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"Is Uncle Nate and Jr. Coming home today?" I asked Aunt Roberta. We were standing in the kitchen . The morning light was coming through the large back windows so that the kitchen was filled with that 'morning' look and the sweet smell of brewing coffee filled the air.

"No." Aunt Roberta replied. "Nate (meaning Nate Jr.) has actually been having fun. The camp is a weeklong event; we just made a bargain with him that he go and try it out for the weekend and if he wanted to come home... he could."

"So he likes it?" I asked obviously surprised.

"He likes it so they'll be home in five or six days, next Friday or Saturday morning."

Shelly came into the kitchen and pulled my head down to her and kissed me on the cheek. Aunt Roberta could see that I was embarrassed and came to me.

"He is special isn't he?" She said to Shelly.

Affectionately, Shelly answered. "Yes."

Aunt Roberta cocked her head to the side and looked at me tenderly. "It's okay Robert. I understand that you need answers."

Aunt Roberta's eyes took on a distant look, the expression of a person looking through time and into the past. "Do you remember saving us Robert?" Aunt Roberta finally asked.

It didn't click. I think that I would remember saving someone. "Save you? No I don't know what you're talking about Aunt Roberta."

"You remember that your parents and us used to live close together?" She asked.

"Yea, a long time ago. I remember that."

Shelly reached up and lovingly stroked my hair. It was only a distraction to my mind rummaging through the memories I had of my life.

"Your mom and dad worked quite a bit so you stayed at our house pretty often. One night your Uncle Nathan started hurting me, he grabbed me by the hair and slapped me. When I tried to get away from him, he grabbed a knife from the counter and pressed it to my throat, right here..." She said pressing her finger to her throat near her jugular. "...I thought he was going to kill me."

"Why would he do that Aunt Roberta?" I asked in shock. I didn't remember any of this.

"Drugs, alcohol, who knows what it was that day. He thought I had been cheating on him and decided that he was going to pay me back. I never had cheated on your uncle."

"So what happened?"

"My throat was already bleeding where the knife had cut the skin. Before I realized what had happened, you had taken a rolling pin from the kitchen counter and busted it over his head. You told us to lock ourselves in the bedroom. I took the girls and we went to the bedroom. Only when we heard sirens and commotion did we come out. Your Uncle Nathan's hands and feet were tied and he was unconscious on the floor. You were telling the police what had happened."

Aunt Roberta continued. "The police told us that you probably saved our lives."

I didn't remember any of this. "How old was I?" I asked still trying to find the memory.

"You were twelve." She replied.

"That was less than seven years ago." I would think that I would remember this.

Aunt Roberta shook her head in a slow and remorseful way.

"You were a soldier Robert. You held us and calmed us down after the police left. You took care of us that weekend in a way that was so loving and mature."

"So what happened to Uncle Nate?" I asked.

"He went to a treatment facility, our families moved apart...." Aunt Roberta's voice trailed off back to that place where she was looking into the past again."

I slowly shook my head. "I still don't understand Aunt Roberta."

"You were our hero Nathan. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, we really believe that."

"What does that have to do with what has happened this weekend?"

""You were special to us already Nathan." Aunt Roberta said as she reached out and caressed my face. "After that happened, I don't know... We just wanted to show how much you meant to us."

"Not long ago, me and the girls were talking and they both said that they thought of you that way, I confessed to feeling the same. We never thought that it would actually happen. We love you Robert. You can be yourself with us. You can love us the way we love you."

"What about Uncle Nate?" I asked.

Aunt Roberta shook her head. "They'll be gone all week."

Shelly spoke up. We're having a party tonight Nathan."

That was an abrupt change of topic. "A party?" I asked.

"Shelly said. "Umm hmm." Tomorrow is Tracy's birthday.

"She was the accident baby. I got pregnant with her right after I had Shelly." Aunt Roberta said. "You and Shelly turn nineteen pretty soon."

I knew this but now I remembered how close Tracy's birthday actually was.

"So what are we doing for her?" I asked. "Is it a surprise party or is it already planned?"

"Tracy only had one birthday request for her eighteenth birthday." Aunt Roberta said knowingly.

The kitchen grew quiet after she made that statement. Roberta and Shelly just looked at me waiting for my reaction.

Finally I broke the silence by asking "Are you waiting for me to say that I will?"

"Well yes." Aunt Roberta chided.

"Gee, let me think about it guys."

They knew my answer.

Nothing could actually happen until midnight. That was when Tracy officially turned eighteen.

