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Over the next few weeks Amy became more and more hungry for sex... she was even starting to really enjoy anal sex, the way it was so different... she felt so full and stuffed and the slick gliding in and out of her backdoor... She'd virtually become her father and brother's sex slave. Mom hadn't a clue, she was always out of the house. Of course Dad went to work too, but he was taking more time at home whereas Mom was away more often.

When both her parents were gone it was Roy who was fucking her, almost non-stop. He preferred her pussy, sometimes tying her up, and occasionally fucking her ass, but usually more into just good ol' sex. It was Dad who was more of a deviant, and she found herself anticipating her encounters with him more and more. Sometimes he'd spank her just for the pleasure of it, and she'd started enjoying having her ass spanked... her pussy was always ready for some abuse... one time he'd taken turns spanking her pussy and licking it. She'd been so sore afterwards, but it had been an incredible orgasm.

Dad liked anal. Which was why it was a good thing that she was learning to like it, because he almost never had regular sex with her... he could get plenty of that from his wife. And although Sarah was passionate and wonderful in bed, she really just wasn't into anal. She did have other fantasies that she fulfilled with him, but now he was getting as much ass as he wanted... tight young ass.

When both Dad and Roy were home they usually double-teamed her, her favorite thing now was to be sandwiched between them, feeling both of their cocks in her at once.

Sometimes it seemed like sex had taken over her life, she was almost always ready for more. And they were always ready to give it to her.

The only thing that she still didn't like was when Dad would come into her room at night after having sex with Mom and make her clean off his dick.


"Guess what?!" asked Dad one morning at breakfast. Mom was beaming at them so it was obviously something they were both happy about.

"What?" asked Roy. Amy was concentrating more on trying to find a comfortable way to sit. Both Dad and Roy had been in an anal mood the day before and they'd both fucked her ass so many times that she was feeling almost as sore as she had when she'd lost her anal virginity to them.

"We're going to visit Uncle Bob and Aunt Ginny!" announced Mom, smiling broadly.

Amy looked up at that. She and Roy liked their cousins, Tom and Carly, who were both about their ages.

"When?" she asked.

"Next weekend," said Dad, "Your mom and your aunt are going out for some girl time so it'll be just us, Uncle Bob and the cousins for the most part."

He looked directly at Amy when he said that, in a way that made her kind of squirm. She'd gotten used to being fucked by her father and brother when Mom wasn't around... was Dad hinting that something similar was going on over at Uncle Bob's?

Although she did ask him later, he just smiled and said that they'd have a good time that weekend.


Almost as soon as they got to their relatives house, Amy found herself shifting uncomfortably as Uncle Bob and her cousin Tom eyed her up and down. She could see that her own father and brother were eyeing her cousin Carly in the same way; and truthfully she couldn't blame them. Carly had the biggest natural tits that Amy had ever seen and they were very tightly constrained in her shirt, looking as though they were ready to spill out. In fact, Amy was feeling very jealous of her cousin's slim figure and hourglass curves, little guessing that her smaller tits and firm ass were just as appealing to the men.

After dinner Mom and Aunt Ginny left and as soon as they did Uncle Bob stood up and began undoing his belt, "Let's get this party started!" He boomed, staring lustfully at his niece.

Amy froze, unsure of what to do as the other men and Carly got up and started taking off their clothes as well.

"Come on," her cousin Tom grabbed her and started pulling her shirt over her head, "Don't just sit there Amy, it's time to have some fun!"

"Wait!" she protested, "Daddy..." she turned pleadingly to her father, but he was already balls deep in Carly's mouth, her tit flesh spilling out from between his fingers as Roy pushed into the girl's open pussy from behind.

"Do as you're told Baby-girl," her father moaned as his own niece sucked him energetically, making mewling sounds as he massaged her large breasts.

Then Uncle Bob and Tom were on top of her, kissing and stripping her down as she protested, trying to pull her clothing back on. It was one thing when her father and brother had seduced her, but her uncle and cousin were just treating her like a piece of meat! They weren't even trying to get her opinion on everything, they were just bullying right through!

"STOP THAT!" growled her uncle as she managed to get a slap across his face, then he turned to her father, "Dave, do you mind if I take this little slut upstairs and teach her a lesson on how to please a man?"

"Go ahead," moaned her father, to Amy's despair, "Tom can share Carly with us."

The last that Amy saw of the rest of her family, as her Uncle dragged her forcibly up the stairs, was of her brother laying under her cousin Carly while her cousin Tom began to push into his sister's welcoming asshole, as the girl energetically sucked on Amy's father. The look of pleasure on Carly's face made Amy feel very envious, but she still tried to struggle against Uncle Bob because she was now feeling very frightened.

Once upstairs, Uncle Bob used his greater weight to hold her down on the bed while he shackled her wrists to the bedposts... the shackles were already there in place and Amy felt a stab of fear as she realized that they were actually permanently attached to the bed. Her uncle was already proving to be an unknown...

