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The story I write below happened during the initial years of our marriage. My wife conceived and the good news was conveyed to all. My in-laws took my wife away to their place (Bangalore) very early saying that she needed special attention. I was alone for nearly a year till my wife returned with the child. Her younger sister Geetha also came with her. The reason was that Geetha had finished her graduation and my wife had persuaded her to come to Delhi so that she would be of help to my wife. Alongside, Geetha can also find a job here. This idea was supported by my in-laws and me.

To be frank, I liked my sis-in-law. She was a very sexy girl with boobs bigger that my wife's. I have always wondered whether she would agree for a fuck. But I never asked her. After coming here, she took over the household work like cooking, washing, cleaning etc. as my wife remained busy most of the time with the new-born baby.

I and my wife slept in our bedroom with the baby and in the other room, Geetha slept. I used to make love to my wife after the baby had slept.

My wife and her sister Geetha, are very close since they had grown up together (there were the only children to their parents). There was no secret between them and Geetha had learnt everything about what we did in the bedroom at night. My wife had also shown her the sex books we keep under the bed.

One day, my wife told me that her sis wants to see our love-making. Boy, this was something interesting. I immediately agreed and that night, Geetha was there sitting on our bed while I and my wife engaged ourselves in the sex act. Thereafter, Geetha slept in our bed by the side of my wife. She continued to sleep in our bed and sometimes, both the sisters engaged themselves in kissing and fondling each other. I watched it with interest and it was a real turn on for me. I longed to see Geetha's youthful body.

One day I told my wife that her sister has got such a sexy body that I could not help fantasizing about her while masturbating in the toilet. My wife said that she too gets turned on by the size of her sister's boobs. She also said that her sister, after seeing our love-makings, is very much interested to have some sexual experience. She had requested my wife to permit her to enjoy sex with me. My wife did not tell me because she was afraid how I would react. Now the things have become clear, I told my wife that I would give enough pleasure to her sister but would not 'spoil' her with intercourse so that she would remain a virgin.

That night, the three of us were on the bed, my wife was in the middle, Geetha and me on her sides (we had put the baby on the cradle). All of us were tense. Geetha knew that I would do 'something' to her. My wife was worried how it would go. She was more concerned about her sister's virginity because once I get the heat, I never stop and she was afraid that I may screw her sister. I was also a little bit uneasy because something unbelievable is going to happen. I am offered a new, fresh, young and willing girl on the bed. At the same time, I have to do everything in front of my wife who has the remote control.

Finally, I started it all saying that I would like to see the big 'mountain peaks' of Geetha. Geetha simply giggled. I moved over my wife and remained over her. I unbuttoned and opened Geetha's blouse. Putting my hand under her, I located the bra-hook and released them. Her luscious boobs were exposed to my full view (the light was on). Like a hungry dog, I started sucking her nipples. For more convenience, I moved over Geetha and played with her breasts.

Slowly I started removing her sari and inner skirt. Geetha lay there with only her panty. I kissed her everywhere. I hugged her, kissed her and fondled her. I went down and kissed her belly. All of a sudden I pulled away her panty. Geetha showed some concern and tried to stop the panty being taken away. I told her not to worry and enjoy everything. My wife also reassured her telling about the oral delight. I licked Geetha's clitoris which made her go to seventh heaven.

After this my wife stopped me and asked me to make love to her , we enjoyed like nothing had great sex and delivered great pleasures. write to me for a DISCREET relationship no problem for anyone females contacting me at

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