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*Author's note: Please be advised this is a fictional incest story and in no way advocates this type of practice in real life. If this genre offends please do not read further. ~EVE*

Melissa pulled back the shower curtain releasing a billowing cloud of steam into the bathroom. Tiny drops of water still dripped off of her tired body as she reached for the towel. Wrapping it tightly around her budding breasts she stepped out of the tub. Her tiny nipples strained against the terry cloth creating two bumps in the otherwise smooth fabric.

"God that water felt good," she thought to herself. It had somehow relieved all the tensions and sore muscles from earlier in the day. After six straight hours of packing and cramming her personal things into cardboard boxes the reality of her situation finally hit her. "I'm leaving for college in the morning," the thought just kept cycling over and over in her head.

Walking down the hall from the bathroom to her room, Melissa noticed a light on in her bedroom. "That's strange," she thought, "I know I didn't leave that on." As she entered her room she saw her father sitting on her bed holding Roscoe, her tattered teddy bear.

"Hey Dad," she said, giving him a huge smile. God, she was going to miss this old bloke. "What's up? Not planning on taking Roscoe hostage are you? He's the only comfort item I'll get to bring with me to school." Melissa gave a pouty face and then broke into a giggle.

"Oh honey, you know I'd never take Roscoe from you," her father said in a somber voice, "I gave him to you years ago so that when I was away on business you'd have something to remember me by. I'm just sad that now you're the one leaving and I'll be here alone." He laid Roscoe down on the bed and looked up at his daughter with his aged eyes. "Your mother and I are so proud of you baby. We just never expected this time to come so soon."

"Oh Daddy," Melissa said and wrapped his head into her arms and gave him a firm squeeze. "I'm going to miss you most of all." The thin towel wrapped around her did little to hinder her swelling chest and her father nestled so easily between her mounds. He felt close to her, and knew he wasn't ready to let go of his baby girl.

"Baby," he spoke as he pulled himself from her young breasts, "There is something we need to talk about before you head off to college. Seeing that you're leaving in the morning I was thinking now would be the only chance we'd get before you were gone." His face was serious, and Melissa knew he meant business, though his eyes looked up at her softly. She knew he loved her so much. This was obviously very hard for him.

"Alrighty Daddy, give me a few minutes to finish drying off and get ready for bed and we can sit and talk like old times."

"Oh I don't mind if you're in your bath towel sugar," he said and then patted the bed, "sit down and let's chat." Melissa readily obeyed him and plopped down next to him.

"What's on your mind Daddy?" She knew this must be something important because Daddy rarely got this serious over anything.

"Well baby, there are a few things you need to know before you go off to college." He cleared his throat and put his arm around her shoulder and squeezed her gently. "I know that because your mother and I had you attend an all girl high school that you haven't had much experience with boys."

"Sure I did," Melissa broke in, "we had plenty of dances with the local boy school. So I've been around them before."

"Yes honey I know you've been to a few dances, but sweetie things are going to be really different in college, especially since you're headed to a co-ed campus." He cleared his throat again.

"Daddy, are you trying to give me the sex talk?" Her father blushed slightly. "I did have a Health class in high school where we learned all about sex. So it's ok Daddy, you don't have to tell me about it. I already know all about it."

"But you haven't given yourself to a guy yet have you baby?" he asked quickly, trying to determine if she only knew about sex from the health stand point or if she knew first hand.

"No Daddy," Melissa said with a shocked expression on her cute face. "I'd never do something like that."

Her father let go a sigh of relief. "I didn't think you had honey but I just had to be sure."

An uncomfortable silence elapsed between the two. Her father stood and walked over to the door, "I'll be right back baby." With that he left her room. Melissa stayed motionless wondering what her usually light hearted father might be up to. He really did seem to have something weighing on his mind. She thought this was kind of comical, her Daddy trying to teach her about sex.

After a few minutes had passed her father re-entered the room and shut the door behind him. He then handed her a small package.

"What's this Daddy?" Melissa questioned while reading what was on the box. It was a blue box of Trojans. Melissa had never seen a real condom before, besides pictures in a text book.

Her father sat down again next to her on the bed. "Baby, when you're at college a lot of guys are going to want to sleep with a pretty girl like you. Now, I'm not encouraging you to have sex with them but I want you to know that if you do decide to you should always, ALWAYS make the guy wear one of these."

"Ok Daddy I understand," Melissa said, "But I've actually never seen or touched a condom before. Would it be ok if I opened one up right now just to feel it?"

Her father nodded his head and Melissa quickly tore into the box of Trojans. Inside she found tiny sealed squares with a little rubber disk inside each one. After trying to tear the square open with her fingers she lifted it to her plump pink lips.

"No baby, that will end up puncturing it." Her father took the square from her and with his skilled hands tore into it with ease then handed it back to her. He was feeling uncomfortable for even bringing the whole sex topic up with his little girl. Never did he think he'd be sitting there teaching his baby about condoms. But with her innocence and inquiries he couldn't help but show her the ropes before someone at school took advantage of her.

