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She stood with her back to him about five feet away. She was completely naked apart from wearing a pair of black 4” high stiletto healed shoes, which made her already shapely long legs look even firmer and more sexy than they normally were. Wearing those stiletto heals also made her already perfect ass look even tighter and firmer. He had always admired her ass but now, like this, it was irresistible. She was a natural blue-eyed blond with hair that came down to the small of her back. Her 5’8” body was just perfect, tight and lean from all the exercises she did. No excess fat could be found anywhere on her gorgeous body. Her small waist only served to highlight her fantastic ass and her perfectly formed firm 36C breasts. If all that wasn’t enough to gain boys attention her face was just beautiful. Her large puppy dog blue eyes made boys weak at the knees just looking at them, whilst her small perfectly pouting mouth was always in a smile that showed off her perfect white teeth. Her long blond hair just finished off what was every boy’s dream of the perfect girl. All the boy’s in the neighbourhood thought she was a real hottie and wanted to go out with her. At 19 she was also older than most of the boy’s in her neighbourhood and this just added to their fantasies about losing their virginities to an older girl.

She began to slowly lean forward bending her supple body at the waist, as she did so she slowly moved her feet apart and grabbed both of her ankles with her hands and continued bending until she was bent over double. She looked back at him and smiled at his reaction to what she had just done. The boy who was with her couldn’t believe what he was seeing and had a huge grin over his face and his eyes were wide open taking everything in. He thought he was in some kind of a dream and this wasn’t really happening to him, but her next words shook him out of his dream state and back to reality.

“OK” she said, wiggling her ass at him, “time to choose which hole you want to use this time”

With an even bigger smile appearing over his face, he looked at her small perfect rear and at her two holes which were now on total open view to him less than five feet away. He slowly walked towards her, as he did so his dick was bobbing in front of him, now up to its full hardness again. As he neared her she took in his body. He was completely naked just like her. He was 6’2”. His body was slim and muscular from regular swims and gym workouts. His thighs were thick and strong and he had a well muscled-defined smooth chest and a six pack that would make any guy jealous. Both his chest and stomach were covered in a thin film of sweat. His face was a clean-shaven, tanned, green eyes, strong jaw and his brown hair was cut short and was spiked on top. His dick was also the biggest and thickest she had ever seen. He was a true Adonis and he was all hers! He was also younger than her. Today was his 18 birthday. She had promised him a birthday he would remember for the rest of his life. For the 24 hours of his birthday she had promised him that her body was his to do with as he pleased. She would allow him to do anything he wanted to do to her body, as often as he wanted to do it, during the 24 hours of his birthday! She had promised him she would be his own personal sex slave for 24 hours! He still couldn’t believe it was really happening to him and he kept thinking it was some kind of dream and he would wake up at any moment.

Her heart leaped as he neared her and she sighed as he put out his hands and grabbed her ass. He gently kneaded her ass with his fingers, moving all over her ass flesh and then down to the crack of her ass. He placed his hands on each side of her asscheeks and gently began to pull them apart. As he pulled her ass cheeks wide apart he could see both her asshole and shaven cunt were still wide open and glistening with juices from their recent fucks that day. He lowered his head until it was level with her ass. He pushed his tongue out and began to lick around her anal opening. His tongue flicked back and forth across her rosebud a few times and then he gently inserted his tongue into her ass. She moaned as she felt his tongue go into her ass and instinctively pushed her ass back towards him to heighten the pleasure she was feeling. After several minutes of tonguing her ass he withdrew his tongue, kissed her rosebud a few times then stood back up, letting go of her ass as he did so. His dick felt bigger now than it had ever been.

He grabbed his dick, wanked it back and forth a few times to make sure it was as hard as it could go (even though he knew it couldn’t get any harder or bigger than it was now). He pushed his dick down so it was against her asscheeks and started to stroke it up and down the crack of her ass, up from her pussy to her rosebud and back down again. He repeated this several times, teasing her. As he did this, his dick became slick from the juices coming out of her cunt. He carried on like this until she moaned at him to stop teasing her and, “put it into one of my holes - whichever one you want”.

