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Chapter One: Private Place

Jimmy Palatine turned his truck down the dirt road just as the sun topped the tall pines to the east. Having worked in construction most of his life he was use to getting up early and loved the surreal look first light cast upon the world.

This morning was particularly beautiful as he drove to his hide away on the Ashley River. The air was just cool enough that fog wisped through the trees in the bottoms creating a fantasy landscape. Being early fall he knew the day promised warmth which would make the fishing great.

A country boy through and through he loved the solitude of nature. At thirty-nine, this was the only place he had found that he felt he could let it all hang out and be free. In the two years sense he had discovered his hide away he had not met another living soul out here. The nearest highway was miles away, there was no farming in the area, and he had not even told his wife where it was, let alone any of his friends.

“Nope, Jimmy old boy, this here place is all yours, and nobody else’s.” He said aloud as he drove around the last bend in the winding road that wasn’t much more then a wide path at this point. He pulled under an ancient live oak, its branches hanging heavy with Spanish moss, and shut off the engine. Silence wrapped him in a blanket

The truck door squeaked loudly when he opened it starling a covey of quail that were sheltered in the thicket next to the path he would follow taking him to his own personal paradise. He rolled up the windows, got out of the truck, and took off his shirt. He felt his nipples stiffen as the wind caressed his work hardened muscles. Stretching he worked out the kinks he'd developed on the ride out, and began to gather his backpack and fishing gear humming “Free Bird” as he did so. He stashed his keys under the seat, shoulder his pack, and off he went up the trail to hike the last five miles to freedom.

He felt connected to his surrounding as he quietly moved along the trail. He could here the squirrels scampering though the tree tops collecting their breakfast paying him little attention. A young doe leaped across the trail followed closely by a big buck in full rut, its rack high, its neck thick, and its genital inflamed.

Jimmy shouted after them “Go get her boy! There’s n’thing like a young thing to make ya feel great!” He listened to them crashing, back and forth, through the underbrush until he heard the doe squeal as the big buck took her in victory.

Laughing at the mental picture the sounds brought forth he called again to his kindred in the forest. “Oh yeah baby! I bet that’s tight, ain’t it?” Jimmy humped the air as if he were delivering the same sensations to a sweet young pussy of his own. “Get some for me ya big bastard!” As the words came from his mouth Jimmy realized just how horny he had become. Being out in the woods always had this affect on him but this morning he felt particularly randy.

He thought of Kathy, his wife, lying in their bed earlier that morning. Her nipples had hardened in the chill of the room developing into the half-inch long peaks that Jimmy loved to suckle. They had always slept in the nude relishing the warmth and security of skin to skin contact, but over the last few years the sexual excitement had started to wane. They had shared life and loved each other for nineteen wonderful years now. To Jimmy she was more beautiful then ever. They still had sex regularly, but it’s wasn’t as intense as it use to be.

Jimmy knew that it wasn’t just his libido that needed a little out side stimulation. Kathy had been looking more and more openly at other men and at a few women as well lately. Years ago they had considered opening their marriage, but had decided against it. Both had admitted after long heart felt decisions that they where to insecure to not be afraid the other would fall in love with someone else. They left it in the fantasy realm but the door of intimate communication had been opened allowing for each to openly, and with out guilt, to describe in detail how it would be if they every really did open their marriage.

Until then Jimmy hadn’t realized Kathy had Bisexual interest, but he sure wasn’t sorry when he found out. It really excited him thinking about being with two women, and the mental pictures he envisioned of Kathy going down on a woman as he slid his hard cock deeply in and out of a hot little pussy always brought intense orgasms. Kathy loved the idea herself and would often include this in their love making fantasies.

Through Kathy’s fantasies Jimmy had discovered a few of his own Bisexual tendencies. Although he didn’t find men that attractive he really loved the thought of sucking a cock, getting it really hard, then guiding it into his wife’s wet pussy. He could easily imagine licking her sweet juices off the guy’s dick while listening to Kathy describing how good it felt to have him deep inside her pussy. He just knew it would be a thrilling advent for both of them if it ever really happens.

Continuing on his hike to his hide-away Jimmy now had to carry an extra burden, his raging hard-on. His dicks outline showed stretching down his thigh. He could feel the precome cozening out of the swollen head causing a growing wet stop on his jeans.

“Man am I horny,” Jimmy thought grabbing his cock, squeezing, causing the wet spot to grow larger. Again, he wondered if he should share his secret hide away with his wife. She liked to play out doors. They had christened the back yard with a wild doggy fuck their first night in their new home years ago and Jimmy still remembered ever detail.

