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Note: this is the continuation of "My Sister Brie". It would help if you read that one first! Someone told me I keep saying my stories are bad at the beginning of them, so I'm sorry! I'll try not to anymore! Thanks for all the feedback I gotten! Hope you enjoy this one!

After closing the door to my brother's room I headed back to my bedroom for the night. I was tired. Today was a long day indeed. With the plane ride, dinner and unpacking my body ached and the balls of my feet were killing me.

I got into my room and closed the door. Kicking aside some books and papers, I walked over to the bed and dropped down on the soft covers. It felt so good against my tired body. I closed my eyes and let out a small "Mmmmmm". I lay there motionless for a while, putting off showering for this comforting ecstasy.

I felt myself slowing dozing off. I needed to shower, I told myself. I could sleep later. With my eyes still closed, still lying down on my bed, I brought my hands to my waist and fidgeted with my belt. I loosened the white leather belt and tugged an end, unwrapping it from around my waist. I let out another soft sound. It was really comfortable just lying there on my duvet.

My fingers unbuttoned my jeans and I lowered my zipper. My eyes asleep and my blonde hair sprayed messily to the side, abandoning the shape of the ponytail I had earlier. I brought my hands to the sides of hips and dug fingers down the sides of the jeans. I wiggled snake-style on the bed, as I took turns tugging down each side of my pants. They fit tightly against my hips, slowing shifting off my wide hips.

I stopped for a while, feeling impenetrable resistance. I turned my head to the side, feeling the comforting softness against the side of my face. Then I lifted my bum off the bed and tugged my jeans past the curves of my ass, down past my knees. My ass fell back against the bed. My hands went back to my sides as I took a break. Jeans, half-off, I lay there. My yellow g-string snug against my pussy. It was a little damp, I don't know why. Just the sleepiness in me and the comfort of lying there brought a level of arousal within. The lacey strings wrapped softly around my hips, connecting at the back in a junction of string. The front was sheer and thin, it fit snug against me. The outlines of my lips forming the material softly. The soft hairs on my mound showing through the small front panel.

I don't know why, but I put a hand on my tummy. As it touched my soft skin, my hand moved lower and found its way to the edge of my panties. It felt nice as my fingers danced circles at the top of the frilly lace. I had a smile on my face.

My hand went lower, onto my delicate mound. The material was soft and my fingers glided lower, down to my lips. I felt the contours of the folds of my pussy. It actually surprised me that I was this aroused. It was damp, my lips were swollen. Had I opened my eyes and looked, I probably would've seen a sexy spot of wetness.

My fingers moved up and down slowly along my slit, massaging the folds, massaging my panties into the wetness. I could smell myself: strong and delicate at the same time. Sexy.

My g-string became moister with each stroke of my pussy. My breathing was more labored as I took longer and deep breaths. My eyes closed tightly, focusing on the stimuli down around my cunt.

My other hand found the top of my panties and dived in underneath. With my long nails I caressed my hairs delicately. I loved the feeling, it felt very sensual. My right hand was moving faster against my slit.

I was really wet. The hand inside my g-string moved lower and was slick with wetness once it got to my clit. I worked it up and down, sending shivers up my spine. I pushed my head back and my body shook. My nipples were hard, protruding roughly against the cotton shirt.

I continued to massage my slit, working around my clit, each time I touched myself there I felt as if my body convulsed into an orgasm. My free hand came up and under my shirt, finding a breast. My palm pushed a breast as I grabbed and squeezed. My fingers going up and pulling on my hard nipple. My breathing was getting really hard now.

I really wanted to cum. But I knew if I did I would cum hard. I was afraid my brother, who shared a wall with me, would hear me. I reasoned to myself, "There's another time for this, Brie". Slowly my hand stopped groping my breast. My nipples remained hard against my shirt.

My other hand stopped against the slickness of my pussy and came up, resting on my abdomen. I was really wet. My g-string soaked through; the only dry regions were the laces on the sides and the back. I felt my wetness run down the crack of my ass. My covers would probably smell like pussy, I thought.

I lay there for a while, enjoying the slow departure from heaven's touch. I opened my eyes and smiled. Sitting back up, I felt the covers damp with my wetness. I slid off the end of the bed and kicked my jeans off. I looked down at my pussy: completely soaked. As if my sheer undies weren't transparent enough, they were now completely see-through and firmly tight against my mound. It looked as if I was just wearing a few lace strings around my hips. What an erotic sight.

