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I married a woman with three young daughters. And even though I was not supposed to have a favorite and love them all equally, Ashley was my favorite. More than likely it was because she chose me over her real Father and it created a special bond between us. I never adopted her though, because I honestly did not want to be her Father. My feelings for her were different than the other two. I loved her more than I loved my wife. I would do anything for Ashley, she had my heart, more than any woman ever had in my life.

I constantly stayed on all three girls about staying a virgin until they finished school. I did not want any of them to ruin their lives by getting pregnant too young. I especially got on Ashley about it though, because I would get jealous at the thought of her having sex with someone other than me.

From the time Ashley was 13, I began having dreams about her. She was an early developer. She had a body at thirteen that most women in their twenties would kill for. She was awesome. Although I never acted on my impulses with her, my thoughts never left me. But, I did not want to go to jail, so I had to wait until she was legal.

Throughout the years I was not disappointed however. I got to watch her grow into a smart, beautiful woman. Ashley was not bashful around me, she went to bed in a t-shirt and panties and spent most of the day that way. Many times I got glimpses of her tits as they grew and developed and each time I got so hard that I would have to cover myself in some manner. Every time I touched her I got an erection, seeing her nipples poking against her shirt or bikini top would send me to the bathroom. Seeing her tits naked through the armhole of her shirt, or collar as she bent over would send me into a frenzy, which my wife would enjoy the benefits of.

As I think back, I guess I could have been considered a pervert or pedophile, but I never acted on my urges with her. This story is about our first time together, on a trip to visit with my parents. I was planning to go alone, but Ashley begged me to let her go. She wanted to get away from her sisters for a little while before classes started back up and actually enjoy a little bit of her summer. She had been fighting with her older sister all summer and hadn't had much fun. It was a twenty-four hour drive straight through, so a hotel stop was necessary. Ashley was finally old enough to make her own decisions, and I was hoping she would choose me.

As we checked into the hotel room the clerk asked, " Do you want two twins or a king size bed?"

Not wanting to seem obvious I asked " Is there a price difference?"

"Yes sir, the king size has a five dollar discount."

I looked at Ashley, " Well, do you mind sleeping with me?" Of course I really wanted to ask, "Do you mind if I fuck you tonight?"

She looked at me, " As long as you don't kick me in the middle of the night, I guess I can handle it."

So we went to the room. A really nice room as a matter of fact. It was the perfect setting for me to try to seduce my stepdaughter.

Once we got settled, I called my wife to let her know where we were and that we were fine. Ashley said Hi to her Mom and then went to take a shower. The fact that we were sleeping together that night was never mentioned by either of us.

After Ashley finished her shower, she came out in the standard t-shirt and panties, her nipples were poking through the damp material of the shirt. I started to get an erection just looking at her, so I disappeared to take my own shower. As the hot water was running over me, I could not get rid of the thought and images I had of her. My erection would not go down. I decided I had better jerk off to get rid of it. Plus it might help my staying power with her for my future plans for the night. I shot my load in the shower to images of her in the bed waiting for me.

I must have taken a longer shower than I thought, because when I got out Ashley was already asleep. I climbed into bed looked at her sleeping and knew I could never go through with my plan. If she was asleep, she couldn't possibly have the same kind of thoughts for me that I had for her. So, I gave her a kiss on the forehead and lay down to sleep.

In the middle of the night I was woken up when Ashley got up to use the bathroom. I didn't move or stir, hoping I would get to see her tits with hard nipples as she went by me. I was not disappointed, so I stayed that way until she returned for another view.

When she came back, again I was not disappointed. Ashley's nipples were hard as rocks against her shirt. The glimpses I had gotten in the past did not do her justice. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Still, I did not move, other than the hardening of my cock straining against my shorts to get at her.

Ashley climbed into bed behind me and curled up to my back. I could feel her tits against my back through my shirt. She put her arm around me and snuggled as close as two people can get. Her nipples were mashed hard into my back, and she started kissing the back of my neck.

That was all I could take. I rolled over to face her, " Ash, do you know what you are doing to me?" She answered me by placing the softest lips I have ever kissed against mine. It was the first time I had ever felt her lips against mine. I had always kissed her cheek or forehead, mostly I avoided kissing her in the past because of the desire I had for her. " I hope I am getting you as turned on as I am. I cannot sleep next to you like this and not touch you. I have always wanted to touch you and be touched by you and be loved by you. I stayed a virgin just for a night like this, just for you. This is the only reason I wanted to come on this trip, to be alone with you." Then she kissed me again, much deeper and more passionate, our tongues intertwining, the kiss of lovers.

I had been dreaming of this night for what seemed like forever. Now, all of my fantasies were going to come true. I was finally going to be united to my one true love.

