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Chapter 9 - Love Times Two

We're in the restaurant by eight forty-five ordering breakfast. After eating Jen says, "We're going down the street to a shoe store, be a dear and reserve the three of us a room for next Saturday. Something nice with a decent view, if you could."

"Sure." I really hope there would be a new desk clerk, but no such luck.

He obviously had not missed Josie coming down with us. The fact they came down holding hands and cuddling might have something to do with it, and that's how they left the hotel. Still, I have no idea how he recognizes her. "Sir, your room was double occupancy only, last night."

"Oh sorry, put it on next week's charge. I want to reserve another room, but–"

"Not the honeymoon suite?"

"No, not the honeymoon suite, but something on that order. King-size bed, spa, for three–"

"We like our guests registered, and that doesn't mean by the vice squad," he replies snottily, putting away the reservation book.

"Not a problem. It'll be for Paul Reed, Jennifer Reed and Josephina Marlowe." I tap my credit card on the desk. "For the record, none of us have ever even seen a vice squad officer, much less registered with one. She just happens to be an old girlfriend, of my wife's, who came in to town. If this is still going to be a problem, I could easily go elsewhere."

"No sir, Mister Reed. We sometimes have problems with ladies hanging outside waiting for our guests. Can give you the corner room on the seventh floor, remarkable view, for three hundred dollars a night. We can also overlook the paperwork on last night."

"Perfect Charles, and thank you," I reply, handing him my credit card. "Ah, can you arrange for two vases with a dozen long stemmed red roses in each, and a chilled bottle of champagne to be in the room?"

"Certainly, Mister Reed. Check in is at eleven, they will be there then. Ah, did you want anything on the cards?"

"Yes, just a simple, 'guess who,' on both of them."

"Taken care of, Mister Reed. It was a pleasure to have you here last night, and we're looking forward to your future stays."

I left thinking, the pleasure was definitely all mine. Josie had said something about her mother liking chocolate covered cherries from the store next door, every Christmas, so I buy a big box. Right next door to that is a toy store, where I pick up a junior big block set, hoping this might help Josie out. Stop by an ATM as well, and withdraw four hundred in cash, in case this shoe store does not take plastic. Was no problem there, and good thing, seeing as I spent too much time getting to the store. They had gone in shopping mode with Jen finding shoes to her liking and Josie needing a matching purse to go with her new outfit. Still, Jen has no trouble relieving me of the cash.

As we walk back to the car Jen offers, "Josie, I don't want you taking this the wrong way, but we have a little something to help you out."

She holds out the cash, and Josie shakes her head. "There's a name those type of women are called, and it's just as hurtful as the ones my boyfriend used."

"Now see, that's the wrong way to take it," Jen insists, giving her a hug. "Sweetie, this is to help make up for the work you missed, and tips you paid just to seat us. I can't bear the thought of my woman coming up short because of me. I want to take care of you, I need to, and want you to take this, please."

"I can't Baby–"

"It's what we would've gladly spent on you for dinner, a show, a dinner show, or whatever." Jen kisses Josie passionately. "Sweetie, we'd never think that way about you, it's from friends to a friend, to help make your life easier. No, not a friend, you are my woman, our lover." Jen snorts and spit, well tries to spit, an art she has never mastered. Giggling Jen wipes off her chin. "As for your boyfriend, he obviously had a brain the size of his dick."

Laughing Josie confesses, "No, his dick was a lot bigger than his brain. It was nearly the size of Paul's, dick, not brain." Her lovely smile fades, and she shakes her head. "Course, he used it like a club, and thought his tongue was for showing off to girls walking down the street. Wouldn't use it on me much, said I was rank."

"He was obviously lacking in most of the other senses, as well as common sense and just plain decency," I give her my opinion. "In my recent experience I've found you have a wonderful vagina, that anyone would be happy to eat. I most certainly am."

"Well, you certainly got a good look at it," Josie quips. "Wide open as it was, bet you probably saw the back side of it."

"Everything was absolutely divine, but if I could do it over, I would've left that part out, and that part only," I admit. "I'm sorry I did it, and never will again."

"Told you I'm not, and meant it." She gives me a kiss, then Jen a bit longer than mine. "Will I do it again, under the right circumstances probably. But, will I give up a day or two of sex with you two to do it? No way! I won't abuse myself and miss out on that much action." She shakes her head. "But I can't take your money."

