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Sophia had had a fall at work and banged her head pretty severally, and was now sitting listening to her mother and the doctor. Her mother was very concerned that her daughter was always feeling tired, and asked the doctor whether there could have been something missed in her x-rays.

“No, I’ve checked them again after our conversation on the phone this morning, and I found nothing abnormal. I think she needs to rest whenever she feels tired, and just take it easy. If she’s still feeling this way in another week, by all means bring her back, but I think it’s the body’s way of getting over the trauma,” said the doctor, reassuringly.

Five minutes later they were leaving the hospital, and on the way home. Once their Sophia’s mother had to wake her daughter up, and helped her upstairs to her room.

“You rest all you want darling, I’ll be down stairs if you need me,” said Sophia’s mother, as she tucked her in.

Brad came in shortly after that shouting for his mom, and being told off for being too loud.

“Sorry mom, I didn’t know Sophia was in bed,” he said, as he threw his backpack onto a chair.

Quietly walking up the stairs Brad got a quick shower, and then dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. Coming out of his room he was just passing his sisters when he heard a soft moaning noise coming from within. Thinking she was in distress he knocked softly upon her door before opening it and popping his head around the corner.

His sister was completely naked and lying on top of her bed. Brad could see her pushing what looked like a hairbrush between her legs, and realised that she was in the middle of masturbating. She’d turned the hairbrush around and was using the handle as she would a vibrator.

Brad suddenly realised that he hadn’t left her in peace, and knew exactly why. Her performance was turning him on and although he told himself to leave mentally, his cock was telling him differently. He also realised that she was completely unaware of his presence, and decided to stand at the foot of the bed after closing the door.

Standing there for a minute, Brad could now see her wet pussy lips being parted by the hairbrush. His cock was straining to be released, and after unzipping his jeans and pulling them down he gripped his hardened shaft and slowly masturbated to the show in front of him. Sophia had opened her legs a little wider now, and was really plunging the handle into her body vigorously, so vigorously in fact, Brad thought, she’d make herself sore doing that.

Before he knew it he was coming and didn’t stop to think where his cock was pointing. As he came it arched in the air and landed on Sophia’s leg. Ejaculating a second or two later he couldn’t help letting out a soft moan of pleasure as it left the tip of his cock.

Sophia was almost certainly coming herself as her cries of pleasure were becoming more pronounced, and Brad could visibly see her fist glistening with the moisture that her orgasm was producing.

After pulling his jeans back up he quietly left the room, and only then did he feel any kind of guilt. Although after ten minutes his mind had rationalised that no harm had been done.

Later that night Sophia’s mother and father decided to have an early night, and he fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. His wife decided to take a bath before she retired.

Once she’d taken her bath she dried herself and placed her nightgown on. She was feeling a little randy as she walked towards the bedroom and thought she’d see if her husband was up for it when she got to bed. To her surprise however, when she opened her bedroom door she found her daughter sucking her husband’s cock while he slept.

At first she was deeply shocked and let out a gasp of horror as her daughters head bobbed up and down. This shock was quickly replaced however with a feeling of morbid curiosity. She found that this was turning her on, and yet she knew it was wrong.

Her husband was moaning in his sleep, and started to wake. Realising that his cock was deep inside someone’s throat he looked down expecting to find his wife. With a blur of movement he pulled his cock out of his daughters throat and called out her name. His wife entered the room, making her presence known.

“What the hell’s she doing?” he said, beginning to get off the bed.

“I think she’s sleep walking. If you’ll notice, she hasn’t said a word and she’s trying to get your cock back into her mouth,” replied his wife, stopping him from getting up.

“What are you doing?” he said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

He then felt his daughter’s hand getting hold of his cock again, and watched as his wife let her nightgown slip to the floor. At first he was stunned, but the sight of his wife’s body and the fact that a mouth was now covering his erection made him falter. The feeling of guilt as the tip of his cock brushed his daughters throat was almost unbearable, but when his wife straddled his face after pushing him down he knew there was no way back.

The sensations that coursed through his body were alien to him. He’d always fantasized about taking on two women at once, but never imagined that one of them would be his daughter. He found himself licking his wife’s wet pussy lips with great pleasure, and moaned out loud as his cock slipped in and out of his daughter’s mouth.

When he felt his daughter gripping his cock with both hands he couldn’t hold it back anymore, and felt the first surge of cum exploding from the tip of his cock. His moans were turning his wife on as never before and she too climaxed at that moment. He just carried on licking and losing himself in the moment, totally aware that his daughter hadn’t let a single drop of his cum escape her lips.

When Sophia suddenly got up from the bed and returned to her room, both her parents followed her.

“What are we going to do?” said her mother.

“If she’s just sleep walking we could put a lock on her door. At least that way she’ll not be able to come to any harm,” replied her husband, closing the door quietly.

After returning to their room they discussed the nights events further, and found that both of them were still feeling as randy as teenagers. Before long they were fucking one another like they were back at high school, and loving every minute of it.

To be continued…

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