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Callie rested on top of her brother feeling his cock soften inside her. She brought herself up laying down next to him as they stared into each other's eyes. She kept thinking of all the times they used to fight when they were younger. He used to pull her bra and she'd chase him around the house. He used to tease her when she wore her braces and he used to make fun of her when she had a crush on a guy. Callie smiled to herself as she recalled those moments. Never in her life had she imagined they'd be like this. In love with her brother.

"How do you think we can get away with this relationship?" Callie asked as she ran her finger on Nathan's lips.

"I don't know. We have to be very careful Callie." Nathan's gaze was on her pretty face with his hands on her breasts.

"You mean we have to sneak around?"

"Well sort of. Yes I guess you can say that. At least for the time being."

Callie's eyes saddened. "I hate the fact that we'll have to sneak around. I'd love to be able to tell anyone how much I love you."

"Even Mom and Dad?" Nathan asked raising his eyebrows.

Callie sighed as she cringed. "Well I guess not everyone."

Nathan held Callie closer to him. He'd been with many girls in his life and yet none of them had made him feel like he did tonight with Callie. No other girl had made his heart race, his pulse quicken and his cock this hard. He'd watch her grow up to be a beautiful young lady. She had grace, style and beauty all in one package. How could any guy resist her?

"Callie we'll worry about that later. Right now I just want to have you next to me. Like I have been wanting for that past week." Nathan said kissing her forehead.

"Nathan, It's so strange how we fell in love don't you think?" Callie asked stroking his hair.

Nathan kissed her lips tenderly. "Yes it is. I wish the circumstances were different that we were not related."

"Oh Nate, why does life have to be so cruel, yet so kind? I mean I think it's cruel for me to fall madly in love with you, and kind that I've found a man like you to love, to cherish."

Nathan just held Callie tightly feeling her warmth. She felt so womanly, yet so much like a young child. The aroma of their sex was all over the room and Nathan loved the sense it brought.

"I'm gonna take a shower bro." Callie said sitting up.

Nathan raised himself up from the bed. "Can I take one with you?"

Callie blushed. "I'd love to have you in the shower with me."

"Alright then!" Nathan cheered.

The siblings walked into the shower, still half clothed. Callie turned on the shower making it a nice hot one. The water started to run warm and then hot making the room steamy. Nathan stood before his sister and slowly raised her dress. The slid his hands on her firm bottom feeling it, fondling it.

Callie giggled as her brother touched her ass. "Mmmm I never thought you'd be touching my butt like this."

Nathan lifted her dress up over her taking it all off. "Well, I never thought I'd be wanting you so much."

Callie stood there completely naked. Even though the room was hot her nipples were hard. Nathan was almost breathless looking at his sister naked. God she looks delicious he thought to himself. Her breasts so firm, her tummy so flat, her skin so soft and delicate.

"Your so beautiful Callie. Oh man I'm falling more in love with you each second."

Callie held her brother close to her naked skin. "I love you Nathan. I love you so much."

Callie began pulling out the rest of Nathan?s shirt which some was still tucked in his loose open pants. Nathan stood back as his sister unbuttoned his shirt. She did each button slowly never taking her eyes off him. Finally with the last button his shirt came open exposing his hard chest. Callie's eyes devoured his manly body.

Her hands moved down to his pants sliding them off leaving him in his boxers. Nathan stepped out of his pants and took off his socks. He grabbed Callie's hands and put them on his waist pushing them down slowly removing his boxers. She felt herself gasp looking at her brother there, completely naked. His cock was hard again and Callie smiled shyly.

"Come on let's get in the shower, before we the hot water runs out." Nathan said playfully.

They both stepped into the steamy water together. Nathan stood behind Callie holding her under the waterfall. He watched her hair get wet as the water hit them. Her wet body was close to his. He ran his hands up and down her young body.

Callie closed her eyes feeling her brother's hands roaming every part of her. She reached out to grab the spring smelling bar of soap lathering it in her hands. Nathan grabbed it from her hand and got some lathered some up as well. He glided his hands on Callie's breasts letting the soap suds run down her chest.

Callie leaned her head back and their lips met for a sensual kiss. Callie's body tingled with feelings of hot lust for her brother. Yes, touch me more. Don't ever stop Callie thought to herself.

Nathan kept lathering up more soap and ran his hands down his sister's body making sure she was covered up with soap bubbles. The scent of soap filled the room reminding the siblings that it was just them, alone in the shower.

Callie turned around letting her eyes meet with her brothers. She pressed her body against his letting the suds get on his body. They began to kiss losing themselves under this wonderful rain of water that covered them, protected them from the real world.

The soap was washing off their bodies slowly. Nathan looked over to his right to grab the bottle of shampoo. He smiled down at Callie as she looked up at him with admiring eyes. He poured some of Callie's apple smelling shampoo on the palm of his hands and placed it on her hair. Callie chuckled softly as her brother began to wash her hair. His hands massaged her head as he rubbed his fingers lightly on her hair.

