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Our family had always been close, especially my older brother and my twin sister and i. We have been inseparable since birth pretty much, you always hear how twins have that unbreakable bond, well my sister Jessica and I have always been super close. We first started experimenting a few years back at first it was harmless kissing and touching. It turned into more gradually and neither of us had ever really noticed how far it had actually gotten. My older sexy brother Marc brought it to my attention. Everyone said he always looked like Freddie Prince Jr. and let me tell you he did. I have always secretly wanted my brother; I just never knew how to tell him. Well back to the story, one day my sister and I were making out on her bed. We were playing with each otherís clits harmlessly. My brother walked in and was at first shocked at what we were doing, all of that changed of course when he took out his cock and started to make love to my sister and I. From that day forth pretty much we were having hot wild threesomes, and showering with each other almost every couple of days. I thought that was as good as it got I was mistaken.

My brother is BI donít get me wrong I love it! I have always had a secret gay fetish. One night he went to a party and he brought home the hottest guy I had ever seen. His name is Brad. He had the tightest abs, and ass you have ever seen. I got so jealous of my brother Marc he got to get a piece of that ass! I tried to stop thinking of my brotherís hot thick juicy cock pumping that hot tight ass of his new love toy. I was in school, and my brother was home alone and I couldnít stop thinking about the night before and how my brother was probably entertaining his new friend. I practically rushed home when I found out that Brad was coming over! I planned on spying on the two lovebirds because letís face it I was horny and I needed to get off. I walked into what seemed an empty house, and at first I thought the house wasnít being occupied that was until I heard moaning from upstairs.

I walked up the stairs quietly trying desperately not to make the floorboards squeak. I got up stairs and quickly ripped off my clothes until I was wearing only a thong; I walked across the hall to where my brother had carelessly left the door open a crack. I peeked into the door and I saw the hottest thing I had ever seen it was like a dream come true. There was my hot brother naked with his new sexy boyfriend, Brad on his knees sucking the hell out of my brotherís 9 and ¬Ĺ inch cock. My brother was enjoying himself very much, his head was tilted back his eyes closed. The sweat dripped down my brotherís pectoral muscles and down his tight ripped stomach. I started to play with my now hard erect nipples. My other hand seemed to drift down toward my thong gently caressing my not wet dripping pussy. My brotherís hand was on the back of Bradís head, and Brad was fondling his sweaty balls with his free hand and giving what looked to me some pretty great head. I started to lose my balance, and I bumped into the door dammit I thought to myself‚Ķimmediately turning red with embarrassment. Brad had stopped sucking my brotherís cock which was standing completely erect on its own, it made me so hot and wet I could hardly control myself I stood there like a deer in headlights, I was frozen and didnít know whether or not to leave or go into his room. Brad and Marcís eyes met and the next thing I know my brother was calling me into the room.

My brother laid me down onto my back in his bed and started to rub my clit, and Brad joined in and started to kiss my neck. And like a tag team they switched places my brotherís tongue was making its way down my throat, and I felt another warm wet tongue now flicking and tonguing my hot wet pussy. My brother then slide his dick down my throat, I latched onto his cock like it was a life or death situation I needed his cock, I needed to feel the precum ooze out of it and down my throat. My hips began to rock and Brad was good about keeping up with the rocking he placed his hands around my ass and lifted me up ever so slightly and his nose rubbed against my clit sending shivers down my spine, his tongue now darting fast in and out of my dripping pussy made the muscles of my vagina tighten around his tongue. I kept sucking Marc hard and fast, taking his thick cock deep into the back of my throat. Marc with fucking my mouth faster and I was keeping up nicely after all I had learned all of my skills from my brother. He was an excellent teacher and an even better lover. Brad moved his mouth away from my pussy and inserted 2 fingers into my hot tight wet pussy and started fucking me wildly and he then started to play with my brotherís asshole with the other hand. My pussy could not take much more of this I felt a very explosive orgasm working up. My breathing quickened and my body went rigid and numb from the pleasure I was being given. I sucked harder on my brother as I exploded cum onto Bradís hand. This sent my brother into a massive explosive orgasm and he shot his load of hot sticky sweet cum back into my throat. I sucked it down hard, and my brother took his now softening cock out of my mouth. Now all that was left was my brotherís boyfriend. I took a hold of the strap on I had kept in my brotherís bedroom and put it on.

I lubed up the strap on dildo and had my brotherís boyfriend get on his hands and knees. I slowly slid in the dildo into his ass, he was nice and tight and I made sure that I had it go all the way in, I pulled it out slowly and pushed it back in harder and a bit faster. He was moaning and I started to pick up speed. I kept fucking his tight ass faster, and slid my hands around his waist and started giving Brad a hand job. Brad lowered himself to his elbows and reached down to jack himself off. I noticed my brotherís cock getting harder and he watched his sister pound his boyfriendís ass. he quickly got under Bradís cock and started giving him head fast and hard and deep into his throat. I grabbed Bradís hips and fucked him harder and faster. Sweat was dripping down my forehead, and in between my 38B breasts and I fucked him hard and fast yelling ďCum now Brad, cum for me babyĒ. Almost at my command he let out a loud moan and exploded into my brotherís mouth, meanwhile my brother was jacking his hard hot dick off and came at the same time. The three sweaty bodies fell to the bed now getting sticky with cum and all three fell victim to sleep.

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