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This chapter has been a long time in coming, and I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately a chronic family medical crisis has taken priority, and this doesn't exactly pay like my day job! As always, I very much appreciate all the positive feedback, your emails, and your patience.

For those new to this series, I would recommend that you read the first chapters, which have recently been reviewed and edited. However there has been such a delay, for those who have forgotten, and those who don't wish read past chapters, I will provide a brief synopsis.

Jeff shares a family adventure from the first person perspective. He and Karin are siblings who get the hots for each other, but don't want to hide things from their parents. So they hatch a plan to seduce the parents. This ends up with a bikini contest between mother and daughter, with close inspections by the father and son judges. Things heat up and the family goes out for dinner and dancing. They are so hot, the management almost kicks them out. But they turn the tables by coming on to the waiter and manager. They have a way of sharing the family relationships that ends up getting the manager hot, thinking about his own daughter, loosing a bet and forcing him to give them a free lifetime pass to their establishment. The family returns home to celebrate Karin's birthday with a tortuous family seduction that ends up with the kids fucking their parents. Just as they finish, they catch staff from the restaurant spying on them. Chapter 5 ends with the father holding them at gun point, demanding an explanation from the trespassers. Enjoy

We all just sat staring at Sharon, who was slumped in the chair, head in her hands, sobbing uncontrollably.

Dad finally spoke. "Alright, alright; calm down." As he laid the gun down, we breathed an audible sigh of relief. "I don't want to shoot you. But we have to have an explanation. We have to protect ourselves, so you'd better start talking before we call the police."

" was..." Sharon was incoherent as she continued sobbing and gasping.

"It's ok," the waiter reassured. "I'll talk. But I'm not sure what to say. I mean..."

"Well, for starters, how about telling us what you and your girlfriend are doing here."

"What makes you think she's my girlfriend." he challenged.

"Well, you're two attractive kids who work together, and then show up here to spy on our orgy. Sounds like a hot date to me," Dad said with a smirk.

"Well it's not, and we're not!" he shot back, and then continued more hesitantly. "It's...we...she's...I mean, I'm..."

"Brad is my brother," Sharon said, coming to his rescue, as she finally regained her composure.

"Right," Dad laughed sarcastically, as we stared at them, taking in their contrasting appearances.

"I'm serious," Sharon insisted.

"But you guys don't even look like you're from the same country, let alone siblings."

"Look at our parents," Sharon responded. "I took after Mom, who is French-Polynesian. She was the one who first waited on you, before my brother took over."

"And Dad's Black genes came through more with me," Brad chimed in. "Why would we lie about this anyway?"

We were stunned by this revelation. Finally Dad let out a low whistle. "I'll be damned!" A smile gradually spread across his face. "This has to be a first. I can see the headlines: Peeping sibs arrested."

" wouldn't!" Brad objected. "That's not how it was."

"Well then how about you tell us how it was," Dad pushed, "cause to me it looks like you guys get off on watching others."

"That's crap," Brad responded with anger. "You've got one sick mind."

"Well, we're not the sickos lurking in the shadows, spying on others in their most intimate moments, and even recording it on tape!"

"We...we..." Sharon hesitated, looking down before continuing. "We are sorry about this. We never intended this to happen. We were just..."

"So did you get hot watching us?" Dad interrupted with an accusatory tone. Then, turning to Brad he continued, "I'll bet all this action had you wanting to do your own sister."

"Stop! Stop!" Sharon cried out. "That's disgusting! Dad was right. You're one sick bastard."

"Well if you didn't come here to get off, what the hell are you doing here?" Dad asked.

"I think you know damn well, after what you said to my father," Brad said.

"I sure as hell don't." Dad was getting more irritated. "How about enlightening us all?"

"Oh come on," Brad said, shaking his head in disgust. "He told us all about being you threaten to sue him for harassing your lady friends if he didn't give you a free pass."

"That's bull shit!" I jumped in.

"Are you saying my dad's a liar?" Brad retorted.

"You tell me," Dad spoke evenly. "Even if you think I'm a sleazy lawyer who preys on innocent victims, look around you," he said, gesturing toward our beautiful home and pool area. "Does it look like I need to nickel and dime for a free meal?"

