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Mom opened her mouth and slowly lowered her head until the head of brother's shaft was warmly wrapped up into her mouth, daughter did the same with dad tool... Dad let out a loud groan as she felt and she understood she was doing everything right. Mom's deepthroat looked much more professional, but daughter's blowjob was getting better and better with each movement of her head... Click to know more!
mom and dad want us to know everything about sex by the time we leave them
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Family Incest Gallery Mom Son Incest Story Mother Son Incest Tape Vhs Father Son Incest Porn
I pause again at this point in my confession to look closely at Mark to try to determine if I'm still the girl he loves ... or a slut he can't stand. I still had more to tell him. How much more could he listen to and not decide that he no longer wants me? I need to know how he is feeling now, but still can't bring myself to ask. What is obvious though is that he is at least very horny from listening to my story. His handsome cock is so hard and throbbing. His pre-cum is very evident on the tip of his sexy cock head. But what does this actually mean? Is he telling me though his body's arousal to my story that nothing between us has changed? My worst fear is that he now sees me as just a sex object. I can't blame him for being turned on sexually. My own pussy is wet. My nipples are hard. I'm just as horny as he is at this moment. But is the love still there? He said earlier that nothing in the past matters now to him. But will he still think that after he knows everything?

Mark reaches to touch me.

"Mel baby ... I never expected ... this. I can't believe you actually ... fucked your father! I can't believe how horny I am either!"

"I know babe. I'm turned on too telling it to you. But it doesn't mean that you don't turn me on just the same. It's just that ... here we are together and ... I'm telling you the biggest secret I have ever told anyone before. I want you to know it all. I can't live hiding this from you. But it does turn me on to tell you ... I can't help it."

Mark pauses for a few moments before saying anything.

"I do want to know one thing. Are ... you and your daddy ... still fucking any?

"Let me tell you the rest babe. Then you will understand everything."

I begin telling him about my daddy and I sleeping together that Saturday night. At that moment, daddy and I are lovers, but only sexually. I know daddy still loves mom the same. I know he would struggle in the days and weeks ahead with his lust for me, and his love for mom. I know the love for mom would win out over his lust. But we both were changed now. Forever changed in that we've been almost as intimate as a man and woman can be physically.

I wake with it still dark to feel his erection pressing against my ass. I feel his hand take one of my young tits into his hand. He wants more of his baby girl's body. I want him to have me just as badly. I want my daddy's body. I want to spend every moment we can over the next day touching, kissing, licking, sucking and fucking.

He pinches my nipple as he begins kissing and sucking on my neck and ear. I moan and reach behind me to feel his throbbing cock. I decide I want to do something different. I turn to face him and kiss him with all the passion within me. He holds my head firmly with his hands as our lips and tongues are like one.

Looking at each other with intense passion in our locked embrace, we know at that moment that we will always share a deeper love than ever before.

"I love you so much. I want to be all yours. I want you to be mine. I love you, daddy."

"I love you too, Mel. I want you so badly. You are all that I want at this moment. I want to make love to you so badly it hurts."

"I want to feel you inside me daddy. I want you to fuck me over and over. I want to feel your cock inside my body ... forever."

"Until Sunday Mel ... "

"Until Sunday," I say with a pouty face.

"But until Sunday, I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to stop little one."

"Mmmmmm, I'm your little slut. Use me daddy!"

"I could never use you Mel. I can only love you. You are my beautiful daughter, first and always. I can only love you in anything we do."

I push daddy over on his back and climb on top of him straddling his stomach.

"I love you as my daddy, first and always too. But now I'm going to use your cock as your teenaged slut!"

I lift myself to reach between my legs. Grabbing his throbbing shaft, I line it up with my wet cunt and slowly sit down onto his cock. I can feel it slowly stretching me as it fills me completely.

"Damn damn damn ... your pussy is so fucking tight! Oh damn it is squeezing me so fucking tight!"

"Oh fuck yes! Your cock is so big and hard inside me. Oh God how I love it inside me! I can feel the head of your sexy cock so deep in me. Now your baby girl is going to fuck you silly!"

I begin to ride his cock as hard as I can. All I want right now is to fuck this beautiful cock. I want to feel it deep and hard in me. I want it to explode and fill me with thick hot sperm, the same sperm that made me many years ago.

"Oh God yes ... I'm cumming daddy! I'm cumming on your hard cock! Oh daddyyyy! Fuck meeeeeeee!

