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I woke up looked around and realized I wasn't at home.

"what the ...." I whispered to myself.

Oh yeah, it all came back to me as I started to wake up and come to my senses I was at my aunt Elizabeths house. My mother had been offered a great career apportunity by her boss that would take out of this country and off to europe. At first she wasn't going to take it but we discussed it together and both decided it would be best for her to take it. The money she would make would solve all our financial problems ,the house ,the car and my college tuition.Ihad just turned 18 but she was always trying to think ahead. She had talked with older sister Elizabeth and she reluctly agreed to take care of me for as long as neccasary. I think the reason my aunt was hesitiant was because her husband had left her and her two daughters for some bimbo leaving all responsibilty to raise them on her.To add more pressure her youngest daughter Wendy had talked her into letting her friend Karen live there do to the fact she had two assholes for parents who didn't seem to give a shit about her.So enter me making the tension around the house so thick she seemed about ready to crack. Because of this I decided I would be on my best behavior.Just then there was a knock on my door ,

" Tommy breakfast is ready come and eat ." my aunt called out .

"Ok I'll be there as soon as I get dressed ." I ansewed back

I dressed quickly and headed up the stairs from the room my aunt had fixed up for me in the basement .At first I wasn't to happy with living in the basement but quickly realized it was a pretty good set up . I had my own bathroom including a shower and was for the most part isolated from the rest of the house giving me the privacy a hormone driven teen needs every now and then,especially with a house full of hot pretty girls.I got to the kitchen and found a seat next to my aunt.

"good morning everyone " I said in a cheerful voice.

"Whats so good about it "My aunt's oldest daughter Tina said.

" Be nice " my aunt said giving her a stern look " I'm going to be gone all day and most of the evening because Tracy is on vacation and I'm taking some of her classes on top of mine.So I need all of you to do the chores I have wrote on that list over there ." she said pointing over to the counter ."Tommy I know your still new here but your going to have to help out around here.""No problem" I said between bites

"Well alright then I've got to go so all of you be good and have a nice day" my aunt said as she proceeded to give each girl a kiss on the cheek. When she got to me she paused for a second then smiled gave me a quick kiss grabbed her keys and headed off to work.

Tina walked over and grabbed the list

"Alright lets get this over with . Tommy since your the man here" she said this in a mocking way "you can mow and weed eat ."

" Allright I'm on it " I wasn't to happy about her bitchy attitude but at this point I was just trying to get along with everyone . I headed out to the garage to get the mower. I didn't stick around to here what the others were going to do .As I mowed I thought about each girl. First there was Tina she is 21 about 5'5" and wieghs about 120. She'sa pretty woman but for some reason she's a bit bitchy and full of attitude.Its going to be hard being nice to her. Then theres her sister wendy shes 19 about 5'7" and around 125 .Shes a little better looking and a lot more free spirited. I found my self staring at her nice round titties and firm ass on more than one occasion. She even caught me once and asked me to to take a picture it might last longer pervert boy.After that I tryed to be much more discreet.And last there was Karen ,Wendys Live in friend.Now she is a little bigger than the other two but she carries it well and she has very large boobs at least a double d. She has that reguler girl look but has a anything goes attitude making her a very sexy woman.Wendy and Karen like to wear skimpy clothes that really drive me crazy I don't know how i going to survive these next couple of months.I finished my work ,took a shower and went upstairs to get something to drink.The girls were also done and watching tv in the living room.I grabbed a Dew and went in to join them.

"Watcha watching?" I asked as I sat down

" The tv duhh" Karen sneered I just smiled a little and continued to drink .Apparently they were all pissed off having to do all the house work .Tina was reading a book when she suddenly stood up and yelled,

"Is this supposed to funny?"she said to Wendy

"What?"Wendy asked with a guilty look.

"This "she said throughing a small picture at her"Was that suppose to shock me and make me run from the room?"

"Maybe Wendy said starting to laugh "I thought it might loosen that tight ass attitude of yours up."

" Why don't you just grow up ."She said storming from the room.

"I still can't believe shes ever been layed "Karen said to Wendy while looking at the disgarded picture.

