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Things started to change around our house about 6 months ago after my mom and dad split up. My name's Jim, I am 18 years old, I will soon be starting at University, for now I am living the good life, relaxing, enjoying the summer vacation, spending a lot of time by the pool.

As I said, mom was pretty depressed for a while, she caught dad with another woman in their bed and threw him out, we haven't seen or heard from him since, we understand they are now living somewhere in Europe. I can't understand why Dad wanted to fool around with another woman, mom is very good looking, she is tall, has jet black hair and although she is now 37 she has got a very nice body, I have begun to notice this about her lately, for the last couple of months she has acted and dressed so sexily I began to get hard ons when she was around, I don't see that much of her, she doesn't work but spends a lot of time out visiting people, she tells me that she does not like spending time home by herself, now that I am on vacation I see her more often. I have often wondered what she does for money, when dad left mom told me he had just about cleaned out the bank. I asked her once and she told me she had some savings of her own, an inheritance from some relative and that I shouldn't worry about such things. She gave me a very generous monthly allowance, she drives a Mercedes sports coupe, and she always dresses nicely so I guess she has things worked out well financially.

Yesterday she joined me by the pool, it was a very hot day and I was floating around on the water on an airbed, she brought out cold drinks, I slid off the airbed into the water and swam over to her. She was wearing a white Bikini, it contrasted with her suntanned body, I sat opposite her drinking my juice, the bikini top only just covered her nipples and I could make out the darkness of them through the thin material, the bottoms were tied together at the sides and the way she was sitting with her legs slightly open I could see wisps of black hair escaping at the sides.

As I said I have recently been thinking about my mom a lot, often when lying in my bed at night playing with myself she has been the fantasy of my imagination; I guess it is because she has changed so much these last couple of months, she acts more confidently, she has become a different, sexy person. I wrote my thoughts and fantasy's daily in my diary, spending a long time writing about imaginary situations where we would end up fucking each other, that she would shave her pussy smooth for me and I would lie between her legs fingering and playing with her cunt.

She said she was going out with some friends tonight and wouldn't be back to late and asked if I had any plans, I told her I didn't, I would probably order a Pizza and watch some TV. We both swam for a while and as she stood in the pool I noticed the top was now see thru, her nipples made hard by the cold water now jutted out, I'm glad she didn't see the bulge that had appeared in my shorts. We sunbathed for a couple more hours till she said she was going to shower and get ready to go out. I was watching TV when she came down, again my prick started to grow large at seeing her, she wore a red dress, the front was very low cut, her tits looked great, she had on black stockings and red high heeled shoes, she was made up and her black hair pinned back.

I let out a whistle, "Wow, don't you look great" I said, She thanked me and asked if I was sure I would be ok, I told her I would be fine, "Who's the lucky guy?" I asked, she said it wasn't a date; she was meeting with old friends. The way she looked seemed to me she had gone to a lot of trouble for just some 'old friends', she turned to go and called out she wouldn't be back till late.

I settled down to watch some TV, I flicked through the channels and eventually found a porn movie, I watched the movie but couldn't get mom out of my mind, she was hiding something from me, there was something she wasn't telling me, I had to find out what it was, maybe mom had something upstairs in her room that might give me a clue.

I have never before snooped around mom's room, I looked in the wardrobes, dresser, even under the bed, then when I searched in her bedside cabinet I found a diary, an address book and her bank book, the bank book showed a very big balance, much more than I though she had, it showed big deposits had been paid in weekly over the last two months, this was strange as she had no income coming in. I looked in the diary, it showed meetings with different people, again starting about two months ago, it showed names, times and where the meeting took place, the names were all men and the majority of the places they must have met at were Hotels or Motels, on average there were two different meetings a day, there was an appointment for tonight with a guy called Bill, I noticed several references to him, the next appointment she had was tomorrow evening, a guy called John, she was to meet him at a private address in the 'posh' side of town.

My mind started to work overtime, 'it couldn't be' I thought, 'is my mom a hooker?' everything sure was pointing that way, it would explain how she was getting a regular large income.