Kathy and he had worked hard to get the house in order that day. They where thrilled to be moving into their first home. Their excitement as always back then turned to passion as they flirted and stole quick feels of each others most sensitive areas whenever they thought their friends Diana and Larry, who were helping them move in, couldn’t see.

When their friends said their good byes around eight pm. Kathy said she was going to change for bed. Jimmy turned down the lights and popped the cork on the bottle of wine that had been chilling through out the day. He filled two glasses and turned to find Kathy standing in the door way of their living room in a short white satin robe. Jimmy fell in love with her all over again gazing at his beautiful wife.

“Hey baby, do you like what you see?” she said stretching her arms over her head pulling the robe up just short of showing her pussy. Her nipples where hard and full against the fabric. Her smile sparkled and her eyes twinkled in a devilish manor that Jimmy had learned early in their relationship meant she was ready for a night of sexual abandonment.

Jimmy, wolf whistling his pleaser, crossed the room handing her a glass. She took it and Jimmy watch as she brought the christal to her lips, sipping. Her lips glistened. Her tongue slipped out and caressed the moist skin relishing the exquisite flavor.

Jimmy took a sip of wine and put his arm around her waist pulling her to him. Their lips came together softly at first and quickly melted in to lustfulness that threatened to go on forever. They forcefully broke the kiss when the heat reached the point that nothing else but force could have broken their tongues apart. Kathy giggled deeply in her throat gazing into her mans eyes. Jimmy, hugging her close again, admitted a low rumbling growl into Kathy’s ear nipping the lob with his teeth before moving his lips to the carve of her neck. His hand moved to her tight ass and rolled the soft globes as he seeded her now bare shoulder with soft wet kisses.

Kathy playful dance from his encircling arm laughing heartily when he brushed her nipples as she turn her back to him. She claimed his teasing digits and pulled him toward the kitchen door throwing a rascal look over her still bare shoulder and whispered, “Come with me baby. I’ve got a treat for you.”

They set their glasses on the counter and shared another passion filled kiss before Kathy took charge pulling him to the back door. Jimmy didn’t know what Kathy was thinking when she stopped turned to him putting her hands flat on his chest and said, “Take your cloths off and then you can catch me!” With that, she pushed him hard, and quickly opened the back door. Before he could react she dropped the robe and ran naked into the darkness. Jimmy last sight of her was of her tight little ass disappearing into the night.

Stunned as he was that Kathy was being so daring Jimmy was still very quick to recover. He ripped his shirt off losing buttons as he did so. His shoes, pants, and shorts where off before he crossed the small deck. The grass was damp with dew and although he felt the cool air on his bare skin, he was more aware of his hard cock waving free. It bounced like a dowser rod as he stopped, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness. He felt harder, larger, and longer then he ever had before. The animal in him begin hunting for his teasing mate.

Hearing her giggling in the dark, he followed his ears with his eyes finding her clothed in shadow strolling confidently as if on the catwalk of a fashion show. Her voice drifted though the air, “So you want some of this do you?” her hands outline her body lifting her breast up. A moan escaped her lips as she cupped her nipples as if protecting them from his hungry stare.

Kathy could see Jimmy’s powerful frame outlined in the light from the back door. She knew his delicious cock would be leading the way to her across the yard. Knowing, if any of their new neighbors where out in their yards they would be able to see two nude forms approaching each other in the dark, excited her. They might not be able to see any details but it would be unmistakable what they where going to be witnessing shortly.

Her skin felt flushed, her nipples burned with excitement, her pussy was dripping wet. She had intended to continue her tease but as jimmy closed the distance all she could think of was his cock throbbing in her body. She stood passively not turning as Jimmy circled her in the dark his features muted, his intent clear. She knew she was going to be taken, and she wanted it badly.

Jimmy let is eyes cruise Kathy’s body in the dark. His thoughts imagined flames dancing in her eyes. When she didn’t move while he circled her he knew instinctively what she wanted him to do. He approached her from behind and grasped her firmly by the hips. A shiver ran through her body as she felt his cock brush the crack of her ass. The heat of it both comforting and treating. His hands came around her torso and traveled aggressively up to her breast pulling her body fully against him. She could feel his hard body perfectly formed to hers. The thought of any would be viewers swiped away by her desirer to have this man in her and in her now. She bent forward trusting her ass harder against his cock, her back arched downward, and shoulders pulled up.

Jimmy reach around her and pulled her nipples taunt as she bent forward. Her ass flared into an open heart. He could feel the heat coming from her pussy on his balls, and smell the aroma of her sex against the background of damp night air. His hands played the divide between her breast and her pussy. Lower, first one then two, fingers found their way to the entrance of her yielding, yearning body. He transferred the sweet juice he found to her nipples pinching each to their full hardness. In turn, her hands searched between then, finding his erection, and guided it deeper between her cheeks.

