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For those of you who are looking immediate sex, the “oh fuck me daddy” kind of thing, I apologize. I need some intelligential stimuli to get my rocks off so to speak so most of my stories are written like that. I admit there is some “fuck me daddy” but you have to read to find it.

Candice smiled as she glances at herself in the tall mirror in her bedroom. She looked incredible if she did say so herself and she did. The man she was prepping for wouldn’t know what hit him. At 5’2, 115 lbs, Candice was every man’s fantasy. Her body was the stuff of wet dreams. She wasn’t built like a willow stick; her body curved in directions the way a woman’s body should. Her breasts were high and firm, her stomach flat and taunt. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her body and she planned to keep it as such. She practically screamed, Fuck Me, even when she wasn’t trying to. There was just something about her.

At 18, Candice was like many girls her age. Beautiful, vain, self involved, that and so much more. She knew she was gorgeous. Every man on planet Earth had told her so since the minute she had popped from her mother’s womb. Every man saves one. He never seem to notice when she walked into a room, never commented when her perfume was applied just right. He ignored her, a fact that never failed to irritate Candice to no end.

Sam Logan was a handsome man. He could get any woman he wanted, and had in the past done just that. He was constantly rejecting offers from beautiful sexy women from every walk of life so Candice’s beauty was of no use to him. He had seen prettier, more seductive as well, in his time. Candice wasn’t even on his radar screen. She was to him just a pretty trinket he had picked up on vacation.

He was her legal guardian, the keeper of her gate, so to speak. Everything she had was because he gave it to her. The expensive clothes she wore, the brand-new Mercedes that she drove, all giving to her by him. Everything hers was his except the one thing, the only thing she has wanted from him since the minute they met. His love.

Candice had been 13 when they first laid eyes on each other. A very old, very angry 13 year old who knew too much about life. She lived out of a suitcase and lied to survive. The face of an angel, the body of the devil’s bride, and the mind of a genius…that is, if you counted conning an art. She did, so in her opinion, she was a total Einstein.

The morning of that day her social worker arrived at the foster home she has been in for about 3 months. Candice hadn’t been surprised to see the overworked, underpaid government servant. With one look, Candice grabbed her packed suitcase from the cramped room she shared with 2 other girls and headed out the door. She asked no questioned, knowing the routine by heart now. The family hadn’t wanted her, explaining to the adoption agency how Candice was just too much to handle along with the other 4 kids they received payment from raising. Candice had had to go.

The car was silent, Candice remembered, that day. She kept her eyes forward and her mouth shut. She hadn’t wanted to know where she was being taken, her mind already planning the escape from the new place. She knew it and the worker knew it as well. She would be gone in 24 hours. She always was. She wasn’t a bad child, the worker had thought, she had just had some bad breaks in her life and she had yet to find anyone who would take the time to figure her out.

The car came to a stop in front of a large house. So large in fact, Candice was sure that you could get lost in there and stay lost for a while. Facts that sort have appealed to her. She stepped out the car, grabbed her suitcase, and headed for the door, following her social worker’s heels.

The house was incredible, something out of a movie. Candice could almost see a movie star step from the house wearing a beautiful gown being escorted by a handsome man who was madly in love with her. Hearing her own thoughts, Candice snorted. Yeah, right. Like anyone from that house would want you, she thought. No, she thought, this must be a home or something.

Shaken from her thoughts, Candice watched as the front door of the house open. As she watched a tall, balding man stepped from the house wearing a black suit. Even from Candice’s untrained eyes, this dude must have been the butler. For some reason, Candice felt relieved. She didn’t want to do to a home, didn’t want to be just another helpless child in the system that didn’t care whether she was happy or not. Many nights, she cried herself to sleep, wishing, hoping that the years would fly by and she would be 18, then and only then could she truly begin to relax.

