom suggested that we watch a TV show she heard was good. Mom and I usually sat together on the sofa in front of the TV, but looking at the rather small sofa and the three of us, I knew it would be tight. Aunt Rita sat down first, in the center, and then Mom sat next to her. I turned on the TV and adjusted the rabbit-ear antenna to get a good picture and then I sat down on the other side of auntie.

It was winter and we generally kept the house cool to keep heating costs down but it was toasty next to Aunt Rita. About ten minutes into the show Mom started to nod out. Aunt Rita motioned to me that Mom was going to sleep and we both had a silent chuckle.

I had my hands in my lap but suddenly Aunt Rita took one of my hands in hers and gave it a nice squeeze. I squeezed back and smiled at her. She got a kind of sly smile on her face and then made a quiet motion that she wanted a kiss. I turned my head to face her and we kissed. Because that angle was a bit uncomfortable, I guess I put my left arm around her waist as she held my right hand. It was kind of hard to know what I had a hold of, but I gave it a squeeze as we kissed.

When we broke the kiss, Aunt Rita gave me a silent look of "That was nice." With my arm still around her, she lifted her sweater and quickly covered my arm so it was underneath her sweater. We both looked at Mom. She was obviously asleep. I realized that my hand was just below Aunt Rita's breast and by moving my fingers about half an inch I touched her nipple. Aunt Rita was staring at the TV and didn't acknowledge the contact at all. I put her nipple between my index and middle fingers and lightly pulled at it. Then she gave my right hand another squeeze and I knew it was OK. Of course I got hard, uncomfortably so since I couldn't move to adjust myself. Aunt Rita's hand in mine was very near my bulge. We reacted to something on the TV show and suddenly our clasped hands were basically on my bulge. We stayed like that for about fifteen minutes, until the show was over, with me lightly pulling on her nipple. I kept my eyes on Mom in case she would wake up and then I'd have to slide out from under Aunt Rita's sweater. But there was so much bulk and sweater that Mom probably wouldn't have noticed anyway.

As the show ended, Mom started to wake and both Aunt Rita and I resumed our innocent positions. Mom said, "Shit, ...excuse me,... but I wanted to see that show! Was it good?"

Aunt Rita said, "It was very, very good."

"I knew it. Shit. Excuse me again. Well, I've got to get to bed, I'm half asleep and I have a cleaning job in the morning. There are eggs and bacon in the fridge. It's Sunday so you can sleep in if you want to. I'll be home about 2 o'clock"

"OK, Mom."

"I'm anxious to get in bed too, Anita, so I'm off to the basement. Johnny, perhaps you could come down and wake me when you get up. I'll make breakfast for us."

"It's a deal, Auntie." I said as I unrolled my living-room nest.

Later, as I lay in my nest, I relived the nipple. It was my first, since Mom wouldn't let me touch hers. I erupted torrents of my boy-lava into the Kleenixes, not spilling a drop on the carpet.


In the morning I decided to stay out of Mom's way as she got ready for work so I just laid in my nest and massaged my cock as Mom ran back and forth, mostly topless, between her bedroom and the bathroom. I positioned my nest so that I had a view down the hallway and into her room. Mom knew I was watching her and occasionally would flash me a smile as she darted from room to room.

Eventually she was ready and knelt down with her winter coat on to give me a goodbye kiss. "Goodbye, my love. Rita wants you to wake her this morning. Show her where everything is in the kitchen. OK?"

"Sure, Mom."

"I love you, honey. See you later."

"Bye, Mom."

Mom left and I was really feeling pretty horny now after watching Mom get dressed. I got up, rolled up my nest, and took my morning piss.

Unless you turn on the staircase light, it is dark in the basement because there are only two small windows that are in window wells. I decided to wake Aunt Rita gently so I left the light off as I walked downstairs.

"Good morning, Auntie," I said as I peered into her dark room. My eyes were slowly adjusting to the low light but I could see her in my bed with the covers up to her nose.

"Good morning, Johnny. It is too cold to get out of bed! I'm freezing here!"

"It's warmer upstairs. I kind of like it cool down here."

"Well, I'm from Texas and I don't!"

"I'm sorry, Aunt...."

"Don't be sorry, just help me get warmer. Take your slippers off and crawl in here with me for a minute to warm me up."

That was an intriguing idea. I tossed off my slippers and Aunt Rita moved to the far side of the bed.

"Get in quickly!"