His cock sliding against her ass hole sent waves of pleasure though Kathy. When his fingers found her clit she hissed, “Oh yesss!” between clinched teeth as her first orgasm ran through her body with lighting speed. Her hips bucked hard against his hand in a disparate hope of complete penetration receiving a third finger and another orgasm for her effort. She arched her back farther opening her legs wider given over to the feel of Jimmy’s hand in her cunt. She revealed in the pleasure rocking her body as if she where fucking his cock instead of his fingers.

“Oh baby, give me your cock. Oh God! I need your cock Jimmy. I need it now, please!” she begged over her shoulder never slowing her grind on the slick fingers in her pussy. Jimmy loved the sound of the words coming from the vision in front of him and his lips devoured hers. Their tongues dancing together adding more lust to the fire.

His beautiful wife, the love of his life, was being so sultry that he didn’t know how much longer he was going to be able to keep from spraying cum all over her back and ass. He could feel her pussy clinching harder around the fingers buried deep inside her. Her little rose bud ass hole was fluttering against the head of his cock as she claimed another orgasm. His nostrils flared with her aroma and he could not wait any longer. He just had to taste her.

Pulling his fingers from her and kneeling down behind her he spread her cheeks and gazed into her open pussy before pulling her hips back into his face. His tongue penetrated deeply between the plump inner lips. He tasted her sweet juice, swirling his tongue around the walls of her cunt, as he drank fully. Fastening his lips, he sucked the hard nub of her clit. Using both teeth and tongue, he added to her thrill, beating the nectar into froth. She rewarded his efforts with a squirt of pure cream into his mouth as she came for the third time.

Kathy was in a world of continuous bless, hotter then she had ever been in her life. Three orgasms already and she was building to a fourth as Jimmy stood up behind her. As she felt the head of his cock slide between the wet lips of her pussy she tried to bury it deep inside her, but Jimmy only let her get the head inside her hole before forcing her to stop with a sharp slap on her ass that echoed across the yard.

Kathy whimpered in her need for his cock. The head felt so good but she wanted the length. She wanted to be full of cock! She wanted to feel her pussy milking the cum from Jimmy’s balls. She wanted the bless of being filled to overflowing. Their combined juices running down her legs and drenching his cock and balls as will as her thighs.

“Oh fuck me baby, please fuck me! I need your cock Jimmy! Give me your cock Oh damn you, fuck me now!” she demanded wantonly.

Grinning wickedly, relishing the power of her words, Jimmy slammed into her so hard that she was lifted off her feet. He held her in the air by her hips, as he fucked into her over and over, taking her with brut force.

Kathy felt helpless, completely pierced upon the hottest, hardest, cock in the world. Over and over, harder and harder he slam fucked her sweet little cunt and it drove her crazy.

“Ahhh yes! That’s it baby give it to me deeper, harder! Oh yes, yes, yes!” She screamed out her lust to the public at large uncaring for anything but the feel of his cock pounding her senseless as her toes barely crazed the grass.

Her orgasm kicked into overdrive and she squeezed his dick so hard it caused her pain, but the pain made her cum even harder. She felt his cock growing in her pussy, despite the pressure, forcing her cunt to open up even more to his demands. She knew he was about to cum. Knew that she would become pregnant because his seed would be deposited directly into her womb from such a wonderful fuck. Knew it, and loved it, as she climaxed again so intensely that the walls of the world closed in upon her as she blacked out from feeling heaven.

Jimmy was amazed at the level of lust that he was feeling. Slamming into Kathy’s pussy, holding her just off the ground as he fucked her passionately, violently. With each thrust, feeling her pussy open to him as never before, deeper, deeper. Going over the edge, he felt his cum boiling out of his cock emptying his life force into her. Mixing with her own juices, it dripped from her pussy coating them both.

Locked in passion, together, they fell heavily to the ground basking in satisfied animalistic lust the level of which neither had felt before. The night closed in around them and they slept, right there in their back yard of their new home.

Nine months later to the day, Kathy gave birth to the twins, Jake and Julie.

An odd sound brought Jimmy back from the past. A sound he didn’t expect and a sound that admittedly brought a concerned frown to his forehead. It sounded like people, laughing, joking, having fun, and it sounded like it was coming from his favorite hideaway spot. The one no one in the whole world was suppose to know about.

“Oh damn.” Jimmy muttered under his breath. “I guess there goes the farm.”
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