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This is the tenth chapter of the series, "And Mother Makes Four". In chapter nine the new neighbor's teenage daughter Deborah is seduced by Joannie as succumbs to the beautiful blonde's charms in her first girl-girl sex. Chapter ten has Deborah's brother Steve getting seduced and learning more about the sexually charged family next door. I have continued to write this story because of all the positive feedback that I have received from many readers and the encouragement to continue with this theme and characters. Thank you all who have commented and have encouraged me to keep writing.


Stephan was flattered that Biff, Jerry and Joannie had invited him and his sister over to work out with them. Deborah had to run some errands with their mother and Marla was tagging along with them, still showing them around town.

Stephan arrived at the neighbor's home and was shown in by Biff. They then went down to the workout room to join Jerry and Joan for their morning workout. Right away Stephan reminded everyone to please call him Steve. As they worked out together Steve was very impressed with their workout regimen. The three of them were very fit and moved easily through their routines. Steve, although he was in excellent shape, labored harder then the others.

Steve was enamored with Joannie. He watched her every chance he got marveling at her beautiful blonde athletic body as moved gracefully through the exercises. Steve was convinced the she was not wearing a bra or panties under her t-shirt and shorts. Her nipples poked through the cotton material of her tee and he spotted no panty lines under her shorts. Joannie shorts were so tight that he could see the crease in her pussy when she sat down. When she bent over the tight shorts rode up on her buttocks and exposed part of her ass cheeks. He had all he could do to compose himself to avoid getting an erection. Little did he know that in a couple of hours that she would leave nothing to his imagination?

When they finished their workout they all showered before heading into the pool. Steve told Jerry and Biff that he did not bring a bathing suit. They both laughed and said they never used one. Jerry offered Steve one of his if he was to too shy to swim in the nude. Steve was nervous but decided to join them naked in the pool.

Steve's cock stirred when he saw the beautiful naked Joannie already swimming laps in the pool. He got in the pool quickly to allow the cool water to calm his urges. The four of them swam laps in the pool and again Steve could not keep pace with this very fit threesome. Steve swam as long as he could and then left the pool to towel off and rest on one of the lounges. As he sat on the lounge his focus was on Joannie as she swam laps with a variety of strokes. He loved the way her ass peeked through the water's surface as she used the crawl stroke but her breast stroke the best as she curled her legs under her torso and thrust them back accentuating her ass muscles. Steve was getting turned on and placed the towel in his lap to conceal his growing erection. Steve was brought back to reality when heard Jerry call out to him.

"Just a couple more laps and we will hit the Jacuzzi," Jerry said.

Steve took this opportunity to get into the Jacuzzi and he was relieved that the bubbles from the jets served to hide his erection. Jerry. Joannie and Biff soon joined him and the four of them relaxed in the pleasant massage action of the jets. The four of them talked easily as if it were the most natural thing in the world to be naked in a Jacuzzi. Steve was taken with these three and loved his time with them so far, although he did not know what to expect next.

Biff and Jerry excused themselves as they had some errands to run and they would be back in a couple of hours. As they rose up out of the Jacuzzi Steve noticed their cocks for the first time. Jerry was close to his size but Biff was unbelievable. Steve had never seen someone hung like Biff although he had seen larger cocks than his own on his classmates. Steve couldn't imagine what he must look like erect and he wondered how a girl to take a cock that size.

As Steve watched Jerry and Biff leave the pool area he couldn't believe that Jerry had left his wife Joannie alone and naked in the Jacuzzi with him. He looked at Joannie and she just sat there with her eyes closed and her head back in a relaxed state. Steve could barely make out her firm tits just below the water's surface. Steve was getting an erection again and he hoped that he could stay in the Jacuzzi long enough for his cock to deflate. Jerry and Biff came out dressed and yelled goodbye to them.

"Hey you two don't do anything we wouldn't do," Jerry yelled to them teasingly.

"That leaves it pretty wide open," Joannie yelled back.

The guys finally left and Steve all of a sudden felt compromised in the Jacuzzi alone with the beautiful naked Joannie. Joannie sensed his discomfort and made some small talk to relax him a little. It didn't take her long to shift the conversation to sex.

"So Steve, have you hooked up with any girls yet since you moved here?" she inquired.

