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Josie lifted her face to me, silently imploring me to kiss her passionately. As our lips touched, she let out a soft moan, her arms snaking around my neck, pulling me closer to her. We kissed deeply, no longer the chaste brush of lips we had shared before; she surprised me by pushing her tongue into my mouth, searching for mine. There was no way she could avoid feeling my erection now…………..

As we broke our kiss she breathed "Wow! Did I cause that? There's something hard pressing into my stomach!"

Completely at ease after her confession, I laughed – "What did you expect? I'm only human! And I'm about to make love to my sweet daughter……."

"No Daddy" she replied, "You're about to fuck your slut of a daughter"

So that was how she wanted to play this – maybe it was her way of dealing with what we were doing – no matter; if she wanted to be my slut, then that's what she would be.

Taking her quickly by the hand, I sank to the couch, pulling her down over my lap. "Daddy!!!" she cried, "What are you doing?"

"You've been a dirty little whore Josie – I know that you've been letting the boy next door touch you, and now you have to be punished!"

I lifted her skirt over her waist once more, quickly pulling the ruffled panties down around her thighs. She squirmed against my knee, as I caressed the smooth flesh of her virgin ass. "You know I have to spank you don't you Josie?"

"Yes Daddy" she whimpered………she was unbelievably excited by what was happening……….

I lifted my hand from her rump and delivered a short slap to her right cheek. Josie moaned as she felt a tingle of desire travel through her body…………five more times my hand rose and fell against her pretty ass – by the time I had done it was very red, and my trouser leg was wet from her arousal where she squirmed against me.

Lifting her to her feet, I ordered, "Go upstairs to my room and wait for me"

Meekly, she headed for the stairs, intensely aroused by what she knew was going to happen. She had always wanted her Daddy to take her virginity, and now was the time…………..

I deliberately left her alone upstairs for almost 30 minutes, knowing that it would only increase her desire. When I walked into the bedroom she was sitting on the edge of the bed, her legs pressed demurely together. "Stand up Josie" I ordered.

She jumped to her feet, and I took her place, sitting on the bed.

She stood before me…………."Now – tell me the truth you little slut, did you let him see your breasts?"

"Yes Daddy" she whispered……….

"In that case you had better let me see exactly what you showed to him. Take off your sweater. And now your bra. I'd never really realized what big tits you have my pretty whore. Your nipples are hard. Were they hard with him?"

"Yes" she whispered once more…………..

"Did you let him see your pussy?" She nodded imperceptibly………….."Then take off your skirt……… push your panties down and step out of them."

Josie covered her pussy with her hand as she took off her panties – and stepped back in shock, when her father snatched her hand away………….

"What did you let him do to you – and what did you do to him?"

"He touched my breasts and pushed his fingers inside me while I stroked his penis until he came over my hand Daddy"

"You know you are a dirty little slut don't you Josie? And you know what happens to dirty little sluts?"

"Yes Daddy, they get fucked" she whispered quietly…………..

I got up from the bed, and walked towards her. Her head was bowed, totally subservient to me. Taking her roughly by the hair, I led her to the bed, throwing her down upon it. "Look at me Josie" I ordered.

She knelt on the bed, and watched as I began to get undressed. Quickly, I was standing before her in only my shorts. "Take them off slut" I said.

Hooking her fingers in the waistband of my shorts she drew them down my thighs, gasping as my cock sprang out, almost hitting her in the face. "Have you ever had a cock in your mouth Josie?"

"No Sir" she breathed………..

I took hold of her by the hair once more, and pulled her face to my groin – "Tell me what you are going to do now my pretty little whore"

"I'm going to suck your penis Daddy"

"Cock – say cock you slut"

"I'm going to suck your cock Daddy"

"Then do it"

Josie opened her mouth and took the tip of her fathers cock into her wet mouth. She felt his hands on the back of her head, holding her there, preventing her from pulling away. Her eyes widened as he pushed deeper inside, almost gagging as she felt him touch the back of her throat, and begin pushing in and out, fucking her mouth.

Sweet Jesus! This felt so good! My pretty daughter was inexperienced but very eager to please, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I came.

One hand still holding her by the hair, I reached down and gripped her right tit with the other, squeezing firmly, the bullet-like nipple grazing my palm………and suddenly I came…….years of pent-up sexual frustration finally ejecting from my body…………..I came a bucketful, yet my daughter gamely tried to swallow as much as she possibly could.

Eventually I was spent, and eased from her mouth. My spunk oozed from the corners of her mouth, as she looked up at me expectantly. "Was that OK Daddy?" she asked, "Did I do it right?"

"You did quite well for your first attempt, but you will get better the more you do it. And you will be sucking my cock every day from now on. Now – lie back on the bed"

Josie watched me intently as I knelt at the foot of the bed, and pulled her by the legs towards me, until her legs were over my shoulders. Her pussy was wide open, her clit peeking from its protective hood. "Tell me you want me to eat your cunt Josie" I ordered………..

"Please eat my cunt Daddy…………please make me cum like you did" she pleaded.

The feel of her stockings against my ears was an immense turn on. "Open your pussy to me Josie" I commanded.

She reached down and held open her cunt lips, gasping as she felt my tongue licking the smooth skin above her stocking tops, my hands reaching up to fondle her tits. "Pinch my nipples Daddy" she begged, "I've been a naughty girl, a very, very naughty girl…….."

My tongue traced a wet path up her inner thigh, licking around the sensitive area of her groin, teasing, tormenting, yet not touching her pussy. "Please Daddy" she whimpered, "lick my cunt……………"

The moment my tongue touched her labia, she jerked upwards, as if she had received an electric shock, her hands clamping down on mine as I mauled her breasts. I traced the length of her crack, tasting her sweet womanliness for the first time. She moaned in sexual torment as my tongue drew a figure of eight on and around her clit……………"OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M CUMMINNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed, her legs clamping tightly around my head, as I greedily lapped up the ambrosia-like nectar that seeped from her pussy…………..

My cock had quickly got hard as I ate out my daughter…………

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