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Celia's story was now complete. She had told me of the horrible circumstances I had left her in through no fault of my own.

Now she grabs me tightly and says "Please, Please, Please, get me out of this nightmare. I hate it and at the same time I love it. The amount of pleasure I have received is unbelievable but it is all due to the drugs - well most of it. I am sure that my natural instincts must point some of the way towards the pleasures."

Having made her strong plea she burst into tears again and once again I am soaked.

I kiss her tenderly and say "I will do everything in my power to free you my love. I will either bargain with them, giving them an offer they shouldn't be able to refuse or failing that I will attempt to re-kidnap you."

Having said this I give her a long long French kiss and a gentle one on her distended stomach for our little one. I went in search of the organizers and/or her owners. At the same time they are searching for me.

We eventually meet and they invite me to their office for talks. They say they wish to speak to me because I was the highest bidder of the day and the highest bidder always gets rewarded.

Drinks are brought in for the celebrations. Champagne! So far so good.

Before we can start negotiating they say we must have another toast. "To the delectable Celia." is the toast that we all heartily approve.

Now comes the nasty bit. Sue had recognized me and informed George and Jim. Of course I didn't know Jim at all but I vaguely recognized George. I still had no suspicions of what was now to occur.

My drink of course was drugged and soon the effects of the drug began to affect me. I found I couldn't move my arms or my legs, my brain seemed to be functioning but I couldn't speak. My eyes were working perfectly normally and I was helpless as they approached me and fitted handcuffs to my hands placed behind my back.

I now saw Sue enter the room and she laughed when she saw the state I was in. She took off her top and unclipped her bra and slapped my face with her unfettered tits.

"This will teach you to prefer my sister to me." she said. She then removed her panties and I could see they were well covered in sperm, she had obviously just come from being fucked by more than one man. She forced them into my mouth as a gag and then I was blindfolded.

"Now we have you both. What fun we are going to have with you." she crowed.

The drug now kicked in fully and I lost consciousness. When I recovered I recognized the venue from Celia's description. I was hanging naked with my arms chained above me and the gag still in my mouth.

Celia was hanging there next to me.

I had unconditionally failed her - we were both in the same predicament now.

The following morning we were both taken down from where we hung and were escorted up to the main house.

We were fed the usual stale bread and drugged water before being taken to one of the bedrooms. When we reached the bedroom Celia was placed on a chair with her arms and legs tied so that she couldn't move at all but could watch what was about to take place. I was placed on the bed on hands and knees to await whatever might befall me.

Sue now appeared, she was naked from the waist down and sticking out in front of her was the strap-on. She moved over to me and knelt down behind me. Before I had chance to wonder what was going to happen I had the strap-on straight up my asshole. She thrust it in without any preliminary probing. Straight up my asshole to the hilt.

She left it fully inside for quite a while, nipping my nipples between thumb and finger at the same time. She then started pulling out and pushing in, making sure it went in as far as possible every time. I was being fucked.

Soon George and Jim appeared and moved over to Celia.

They unzipped themselves and took out their large cocks and waved them in her face. Having slapped her cheeks a couple of times they then forced their cocks into her mouth alternately and soon they were forcing them right down her throat.

She of course was helpless to prevent it and it caused her to gag at first. They just wanted them lubricated so they didn't stay in her throat very long.

After Celia had lubricated each of the cocks they changed target and slammed into her waiting cunt, taking about four strokes each before pulling out.

They started fucking her with a real purpose and soon she was approaching a climax. They sensed the climax approaching so immediately stopped their actions, pulled out of her cunt and moved over to me.

They watched Sue continuing to fuck me for a few seconds before George moved in front of me and forced his slimy cock into my mouth. I could taste all Celia's juices on it and before I could make any form of protest he squirted his full load into my open mouth. He kept it in my mouth so I had no option but to swallow all his slimy semen.

Jim then took George's place and repeated his actions. Another load of sperm deposited into my mouth to be swallowed as the previous load had been.

The action now moved back to Celia.

Celia's mother Kerry now appeared.

She was naked and like Sue was wearing a large strap-on which she rammed up her daughter's now aroused cunt whilst her father stuck his cock back in her mouth so she could bring it back to full erection. She continued pounding Celia's cunt with her strap-on and when Celia had made George erect again he moved back to me.

