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Tonight was the night. Lisa sat at the bar and nervously twirled the stem of her empty wine glass.

"Would you like another?" The bartender asked, moving to stand before her.

"Oh. Yes please." She said pushing the glass toward him.

"So, are you here alone?" He asked refilling her White Zinfandel.

Lisa smiled. Hopefully not for much longer, she thought.

"I'm waiting for friends." Friends sounded good. She wasn't about to let some stranger know that she was about to do something daring. Crazy. Erotic.

His smile seemed to waiver. He seemed like a nice guy. But definitely not the type for what she had in mind tonight. He disappeared to take another order and Lisa mentally reviewed the ad in her head.

Two men seeking woman for one night of pleasure.

She still can't believe she answered it. But a ménage was something she had been dying to try. She had read the ad on the internet personal page and decided to reply. A few e-mails and a back ground check later, here she was. She only hoped they showed up soon before she lost her nerve or got drunk. The latter slowly becoming a possibility.


Lisa stiffened at the deep voice behind her. Slowly she turned on her stool. Standing there was the hottest thing she had ever seen in jeans. She blinked in surprise. Make that two things.

"Hi. I'm Rick and this is my brother Mike.


Twins! Holy shit. Lisa soaked her black panties.

"Nice to meet you. Both." She said with a smile.

"The pleasure is ours." Rick said leaning in close. "Or at least it will be." He pulled back and gave her a wink.

"Did you get a room?" Mike asked, helping her to her feet.

"Yes. Third floor. 308."

"Excellent. Shall we?" He said taking her hand.

Rick took her other hand and they all left the bar.

In the elevator, Lisa took a minute to look at them. They both stood at least 6"2". They both had black hair and green eyes. Mike's hair was loose and fell in waves to his shoulders. Rick had his pulled back and secured with a leather tie. At least she now had a way to tell them apart. Strong, well-built bodies were encased in worn blue jeans and black tee shirts, stretched across broad shoulders.

Oh yeah, tonight was going to be fun.

Inside the room, Lisa dropped her purse and the room key on the nightstand. She turned to face the brothers and found them completely naked. And aroused. Their massive cocks jutted out from neatly trimmed black public hair.

"You two don't waste time." She commented, reaching behind her back for the zipper on her dress.

"Allow us." Rick said as they approached her.

He went behind her and slowly lowered the zipper. Her bodice loosened and Mike slipped the straps from her shoulders. He slid the silky fabric down her breasts, causing her nipples to harden painfully.

"Beautiful." Mike whispered, his hot mouth closing over one puckered peak.

Lisa moaned and rested back against Rick's hard body. She felt the dress slip to the floor. Rick's hands circled her waist and delved into her black panties. Her hips arched as he rubbed his fingers through her wet slit.

"So wet Lisa." Rick said against her ear. His tongue came out and flicked against her earlobe. His teeth lightly nipping it.

Lisa lifted her hand and held Rick's head to her ear. With every stroke of his tongue, her pussy creamed even more..

"Let's have a taste." He said and turned her around to face him. He went down on his knees before her, while Mike did the same behind her. He helped his twin remove her panties.

Mike lifted his hand and began to massage her ass cheeks. Rick bent forward and touched his tongue to her clit.

"Oh." Lisa moaned, holding on to Rick's shoulders.

Rick lifted her leg and placed it over his shoulder, giving him better access to her dripping pussy. His tongue flicked at her clit The quick, flickering strokes drove her wild. She rocked her hips against his mouth.

Then she felt Mike shift behind her. His hands spreading her cheeks apart. The swipe of his tongue along her anus had her crying out. Together, they continued to feast on her. Giving no quarter until she cried out with the force of her climax, her sweet juices filling Rick's mouth. He drank deeply from her. His slurping sounds filled the room.

"Delicious." He said kissing her pussy lips and slowly rising to his feet.

Mike stood as well. They led her to the bed and ripped the quilt and sheet to the floor.

"Have you ever had two men before?" Mike asked, laying her down and positioning her on the bed.


The brothers shared a smile.

"What?" She asked, a sudden wave of panic beginning to rise.

"It's okay Lisa." Rick soothed. "It's always the best the first time. Not knowing what to expect. How good it will feel. We promise, you'll enjoy this."

Not totally reassured, Lisa lost all thoughts when the brothers lowered their heads and each took a nipple into his mouth. Their hungry growls filled the room as they licked, nibbled and sucked the turgid peaks.

A hand traveled down her stomach and cupped her shaved mound. Long fingers rubbed her wet slit. Slowly one slid deep inside her. It wiggled. Lisa's hips shot off the bed.