Nathan stared down at his sister. She was so gorgeous standing there naked as he washed her hair. Callie tossed her head back slightly letting the water wash off the shampoo. Nathan just observed this beautiful sight. The shampoo ran down her body slow like honey. He grabbed the bar of soap again lathering it up once more to start rubbing Callie's pussy with it.

Callie whined softly feeling her brother washing her pussy. His hands gently ran u and down her wet slit. She got a hold of the soap and returned the favor. She got a handful of suds and placed her hand on Nathan's hard cock. She stroked it up and down washing him up.

Nathan bit his lip enjoying his sister's touch. Callie took the bottle of Nathan's shampoo and got a handful of it as she started washing his hair. Nathan laughed as she reached her little arms up lathering up his hair. He picked her up a little as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"I love being here with you," Nathan whispered.

"I want this moment to last forever, "Callie responded holding her brother tightly.

Nathan dipped his head under the water letting the shampoo wash off his hair as it fell onto them both. Callie helped by rinsing his hair out. Nathan carefully turned around carefully as he carried Callie in his arms. He placed her back against the tile wall.

"I want to be inside you again Callie."

Callie kissed him softly. "Yes. Make love to me again bro."

Nathan adjusted her little body and immediately plunged his cock inside her sensitive pussy. Callie let out a loud moan as her brother entered her once again. He began to thrust his hips madly as his cock quickly entered and exited her pussy. They kissed passionately as they made love while the water continued to bathe them.

Nathan loved the way Callie's pussy swallowed up his cock. He could feel her still so tight and warm. He never wanted to take his cock out of her. He wanted to be in her eternally.

Callie held on to her brother tightly as he made love to her. It was so erotic making love in the shower. She'd always fantasized about doing that someday, but now that day was here. She was glad to be able to share it with such an amazing person. Her brother, her lover.

"You feel so good. I want to explode in you again Callie."

Callie looked at him with love. "Do it bro. Just let yourself cum in me. I want to take it all again."

A few more thrusts and Nathan felt his cock spurting out cum right inside his sister's cunt. Each shot of cum that Callie took from her brother, made her shudder.

After slowly recovering from this magnificent love making, Nathan slowly put his sister down kissing her, loving her. Their bodies still wet and their hearts racing. Callie reached up to stroke her brother's face as he looked down at her. She knew if they ever had to end their relationship, she'd never be able to share another moment so special like this one with anyone else. Ever.

The bright sun peeked into the room early the next day waking Callie up. She woke up thinking last night had all be a sexy wet dream. She felt a warm strong body against her and turned around to see her brother fast asleep with his arms around her. What I'm I going to do with you Nathan? I love you so much! Callie said to herself.

She squirmed her way out of bed still nude as her brother woke up brushing his hand on her back. "Good morning sweetheart," Callie said pleasantly.

"Hmmmm morning! It's so good to wake up and see you all naked!" Nathan playfully responded.

Callie laughed to face her brother. His eyes were glowing; they looked so full of life. She didn't ever remember seeing him so contented. His hair was a mess but he still managed to make her heartbeat accelerate.

"I'm going to get ready for work. I should get home a little after five, that is if the traffic is nice to me."

"Oh do we really have to go to work? Can't we call in and just make love all day?" Nathan pouted.

Callie reached over to touch his face. He closed his eyes feeling her soft hand on his skin. "I wish we could! You know this is only my second day at work. I could get fired."

"Oh alright I guess. If you must, you must. Just give me a nice wet kiss before you take off to get dressed."

Callie grinned mischievously and leaned down to plant a hot sweet kiss on her brother's lips. They kissed with so much power and furry. Their tongues were gliding on each other as they shared a deep kiss.

"Ok, I have to get ready now," Callie, said laughing as she pulled away.

Nathan held on to her hand and kissed it softly. "Ok love. I have to get up myself."

Callie put a pot of coffee on, knowing Nathan loved drinking coffee. She saw he had a big container of coffee which was untouched, since he probably never had the time to make coffee himself. With that, Callie then went off to get dressed. She put her brown hair up and dressed in her black pants and white button up shirt. She wanted to look as professional as possible, which was hard considering most of her wardrobe was still a college wardrobe.

"Nate, love, I'm going now. I put on some coffee for you."

Nathan was already getting his clothes ready. He rushed to his sister and gave her a mighty hug. He squeezed her little body and Callie felt almost suffocated. "Hey! Watch out! You're going to squeeze me to death!" She shrieked.

Nathan slowly let her go and kissed her once again. "Have a good day at work babe."

"You too." Callie reached up to kiss her brother goodbye.

Arriving to her office that day, she hurried being about three minutes late. She quickly opened up her office door and started to arrange her desk. She turned on her computer to read the office e-mails. She was just starting to read her first e-mail when she heard light tapping at her door. She looked up to see David the young man who had been so kind to show her around.

