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Come around and sat on dad's dick" mom said... Soon, they were moving in rhythm, as I thrust in he pulled out and so on. Mom loved the way her husband and daughter were doing it. When dad was about to cum, mom said it would be nice to blow dad's boner. Several deepthroats and dad's dick expoloded a load of sperm... she continued working with her hand and soon all her face was spattered with dad's semen Click to know more!
Blowjob lesson: mom blows my bro and wants me to do the same with dad
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Family Camping Incest Stories - You have to see it!

Family Camping Incest Stories

Adult Incest Porn Incest Porn Stories India Father Daughter Incest Trading Pics Son Fucking His Mom
One afternoon at work, I went down to our basement to get some old files. Our storage in the basement was pretty massive, with individual cages to separate different departments' files. I was at the last cage and I was all the way in the back of the isle which you can't see me if someone came into the basement.

After about 30 minutes looking through files and files, I heard someone opening the door. Normally, we leave the door open, but for some reason this time I close it. It was my coworkers, Allison and her brother, Marcus. Allison is very gorgeous, great body with assets (perfect C breasts which I don't mine looking at all the time) to match with. She would be considering a 10 if she was a couple inches taller. She not short, at 5' 6" verse her brother the opposite at 6' 2" and weights about 325.

They chatting something about dinner. I'm not quite sure what they were saying since I was quite far to the back. As they walking down toward my cage and I was walking from the back toward the front, I heard Allison say, "Hey stop goofing around!" I kind pause and listen to what they were saying and trying to glimpse what they were doing. Then I heard Marcus say, "Nobody is around, you know." As they stop at the second to the last cage which is right next to the cage I'm in. I slowly and quietly back down the isle.

They open and enter the cage. Allison walks up to the third self and reaches for a box. Marcus step behind her grabs at her breasts and squeezes softly. I was shock and froze when I saw that. Allison kind of gives out a moan and then say, "Are you going to help me look for the files or not."

"Ah come on sis, let me have some fun. Besides I haven't touched those for a long time," answer Marcus. "I'm very horny right now, can we have some fun."

Allison replied, being sarcastic, "If you could get it up with no hands, I give a blow job."

"Only a blow job," said Marcus.

"Take it or leave it," Allison grin look.

"Ok! Give me a minute," and Marcus start unzipping his pants and with one motion took off his pant and underwear down to his knees, exposing a half semi hard penis.

"Times ticking... 50...49...48...," tease Allison.

Marcus was looking serious and concentration very hard. Allison continues counting until it was, "10..9..8...7.." Finally his penis got very hard and it looks like about 6 inches long, but very thick. I would say about 3" in diameter.

"Damn! You really want it huh!" remark Allison.

Marcus sat on one of the boxes on the floor and lean against the shelves. Allison knee in front of him and proceeds to stroke his penis. It looks like it's getting harder and bigger. "Come on, stop the teasing and get with it," anxiously Marcus said.

Slowly she lowers her head and lick the tip of his dick and looks back at him. His face full of excitement and enjoyment then she open her mouth wide enough and pop the head in and start sucking. Moving her head up and down and Marcus was giving approval with "ah's and oh's".

Marcus lean forward and with his right hand and flick at her left breast, then softly squeeze it and Allison gives out a small moan. With that encouragement, he slips his hand inside her V-neck shirt, pushing the bra aside and rubs the nipple and squeeze the breast again. Allison when "OHHHHH." With that Marcus twit some more on the nipple and Allison suck quite hard on his dick causes Marcus gives out quite a loud moan.

"Dumb, dumb you want people to hear you," said Allison after remove her mouth from his penis.

"Allison! Unhook bra," ask Marcus.

"Damn you so many quests," Allison with a grin face and she reach back under her shirt and unhook her bra and lower her head, continue to suck his fat cock.

Marcus pushes her shirt high enough exposing her breasts and proceeds to massage and pull on her nipples. Allison starts to really get turn on with the twitting of her nipples and squeezing her breasts. She started to breath heavy and gives out moans.

