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The next few weeks for Mike were straight out of his fantasies. He and his mom became regular lovers and he had started spending about as many nights in her bed as in his own. The only mildly frustrating part for him was that Wendy wanted to take things a little slower than he did.

After their first night together he had been completely ready to fuck her as often as he could. He tried initiating sex with her whenever he felt the least bit horny regardless of the time of day or where they were in the house. Most of the time she gently rebuffed his advances while still fucking him once every couple of days.

It no longer bothered Mike that she sometimes turned him away as he felt confident that she really wanted it and that eventually she would give in to his desires. In fact, Mike noticed that as the weeks went by she began to say no less and less often. It was almost like she had to somehow ease herself into the idea that her son was now her lover and couldn't just jump right into bed with him whenever he wanted.

Several times during these weeks Wendy again asked Mike if he was comfortable with their new relationship. He would always answer yes emphatically and she would always tell him that if he ever felt the least bit weird or upset with it that he should immediately call it off. He appreciated her looking out for him but couldn't imagine why he would ever want it to end.

Gradually, she seemed to become more comfortable with the new relationship herself. Mike noticed that she began to respond to many more of his advances and that she even began to initiate things occasionally. More exciting to Mike was the fact that she became more adventurous and wild during sex. All of their fucks before had been amazing and beyond even his own fantasies for how they felt, but she seemed to be keeping things fairly straightforward.

When they had fucked before it was usually at the end of the day in her bed. The sex was mind blowing for Mike but had always been gentle and tender with her offering tips and advice on how to be a good lover. Still, the only two positions in which they had so far fucked were with her on top or in the missionary position.

Through this time he felt himself gaining more control over his orgasms and was now able to last for a much longer time while they fucked. He also had grown more comfortable during sex and had taken many opportunities to play with her big tits and even suck her pussy. The first time he made her cum as he licked her pussy he felt himself swell with pride and vowed to repeat that as often as she would let him.

Once Wendy began to initiate sex with him Mike noticed that her demeanor during sex also changed slightly. She began to become a little more wanton and aggressive and, at times, their fucks were hard and fast rather then gentle and tender. They also had now fucked in other rooms and had already fucked several times on the couch downstairs and a couple of times in the kitchen.

Once, right after dinner, Wendy had pushed the dishes aside and sat on the table as Mike stood in front of her and fucked her until they both came. The other time in the kitchen Wendy had been wearing a skirt and in the middle of doing some dishes by hand at the sink. Mike had sunk up behind her and started caressing her ass before he lifted her skirt and slipped her panties off. He ended up fucking her from behind as she bent over the counter with her hands still in the soapy dishwater.

The day arrived for Mike's monthly haircut and he looked forward to the appointment all day. This was his second appointment since they had started fucking and the last haircut had been very arousing. He had tried to fuck her the minute she got home from work but she had protested and made him wait until later. When they finally did fuck Mike came quickly and had a very intense orgasm.

During that last haircut she had rubbed up against him as usual, but the sensation was amplified for Mike, as he didn't necessarily have to feel ashamed about it any longer. He relished feeling her crotch and tits rubbing against him and wondered if she didn't actually seem to rub against him a little more and a little longer than usual.

He arrived at the salon a little early, as he was too excited to wait any longer. When he walked in Tori was sitting by the door and greeted him with a big smile. "Your mom's still with her last customer," she said, "she's running a little behind schedule."

Mike sat down on one of the big couches in the waiting area and pulled a book out of his backpack. He had just started to read when he heard footsteps and looked up just as Tori sat down close to him on the couch. "I haven't seen you in a while," she said with her voice slightly quieter than normal conversation tone. She had been away the last time he had been in for a haircut so it had been since that first night when his mom jerked him off since he had seen her.

"You're looking good," she added. "Have you been working out?"

"No," Mike answered quietly. Tori was the third woman he knew that had made comments like that to him since he had started fucking his mom. He knew that his self confidence had skyrocketed recently and that he was feeling like a real "man" for the first time ever and clearly something about his body language portrayed that for all to see.

Tori made a few more teasing comments but they were soon interrupted by Wendy coming out into the lobby with her previous customer. As Wendy settled up with her customer Tori grabbed her purse and went out the door.

Mike's haircut was perhaps even more exciting then his last. As his mom cut his hair and rubbed against him he thought about Tori's flirting. His mom had occasionally talked about how wild she was and how many guys she dated. Although Wendy had never come out and said the word directly Mike always felt that she thought Tori was a bit of a slut.

Mike resisted his urge to jump on Wendy and fuck her silly as soon as she returned home from work. Instead he waited until they had finished dinner and offered to rub her feet. She gladly accepted and his foot massage slowly worked up her leg until he was caressing her thighs.

They got up off the couch and moved upstairs to her bedroom. Standing by her bed they met in a deep kiss as Mike began to pull off her shirt. He took off her bra immediately afterward and began to suck and lick at her tits as she moaned appreciatively. He kept this up for a long while before she finally began to pull off his clothes. Soon they were both naked as they continued their excited foreplay.

