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I left Carolyn's with the sound of her and my mum' laughter ringing in my ears. Thankfully the tension between them had gone now and they hadn't, as I had feared at one point, fought each other. My mum may have calmed down, but I was still in a state of anxiety. I knew I was going to have to face her at home over being caught with my cock in Carolyn's mouth and, to be honest, I had no idea what to say to her. How can you explain this sort of thing?

When I arrived home I went straight to my room, even though it was only about 9pm, lay on the bed and tried to think what I was going to do. About 20 minutes later I heard my mum arrive home, fucking hell I thought, I still hadn't sorted what to say. What could I say - "I caught your friend wanking, and offered to fuck her" that was the truth of it, but I felt that I needed to dress it up somehow.

There was a knock at the door. "who is it?" I said, knowing full well. My mum didn't answer, she just came in, her face gave nothing away. Embarrassed, I looked away from her, unable to think straight, let alone speak. An aeon passed then "well?" she said, in a controlled manner. Oh god, this was worse than her yelling at me. I was completely on the defensive. Older and wiser now I would have tried to stall, tried to make her speak again so I could find out what her real beefs were - jealousy, son shagging friend, her being found out? some of these, all of them? When in trouble with women, you really need to try and establish exactly what it is they are annoyed about, without appearing not know in the first place because then, not only are you in the wrong, you are insensitive and if you loved them you'd know! In reality there is usually a whole host things you could be 'guilty' of and rushing in apologising for things she wasn't cross about before, but damn well is now, digs you in deeper. I know, I have dug many times. As it was, young, naive and earnest I simply floundered. "em ... er I just... er, took the bag of clothes, like you asked me.... emm came in ..........and ...". My face was burning, christ, what the fuck could I say? In the end I simply said, "I'm sorry if I upset you, I didn't set out....."

"Colin," she said softly "I'm not your wife, or girlfriend, I don't expect you to be faithful to me". She sighed "I always knew you would want and need other women, girls" she paused then, putting her hand on mine, I didn't know what was coming, but I was mightily relieved that she wasn't cross with me. "I knew it would happen" she went on "but I didn't think you would choose a woman ten years older than me"

"mum, I didn't choose her" I said "I went around with those clothes, and .... well, she was there, and er......" despite being off the hook, I still couldn't say the right words, I couldn't be matter of fact about it. "I know exactly what happened, Colin. Carolyn told me".

"and you're not angry?" I asked.

"Angry? No, I am not angry, I was a little shocked before. Now ..... now I'm sad". I could see her eyes were moist. I was holding her hand, but could only say "mum....". We sat on the bed in silence for a while, then she said softly "do you still want me, sexually?"

"yes of course I do" I replied immediately

"that's such a relief" she said quietly " I know you have to move on, and I will want you to move on, but not yet Colin, not yet."

"if we were alone in the house" I said "I would prove that I want you"

My mum didn't reply, she got up, took hold of my chair and pushed it up against the bedroom door. She turned towards me with a dirty grin on her face, hitched up her dress, and took off her knickers. "We'll just have to be quiet, won't we?"

She got on the bed and lay back, rucked her dress up and parted her legs "come on" she whispered, smiling at me, her eyes twinkling. I looked at my mum's fanny, soft pink inner lips clearly visible between the hairy outer ones, there is heaven I thought, and I was so pleased I hadn't ruined everything, that I was going to be able to shag her again. I lay beside her and put my hand between her legs, massaging her fanny. "mmm, colin" she said softly, "that's lovely". I started to press my fingers between my mum's fanny lips as I rubbed, feeling her wetness and, using her juice a lubricant, I began lightly stroking her clitoris. "Ohhhh" , she moaned gently, "mmmhhh.... ooh, colin I love sex with you".