I put the books back as I found them and went to my room, I lay on my bed and turned everything over in my mind, every time I came to the same conclusion - 'she must be' but I had to find out for sure. As I lay there I pictured her with some guy, getting fucked and then getting paid for it, then the picture changed and it became me that was fucking her - and I was getting it for free! The next day I was again out at the pool, Mom must have had a late night as she didn't surface until noon, she joined me outside, she was wearing a short robe and looked like she had just showered, she lay on a lounger and I sat on a chair next to her. I asked her if she had a nice night, she replied that it had been very pleasant, looking at her I started to notice things, like she now had red varnish on her toes and fingers, she seemed to look more sexy, as we chatted I paid more attention to her body, her legs were long and smooth, the robe she wore was very short and had started to part a little allowing me a glimpse of her cleavage. I asked her if she wanted a cold drink, she said she would so I went to get some, as I stood up she must have noticed the bulge in my swimming trunks, my prick was almost poking out the top.

I returned with the drinks and handed one to her, I was standing right next to her, when she sat up her face was level with my prick, about 12 inches away - she must have noticed how hard it was, as she reached for the glass her robe was open enough for me to look down and get a good view of her tits and nipples. I suggested that seeing it was such a nice day she ought to catch up on her tan, she said she would go in and put on her Bikini, I jokingly said "why bother, no one can see in here", she looked at me and said " Why not, it is a nice day and it will be nice to get a tan without having strap marks on my back, she put down her glass and slipped off her robe, she was wearing a tiny pair of white panties, her tits were beautiful, the dark brown patches surrounding her nipples were huge and her nipples stood out hard, she lay back on the lounger and sunned herself. I had to get in the water; the way my prick was feeling I thought I had a good chance of Cumming right then.

I swam for a while, mom sat up and rubbed lotion onto her legs, then her stomach, then her hands went to her tits and she seemed to rub the lotion in for a long time, I saw her once take her nipple between her fingers and tweak at it, she saw me looking and smiled, she asked me if I would rub some lotion on to her back, I was out of the water and over to her in a flash, she turned on to her stomach and I took my time rubbing it on to her smooth back, she thanked me and then lay back in the sun. Later she joined me in the water and we played around with a beach ball, throwing it to each other, when she got out of the pool she turned to me, she said she was going in for a bath and a nap as she was going to be out again tonight, the white panties were now transparent, her black triangle of hair over her pussy easily seen. \ While mom was bathing I came up with a plan, I knew where she was meeting this guy John tonight and at what time, I would wait for her to go and follow her - I had to find out what was going on. That evening after she fixed us a meal she went upstairs to get ready, she again looked very sexy when she came down, I again whistled, "you look great mom, c'mon give me a twirl" she thanked me and playfully spun around, she ending up standing with one foot on the coffee table, her hands on her hips, pushing her tits out in a models pose, the way she stood made her short dress rise up and I could see her stocking tops, "So, where are you going tonight" she asked, I told her I might take Sally to a movie, "I wouldn't mind you taking me to a movie some time" she said.

I told her that would be great but when I went with Sally we normally sat at the back row and had a bit of a fool around, she said she remembered when she was younger, the same happened with her and how she used to enjoy it. I walked over and stood close to her, I jokingly said "Mom, if I went to the movies with you and you looked as sexy as you did now I could easily forget who I was with and who knows what might happen.

She took it as a joke and laughed, she countered with, "Yes, and if a handsome young man like you did take me I would probably expect it from him", she leaned forward and pecked me on the cheek, "have a nice evening with Sally" she said, I hugged her close to me, her tits squashed into my chest, again she must have felt my hard prick pressing against her stomach, my arms encircled her, as I eased away I looked her in the eyes and surprised her by giving her a quick kiss on the lips, "thanks mom, you have a nice one too" We both stood there, looking into each others eyes, mom looked flustered, "I'll be late, I really must go" she said, she turned and went.