She started to fuck him with her on top, but Mike asked her to stop. He guided her onto her elbows and knees and moved behind her. "Mmmmm," she hummed excitedly as he pressed his hard cock inside her. This had quickly become his favorite position in which to fuck her and he took hold of her hips and began to fuck her firmly. She groaned and let him guide her hips back and forth as he fucked her.

Mike was so excited from the haircut and from thinking about Tori that it only took a few minutes for him to begin cumming with a loud grunt. He fucked her until he was completely drained and then rolled her over onto her back. He lowered his mouth to her pussy and began to lick and tease her clit. He had done this many times before when he wasn't able to last as long as her, so he had learned how to tease her clit to really drive her wild.

She moaned deeply as he flicked the end of his tongue over her clit repeatedly. He changed tempo and continued teasing her in a different style to make sure this would last. As he licked her clit he could smell the heady scent of his cum mixed with her pussy juices. He had licked her clit often after they fucked but had never dared to move lower and lick her pussy. Sometimes he let that idea pass through his mind and he would be briefly excited by it but he never actually did it.

He returned to licking her clit with the tip of his tongue and Wendy began a series of short gasps. She began cumming and arched her back off the bed when her orgasm peaked. When she finished cumming she pulled him up to her face and they kissed for a while before lying together on her big bed.

It was still relatively early so neither was overly tired yet. Usually they would stay in bed together and read or throw on a robe and go downstairs and watch some TV. Tonight they remained together quietly before Wendy started talking.

"Mike, is there anything in particular you want for your birthday?" she asked. Mike's 20th birthday was the following Tuesday and he suspected that her asking was more of a tease than a real question. His mom had always planned her gifts well in advance and was the type of person who finished her Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving. With it being so close to his birthday he was sure that she already knew what she was getting him and had probably already bought it.

"No," he answered.

"Well," she said, "how would you feel about a little party here?" Mike was kind of surprised by this as she had never before let him have a party at their house.

"Sure, that would be fun," he said honestly.

"Good," she replied excitedly, "because I've already got all of your friends coming over here on Friday and it would be a shame to tell them to change their plans at this point." Mike hugged her and they continued talking until they both were tired and fell asleep together.

The days leading to his birthday party passed quickly. Mike awoke on the morning of his party to find that Wendy had left the house early. She left a small note for him saying she had some errands to run before work and that she would see him later.

By the time he returned from school he saw both his mom's and Tori's cars out front of his house. He went into the kitchen to find his mom and Tori busy decorating for the party. He was excited to see Tori and even more excited when his mom told him that she had asked Tori to stay for the party and help her play hostess.

Much to Mike's surprise he saw a small keg sitting in a bucket of ice in the corner of the kitchen. He realized he must have been staring at it because his mom answered the question in his mind before he could even ask it. "Mike," she started, "I'm going to really trust you and your friends here tonight. If I see anyone get too out of control I'll move the keg and cut off the whole party. OK?"

"Sure," Mike answered happily. He started helping Tori and his mom get the food and other preparations ready and then went upstairs to get ready for the party himself. He showered and changed and waited downstairs as his mom and Tori went up to get ready. He heard the water start in the shower just as the first guests started to arrive.

His mom had done a great job in inviting people. By the time everyone had arrived the house was packed with a combination of people that Mike knew from college and his old friends from high school. Some of them he hadn't seen in months so they talked excitedly as the music played and everyone began drinking and dancing.

Wendy and Tori had appeared together as the guests were still arriving. Mike remembered being surprised they had both had time to shower so quickly but hadn't thought too much more about it as he mingled and talked with the guests.

The party went on for a while before Wendy revealed a huge cake and Mike opened some presents. Once the cake had been eaten and the gifts opened the party continued well into the night. Many of Mike's friends were 21 and even those who were under 21 were handling the beer very well. Nobody seemed to be getting overly drunk or out of control so the party continued with everyone getting happily buzzed.

Throughout the night Mike had been noticing Tori more and more often. As usual, she was becoming one of the centers of attention. From when he first saw her he had been admiring her outfit. She wore a tight black skirt and stopped well above her knees. It had a slit cut out over her left thigh that exposed her thigh teasing close to her pussy. She wore high-heeled shoes and black nylons to complete the display of her legs. Her top was a silver material that hugged her tightly and had a low neckline. It stopped just short of showing off her cleavage but still revealed lots of her chest and shoulders though the big opening around her neck.

Mike had been glancing at her regularly as she moved about the party and, as the night wore on, he had begun to notice her glancing back at him. Several times they had exchanged quick looks and smiles before they turned away. He also had observed that several of his friends were glancing, or even openly staring, at Tori.

After the cake and presents Tori joined the group that had been dancing downstairs by the stereo system. Quickly she had a group of Mike's friends gathered around her and Mike watched closely as his friends "casually" rubbed against her on the dance floor. He was sure that they had all taken the chance to "accidentally" brush her ass or tits as they danced. She didn't seem at all concerned and seemed to be getting more and more into the dancing as she went on.

Before long he noticed a few of his friends openly groping her ass and saw her returning the favor. Just as she reached down and rubbed his friend's crotch he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around. It was an old friend from high school he hadn't seen in over a year and they immediately started talking.