Sue now pulled out of my asshole and I was laid down on the bed on my stomach. As I was face down on my stomach I didn't see him approach.

The first thing I felt was his erect cock being forced up my still gaping asshole. Straight in he went, right up to his balls. I don't think I have ever screamed so loud. The pain was unbelievable and before I could get used to his cock in my ass he was fucking it in and out like a jackhammer.

I was still screaming when he made his final plunge, stiffened his whole body and deposited his load deep inside my bowels. He pulled out immediately causing more pain on his rough exit.

He moved back to Celia now. After George moved his cock out of my ass Jim replaced it with his cock, causing me to scream yet again as Jim is larger than George. When Jim had finished fucking me and depositing his sperm into my bowels he remained in my ass until his cock deflated.

After his cock deflated I was aware of another strange feeling. My bowels seemed to be filling up again. I wasn't wrong, they were being filled with Jim's piss. He had let his cock deflate so that he could empty his bladder into my ass.

Kerry had finished fucking Celia with the strap-on and Lian had appeared on the scene.

When Kerry took her strap-on out of Celia's cunt Lian replaced it with her hand. She moved in towards her and was very gentle and considerate initially. She inserted first one finger then two, wiggled them around inside to get her acclimatized so to speak. When she thought Celia was ready she then inserted her other two fingers and repeated the acclimatization process before adding the thumb and shoving her whole hand in up to her wrist.

She is a very small girl and she was able to fuck Celia with her hand going in right up to her elbow.

While Celia was building to a huge climax she felt the first two fingers of Lian's other hand enter her asshole. Lian then did the same to Celia's ass as she had done to her cunt.

As Celia's climax finally burst upon her Lian thrust her other hand into Celia's asshole up to her elbow. Celia's orgasm was now colored with pain as well as pleasure. She had one hand up to the elbow in her cunt and the other up to the elbow in her ass.

All this had been happening whilst I was being fucked by Jim. As Jim finished peeing he dragged me across to Celia, George, and Lian to watch the proceedings.

Lian ripped both hands painfully from Celia's abused body.

George dragged Celia over to the bed, laid her down on her back and forced me to cover her mouth with my ravaged asshole. She was thus forced to accept the sperm from George and Jim,leaking out of me direct into her mouth.

This was the final humiliation for the day.

We were taken back to the stable and tied together, back to back, and hung from the hooks as before.

Before they departed to leave us for the night Kerry produced a double dildo and inserted it into both our assholes, one end in each asshole.

Thus we spent our second night together. Close together but in a most uncomfortable way.

The next day Celia was taken to one room and I another.

When Celia got to her destination she found that George was waiting for her. He fitted strong nipple clamps to her breasts and tied her to a chair. He produced a light whip and began whipping her across her breasts and belly, producing small weals all the way up her body.

When he was satisfied she had suffered enough on the front he turned her over and repeated the punishment on her ass.

After her ass had turned an angry shade of red he threw down the whip, unzipped himself and stuck his cock into the reddened asshole. Celia screamed constantly but was helpless as she suffered until he had filled her asshole with his sperm.

I meanwhile found myself in Jim and Kerry's bedroom where I was tied to a chair to watch the pair enjoy themselves. Kerry was in the middle of her period so Jim started by removing a tampon from her cunt. He then moved over her so she could take his cock into her mouth.

When she had given his cock a good erection he slid down her body, caressing her breasts as he went. He then inserted his erect cock slowly into her waiting aroused cunt. I had to watch whilst they had a long lingering slow fuck which finally ended when he stiffened up and filled her cunt with his sperm.

He moved over to me and forced his deflated cock into my mouth to be resurrected.

After I had got his cock back to full mast he moved back to Kerry and gave her another fuck. This time it wasn't as gentle and leisurely, more active and violent, with him chewing and biting on her nipples before he let fly his sperm with a great roar from his mouth.

They cuddled for a while, kissing and caressing whilst his cock deflated and slid out of her full cunt. They then rolled apart and Jim moved back to me, untied me from the chair and moved me over to the bed where I was put on my back and retied.