"Yeah me to but I did catch her fucking her X boyfriend last year.She was Screaming "harder harder" I couldn't believe it ."she said as they both started to laugh.

Wendy then realized I was sitting there and started to Whisper something to Karen.I was starting to get a little uncomfortable and self conscious,What were they whispering about.?

"Ok" Karen said to Wendy"Hey Tommy come here for a minute I want to show you something"

"What "I asked suspiciously

" Just come here for a second ,please "she said.

I got up and walked over to them slowly .I was curious about what had pissed Tina off .

"Here" she said handing me the picture "Thats what a real mans is suppose to look like .

It was a picture of a naked man with a dick about nine inches long . I could feel my face start to get red from embarressment especially as they started to laugh.I smiled and tossed the picture back

"Damn he's almost as big as me " I bragged.

" yeah right ,in your dreams maybe"Karen shot back.

I turned around and walked towards the kitchen.I could hear them talking softly and just before I got to the door Wendy called out

"Prove it ."I turned around

" Prove it"I said " Let me get this straight , you guys want me to show you my cock."

"Yeah ,if your so big we want to see this mammoth sausage of yours"

"I don't know ,that would be so wrong " I said in a sly voice

"See I told you Karen he probally has a wee little dingy "they both laughed as Wendy taunted me.

"Alright on one condition "I said

"and what would that be "they asked together

"You show me yours first ,after all I need a little stimulation.I mean I want to be at full attention for you all."

"I don't think so " Wendy replyed quickly

"ok" I said and then turned and started to leave

"Wait!" Karen yelled out .I turned back as Karen was whispering to Wendy "No we can't " Wendy said loudly "he's my cousin . It was only a bluff remember ,he wasn't supposed to say yes "

" I know but aren't you a little curious ,I mean come on I've never seen one that big and neither have you." she argued .Wendy shook her head slowly." Come on its not like we're going to fuck him ,all we have to do is show him our tits."

" Man if mom finds out we are both in some serious trouble ."Wendy stated

"Alright boy "Karen called out "Its a deal ,we show you our tits and you show us what you have hiding in there " she said pointing at my crotch.

"Allright lets see those boobies" I said in a over excited voice.

Karen stood up and looked at Wendy " come on it will only take a minute "She pulled up wendy by the arm.Karen had on a loose sweat shirt while Wendy had a half shirt on to show off her navel ring." here we go " Karen announced .she grabbed hold of the bottom of her sweat shirt and looked at Wendy .Wendy then took hold of hers." Ok....One...two...three they both lifted their shirts and revealed their breasts .

They were awesome .Wendys were about a b cup maybe bigger and karens were a d-cup easily And damn they looked good. I mean damn they looked good .Both sets were firm with qaurter sized nipples they looked perfect.And then just like that they pulled their shirts down snapping me out of my trance.

" How's that ,are you nice and hard?" Karen asked "Come on now we showed you now whip it out ."

Hard was a understatement it was totally engorged.Now I realized I was actually going to have to show them my dick. I was a little more nervous than I thought I would be but a deal was a deal. So I pulled my shirt up undid my jeans and released my throbbing member.Both girls just stared for a moment when Karen finally broke the silence.

"Jesus its huge "she spouted out "The little puke wasn't lying after all."

Wendy was speechless for a change she just kept gaulking with her mouth slighty open.

"I want to touch it ." Karen blurted out.

"No you can't "Wendy said coming out of her trance.

But Karen was already moving toward me with her hand out .I made no move to shy away as she approached. She then took hold of my knob with one hand and then the other .Shivers went up my back and I lurched foward a bit as she stroked me cock .

" This is the biggest cock I've ever seen" she said looking back at Wendy "it feels great come over here Wendy you got try this."

"I don't know "Wendy said "Its not right."

"Oh stop being a puss and get over here."Slowly Wendy started to walk over she soon was standing next to Karen never taking her eyes off my cock.

Karen let go of me "Go ahead Wendy grab it ,its awesome."

