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Authors note: Due to the fine feedback I received I decided to create a sequel to this story. Thanks for the encouragement.

Elliot was dazed. When Amber invited him to an orgy he had know idea that his daughter would be there and then wind up fucking her. Cheri, who was straddling him, stood up with his cum dripping down from her leg. All the kids around them were laughing. He stood up and fixed an eye on Amber then at Cheri. He grabbed Cheri's hand and pushed her into the next room. There was another young couple but Elliot barked at them and they scampered out.

"Cheri what are you doing here?"

"Dad... what are YOU doing here? What about mom?"

Elliot turned his head looked around and threw a blanket to his naked daughter, covering himself with a pillow. It was hard to yell at his daughter who was 20 for having sex, when he was cheating on her mother with her best friend.

"Honey... I... err.. Amber called me... I didn't know you would be here. "

Cheri had already figured out that Amber got her father over here. She didn't really care how. She had pulled one on her, tricking her into fucking her brother... now Amber had gotten even. She was enjoying the fucking and when she saw her fathers face, she was shocked. Now seeing her dad's discomfort she was feeling... amused.

"Cheri, I have been having an affair with Amber for a while now. I know, I know... I still love your mother... but... I guess I am going through some mid-life crisis. Amber's so young and... well, I'm sorry hon... I know what you must think"

Cheri was concentrating on her father's words. He and Amber? Amber was fucking her father regularly? Amber was so sought after by every guy on campus, why would she want her father. Cheri remembered his cock. He does have something.

"Cheri... do you hate me? I mean with everything? Cheri?"

She snapped out of her thoughts and stared at her father. She walked closer to him.

"Dad... it's okay. Its just sex. Sex, we use it to let off steam from class work and stress, it means nothing. Dad... it's okay. "

Elliot felt a wave of relief over come him. He smiled and went to hug her but stopped, realizing there was a pillow between them. Cheri saw his discomfort and pulled the pillow away and stood on her tippy toes to hug him around his neck. Cheri laid her head on his broad shoulders and felt safe and warm. Elliot patted her on the back, feeling her leg against the blanket and his groin.

His cock started to stir as he gently pulled away from his daughter and looked down at her face. "Well honey... what do we do now?"

Cheri looked up at her father and touched his chest. "Well how about a blow job?"

"Whaaa? Cheri... no... we.. "

Cheri put her finger to his lips to silence him and at the same time dropped her blanket.

"Dad, we already fucked, what's the difference? I want to please you daddy. " Cheri then slowly dropped to her knees cupping his balls gently in her hands.

"But Cheri... that was by mistake... we must nnnnn oh... "

Cheri licked his salty shaft, flicking her tounge at the hole in the tip of his cock. She then opened her full lips and slowly breathed out as she took his cock into her mouth, deep deep into her mouth. She then slowly with her lips tightening around his shaft pulled it out of her mouth, as the tip of his cock reached her lips, she sucked hard making a popping sound as it left. She then knew she had him.

Elliot watched as his little girl moved her lips around his cock. This was the same little girl who he gave milk and cookies to when she came home from school, who he held when it was lightning outside, the same little girl who he taught how to ride a two wheeler. He remembered her pigtails and plaid school skirt and he wanted her, perhaps he realized the reason why he had sex with Amber was that he subconsciously wanted his daughter all along.

Cheri moved and sucked his cock faster. She knew her father was enjoying it as he was stroking her hair as she was sucking him and now he was pulling her head into his cock, fucking her face. "Cheri my sweet baby... oh Cheri".

Meanwhile back at the party...

Amber, her brother and Maxine watched Elliot pull Cheri into the den and watched the door. Paul leaned to Amber and asked, "What do you think they are doing?" Amber turned to Paul and smiled "probably having the same discussion we had"

"You mean...?" Paul grinned and Amber winked back. Maxine looped her arm around Paul's and said "Well there isn't any yelling or things breaking... it's probably cool... but I'm hot" Paul turned to Maxine and grabbed her tits whispering to her "your always hot" Paul then lifted her in his arms. Maxine turned to Amber "hey girl, your not mad at me are you... I mean you didn't invite my dad, mom or little sister over for me to fuck. " All three of them laughed.

"Well Max, considering your sister is only 7 and your dad is a preacher, I guess I'll just have to settle for my brother fucking you in the ass" Maxine squealed with delight "oh goody... I mean... that's bad but I need to be punished. Punish me Paul... fuck my ass".

Paul laid her down and rolled her over on all fours while she was yelling "oh punish me, I am a bad girl". Amber kneeled down and examined her ass. "She needs some lube, let me" and she started licking her hole. Paul watched his sister giving her a rim job and started stroking his dick hard. Amber then looked over to his cock and took it in his mouth licking up. She then took it and put it into Maxine's asshole. Her brother started fucking ass and Maxine groaned in pleasure. Amber put her hands on his balls and helped push his cock along. She was getting horny and she glanced over at the closed door to the den. She decided her brother could finish Maxine without her help and she put her ear to the door and slowly opened it up and went inside.

Amber was watching Cheri getting face fucked by her father. Cheri saw her in the corner of her eye and Amber lie down and spread her legs for Cheri. Cheri bent over to eat her cunt but turned to her father and said "fuck me daddy, fuck me as I eat out your girlfriend"

Elliot looked at the two young coeds as he grabbed his daughter's ass cheeks and pushed his cock into her pussy. "yesss daddy fuck me, fuck me good" Amber looked up as Elliot continued to fuck his daughter. "Yes daddy fuck us both," said Amber as she giggled. It was about then when Amber thought about her own father. Seeing Elliot and Cheri enjoying each other started her thinking that maybe the reason she was fucking Elliot was that she really used him as a substitute for her own father. Her father was much like an older version of Paul and she had already fucked him. Cheri munched on her clit and was making her cum. Yes, it would be nice to fuck her own father.