“Good evening, Sir, I am from the Orange County Social Services Department and I have an appointment with Holden James,” Marissa Gray said, in a voice more tired than she looked. She was so tired of placing these children in one home and then the next week have to come get them just because the foster parent’s couldn’t “handle” them. Sighing to herself, Marissa pushed Candice into the door after the butler. In Marissa opinion you didn’t “handle” children, you cared for them. All to often now-a-days, people wanted immediate results and didn’t want to take the time to get to know the children, to bond with them. Well, there wasn’t nothing that she could do about it. She couldn’t force someone to take the time and get to know the child that was in her care, all she could do was watch over the children, keep them from harm, and hope that they found the family that so many of them wanted.

Unable to read her social worker’s thoughts, Candice had no idea the turmoil that was rolling around in her. She could only feel the butterflies in her own stomach as they waited on the Holden James man to arrive. Never before had she ever been this nervous about meeting a foster parent, never so afraid that someone wouldn’t like her and would send her away. She told herself that she didn’t care whether or not the man liked her, she could careless if some rich bastard thought she was worthy or not, but still…a part did.

Candice glanced down at herself and grimaced. She looked like a bag lady, with clothes to big to fit her small form. Most of her things were hand-me-downs and had more holes in them than a strainer, but they were hers and no one, not even the police could take them away from her.

Marissa noticed Candice’s reaction and agreed with her. Candice looked like a ragamuffin. Taking pity on the child, Marissa asked the butler where the bathroom was and then directed Candice to it. She knew that the girl wouldn’t thank her but she didn’t care. She saw the thanks in her eyes and that was enough for Marissa.

Candice hurried to the bathroom, where standing under the bright bathroom light, she grimaced again. She looked ten-times worse than she had before. Her hair, a dull as dishwater brown, was pulled back from her face, making her appear gaunt and sickly. Her eyes, bright and intelligent, were a soft blue color but seem unusually large on her pixie face. She was small for her age, earning the nickname ‘Small Fry’ at the last home she was in because she was little but she was tough as well. With her height, one had to be or they were easily walked over, and Candice didn’t like being walked over.

Not having the first idea what to do with herself, Candice washed her face and hands’, making sure that every fingernail was dirt-free. She wanted to look clean if she couldn’t look beautiful. Sighing softly, Candice opened the bathroom door and hit Holden James squarely in the face with it. If she hadn’t been so afraid she might have laughed. Oh, no, she thought, now he will never want me. Suddenly feeling nauseous, Candice was afraid she was going to throw up all over the name who was to be her foster father.

Not knowing what to say, Candice kept quiet. When she was afraid she became quiet and had never been more afraid in her life than at that moment. This didn’t even compare to the time that Jimmy Yen, one of the foster brother, had made her touch his thing. That had been scary but, damn it, this was worse!

Holden tried to keep from laughing. He couldn’t believe that he had just walked into a door. Not that it was unusual for the absentminded scientist, but he just couldn’t believe he did it. He had been heading to the library to meet with the social worker that he had spoken with earlier, and somehow didn’t see that the door was open. Oh, well, no harm, no foul, he thought to himself, chuckling. Just then he noticed the little girl that was cowering behind the door. Ahh, this must be his new daughter, he thought. She sure was a little thing. Nothing like what he would imagine a girl her age would be like. He almost groaned in frustration. He didn’t want a foster daughter, or any kind of daughter for that matter, but his mother had somehow talked him into adopting this child. He would be…he couldn’t remember the child’s name. He would be her foster father for 6 months and if after that time, he decided that he didn’t want her, and then he could return her. Holden thought the whole process was incredibly screwy to him. He hadn’t known there was a return policy on children. If he had, he would have asked his parents to replace him a loooonnngg time ago.

Holden couldn’t contain himself, he laughed at the thought of his uppity mother dragging him by the ear to the Children’s Return station and asking for another one. He could even picture her was the receipt saying, “No, I know that there is nothing wrong with this model, I just want a new one.”

Looking up at the man in front of her, Candice’s brows rose as she listened to the man laugh. She had no idea what was so funny but whatever it was, it sure had this dude in stitches. A part of her wanted to laugh also, there was something about his laugh, something that drew you to laugh with him. Too frightened to laugh, all she could do was give a little smile. She loved the house so much already and she hoped that the man wouldn’t give her back. The bathroom that she was just in was bigger than the room she had had back at the other foster home. Pure greed was the reason she wanted to stay. She wasn’t stupid, she knew that to have a house like this you had to have mucho dollars and she wanted some.