Jen gives her a kiss. "Sweetie, you aren't the only one who felt the connection between us. I felt it when I touched your hand, saw it when I looked in your eyes. Before we left the restaurant it was there between you and me, you and Paulie." Jen kisses both her eyes. "One night, and it's like I've known you forever. One night, and I want you to spend forever with us. One night, and I'm yours, always and forever." She hands her the cash. "I'm serious, this is to help make your life easier, because we care and love you, it isn't for services rendered."

Josie looks at me and I nod.

"Please." With both hands Jen cradles Josie's head, and kisses her deeply. "You said you were my woman. I want to take care of my woman. I want her to be happy, I don't want her worrying over a couple dollars, when she doesn't have to." Jen gently takes Josie's chin, raising it up so they're looking each in the eyes. "I don't want you to be my woman just in bed, let me take care of you. I love you Sweetie, and want the best for you."

She takes the money, then sobbing gives Jen a long kiss and hug. She does the same to me, then pulls Jen in with us. We're making quite a spectacle on the downtown sidewalk til I can herd them towards the car. They're like a pair of schoolgirls getting out for summer vacation.

I get them in the car, but they're still going wild, jabbering and jumping about. Bouncing around like they both are I'm getting to see a lot of panties and titties. So, I wait for them to calm down to start the car. Josie lives on the other side of town and needs to be home in time to make it to noon mass, if she has any hope of making her mother happy. On the way Josie says, "God, I had so much fun, and I'm so happy I'm wet. Or, it's all that sex talk."

"You are, you little vixen," Jen eagerly confirms, as we're all three in the front seat, with Josie in the middle. Jen leaves her hand under Josie's dress. "We're very pleased and enjoyed you very much, as well as your fine company. We'll be back around eight Saturday morning, and shall have you home for evening mass Sunday, if that's all right?"

Josie's head is on my shoulder and body rocking back and forth in her seat, while one hand rubs a breast through her dress, Jen is rubbing the other. "Um-hum, will be definitely ready, well rested and come prepared. God, after the last twenty-four hours I'm going to be climbing the walls, horny as hell by then."

"Which is different from now, exactly how?" Jen wants to know, as she kisses Josie's neck.

"Um-m so good, slow down– not you Jen, Paulie. My house is three blocks away, on the left. Um-hum so, so good, finger me faster Jen. God, I love what you do to me."

Turn right to give the girls plenty of time to enjoy themselves. After Josie finishes Jen looks at me and touches my arm. "Please Paulie, go around the block again I need to kiss our Sweetie good-bye, and make it last for a week."

I nod and she slides off the seat and raises Josie's dress, burying her head in Josie's crotch. Instead of going in circles I make a few lefts and rights, trying to concentrate on driving, but keep an eye on these two hot girls. I reach around Josie and cupping her breast, stimulate her nipple. She snuggles up close to me, eyes closed and panting.

Clutching my arm Josie has a second, more intense orgasm, and Jen stays on her a little extra long. Jen pops up and Josie holds out her arms. "Come here, Baby doll," Josie sobs, "that is the nicest good-bye I ever received." She kisses Jen, licking the cream off her face.

"Sweetie, I didn't want you forgetting us."

"Oh Baby doll," Josie is crying, so is Jen, "if I live to be a hundred I'll never forget you two. I certainly won't forget you by next week."

Drive around a bit more letting my two girls collect themselves. I backtrack to drop her off. She gives me a kiss thanking me for everything, especially her families' gifts, while we're still in the car. Jen gets out to let her woman out, and she gets a nice long, wet kiss, no doubt witnessed by her mama.

On our trip back to the mall Jen lays her head on my shoulder. "I'm sorry about all this. Guess about now, you're kind of wondering what you got yourself into, huh? I mean, things have certainly changed since two days ago."

"How so?"

"For starters, not forty-eight hours after professing my undying love to you, I tell a woman, I've known for mere hours I love her deeply." Jen lets out a deep sigh. "Paulie, I just don't know what happened? But, I wasn't lying, she looks at me and I melt, like I do with you. Can I possibly love her, and what do you think of me? I feel so good, but feel so terrible, for letting you down. I didn't mean to, and I love you."