As soon as I heard her car drive away I got on my motorbike and made my way to the address, I used shortcuts and got there way before her, I parked the bike away from the house and watched her arrive, she got out of the car and walked to the door, the door opened, she kissed the guy and went in. It was getting dark, I waited for a while and carefully made my way to the back of the house, I looked in through a gap in the curtains and saw them sitting on a couch kissing and playing with each other, he had her tits out of her dress, his trousers were around his feet and she was wanking on his prick, after a while she went down on him sucking and licking, he was fingering her cunt.

It didn't take long for him to start fucking her, he fucked her in various positions, she was now naked apart from her black stockings and suspenders, I saw him stop fucking and she took his prick in her mouth, I can only guess he shot his spunk in her mouth as when he slid out I couldn't see any spunk, she must have swallowed it all.

5 minutes later they got up from the floor and walked hand in hand out of the room, another light went on at the back of the house but the curtains were tightly drawn and I couldn't see into the room. I called it a night and made my way home and went to bed, lying there I racked my brains trying to think of a way so that I could end up having sex with mom, it had become an obsession now, I wouldn't rest until it happened. I wondered what mom would do, had she noticed the bulge in my pants, did she realise the effect she had on me, could she possibly want me to fuck her, was she waiting for me to make my move. Then I thought what if I had got it wrong, she might throw me out, never speak to me again, I decided to hell with the consequences, that I wanted to fuck her real bad, and it had to be soon.

The next day when mom got up she said she was staying in tonight and asked me if I was, I told her I would be, she said she would cook a nice meal, we could have some wine, and asked if I would pick up a video tape for us to watch later, I said I would and asked if she wanted any particular one, she looked at me in a strange way, I suppose if I didn't know better (I probably was imagining it) it was a sexy look, "I'm sure you will make the right choice, one that you might watch if you were alone with Sally" she said. Late that afternoon I went to the video store, I picked up one of the latest blockbusters, then as I was leaving I spotted some porn videos, I thought 'what the hell' I could always watch it by myself later, and chose one.

I went home, mom said the food was prepared and that she was going to have a soak in the bath before eating. About 90 minutes later I was in the study playing a computer game when mom called telling me dinner was ready, I went in to the dining room, mom was sat at the table, I could only see the top half of her outfit but that was enough, she had on a tight see through blouse, her bra underneath was the type that pushed the tits upwards, that too was flimsy and the darkness of her nipples could be seen, I went over to her and kissed her on the cheek, thanking her for taking so much trouble with the dinner.

I sat opposite her, we chatted away, mom asked me how the date with Sally went, I said we both had a good time, she came right out with it and asked me if I was having sex with Sally, she had took me by surprise and I think my face started to go red, she said she was sorry and did not want to embarrass me, she was only concerned that we used contraceptives, I told her we have had sex and yes I did use condoms, she said it was only natural for someone my age to want to have sex, she pointed out that she was only just older than me when she got pregnant. I said to her how I couldn't understand why dad went off with another woman when he left behind such a beautiful, sexy, understanding woman as she was.

She told me that she was now glad that it had happened, she was happier now than she ever had been, she confessed to me that although dad had an eye for a pretty girl he was very jealous if she as much looked at another guy, she said she was now free to do as she pleased, to see who she wanted, to do anything she wanted to do, and if she wanted to, to have sex with anyone she fancied. I was getting turned on by the way in which she was speaking; I have never heard her speak this frankly before.

I wanted to know how she made her money and asked her, she told me that she had a friend who worked for an Escort Agency, after dad left she didn't have much money and her friend suggested she joined the Agency, at first all she did was 'regular escort work' but was told she could make serious money if she had sex with her clients. She told me she had several men she saw, some of them very rich who paid for her services, she said she hoped to make enough money over the next couple of years that would enable her to stop and maybe set up a small business. She looked at me and asked if I was ashamed of her, I told her I wasn't, that I was glad she had told me, her face looked relieved, she smiled and said, "Right! Who's for desert" and got up to go into the Kitchen, It was then that I saw the rest of her outfit - she had on a leather mini skirt, black stockings and black high heeled shoes, the skirt was incredibly short coming nowhere near covering her stocking tops, as she walked into the Kitchen she must have known I would be staring at her, she turned and smiled at me, "Won't be long" she said.

