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Let me tell you how the whole thing started. I live in a 7-storey apartment block in Bombay. There are four apartments on each floor. Of the four, one apartment is still vacant. My next-door neighbors happen to be a Sindhi family, husband (40 years), wife (35 years), 18-year-old son and a daughter. The wife, Mala, was a good-looking woman, but was a little plump. Big ass and big tits! We had good neighborly relations and I used to leave my spare house-key with her. She always said I was like a younger brother for her. In the apartment opposite mine stayed a family who were originally from North India, but had moved to Bombay since several years. Well, I will tell you all about this family later.

This incident happened last year, during the summer. It was a very hot summer and the area where we lived was facing water shortage. The local municipal authorities used to pump water to the residents for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. Being out of the house for the entire day for work, I had a small overhead water storage tank installed in my loft so that I would have some water when I got back from work. Mala did not have a storage tank, and by the time she used to finish her household chores, the water supply would stop. Since I was out for the whole day, she used to use my bathroom to have a bath.

One day, I came back from work by early afternoon. I had to prepare for a sales presentation, so I thought I would sit at home and complete it peacefully. As I opened my main door, I heard the shower running in the bathroom. I crept towards the bathroom and saw that the door was not latched from inside. Pushing it open, I peeked inside. There she was! Mala! Naked, covered with soap from head to toe. I shut the door silently, came, and stood in the bathroom doorway watching this naked woman wash herself. A soon as she washed the soap, she realized she was not alone and she turned and saw me looking at her tits and pussy with lust-filled eyes. Immediately she tried to cover her breasts and pussy with her hand.

Taking advantage of her shock, I grabbed her by her wet hair and dragged her out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. I locked the bedroom door.

“So, Mala, finally I get to fuck you. I have been dreaming about this day ever since you moved into this neighborhood.”

Very scared, she replied,

“Please let me go! I don’t want to sleep with you. I have got children and a husband! Please let me go. I have always treated you as a brother. You can’t do this to me!”

I walked up to her and planted a kiss on her lips. She refused to respond. So grabbed a handful of her tits and squeezed till she opened her mouth to scream in pain. I immediately pushed my tongue in and started kissing her passionately, grinding my hard cock into her hip, gently kneading her breasts. She was struggling to get away all this time. She finally pushed me and said, “My son will come looking for me if I don’t go back soon.”

“Well, no problem! I will go and invite him here to watch his mother naked. Maybe he might want to stick his teenage cock in the cunt.”

I looked around for something to tie her while I went out to call her son. I used to of my neckties to bind her wrists and feet. I enjoy sex that is slightly different from normal. The thought of watching a son fuck his mother would really turn me on. I called her son, Vicky and told him his mother was looking for him. He came with me to the bedroom. He was shocked to see his mother lying naked and bound on my bed. I could see him getting a hard-on.

“So, Vicky, would you like to hump your mom?”

He was in a shock and didn’t know what to say.

“Hey Mala, looks like your son is enjoying watching his mother naked! Why don’t you suck him off to ease his tension?”

She started abusing me, “Are you crazy, you bastard? I will never do such a thing. Just let me go! Vicky, run and call the neighbors! We will turn over this guy to police!”

I looked at Vicky. He was busy staring at his mother’s tits and the hairy pussy. I had enough of Mala’s resistance. I started to encourage Vicky.

“Hey buddy, think of her as any other naked woman and not your mother! You can stick your cock into her, can’t you? Or are you too scared?”

“But, she will tell dad about it and he will kill me!”

I said, “don’t worry, I will record the whole thing with a video camera and then she will keep her mouth shut.”

This fizzled all of Vicky’s resistance. I took my video camera and set it to record the scene. Untying Mala, I told her to strip Vicky. She did that and Vicky’s hard cock popped out.

“I want both of you to suck each other.”

So the laid down in the “69” position and Mala started sucking Vicky’s cock while he was licking her cunt. Both were making noises of pleasure. I was watching this scene while stroking my cock. Mala seemed to be a good cocksucker. After sometime, Vicky couldn’t control his passion anymore and he stopped licking her cunt.

“Oooooh! Mummy, I am coming! I am coming!”

Mala stared sucking him hard. Soon, Vicky came in her mouth. She sucked him dry and he collapsed, completely drained.

I stepped towards Mala and grabbing her hair, I pulled her to her feet.

“Now it is my turn!”

I threw her on the bed and climbed on top of her. She started struggling hard, knowing that I was about to fuck her cunt.

“Vicky! Hold you mother down! I will let you fuck her after I am through with her.”

This made the teenager hornier. He jumped and grabbed her wrists. I spread her thighs and stared at her cunt. It was wet! I rubbed and pinched her cunt lips and she shut her eyes and was groaning with pleasure. I couldn’t wait anymore. I rammed my hard pole into her cunt. She screamed with pain at my assault. She had a tight cunt and the tightness around my cock was erotic. I kept pumping her hard, squeezing her tits. Soon she started to climax.

“Oooh! I am coming! I can’t take this anymore! Fuck me harder! Harder!!”

I complied with her ‘wishes’ and kept slamming into her wet cunt. Finally, I could not hold my load any longer and both of us came at the same time. I pulled my cock out. The juices were still dripping from it.

“Come on, get on your hands and knees. I want Vicky to fuck you doggie-style and I want you to suck me at the same time!”

Vicky’s face lit up. He must have been fantasizing about fucking his mother and now his dreams were about to come true.

Mala was on her hands & knees. Vicky eagerly slid his hard cock into his mother’s already wet pussy. I shoved my limp cock into Mala’s mouth. She started sucking me and rolled her tongue on the tip of my cock. It was an incredibly erotic feeling and my cock started to harden in her mouth. She kept grunting in pleasure because of Vicky slamming her from behind. I had hardened in her mouth and she was now sucking hard. I was a heavenly feeling, getting my cock sucked by Mala. I grabbed her hair and started raping her mouth. I was now ready to come.

Pulling my cock from her mouth, I jerked it till cum spurted on to her face and hair. Vicky, seeing me do this lost all control and came too. All of us collapsed exhausted.

After this incident, I have fucked Mala several times. Sometimes at her home in her bed, sometimes at my house. During our interludes between fucking, she told me that Vicky was uncontrollable and was fucking her at every opportunity he got. Well, good for him!

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