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It was noon. It was hot and to tell the truth so was I.

I had lain in bed till eleven and lazily masturbated. Opening my sweet puffy lips and placing a finger either side of my hardening clit. Pushing down and under the hot hard hidden shaft. Pulling the hood back as far a it would go. Then relaxing and letting my hot baby slide back in. Pulling again stretching my sweet bitches' hood as my hot tip rose from her protection bright red, moist and hard as a bullet.

Pulling and relaxing, pulling and relaxing till I finally exploded in a shower of mental stars and clutching spasms rolling through me.

Slid out of bed and showered. Quickly and without touching my hot wet cunt for a change. Dried off and slipped into a tight satin dress with a zipper all down the front.

Sat on the chair by the window watching for June and Della to arrive. June is 48, short, a bit dumpy, bit soft tits and a nice round ass. Della is her daughter. Also a little over weight. Younger, firmer tits with long nipples pulled and stretched by two babies.

I invited them over and warned them that it would be hot hard sex and a lot of pain and humiliation and they agreed and said thy would look forward to it.

So I sat waiting for them. A long thin bamboo cane in my hand. Tapping it lightly on the window as I watched for them.

Their car drew up an mom and daughter got out and headed for my front door. I put the cane down by the sofa and went to let them in. At the door I kissed them both and then showed them into the sitting room. Was amused to notice that June was too heavily dressed for the heat with a sweeter showing the outline of a wired uplift bra and a wool skirt. Della on the other hand had a brief top and tight shorts and no hint of underwear beneath. I sat between them on the sofa and put my arm round Della's shoulder caressing her ear with one hand.

"June why donít you get us a glass of wine each", I said and watched as she rose and went to the table to pour it. She handed a full glass to her daughter, one to me, and sat down to sip her own. I reached slowly over Della's shoulder and my hand came to rest on the outline of a hardening nipple. It felt so good as I pinched and flicked it as her mother watched with a smile.

"Della sugar", I whispered, "your really must be hot in this top baby. Why not take it off for me". As I turned to face her and pulled the top slowly over her head, her big tits tumbling out, the nipples proud and hard and bright pink. "Thatís better sweetie". As I moved slowly and let my tongue caress those long baby stretched nipples. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her mom was breathing heavily as she watched me suck on one and then the other of her daughter's nipples. I could tell she had done this herself.

"Stand up sweetie", I breathed, "and let me take your shorts off". She rose shakily and moved to stand between my open legs. I snapped the buckle of her belt and pushed the shorts down over her sweet ass and smiled as she moved her feet to be free of them. "Nice", I sighed and leaned forward to suck those hot nips again my hands sliding slowly over her ample ass. Moving again my hands came onto her shoulders and I pushed her down to her knees. "Now baby, unzip my dress foe me". I asked an she did, pulling the zipper all the way down and open exposing my small tits with rock hard nipples and my soft black public hair. I heard her mother suck he breath in as she started at my body. Della leant forward pushing me away from her and her sweet mouth came down on my tit. She slowly sucked the nipple in and started to suckle like a baby making gurgling noises as she did. June's hand went under her skirt and I watch as her daughter suckled on me and she started to rub herself through her nylon panties.

"Nice June baby", I said as I pulled her daughters mouth from my tit and pushed it down. "Lick me Della, make me feel good sweetie". OH god I felt Della's hot tongue opening my slit and pushing up till she found the hood of my clit, pushing it back with her tongue she suck my girlie cock between her lips. "Oh god yes", I groaned watching June rubbing hard.

"June honey, stand up and strip baby. I want to see you naked honey". I groaned as I pulled Della's head tight into my crotch. June rose from the sofa, pulled her sweeter over her head, unhooked her skirt and let it fall. Pausing for a minute, swaying back and forth as I enjoyed the view of her full body and the feel of her daughters hot tongue lashing my love bud. "Take it all off for me June baby", I whispered between heavy gasps for breathe. She reached slowly behind and snapped the bra off, her heavy tits dropping out, nipples red raw and hard, then bent and pushed her panties off struggling a little to get them free of her hot wet cunt. I gasped as her daughter's tongue slammed hard into my slit and June cupped her tits and squeezed her nipples as she watched.

Slowly I pushed Della away a little, raised my legs and pushed them over her shoulders. Exposing myself to her from my tight puckered asshole to my hot hard clit.

"June sweetie take this", as I reached to the side of the sofa and picked up the bamboo cane. "I want you to come over here behind your hot daughter and if she does anything wrong I want you to give her a good hard swipe across her buttocks with that cane". June took the cane and looked shocked.

"I cannot hit my baby with this", she said. "Oh yes you can, and you will", I snarled, "if I tell you she is bad you will lash the bitch to teach her to do me right".

I felt Della shudder at that.

"So now Della my sweet bitch, lick me slowly from back to front. Let me feel your tongue tease my hot asshole, dart in and out of my wet slit and flick my clit. Do it, do it now, and do it good bitch". I shivered as I felt Della's tongue circle my asshole quickly and then slid in and out me, she was hot and good. "Thatís it my sweet bitch I murmured pulling her face tighter into me with my ankles. Now I want to feel your tongue go deep into my asshole you horny sweet bitch". I felt her tongue on my ass ring again but she moved quickly on and slid into my hot wet cunt. "Bitch", I shouted, "in my asshole. Hit her mom. Hit her hard with the cane. Your stupid daughter doesnít want to ream my hot asshole". June hesitated then I smiled as I watch the cane come lashing down and heard it slap on Della's buttocks. Della cried out her head slamming into me as her body automatically reacted. " Now do it right", I grunted as I pulled her face into me with my ankles. Again she licked but did not penetrate, again I motioned to mom, again the cane came down on her butt, again she let out a cry as the pain shot through her. "Do it fucking right", hissed. This time I felt her tongue ram up my asshole sending shivers of pleasure through me.