"Don't be silly, you haven't let me down." I give Jen a kiss on her head. "I never want you to feel terrible because of the way you feel towards people. If they love you, they'll understand, and not hold anything against you."


I put my arm around her and pat her shoulder. "Honey, I love you, and understand, and will never hold anything against you."

"Thanks Paulie, you mean so much to me. I swear, you're what makes my life worth living." She kisses me, and wipes away a tear from her eye. "What do you think of Josie?"

"She's a nice girl, fun to be with, and I like her a lot too. It isn't uncommon you find love at first sight, just be happy you were lucky enough you recognized it." I kiss the top of her head. "Happened to me, I had no idea I had such feelings, and bam you hit me like a ton of bricks. Now, I can't get enough of you."

"You've known me for years, and it's only been four days. What's going to happen in two years, or twenty?"

"Josie doesn't change how I feel about you." I rub her arm. "Does she change how you feel about me? Do you want to be with just a woman?"

"No. I mean yes, I enjoyed Josie very much. But, I swear, never even thought of another woman like that before, and never even kissed another woman." She snorts. "Not to mention all the other things I did to Josie." She lays her head on my shoulder and sighs. "Paulie, I'm more than a little confused. Although fairly certain I'm not interested in other women, just Josie. Come on, I didn't go in there last night trying to pick up anyone, especially a woman."

Laughing I give her a kiss. "Well, you certainly did a better job than I ever have."

Jen gives me a smack. "Paulie, don't make fun of me, I feel bad enough." She snuggles back up to me. "And I don't ever want you to be upset or mad at me. If you don't want me to do something, tell me, promise I won't do it."

"Honey, I'm not making fun of you, and don't feel bad." I give her another kiss. "It's just better to keep your sense of humor about things. I'm definitely not mad or upset, maybe a bit jealous at how easy you picked her up."

Giggling she rubs my chest. "Suppose I might have been flirting, and I did pick her up. But, I swear I've never done either before, and didn't know what I was doing. Guess, I was just feeling sexy and on top of the world."

"No supposing or guessing about it, you were very sexy." I rub her shoulder. "So, now that you know you can, will you be going on the prowl a lot?"

She shakes her head. "Absolutely not. First, it could never happen again, and second I could not handle it." She lets out a little sob. "Paulie, I'm so nervous my stomach hurts. It's true, the more you know, the more you realize things can go wrong. What if I never see Josie again, or what if I lose both of you? See, I'm worrying about something that might never happen."

"Well, you certainly will never lose me, no matter what." I give her a little jostle with my hip. "While not meaning this situation specifically, I told you there would be baggage with every relationship, a bit more with ours, even if Josie isn't involved. Over time what you and me are doing might become too much for you to–"

"No way, Paulie, never. You will always be my life's soulmate. I think I like it better you're my brother, because I know I can always talk to you, and you'll always try to make it better. I never cared you were my brother, I was only afraid you'd be disgusted, and I'd lose you forever. That's what kept me from starting anything, I was afraid of losing you as a friend." Jen lets out a sniffle. "Josie is certainly a kindred spirit, but can you have two soulmates?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Oh Paulie, I'm so inexperienced it's scary." Jen shrugs. "Before you, I never had intense orgasms, so I didn't even masturbate too much, and I told you about the sex."

I chuckle. "Mine were more intense with you too, but didn't stop me from practicing."

She giggles, and gives me a slug in the arm. "And what I had with you two was insane. But what happens if everything changes after I'm no longer inexperienced? I know what I want now, but what if it isn't the same in the future?"

"Sweetheart, you're worrying about crazy stuff." I kiss the top of her head. "Things change and you'll change, we'll all change, but if you refuse to do anything you want for fear it might change..." I put my arm around her and give her a hug. "Well, you aren't going to do anything at all. There's no reason you can't love more than one person. Personally, I'm glad it's another woman, not a man, and you both like including me. But, if it was another man, or you two didn't want to include me I still could understand that. As long as the other two people involved don't suffer, there shouldn't be a problem."

"So, you wouldn't be upset if Josie came to live with us?"

"Honey, that's a big if. She has a son and mother, changes the dynamics quite a bit. Any arrangement would have to include them, and that in turn would change our three relationships, which is at best in the budding stage." I chuckle. "Right now this is based on sex, so much so, you two can't drive down the street together, or walk down the sidewalk. Which, accept for possibly piling up citations, it is fine."