He knew exactly which hole he was going for. He pulled her asscheeks apart again with his one hand while his other hand guided the head of his dick against her rosebud. As the head of his dick touched her rosebud she gave out a contented sigh. He slowly pushed forward. The head of his dick opened up her asshole easily and he gently pushed it inside. He stopped pushing and just stood there with just the head of his dick in her asshole savouring the feelings of her bowel muscles gently squeezing his dickhead. It was an awesome feeling.

“Oooooh” She said, as her ass felt, once again, his dick in it, “So you really like anal?”

“Yeah” he replied, a smile crossing his lips, ”Ever since you let me take your anal virginity earlier today – I think I have got a little hooked on it!”

“You don’t say” She said in a mocking tone and then laughed out loud.

“ I will let you in on a little secret shall I” she said, “ I love anal as well!”

“Just as well” He replied, “ Cause I think we will be doing a lot more of it from now on, now that you have tried it and love it so much”.

“Oooohhh yes please” she replied, squeezing her ass muscles around his dickhead, “Whenever you like. As much as you like. I can’t get enough of it. You can put your dick in my ass anytime you like. I love to feel your big dick in my ass and the feeling as you cum and shoot all your hot spunk into my ass filling it to the brim with spunk”

It really turned him on to hear her talk dirty like this. He thought to himself that anyone looking at her in the real world outside, she looked so beautiful, acted all sweet and innocent, like any well brought up girl would do, but here she was, in his bedroom, naked, bent double, begging him to stick his big thick dick in her ass anytime he wanted to and to fill her ass up with his spunk! It was like all his boyhood wet dream fantasies coming true and he was going to make the most of it!

He started to push forward again and more of his dick disappeared into her ass, as he did so he let go of her asscheeks and his cock, and moved his hands around her waist so that his hands rested on the top of her thighs. He slowly pulled her back towards him pulling her onto his dick. At the same time as he was pushing forward impaling her on his dick she began to push herself back onto him as well, savouring all of the sensations which were flowing through her body. She was continually moaning as his dick slowly disappeared inch by inch into her ass. She stopped pushing back on him when she finally felt his pubic hairs and his balls touch her ass cheeks. She had once again taken his entire 11-inch thick dick into her ass. That was now the third time she had done that since losing her anal virginity around three hours ago! She let out a contented sigh and told him, “That feels wonderful. Don’t ever take it out. Leave it in forever - it feels sooo goood” She really did like anal sex!

He rested for a while, leaving his dick fully embedded in her ass, letting the feelings going through his dick wash over him. He then gently began to withdraw his dick in one long motion out of her ass until only his dickhead was left inside.

“NNNNNOOOO” She screamed out, as she felt her bowels becoming empty, “ Don’t pull out PPPLLLLEEEAASSSEEEEE” she pleaded with him in an urgent voice “ I need it in me SOOOO BAD, it feels soooo good in there”

“Don’t worry” He replied in a calming voice trying to reassure her “ you’ll have it back in soon”. He just stood there silently without moving an inch for a few seconds with just the dickhead of his dick inside her, revelling in the power he now had over her, knowing that she couldn’t now, at that moment, live without his dick in her ass. He was going to tease here a bit longer but his own urges proved too strong for him and he lunged forward and pushed his entire dick into her ass in one long hard thrust.

“Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh” she cried out as his dick pounded back into her ass.

“Feel good?” He teased when his dick was fully back in her ass.

“You bet it does” She replied “ Now stop playing around you bastard and fuck me. And fuck me hard. I want that big dick in me forever”

His dick twitched at her dirty talk – he really got off on her sounding and acting like a slut wanting to be fucked, and fucked hard. And she wanted him to be the one who fucked her.

“Your wish is my command, my anal loving bitch” he replied, really still not believing he was the lucky boy who was about to fuck this beautiful girl who was now bent double in front of him, his dick fully in her ass, and she was begging him to fuck her senseless! None of his friends would ever believe him would they?

With that thought going through his mind he started to see saw his dick in and out of her ass, pushing in balls deep then withdrawing until only the dickhead was inside, increasing his speed until he was jack hammering into her ass with ever more forceful thrusts. She was loving every second of it. As she got more and more turned on by her anal fuck, her dirty talk got more and more disgusting and louder.