After we had finished desert she insisted we leave clearing up till the morning, we took our wine and went into the lounge sitting next to each other on the couch, "I hope you've got a good video" she said, I showed her the tape I had chose, "Oh, I was hoping you might have got an adult type one" she said. I told her I wasn't sure what to get and that I had got another but it was classed as XXX and I wasn't sure if it would be suitable for us to watch together, "Oh come on Jim, we are both adults after all, look, if it makes you feel any easier lets pretend that we are not Mother and Son, tonight we will be 'just good friends' what do you say?"

I looked at her, what could I say? Was I hearing right? In my wildest dreams I would have never expected this to happen, was mom actually coming on to me? "That would be nice mom, but why?" She told me that the other day while she was tidying my room she noticed my diary, she said it was wrong of her to look at it but when she read it she realised that she had the same feelings for me that I had for her, she knew it would be wrong, she was my mother and if I wanted she would stop right now. I told her I didn't want her to stop; I wanted to be with her that I loved her so much.

"I'll put the tape on" I said and I got up and inserted the tape, on the way back I dimmed the lights and sat back down, this time I sat close to her and took hold of her hand. The film started slowly, it took about half an hour for any action to start, it was strange watching a porn video sat next to mom, we both had drunk quite a few glasses of wine, I wasn't sure if I should make the first move, mom said she had to go to the bathroom, while she was gone I wound the tape forward to a good part, I paused the tape till she returned, when she sat down her hand rested on my thigh, I started the tape again, it was showing two guys and one woman, she was lying on the floor with one guy fucking her hard, the other one had his prick down her throat, mom was rubbing her hand along my thigh, my prick had been hard since the tape started, I wondered if I should do anything.

I put one arm over moms shoulder, mom rested her head against me, she turned to me and said "Jim, I've told you, tonight we are friends, If you want you could pretend that I am Sally, what would you be doing if it was Sally sat next to you now?"

"This, I guess" I said and leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, her mouth opened and our tongues explored each others mouths, I cupped one of her tits over her blouse, her hand that was on my thigh moved up to my prick, then higher to undo my belt and unzip my trousers, her hand went inside and released my prick, I swear it has never felt harder and has never been bigger. I undid the buttons of her blouse and slipped it from her shoulders, my hands went around her back and unfastened her bra, releasing the tits I had seen but before now never touched, they were smooth and firm and her nipples were hard, I kissed her neck then made my way lower, licking, kissing and sucking at her tits, taking her nipples into my mouth and sucking them deeply. She stood up and stepped out of her skirt, then kneeling in front of me slid my trousers down and pulled them off, she kissed her way upwards, her hand was around my prick slowly wanking on it, she kissed and licked my prick then took it deep into her mouth and sucked hard, I had never experienced a feeling like this before, my prick started to throb and I told her I was going to come, she just looked me straight in the eyes and continued sucking, her hand wanking my prick faster and faster till I shot my spunk deep into her mouth, she swallowed as much as she could but some escaped and dribbled down her chin on to her tits which she used to rub into her nipples. I told her I was sorry that I didn't last very long, she smiled at me and said that seeing my prick had been hard for so long she didn't think I would have and that I would be able to last longer the next time.

She lay on the floor, I knelt between her legs and opened them wide, I kissed upwards along her stockinged legs, I reached her bare skin at the top and slid her panties to one side, she had shaved her pussy! I was mesmerised, "Don't stop" she said, "I did it for you, In your diary you wrote how you would like to play with my smooth pussy" I licked along her pussy lips darting my tongue inside her wet cunt tasting her juices, she bent her legs, reached out with her hands pulling my head tight against her pussy, I forced my tongue into her as deeply as I could, I slid two, then three fingers into her, my other hand mauling at her tits, she was moaning loudly, her head moving from side to side, jerking her hips forwards as I fingered her then she screamed out loudly, her body twitched spasmodically, then lay back panting heavily, this was the first time I had seen a woman orgasm.
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