He watched her reaction to the tiny rubber as she unrolled it in her hands revealing the long sheath of latex. Daddy was getting a little turned on by his baby's discovery and basked in this new experience with her. Melissa was so pure, how could he let some guy just ruin it for her at college. Her long brown hair brushed his arm and he felt himself stirring down inside his jeans.

"It feels kind of slippery," Melissa said with a coy smirk, "is that the way it's supposed to feel?"

"Well this is a lubricated condom sweetie. It's supposed to make it slide better when it's inside the girl." Did he just say that to her? Was he thinking about sliding inside her? This was his baby girl. He should be ashamed of himself. But somehow he just couldn't stop the growing feeling and the bulging of his dick inside his pants.

Melissa dug the instructions out of the Trojan box and looked at the drawings. "Hehehehe," she giggled, "These are cartoon penises." She stared at the drawings and tried to understand how to put a condom onto a penis. "It says to pinch the air out of the tip," she squeezed the tip of the condom she was holding. "Then place on the head of the penis and unroll completely down to the base." Melissa held the unrolled condom up and asked, "Is this how long a penis is Daddy?"

Her father gulped hard, "Well baby, not all guys are that big but you only have to unroll the condom till you get to the base of the penis." He was trying to hide the fact he was so uncomfortable, and yet turned on by his daughter. Then he noticed Melissa was no longer looking at the condom but at the protrusion in his crotch.

"Daddy, would it be alright if I tried to put one of these on you?"

He was flabbergasted. Inside, his body screamed to have her young untrained hands groping his thickening cock, but then his mind told him to stop right now and leave the room. This had gone too far. Melissa was after all his little girl, his baby. This was not right. But somehow when he rose to leave the room he found himself facing Melissa with his crotch in her face.

"Alright," managed to come out of his mouth before he even knew he had muttered it. What harm could there be? He reasoned with himself that he was just teaching her a very important skill to be utilized at school.

Sensing that he couldn't turn back now, he unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down to the floor before stepping out of them. "This is solely for educational purposes," he told himself.

Melissa watched her father. Her father was the only man she'd ever been close to, but never this close. She had to admit she was very curious about what poked out underneath his boxers. His penis was there somewhere, was that it?

"Perhaps this isn't right baby," he whispered, knowing he was weak and would need her to protest in order to stop this.

"Please Daddy," Melissa pleaded, "I'll need to know this when I get to college. I'd feel so much safer if you let me practice on you." She reached up to his waistband and pulled his boxers down to his feet. His hard cock lunged out and slapped against her face. Melissa drew back in shock. She had certainly not anticipated that.

"I'm sorry honey," he said drawing his boxers up, "I knew this wasn't a good idea."

Melissa's hand stopped him from recovering his erection. "I need to learn Daddy, just let me play a little." She took a finger with her French tipped nail and rubbed the tip of his head. "You're so smooth Daddy."

Her hand continued to explore. Tiny fingers inched their way down to the base of his penis and then she gripped him. Her little hand made a fist and squeezed his shaft. Blood throbbed in his cock veins. "It's so thick and warm." Melissa's eyes were wide with amazement. "What does this feel like to you Daddy?"

"Baby you're touch is incredible," he groaned from her caress. "Try to move your hand up and down like this." He began stroking his dick in long hard steady strokes. "This is how Daddy does it when he touches himself."

Melissa tried to imitate his movements with her own hand. "Very good darling, you'll get it in no time." She shifted on the bed and her towel fell open revealing her dusky pink tittys. Seeing that she made no move to recover herself, Daddy reached both his hands out and gently squeezed her nipples. Cupping them in each hand she barely filled up his palms but her skin was so tight. Still budding from puberty, he thought, eventually she'll have as large a rack as her mother.

"May I put a condom on you now Daddy?"

"Alright sweetie," he said. In his mind he was thinking, you put that sheath on me and I might not be able to stop there.

Melissa reached into the Trojan box and pulled out another sealed square. This time she tore into it with no problems. Daddy's cock still stood erect directly in her face. She squeezed the tip of the condom and placed the circle on her father's throbbing member. Then she unrolled it, all the way to the base. Her eyes glistened with excitement as she admired her handy work.

"Did I do this right Daddy?" she asked when she had completed her task.

Her father inspected it but knew it was on perfectly. "Yes baby, you did a fine job." He bent down and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. "You're such a good girl honey."

Melissa stared up at him with her childlike eyes. "Daddy, I'm kind of scared I won't know what to do when I have sex. I know the penis goes inside the vagina but that's as far as Health went. What if I don't know what to do?" She was so innocent, and this only seemed to turn him on more.

"Oh baby," Daddy said in a soothing voice as he stroked her head, "I'm sure you'll do just fine. You were always such a fast learner."

"You really think so Daddy?"

"Yes honey." Daddy lifted her chin up so that he could lean over and kiss her round lips. Her eyes, filled with so many worries, seemed to plead with him to kiss her. Kiss away all her fears.

Daddys lips slightly brushed hers and she responded by pressing harder against him, willing him to drink of her essence. This was wrong and he knew it. But his raging body wasn't listening. Melissa's eyes closed as she gave herself to him.