As I calm down some from a very intense orgasm, daddy lifts me from his cock.

"I want more, daddy!"

"I'm going to give you all you can take right now, baby girl!"

Daddy puts my legs over his shoulders and drives his cock hard and deep with one thrust. My cunt is overflowing with juices, so he slides deep into me with no resistance. He begins fucking me with all his power. He slams hard each time into me and I grunt with each and every deep thrust. I see his eyes looking into mine searching for just a moment to see if I am in pleasure or pain. I reach with both hands to grab his sexy ass and pull him to me as hard as I can. He now knows I want what he is giving me. This is pleasure, not pain. His pounding cock can only bring me pleasure.

I get lost in the intense lust of the moment. I begin saying things I never dreamed I'd say to him.

"Fuck me you bastard! Fuck me with your big daddy cock! Fuck your baby girl!

"Oh shit, Melissa! Do I need to spank my daughter for being so nasty? Do I need to spank your cute little ass for fucking your daddy?

"Spank me, do anything daddy! Just keep fucking my little pussy please please pleaseeeeeee!"

"Damn you little one. You're going to get filled with my hot cum if you keep squeezing my cock with your fucking tight pussy like this!"

"Fill me with your sperm daddy! Fuck me hard you bastard and fill me with your cum!! Make me pregnant daddy!!!

"Oh fuck!! God damn you!!! Here it comes!!! Ohhhhhhh damnnnnnnnn fuckkkkkkkk!!!"

He drives his cock balls deep into me and an explosion occurs within both of us. His cock blasts a thick load of cum deep into my young pussy. My whole body explodes in its own intense orgasm. We hold each other tight while trembling from the intensity of our climax. We collapse into each other. His cock still buried in my cunt. My face buried in his chest as he holds my head.

After a few moments, daddy pulls my head back and kisses my forehead. I know I threw him into a sexual frenzy when I told him to make his own daughter pregnant. I know he is now scared of what he might have just done.

"I'm still on the pill daddy, don't worry."

He smiles and a brief sigh of relief escapes his body. He says nothing but holds me close as we fall into a deep sleep.

I wake up about mid-morning lying next to my daddy. He is on his back and it's obvious that even with all of the intense fucking we have done the past few days, his cock is still ready for more as he is sporting a huge morning erection. I can't resist it. I also can't think of a better way to wake up my handsome daddy. I carefully move away from the shoulder that my head was sleeping on to get down beside him with my head near this perfect cock. Looking at his face, I let my tongue slowly bathe his hard shaft. Licking it in small soft strokes to see how much it will take to wake him. I get such a thrill just from feeling this man's cock against my soft tongue. His cock is so hard. The veins on his shaft make it look so rigid and strong. But it feels so soft as I touch it so intimately.

Daddy squirms a little in his sleep as my mouth tongue continues to lick and tease him. I decide to grow bolder and take the head of his cock into my wet mouth. I swirl my tongue around his cock head before taking as much as I can into my mouth. I glance up to see his eyes wide open now. I let his cock slip from my mouth momentarily.

Stroking it lovingly with my hand I say, "Good morning, lover".

"Oh God Mel, you sure know how to wake a man up ... in more ways than one!"

"Well ... now that you're awake, lets see if there is anything left in my dear daddy," I say grinning.

Taking his cock back between my lips, I begin letting my mouth take as much of this hard cock as it can. I begin to slowly bob my head so that his cock is fucking my mouth, or is my mouth fucking him? It doesn't matter because his throbbing cock is right where we both want it, deep in his daughter's wet sucking mouth. My hand caresses his cum filled balls. They feel so huge in my small hand. My mind keeps remembering that this is where my life originated. My existence in this world is the result of these sexy balls producing the one sperm that made my mom pregnant.

In that moment, as I worshipped my daddy's gorgeous cock and balls, I begin to understand my true feelings for this man that is so important to me. This is the man that brought me into this world, the man who works hard to provide a home for me. This is man who sacrifices so that I can have the things I need and want, the man who will give up his own life in a blink of an eye to save mine.

This is not my true lover; this is my father. But we will be lovers for at least another day. I want him to know I will do anything to please him even though he asks for nothing. We will enjoy each other completely for another day and night before I return to just being his little girl again, much closer than we ever were before, but still his daughter.

My mouth slides down as far as I can go on this big cock. I can take most of it but not all. I curse myself for not being able to feel all of it in my mouth and throat. A fleeting daring thought causes me to smile wickedly to myself as I think, 'maybe another day.'