'Yes bitch. Yes" I groaned as I felt the long strokes of her tongue, swirling deep into my asshole, darting in and out of my hot cunt, flicking and teasing my rigid clit. "Yes baby, yes". I groaned as she worked harder and harder to please me. Then she suddenly closed her teeth on my clit and bit me. "God you clumsy cunt'! I shouted, "the bit me mom, whack her hard for that". I watched as June raised the cane above her head and brought it down hard on her daughters red backside. "Hit her again June" I snarled "teach the bitch to be more careful. I could see June was crying now as she raised the cane again and whacked that sweet ass hard and I felt the pain ripple thought her daughter. The with tears streaming down her face mom just canned the sweet bitch hard and fast. Hot red welts raising on her sweeties butt as I felt Della's tongue lashing me harder and harder. Ripples of pleasure spreading through my body. The sound of the now non-stop caning. Della's sobs and moans and cries. The room spinning before my eyes.

My cunt muscles clutching Della's tongue each time it slid in. Stars bursting behind my eye lids. My legs pulling and releasing the daughters shoulders. Moms cries of agony and passion. My muscles tightening. My back arching. Oh god yes.

Release at last, spasms coming like crazy and squirting on Della's face. Pee dribbling from me. My ass muscles twitching. Oh god one hell of an orgasm.

We all rested and had another drink. Della was mad at her mom for the beating she had received and sat on a chair and sulked. I slip my dress completely off and sat on the sofa with June. One hand squeezing and pulling on one of those long engorged nipples and the other caressing her ample belly.

"You really were nasty June", I said as she gasped for breathe at my manual attention, "you did not need to cane poor Della so badly baby". She groaned and I twisted a nipple hard and nodded her agreement. She was crying a little.

I slid slowly off the sofa and lay on my back on the floor. Spreading my legs wide and smiling at Della who was licking her lips and trembling the taste of my sweet cunt.

" I forgive you June sweetie", I murmured, " come down here sugar and lie on me. Let me feel that hot wet body crushed against mine sugar"

She willingly got up and straddled me and lowered her body full length over mine. Her full ample tits crushed into my sweet small ones. I could feel her bush hard against mine. I wrapped an arm round her neck and pulled her face to me, kissing her deeply, my tongue sliding in her waiting mouth, sweet and warm and so wet. She groaned and pressed her self harder against me. I pushed my free hand down between her legs, the back of it on my hot hard clit, the palm on her sweet love bud and my fingers pushing into her hot wet slit.

"There baby, enjoy this sugar". I whispered as my fingers moved slowly in and out, my palm grinding her hot girlie cock, my own sweet clit hardening and sliding out from her hood against the back of my hand. I carefully wrapped my legs round hers pulling them wide open as I did. Hearing Della gasp as her mothers hot wet cunt came into full view.

"Nice hey Della, nice and wet and ready baby"

I felt mom shudder at my words and jabbed my fingers in and out of her a couple of times feeling her hot wet hole trying to clutch them and keep them in.

" Now it is your turn Della. Get the cane sweetie and cane your nasty mommy. Cane her hard sugar, she deserves it. Think of the beating she just gave you sweetie".

Della got up from the chair picked up the cane and broke out into a wicked grin. She swished the cane up and down as I felt June wince at the sound and my hand worked her slit some more. The Della took aim and lashed the cane down hard on her mom's buttocks.

June screamed at the her body slammed into mine. Hard against my tits, hard against my mound, hard against my fingers in her. Yes I thought as my arm tightened round her neck pulling her close and my mouth found hers again.

Della raised the cane again and brought it hard down on Mom. Oh yes!

I felt the ripple of pain roll through June's body against me her tongue moving violently in my mouth, her tears falling on my face.

"I'll teach you mommy bitch not to hurt me", Della cried as she brought the cane down again and again. Bright red welts forming on her mothers buttocks. Little screams of blood oozing from some of them.

"Bitch", and the cane came down again

"Whore" and again the cane contacted with those hot fleshy globes

" See if you like this mommy darling", she hissed and managed to bring the cane down so the tip collided with her sweet mothers ass ring.

I felt the shudder and the terrible ripple of pain wrack through June's body. I enjoyed the spurt of tears showering my face. I slammed my fingers in and out of her wet slit, her clit throbbing against my palm, my clit pulsing against the back of my hand.

The cane came down again and again, harder and faster my hand working deep and hard, my muscles tightening. I pulled away from June's mouth and listened to her screams as her sweet daughter thrashed her mercilessly. My tension building, June's cunt clutching and releasing my fingers.

Oh my god I was going to cum. June was going to cum and Della's free hand was between her legs as she lashed the cane on her mom.

We all screamed at the same time.

We all came together

June in agony. Della in triumph. Me well I just exploded and revealed in the conclusion I had brought about.

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