"Easy baby." Rick whispered lifting himself up and moving to kneel by her head. He captured her chin and turned her face toward him.

Lisa opened her mouth to take his hard cock into her mouth. She could barely take him all in. She circled him with her hand and began to take him in and out of her mouth.

"Oh yeah. That's it baby." Rick moaned, pushing his hips, forcing more of his throbbing cock into her mouth. "Suck it good."

Lisa felt the bed shift and another hand touched her cheek. Turning her head, she took Mike's cock into her mouth. Alternating hands and mouth, Lisa sucked them off.

"I'm gonna come." Mike growled, pumping his cock farther into her mouth. He threw back his head with a shout and shot his load down her throat. Lisa swallowed every creamy drop.

"My turn." Rick said, grabbing a handful of her hair and fucking her mouth until her came in a rush of warm cum.

Barely given time to catch her breath, Lisa watched as Rick leaned back and pulled her over him. Her hips straddled his. She arched up and settled over his cock. The tip of him poised at her opening. She looked back over her shoulder at Mike. He stood watching them, a tube of lubricating gel in his hand.

A shiver ran through her. Anal sex. She was excited yet nervous. She had always wanted to try it.

"Relax Lisa. We won't hurt you." Rick said, pulling her attention back to him. He lifted her hips and slowly impaled her. His cock sliding into her dripping channel. Inch by torturous inch. Lisa rotated her hips, getting herself accustomed to his size. She felt stretched. Full. On fire.

Rick cupped her breasts. His thumb and forefinger rolling her nipples. Pulling on the hard points. Lisa arched her back, thrusting out her breasts more. He leaned up and took one into his mouth. His teeth grazing her.

"Oh Rick." Lisa sighed, bouncing on his cock.

Then she felt Mike behind her. His lips kissing her neck. Shoulders. Back. Hot, open mouth kisses that had her stomach tightening. She leaned forward over Rick. Her breasts dangling above his hungry mouth. Mike's hands rubbed her back, making their way to her ass. He spread her cheeks and Lisa felt the cool gel squirt on her hole. She jerked in response.

"Easy. I promise, you'll enjoy this." Mike said against her neck. His finger slowly worked the gel around her anus. One finger slipped inside her. Lisa caught her breath.

"Breath sweetheart. When I push in, you push out. Alright?" Mike instructed, removing his finger.

Lisa nodded. More gel was applied and Mile's finger returned. Lisa pushed out as his finger slipped knuckle deep inside her.

"Feel good?" He asked, slowly starting to finger fuck her tight ass.

"Yesss." She hissed, still riding Rick's cock. The feeling of being double filled almost making her come.

"There's more."

Mike slipped another finger inside her. Twisting in her. Stretching her. After several minutes, he removed his fingers.

Rick pulled her down for a deep kiss. His tongue licking the corners of her mouth. Lisa felt Mike's dick rest against her ass. His hands pulled apart her cheeks. She felt the round tip of him at her anus.

"Push out." He commanded as he drove deep inside her.

Lisa cried out and climaxed. Her juices flowing over Rick's cock that was still buried deep inside her.

"Easy baby. Just relax. Let us take care of everything." Rick crooned, starting to move underneath her.

Mike picked up a pace that matched Rick's. Rick pulled out and he thrust in. They took turns sliding their big dicks inside her. Rick slid a hand between their bodies and his thumb found her swollen clit. Lightly he began to rub. To build the pressure.

Lisa wasn't sure how much more she could take. She was sandwiched between two of the sexiest men she ever met. Their two cocks fucking her senseless. Her tits bounced in front of Rick's mouth. He took turns taking each one into his mouth while Mike squeezed and slapped her ass. The pleasure/pain was almost unbearable. Rick's pressure increased on her clit. His thumb rubbed first in circles and then back and forth.

"Oh God! I'm going to come." Lisa cried, her body starting to tremble.

"Come baby. Come for us." Mike encouraged, his cock driving deep and hard into her ass.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh Goddd!" Lisa arched and felt her climax rock through her. Her body clenched tight on the two cocks invading her.

She heard two shouts and knew Rick and Mike had also found their release. Lisa collapsed on Rick's chest. Mike pulled out and flopped down next to them.

"Holy shit." Lisa sighed, her body still twitching from her mind-blowing climax. Her body felt used and sore. And still highly aroused.

"You can say that again." Mike added, turning to look at them.

"So, what did you think of your first ménage?" Rick asked, gently pulling her hair back from her face.

"I think," she said leaning up to look at the brothers, "that I need to explore it more." She smiled. "Anyone up for seconds?"

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