"No not yet, I guess I will have to wait until school starts since we are new to the area," he replied.

"Debbie told me that she thought you were screwing a couple of girls last year. So I assume that you have had some experience, is that right?" Joannie continued.

"Well yes but I can't believe that Debbie told you that," Steve replied somewhat shocked.

"She told me a lot of things including her own experience. I know you two are a little frustrated now but you should have no trouble once school starts," Joannie encouraged.

Steve couldn't believe that he was having this conversation with this naked blonde beauty in a Jacuzzi. There was no chance of his erection subsiding soon.

"Steve would you like to fuck me?" Joannie asked and then said, "I would like to fuck you."

Steve could not believe his ears. He was lost for words at first but then he finally managed to say, "Jerry, what about Jerry?"

"Oh Jerry knows that I want to fuck you. You see we are a very open and loving family. We all fuck each other," Joannie explained.

Steve was wide eyed with his mouth open as Joannie explained the relationship that the four of them had. He was stunned to hear that she and Marla got it on but even more shocked when she told him that Marla and Jerry fucked each other. The real shocker was when Joannie told him about Jerry and Biff. Steve just shook his head in disbelief.

Joannie slid over to him in the Jacuzzi and Steve jumped when their skin touched. Joannie slid her hand under the water and across his thigh and grabbed hold of his erect cock. Steve almost came on the spot when she touched him.

"Hmm! Is this for me," she teased as she stroked the erect cock.

"Please don't," Steve whimpered.

"Now you know you don't mean that. I saw you checking me out all morning and now you have your chance to do something about it," Joannie went on.

Steve gasped as she stroked his cock under the water. He felt like he would cum any minute if she didn't stop. He tried to think of something else but that was impossible with the beautiful blonde stroking his cock. Joannie sensed that Steve was extremely turned on and she didn't want him to shoot his load in the Jacuzzi. She was actually looking forward to tasting his young sperm.

"Steve sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi," Joannie coaxed him.

Steve lifted his body up out of the water and sat on the edge on the Jacuzzi. His face was beet red but his erect cock gave away his desire. Joannie liked his cock it was a little bigger and thicker than her husband Jerry's. She smiled at him and held his cock lovingly.

"You have a beautiful cock and I am going to enjoy sucking it," Joannie said in a very sultry tone.

Steve was speechless as he watched Joannie lower her head and engulf his cock in her warm sensuous mouth. He gasped as she closed her lips around it and then began to bob up and down. Joannie deep throated him and he felt her lips touch his pubic hair as she swallowed his entire cock. No one had ever done that before and he almost lost it at that moment.

Joannie continued to suck his cock and she swirled her tongue around and nibbled the head driving Steve crazy. Joannie sensed that he was close to blowing his load and she cupped his tight balls and massaged them as she tightened her mouth around his cock. That did it and Steve could feel his cum travel from his balls through his scrotum as he started to cum.

"Oh shit, here it is. I'm cumming," he screamed but it was more of announcement than a warning.

Joannie stayed glued to his cock and swallowed every drop of his seed as it rushed into her mouth. Steve came in droves and Joannie had to swallow quickly to keep his seed from running out of her mouth. Steve could not believe how Joannie worked his cock and swallowed every drop. None of the girls he had been with ever swallowed his cum. Joannie was pleased with his youthful discharge and she knew that he would be hard again in no time so that he could fuck her. Steve shot quite a load in her mouth almost as much as Biff did with his first load of the day.

Joannie sucked and nibbled and teased Steve to no end. Finally he begged her to stop and he slid back into the Jacuzzi to rest and recover. Joannie slid next to him and turned his face toward hers. She kissed him deeply plunging her tongue into his mouth allowing him to sample the after taste of cum. Steve reached for her and took her in his arms. Steve fondled her tits, thighs and ass as they kissed. He could feel himself getting erect again as they cuddled, petted and kissed in the Jacuzzi.

Joannie felt him firming up again and reached for his cock under the water. She thought to herself that there was no substitute for youth. Joannie stood up and lifted Steve to his feet and smiled as she broke their kiss.

"Come on, let's take this upstairs where we will be more comfortable," she said sexily.

Steve followed Joannie into the house and upstairs to her bedroom. He never took his eyes off of her shapely legs and killer ass the entire time. They entered the bedroom and Joannie turned to face him.