She hesitated a second then reached out a took a hold of my shaft a let out a little sigh. She stroked me slowly sending me into a euphoric frenzy.She seemed to be hypnotized by my large throbbing member.

"What the hell is going on in here?" We heard a voice say.We all looked over at the same time to see Tina standing there with a look of total shock on her face .No one said a thing we just stood there frozen .Wendy still was holding my cock which was twitching slightly in her grasp.Finally Tina spoke again " this is disgusting do you realize he's our cousin.There has to be some law against this ,not to mention what mom is going to say when she finds out ,"

"Mom isn't going to find out ."Wendy said in a low monitone voice." You see if mom finds out about this she might just find out about a certain person who lost moms 5000 dollar necklace and blamed it on moms x-boyfriend ."

"You fucking bitch you promised you wouldn't tell."she screamed back.

"I know but desperate times call for desperate measures."she stated with a smug look on her face.

"Fine.Do what ever you want ."Tina turned to leave .

"Wait! Come over here ."Wendy commanded

" What? Why?"Tina questioned

"Just get over here now or we're all going down."

The whole time this was going on Wendy had still not let go of my prick .I didn't know what to do. I thought maybe I should leave or at least pull up my pants but how often do you have a hot babe holding your cock.

"Now give me your hand."Wendy said to Tina

" No! He's our cousin this is so wrong ."

" Just do what I say or else."

I looked over at Karen who hadn't said a word since Tina came in .She had a look of dismay and facination on her face.At this point Wendy took Tinas hand and placed it on my cock along with hers .Neither one said a word but both started to slowly work my cock back and forth.The sensation was overwelming I almost fell down as my legs turned to rubber.Karen must have seen my uneasiness because she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my chest and helped steady me.She then whispered in my ear

"How does it feel to have two girls holding that massive prick of yours."

"Great "I managed to choke out.

"you know what?"Karen said so all could hear,"I think maybe Tina should give that beautiful cock a little kiss.

"No I can't this is bad enough."she answered in a shaky voice "

"I think Karens right "Wendy said "Come on Tina you know you want to. This may be the biggest cock you'll ever see.Come on now "she said as she gently pushed Tinas head towards my waiting prick.

I thought Tina would get up and run from the room at this point but instead she resisted only slightly and then let Wendy guide her head to my neither region.She placed her lips on the head of my cock and just held them there for a motionless kiss. Wendy glanced over at Karen with a evil smile on face.The urge to thrust foward ran through me like a fire through a hay field .But I remained motionless in fear that all this would end if I made the wrong move.Then all the sudden Tina parted her soft lips and engulfed the whole head of my prick .I let a low gasp and shook a bit.Wendy removed her hand and stood back to watch her sister go at it solo.Karen was now rubbing my chest and nibbling on my ear adding all kinds of new and strange erotic feelings to my young and inexperienced body.I then felt tina's tongue start to swirl around my engorged head .My orgasm was really started to build at this point .I actually felt my balls swell as the load in side was building up pressure to be released.Wendy then got down behind her sister and put her head on Tina's shoulder as Karen had done with me and said

"Come on honey that's it now take some more in. Show this boy how a real woman sucks a big juicy cock."

Thats all it took .It was like something clicked in Tina's head because she became posessed like a horny woman who couldn't get enough cock.She placed her other hand on my dick and started stroking and sucking at the same time .

"Thats it you go girl make him cum. I want to see him fill your mouth with his hot spunk.Sqweeze his balls a little .stroke that cock ,faster ,faster thats it."

Tina was doing every thing her sister ordered bringing me to the brink of orgasm.

"I think he's about to blow "Karen stated

And she was right ,with a violent shutter I felt the first wave of orgasm hit me and a large spurt of cum shoot out my dick filling her mouth. I thought maybe she would back off but she swallowed it down and kept stroking me milking out spurt after spurt of my hot load not spilling a drop. After what seemed like a eternity my balls had finally emptied there load leaving me weak and disorientd.Tina released my still very hard cock and looked up at me with a satisfied smile.

"Damn that was great .Now its your turn "She said looking back at her sister."

"Ok ,but lets' give him a minute to reload ."she answered .

