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Illegal Free Pics Incest Russian First Time Sex Stories Incest Father And Young Son Incest Photos Stories Incest Grrl Incest Taboo
The number of men I know who dream of fucking their nieces is surprisingly high. They don't even know they have nieces until the nieces go off to college and start flaunting what they've got. Then they come into work bitching about teen girls these days. Well, I'm one of them. It was always my wife who reminded me of my nieces and nephews birthdays etc. Until my niece Kate turned around 19. She's not one of these slim blonde tanned nymphets that you usually read about in erotic fiction. She's got black hair and blue eyes and she'd be described by most as 'larger'. Meaning not 'really big' but not thin enough for most dirty old men. Meaning in my eyes, a decent set of tits, a sexy waist that curves in and a nice big ass. Hourglass figure, like what used to be popular back in the day. Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, those curvy, busty, voluptuous types. Kate fits in with that and she's sex appeal on legs.

Of course, she gets it from her mother. My brother's wife, Janine. My wife is beautiful and she's a good person and she's great to live with but she's not really into sex. She doesn't hate it or have any weird attitudes about it, she just prefers a lot of stuff to it. Like a back rub. Janine, on the other hand, you can just tell loves to be fucked. Which is where my brother Michael is stupid, since he'd rather go have a few drinks with the boys or stand around fixing cars than fuck her. Janine looks like Kate, only older and more experienced. Her and I carry on a nice little flirtation but nothing's ever come of it.

Until one day she rang me up.

"Alex, could you come round and give me a hand with something. Mike's away on a fishing trip and I need someone to help me out with shifting the fucking bed."

So off I went. It was a good excuse to get out of gardening and I never passed up the chance to hit on Janine. When I got there she was all hot and sweaty with her hair all mussed up. She was wearing a tight, ripped t-shirt and I could see her breasts perfectly outlined through it. No bra. Perfect breasts, all big and firm and perky. Typical Janine, flaunting what the good Lord gave her. She grinned at me lopsidedly. Behind her, I could see the bed, wedged into the doorway good and proper.

"As you can see, it's not easy shifting this damn thing," she said, giving it a kick for good measure.

"We'll probably need to disassemble it partly," I said.

"Yeah, I figured that, but I can't get it out now to pull it apart." She kicked it again.

Together we heaved and puffed and pushed away at it. It suddenly gave way, like a cork out of a bottle and crashed down back into the room it had come from. Janine flopped on the bed, laughing.

"Two hours work and now I'm back where I started."

I flopped down beside her, our bodies touching. I could feel the heat of her legs against mine, the swell of her breast against my side. I turned to look at her.

Her face seemed incredibly close to mine. Her full lips looked incredibly kissable.

So I kissed her.

So sue me.

And thank the Lord, she kissed me back. Soft, slow, sexy kisses on a comfortable bed on a hot summer afternoon.

"We should have done this a long time ago," she said. "I've wanted you ever since I met you on your wedding day."

"I've wanted you since then too. I couldn't believe Mike, the lucky bastard, walking in on my wedding day with a chick hotter than the bride."

"Oh, come on, Claudia's gorgeous."

"Yeah, she looks great but she doesn't move the way you do."

"Move the way I do how?"

"She doesn't move like she wants to be fucked," I said.

Janine burst out laughing and started kissing me again, this time undressing me, her hands fumbling at my belt, the buttons of my jeans, then inside, catching hold of my cock.

"I do, you know," she said, tugging my bottom lip with her teeth. I do want to be fucked."

I kissed her hungrily, our tongues touching, tasting, darting in and out of each others mouth. Her hand was stroking me luxuriously, playing with my cock and balls sensuously. I pulled her t-shirt over her head, fascinated as her breasts spilled free, big and soft and perfectly shaped. I kissed her neck, licking my way down her throat and her chest. The swell of her breasts was so inviting I raced to taste those perfect nipples for the first time, so hard in my mouth I couldn't help but nip them with my teeth. "Oh yeah, that's good, bite them, hon, I love my tits being bitten," she whispered, her hand beginning to stroke my cock faster.

I sucked, licked and bit her delectable tits, loving how huge they were. I stopped suddenly and straddled her. I began to rub my cock over those stunning globes, stroking my big cock in between them, flicking her nipples with my fingernail as I did so. She loved it. She pushed her breasts together, to make the saliva-soaked tunnel an even better furrow for my dick to plough. Then she opened her mouth and with every thrust of my cock between her breasts, she teased my big purple cockhead with the tip of her tongue, flicking all over it. I looked down at her incredible, voluptuous body, the delightful curves of her statuesque form. I was finally fucking my big, beautiful, sexy sister-in-law. She began to suck the end of my cock with every stroke, and I leaned forward so that more of my cock was entering her mouth each time. Her tongue slithered all around my shaft, teasing me, milking me, making all the blood rush to my cock and make it bigger and harder than it had ever been. She slapped my cock against her long, agile tongue then started sucking it, slurping so hard I thought I would burst out of my skin. I was powerless, I could feel my orgasm building and I was going to cum and oh fuck oh fuckā€¦.