"But what would make him say that?" Sharon looked puzzled.

"I'm not sure. Why don't you start by telling us what happened after we left." Dad suggested.

"That was the weird thing. I hardly saw him after that. While I wanted to find out about your free meal, it was like he was avoiding me. But whenever my back was turned, I caught him looking at me. He was just staring, felt" She trailed off.

"Like he was checking you out?" Dad queried.

"That's it!" Sharon blurted out, before catching herself. "Oh my God! No! Not Daddy! That's ridiculous! He could never think of me that way."

"Well, I hate to disappoint you honey," Dad said smugly. "But I can assure you he was checking you out. If you'd like, I can tell you exactly what your dad was thinking and feeling about you, and then you'll agree that dear Daddy is a lecherous pervert!"

"Stop it! That's enough," Brad insisted. "You know nothing about our father. Dad told us of the blackmail when we asked him about the free meal and we decided to try and help. So when Sharon got your address from that cruise drawing you entered, we came here to see if we could get something on you."

"Well you certainly did, and you must be very proud of yourselves," Mom spoke with obvious resentment and sarcasm, through trembling lips, as tears streamed down.

Her obvious upset had an effect, as Sharon responded. "We really are sorry. This was a horrible mistake. It was a really stupid idea, Brad. We just managed to embarrass ourselves, with nothing to show for it."

"Wait—nothing?" Dad paused looking puzzled. "Don't you know that...I mean, you didn't hear us?"

"Hear what?" Brad asked suspiciously. "Hiding over there, all we could hear was some yelling, like, you know, 'fuck,' and stuff like that."

"So, you really don't know who we are?" Dad queried with a knowing smile, obviously thinking we now had the upper hand. We all breathed a sigh of relief. But this proved to be short lived.

"You all seem like pretty regular people other than liking to play around with others," Brad laughed. Then, turning to Dad he added, "But considering your rude comments about our family, I'd say you're a pervert with some kind of incest hang up. Given the chance, you'd probably fuck your own daughter!"

"He just did," Karin beamed.

I heard Mom gasp, and this was followed by a moment of stunned silence. I looked to see Dad with this expression of total shock. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

Finally Sharon spoke. "Did wha-what? I-I don't understand. You...he..." She trailed off, struggling to grasp the inconceivable. She looked up to see Karin smiling and winking as Dad, who finally responded with a silly embarrassed grin. Sharon suddenly gasped and blurted out, "Oh my God! You don't mean that..." She couldn't bring herself to complete the thought.

"You heard me," Karin continued, confirming her suspicions. "Daddy just fucked me, giving me the best birthday present a girl could ever have. That was me you heard screaming, begging him to fuck me."

"Oh God! You can't be serious. How can you, I mean, with your own family?" Sharon asked incredulously.

"Because we are family," Mom chimed in; having recovered from the initial shock of Karin's bomb shell, deciding that hiding was useless now. "The other person you heard yelling was me, begging my son to drive that gorgeous cock deeper into the cunt that gave birth to him."

"Unbelievable!" Brad was shaking his head. "I was wrong thinking the rest of you were pretty regular. Your Dad isn't the only one who's perverted. You all are! How could you even think of doing that, I mean, to your own daughter?"

"How could I not," Dad laughed. "Look at her. Stand up, sweetheart." Karin stood proudly, as water dripped from her tits and pussy. "She's gorgeous! Look at those tits and that dripping cunt. Wouldn't you fuck her if you had the chance?"

Brad avoided the question, as he responded, "She's not my daughter. That's just sick!"

"I understand how you feel. I felt the same way a few hours ago," Dad said. "I never intended to fuck her tonight. It just sort of happened."

"Oh come on," Brad rolled his eyes. "How can something like this just happen?"

"It's hard to explain," Mom responded. "If you had told me this morning that by tonight I'd be begging for my own son's cock, I'd have told you that you were nuts! These last few hours have been a blur, and I'm not sure how things got..."

"Hold on," Dad interrupted. "Maybe there's a way out of this mess for everyone. We're all worried about getting in trouble. You don't want to get arrested and we don't want our little family affair spread all over town. You expect us to believe your explanation for coming here, rather than thinking that you're some kind of peeping perverts. We also want some understanding, and it might just keep you out of trouble."