Karen smiled "He's still hard, that's long enough for me."

She then pushed me down to the floor and forced me gently to down on my back.She then stood over me and quickly peeled off her clothes revealing a very tight and sexy body.I didn't get much time to gaze at her before she lowered her self on my twitching prick.

"I'm sorry to jump ahead of you two but watching you suck him off has gotten me so wet I can't take it anymore ."

"Go ahead girlfriend we have all day."Wendy anwsered back.

Karen sqautted on me faceing the sisters so they could have a perfect view of the whole scene.She opened her pussy lips and eased my cock into her.The heat from her pussy was incredible and she was vice tight.It was about half way in when she screamed out ,

"Oh my god it feels so good .His cock is huge I'm about ready to cum allready.Wendy sit on his face I want to see him eat your pussy while I fuck his brains out."

Wendy stripped off her clothes and did just what she was told'.The next thing I knew her snatch was inches away from my waiting mouth.I reached up grabbed her by the hips and pulled her hairless pussy right down on my face.It was the first pussy I had ever tasted . The taste was sweet and tangy and it seemed I just could'nt get enough.I licked and sucked doing everything thing I could remember reading about in porn mags.She seemed quite satisfied as she squirmed and cryed out in pleasure.Karen was bouncing up and down then side to side and then back and forth moaning in pleasure as her orgasm was building.I was licking my heart out trying to make Wendy cum at the same time as Karen.I inserted two fingers in Wendys sopping honey hole as I continued to lap up all her juices.Just then Karen started to shake and spasm as she let out a loud scream,

"Oh yeah, oh yes I,m cuuuummmming ahhhhhhh yesss."She then lifted herself off and rolled over to lay on the floor next to us .

"My turn ." Wendy called out and proceeded to pull her pussy off my face and plant it right on my swollen knob.Her twat was on fire as she sank it about half way down my pole trying to work as much of it in as she could.

"Damn hes so big ."Wendy cryed out "I don't think I can get it all in."

"Half the fun is trying." Karen called back to her."Just go back and forth and try and get that clit down to his balls and you'll cum so hard you might pass out."

In response to that she wiggle her muff franticly working my prick all the way in.I could feel her then grinding her swelled clit on my nuts bringing me closer and closer to my second orgasm in less than a hour.I grabbed her hips and helped her move faster back and forth .I suddenly felt her pussy become tight as hell as she started to cum.That was all I could take I started bucking as I released my load of jism. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my short life.With each spurt she moaned wildly Wendy layed back onto my chest in complete exaustion. I reached up with both hands and gently massage her breasts .She waited a moment then rolled off me and layed next to her friend with a satisfied smile on her face.

"Oh my god that was the best fuck I've ever had."Wendy sighed out."And to think all the time we wasted with those college boys ,we could have been here fucking your well hung cousin."

"Yeah "Wendy said rolling over on her back .

She then looked over to her sister who had sat up on a chair watching the whole seen.Tina got up and started to walk towards the door .

"Hey were are you going?"Wendy called out

"To my room ."Tina answered

"Oh no you don't "She said as she grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back."You can't leave until you've experienced that gorgeous prick of his ."

"I don't think he can go again ."she said pointing at me.

" Sure he can he's young and viril right Tommy?"

"I don't know I'm pretty tired I think I need a little rest."I said looking down at my deflated cock.

" I just think you just need a little stimulation to get things rolling again."Wendy said smiling and looking over at Karen" Come help me out girlfriend ."

Karen crawed over to Wendy and grabbed Tina by the other arm and helped pull her down to the floor .They both layed her down and started taking her clothed off.

"What are you guys doing?"Tina inquired

"Were getting you ready for the fuck of your life."Wendy answered "But first we need to get that prick of his hard again so lay back and enjoy."

"I don't know about this ."she said nervously "

" Just shut up and let us do this and I promise You'll have the best orgasm of your life."

I could feel my cock start to twitch as I realized what was about to happen.Not only did I get to fuck two great looking girls but I was going to get to see three girls get it on .I don't think it gets any better than this .Little did I know.

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