The party was a smash hit. Hey, there are only four people and they like each other, it's a guaranteed success. Shelly decided that it should have a dress code... lingerie. No, I didn't have to wear lingerie but my Aunt and two cousins did. My cock seemed to be perpetually hard all night long. This hardly seemed fair to Tracy.

By the time I took her into the bedroom I would be too horny to have sex with her respectfully. Aunt Roberta and Shelly took to flashing me throughout the day and evening. Aunt Roberta's crotch strap 'accidentally' unsnapped several times throughout the day revealing her sumptuous slit. Shelly once popped up onto the counter and slid her panties to the side for a deliciously pink surprise.

Tracy revealed only what her particular outfit revealed by design. Shelly and Aunt Roberta teased me into near delirium. I resisted the urge several times to go into the bathroom and masturbate. The wait would be worth it.

Midnight was now approaching and Tracy began to stay around me more. She nuzzled next to me on the couch or sat on my lap in the chair. Her long beautiful angel hair would graze across my face and excite my senses. The softness of it, the smell of it, the look of it. Her skin was the same. Tracy's skin was so smooth and perfect, simply touching her made my heart skip.

We had been sitting in the living room just talking. Tracy was sitting in my lap. It distracted me from watching the clock. It was one of those times when it begins to get late and the conversation slows and the room grows more and more quiet. During a particularly long pause in the conversation, Tracy turned to face me and brought her lips to mine. Slowly but deliberately Tracy kissed me as I had kissed her sister the night before.

As our tongues slowly danced, the light in the room dimmed. Aunt Roberta and Shelly came to where we were and kissed each of our cheeks and hugged us. Sometime after the two were gone, Tracy slid from my lap and stood. While looking deep into my eyes, never looking away she untied and pulled and caused her flowing satin garments to slide from her body to the floor. She stood before me totally uncovered. After drinking in the sight of her, I too stood. I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it to the floor and then I untied the band of my shorts and slid them down.

My cousin was a beautiful sight. Tracy stepped toward me and pressed her body to mine. We caressed one another while kissing until my fingers found the wet opening of her body and pressed inside. Her kiss stopped as did her caressing of my body. Tracy let her head fall back and she clutched my biceps with her slender fingers. With every stroke inside I felt her legs muscles twitch and resist collapse. I lowered Tracy to the top of the coffee table and lay her down. I didn't bother with the sometimes customary 'kiss on the leg, kiss on the thigh, kiss on the belly.'

I wanted to smell and taste Tracy's body now more than anything. I pushed her legs apart and leaned in. I could taste her immediately on the back of my tongue. My body throbbed. I wanted her sweet fluid. I licked and sucked her into my mouth and penetrated her as deep as I could with my tongue. It didn't occur to me at the time, but I wanted to eat Tracy's pussy as badly as I wanted to be inside of her and come. Having my tongue inside of her body gave her an immense amount of pleasure but for both of us it had to end. She longed for the feeling of her body stretching and being penetrated deeply just as I longed for the feeling of penetrating her and feeling her wet resistance.

I lifted Tracy from the table and lowered her to the furry rug in front of the fireplace. Her piercing eyes looked into mine the whole time. I simply moved my hips forward and my body slid inside of hers. Her eyes closed. When my mind processed the feeling of her body around mine, I felt as if my mind and body separated and melted into her. I could feel myself touching her deep inside as well as the tightness of her body around me. I was afraid that I might be too much for her and was sure to be gentle, not hard and lustful like I had been with her mother.

Tracy pressed herself to me when I pressed to her. She lifted her hips and thrust against me each time. I thrust slightly more forcefully and she returned slightly more forcefully until we were in the throes of gasping physical sex. I lifted her ass into the air and Tracy drew her knees to her body.

My mind/body separation turned into an electrified field of vision that numbed my back and melted my body. I felt my body tighten and my shaft tingle so I thrust into her and held myself deep in that place. The feeling of her body pressing against the end of my shaft registered in my mind somewhere just before I released. Tracy's nails dug into my bare back and she bit her lower lip in reaction to her intense pleasure. I felt her warm fluid surround me.

My ejaculation fired out of me and into her and shockwaves went through my body. I tensed again and released again. I could tell that the quantity of my orgasm was greater somehow. Maybe letting myself build through the day, Aunt Roberta and Shelly showing me their luscious pussy's and me not doing anything about it, maybe that somehow made me 'more'. Maybe it was just the beautiful Tracy, sweet Tracy. I don't know but my cock gulped and gulped firing into her body seemingly without end.

I led Tracy to my bed where we held each other.

"I love you Rob." She said in a gentle whisper.

"I have always loved you Tracy." I said to her while brushing her hair from her eyes.

We kissed each other and drifted off to sleep.

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