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Family Incest Orgies

Movies About Incest What Are The Signs Incest Between Mother Son Incest Sex Stories Post Incest Toon Pics Of Family Guy
It was December 20 and I was spending Christmas with my mother this year not my dad. I was disappointed to say the least, let me describe my dad to you so you know why I was so disappointed.

He is 6, 3' about 200 pounds all of which is muscle and just a bit of gray hair starting, so it was a salt and pepper looking and it gave him a sexy sophisticated look. Also once when I was 13 I saw him in the getting out of the shower and his cock flaccid had to be about 9 " and well girls you know how horny you get when you see such a huge cock even if it is flaccid. I should describe myself I am 5,7' and about 115 and also very fit. I have size "d" breasts and a full luscious ass. I always keep my pussy shaven clean.

So I was very bummed when my dad told me I had to go to my mothers for Christmas holidays. All I could think about was not being able to catch a few glimpses of his cock maybe if I was lucky enough even see his cock erect. Well now my dreams will be all I have. When mom told me to go to the mall to get her some last minute gifts for my uncle. I went but wasn't happy about it. I put on my scarf, hat, mittens, but I had to look good so I also had on a short miniskirt, on with pantyhose, no panties and a tight tank top covered by a tight skimpy jacket.

I headed for the mall in my jeep and pulled into the only open spot, which was a good 3-minute walk from the mall entrance. By the time I got there my whole body was chilled; I got in and headed for the electronic store where I knew I could easily pick up something for my uncle.

It was 8:45pm when I got there and the mall had pretty much emptied except for the Santa and the store clerks who were almost all asleep, so I decided I would have some fun with that poor Santa. I knew he must be extremely tired so I unzipped my jacket and strutted right over to him when he saw me he smiled and gave me the old ho ho ho, I Walk up to him and he said,

"Why hello little lady care to take a seat on Santa's Lap?" In a deep, old voice.

"Oh, Santa I would love to but aren't I too old?" I say back, in a very sexy voice.

'No one is too old to sit on Santa's lap. Have a seat." He said in a seductive voice that surprised me.

I sat down and wiggled around and accidentally rubbed my large breasts into his face until I got the reaction I wanted, which was feeling his hard cock touch my ass crack.

"Oh, Santa are you being a bad boy?" I said in the sexiest voice possible.

"Oh yeah baby you know it" He replied in a very naughty voice.

I stood up and bent over to pick up my bags he grabbed my ass and started rubbing it. Now my game was turning on me my pussy was sopping wet. I reached between my legs and tore a hole in my pantyhose until I felt some of my juices running down my leg.

Then I turned and bent down pretending to get a candy cane instead I undid his fly and let his cock spring free, he gasped in astonishment as I mounted his cock and started humping him until we both had an orgasm. I lifted my self off his now flaccid cock. I bent down kissed his cock and then did up his fly. I stood up and said

"Cya tomorrow sexy" In a mature, pleasure filled voice.

And left. When I got home mom asked what took me so long and I said nothing; I just couldn't find the right present. (I had left the bag in the car) I told her I would go back tomorrow and look again.

I went up to bed and fingered my self to two more orgasms before I fell into a deep-sleep. I awoke to a tingling in my pussy and immediately plunged two fingers into my dripping wet cunt remembering last nights encounter with my mystery Santa. I fingered my clit and continued plunging my two fingers into my vagina until I had another orgasm.

That night at 8:25 I put on a sexy mini-skirt and no panties, then I put on a perfect fit tank top and no bra. I threw on my coat to cover my clothes from mother then headed out to my jeep.

I arrived at "Santa's Village" to see Santa waiting for me, but instead of staying there, he stood up, crossed over to me and closed "Santa's Village". Then he kissed me passionately; I was already dripping juices down my leg and as quickly as I could I led him out to my jeep. I drove to an old empty parking lot and ripped off my coat showing him my nipples erect and pointing through my tight shirt.

He ripped off his pants and shirt but didn't take off his beard and hat. I tried to pull them off but he wouldn't let me. I thought maybe it was some fantasy of his so I allowed it. First I sucked his erect cock, slowly going all the way down his shaft, I almost choked the first time it must have been 11" long. But I soon got used to it and I kept a constant rhythm, then I licked up and down his shaft and played with his balls until he shot his load all over my breasts. After I was finished he ate me to three orgasm one after another. By then he was rock hard again so I climbed onto his cock and we fucked like wild.

"Oh, Santa you cock is so huge" I managed to gasp in between my moans of pleasure.

"Oh baby your pussy is so tight" He said in a lust filled voice.

"I want to fuck you till you cum and fill me with your seed again" I said in a frantic voice as I neared orgasm again.

"Oh I would love to fill you with my seed again," His voice sounded familiar but he had it masked to sound like Santa.

Up and down I went on his cock until we both shuddered with an orgasm I milked his cock dry. Then we both collapsed and fell asleep in my backseat. I awoke to Santa getting dressed.

"You are going without saying good-bye Santa," I said in a groggy voice.

"NO, I was simply going to dress then wake you to say I was going. You should be getting home your mother will be worried sick." He said as if he was really sorry for keeping me.

"How do you I am staying with my mother?" I said in a shocked, and more fully awake voice.

"Well I have a secret to tell you," He said in a familiar voice that I couldn't peg.

"Oh, really" I said in a surprised voice.

"Yes, baby, I am your Father." He said it in a matter of fact voice.

As the words came out of his mouth he took of his beard and hat, and to my astonishment it was my father. And I knew why his voice had sounded so familiar.

"Dad, OMIGOD. I, I, I, OMIGOD. I fucked my father," I said in a shocked, and almost satisfied voice. I was thinking wow, I slept with my father, this is amazing.

"Oh baby I am so sorry I could help it I have always thought you were beautiful and when you offered yourself to me I couldn't resist" He sounded so afraid.

"Dad I am not mad at all, in fact I am so in love with you, I want to keep fucking you over and over." I said in a very soothing voice.

I drove back to mothers, and entered the house. I through the bag with my Uncles present on the floor and ran upstairs and packed my bag. Then I wrote a note to my mom to tell her that I was going to dads, and I wouldn't ever be back.

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