Kerry now moved over me and covered my mouth with her hairy cunt, forcing me to clean her by taking the mixture of blood, her juices and Jim's sperm into my mouth. When I had taken it all into my mouth she decided to wash it all down for me by opening her bladder and pissing into my mouth.

Another day of tortures and sexual punishment and pleasure was over and we were taken to our respective nighttime abodes.

I started to plan how we could escape. I thought the key to the whole plan was when Celia gave birth to our baby.

Until then we had to endure the tortures. Sometimes together and sometimes separately.

The alternate nights of 'sleeping' in George's bed were restarted and so every other night I was left on my own without Celia for company.

No one to talk to, no one to comfort, no one to comfort me.

Though of course some nights we could not converse because one or both of us would be gagged in some way or other.

Sue took great delight in gagging me with her used panties, especially when she had been fucked several times by George and Jim before putting them on again and letting their sperm leak out onto them before she stuffed them in my mouth.

For some reason she preferred me to be the recipient of these panties rather than Celia and she mostly did it when Celia was sharing George's bed.

When Lian was menstruating Celia's gag was often Lian's used tampons. She obviously got a run of these and then a gap till she was having her next period.

Sometimes Lian would have more than one tampon available and on those occasions she would remove Sues panties, put the tampon in my mouth and then replace the panties.

The one concession they gave me was that I was to be allowed to be present at the birth of our child. This really gave me something to work on in the way of escape.

By this stage the baby was kicking a lot more and we felt that the birth was imminent. Despite all the trials and tribulations Celia in particular had withstood we were still in reasonable spirits.

One morning just after dawn whilst Celia was in George's bed she felt a different sensation, her waters had broken, the birthing cycle was about to be started. George, Jim and Sue had decided that she would be giving birth 'at home' and so the relevant medical staff was summoned.

I was dragged from the stable and fastened to a chair to witness the largest dilation Celia's cunt was ever likely to have.

All eyes were on Celia. They had decided she would give birth in water and so a large inflatable receptacle had been brought into the bedroom and filled with warm water. The contractions were getting very close together now so she was taken from the bed and put into the water.

I had at this point succeeded in loosening my bonds. Due to the circumstances they had not been as rigorously tied as usual. I was now free to act when the time came.

Apart from the neutral medical staff, only George, Jim and Sue were there to be overcome. For some unknown reason Kerry was missing her grandchild being born.

I watched fascinated as the head of the baby appeared in Celia's dilated cunt. "Push." said the assistant, "Push when I tell you." Slowly the head emerged, followed by the rest of the body.

It was a girl. The cord was cut and the baby removed to be cleaned before it was brought back to put in Celia's arms.

She immediately held her to her breast and whilst everyone else was watching Celia and the baby I silently got up from the chair, raised it above my head and smashed it down onto first George's and then Jim's unprotected skull.

They went down in a heap, unconscious for the time being.

Before Sue could react I grabbed the handcuffs, taken off Celia for her to give birth and slapped them onto Sue's wrists.

The medical staff looked on in complete bewilderment. I then explained the circumstances and enlisted their aid to enable us to escape from all this horrible confinement.

Fortunately they didn't have any objections to assisting us and soon the three of us were free.

Whilst the medical staff were assisting Celia and the baby I had had other things to do.

I dragged George over to the bed and laid him face up, tied his arms and legs to the bed so he was immobile and then turned my attentions to Sue.

I stripped her as roughly as I could, ripping her blouse from her body followed by her bra. Gave her tits a good slapping before ripping off her skirt and panties that I jammed into her mouth as a gag.

Sweet revenge.

I then hauled her over to the bed and placed her on top of George face down, making sure his cock did not engage with her cunt. I tied them together and rammed the dildo that was up my ass into Sue's ass with great pleasure. I then located a double dildo, rammed one end in Sue's cunt and the other in Jim's asshole.

As for Jim, I laid him alongside the other pair and stuck a large dildo up his asshole.

Our final tribute to the trio of captors was for Celia to straddle Jim whilst I straddled Sue and George and we emptied our bladders all over them.

We then said goodbye and left for freedom to live happily ever after - we hope.

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