"Have you ever eaten pussy before?" she asked.

"No I haven't but I have fingered a few girls and played with their pussies," Steve confessed.

"Well I will teach you and once the girls in your class learn that you eat pussy they will be lining up to date you," Joannie told him.

Joannie lie back on her bed and spread her legs. Her hands went down to her pussy and she stroked her quim and opened it for Steve to see. Steve just stared at her in all her beauty lying on the bed. Her blonde hair spread across the bed, her firm tits and hard nipples stuck up in the air and her voluptuous tanned body was splayed before him. Joannie held her arms open to him and then guided him to her body as he leaned in toward her.

Joannie coached him through every move of his first cunninglus experience. Steve buried his tongue in Joannie's pussy shoving it in as if he was fucking her. Joannie directed the action and she soon had him nibbling on her clit while he fingered her pussy. Steve was really getting into the action particularly because of the way he had Joannie squirming and tossing on the bed. Joannie moved her legs over Steve's shoulders and pulled his head closer to her pussy. Steve held on to Joannie shapely buttocks and squeezed and fondled her firm ass cheeks as he ate her pussy.

"Oh, oh, yes right there. You got it. Suck it, chew on it, eat me, oh!" Joannie cried out.

Steve continued to eat her pussy as he held her ass tightly in his hands. He then moved his hands up to her tits and found her hard nipples. Steve massaged her boobs and twirled her nipples in his fingertips as he continued to munch on her pussy and clit. Joannie was tossing and thrusting her pussy into Steve's face and calling for him to eat her.

"Stick your finger in my ass," screamed Joannie.

Steve had never fingered anyone's asshole and he was taken back by the demand. He snuck one hand behind Joannie's bottom and toyed with her asshole tickling the tight nether hole.

"Damn it wet your finger in my pussy and shove it in my ass," Joannie ordered.

Steve stuck his middle finger in Joannie's pussy and got it good and wet with her juices. He then positioned it at Joannie's asshole and shoved it in. Joannie gasped with the abrupt anal penetration but soon had Steve's finger buried in her ass. Steve pumped his finger in and out of Joannie's ass as he continued to maul her pussy with his mouth. Steve loved the feel of his finger in the warm recess of Joannie's ass.

Joannie stiffened and gasped aloud as she came on Steve's face. Steve held on to her with his finger still buried in her ass and his mouth glued to her cunt. He felt the waves of orgasm rock Joannie's body and his face was flooded with her cunt juice. Joannie kept humping his face until the last of her orgasms passed and she flopped back on the bed.

Steve slipped his finger from her ass and his hands found her breasts again. He stroked her tits and nipples as he gently licked her pussy dry of all her juices. Steve finished eating her and then sat up kneeling between Joannie legs. Steve followed Joannie's eyes to his cock and then he realized that he was hard again.

Joannie smiled at him and said, "That was marvelous, an outstanding first performance. Now get that cock in my pussy and fuck me!"

Steve leaned forward and aimed his cock at Joannie's pussy. He slid in easily to the hilt and reveled in the warmth of her cunt. Steve began to pump his cock in and out of Joannie's pussy as she wrapped her shapely legs around his back. Joannie pulled him in with her legs and positioned herself so that her clit was in constant contact with his cock. Steve began to pound Joannie's pussy and Joannie humped her hips back at him just as hard. The two of them fucked each other frantically breathing heavy and grunting and moaning. Joannie had another orgasm but continued to fuck Steve toward his. Joannie lost count of her orgasms before Steve finally filled her pussy with his spunk.

Steve stiffened and then thrust into her each time he felt his cum ejaculate. Joannie rocked with him and she clenched her cunt muscles squeezing every drop of cum from his cock. Steve collapsed on her body as he felt the last surge of cum leave his cock. Joannie held him tight as he relaxed his body. Steve had never felt so good in his life. He had fucked other girls his age before but it was never like this. He couldn't believe his good fortune in fucking a woman like Joannie.

Joannie rolled to her side and Steve rolled with her. They held to each other and gently caressed each other's sweaty body. Joannie pushed Steve on his back and then she kissed her way down his chest passed his stomach to his cock. Steve gasped in surprise when Joannie took his cock in her mouth and sucked it clean of their combined juices. Then she moved up his body and kissed him deeply shoving her tongue in his mouth again. Joannie wanted to be sure that he got to taste both of them and that he shed any inhibitions that he previously had.