“ Fuck me harder, fuck me faster, fuck me harder you bastard” she kept on screaming at him as he powered his big thick cock in and out of her. “ I want you to fill my ass with your spunk – fill my ass to the brim with your spunk”. Her dirty talk was really getting him going. The dirtier she spoke the harder he would pound into her ass.

He moved his hands down from her thighs and to her cunt. As he reached her swollen cunt lips she cried out, “Yyyeeessss – put your fingers in my cunt you bastard – I want to feel all your fingers in my cunt”. He opened up her cunt lips with his fingers and then placed first one, then two fingers slowly into her cunt until they were up to the knuckle. He started to move them in and out and side to side swirling them around her hot and wet juicy cunt. “ Oooohhh yyyeessss” she cried, “that feels so gooood. I feel sooo fffuuulll………… with your big dick in my ass and your fingers in my cunt…………… Ppplleeeaasseee don’t stop………….. Put more fingers in my cunt………… pppplllleeeeaaasssee”. He complied with her wishes and put a third and then fourth finger into her cunt to join the others already there. As he moved them around her cunt her moans and groans of delight became more and more pronounced and he knew she wouldn’t last much longer before she came. Knowing this spurred him on even more.

Sweat glistened all over his youthful tight muscular body as he fucked her for all he was worth. He kept on slamming his 11 inch dick into her ass faster and faster so that eventually it became a blur as it pistoned in and out her ass. His four fingers in her cunt became a blur as they brought her closer and closer to a climax. After several more minutes of wild ass fucking, and relentless finger fucking he could tell she was very close to coming as she began to moan harder and longer and her head and body began to sway from side to side. He continued to relentlessly pound into her ass anyway.

“Come in my ass you bastard,” she cried out as she got closer and closer to an orgasm brought on by the relentless huge thick dick pounding in and out of her ass.

“Are you sure, my anal bitch?” He asked as he became aware that his own orgasm was quickly approaching as well.

“Yes I’m fucking well sure you bastard” she screamed at him as her orgasm was on the verge of starting. Just then he moved his fingers in her cunt so that they surrounded her clit and he massaged it with all four fingers. That finally took her over the edge. Her climax finally hit her hard and fast. She started to buck uncontrollably under him.


Her body went rigid and her bowel muscles clamped down hard around his fully impaled dick as she came, and that caused him to go over the edge as well.

“IIIMMM CCCOOOMMMMMIIINNNGG” he shouted out as the first huge jet of spunk fired out of his cock and jetted into her bowels. Many more huge powerful spurts of spunk jetted out of his dick into her bowels as he collapsed over her back from the force of his cumming. His dick continued to fire jet after jet of spunk into her ass until her ass was so full of his spunk that it started to leak out of the side of her asshole and drip down towards her cunt. Eventually her entire cunt and his balls were covered in a thick layer of a mixture of his spunk from her ass, and the cum that was pouring from her cunt. There was so much cum coming from both of them that some dripped off them both and fell onto the floor. After several minutes of cumming hard together they couldn’t cum any more and their orgasms eventually started to die down and then stopped.

Slowly they both started to recover from their huge comes. He removed his now soaking wet fingers from her cunt and raised himself off her back and straightened up. Beads of sweat were covering his chest and stomach. He slowly began to catch his breath. He brought his fingers up to his mouth and licked off her come juices from them savouring the taste. As he did so he looked down at her body still bent double below him. He looked at where his dick entered into her ass and saw the mixture of his spunk and her cunt juices that were now matted in his pubic hair. He deliberately left his dick buried to the hilt in her ass. After a while she looked up at him, smiled, and slowly began to raise herself up from her bending position. As she raised herself up he could see that her lithe tight body was coated in a layer of sweat and her blonde hair was stuck to her face by the sweat she had produced during their fuck. As she straightened up fully her back touched his chest and she bent her head to look up at him. As her blue eyes stared into his she brought her mouth to his and kissed him on the lips. Her tongue quickly found its way into his mouth where she French kissed him deeply for a few minutes. As she did, she could taste her own cunt juices that he had just sucked from his fingers. She removed her mouth from his, smiled broadly and said to him in an excited voice, “That was awesome – the best fuck I have ever had”

