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My heart was pounding so hard in my chest I was sure my parents could hear it in their room. I loved fucking Jack, oh, god, I loved it. If I didn't have some part of my body, my hand or my lips or my soaking pussy, wrapped around his fat, hard cock every day, I think I'd die. And a big part of the thrill, aside from my screaming orgasms, and the alluring fact that he was my brother, was the risk we were taking. Today had pushed that aspect of our affair right to the limits. I guess I'd become a little addicted to the danger, to the secrecy, and the adrenaline rush, but the last thing I wanted was for Mom and Dad to actually catch us in the act. I realized I was clutching Jack from behind, and I eased my grip and rose onto my tip-toes to ask him in a whisper what we were going to do now. My warm breath had barely caressed his ear when he turned and let his lips brush mine. He widened his eyes at me and put a finger to my lips. Then he grabbed my wrist, opened the door, and pulled me out into the hall-way.

I followed him silently, figuring we were going to my room, where I could get some clothes, or downstairs, where we could talk and come up with a plan, but he tugged me along the hall towards my parents' door. Shit. This was insane. I didn't have any idea what Jack could be thinking, but safety certainly lay in the other direction. Any direction but where he was headed. I resisted him, but I couldn't do anything very effectual without making noise. When we were right outside my parents' door, Jack raised his finger to his lips and pressed his ear to the wood. His grip on my wrist had loosened, and I was starting to back away when he beckoned me to join him.

"No way," I thought. "Let's just get out of here. We can think up some story later." But Jack kept his ear plastered to the door and waved at me to come over next to him. As scared as I was, he'd made me curious. I took a step forward on the hall-way carpeting and laid my ear on the door.

Mom and Dad's voices were muffled, but I could hear them clearly enough.

"That was so sweet of you to call and invite me to lunch," Mom was saying. "We should do something like that more often."

"Well, with Kathy and Jack both gone in a few weeks, I guess we'll have time for it," my Dad replied. There was silence for a minute, then Dad continued. "Though I'm not so sure I should let you out in public. Did you see the way all the men in the restaurant were checking you out?"

"Hmm. Now that you mention it, I did notice some heads turning. Not bad for an old broad. You didn't really mind, did you? I liked it. And maybe it stroked your ego just a little, hm?"

My hearing had adjusted enough to the panel of wood between me and my parents' room that I could hear a zipper sliding down.

"My ego's just fine, thank you, ma'am," my Dad said. "But this looks like it could use some stroking."

"Oh, my goodness, Rob You definitely need some help with that. Can you wait just a second while I get my clothes off?"

There was no more conversation, just the soft rustle of cloth, and the squeak of bedsprings.

Then my Mom again. "Oh, god, Rob. I just love your penis. It's beautiful."

"Yeah," my Dad choked out. "And it looks especially good between your lips. Oh, fuck, Cyn. That's fantastic. Don't stop."

I heard slurping noises and deep grunting. My hands were on Jack's waist, and I leaned back from the door and watched my nipples brush his back. He'd heard everything I'd heard, and I could feel his muscles tightening under my hands. I reached up around him and pulled him tight against me. Oh, shit. I was coming. I ground my hips into his ass and bit into his shoulder to stifle my moans.

After I came back to my senses, I let my hands slide back down to Jack's hips and bent toward the door. The bedsprings were creaking wildly, and I realized my Dad was fucking my mother. I slid my right hand over Jack's stomach and let it rest on the muscle of his thigh. My thumb slipped up and flirted over his balls. I was dying to grab his prick. Standing behind him, I couldn't see it, but I knew it was jutting upright, bobbing and dancing and leaking streams of fluid that just needed to be smeared all over it. Oh, god, jesus. I couldn't believe I was coming again. I grabbed Jack's hand and yanked it toward my burning pussy, but he shrugged me off and reached for the doorknob. Even as I spasmed, contracting all over, my mind was yelling at him. "Don't. Oh, please, Jack. Don't do it. Do you really want our parents to see us like this, with my knees crumpling and a vapid, glazed expression on my face? And you with a granite hard-on waving in front of you?"

As it turned out, none of my horrifying night-mares came true. Jack's hand closed around the doorknob and twisted it silently. A gap opened up and I took a deep breath and got myself together and leaned over Jack's shoulder to peek inside. Dad was kneeling between my Mom's wide-spread knees, plowing into her. The open door seemed to magnify the sound of the slap of his groin on her hips. Mom was clutching her tits, squeezing the nipples between her fingers, and giving out a soft groan every time my father thrust forward. Then Dad drew out of her, his big red cock jumping, and she turned over onto her knees, raising her ass to him. Instead of diving into her like I expected, Dad reached over to the open drawer of her night-table and took out the blue and white tube of K-Y jelly.

"Damn," he said. "We're going through this stuff in a hurry."

My mother looked back over her shoulder at him, her eyes full of lust. "Good. I'll buy a case of it tomorrow. Just do it. Now."

I thought my Dad would smear it onto his prick, or into Mom's gaping pussy, but he unscrewed the cap and pointed the mouth of the tube at Mom's ass-hole. Holy fucking shit. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. A big gob of lubricant oozed out, and my Dad tossed the tube aside and rubbed the stuff into my Mom's puckered brown-ness with his thumb. I knew what was coming next, what inevitably had to follow, but I couldn't get my mind around it. He wasn't really going to... Oh, yeah, he was going to.

He held his cock in his hand and pushed the swollen head of it at my mother's ass. Mom let out a deep groan, and I could see the tension easing out of her. Dad's cock-head slipped past the last resistance of her sphincter, and then he was in her. Balls deep.

My hand had found its way to Jack's hard-on. It felt like he'd been carved out of rock. I held him just tight enough to slide the loose skin up and down over his shaft. I milked him slowly until I felt him shaking all over. His eyes were glued to the crack of the door-way, watching my Dad slide in and out of my Mom's ass. I looked over his shoulder, my left hand busy between my legs. Mom's thighs were trembling and her moans were getting louder. Dad was pretty far gone, too. His face was bright red and his motions were jerky.

We all came together. Mom flopped down onto the bed, biting into the pillow. Dad fell on top of her, screaming out his release. My hand flew over my clit, and I felt moistness erupt. I fell to my knees, but even in the throes of my orgasm, I had the presence of mind to spin Jack toward me and suck him into my mouth. He came buckets, nearly gagging me, but I gulped and swallowed and got all of his hot juice down. It wouldn't do to have him shoot his load all over my parents' door.

When I felt I could stand up again, I pushed Jack toward his room. I heard soft murmurings coming from Mom and Dad's cracked door. I figured they'd never notice it was open. Now all I had to do was come up with a way to get Jack and me out of here.

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