Daddy begins to hold my head and thrust upward, meeting my mouth as it descends.

"Mel honey, I'm about to cum baby!"

Looking into his eyes he can see that I'm not going to release his manhood from my mouth. I want to feel his cock explode and fill my mouth with his thick cum. Just as his movements and breathing become more urgent, I begin stroking the base of his cock and hold as much of his shaft in my mouth.

"Here it comes baby ... oh my God yes ... I'm cumming nowwwww ... ohhhhhhhh Goddddddddddd yesssssssssss fuckkkkkkkkkkk!"

His cock swells and I know he is so close. I let go of his shaft with my hand and wait for the explosion to occur. Suddenly I feel his cock jerk; my mouth is instantly filled with thick sperm. I begin trying to swallow, but I can't keep pace with the flow of his cum erupting continuously into my mouth. I pull my mouth back until just the head is inside and let him finish squirting his cum into his baby girl's mouth.

His cum is sliding down my chin and dripping onto his balls, I can't swallow fast enough. As he begins to relax from his tremendous orgasm, I slowly and carefully clean the remaining cum from his shaft. I know it's sensitive now so my licks are very soft and dainty. I hold his cock so that the base is against my chin and begin to wipe his cock all over my cheeks and forehead. He just moans as he watches me perform such a slutty act with his cock.

I move up his body to get close to his face. I know I have his cum still on my lips. I feel so nasty at this moment that I lean to kiss him deeply. Surprisingly he doesn't resist and returns the kiss just as deeply. I find it so erotic that he will taste his own cum from my lips and mouth.

"Lets go take a shower and get something to eat, baby."

"Only if we can take one together daddy," giving him a devilish smile.

"Girl, you are insatiable! It may be awhile before I can be of any use to you," he says with a smile.

"I just want us to wash each other daddy. I just want to feel you touch me all over. Then I want to touch you the same way. I just want us to share as much time together as we can."

"I'm all yours today and tonight, little one."

We walk to my parent's adjoining bathroom and step into the shower together. We take our time washing each other carefully. No wash clothes for this bath, only our hands will do. I feel his hands touching every inch of my body so gently. It feels like he is worshipping my body just as I had his earlier. His fingers linger over the more intimate parts of my body. I feel his fingers work their way inside my pussy gently. Then his fingers brush over my tight little asshole before slowly inserting one finger. I turn to look at him with a little fear in my eyes. I've never had anything in my tight ass other than one of my own small fingers inside.

He smiles reassuringly and says, "I won't hurt you ... I can see you're very tight."

He then playfully gives my ass a quick spank.

"Ohhhh daddy, are you going to spank me now for being such a naughty little girl?" I say in a sexy tone.

"Maybe later baby girl, depends on just how bad you are today," he says with his own wicked smile.

I then proceed to wash his strong sexy body. I take my time feeling every inch of this man. I pray that one day my own husband will look this fucking hot! After washing his front very lovingly, I have him turn to finish this very pleasant task.

My hands quickly wash his back and his legs. It is not that I don't want to spend more time with them. What I want is to spend as much time holding and caressing this sexy tight ass that is right in front of me. My fingers take their time washing and loving each cheek. I then slide my fingers between the cheeks. A finger touches his tight asshole. With a devilish smile, I begin to slowly work that finger into his ass. He turns to look at me the same way I had looked at him before.

"Don't worry daddy, I won't hurt you. I can see you are very tight too," I say with a big humorous smile.

He just rolls his eyes while smiling and shaking his head. I then slap his tight ass cheeks a few times.

"So have I been so bad that I deserve a spanking?"

"Not yet! But you will always be my 'bad' daddy," I say very softly as I wrap my arms around this man I adore.

We quickly get out of the shower as the water is beginning to turn cold. We take some time drying each other and taking opportunities to steal a quick intimate feel of each other. Walking downstairs together, we go to the kitchen to fix a breakfast together. Daddy reaches for a bowl and then a box of cereal.

"Stop right there, mister. I am going to fix you a REAL breakfast. You're gonna need a lot of energy today buster."

He just rolls his eyes and smiles at me. I tell him to put something on and go get his newspaper from the box at the end of the drive. After he returns, he holds the newspaper in front of him, but I can see that he is just watching me while I cook with just an apron on. My sexy little ass is exposed for his viewing pleasure and I don't hesitate to show it off for him.

