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"I just think these therapy sessions are becoming a waste of time."

"Well don't. You and your mother have been making great progress. I have observed many of these types of cases, and I really think you're doing great."

"So how many more sessions will we need?"

"Today may be your final day. And the biggest."

I looked at my mom and then at the doctor. What could he mean?

"I'm going to have you go through those two doors. Andy, you go through the door on the left. Sandra, you go through the one on the right. This will be perhaps our most important exercise. Now, quickly please."

I had no idea what was behind the door on the left. But I was starting to feel joyed at the fact that this could be our last session. We (mother and I) had been going to therapy for about two months trying to resolve issues stemming from control. Being a momma's boy. Having her see that I was grown and could make decisions without having everything scrutinized as if I was still 10 years old. You probably know the deal. Some of the sessions have been helpful, some pure bullshit, but we've been making advances.

I went through the door and closed it. A small room with a bed in the middle. Other than a mirror on the wall and a telephone, this was basically an empty room. As I approached the bed, I saw a note on it. It was handwritten by Dr. Johnson, the 'doc'. It read:

"You have made great progress. This will likely be our last session if everything goes well. Your objective is to get naked. You may leave all your clothes on the bed, or on the floor if you want to feel as if you're at home. Admire yourself in the mirror, if you'd like to . The door behind you is locked and you will not be leaving until you are naked, since you have a camera watching you to make sure. I will call you on the telephone when you are ready."

I went to the door and sure enough it was locked. I looked around for the camera, but couldn't find it. As I looked and saw the bed, a thought came to my head. My mother might be entering! What could I do? I stopped to think about all the possibilities, and I must have wasted about 10 minutes. So, I finally started to take the clothes off. I pulled my shirt over my head. Pulled off the sneakers and the socks. Dropped my pants and underwear. I started to feel horny even though I was all alone.

Then the phone rang.

"How are you Andy? Everything great?"

"What kind of exercise is this?"

"Don't worry. Everything will be fine. I'm not going to keep you in here forever. It's very simple. All you're going to do is come out of that door naked. You do know that you've kept us here for almost forty minutes with your close inspection of the place. It may not seem like much to you, as we noticed you looking up and down. But don't worry. This is real."

I tried to answer, but he already hung up. I walked towards the door. It was still locked. What? Before I could start cursing, the mirror moved, revealing a door behind it. I walked out and was approached by some old man in a hallway.

"The doctor wants you to wear this muzzle. He says it's special. Let me put it on for you." How odd this was! Some old man walks up to me while I'm naked like it's nothing to put on a muzzle that seems to be like a mask. Something was wrong when I noticed keys changling behind my head. "Now it's locked into position. It will be removed when everything is over."

"...." I talked but the sound was muffed. I now couldn't be heard. Everything was starting to get ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as this old man showing me the next door to go through. "That's where you're going. Make it quick!"

I approached the door slowly. This room was not well-lit but it seemed like Mom was already here. I walked towards her and I was shocked as hell to see her naked and strapped by her torso to a table, with the same kind of muzzle that I had on.

"Welcome. This is your exercise. Andy, you will come to your mother and enter her. Very simple. You will do it as fast as you can." I heard the voice of Dr. Johnson, but of course I didn't see him. "We have all the time in the world as everything is locked, and we will not go anywhere until you do this correctly. This will be the way you become a man. You will look into her eyes as you fuck her and fuck her like you hate her. Now go."

I stood there, almost not believing but I said to myself what the hell. I may as well punish her for all the shame I've felt while growing up, right? I walked up to her and saw her sagging breasts. What a shame that I was muzzled! As soon as I was about to touch them, Dr. Johnson's voice came over the speaker: "That is not what you are here for! Complete the objective!" I looked into her eyes and saw a look of despair. She slowly opened her old legs which were starting to feel the effects of aging. I entered back into the womb slowly. Gliding in and out a couple times before I could completely enter, which I did after a few strokes. She then turned her head away. "Andy, please hold your mother's head to make sure she looks at you. Keep thrusting, please."

I then cradled my hands behind her neck by leaning over her. We were belly to belly, chest to chest and on any other day, these would be great circumstances. I looked at her and her eyes were closed. She wouldn't look as I thrust back and forth, back and forth, not trying to think about these bizarre circumstances. As I continued, I started to notice that she was starting to get ridiculously wet, and some noises were coming from undernath her muzzle. Was she enjoying this? I decided to remove my hands from her head and slapped them both against the side of her ass, her cottage cheese ass. I did it again and again until it started to turn red. Then, clasping her ass I started to penetrate deeper and with more power than before. The sensations were incredible and it wasn't too long before I came. Five good streams and a couple of weaker ones entered as I reached my climax, and possibly completed this 'exercise'. I looked down at her since my head was up at the ceiling for that whole time of my pleasure. Her eyes were still closed, trying to hide whatever she was feeling, and she was concealing it well. So, I decided to pull my limp penis out.

"Do it again. That was unsatisfactory. Hold her head again and please maintain eye contact this time. You could have been finished by now."

I was mad. I managed to do this without thinking of my mother, trying to have it be as normal as possible. So I went back to the table and gave her a body-splash the way wrestlers do. My erection quickly returned and I thrust it back into her pussy. I grabbed her by the neck and brought her head to mine so close to mine that my muzzle was on top of hers the same way my body was over hers. I thrust and thrust. The feeling of sloppy seconds was starting to get to me, with my previous emissions making everything smoother than before. Within a few seconds, I noticed a couple tears coming out of her closed right eye. Then, they both opened and it was almost as if a dam broke. And these were tears of pain and hurt, not tears of pleasure. This absolutley rocked me. Did I hate the years with this woman so bad that we have found ourselves in this situation?

I closed my eyes. I figured if I maintained this position, face to face, no camera could definitively say that we weren't eye to eye. Plus, the sensations were so good, I had to at least finish this. A couple of thrusts and I was done. She received a second load. But it was all ruined went I felt some wetness on my left arm. I looked and saw the floodwaters from her eyes overflowed into my territory. I tried to block it out but at the end of the day, this is what it is.

"Congratulations, Andy! You have now taken back your life. How does it feel to be a man? Anyway, you just might want to shower before you leave, as you've finally come out of your mother's pussy! It's taken you 29 years, but you've done it! Hahahahaha, sometimes I crack myself up!"
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