“ You mean that?” he said smiling back at her and looking directly into her eyes

“ Yes” she replied, “That was the best fuck I have ever had and also the strongest and longest come I have ever had”

“Me too” he replied, “ I didn’t think I would stop cumming. I have never come that much before”

“ I could tell that” She said, a wicked glint in her eyes, “by how much spunk you produced – I have never felt a dick spurt that much spunk before. I have never felt so full of spunk as I do now – and the feeling is just wonderful. I just hope we both get to come like that again soon!”

“ Me too” he replied bending down to kiss her mouth, “and soon”

As his mouth reached hers he pushed his body forward so that their bodies were tight together. She felt his dick in her ass give a twitch. She pulled her mouth from his and said, in a playful mocking tone,

“You really can’t get enough of my ass can you?”

“No” he replied “It drives me insane every time I look at it. It is so beautiful who can blame me for not wanting to fuck it at every chance that I get. And I intend to do just that as often as I can!” With that she felt his dick twitch again in her ass.

“ You are a really naughty boy. You know that don’t you – wanting to fuck me in the ass every chance you get?”

“And you are such a slut for letting me” he replied, laughing. He then replaced his mouth over hers so she could not argue any longer. His hands found their way around to her front and he gently began to caress her breasts with slow strokes as he kissed her mouth passionately.

After deep kissing for a few more minutes she reluctantly removed her mouth from his and said, “It’s time we got cleaned up and decent before we get caught. We would never live this down if anyone caught us like this! And anyway you are supposed to be meeting your friends soon so as you can go out and celebrate your birthday”

Reluctantly – very reluctantly – he released his grip on her breasts and then slowly began to pull away from her. Very slowly he began to withdraw his dick from her ass where it was still embedded to the hilt. Slowly he started to withdraw his spunk and come covered dick from her ass. As he did so, she looked down to where his dick was leaving her ass and said to him, “Slowly – do it slowly – I want to feel every inch of it as you pull it out of my arse. I don’t want to miss out on anything” He complied with her request, getting turned on at the thought of her getting a thrill out of looking at his big 11 inch spunk and come covered dick as he slowly pulled it out of her ass. The same dick he had just thoroughly fucked her ass with.

He eventually pulled his dick completely out of her ass and stood back away from her. His dick was an awesome sight, still relatively hard but now completely covered in his own spunk and her come juices. He looked at her; her eyes were focused on his dick taking in all the details. He looked at her now empty ass, spunk and come juice dribbled from her now wide-open asshole and down to her cunt where it then dripped onto the floor. She turned towards him and then lowered herself down onto her knees so that she was on the floor facing him about two feet away from him. Her head was level with his crotch. She moved forward bringing her hands up to grasp his dick. He gasped as her fingers encircled his dick.

“Wow, your dick looks really good like that” she said “ covered in your spunk and my come juice” then she added with a smile “Yeah really good…………. Almost good enough to eat” and with that she looked up at him, smiled again, and started to move her head forwards towards his crotch area and his dick. As she neared his dick she opened her mouth wide and was just about to engulf the big cockhead of his dick when he put his hand onto her head, stopping her from moving any closer to his dick and said in a shocked tone,

“What are you doing? Are you sure about that?”

“What?” she replied a little surprised, and bewildered, at being stopped just as she was to engulf his dickhead with her mouth.

“About putting my dick in your mouth…………… and sucking all the spunk and come juice off it?” he replied.

“Yeah, of course I am, why?” she asked still unsure what was happening.

“Well it’s just……” he trailed off before he could end his sentence

“What?” she said getting a little agitated.

She wanted to suck his long, thick, slimy dick badly and couldn’t work out what the problem was that was stopping her from doing it. As she waited for an answer she started to slowly wank his dick with her hands, feeling all the spunk and cunt juice covering his dick in a shiny, sticky sheath. It just turned her on even more. Her unexpected wanking action caused him to gasp once more.

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