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As soon as I finished my shower I left the house, I wanted to avoid any temptation until I was ready to act on it. I didn't really go anywhere; I just drove around thinking about what had happened that morning. I just couldn't believe that I'd just had sex, real sex, for the first time, and with my mother! Eventually I decided it was time to go back home and see what might develop next.

When I arrived home I put the car away and went in the house looking for mom. I searched the house but she wasn't there. I started to get worried, what if she was feeling guilty, what if she'd left. Then I glanced out the window and saw she was in the backyard, sunbathing. I immediately relaxed and headed out back. When I got out there I saw to my surprise that she was sunbathing nude. Now the yard was, as I said earlier, surrounded with a high fence and there are no nearby houses over looking it, but still I hadn't expected anything like this. I just stood there looking at her.

She looked so beautiful, glistening with suntan oil; her golden hair almost seemed to be glinting in the sun. I ran my eyes over her naked body, growing more excited by the moment. Finally I'd had enough. I walked over to her and placed my hand on her shoulder. Mom opened her eyes and smiled up at me. "I'm glad you're back Wayne. I was beginning to worry. I thought you might have been sorry about what we did."

I reached down and started caressing one of her breasts, "Sorry? Hell no! I'm glad it happened. I couldn't be happier." As I bent down to kiss her I felt her nipple harden against the palm of my hand, she was becoming turned on again.

"Well Wayne, what would you like to do next?" she asked when our lips finally separated.

"Could I, could I have a look at your body, a real look? If you don't mind, I mean."

"God, Wayne. I've had sex with you, letting you look at me is nothing in comparison." She replied in exasperation. "Lets go inside and get this show and tell underway." Standing, she led the way into the house, I followed, watching her all the way, watching the movement of the muscles of her thighs and butt as she led me into the living room, she looked as beautiful going as coming. There she turned to face me. "Okay Wayne, start looking." I was. Her body had a nice golden tan which I suddenly realised had no tan lines, she obviously always sunbathed nude. Damn, how many times had I missed the opportunity to peek at her, not that it mattered now. Still it was frustrating. While I was staring at her I realised she had started talking. I forced myself to concentrate on what she was saying.

"Okay, Wayne. From now on, if you follow my rules, whenever we can, my body belongs to you, well almost all of it. Let me guide you around your new property. First my breasts." She said. Reaching up and cupping them in her hands. "Now, they are not very big, I'm only 32b, but I think they're a nice handful." I just nodded, watching her hands caress her breasts. "As you can see, when I'm excited my nipples are about an half inch long. I love having them sucked. I always have. In fact, I used to get so hot breastfeeding you and Debbie, that I usually had to masturbate afterwards. Now lets move on to the main event, my pussy." With that Mom moved over to a chair, sat down, put her feet up on the coffee table, and slowly, teasingly, moved them apart, exposing her pussy to me.

"First, this is my pussy, you can call it that, it's real name, at least for what you can see now is the vulva, you can even call it that if you want. What you can't call it if, you want me to let you into it, is the 'c' word. I hate that word and always have. You understand?" Seeing my nod she continued. "Good. Now these are my pussy lips or labia. During foreplay I like to have them caressed lightly. Like this." Gently she began running her fingers up and down the lips, lightly stroking them. She continued doing it for a few minutes, as I gazed entranced at my mother pleasuring herself. Finally I noticed a slight sheen of moisture coating the lips, and that they were starting to part. She was really turned on.

Taking a deep breath she continued. "Now I'll show you the rest." Reaching down she separated the labia. "Here is the entrance to my vagina," she said, pointing to the hole I'd already been in twice. " as you know from this morning. But this is," she said, moving her finger up, "for women more important. My clitoris. I often need direct stimulation here to make me come. Though, I must admit you did a pretty good job last time without touching it. I was so hot, so turned on, so excited to be having sex again. And with my son! God, I really loved it."

"Me too, mom, me too."

"Now before we go on I want to make one final thing clear. We can make love whenever its safe, my pussy belongs to you, you can do what you like with it. I'll let you do whatever you want, except one thing. I'm not into anal sex; you can use my mouth and my pussy all you want. But that's it. If you try to use my ass I'll cut you off, totally. That's my only condition, do you accept it?"

"Yes, mom, I agree. I won't touch your ass."

"I didn't say you couldn't touch it," she laughed, "you just can't stick your cock in it. But I think you'll be happy where you can stick it. I know I will. In fact," she said, "I missed breakfast this morning, and I don't suppose you could get me a snack to tide me over until lunch."