Marcus request "Let me suck those nipples of yours while you could ride me."

"NO! A blow job is all you going to get," replied Allison.

"Come on sis, you know you want to ride this fat cock of mine and besides I'm pretty sure you are so wet down there. You're so horny you want this really bad as much as me after the twitting and pinching of your nipples. I know what that does to you," teasing Marcus.

"Eeehhh. Damn! Make it quick okay." Allison kicks off her left shoe and unbuttons the jean button. With one motion she slides down her panties and jean down off her left foot and left the jean hanging on the right foot.

"Spread them big boy," Allison said as she moves and climbing on those boxes over her brother's legs. As she was spreading, Marcus touches her pussy and said, "Ding! Look at those juices."

I was getting so excited and took out my dick and start jerking off.

Allison smile and slowly lower herself as her left hand got hold of Marcus's cock and aim it at the entrance of her very wet pussy. She gives out moans as the tip of her brother's penis enter her pussy. Then she pushes some more and she went, "Ahhhhh that feels so good. I love your fat dick." And push her all the way down, while Marcus holding her hips and slowly reach for those awesome breasts to play with.

Marcus pushes her shirt up, expose her breasts and her nipples were so erect, they are like the size of grapes. As he massage and play with them, Allison lean forward and Marcus reach with his mouth and caught the right breast and sucking on it and Allison went crazy with pleasures. Then he switches from the right to the left after about 5 minutes sucking and nipping on the nipple and he pause and ask, "Allison take off the shirt and bra it's getting in my way."

With hesitation, she reaches and unbuttons the shirt's buttons and with one motion took off the shirt with the bra. She's basically completely naked except for the pants and panties hanging on the right foot. With that encouragement, Marcus sucks hard and thrust up into Allison.

"Oh god! Damn it feel sooooo good. Fuck me. Suck it harder," Allison softly commanded. You could hear the fucking friction from Allison's pussy going up and down on Marcus cock.

"Oh yes, ohhhhh yes, god I love riding you," moan Allison.

"Ohhhhhh, damn you so hot Sis. I'll love fucking you in public places. You can feel the excitement, OHHH I'm cumming," Marcus kind of scream. With that he unload, a very big load into Allison's pussy, cause her to climax very hard with the words, "Oh Godddddddd. Don't stop! Keep push up and coming." Allison moan very loud.

I came very hard when she said that.

Allison slowly slow down and fall on top of Marcus and said, "Damn how many times do I have to remind you not to cum inside me, now I have to go and get the morning after-pill," with a very disappoint look.

"It feel so good, I don't want to stop, besides with the load it cause your organism to be very intensive and you love did otherwise you wouldn't ask me to stop," laugh Marcus.

"Yeaahhh, but as bad as it is that we are fucking, it's worse to cum inside me. What happens if I get pregnant? How are we going to explain it to our parents huh?" Allison said it softly and exhausted.

"How come you let Dad cum inside of you," said Marcus.

"Eeeh...what you talking about?" answered Allison

"I saw you and Dad in the garage after washing the car. He was saying, "Ohh, I'm ready to come." As he was starting to pull out, you say "Don't take it out now. Put it back. Just cum inside me don't stop fucking me now." and you were really moaning then Dad really give you full load cause you were screaming loud after he did. Tell me that did happen," Marcus sight.

"Heh heh. You saw eeeh." Allison embarrassed said. "You wouldn't believe how great that felt. It seems like Dad's dick was expanding me like it's not going to stop when he came. You know I came twice, one after the other. Besides it was Dad's birthday."

"Sorry, but was it good for you as good for me," remark Marcus.

"Damn I have to admit it was great and we better clean up and go back up before people wonder where we have been," answer Allison.

They clean up and left. I clean up the mess I made and when up. As I was exiting the elevator and Allison was coming out of the restroom, presuming she was cleaning herself in there, she asked, "Where have you been?"

"In the basement getting files," I answered. Her eyes open so wide you wouldn't believe.

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