After a little while I changed position and began kissing her fanny. I licked her from arsehole to clit, letting my tongue gently probe all of my mum's holes. To my delight she really responded when I licked her anus, letting out little squeaks of pleasure and I thought next time, mum, next time I'm going to shag you in the arse, I am going to come in it. For now though, I concentrated on her clitty, licking and sucking at it, gradually increasing the pace and pressure. I could hear and feel her breathing becoming more pronounced and less regular as her climax approached. I was really turned on, I love it when she comes, I do love giving her pleasure. Soon I could feel the familiar tension increasing in her body and then the glorious release as she orgasmed "uhh, uuuhhh, uuhhh, uuhh, uhhh, uuuuuhhhh........oahhhhh..........oaaahhhhhhh" and I could feel her fanny contracting in time to the soft moans she let out. Lovely. When she had finished, I moved round and kissed her.

"ok?" I asked.

"mm, Colin" she whispered, "that was wonderful."

"yeah, I enjoyed it too" I said, grinning at her.

"Colin darling,"


"Do you want me to suck you off?" She murmured, leaning over to kiss my cock,

"Oh yes, I like that mum.."

She grinned at me "I do too, and there's a bonus for me"


"Yes" she laughed "after you've come, you last longer when you're shagging me"

I laughed too,

"It's nice when you are on me for a good while" she smiled at me.

"Or when you are on me" I replied grinning at her "but you're right its nice when it lasts"

My mum crouched over me and started to lick my glans "oh mum" I groaned as her tongue licked around the rim of my cock end. She licked the opening in my penis, licking off the pre-cum that was there and then took the head of my cock in her mouth and began sucking and licking the end of my cock. As in the past, my mum concentrated her efforts on the most sensitive part of my cock and I was on the brink of coming for some time before it actually happened. It was marvellous. "Mum... I'm coming mum" I gasped as the delicious waves of orgasm engulfed me and I started spurting semen in to my mums mouth, all the time I could feel her tongue and lips, milking me, swallowing my semen.

"Phew, that was fantastic" I said.

"There's nothing like a hot cock" she said laughing.

We lay together and I started stoking her fanny again. "Put your finger in" she whispered

I did, and started to gently frig her, letting my thumb brush her clit.

In a short while my cock was ramrod stiff again and I really wanted to fuck her.



"I want to fuck you now, I need to put it in you"

"Yes, I want it too" she laughed softly "love me colin, put it in and fuck me"

I got between her legs and stroked my cock up and down her slit, moistening it with her juice. She gave out a little gasp as I guided my very stiff cock slowly into her. She was lovely and snug and beautifully slippery.

"oh mum, you've a lovely fanny" I whispered into her ear as I began to push in and out of her, "it's so nice"

"and I love having you in me" she said her hips were moving in time with mine, up and down.

It was a slow and tender fuck, in tune with the mood. We held and kissed one another as I pushed my cock in and out of her again and again. She licked and nibbled my neck and ears and her hands were rubbing and stroking my back, sometimes dropping to my buttocks pulling me into her accompanied by small groans of pleasure. I relished the sensation of her wet vagina gripping my cock, caressing it, as I pushed in and out, the pleasure gradually building up.

"I love being between your legs mum, I love fucking you"

"I love you being there" she whispered, "I love this best of all"

The slow pace and the fact I'd just come meant I lasted a good while. My mum came three times while I was shagging her. Each time I felt the tension in her body increase, and she held me tighter, I obliged by fucking her a bit faster and harder and her moans came in time to my thrusts "uhh, uhh, uhhh, uhhh,uhhh, mmm, mmmmmmmm,oahhh, oaahhh"

"Oh, love" she said softly. A little while after her third orgasm I joyfully released my semen into her, thrusting hard and deep with each glorious squirt. The feeling was exquisite.

"I' m glad we are still friends" she said, "me too" I replied, getting my breath back. We lay still for a while, then my mum levered her self up on one arm and, smiling at me said " I don't mind you having Carolyn again, you know, its all right by me".

"I doubt she'll want anything to do with me after today" I said regretfully

"Oh, she'll want you" my mum said, laughing "trust me, she'll want you".

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