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Free Pics Mom Son Free Galleries Of Incest Pics Free Dad And Daughter Incest Stories Free Erotic Mother Son Incest Stories
Kaitherine blinked her eyes slowly, consciousness coming back to her. Her body felt so hot and sleepy at the same time. Then she heard the whispering in her ear that had awaken her, "My beautiful precious slut. My slutty baby. My little breeder." As her eyes focused she smiled knowing it was her Daddy saying all of those nasty things to her. Her lips parted on a husky moan as she could feel his hands moving over her body. Touching, stroking, pinching as he explored his daughter.

He moved down to the foot of the bed. His fingers gentle as they slid over her feet, stroking each toe as he went. Her eyes opened and watched him caressing her. The light tickling coupled with the overly aroused state of her body kept her moving and writhing on the bed under his touch. "Oh Daddy," she moaned as his fingers moved over her ankles and up each of her calves. He didn't stop. His exploration continued slowly up and then to the insides of her thighs. He avoided touching her sex. She grumbled under her breath a little until she felt a slight slap to her pussy lips. "No pouting slut," he growled.

As her Daddy's hands moved over her rounded hips and then to her belly he moved his mouth down to bite, nibble and lick at her flesh. The muscles in her belly jumped and quivered as he made his way up. When he finally started kissing and licking her neck the head of his cock began rubbing against her engorged clit. Kaitherine naturally parted her thighs for him. He smiled against her neck as he felt her involuntary reaction. "That's it baby, do what your body tells you to do. Be a good baby for Daddy," he panted in her ear.

He stopped touching her and using his hands rolled her over onto her belly. Kaitherine moaned into the pillows as her Daddy stroked his hands down her back as he rubbed his thick full cock against her ass. She wiggled under his ministrations. His large hands moved to the insides of her thighs pushing them apart. Kaitherine was making all sorts of unintelligent sounds then, her mind only registering that he was going to slide his cock back into her soaked pussy from behind.

She pushed her hips backwards towards him lifting them off the bed. A purely carnal smile of satisfaction crossed his lips as the prize that he wanted came into view as his babygirl pushed her plump thighs up and apart: her puckered asshole. Reaching down he fingered her pussy several times, sliding first one then as many as three into her tightness. A growl of satisfaction poured from him seeing her virgin blood on his fingers as he rubbed it over her tiny dark rose. He realized that she was still in a state of euphoria as he did not protest as he slid a finger into the little passage.

Kaitherine's head started clearing rapidly as she felt him playing with her asshole. What could Daddy possibly want with her nasty hole, she wondered. She could hear him grunting and then she felt pain as he pushed against her. "No Daddy, stop your not at my pussy, lower Daddy please." He continued to push, grunting louder as he worked his hips back and forth trying to get the head of his cock into what he hoped would be the most delicious asshole he had ever taken. Finally, he realized that taking it easy was not going to get it done. He gripped her hips and thrust hard ramming the head through the tight sphincter muscle of her ass. Her scream was music to his ears.


"Yes baby, yes. Fuck this feels good. Your asshole is so tight. It's like fire around my cock. Fuck...yes...yes...yes," he bellowed.

Kaitherine's asshole hurt, tears were running down her face. She just couldn't understand why her Daddy would want to be in her dirty hole. It hurt so badly. It burned. His cock in her pussy had felt wonderful. But this didn't this hurt. "Please Daddy stop it hurts," she begged.

He reached under her pudgy hips and began stroking her clit. He wanted her to like it. He wanted her to enjoy him fucking her asshole because after this first time he just could not imagine not being in her ass again. He ran his fingers over her clit again and again, he knew that he found the sweet spot on it when he heard her sharp intake of breath. There was a tiny little indent where he touched her that he would make sure that he remembered.

"Daddy... please... stop... no, don't... rub harder... please Daddy...," she babbled as she speed down the wild tunnel that he pushed her through before when he was in her pussy. Her daddy began thrusting his cock into her harder and deeper, his baby's tight little pucker stretched obscenely around his thick shaft as it opened and tried to clamp down hard around him. Bending forward as far as he could, he pushed 2 fingers into her cum and seed soaked pussy. Stroking her fast and hard, rubbing at the sweet spot on her clit he sawed in and out of her ass as he got ready to cum.

"Yes baby, yes take all of Daddy's cock. Be a good slut for me. Fuck me back baby that's it. Come on push hard back good girl. Good slut." His grunting became louder. His fingers worked her harder. Kaitherine was bucking back against his cock and fingers. Her head thrashing side to side as she went wild on her hands and knees before him. At the moment he felt her, then heard her cumming; he let loose his seed into her ass. The thick, sticky rope shaped liquid shooting deep into her bowels as he poured himself into her.

Kaitherine's shoulders fell forward onto the bed. Her whole body would have fallen forward if he had not been holding her hips against his cock still. Finally, he pulled from her. His still thick but not as hard cock slid down the crease of her ass towards her pussy. He moved his large hands back up to the fleshy globes of her ass pulling them apart. A low growl spilled from him as his eyes caught sight of his baby's tight little ass seeping his thick seed.

He just couldn't resist. Leaning forward his tongue made a swipe at it. He could feel her buck on the bed. He growled again, the beast in him in full effect as he lapped at her open and abused asshole filled with his seed. He couldn't get enough of her. His index and middle finger slid into her pussy stroking her searching for her g-spot as his tongue pushed into her ass tasting the tangyness of her asshole and his seed mixed together.

Kaitherine was in a world of only feeling. Everything else was gone. She wondered in her daze why her mother had not liked this. She just couldn't understand her at all. She loved her Daddy and what he was doing to her. Her belly tightened again as her mind fogged and she came for him. Feeling his fingers inside of her and his long tongue licking at her dirty hole.

Finally, she was so exhausted she couldn't move. He laid her down on the bed and moved off it, walking around so that his cock hung over her face. Looking down at her he smiled stroking her hair. She smiled up at him, her body damp from sweat and soaked from cum. His fingers curled in her hair pulling up her head as he rubbed the head of his cock against her lips. At first she tried to pull away. How could he want to put that in her mouth after it was in her butthole she thought? He turned his hand and gently pinched her nose closed forcing her lips to part.

Kaitherine almost gagged as he pushed the length into her mouth. He was not forcing her to deep throat, yet. He lovingly stroked her hair as he spoke to her, "You are my daughter. But from now on you will be my baby girl. My slut, my nasty whore. You will not wear clothes. You will have my cock in your mouth, cunt or asshole at all times when we are in the house. You will not fuck any other men or boys. You will sleep in bed with me at all times unless I am punishing you. You will not use any form of birth control. You will breed for me and when the time comes you will let any and all babies nurse from your breasts as I will. Do you understand?" he asked.

Kaitherine looked up at her Daddy with loving and trusting eyes. Her mouth and now throat filled with his cock, she simply nodded around his cock. He stroked her hair then her face, "Good girl. My little slut, my fuck meat. My precious whore." His voice soothing as she cleaned his cock and prepared him for more.

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