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They sat in the classroom watching the clock as the hands slowly moved toward three o'clock. The teacher was talking, but nobody was interested in whatever he was saying. The final countdown for the school year was in progress, and less than a minute remained. Kate's pretty little 18 year old legs coiled beneath her chair, ready to leap toward the door the second the bell rang. Ten, Nine, Eight, the class counted in unison as the second hand swept toward the top. The bell rang loudly as the hand reached its apex, the cheer of the students rumbled through the entire school. Kate jumped to her feet and sprinted for the door, reaching it ahead of the rest of the class. Hardly slowing to open the door, she pushed into the hall and rushed toward the exit. Other doors opened and students flooded the hallway with smiling faces and loud voices. Kate was long gone, out the door and in the parking lot where her boyfriend waited on his Harley.

Kate peeled her skirt and blouse off, threw them to the ground and now wearing only panties and boots, sat on the bike behind Jason. He kicked it into gear and with a thunderous roar, sped away from the school. A huge cheer rose again as they passed the school's main exit which was crowed with the departing teenagers. Kate leaned back, showing them her perfect breasts and then pulled her panties loose and tossed them to the pavement, a prize for the first one to reach them.

Jason slowed to a reasonable speed when they reached the main highway, but Kate wasn't quite ready to stop celebrating. She stood on the seat behind Jason, using her hands on his shoulders for balance. People stared as they sped down the road, the biker in leather and his naked girlfriend standing behind him. Horns blared, fingers pointed and even a few angry shouts could be heard but Kate didn't give a damn and saluted each and every gawker with a middle fingers. Jason left the main road and Kate sat down as they headed down the country road toward her house.

The bike slowed in front of the house and Kate jumped off and ran up the stairs and opened the door. Jason shut the bike down and slowly followed her into the house. Kate had disappeared, but Jason knew she wouldn't be gone long. He walked toward the kitchen to grab one of her father's beers and found her naked in the kitchen. The only thing she said was "fuck me."

Jason not being a stupid man, immediately removed his jacket and shirt. His boots and pants were off in a flash and his socks and shorts followed within another five seconds. He crossed the room and she met him with a huge sloppy kiss. Their lips parted, their tongues touched each probing the others mouth. Jason's right hand reached down and found her pussy already soaking wet. His stiffening penis pushed forward into her belly and she moaned with delight. Jason pushed her to the kitchen table, turned her around and bent her forward. His cock pushed easily into her pussy from behind and Kate screamed with pleasure. Jason grunted and began to slide in and out of her tight pussy, his hands grabbing her hips to hold her in place. Kate grabbed the edge of the table and used it to push back into him, meeting each stroke with a thrust of her own. Jason thrust into her hot wet pussy again and again. Kate's little whimpers were music to his ears. Kate shuddered with the first tingling of her orgasm and her legs kicked out behind her. Jason continued to fuck her as fast and hard as he could, he began to grunt as he felt his own orgasm nearing and as her first orgasms subsided, his body shook and he spewed his semen into Kate. Kate's breath expelled from her body as she had her second orgasm within a minute. Jason thrust a few more times and then collapsed onto Kate's back, exhausted and spent. His softening cock slipped from her dripping pussy and dangled loosely between her legs.

The pair remained on the kitchen table for several minutes, finally Kate rolled over under Jason and began kissing him on the neck and shoulders. He immediately felt his cock begin to stir into life again. Kate continued kissing him and then she started to slide down his body toward the floor. Every inch of her way, Kate kissed and licked the sweat from Jason's hard body. When she reached his semi-hard cock, she licked it lightly, tasting her own juices and tasting his cum. Opening her mouth, Kate took Jason between her lips and began to slide his now hardening cock in and out of her mouth. Jason placed his hands on Kate's head and began to face fuck her with long hard strokes, each ending with his cock head in her throat.

Jason knew he couldn't cum from only blowjob, and after a few minutes of being sucked, he lifted Kate to her feet and bent her back over the kitchen table. He placed his wet hard cock at the little bud of her anus, and said "I'm going to fuck your ass now."