Pleading with him as he bent her in half and shackled her ankles to the same bedposts that her wrists were now attached to, Amy started to cry as her pleas fell on deaf ears. Uncle Bob was just staring lustfully at her naked body, he even seemed to take enjoyment in her fear and pleas. Then he shoved a penis-shaped gag into her mouth and the only sounds she could make were soft mewlings.

Sighing happily he began to run rough hands over her body, enjoying her bound and helpless state... Amy could barely move at all because of the way she was bent in half, her legs spread wide and her breasts jutting out between them. His thick fingers pushed into her pussy, which was already wet, defiant of her brain.

"I knew you were a slut," he chuckled as he pushed a meaty finger into her asshole, scratching along the inside as she moaned, "And Dave tells me that you like to be spanked too. Well, I have lots of ways to get that pussy dripping if you like pain with your pleasure."

Amy shivered with fear as he pulled away and went over to the closet, pulling out a box which he brought over to the bed. Pulling out some strange looking clamp things, Amy watched with trepidation as he leaned over and began to suck on her right nipple, teasing to erectness with his tongue and teeth. Then he put the strange instrument over her hard nipple and let it close.

A scream erupted through the gag, muffled but recognizable as her nipple was almost crushed in the tight clamp, pain shooting through her breast while she tried to move enough to shake it off. All of her efforts did nothing but amuse her uncle, and she sobbed as he sucked her left nipple into his mouth... of course the little bud hardened and then it was crushed in the cruel grip of a clamp as well. Amy jerked around in her bonds, tears running down her face as the shooting stabs of pain slowly lessened to a dull throbbing that spread throughout her breasts.

Her uncle laughed as he pressed his fingers into her pussy, making a squishy wet sound, "Yep, already wetter."

Amy blushed as she realized that he was right, despite the fact that her eyes were full of tears and her breasts throbbed, she was wetter and more turned on than ever. What was WRONG with her?

Uncle Bob pulled out a flat looking piece of leather which he immediately used to begin spanking her. It hurt so much more than a hand had, leaving dark red marks on her creamy ass cheeks. A few times he hit her straight along her pussy, making her scream as her tender flesh was abused, turning her swollen lips a bright pink.

Dad, Roy, Tom and Carly all came in around the time that her ass was turning a bright red all over thanks to the spanking, her tears were flowing non-stop - and she jerked with surprised pain every time that the leather slapped her juicy pussy. Still she was turned on though, even though her pussy was throbbing painfully, almost as much as her breasts and nipples.

Roy's eyes were wide with surprise as he watched his sister being sexually tortured, the smell of her arousal filling the room. Dad and Tom just looked turned on, and Dad began fondling Carly again as they watched the scene.

When Uncle Bob finally stopped spanking her pussy and ass, Amy moaned with relief, especially when he unshackled her legs which were now exhausted. Crying out with discomfort as her sore ass rubbed against the sheets, she moaned with despair as the large man positioned his thick dick at her abused pussy. It was going to hurt so much... Her back arched and she screamed as he pushed into her, shoving half his dick in with one hard thrust. Another scream as he slammed his body against her brutalized pussy lips, rubbing his crotch against her while his dick buried itself deep in her tortured pussy.

To her shock, Amy realized that she was almost ready to cum, despite the pain of the abuse.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could already see Tom shoving his dick into Carly's mouth while Dad positioned himself behind his niece. Roy was walking closer to his sister and Uncle Bob, watching the erotic scene with wide eyes as he fisted his swollen dick, almost unbelieving as he took in his sister's reddened pussy lips, grotesquely stretched around their uncle's thick dick, and her crushed nipples which were turned almost purple in their confinement.

Uncle Bob ignored his nephew as he began to heave and buck on top of his niece, fucking her hard and mercilessly, ignoring her pain and just taking his own pleasure in her tight young pussy. Throwing her legs over his shoulders, he thrust even deeper, his slight potbelly pushing against her slim thighs. Amy moaned as her pussy spasmed, all the pain that she'd felt was now mingling with the pleasure in a confusing mix that just brought her orgasm even closer.

The sounds of her wet pussy being stretched over and over filled the room, mingling with the moans and sexual noises coming from the trio on the floor. Biting down on the gag in her mouth, Amy arched her back as her orgasm began to vibrate inside her, taking the pain from her beaten pussy and turning it into incredible pleasure. Just as she started to crest on her wave of pleasure, the clamps were pulled from her tender nipples and she screamed as new pain came crashing through her sexual organs... and her orgasm hit its peak.

Uncle Bob thrust hard and fast, feeling her tight young pussy rippling around him as he fucked his niece hard, the way he'd always wanted to. With a bellow he thrust into her, feeling his dick swelling against her convulsing pussy walls as he began to pump spurt after spurt into her body, filling her abused pussy with his cum.

Moans to the side of the bed let them know that Carly, Tom and Amy's Dad were all finishing up their sexual activities. As Uncle Bob pulled off of Amy, Roy stepped up and blew his load all over her breasts, covering them with sticky fluid.

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