Two days later Amber's father went to the Sorority. Amber had called him and asked him to come and spend some time together. Lester Wavsagrain thought that his daughter was lonely or in some sort of trouble and drove over with a shoulder for her to cry on and his checkbook. Cheri and Maxine greeted him at the door.

"Hi Mr. Wavsagrain Amber sent us to greet you, she got tied up at her Psych class and asked us to entertain you for a little while. " The two girls took him by the arms and brought him to the hot tub room.

Lester was surprised to find him in a room with a hot tub and several candles. He wondered what kind of sorority this was. "Things sure have changed since I went to college".

"Oh Mr. Wavsagrain, we use this room to unwind. " Said Cheri

"Yeah, there is a lot of pressure on us to do well. " Chimed in Maxine. The two girls then lifted off the sundresses they were wearing and revealed the skimpy thong bikini's they were wearing underneath.

"You can join us if you like, the changing room is right over there. "

"Well, Cheri that's nice of you but I don't have a bathing suit"

"If you feel that's necessary," giggled Maxine "you will find some men's suits in there as well... just for this type of situation"

It took some coaxing and reminding that Amber won't be back for at least an hour or two before Lester gave in. He was tried to keep himself from getting aroused by the sight of these two lovely ladies in suits that barely covered them. After all he had known Cheri since she and Amber were in the girl scouts together and Maxine from all those cheerleader practices he drove them to. He came out of the changing room wearing a brief bathing suit. The others were way too small, tight and revealing. It was a good thing he didn't have a hard on now, since his penis would stick out from the top of this suit. He wrapped himself in a towel and walked out. The girls were already in the tub and as he stepped into the tub he pulled away the towel. Both girls whistled and giggled as he ducked into the water.

"Now doesn't this feel nice Lester?"

He noticed that Cheri called him by his first name but nodded his agreement. Maxine passed him a glass of cold liquid. "What's this?" he asked.

"Just a traditional sorority drink" said Maxine as both girls moved to either side of him. A few drinks later Lester forgot all about the time. He realized the drink contained booze and was feeling quite high. Maxine rose out of the water and stretched shoving her large breasts out toward Lester. Cheri moved her hands along Maxine's sides and caressing underneath her breasts. This was not unnoticed to Lester and his cock began to stir. The two girls moved slowly caressing each other's arms, breasts, tummy and ass. They then stuck out each other's tongue and touched them leading into a full kiss. They then turned their attention to Lester, moving their fingernails along his chest and thighs. Cheri leaned into him and kissed him passionately as Maxine took off her bikini then switched places with Cheri. Cheri removed her suit and stroked his cock under the suit.

Lester's head swirled. In all his fantasies, he had never imagined him with two beautiful young coeds. As he French kissed Maxine he felt Cheri pull on his suit. He lifted his ass off the bench in the hot tub to assist her removing it. Lester was squeezing Maxine's nipples with one hand while fingering her pussy with another. Cheri ducked under the water to suck on his cock. While they switched off on his cock each going up for air, Amber walked in.

Everything was going according to plan. She stripped out of her clothes and went to the opposite end of the tub. Lester's eyes widened when he saw her get in. "Relax daddy, I just want to sit back... I feel so tense. Cheri and Maxine know how to relax".

Lester tried to say something but each time he started to one of the girls would suck his cock harder, put a finger in his ass or stick their tongue down his throat. Cheri then went over to Amber and started kissing her. They fondled each other and Cheri started licking Amber's twat. Lester grabbed Maxine; he was getting horny and was ready to fuck. Maxine bent over to nibble on Amber's breasts as Lester placed his cock in Maxine's pussy. He was into only a couple of strokes when Maxine pulled away and switched places with Cheri. Lester was at first annoyed when his cock hit the cool air, but soon it was replaced with Cheri's cunt. Lester was so into fucking her he didn't notice Maxine leaving the hot tub. Cheri then pulled away and leaned against the back of the tub, Amber then took Cheri's position, bent over in front of her dad. Lester saw the change and stopped.

Lester wondered if his daughter really wanted him to fuck her? Cheri looked at Lester, "go ahead fuck her, put it in her hot pussy, she wants it"

"Yes daddy fuck me... please... I need a big cock like yours" Lester was high and horny beyond reason. With is left hand on his daughter's ass and his right gripping the shaft of his penis, she placed the tip into his daughter's cunt. "Yes daddy, do it... do it". Lester thrust his cock into her pussy and started fucking her.

"yes baby daddies fucking you, he's fucking you"

Cheri slipped out of the hot tub and before leaving with Maxine glanced back at Amber and her father fucking. It reminded her that she was going home this weekend to spend more time with her dad.

Amber felt orgasm after orgasm flowing out of her body knowing that her father was fucking her. Her father was fucking her in a steady rhythm, he was about to cum as he pulled her ass into his cock and came deep into his daughter's pussy. They rested in each other's arms before Amber straddled his cock and fucked him again.

When Lester drove back home he told his wife that Amber was just a little frustrated with her school work and that he would make weekly trips to the campus to help her out.

Amber thanked her friends for helping her out and lay back in her bed wondering what it would be like to have her father and Paul together. She smiled to herself looking at the university pennant hanging on the wall over her desk "Home of the Fighting Cocks". Now she had her own home of cocks.

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