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Free Father-daughter Incest Sex Best Free Incest Stories Post Free Incest Galleries Porn Incest And Photos
Roy was surprised to wake up one night feeling as though someone was standing outside his door. Opening his eyes, he looked up to see a silhouette in his doorway.

"Yes?" he asked softly as he turned on the light beside his bed to illuminate the startled face of his sister.

Amy stood there for a few moments, trembling, before quickly saying, "Nothing." and walking away. Roy lay there smiling after she'd gone. It wasn't nothing, he knew exactly what she wanted. He'd been teasing her mercilessly the past few days, receiving blow jobs from her, licking her pussy but not to orgasm, and constantly playing with her boobs and fingering her. But he wouldn't let her orgasm, and the one time she'd gotten ready to masturbate he'd shown up in her doorway, smiling merrily as he reminded her the punishment for that. After that she hadn't tried again, convinced that no matter what he would be able to catch her. She still didn't know how he'd known that time, unaware of his voyeur activities at the peephole into her room.

He wasn't going to give her an orgasm until she asked for it. She was going to have to ask her brother for her pleasure, and he knew that eventually she would. The relentless teasing of her body would guarantee it. The fact that she was standing in his doorway, trying to gather up the nerve to overcome her disgust, was enough to tell him that.

Soon, very soon she'd be ready to lose her virginity to him. Roy started fisting his hardened dick as he lay back, thinking about fucking his sister's sweet pussy.


Amy was on her knees in front of him as he watched TV. Their parents had gone out again, and he was enjoying a leisurely blowjob; occasionally pressing her head down further himself. To his surprise, his dick was slowly swallowed all the way into her throat and he tipped his head back, moaning with pleasure. She could deep throat him now.

Looking down at her, he smiled, "Good girl, I told you that you'd be able to do that eventually."

She looked back up at him, her pretty lips wrapped around his dick, something triumphant in her eyes... but he felt that it wasn't about her accomplishment at swallowing him all the way.... Ah. Smart Amy was expecting a reward in the form of an orgasm. Well, he could toy with her a bit at least. And he did have a surprise for her, although it wouldn't be what she expected.

Lifting his hips upwards and pushing deep into her mouth he told her, "Keep that up and you just might get a surprise."

He let the inflection in his voice say that her surprise would be an orgasm. Immediately she went about giving him the best blow job she ever had. There was an enthusiasm to it that had always been missing before, and it turned him on even more to feel it. She WANTED to suck his dick. Maybe not just for the sheer pleasure of sucking it, but the fact that she desired it made his balls tingle. Which was helped along by the fact that she was now massaging his sack deftly, tugging very gently on it and pressing one finger up under it and into the very sensitive spot there.

Roy groaned, his hips thrusting back and forth, fucking her mouth as she swallowed him all the way down her throat and moved back up. It was so tight and rippling around his head when she pushed him all the way in, gobbling his dick down in her enthusiastic efforts. The TV was forgotten as he fucked her face, her lips wrapped securely around the base of his dick and her tongue sliding up and down the shaft.

With a grunt he held her face down against his crotch, the head of his dick lodged in her throat as he began pulsing against her tongue, spurt after spurt going straight down to her stomach while her throat muscles convulsed around him, enhancing his pleasure. When he was finally done, she pulled back, gasping, with the sticky taste of his cum on her tongue. But for once she didn't care, her glowing eyes looked up at him with excitement, knowing that her surprise was cumming... and her pussy was burning for it.

Smiling genially at her, Roy went and got a bottle of flavored lotion that would warm up and tingle as he rubbed it on her. It was a very strong and teasing sensation, he was going to drive his sister absolutely wild with it, especially in her current state. And she wouldn't get to cum until she begged him for it.

Amy watched, slightly confused as he came towards her with the bottle. Leaning down he kissed her questions away and then pulled back, pouring lotion onto his hands and he began to rub it into her breasts. His sister's nipples hardened under his touch, ready and excited. She moaned as he pinched her nipples, rubbing them full of the lotion. It wasn't until he pulled away, gliding his fingers down her body towards her pussy that she realized her breasts were still warm, and that they were getting hotter, and tingling with little pricks of arousal. As he began to rub the lotion onto her already heated and swollen pussy, she moaned.

"What are you doing to me?" she gasped as her pussy was lit on fire, two fingers sliding into her pussy made her tingle inside and out, a frenzy that wasn't cooled at all when he began to gently lick her. Not nearly hard enough to make her cum.

She writhed on the floor in front of him, her body burning up with sexual lust, enhanced by the lotion that was making her breasts tingle and heat, little lines across her stomach the lead to her pussy... and her copiously leaking pussy which was desperately trying to find its completion. Moaning she humped against his face, trying to get more purchase. Evilly he got some more lotion and rubbed it directly on her erect clit, making her squirm and howl with frustration as he took his fingers away before she could cum.

"Oh please!" she cried out, her voice full of desperation as her body was tormented.

"Please what?" Roy slid two of his fingers into her pussy, spreading more lotion on her insides and rubbing in and out of her hole to heat it up while her hips humped.

"Please... anything..." she begged, "Lick me, finger me, FUCK ME if that's what you want, just let me CUM! PLEASE!"

Her voice was getting higher and higher as the fires ignited deep inside her pussy, the lotion making her into a sex craved animal intent on one thing and one thing only. She needed that orgasm, even if it meant letting her brother take her virginity.

Roy smiled, "Well, I'm not going to fuck you... not yet. But I think I can oblige with your orgasm since you asked so nicely."

Amy started to sigh in relief, but then shrieked in passionate ecstacy as his lips wrapped around her swollen clit, his fingers pressing directly against her g-spot. She came immediately, her body shaking with all the sexual energy that had been repressed and denied while he'd teased her without relief. Thrashing her hands clamped down on his head, holding him in place while her orgasm soared higher and higher, one leading into the next. Her first set of multiple orgasms, something she'd never even given herself before at. And at the hands and mouth of her brother. The thought just sent her into another orgasm.

When she came down from her pleasures, she nearly sobbed. The lotion was still making her body burn unbearably. Roy laughed as he realized what was wrong.

"Go wash it off in the shower," he told her, and then as she leaped up, running to the bathroom, he called after her, "You can masturbate in there if you want. But only this time."

She stayed in the shower for nearly forty-five minutes, and he heard her whimpers and moans at least twice.

That night Roy didn't wake up to his sister in his doorway, he woke up to her crawling into his bed, completely naked. Her warm wet mouth wrapped around his limp dick, sucking it suddenly to life. Moaning, he lifted his hips, enjoying this new victory as his dick hardened in her willing mouth. She might just be doing this for the orgasms, but it was another step forward.

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