Kate pushed backward and Jason knew she was ready. He pushed firmly and with a little pop, his cock slid into her ass. It was so tight he nearly came instantly and he had to stop for a moment to relax. Kate squirmed with his cock in her ass, and soon he pushed a little deeper. She moaned again and Jason thrust his cock in to the hilt, his balls slapping her upper thighs. Jason withdrew and began thrusting his cock in and out of Kate's tight ass. Kate had never been fucked this way before and in her excitement, came almost instantly. Jason felt her body contract around him and he smiled wickedly as he continued to pound her ass. Kate fell forward on the table, as her orgasm tore through her body.

She started yelling at Jason "Fuck me, damn you, fuck my ass." "Make me cum again, "oh Jason."

Her orgasms were following each other in a nearly constant wave of pleasure. Jason feeling her complete submission, pulled his cock out of her ass, and walked around to her face. He jerked it a few times and spewed his hot creamy sperm onto her face and into her open mouth. Kate swallowed and gagged as shot after shot splattered her face and lips. Finished, Jason walked over to the sink and began to wash his cock clean. Kate remained where she lay on the table, her ass gaping open, her pussy dripping juice and semen and her face covered with fresh cum.

Kate eventually rose from the table, and stumbled to the bathroom where she looked in the mirror at the mess. She smiled and then reached up and pushed all the remaining cum into her mouth. She washed up, and walked still naked into the living room. She should have stopped to look, because Jason sat on the couch, fully dressed talking to her brother. Steve stared at his beautiful, naked sister; he hadn't seen Kate naked since they were kids, and his jaw dropped when he saw her erect nipples and shaved pussy.

Jason laughed aloud and said "oops."

Steve just said "uh, uh, uh."

Kate tried to cover up, but she had already walked into the center of the room and there was nowhere to hide. She jumped to the couch and grabbed the pillows to cover her breasts and pussy, both men watching her the whole time. Steve, ever the gentleman, stood up and walked to the kitchen, giving Kate a minute to flee from the room. When she returned, dressed a few minutes later, neither Jason nor Steve was anywhere to be found. .

Kate woke the next day still feeling wonderful from her romp the previous afternoon. She wrapped her towel around her body and headed to the bathroom, a long hot shower would prepare her nicely for the first day of summer. Kate turned on the water, put her hand under the faucet and adjusted it to temperature. She stepped into the shower and twirled quickly around, wetting her whole body. She reached for the body wash, a gift from her friends, and liberally applied the moist soap to her body. She rubbed each of her arms, washing each completely. She applied more soap to her legs, rubbing each long tanned leg from toe to crotch. An idea crossed her mind, and she began rubbing her breasts with her hands, pushing them in circles, just touching the nipples with her slick fingers. In moments both nipples were sticking straight out, fully erect, hard as thimbles. Kate slipped one hand between her legs and began to lightly rub her pussy, all the while rubbing her breasts with the other hand. Her exploring finger soon penetrated her wet vagina and brushed her swollen clitoris. She began a rhythmic stroking and quickly reached an orgasm. She sat back on the shower seat, and started finger fucking herself, first with one, then two and finally three fingers slipped into her pussy. She began to moan lightly and her breathing grew ragged as she stroked to another fine orgasm, she continued rubbing her clit and her orgasm grew until she could no longer stand it and yelled out loud with her pleasure.

Kate finished her shower and opened the curtain, standing outside was her brother, he was naked and stroking his hard cock. He apparently had been watching as she masturbated and could no longer hold back. Steve looked up and saw Kate's naked wet body, a look of semi-horror on his face, but for him it was too late, his orgasm too close and his first stream of hot cum shot from his swollen cock and hit Kate on the stomach. A second spurt hit her thigh, and the third hit her feet. He jerked his cock several more times and his cum dripped out onto the floor. His head thrown back, his eyes closed, Steve continued rubbing his cock until his orgasm finally subsided. When his cock stopped throbbing, he opened his eyes and looked forward, seeing Kate with his cum running down her body. He groaned again and felt his cock stir once again.

Steve said "Oh God, you're beautiful. I'm sorry, Oh God, I couldn't help it after seeing you yesterday, Please don't be mad."

Kate didn't know what to say so she said nothing, she looked at her cum covered feet, legs and body with a frown and then at Steve's hardening penis. She really didn't know what to think of this, but she had to admit that it was pretty damn sexy.