They continued talking for several more minutes before Mike went into the kitchen to get something to drink. As he reached into the refrigerator trying to find something other than beer he felt a hand on his hip. Turning around he was greeted by Tori who was looking at him with a sly smile on her face.

"I was wondering if you were ready for my present," she asked.

"Sure," Mike replied keenly aware of how close she was standing to him and that she still had her hand resting on his hip.

"I think I left it upstairs," she said, "why don't you come up and help me find it." She took his hand and led him to the stairs. Mike glanced around and, with the party still going at full speed, nobody seemed to take any notice of their leaving the room.

She quickly led him to his own bedroom and then shut the door behind them when they stepped inside. "Let's see," she said playfully, "where did I leave it?" She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself tightly against him. As he wrapped his arms around her lower back she brought her lips to his and they started a very slow, deep kiss.

She began to run her fingers through the hair on the back of his head and it didn't take long for his hands to slide down to her ass and start to fondle her through her dress. They continued kissing like this for the long while with the kiss growing more excited and wild.

Tori parted the kiss and gently pushed Mike down onto his bed. She guided him down until he was lying flat on his back and immediately moved her hands to his belt. She deftly unhooked his belt and soon had his pants opened. She pulled his pants down to about his knees and began to caress his growing cock as Mike let a long moan escape from his lips.

By the time she lowered her mouth to it his cock was fully hard and ready for release. Mike let out a low groan as her lips wrapped around his shaft and she started to run her tongue all over the tip of his cock.

He watched her lips and tongue closely in the dim light and gave himself over to her as she sucked, teased, and licked his cock. He wanted to feel her tits or play with her pussy but in the position she was sitting he couldn't reach either. Instead, he relaxed and concentrated on making this last as long as he could.

Tori eagerly and wildly sucked and licked his cock. Her style was very different from his mom's and was quickly taking Mike to the edge of his control. He wished now he had jerked off earlier that day so he could last longer but eagerly anticipated seeing what was sure to be a huge load of cum explode all over her face and mouth.

As his excitement grew he began to groan more regularly and Tori grew more wild and aggressive with her teasing. Finally she held him tightly in her lips and started to bob her head up and down effectively fucking him with her mouth. He waited as long as he could but finally let out a long moan as he started to cum.

She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and jerked him up and down quickly as she held just his tip between her lips and took his cum in her mouth. About halfway through his intense orgasm she opened her lips and he watched his cum fly out of his cock and land all over her nose, cheeks, and chin. Before she closed her mouth he also watched a small amount of his cum drip out and land on his leg and he was sure that was the single most erotic thing he had ever seen.

She stroked him until he was totally spent and then made sure he was watching as she let go of his cock and began to rub his cum into her face with her fingers. When she finished her face glistened under his sticky cum and she leaned forward and kissed him softly. "Happy birthday," she whispered as she parted their kiss.

It looked for a moment like she was getting ready to stand up and leave but Mike wasn't ready for her to go. He sat up and took her shoulders and pulled her back into him for another kiss. She moaned softly as he drove his tongue deeply into her mouth and it rubbed against hers.

He rolled her over onto her back and sat up over her looking down at the slightly surprised but very excited look in her eyes. There was so much he wanted to do to and with her but given the current circumstances with the party going downstairs he knew he couldn't do everything.

Instead, he pushed her legs apart slowly and moved between them lowering his mouth to her waiting pussy. He reached up under her skirt and pulled off her very sexy pair of black panties. He was excited to find that her stockings stopped near the tops of her thighs and he caressed her upper thighs around her pussy as she let some soft sighs escape her lips. He couldn't wait any longer and soon lowered his mouth to her pussy and began to taste the pussy he had so often fantasized about.

Her initial moans intensified as he began to run his tongue all over the folds of her pussy. He savored how different her taste and smell was from his mom and took his time exploring her with his lips and tongue.

She reacted strongly to his efforts and soon had her legs spread widely apart and had her hands running through his hair. When he was finally ready to feel her cum he fucked her with his tongue for a while before slipping it up to her clit and teasing it with the tip of his tongue.

She moaned excitedly and then finally unleashed her orgasm as he sucked her clit into his mouth and held it there with a slowly increasing pressure. She bucked her hips and let out a series of low moans as the bed shook and she continued cumming. By the time she finished cumming Mike's cock was rock hard and ready for more.

"I need to get back," she whispered softly.

"I want to fuck you," Mike bluntly said.

Her eyes glimmered and she smiled wickedly at Mike and he thought for a moment she would agree. Instead she kissed him deeply and simply said, "Soon."

Mike sat alone in his room for a while after Tori left and tried to compose himself. He excitedly noticed that she had left her panties behind and thought about her mingling downstairs and flirting with his friends while wearing nothing under her skirt. Mike eventually pulled his pants back on and rejoined the party.

Late into the night the party started to break up and only a few of the guests remained. Mike joined the slightly drunken conversation of a group of his friends and, as usual, found they were talking about women. It didn't appear that anyone in the group had really noticed him stepping up so he stood quietly and listened. At first they started comparing notes on the various women who were at the party but soon they started talking about Tori.
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