"Sure," I said, "how about a sandwich?"

"No, I don't think so, how about your cock? I haven't eaten you yet, and I love the taste of cum."

Stepping forward, I dropped my pants and shorts, exposing my fully erect organ. "Bon Appetite, Mom."

Mom smiled, and leaned forward, "Mmm, this looks finger licking good." She reached out cupping my balls in one hand, lightly bouncing them. "Nice. I think I'm going to get a good meal this morning." Then she took my cock in her other hand and guided it to her lips. She was done talking.

She began by running the head of my cock back and forth along her lips, and then she extended her tongue and commenced moving it around the head, lapping up the pre cum that was already forming. Finally, she opened her mouth just enough, and moved her head forward, enveloping my cock. Once the first 2 inches were inside her mouth she started stroking my cock with her tongue again. God, it felt great. I moved my hands to her head and held it in place. Mom looked up at me, she smiled, or at least as much as she could around my cock.

Finally she stopped using her tongue. She pulled her head back a little then pushed forward, a little further than before. Mom quickly got into a rhythm, her strokes were not very large, and she usually gained only about half an inch at a time. But, before long she was taking my entire organ in her mouth, and she was clearly enjoying it as much as I was. Then, all of a sudden she pulled back completely and my cock fell from between her lips. Before I could say anything she held my cock up and began running her tongue up and down the shaft. Then she started lapping at my balls, running her tongue all over my scrotum, she opened her mouth and took my scrotum into her mouth, one ball at a time. Now she was flexing her cheeks as well as using her tongue. My balls were being directly stimulated, really stimulated, too stimulated. I had to warn her I was about to come.

When I told her, mom quickly swallowed my cock again, and started bobbing her head like there was no tomorrow. Finally it was time, all I could do was gasp, "Now, mom, now." As my cum started surging up my shaft. Realising it was time mom pulled back on my cock until only the head was still in her mouth, and she rapidly flickered her tongue over the head as my cum started shooting into her mouth. Shot after shot entered her mouth, she swallowed as fast as she could, but some spilled out of her mouth onto her face, it was an amazing sight, my mother, my cock in her mouth, her throat moving as she swallowed the sperm that I was shooting into her mouth, streaks of cum coating her chin. Finally it was over, mom gently cleaned off the head of my cock before pulling back and letting it drop free. Reaching up, she wiped up the stray cum with her fingers, and then licked them clean. Once she finished she smiled at me, "Thanks, Wayne, that was delicious."

"I'm glad you liked it Mom," I replied. "Sit on the edge of the sofa, I want to return the favour."

After she sat down I knelt in front of her, picked up her legs and placed them over my shoulders, fully exposing her crotch to me. With the position of her legs and her excitement, the lips of her slit were starting to gape, prepared for penetration. Not this time I thought. I leant forward and ran my tongue up and down her pussy. Over the soft lips and into the split between. Mom gasped at the contact, reached out, and held my head in place, as I had with her. I continued my assault lapping up moms' juices as they flowed out.

Then, opening her labia fully, I drove my tongue into her vagina, circling the entrance, faster and faster. By now mom was really getting into it, moaning to beat the band. I was proud I was doing a good job, but I could see she needed something more to push her over the edge. Remembering what she'd said about her clitoris I moved to the top of her pussy, and took her now very prominent clit in my mouth. Once I was ready I started sucking hard on her clit, while caressing it with quick, flickering strokes of my tongue. Mom gasped again as her orgasm hit. I slowed down my action as she came, but kept up some stimulation until she pushed my head away from between her legs. I moved up on the sofa with her, taking her in my arms lightly stroking her back, and softly kissing her, as she came down from her high.

"Mom," I said finally.

"Yes, Wayne?"

"Did you mean it when you said that your pussy belongs to me?"

"Of course I did, so long as you follow my rule about anal sex, and you're careful when other people are around." She replied.

"Great. Well here is my only rule; from now on you are not allowed to wear panties, except during your period. I want to be able to access your pussy at any time I want, even if it's just a touch."

"If that's what you want, consider it done. I have officially stopped wearing panties from this minute. What do you want to do now?" she asked, reaching down and stroking my cock.

"Lets have eat, we'll go to the movies tonight after dinner."

Mom was obviously surprised with my choice, "Are you sure?"

"I certainly am, I want to go on a date with my new girlfriend."

To be continued...

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