Auntie had her arms open to receive me as I crawled in and soon I was encased in her flesh. She was very soft and didn't feel cold to me. In fact, she was very warm. Auntie was wearing a long, oversized man's white shirt.

"Your feet are cold. Johnny!"

"I'm sorry, Auntie...."

"Let me warm them up!" So she put one leg over me and started rubbing my feet with hers. My penis was starting to rise.

Her mouth was right by my right ear. She asked quietly, "Do I get a morning kiss from my handsome nephew?"

"Sure, Auntie," I said as I puckered up. Aunt Rita cuddled up even more and I could feel a breast against my chest, as our lips met. She didn't tongue me or anything but it was not a short kiss.

"Johnny, have you ever kissed a fat girl your age?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Do you know why you should?"


"There's a few reasons. The main one is, that if a strong, handsome boy like you would kiss a big girl I'll bet she'd do most anything for you. Not only do you get more woman with a fat girl, she isn't as likely to leave you for someone else. And....most big girls have big tits! Do you like big tits, Johnny?"

"Sure I do."

"Your Mom shows you her tits, doesn't she, Johnny?"

I wasn't sure if I should answer so I didn't.

"I think she does, Johnny. But my tits are different than hers. Do you want to see mine, honey?"


My eyes were pretty used to the low light now and I watched as Aunt Rita sat up and unbuttoned her shirt. With her shirt open she cupped her right breast and held it out to me. "Can you see the difference, sweetie? My tits have pink nipples and your Mom has much darker ones. I don't know how that happened. Which do you like better? Pink or darker?"

I didn't think I should commit one way or the other so I just said, "I really love your tits, Auntie."

"Would you like to suck on them?"

"Mom doesn't let me."

"Yes, but your Auntie might if you promise to keep it between us. Do you think you could do that?"

I thought about it. I really didn't want to screw anything up with Mom. But before I could say anything Aunt Rita put her nipple in my mouth. I was hard as a rock and happy as I could be. Finally, I had a nipple I could suck. It was wonderful and Auntie moaned softly so I knew I was doing it OK.

I sucked and licked it for five minutes at least and Auntie would coo something every now and again.

Then she sat up again and pulled down the covers so she could see my pajama bottoms. My penis was about as large as it ever gets but it was still in my pajama pants.

"I think you should let that out to get some air," Auntie said.

That was fine with me since it was a bit uncomfortable and I pulled it out of the fly.

"Oh, Johnny, look at you. I'll bet you have lots of sperm in there you need to get rid of, don't you?"

I hadn't come after watching Mom so, yes, I was long overdue. But Mom would never touch me and I thought I should tell Auntie that I needed to get some Kleenixes. But before I could, Aunt Rita laid down beside me again, opened her legs, and put my hand on her pussy.

"Aunt Rita, you don't have any hair!" I exclaimed.

Aunt Rita laughed kind of a nasty laugh and explained that her boyfriend wanted her to shave it.

"Do you like bald pussies, Johnny?"

"I guess."

"You guess?"

"I've never really seen one."

"You poor, neglected boy! We have to remedy that! I want you to see but I don't want you to turn on the lights. It's so nice in here the way it is. I've got an idea...." Aunt Rita reached for a flashlight on her night-stand. "I brought this to go to the bathroom at night. I knew it would come in handy. Stay where you are, Johnny, I'm going to turn around."

I wondered if the bed frame could take the shifting weight but, momentarily, Aunt Rita was lying in the opposite direction from me and she opened her legs again. She flicked on the flashlight and shone it on her pussy.

"Take a good look, handsome boy!"

I watched with amazement as Aunt Rita raised and lowered her leg like a scissors that made her fat pussy lips open and close.

"Can you see the clit, honey?" she asked.

"The what?"

"My clitoris, sweetheart. This is what I'm talking about, Johnny..." Then she lay flat on her back and opened her legs wide. With one hand she held the flashlight and with the other, massaged the top of her pussy and, alternatingly, pulled back her clit sheath to show me her pink bud.

"Do you know what girls like, honey?"

I had a feeling I knew the answer. "What?"

"They like boys to lick and suck their girlie cock."

"Girlie cock?" It sounded vaguely homosexual.

Aunt Rita giggled and told me that her boyfriend liked to call it that. It was similar to a boy's penis in that it liked to be sucked and licked.

"Do you want to?" she asked.

Again, I thought of Mom and wasn't sure that I should. But I was pulling on my cock and knew I would have to cum soon.

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