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Hi. My name is Natalie. I'm 19 years old, I have a good body (36C-24-32), long brunette hair, brown eyes, long legs, 5ft4 and I'd like to tell you about my second sexual experience. My first experience was with my daddy. He raped me. My second experience was with my brother. This is my story...

The day of my second sexual experience took place about 3 months ago. It was immediately after my daddy had raped me. My brother had just watched him do it and then blackmailed me into having sex with him too. Harry, my brother, is not very good looking but does go to the gym a lot. Harry was extremely well muscled. His cock was just as big as my daddy's, it was 7 inches long also and was about 3 inches wide as well. My brother forced me to suck his cock, I found it difficult at first to fit his cock in my mouth but with a little maneuvering I got his cock almost all the way in.

After I had sucked his cock for a few minutes he said that he wanted to fuck me. There wasn't anything I could do to change his mind. He pushed me on his bed and said to me, "Get on all fours. I want to fuck you doggie style." I had no choice but to obey him. I was surprised by what Harry did next. He started to lick my pussy. I found myself becoming turned on by his tongue on my clit. He licked and sucked at my pussy for a long time until I was nice and wet. I was writhing in ecstacy when he just suddenly stopped.

Almost instantly he rammed his huge cock deep inside my cunt. My big brother started fucking me like there was no tomorrow. To my surprise I found myself enjoying every single thrust of his giant fat cock. As he pumped my little tight pussy I felt a tingling sensation building inside my tummy. The tingling sensation slowly built up in strength and began to extend to other parts of my naked body.

It wasn't until the tingling subsided that I realised that I had just had my first orgasm! I couldn't believe that I was having my first orgasm with my own brother.

After a frantically fucking me from behind my brother withdrew his cock from my pussy then told me to lie on my back. I did as I was told. Harry then straddled my chest and started to wank over my tits. I could tell from the look on his face that he was about to cum. His hand was a blur as he pumped his 7 inch shaft. Harry then came over my big tits and face. He rubbed the head of his cock on my tits, smearing his cum over my large pink nipples.

Harry looked down at my cum drenched face and smiled. I asked him, "Are you going to say anything about daddy fucking me?" He replied, "I haven't decided yet. We'll see how well you can fuck a total stranger."

I was absolutely horrified by my brother's suggestion. I couldn't believe he wanted me to fuck a complete stranger! I had no choice but to do what my brother told me to do.

Harry told me to get dressed up in my sexiest clothes. He said he wanted me to look like a whore. I did exactly as I was told. I wore sheer black stockings, suspender belt, black bra and matching skimpy knickers. I also wore my highest heels, my shortest skirt and a black transparent blouse. When I showed Harry what I was wearing he looked at my face and said, "Put on some red lipstick and lots of eye make-up."

I did as my brother said. When I had finished I looked at myself in my full-length bedroom mirror and thought to myself, "God, I really do look like a fucking prostitute!"

When Harry had gotten dressed we left the house at about 10pm that night. We took a taxi to central London and stopped in Brewer Street in the heart of Soho. Harry took me into a sex cinema and paid for both us. We went downstairs into the dingy cinema. There were several men already sitting down watching a soft-core porn movie. Some of the men noticed me as me and Harry sat down. A couple of them moved closer to where we were sitting. It was then that I knew my brother wanted me to any man who was willing to fuck me while he watched...

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