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Not wanting to move TOO quickly with her cousin, Becky just spent a couple days where she and Erica sucked on each other's breasts as they masturbated themselves. They continued to take showers together, and she used the opportunity to run her fingers along her younger cousin's pussy lips. Sadly, her cousin didn't seem to realize and so did not return the favor. Erica finally asked Becky to shave her, which Becky did with glee, that soft mound now as smooth and tasty looking as her own.

Going to the beach in the morning and then returning in the afternoon for kissing and breast-play followed by masturbation became the norm. But Becky was still hungry for more.

While sucking on Erica's breasts and squeezing, her young cousin was masturbating and moaning, thrusting her breasts up into Becky's face, encouraging her cousin with her young sweet voice. Slowly, carefully, Becky began moving her hand down Erica's body, caressing her firm flesh. Once she got to her cousin's stomach, she suddenly moved faster, burying her own fingers in her cousin's pussy lips. Snatching her cousin's hand she pulled it away from that pink, smooth mound, it was just too tempting for her to hold back any longer.

"Becky?!" Erica tried to sit up, startled at the sudden movements of her cousin, and then she shrieked as she was pushed back down, "BECKY!"

Ignoring her, the older girl shoved her mouth into that dripping slit, swiping her tongue and sucking at the sweet juices she found there. Erica's struggles slowed as molten heat spread between her legs, the soft tongue on her pussy being the most fantastic thing she'd ever felt... it was even better than when she had her hands down in that wet crevice. Becky devoured her cousin's pussy, sucking and nibbling, eating for all she was worth with her tongue taking long swipes up and down the pink slit. It was sweet juices all over her lips, and she could feel her cousin's submission as her body arched against Becky's mouth rather than try to move away.

"Ooooooohhh... Becky.... this is wrong.... This isn't right...." Erica was still trying to say no even as her body was screaming yes, even her tone of voice said 'yes'. The young blonde had her legs spread wide, feet flat on the bed with her knees in the air, her hands had found their own way to her breasts where they pinched her nipples and tugged at them. Between her legs her cousin's blonde head moved quickly, up and down, making long swipes with her tongue.

Putting her shoulders under her cousin's thighs, Becky lifted the younger girl's legs in order to give her more access to that sweet pussy. In doing so she also exposed the crinkled asshole that nestled in the valley between Erica's firm ass cheeks. In for a penny in for a pound, and she tickled the sensitive hole with the tip of her tongue.

Erica thrashed and moaned, pleading with her cousin to stop in a voice that begged her to continue, panting and gasping, she was in the heavy heights of sexual ecstacy. Everything was new and everything was wonderful, even the tongue pressing against her dirtiest, naughtiest hole, even though her cousin was the one doing this to her... she couldn't stop her own bodily responses. The pleasure that was sweeping over her wasn't going to be denied. Although she begged her cousin to stop, if Becky had she would've been incredibly let down, she didn't want it to stop, she didn't want it ever to stop. For a few moments she worried what her parents would think, her becoming sexual and with her own cousin... but the doubts were quickly brushed aside by the incredible sensation of Becky's tongue actually entering her tight ass hole, just the tip of it poking in.

"AAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" Erica's hips thrust up off the bed, she almost levitated at the intense rush of heat that rushed through her like a bolt of electricity. Her hands had abandoned her breasts and she was now clutching at the sheets underneath her, fingers grasping.

She sobbed a little when Becky's tongue finally left that tight hole, the sensations had been so intense that it brought her to tears but she hadn't wanted it to end either. Not that the pleasure stopped of course, Becky moved her tongue from one hole to the other, pressing into the tight virgin pussy of her cousin. Making her tongue into a short little penis she invaded the virgin space, pressing into it and wiggling within the confines. It was almost like Erica was having convulsions as her body reacted, wild spasms shaking her entire being as someone else entered her body for the first time. She shook her blonde head back and forth, thrashing on the pillow, her eyes squeezed shut as she moaned, a few tears leaked down her cheeks - testament to the intenseness of these new sensations.