"What do you mean?" Sharon asked hopefully.

"It's really simple," Dad continued. "We really aren't as weird as you might think, and if you gave us a chance to explain, maybe you'd come to understand how this happened. I guess I'm hoping if you truly understand, you'll have a different view, and won't try to ruin our reputation. You're counting on our belief and trust to keep you out of trouble, and we're hoping for the same from you. Do you think you can hear us out with an open mind?"

"Well, this has to be the weirdest conversation I've ever had," Brad responded. "But it certainly beats going to jail." He paused, getting a nod from Sharon before continuing. "You have to understand that this is against everything we believe, but we'll try to listen with an open mind."

"Ok, fair enough." Dad looked relieved, but then seemed unsure of how to proceed. "I can't tell you exactly how things got started today. I think I was kind of set up to...well, our kids got some kind of idea about..."

"It's ok, Daddy," Karin interrupted, coming to his rescue. "Since I started this, it's only fair that I explain it. I have always been a very sexual person so you could say all this started years ago. I can't remember when I wasn't touching myself every night before going to sleep. When I first learned about sex in grade school, I was dying to try it. My first chance came on a camping trip when I was 11. I know that 14 year old kid was not all that experienced, but I still thought it was great, and have been enjoying sex with all kinds of guys ever since.

"But lately I've been getting frustrated, as most guys seem much more into their needs than mine. My parents have always said you could trust family to meet your needs more than anyone else. Since sex was one of my basic needs, I suppose it was inevitable that I would begin thinking about them this way.

"During the last week of college, I had pretty boring encounters with a couple guys, leaving me horny and frustrated. So when I came home for the summer and saw Jeff by the pool, I was shocked to feel certain urges. He was so buff and hot, I found myself seeing him in a whole different light. I decided to test things by showing him a new G-string I had gotten. When I saw the way he looked at me, and then felt him hard against me when we hugged, I knew I had him."

"She really looked hot," I laughed. "I guess I didn't have a chance."

"I still can't believe you'd think about him that way, I mean your own brother." Sharon shook her head. "But how did your parents get into this?"

"That was my idea," I responded. "We've always been very close and open in our family. As horny as I was, seeing her almost naked, I still couldn't imagine doing my sister while hiding it from our parents. I couldn't figure out how they would approve, unless they were involved. That's when I suggested trying to seduce them. Karin thought I was nuts, until she learned that I had overheard them talking about swinging.

"So what did you do?" Brad asked impatiently.

"We just sort of came on to them and..." Karin stopped in mid sentence, as she became aware of their keen interest. "Well I'm sure you don't want all the boring details."

"No," Sharon quickly responded. "I mean, I guess we should really hear all about it, if you really want us to understand you, that is.

"Ok," Karin smiled, knowing she had their full attention. "Jeff and I planned out the entire day." She proceeded to describe the show she put on by the pool, and how I caught Dad spying on her, eventually leading to us jacking off together.

"Unbelievable," Brad injected, shaking his head. "How could you do that?"

"I didn't want to." Dad sounded defensive. "I knew it was wrong. But every time I tried to stop, things just escalated; like when she showed those gorgeous tits, and then was fingering herself. I still tried to resist, but I was about to cum in my pants. So when I saw Jeff jacking off, I just sort of gave up. After he left, I thought I could cum without anyone knowing."

"But then I walked in and caught him right after he'd cum," Karin laughed. "That look was priceless. When I dropped the towel and stood there naked, fingering my cunt, I thought he was going to faint!"

"I thought I was going to faint when Mom showed up," I continued with our story. "She wasn't supposed to come home till later, and we thought we'd have Dad won over by then." I told them about hugging on Mom so she wouldn't see Karin and then getting turned on, as I looked over Mom's shoulder at Karin dry humping Dad.

"And you didn't know anything that was going on?" Sharon asked incredulously.

"Not really; other than knowing that Jeff was getting turned on," Mom responded. "I mean, that was obvious from his size. I was shocked when I felt him that way the first time." She went on to tell how this lead to us talking about my size, and how I was seeing her differently.