We eat what turns out to be breakfast and lunch at once. There are a few chores we need to do and then we will have the rest of the day to play together. I wash all of the breakfast dishes. Then, I gather up the little bit of laundry that needs done. I instinctively remind myself that the bed linen we've been so intimate on needs to be changed and washed tomorrow morning. My daddy vacuums the downstairs while I gather up the trash to take outside.

We then decide to spend some time out by the pool working on our tans and swimming. Daddy takes his time putting tanning oil all over my body. His touches always seem like the first time. My body reacts with lust each time he touches me now. I return the favor after he finishes with me. I take my time just as he did with my body. I especially take my time oiling down his cock, which grows hard in my hands. But I know he needs a break from sex right now as he has already used this magnificent cock quite often in the past two days.

We both drift to sleep off and on as we lounge around in the sun for a few hours. I then get up and decide to jump into the pool to cool off. Little did I realize just how much hotter things would become for me. I jump in so that the splash of the water gets my daddy wet.

"I think you did that on purpose, little girl!"

"Who? Me?" I say smiling very innocently.

"Yes. You! Now bring yourself over here this instant, Melissa."

Daddy jumps in the pool and waits for me to swim back over to him. He grabs my arm and walks me to the shallow end of the pool.

"I think you deserve to be punished for being so bad."

I can easily see his throbbing hard cock sticking out at me as we reach the end of the pool. He tells me to bend over and place my hands and arms on the side of the pool so that my tight little ass is exposed. Standing beside me, he rubs over one of my ass cheeks. I look back at him while biting my lower lip.

He looks down at me and says, "You deserve this little one. You deserve a good spanking for being such a bad girl."

He then swats my ass cheek easily.

"Ouch daddy!" I say unconvincingly while smiling.

He spanks the same ass cheek somewhat harder now.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

"Ohhh God daddy ... that hurts!"

He looks closely at my face to see if he has gone too far with this. I let him know with my eyes that I don't want him to stop. I want more!

"If you think that hurts ... "

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! ...

Daddy alternates spanking each of my ass cheeks. I am somewhat shocked that he is doing this to me but find it incredibly erotic as well. His spanking is rather firm and hard but nothing close to actually hurting me or causing bruises. After spanking on one cheek, he then rubs it gently before moving to the other.

After a number of minutes, daddy stops the spanking and moves behind me. I can feel his hands on my sides. I then feel the head of is big cock pressing against my very wet opening.

As he pushes deeply into my cunt, he says, "Since you took your spanking so well, I think you deserve a little reward."

I turn my head to look back at him with intense lust in my eyes.

"Fuck me daddy. Fuck my naughty little pussy. Oh goddddd fuckkkkk meeeeeee DADDYYYYYYYYY!"

I almost pass out from the intense orgasm that comes over me. The erotic spanking and now this incredible feeling of my daddy's big cock just overwhelm me completely. He begins thrusting into me with long and hard strokes. I can hear the water of the pool splashing, as his body slams hard into my well-spanked ass. His balls are now spanking my clit that is so hard and sensitive. Daddy drives his cock harder and harder, faster and faster.

Suddenly daddy stops and moves to the edge of the pool to sit down. His cock is shining with my pussy juices. He lifts me facing him and situates me so that my pussy is lined up with his shaft. He lowers me and then pushes my body down so that I'm completely impaled on his erection. We begin to kiss passionately as he assists me in rising and falling onto his cock. It feels bigger than ever inside me as our tongues dance together. I have no idea how many times I have cum riding this man's cock. We fuck like the world is about to end. He then wraps his arms around me and pulls me tightly too him. My nipples are pressing hard into his chest.

"Damnnnnnnnnn Melissa ... I'm going to fucking cummmmmmmmmm. Ohhhhh fuck baby girl ... gonna fill your fucking tight pussy with my cum right nowwwwwwwwww!"

He reaches from behind to grab the top of my shoulders with each hand and pulls me down hard onto his cock. Almost immediately, I can feel his huge shaft jerk inside of me as he blasts my womb with his hot sperm. I can feel his cock spasm so deep inside me. He buries his face in my neck as his orgasm completely engulfs him.

I kiss his head lovingly. I know he is completely spent. He has given all he can and I just want to hold him now. We stay like this for a few minutes before getting up to grab our towels. He spreads the towels onto the ground so that we can lie together in the sun. We cuddle and just hold each other for a short time as we relax in our contentment.
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