Steve, a little quicker to recover his wit, said with a laugh "you need another shower" and brushed by her to turn on the water again. As he went by his cock brushed her leg and she moaned slightly, her desire overcoming her good sense.

"Do you want to touch it?" he said.

Kate still said nothing, but her had reached out and just lightly touched Steve's swollen cock. It jerked when she touched it and she yelped and pulled her hand back causing Steve to laugh again.

He said "it won't bite you, but it might spit again."

He reached out and took her hand and placed it on his cock. She wrapped her hand around it and rubbed it easily a few times. Steve threw his head back and sighed with pleasure.


Kate finally found her voice and said "it's so huge, bigger than any I've ever seen, way bigger than Jason's."

Steve didn't say anything, so pleased was he with the stroking his cock was receiving.

He had never had a girl before, and his sister had been driving him wild for two years with her tight little ass and perfect boobs. This day had been planned and thought out for almost a year. Seeing Kate naked the previous day had just cemented his plan and brought it to fruition.

Kate continued rubbing Steve's cock, fascinated with the intensity of his reaction and also amazed at the feelings she was experiencing. She let go, and then she lay down on the bathroom floor. She reached her hand up and took Steve's hand and tugged him downward. She opened her legs, and then used her hand to guide his swollen cock toward her wet and dripping pussy. She felt the tip rub against her clit and moaned loudly, then with a movement of her hips, his cock slipped into her, just a bit, but that was enough. Steve groaned again, his cock jerked and immediately his semen shot out and into Kate's pussy. He pulled back and his cum shot onto her stomach and all over her body. Kate looked at Steve's face and saw both excitement and shame. He was embarrassed about ejaculating so quickly.

Steve looked away and said quietly, "Oh, I'm sorry, that wasn't supposed to happen like that was it?"

Kate looked at his shrinking penis and said "Was that the first time for you?"

He hesitated then replied "yes, you are my first. I've never done that before."

Kate told him "don't worry it will be better next time." She got to her feet, stepped into the shower to clean his semen off of her body and wash the sweat from her skin. Steve reached in and wiped his cock down with a washcloth, still looking ashamed and a bit unhappy. Kate leaned forward and rubbed his face, when he looked at her, she kissed him first on the cheek then on the lips. "It is ok Steve I promise it won't happen like that again."

Steve asked "will you do it with me again?"

Kate answered by reaching out and tracing a line with her fingers from his cheek, down his chest and finally gripping his soft cock one more time. She dropped his cock, and left the bathroom to dress and start her summer vacation, which was already looking like it would be the best ever.

Steve and Kate both worked at the shopping mall outside the town. Steve worked at Shoe Factory, selling athletic shoes and hiking boots and Kate worked at the Gap selling fashion clothing. They drove to work together every morning, but usually found their own way home; Steve taking the car and Kate riding with Jason on his Harley. They never mentioned the bathroom incident, but neither did it leave their minds. Every time Steve showered he thought of Kate's tight pussy and her small round breasts. Every day he masturbated while looking at her yearbook picture, which she had signed "I love you, Kate."

For her part, Kate frequently found herself sneaking peeks at Steve's crotch, hoping he wouldn't notice. When she made love to Jason, she found herself thinking of Steve more and more often and she knew she would have to work on this problem or she would go crazy. Kate resolved to talk to Steve and once and for all put an end to their difficulties.

Steve had been trying to get a girlfriend, but his obsession with Kate had hindered his success. Every time he started to ask a girl out, a vision of Kate flashed through his head and he bungled the attempt. Steve knew that Kate was also having trouble, he had seen her looking at his crotch with hunger in her eyes, and knew she wasn't seeing Jason as often as before. He decided to finally get this situation fixed.

The next day as they drove to work, Steve asked Kate "How is it going with Jason." When she didn't answer he pressed on, saying "I can't get you out of my mind, I can't stop thinking of your body and I need to be with you again."

Kate groaned, this wasn't going the way she had planned, but it was going to happen anyway. She said "Steve drive home. We need to talk."

"We'll both get fired if we are late" he said.

"So what, there's plenty of shitty jobs at the mall," Kate told him.