"But he's your son," Sharon observed incredulously. "How could you even think of him that way?"

"At first I wondered that too. But then I wondered how I could not," Mom responded. "I'm not going to stop hugging my own son just 'cause he can't help getting a hard-on. But with that huge pole driving against me, there's no way I could keep from thinking about it. Then when he was so sweet, complimenting me on my looks, I suddenly realized I was getting excited. That's when they started talking about a family swim, and wanting to see us in skimpy bikinis. I was scared, knowing that this could really get out of hand."

"That's when Dad started talking about how hot Mom looked in her bikini," Karin chimed in. "When I suggested that we show off some, Mom got upset. She thought she'd put the damper on, by describing how bad it would feel to have my father and brother leering at me. But seeing my nipples getting hard—poking out under my tube top—she realized the idea turned me on."

"That's when I really starting to panic about all this," Mom said. "Then Karin suggested the idea of the bikini contest. Whoever won got to decide whether or not this new family openness continued. Since I was sure I had the skimpiest suit, I decided to go for it, win, and put a halt to all this nonsense."

"But she hadn't counted on how hot things would get with our little contest." I laughed. As I glanced at Sharon and Brad, I realized they were hanging on every word and decided to test their interest. "Anyway, you get the general idea on how things went from there."

"Don't stop now," Brad demanded. "I want to hear the details. I mean I...ah..." He paused, catching himself, as he realized his disgust was being replaced by obvious feelings of curiosity and excitement. "It's just that in all fairness, we need to hear it. I still can't see how all this flirting could have you deciding on sex with your own family."

I continued with our story, getting even more detailed in my descriptions. I told of Mom in her rhinestone suit, with her swaying tits and bulging pussy. I told of Karin showing up naked, and of our close up exam of each of them.

"I was so embarrassed and excited at the same time," Mom volunteered. "Up until then, I didn't think it was really about sex. I mean, I knew that Jeff had a hard-on for me, and it kind of freaked me out at first. But I felt certain I couldn't really feel that way toward my own son; that is, until I saw his eyes boring into my almost naked crotch. I knew it was wrong. But having my own son staring at my wide open ass and cunt, feeling his finger touching as he adjusted my suit...It was too much. I felt so excited, but also frightened, as I suddenly realized how much I wanted him!"

By now our discussion was really having an effect on our guests. Brad had shifted several times in his chair and his hands rested over his lap, likely hiding his hard on, I thought. Sharon was flushed, breathing hard as I observed her shifting and squeezing her legs together. This was really getting interesting, I thought.

Mom continued. "When I saw Karin prancing around naked, I was sure she'd win. I figured I'd have to go along with her vote, and our new openness would continue. Assuming this was the direction things would take, I kind of let myself go. I was so hot that when they said I won, I was actually upset, expecting Karin to win and continue play. But now I felt like, as the mother, I had to put on the brakes."

"That's when we agreed to spend the evening at Sensations, and got into more sharing," Dad chimed in. "We were so horny we got pretty carried away at your place, and it almost got us kick us out." He went on to tell how we planned the rest of the evening with the agreement that we wouldn't actually have sex. He skipped over the altercation with their father, telling of our hot ride home before partying by the pool.

"But you said your parents agreed there wouldn't be any actual sex. So what happened?" Sharon asked.

"You saw most of that, I think," Karin continued. "We seduced them! Remember how long it took for us to actually start fucking?"

"Well, it was pretty hot with all that foreplay. It seemed like it was never going to end," Brad agreed.

"We didn't think so either," Karin laughed. "That wasn't just foreplay. We were trying to persuade them to let us fuck. It was a real struggle, but finally, we had them so hot, they were begging for us to fuck them."

"No kidding, we couldn't resist," Mom laughed. "When I first caught sight of my son's gorgeous cock, I knew I'd be fucking him before the night was over. Then it was just a matter of convincing their father. But once he finally felt his daughter's tight little cunt, he was gone, banging her like it was his last fuck! It really was such a special family time—that is, until you showed up," she ended with a note of irritation, suddenly recalling the impact of their interruption.

"Well we do feel kind of bad, and understand why you were so freaked out about us catching you," Brad responded. "But no matter how you explain it, it's still really sick and perverted."

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