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Free Hot Online Incest Sex Stories Mom And Son Incest Only Incest Videos Online Black Incest Sex Websites
My name’s Clif and Ginger’s name is...well, Ginger. Not long ago we were teenaged twins, living on a small farm in San Diego County with our parents.

Our parents were very young wild and crazy long haired people when their free love hormones got the better of them and sis and I were born to two 16 year olds. Both had played the very big field before and after their wedding (even up to now, I think), but dad is sure we are his.

Just before Sis and I arrived, they were pretty much cut free by their folks except that Dad’s parents gave them the $20,000 they had been saving for his college fund. They used it to buy 30 acres of property and start an organic fruit and vegetable farm. Lucky for all of us, it turned out to be quite successful. Eventually, by taking turns and working as a team, they both finished high school and college. Mom got her teaching credentials and Dad studied the agri business. But deep down, they were still living in the 70s all along. There was always a small corner in a greenhouse on the property where the herb of choice got special attention.

Because the farm was isolated, we lived a very natural life style. Clothes were pretty much optional when the weather was warm. Mom and Dad were young and fit and looked great. Many was the time that they would be wandering around the farm, or laying in a hammock toking some grass, buck naked.

As we grew up, mom and dad often made comments about our maturing bodies. Good comments, supportive comments, genuine comments. Nothing crude or intimidating, just loving and accepting. But we also saw the looks on their eyes. And touching was also common. Dad likes to heft Mom and sis’s titties and even swipes a lick once in a while. Mom often sits with her hand on my thigh, whether I’ve got pants on or not. Sometimes we all have a little grass and sometimes one thing leads to another and a little impromptu grab ass wrestling breaks out. That’s really fun and Mom and sis always makes comments about the boners that quickly sprout between me and dad’s legs.

Now Ginger and I had felt around a little and brought each other off with our hands and mouths, but we’d never gone all the way. One night the four of us were in the hot tub, talking and tokin’, just relaxing. I was sitting between Mom and Sis, when I felt a hand start stroking my meat. Dad was sitting on the edge of the tub, his big cock slightly hard as he thumbed mom’s nipples. They were hard and erect, tight little nubs high and brownish on mom’s melons.

Ginger got out of the tub to get another beer. As she went by dad she reached between his thighs and pulled on his dork, making a honking noise as she did so. He reached over and bit her on the butt as she tried to get away. Because she was out of the water and the hand was still stroking me, I knew it was mom’s hand.

As Gin got into the water again, she stroked Dad’s log in a long, slow motion. Dad’s eyes rolled back as the member sprang to full prominence. At the same time I could feel my balls beginning to contract and my sledgehammer was becoming fully aroused.

Mom leaned toward Dad and kissed his peter. Right there in front of us! They had never done anything like that in front of us before! I could see her tongue licking along its length. I looked at Ginger. She was craning her neck to get a better view. “Wow, that looks like fun!” she said.

Mom said, “Oh yeah! Me and dad need to go inside for a few minutes, you guys just stay here.” Then Mom and Dad stood up and headed indoors. I watched as he cupped one of her smooth ass cheeks with his hand.

Once the folks were inside, I sat up on the edge like dad had been. “Hey sis, what do you think?” I said, indicating my woodliness, “want a lick of this?”

“Oh Clif, the way I am right now, I want more than a lick.”

She moved toward me, her titties less that half submerged in the warm water. Before I knew it, she had my dong down her throat and was giving it a hell of a vacuuming. In no time I was gasping as I felt my insides begin to churn. Then she stopped abruptly. She pulled me into the water and then sat on my cock, facing away from me. It found her sweet opening all by itself. I reached around her and began rubbing her titties.

I don’t know how much later it was, but suddenly I was aware that mom and dad had returned. Dad’s cock was again semi-hard and a pearly drop of fluid dangled from its head. What little there is of mom’s bush was thoroughly matted and it looked like someone had poured Elmer’s glue into the little triangle and the vertical smile below it.

Something told me Ginger and I should stop, but something else said not to.

“We wondered when you guys were finally going to get around to this.” Mom said as she got into the tub. Then I felt a hand touch my balls when Mom reached over to feel my cock in Ginger’s sex slot. I moved my hand and held hers in place, at the same time strumming Gin’s clit. While this was going on, Dad came over and began smearing his slimy wanger around Ginger’s lips. I saw her open her eyes and then she took him all the way in. Soon she was burying her nose in his woody wool. Her bottom twitched and bucked as she lost control.

Mom leaned over and kissed me, open mouthed. I ran my hand along her rump, trying to draw her closer, feeling for the cleft of her ass.

Suddenly the intense pleasure got to me. I nearly blacked out, but Ginger stopped moving just in time. She sat there, with me still inside of her. Dad pulled his now raging hard on from his daughter’s throat and sat down opposite us. Mom sat on his lap. I watched his thumbs strumming Mom’s pretty nipples as they floated on the water. I suspected they were doing the same thing we were doing.

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