I lean over and kiss her. "As a family unit, you can't just drag someone in the back when you please. However, if you could work through such fundamental problems, and find a genuine bond, I wouldn't be bothered by an extended family. Naturally, this should be taken in to consideration before we buy our new house."

"God, it's just so crazy." A slight shiver runs through Jen. "As soon as we walked in, all I could see was her. Then I felt guilty, because I was ignoring you, and wondering what it would be like to watch you pleasing her. Swear, I was not thinking of eating her, but you eating her. And like I said, it was my present to you, because I can't fully please you, and want to."

"Honey, you're doing just fine."

"But, that's what I said to rationalize it all to myself." She let out the tiniest of sobs. "When she handed me the menu I saw the look in her beautiful, sexy eyes and somehow wanted her. Then I touched her hand, it was like my whole being was touched, and I wondered what it would be like for me to please her." She giggles. "I thought it might be static electricity, but when she leaned into me it happened again, and I got wet, like when you touch me. I swear, no one has ever made me wet, but you." Jen takes my hand, and puts it under her dress on her crotch. "Now, I'm always wet."

"Um-m, I know."

"I was going to let it go, but saw the very same look in her eyes with you, and just did what I did." Jen shakes her head. "There isn't one bit of logic behind it, but I knew she would come with us, and it was indeed love at first sight. You heard Josie, she knew it before me. She wasn't on the prowl, never expected it, it just happened."

"Happens that way sometimes." I chuckle. "Think about it, it's far easier to fall in love than out of love." Jen looks up at me, and wrinkles her cute nose. I pat her shoulder and she lays her head back down. "What I mean is, you feel a sense of love for the person on a first date, but on the second he's a bit of a jerk, by the fifth a complete asshole. And this could be over years, not dates. Things just kind of wear on you."

"Yeah, I see what you mean. Although, this was no case of a little liking. I knew I loved her before we ever got to the hotel. And god when she said she wanted to change positions so she could eat me, I was so excited I nearly broke my leg getting there."

"Um-m, saw that." I give her a kiss. "But, you didn't get in position for her to eat you. You threw me another surprise and probably have rug burns on your back getting under her so fast."

Jen giggles. "Yeah, I wanted to eat her pussy. Again, I never thought of doing that before either, and didn't really think of it then. I just wanted her, Paulie, all of her." Jen sighs. "Of course, it's all your fault?"

"My fault?" I yelp. "How the hell is it my fault?"

"How about for fucking me so well, I found out what I was missing, and making me wonder what else I might be missing." She pokes me in the crotch. "Or the fact, I would've just let it go, but you had to show off your dick. Not to mention you fucked her so well, and so many times, you couldn't pry her out of the damn place with a crane." She gives me a long kiss, after I park the car. "Although, after you ate her pussy she wasn't going anywhere, even if she could've walked. And believe me if I hadn't been holding her up she would've been laying on the floor long before her climax. See, all your fault?"

"I see, and suppose this is all my fault as well?" I reach up under her dress. Her legs automatically move wider and she lets me caress her panty-covered pussy. "You forget I was driving the damn car aimlessly around."

"Wouldn't have happened if she had left last night."

Slip a finger under her panty leg and in her pussy. "Keep it up, and I'll have you screaming to cum in this parking lot, and–"

"Go ahead," Jen quickly cuts in. "We don't know anyone in this town. Leaving your job anyway, what does it matter if we get arrested."

"Hey, none of that here," a mall cop hollers out as he drives up on one of those electric three wheeled carts. "Go shopping, or leave, before I run your ass in. Your wife isn't going to be happy about that buddy. And you young lady, back down on third, with the rest of them."

"Jesus," Jen shrieks, grabbing at my hand under her dress. "Maybe we should leave."

Laughing I suggest instead, "Maybe you should control yourself better. Come on, what are they going to do?"

Jen shudders. "Arrest us, and find out who we really are comes to mind."

"God, can't let that happen, probably have to move to Kentucky or Georgia, maybe–"

"Paul, that isn't funny," Jen insists, and keeps looking for the security guard as she hustles me into the mall.

Barely get in the door, and we do not get past the first shop, which is the jewelry store I'd bought her necklace set in. "Ooh-h, look at that," she squeals pointing in the window.

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