I pushed Ashley onto her back, still kissing her. I slowly moved the kiss to her neck, sucking gently, tasting her while my hand moved to feel her hips, her stomach. I moved up to her lips again, kissing her deeply, while my hand moved under her shirt, feeling the naked skin of her stomach, her waist, enjoying the smooth, soft feel of her skin.

I bent down to her stomach, and began kissing her there, tasting her, savoring every touch of her naked skin to my lips. I moved down to her panties, and then onto her panties, inhaling the scent of her virgin pussy. A soft moan escaped from her lips as I kissed her pussy through her panties, releasing the hot air from my mouth onto her pussy. My hands were roaming the length of her legs, her smooth, soft skin moving under the palms of my hands.

I climbed between her legs, her thighs against my hips and took off my shirt. I looked at her lying there on the bed. She was gorgeous with her blonde hair spread around her face and her baby blue eyes looking up nervously at me, wanting and scared at the same time. Ashley was truly the most beautiful woman in my life.

I bent to kiss her stomach again, and each inch of her as I slowly pushed up her shirt. Each movement displaying just a bit more of her for me to enjoy. Finally I had her shirt up to her tits, I did not move above them yet. I kissed the bottom of her tits, then moved to the side of them. Her breathing was becoming more and more heavy, the anticipation was driving us both nuts, but I did not want to rush this moment that I had waited for so long. I wanted this to be a night she would never forget, I wanted it to be perfect.

Finally, I had her sit up, and I pulled her shirt over her head, revealing the most perfect tits I had ever seen. I was frozen for a moment as I gazed upon her, I was finally seeing the tits that I had been dreaming of for so long.

I bent over and kissed between them, all around them one at a time without touching the nipples, prolonging her anticipation, and mine. Then finally, I placed my mouth over her right nipple and lightly flicked it with my tongue. The moan that escaped from her lips was loud and long, her body began to shiver and then I took her nipple between my teeth and nibbled and then unable to restrain myself any further, I sucked that nipple into my mouth like a baby tasting mothers milk for the first time. I could not get enough of her. My right hand went to her other tit and began caressing her, and then I switched. Back and forth I went between her tits, massaging them and kissing them all over, then finally back up to her neck ever so gently. Ashley's back was arching, her panty covered pussy rubbing against my own covered cock, our chests pressed together as we shared yet another kiss of the lips, our passion expressed through our tongues.

Then I broke the kiss and began to slowly kiss my way back down her body, rubbing my tongue against her relishing in the taste of her. I made my way back down to her panties, once again kissing her pussy through them. I grabbed each side of her panties at her hip and moved them down, exposing a surprise for me. Ashley had shaved her pussy. The glistening wetness was slowly exposed, her excitement obvious. I continued to move her panties down her legs, kissing the inside of her thighs, her calves, her feet, and her toes as they were taken off. Then, I worked my way back up her legs in the same manner, up to her pussy.

Her feminine aroma would be impossible to describe, but to me it was the best scent I had ever smelled. Her virgin lips were pursed tightly together, yet obviously swollen with desire, a thin film of wetness covered the entire area. First I licked over her lips, tasting her womanly secretion, sweet yet tangy. Then down to her puckered ass to get every bit of her flavor. Her pink rosebud asshole looked tasty, so I did. I licked around her asshole and even pushed my tongue slightly inside, dragging my tongue back up and in between those beautiful virginal pussy lips. I tasted inside her and wanted more and obviously she did to, because her hand pushed my head down and my tongue deeper inside her, my nose rubbing against her clit as she came in my mouth. It was a wonderful sweet liquid that I had never experienced with another woman that shot into my mouth, dripping down my chin. Her thighs locked my head in place as she came wave after wave into my thirsty mouth.

With my head still locked between her thighs she rolled on top of me and began fucking my tongue and grinding her clit into my nose, her juices were running into my mouth and down my cheeks and chin . She kept riding my face and cumming until I heard a yell, " Oh, yes! Oh my god yes! Eat my pussy Daddy! Oh, fuck yes!" Then she collapsed on top of me, her head on my shoulder, her tits pressed into my stomach, and my cock still in my shorts pressed against hers. She lay there until her breathing slowed down and then she rolled to my side, with her arm still across me. She looked into my eyes, " That was wonderful, does it get any better than this?"

"That, you will have to find out for yourself honey", I said.

With that said, she grabbed hold of my cock through my shorts, " Will this tell me?" she said with a grin. " How big is this thing anyway?" Then she pulled off my shorts. She took my cock into her hands, slowly stroking it up and down. " Honey, be careful or you'll make me cum." I told her. " I have always been turned on by you, just looking at you, this is almost too much."

"I wonder what this will do then?" she grinned as she took my cock into her mouth. She had the head of my cock in her mouth and was licking it with her tongue. The warmth of her mouth felt quite good, but it wasn't quite enough to send me over the edge. Ashley looked up at me and asked, " What am I supposed to do?"