Then her hand clamped tight around the base of my cock.

"Not yet, lover," she smirked. "I know this is only going to be the first of many fucks, but I still demand satisfaction."

She lay back, spreading her big, sexy thighs wide, her fingertips spreading her pussy so I could see the glistening pink.

"Now fuck me, Alex. Fuck me like I've wanted for so long."

I pushed myself against her and began to rock my cock backwards and forwards, her wet pussy spreading for me more and more with each stroke.

"Oh, fuck, yes," she moaned, "stretch my pussy out with your big cock. Spread me wide, oh fuck yes that feels good."

I pushed completely in with one quick stroke, burying my long, thick cock in her so my balls were pressed up against her. Then I pulled out, slowly, watching my glistening cock slide out of her. When just the head was left inside her, I thrust back in, fast. She squealed with delight.

"I love being fucked hard, I fucking love it. You like the way my cunt wraps around you like a glove, Alex. A warm, wet, slippery glove that squeezes your cock just right?"

I could hardly reply because she tightened her pussy muscles around me and I had to concentrate on not just losing control and shooting inside her right then and there.

I started fucking her hard, like she said she liked, slamming my cock into her so that her body shook with each stroke, her big breasts bouncing with every thrust.

"Fuck me from behind, hon," she said, "that's my favourite."

She slid off me and kissed me greedily once, then turned, bending over to stick her big beautiful ass out at me. I caressed it slowly, loving the feel of her skin. My fingers traced down, brushing over her asshole to find the soaking wetness of her luscious little cunt.

I entered her so fast she gasped. She began to jiggle up and down, riding my cock so expertly it was unreal. I reached around and grabbed those titanic tits and began to tease and flick her stiff nipples, tweaking them in time with my thrusts. She reached one hand back around and started rubbing my cock as I pumped it in and out of her juicy little hole. I slid one hand down her and started rubbing it lightly over her clit. She moaned, stroking my slippery cock faster and faster.

"I'm going to cum again, Alex, just fucking hold on a second until I cum and then I want your cum in my mouth. I want to drunk it all, you sexy bastard."

How could I not oblige the lady? Luckily for me, she came almost immediately and I held her beautiful ass down, crushing her pussy onto me as she writhed in the throes of her orgasm. Then she was on her knees in front of me, taking my cock into her mouth, relaxing her throat to let my big head slide right down inside her. She pulled me out, lathering me with her tongue up and down my shaft, her small hand pumping the base of my cock.

She could obviously sense that I was about to cum because she started stroking harder, extending her tongue to catch the first drops. I'd never known a woman as hungry for cum as Janine. She eagerly slurped it up, almost all of it and I cum a hell of a lot. The last few sprays though, she wanted on her tits. It was the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen. Janine, totally naked, sheened with sweat from our fucking and with my cum plastered over the best tits in the world.

"Lick it off, she said," with a sexy smile.

After that, it was almost a habit. The number of excuses Janine could come up with to get me around to her house when Michael was away was staggering. We fucked in every room in the house, outside on the lawn and in their swimming pool. We fucked in every position, I tongued her to numerous orgasms and she sucked my cock better than it had ever been sucked before. And then it came time for Kate to come home from college.

"What do we do when Kate's home?" I asked one day, momentarily breaking from my oral ministrations on her lovely hard little clit.

"What do you think, Alex? We keep right on going. Kate's going to be busy with all sorts of stuff. It shouldn't cramp our style too much. Now keep going, dammit," she said, shoving my head right back down there.

So Kate came home, and I was quite taken with her. I told Janine how much Kate looked like her.

"Think she's hot, do you?" she said with a laugh.

"She takes after you. How could she be anything else?"

She was quiet for the rest of the day and she wouldn't say what it was when I asked what was bothering her.

The next day though, when I snuck out from work at lunch for a quickie, I discovered what it had been.

"Alex, you think Kate is sexy, don't you?"

"Yeah, of course she is. Not as hot as you, but she's pretty damn sexy."

"I have to fight feeling attracted to her all the time," she said in a rush. "There, now I've told you."

"That is so sexy," I said.

"God, I was so hoping you'd say that. I've read some of your stories that you wrote so I knew you found the idea hot in concept but I didn't know if you'd find it hot in real life."

I kissed her in response. That was all the response I could manage. The sex we had that afternoon was one of the best yet. I didn't make it back in to work for the rest of the day.

From then on, we schemed on how to include Kate in our sex life.

"But we don't even know if she'll go for it," Janine said, for what must have been the thousandth time.

"I told you," I said, "I talked to Stuart (my son) and he said that she's got a reputation in college for being wild. Like her Mom, I imagine."

"Yeah, but fucking her mother and her uncle is a step up from a wild college rep."

"We won't pressure her at all. We'll just let her catch us fucking and then we'll see what happens from there."

Eventually, she was persuaded and we were ready to ensnare my big, beautiful niece into a threesome with her mother and her uncle.

How do I get myself into these situations???

To Be Continued...

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