"H-hi," Callie said stammering as the young man caught her by surprise.

He smiled sweetly at her. "Well good morning Ms. Adams. Listen I just came by to let you know that you and I are going to be working on the next program that has to be set up for a an English lab."

Callie nodded. "Oh Ok. What time are we needing to go?"

"Well actually in a few minutes. I know it's sudden, I was going to do this project with Amber, she works downstairs, but I would rather work with you."

Callie felt her face turn red. "Oh? Why me?"

"Because you're new and I want to see what your capable of. Besides, your so much pleasant than Amber."

"More pleasant? You just met me yesterday!" Callie giggled.

"Yeah I know, but I've known Amber for a few years now and believe me, I think anyone is more pleasant than she is."

Callie rolled her eyes. "OK whatever, let me just read my e-mails and I'll meet you downstairs?"

David winked at her and slowly walked away. His blue eyes were still glued on her. Callie went on to reading her e-mails and gathered up her things to go meet David downstairs. As she passed by the main tech desk she heard a mutter. Callie turned around and saw a pretty blonde girl with short hair eyeing her up and down.

"Excuse me? Did you say something?" Callie asked the girl.

"No. I was talking to myself." The girl responded sarcastically.

Callie felt the girls green eyes piercing at her. "Oh sorry."

"By the way, are you Callie Adams?" The girl said loudly as Callie was starting to walk away.

"Yes that would be me. And you are?"

"I'm Amber Wilkinson. I'm a really good friend of David's." She responded haughty.

"Oh that's right he did mention you. Nice to meet you." Callie courteously extended her hand.

The blonde just picked up her huge nail filer and filed her nails wickedly. Callie felt a rush of anger go through her but she stayed calm. "Well I better go, David is waiting for me." Callie walked away hearing Amber saying more things about her. Callie didn't care, yet she couldn't figure out why this girl had such animosity against her.

Down at the English lab, David and Callie brainstormed over a new program that was requested by the English department. Callie felt nervous since this was going to be her first program to do. David made things easy though. He joked around and made her feel at ease with his patience.

"So by when do we need to have this program done?" Callie asked as they went around the lab turning on the computers.

"Oh by next week. It's always like that. They let us know a week before classes start."

Callie sighed sounding disappointed. David looked at her closely. She was a very sexy young lady. He'd never met anyone with so much beauty to be such a wonderful person inside. He loved the fact that she looked so innocent as well. Her fragile little body rested against one of the computer cubicles. He would love to just take her and feel every part of her body with his mouth, his hands!

"Are you OK? Look don't worry we'll get this done. I know we can. You're a very smart girl Callie Adams, I just know it."

Callie couldn't help but smile. She was sure they'd get this done in time. David's eyes continued to stare at Callie. God she's so pretty! I want her. I know I'm going to get her.

Back in the library Amber Wilkinson was busy filing up some program sheets when she heard a loud female voice calling out her name. She turned to see the pretty dark haired Rebecca Lambert. Rebecca was David's cousin and Amber's best friend. They both got along well with their vindictive attitudes. Rebecca always liked Amber for her cousin David. David on the other hand, had another woman in mind.

Amber and David had dating for a short period and then David had decided to leave her because of her possessive ways. Amber still was in love with David and he knew it. Rebecca knew Amber was good for her cousin. Besides being her best friend, Amber came from a nice rich family, which Rebecca liked.

"Amber! Hey what's going on?" Rebecca asked as she walked closer wearing her awfully short white miniskirt and blue halter-top.

Amber didn't smile. She felt pissed off that Callie was the one David chose to work with instead of her, like he always used to. "Hey Becky," Amber responded weakly.

"Alright Amber, what's the deal? Why are you pissed off now?"

Amber tried to keep calm. "Well your cousin obviously doesn't want anything to do with me anymore."

Rebecca frowned. "What? Why do you say that?"

"Well because today I was supposed to work with him on a new project, and then all of a sudden I hear he doesn't want to work with me, he wants to work with Callie!"

Rebecca looked confused. "Callie? Is she new?"

Rebecca used to visit her cousin and best friend all the time, so she'd gotten to know the staff quite well. Now Rebecca was taking some summer classes to catch up from being away from school in the spring.

"Yes she's new! And you know she walks around like she's totally innocent when probably deep down she's a slut!"

Rebecca laughed loudly. "Oh Amber, your making a big deal. Look don't worry, I'll talk to my cousin for you."

"Don't bother Becky, he's got the hots for this girl. I just know it. I can see the silly look on his face."

Rebecca nodded. "Amber, Amber, Amber. Look just leave it to me. I'll find out for sure if he really likes this girl. Maybe he's just trying to make you jealous?"

Amber took a deep breath. "Well I just hope your right. I mean this girl can't be little Ms. Perfect. We call got skeletons in our closet. I just need to find out hers are."
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