That's when he crossed the line of Daddy/daughter relationships. He tossed the thought of this being taboo out of his mind and lustfully grabbed her up off of the bed. While in his arms he pressed his lips hard upon hers and hungrily ate her up. Having never really been kissed, Melissa tried to respond to this passion. Her father was now in control and lavished kiss upon kiss on her. Powerfully plunging his tongue inside her the way he wanted to thrust his cock into her. He was so strong and she felt so small in his arms. There was no denying how much he wanted to have his baby girl.

"Oh Daddy," Melissa finally gasped, "I'm burning all over inside. My heart won't stop pounding. What are you doing to me?"

With his eyes blazing wildly, he flung her to the bed and climbed on top of her. "Tonight baby doll, I make you a woman." Melissa's legs where spread open and she felt the pressure of her father's cock on her virginal opening. She tingled as clear liquid seeped out of her excited hole lubricating her father's head.

He lifted her hips against him and pressed his dick into her untouched pussy. Her hymen strained against his intrusion and slowly ripped beneath his large prick allowing it to enter her body.

"Daddy," Melissa cried out in pain and bit down on his chest. He was inside her now with her walls stretching open to accommodate his girth. They burned and throbbed while he plowed further into her hole.

"It's ok baby," he said after a few pumps and then pulled completely out. "It will only hurt like this the first time." Her juices glistened on his cock, and a slight trickle of blood trailed out of her pussy. It was undeniable; his little girl was a true virgin. "You know your Daddy loves you baby." He held her to him and kissed her again.

"Turn over sweetie," he said in a soothing voice, "most guys will want it this way."

"Am I doing ok Daddy?" Melissa's voice quivered while rolling onto her stomach.

"Oh baby, you're great!" He got her into the doggy position. His cock once again found her opening and he slid himself inside. Her pussy still throbbed uncontrollably around his thick shaft. He could feel his piece tearing into her, but it felt unbelievable.

Melissa's ass jiggled slightly as her father found a rhythm. Placing both hands on her hips he pulled her onto his cock. Over and over he thrust himself into her. Melissa gasped from his every intrusion, her virgin lips gripping his shaft.

"It kind of burns down there but tingles now, Daddy."

Taking this as a cue, Daddy slipped his hand underneath her and began sliding his fingers around his baby's clit. It hardened from his touch and pulsed with blood. "How does that feel baby?" He was rigorously pumping into her now, opening her tiny cunt further and further with his jabs.

"Oh yes Daddy, I like that very much." Her pussy now clenched his throbbing dick in rhythm with his thrusts. He pounded into her harder and worked his fingers faster. "Oh Daddy," Melissa moaned between breaths, "Something is happening to me inside. I feel like I'm about to explode. What's happening?"

"Girl, let it happen," Daddy said with grunts, "You're going to cum. Cum for Daddy. Make me really happy."

He could feel her pussy clamp down on his cock so hard, then she gasped and her whole body convulsed. "Daddy……." She screamed out. Her pussy went wild with him inside her. Her juices just poured out of her swollen walls and down onto her father's balls. "This feels unreal," Melissa said with a huge smile on her face as she collapsed into the pillows. "Wow!"

Her ass was still in the air when her father slipped his rock hard prick out of her cunt. Her lips twitched from the after math of her orgasm and her ass hole throbbed spastically.

"There is one more thing guys might ask of you in college," Daddy said, "Just relax and you'll be able to handle it." He pressed himself against her puckered hole.

"What are you doing back there Daddy?" Melissa asked in breathy gasps, still trying to recover from her orgasm. No Health class lecture had prepared her for anything shoved up her ass.

"Just let yourself open up to me baby." Her ass hole pushed against his head and refused to allow him to enter. "Breathe," he insisted, and as she took a deep breath in and released it he plunged himself inward. Her ass pushed hard to expel him but Daddy pushed harder. His cock forced itself further into her hot opening till his balls slapped against her ass.

"Fuck!" Melissa screamed out in pain. That was the first dirty word her Daddy had ever heard his little girl utter. But it only encouraged him to thrust deeper. He plunged himself over and over into her tight hole. Filling her with his length, forcing her onto his shaft repeatedly, her little body was taking a beating with him inside her.

"Daddy's about to cum." He said ramming himself in faster. With her tiny frame shaking underneath him, his ass cheeks tensed and he let go a groan. "Damn!" he called out as he pumped into his baby his hot seed. He could feel it squirt out of his engorged dick till it filled up the condom completely.

"Oh baby," he said breathing heavily and basking in the feeling of his dick buried inside his little girl as it retracted. Melissa still twitched from her father's assault on her holes.

Daddy pulled his now spent cock from his daughter's ass and wiped it on the towel. Then he stood up, removed the soiled condom, and wrapped it in a tissue before throwing it in a waste basket.

Melissa lay there on the bed with a goofy grin on her face. "Wow Daddy, do you think I'll be ok in college?"

Her father leaned over to kiss her on the forehead. "I think you'll do just fine baby girl. You make your Daddy proud."

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