Holden looked at the waif standing before him and broke off the laughter. She looked so, he thought for a moment, she looked lost he wanted to say. Not lost as in location, but that was the only way to describe her. It made him want to grab her up and take care of her. Which was exactly what he was doing, he suddenly thought. He was becoming her guardian, the person that would make the decisions concerning her. The level of responsibility made him almost dizzy. He didn’t want this, didn’t want to be accountable for someone else when he could barely take care of himself. Oh, who was he kidding? He didn’t take care of himself, the servants did. He didn’t know where he would be if they weren’t around to make sure he ate, or showered, or brushed his teeth.

“Hi,” he said in a voice that could only be described as high. He was scared out of his mind. Holden had no idea how to talk to a 13 year old, much less a 13 year old girl. Most fathers were given 13 years to figure out how to talk, but not him. Holden made a mental note to call his mother and yell…yell really, really loud.

Candice looked up at the man and smiled tremulously. She couldn’t make the greeting come from the depths from her throat. She wasn’t afraid of the man but she was afraid that she would trip over the words and make a fool of herself, and seeing as how she had just hit him with the door, she didn’t want to press her luck.

Holden held out his hand, and said, “My name is Holden, what’s yours?”

“Ca-Candice,” she stuttered.

Taken his hand, Candice blushed lightly making Holden smile. She was so cute, he thought. He could already imagine how beautiful she would be when she grew up, and he could also imagine the trouble he would have with the boys. Hey, back up man, you can decide you don’t want her remember, but he knew that there was no way he could give her back. He could already imagine her as his and Holden was very picky about things that belong to him; no one was allowed to play with them except him.

After that, the two headed back to the library where the plans were finalized and Candice became his foster child. Candice’s blood thrilled at the idea. She would have a daddy, someone to call her own. Once Candice was settled into her room, a beautiful room made up in pinks and purples, which just happened to be her favorite color, Candice just knew that Holden would come to talk to her, but he didn’t. When she went down to dinner he wasn’t there, and he didn’t show up for breakfast the next morning either. It hurt her at first, didn’t he want her, but when the butler explained it to her, she understood. Holden, her father, in her mind she called him daddy, was a very busy scientist and at times he forgot the world around him. Candice would just have to be patient.

And patient she was. Candice waited 5 years for her daddy to notice her but it never happened. Oh, he took care of her. She was never want for money. She had the finest clothes, cars, and education that money could buy, but she didn’t have the one thing that she wanted most in the world…not yet anyway.

Candice looked at herself on last time in the mirror. Gone was the scrawny, gaunt child with the big eyes and limp hair. She had been replaced with a voluptuous goddess with high breasts and rounded bottom. Candice’s looks had always bothered her but now, tonight, she was extremely thankfully to the gods for them. He would be hers tonight, whether he wanted to or not.

For many years, her dreams, her sexual dreams had involved Holden. Dreams that brought her to the edge and beyond, and no matter how she tried, how much she wished it was different, it was always him. Oh, for years she had tried to hide them, tried to beat them down and keep those feeling secret, but finally she couldn’t. She loved him and she was going to make him love her. At one time she had just wanted his fatherly love, and that would have been enough, but deep down even then she had wanted him to sneak into her bedroom and pull her close to him. She had wanted him to pull the covers from her body and stare at her eye lust filled eyes. Many nights she had touched herself imagining him sliding into her, filling her to the brim with himself. Sometimes the dreams were so real, so genuine that she could almost feel his body pressing her into the mattress of the bed.

She shivered with desire. Candice was standing at the cusp of life, one step away back was childhood, and one step forward stood womanhood. Tonight would be the next step, a ceremony that would take her girl to woman. She was in love with, had been in love with Holden James from the second she had set eyes on him, and she knew that once he felt her in his arms, felt the press of her lips to his, he would fall for her as well.