Becky's tongue quickly got tired, but as soon as she pulled it out she replaced it with her fingers, spearing her cousin's body with her hand, two fingers stretching open that tight hole. Slurping up the juices of her cousin's pussy, she decided it was time to get a little of her own back. Swiveling around, she managed to get into a 69 position, and then she lowered her hips, planting her own pussy onto her cousin's innocent mouth.

The younger blonde had no idea what had just happened, so caught up in the pleasures of her own body she hadn't even noticed that her cousin was shifting around on the bed. Suddenly, there was something covering her mouth, shocked Erica opened her eyes and realized what it was. Screaming did nothing but open her mouth to the salty sweetness of her cousin's pussy. For some reason it hadn't occurred to her that she might need to reciprocate the pleasures that were being given her... the idea of using her own mouth on her cousin was just wrong. Letting her cousin do it had been wrong and now that she was supposed to do it... well it was just even more so.

Unfortunately for Erica, Becky was quite firmly planted, sighing happily at the vibrations flooding her pussy, uncaring that the girl beneath her was obviously struggling. Becky was much bigger and stronger, and she was tired of waiting. Besides, Erica would come around. Pumping two fingers in and out of the tight hole, she again lowered her mouth to the other girl's pussy, smiling as her cousin's struggles lessened quite a bit. Now it was moaning vibrations that were being spread through her own pussy, and that felt almost as good.

Beneath her, Erica was wondering if it would be so wrong to give back the lovely sensations that her cousin was giving her. It seemed very selfish, even though she was unsure of whether or not she wanted to return the gentle tongueings. Although she loved her cousin, she'd never even considered doing anything like this with another girl. But the most incredible sensations were sweeping through her body... and she was loving everything her cousin was doing to her. Why shouldn't she try to do the same for her cousin? It would be wrong to only receive and not give.

Becky moaned her appreciation as beneath a soft, hesitant tongue started licking her own pussy. At first it was very light touches, and slowly they became firmer as Erica became more confident in herself and her abilities. Then two fingers found her way into her pussy as well and she shook her hips in satisfaction at this new twist to their relationship.

The room was filled with the sounds of licking and sucking, squelching noises as their fingers invaded each other's holes. Due to the fact that she had been played with from the very beginning, Erica was already very close to her orgasm. When Becky sucked her clit into her mouth for the first time, Erica screamed her passion as the cresting wave finally crashed over her.

Writhing and crying out under her cousin's body, her hot breath and the vibrations going through Becky's pussy (along with her own excitement at everything that was happening) brought the older girl off as well. The two writhed in heat, their fingers clamped into each other's pussies as they proclaimed their climaxes. Erica was in heaven, it was even better than the ones she'd given to herself... she loved her cousin all the more for her introduction into these new and intoxicating pleasures.

When their pulses finally slowed Becky lifted her body off of Erica and brought herself up. Trustingly, the younger girl snuggled against her naked body, and they fell asleep.

* * * * *

The next morning Becky was awakened by the most erotic dream... and then she realized that the sensations in the dream weren't just a dream. Between her legs was the blonde head of Erica, tongue licking insistently at the sweet juices nestled there. Seeing that her cousin was awake, she picked her head up a bit, lips shining with pussy juices.

"Good morning!" she chirped. Becky groaned at this interruption of her pleasure and pulled her cousin's head back into her eager pussy, pressing the blonde against her body as she arched and moaned. Seducing her innocent cousin had to be one of the best things she'd ever done.


If you would like to see more of these girls please let me know... otherwise the story ends here =) If you WOULD like to see more, please also be aware that more would include introducing some men into the relationship and that they would NOT be related to either of the girls... but let me know what you think =) The continuation of this story is up to you! I am allowing anonymous comments for a few days so that people can vote - however if you vote "No" provide a reason other than "Because I said so", "it sucked" or "incest is wrong" or your vote will be discounted and probably deleted. Thanks!



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