Instead of answering her, I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV and pressed play for the VCR. The movie I had put in earlier started and of course the first scene was a woman giving a blowjob. Ashley was watching and then started to do everything the woman on TV was doing. Her eyes never came off the screen as she began bobbing up and down on my cock. Her mouth was providing a natural suction to me, and watching my dick in her mouth sent me over the edge with no warning. I came in her mouth, more than I ever had before, but with her watching the scene on TV she never stopped. She just kept going like the woman in the porno and she brought me to another orgasm within seconds of the first. " Ash, you have to stop now. I am extremely sensitive after cumming, it almost hurts. I need a little time to recover."

So, Ashley finally stopped and climbed on top of me. Her chest was against mine, her nipples still hard and she kissed me again. She had swallowed every bit of my cum, but I could still taste myself in her mouth, not unpleasant, surprisingly. " Ashley, you can't kiss a guy after sucking him off, most guys will get very mad. It's kind of like making him suck himself off. Most guys will get upset."

"Sorry Daddy, I didn't mean to make you mad."

"Honey, you didn't make me mad, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was just a little weird for me."

Now Ashley looked back to the TV, the guy was eating her out. " We already did that one didn't we Daddy?"

"Yes, but we can do it again if you want."

So Ash lay back again with her knees in the air and her legs spread wide. I couldn't resist the sight. I pounced between her thighs and began licking her pussy for all I was worth. I couldn't get enough of her. Little did I know, she was still watching the porno. " Daddy. Daddy, that's what I really want to do. Can you do that now?"

I looked at the screen to see the couple fucking, with the woman on top.

Ashley pushed me back onto the bed, straddled me. Her smooth young thighs were pressing against my hips, the wetness of her pussy was rubbing against my cock. She continued to rub herself against my cock, apparently enjoying the feeling, if the look of ecstasy on her face was any indication.

"Honey, this is not fucking. You have to put me inside you. The first time it may hurt you a little, but it will feel better after that."

She reached between her legs and grabbed hold of my cock and placed it at the entry to her pussy. I could feel the warmth and the wetness on the head of my cock. Her smooth shaved lips providing a wonderful sensation. I had never fucked a shaved pussy before, the lack of hair seemed to provide an extra bit of sensuality. I never knew how soft the skin really was between a woman's legs.

I felt Ashley start to push down on me, it didn't seem as if I was going to fit inside her virgin pussy. Then slowly, my head started to slip inside her, the velvety smoothness of her pussy starting to slide around the head of my cock. I looked between her legs to watch as I disappeared inside her. When the head was almost completely in, I felt the resistance of her virginity, the moment of truth was here. Would she be able to push me through to make her a woman, and me the happiest man alive?

I grabbed her hips and lifted her slightly, dropping my hips into the mattress and then pulled her hips down and thrust my hips up to meet her. " Oh shit!" we simultaneously groaned. Her for the pain of losing her virginity and me for the ecstasy it gave me to be completely buried inside her tight pussy. Neither of us moved for a few moments, except for the contractions her pussy was having around my cock.

Then she leaned forward and put her hands on my chest and began to move up on my shaft slowly. Quickly she impaled herself again, thrusting me into the depths of her tight pussy. Slowly up and quickly down seemed to be the pace she wanted to keep. Her head was thrown back, her chest was heaving as I reached up to pinch her nipples. I continued to watch my cock disappear and reappear with each movement of her hips. Her pace began to quicken, sighs began escaping from her mouth, her thrusts becoming more and more forceful each time. I was getting closer and closer to my own orgasm. I couldn't believe the sensations I was feeling, her pussy was sending me over the edge.

"Oh baby, keep fucking me, fuck me Ash! Daddy's going to shoot inside you! Oh Ash! Here it comes!"

"Cum inside me Daddy, fuck me, fuck your little girl!"

I couldn't hold back anymore, I shot load after load into her. I felt her pussy spasm around my cock with each spurt as she came at the same time. Her juices were flowing from her pussy down my thighs. I couldn't stop. I had to keep fucking her. I rolled her over and began thrusting again, my erection staying hard and full. I sucked on her nipples as she thrust them into my face. Our juices mixed in her pussy, providing even more sensations. I shot inside her again and collapsed on top of her.

I felt her body trembling against mine as we tried to recover from our exertion. I started to pull out of her which created more spasms in her body, she was cumming again.

"Don't pull out Daddy! I want to keep you inside me. Can we stay like this all night?"

"Sure honey, but you had better sleep on top of me. I don't want to hurt you."

We rolled over and started to go to sleep. Her head on my shoulder, her chest pressed against mine, my still hard cock buried in her pussy.

"I love you Daddy!"

"I love you too Sweetie"

We both went to sleep.

When I woke up, my cock was no longer in her pussy, nor was she asleep.

Maybe I'll tell you the rest later.

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