Steve turned at the next intersection, and soon they turned into their driveway, parked and entered the house. Kate walked to the couch, sat down and motioned for Steve to sit next to her.

Steve sat and said "What."

"We need to do something" and she pulled her t-shirt off and dropped her skirt to the floor. Kate kicked her shoes and socks off and then pulled her panties down and threw them to the floor with the rest of her clothes. Steve started to undress, but Kate shook her head no and said "just sit and watch."

"Kate what are you doing." Steve said, "God you look good."

"Shhhh" and she began to sway side to side, moving her hips in circular motions, her arms tracing arcs in the air. Swaying in a dance of lust and love for her brother, she moved closer and reached out and began to unbutton his shirt. One button at a time, Kate removed his shirt. She could see his cock hardening inside his pants and she moved away and danced a little more.

Steve moaned and said "oh god you're beautiful."

Again Kate hushed him and moved closer again and started to kiss and lick his chest, pulling his nipples with her lips, biting lightly. Her hands moved over his body, stopping to unbuckle his belt and open his jeans. Her mouth moved down and he felt her hot breath on his navel and then lower. His cock grew longer in his pants, straining uncomfortably against the tight jeans. Kate moved back and knelt before him, swaying side to side, her hands working at his pants. His zipper came down; she removed his shoes and tossed them aside. Again Kate moved up and kissed and licked Steve from waist to neck, and then back down, leaving no part of him untouched.

Kate reached down and worked Steve's jeans down over his ass and then pulled them off completely. His cock was straining to get out of his shorts, but Kate wasn't quite ready to allow that. She tossed his pants over her shoulder and again started kissing and licking him from head to toe. She brushed her hand over his hard cock, touching it through his underwear. She felt it squirm around when she touched it, and knew he was going to explode. She started licking his thigh, worked slowly down to his feet. She kissed then sucked each of his toes one time. Kate licked and kissed his ankle and worked back up to his crotch. She traced the line of his cock with her fingernail and saw a drop of liquid spreading through his shorts. Steve was sweating and breathing hard, his arms were tense and his hands were clenched into tight fists.

"Relax" she said and touched each of his hands. He unclenched his fists and allowed his body to go limp. "That's better" said Kate, "it will better if you relax."

"Better? Impossible" Steve mumbled "Oh God Kate that is so good."

Kate moved hands all over his hard young body and finally she gripped the waist band of his shorts. With a couple of quick tugs, Steve was naked, his cock sprang free and erect. Kate saw the wet spot on his thigh and knew it was his pre-cum. She started licking and kissing his chest and arms again, her stomach leaning on his swollen throbbing cock.

Steve tried to hump her stomach, but Kate stopped and said "No Steve, I'll do this, you just sit."

He groaned but complied and Kate continued with her oral ministrations, licking his navel and then brushing her lips over his swollen cock. She looked one time at Steve's face, saw the need there and then she place her tongue on his cock and licked it once.

"AH, God" Steve shouted the feelings finally getting the better of him. He arched his back and pushed his cock toward her face. "Oh God Kate I, I, I."

"Shhhh" Kate admonished and then leaned down and licked his huge cock again.

Steve leaned back, closed his eyes and again clenched his fists. The feelings he was experiencing were too intense, he didn't think he could take it.

Kate held his cock in her fingers and then opened her mouth. She placed her mouth over his cock and then suddenly touched her lips to it on all sides... Steve's sigh of pleasure told her what she needed to know and she slid her mouth up and down the length of his cock a few times. His pre-cum lubricated her mouth and as she moved her head over his cock, she stroked it with her hand. She rubbed his balls with her other hand and knew he would soon cum. His balls tightened into a tiny hard little ball and she felt his cock throbbing with his excitement. She continued bobbing her head up and down on his cock, and soon his back arched again and he thrust his hips forward. His orgasm began and his cum started shooting into her mouth. Shot after shot spewed from his swollen cock and she tried to gulp it all down, but he came in such a volume that some dribbled out and ran down her chin. He thrashed his arms and humped his hips into her face, each time he moved another spurt of semen shot from his penis into his sister's mouth. Kate continued sucking and swallowing until finally after ten seconds or so, he stopped cumming and fell back to the couch.

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