Holden would never be called movie star handsome but there was something about him, something that drew her, just as his laugh had so many years ago. With chestnut tinted hair, and eyes the color of a morning fog, he was everything that she ever wanted. She thought that he looked incredibly sexy with his reading glasses perched on his nose, and when he was totally into his work, his eyes became misted and appeared far away. Many days she had spent in his laboratory watching as he created this or that. She loved to watch him work, loved to see that he was so passionate about it. Hours and hours she spent watching him bent over beakers and burners, classical music screaming from the speakers of the high-tech sound system, and never had she felt neglected. Even if he didn’t notice her, he still cared enough to share at least something of his.

She laughed lightly remembering one of the numerous times when an experiment had went awry, leaving both of them covered in gunk. He never complained though, he would simply start again. One of the reason she loved him was because of his patience. No matter how many times something didn’t work, Holden would continue to work, to mold that until he finally had it just the way he wanted. Thinking of his tenaciousness made Candice dream of their love-making. She knew that he would think of her first, would make her experience joy before he did. Candice could picture him between her thighs licking her, making her scream in ecstasy over and over. She saw her hips driving into his face, pushing his tongue deeper and deeper into her body. Candice could only imagine the rapture he would bring to her, and now was the time.

Candice walked down the stairs, her mind still filled with visions of them rolling between the sheets of his bed, both fighting for the top position. In most of Candice’s fantasies she was the one seduced, the one that was taken, but she thought of how nice it would be to the one in control. She could envision her body, tight and wet, wrapped around his, sliding up and down. Just then her foot missed a step and down the stairs she went, tumbling head first. As she came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs, her head hit the floor solidly and her mind went blank just second before her eyes rolled back into her head. Holden heard the door of his lab open but didn’t take the time to look up from his work to see who it was. Mostly likely it was Candice. For some reason, that girl loved to be down here watching him as he mixed this and that until he had the perfect combination for whatever he happened to be making at the time. In all truth, he enjoyed having her there. She never bothered him, never asked questions; she was just…she was just there. Thinking of her made him smile and he looked up and began to say “Hello” when he noticed it wasn’t Candice but instead his butler, Gordon, hovering in the doorway.

“Yes, what?” Holden hadn’t meant to be as harsh as he knew he sounded.

“Sir, there has been an accident. Ms. Candice-,” Holden cut him off.

“What, what’s the matter with Candice?” he demanded.

“She has fallen down the stairs, sir and we have been able to get her awake. I have notified the police and there is an ambulance on the way.”

The words sent a chill through Holden. Candice was hurt. In all the years that he had cared for her, she hadn’t once been sick, much less hurt. Not taking the time to remove the goggles from his head, Holden bolted from the room, his long legs taking the stairs back up to the house 2 at a time. He ran as fast as he could to the stairs but the sight before him made his knees go weak. She was dead, that was his first thought, and for a few seconds he thought he couldn’t see her breathing but as he got closer to her, he noticed she was. Thank God. Kneeling beside her, he pulled her from the arms of the maid who held her.

She was so pale, he thought, almost deathly pale. Looking down at her, holding her in his arms, he began to weep. She couldn’t leave him, couldn’t be taken away from him, she was too young. As his tears fell onto her face, Candice opened her eyes. Her beautiful blue eyes were filmed with confusion. She had no idea how or why she was laying down. She looked up at Holden and saw he was crying. “Da-daddy,” she croaked in a strangled voice. “Daddy, why are you crying?”

Holden heard her voice and was afraid he was dreaming, but when he opened his eyes, he saw he wasn’t. She was awake, and she would be fine. He knew it, he just did. Pulling her closer until there wasn’t any room between their bodies, he kissed her forehead. “Candy Cane, you gave me a scare, little one. I was afraid you had left me. You fell down the steps and wouldn’t open your eyes.”

Candice smiled lightly at the use of her nickname. Her daddy had called her Candy Cane for so long that it seemed to be second nature now to hear it. Laying in his arms, relishing the feel of his body so close to hers, Candice was almost glad that she had fallen. Almost that is. She had one hell of a headache coming on and knew that her plans for seduction would have to be postponed. She groaned out loud. She didn’t want to wait to feel him on top of her, didn’t want to postpone the presses of his lips against hers.

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