As they rested Joannie told Steve about some of the foursome's sexual adventure and encounters. Steve was not shocked by her stories this time but he was amazed at the sexual liberties the family took with outside partners and each other. Joannie then decided to tell Steve about her encounter with his sister Debbie.

"Are you shitting me, my sister and you, holy shit!" Steve exclaimed.

"Yeah she loved it all, the pussy eating, the dildo-sex, everything," Joannie told him.

"God that must have been hot, I would have loved to have seen you two," Steve replied excitedly.

"Well someday you probably will. Have you ever fucked your sister?" Joannie asked.

"Jesus Joannie, my sister, hell no I haven't fucked her. She's my sister!" Steve yelled.

"You should. Really you should think about it. She is not your blood sister you are only related because your parents married. Just think what a good relationship you two could have if you were fucking each other. You both could be dating other people but always have each other as well," Joannie explained and then, "Imagine being out on dates and you both come home frustrated. Instead of sulking about a bad night you could both crawl in bed and have great sex."

"Yeah it sounds great and I would love to have fuck someone as good looking as my sister but she would never go for it," Steve replied.

"Well don't be surprised if she would after all she did make it with me," Joannie sniggered.

Joannie then noticed that Steve was hard again probably from all this sex talk. She touched his cock with her foot causing him to flinch in surprise.

"I can see that you are ready for action again. Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass?" Joannie quizzed him.

"No I haven't. I really never thought about it. I have fucked a girl doggy style and I enjoyed that," Steve admitted.

"I love it in the ass. Will you fuck me in the ass?" Joannie asked sexily.

"I guess, if you want, yeah sure I'll do it," Steve replied unsurely.

Joannie smiled at him and then got off the bed. She retrieved some lubricant from the nightstand and handed it to Steve. Joannie then got on all fours and directed Steve to lube her ass. Steve got turned on by putting the lube in her asshole. He enjoyed fingering her hole and caressing her curvy ass. Joannie rotated her ass in arousal as Steve inserted a second finger into her bung hole.

"Okay I'm ready for your cock Steve, fuck me in the ass," ordered Joannie.

Steve knelt behind her and eased his hard cock into her ass. He worked it in slowly and reveled in the methodical penetration of her luscious ass. Steve had never felt anything like this before. Joannie's ass was a warm tight receptacle . Joannie used her anal muscles to perfection as she massaged Steve's cock in her anal sheath. Steve caressed both of Joannie's gorgeous ass cheeks as he fucked her ass deeply. They both sensed he was about to cum again and Steve picked up his pace as Joannie squeezed his cock with more intensity.

"Cum in my ass, I want your cum in my ass," Joannie cried out.

Her words sent Steve over the edge and he fired his third load of the day into Joannie's hot ass. Joannie felt the warm sperm coat her rectal passage, a feeling that she never tired of. She squeezed her anal muscles and milked Steve's cock dry of every drop of cum. Steve continued to fuck her slowly until his cock softened and slipped from her ass. Steve just looked at her beautiful ass and watched as trickles of cum ran out of her ass down her thighs and across the lips of her pussy.

"Well, well, well what have we here?" a voice belonging to Biff bellowed.

"So it looks like you two had fun," mocked Jerry.

Steve looked at them and both guys were standing naked in the room sporting erections. Jerry's cock looked very much like Steve's maybe a touch smaller but Biff was another matter. Biff's weapon looked ominous and Steve could not imagine how Joannie took him in her pussy let alone her ass.

"Just in time guys, I think Steve needs a rest," Joannie giggled.

Biff lay down on his back on the bed and Joannie straddled him lowering her hot pussy onto his dick. Steve watched in amazement as Joannie took every inch of Biff's thick meat in her cunt. Her husband Jerry knelt behind her and slid his hard cock into her ass. Steve watched the three of them fuck until the guys had shot their wads into Joannie's holes. Jerry pulled out of Joannie's ass but Biff continued to fuck her driving Joannie crazy with orgasm after orgasm.

Jerry moved around and put his cock in his wife's mouth as Joannie continued to ride Biff's cock. Jerry looked over at Steve and saw that he was hard again from watching the action.

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