I peeled the panties off my pussy and stepped out of them. I threw them into the corner of the room and lifted my shirt over me. My nipples were still hard. I looked into the mirror, admiring my breasts as I lifted my arms high to undo my hair tie. I ran my hands down the sides of my breasts and gave them a soft squeeze. Mmmmmmmm.

I grabbed a towel and entered my bathroom.


With my cock still hard, I walked over to my sister Brie's bedroom. I leaned against the door and listened carefully. I could hear the shower running.

I took a deep breath and turned the knob slowly, peering into the room. The room was lit from a lamp on the night end table. I could hear the shower loudly and the steam from the shower was seeping into the room. The door to the shower was open a crack, possibly so it wouldn't get too hot inside.

I was in my sister's room. She was just behind that door, lathering her tits with soap. Fingering her pussy to clean it. The thought wouldn't stop invading my mind. My cock was raging hard. It strained against my pants. I stepped in and closed the door softly.

"Okay, I'll just come get the panties and leave", I reasoned with myself.

I looked around the room. The yellow lacey g-string was lying in the corner of the room, on the ground. It stood out immediately. I walked up to it and picked it up. I was soaking wet. My cock spurted pre-cum. "Oh my God!" I thought to myself.

I could smell her scent from the panties. It was so strong; I swore mom and dad could probably smell it in their sleep. I brought the inside panel to my nose and inhaled the damp smell. "Oh God!!" I thought. I would not be surprised had I shot my load right there.

It was so wet. The panties slick with juices, and it was so warm. She had just worn these! She had to have masturbated! She had to! They were oozing with her pussy juice. I opened up the panel and licked and sucked the g-string. Mmmmmm, it tasted divine! I whipped off my pants and started to stroke my cock. Oh my I knew I could cum any second here. It was delicious. I kept thinking that just a moment ago; my sister was fingering herself, getting herself so wet in these very panties.

I had to feel them against my cock. I took the yellow g-string and put them on. The wetness wrapped itself against my balls. My cock stuck out by a mile, as I continued to stroke it hard.

It genuinely felt as though I was fucking my sister. Her pussy wet and slick against my cock. I was thrusting rapidly into her. Oooh, and my hands go up to grab her huge tits. Her tits. I had to see them.

I walked slowly over to the door to the bathroom. The shower was still going. I thought I could peer just a little, she wouldn't be able to tell.

Pushing the door slightly more open, I felt the hot steam against my face. Brie's g-string tight around my cock, my hand was still stroking it as I stuck half of myself inside the washroom. With all the steam in the air, it was difficult to see clearly, but I could hear the shower loudly, the water pounding against her body.

I stood for a while, pre-cum oozing down my cock and blending into the juices of the panties. I began to be able to make out the figure of my sister in the shower. The shower curtain was transparent. That I knew, but the amount of steam in the room was making the viewing difficult.

I stared longer and could make finally make out some skin. Her hair, slick and wet, down draping over her large breasts. Her nipples big and hard, water running over the nubs, dripping off her breasts. Her patch of hair on her pussy. Dark and damp, matted against her mound. She was bent over slightly. I couldn't really understand why. Bent over forward, the showerhead attached to the wall, was in the opposite direction as she. Then I saw why. Her hands roaming her backside and between her legs. She was cleaning her pussy. Cleaning her asshole. Or was she fingering herself?

I didn't know and I didn't really care about the difference.

I felt my balls tighten.

I tried to turn and leave quickly, but I came too quickly. I shot my load hard, cum squirting off in all directions. Globs falling and drenching her panties. Ropes of cum shooting off the door and onto the floor.

I went out to her room and lay down on the bed. My cock still pumping out jizz. The thick cum rolling down my shaft onto Brie's panties.

It felt so good cumming with her panties on. It's like cumming inside of her. Inside of my sister. God, it was good. I sat up and took off the g-string. It was soaked, now with both of our fluids. I looked at the door and the floor. Grabbing my pants from the floor I quickly mopped up the evidence and dressed myself.

I took the g-string and placed it back where I found it. It was filled with my cum, but I didn't care if it was obvious.

Even though I had just cum, I felt the urge for more. For more of my sister. I walked over to her dresser and opened the drawer. Inside were her delicates. I chose a pink cotton panty and took it out. It smelled fresh in comparison to the one I just fucked. I opened it up and studied the crotch, the panty look used and old, the material fading a bit in color at the crotch. That was sexy; my sister's pussy had rubbed against this one numerous times. My cock was hard already.

I grabbed the panties and left Brie's room, walking back to fuck another pair of my sister's panties.

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