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This is the continuation from the Chapter 1. When I was at the peak of my sexual tension and masturbating to find relief, my long lost brother suddenly appeared to me. I was not able to control my desire and ended up cum on him.


I continued rested on his body and hugged him for some time after my orgasm.

"I'm sorry, brother, I'm sorry. I've mess you up," Felt embarrassed for cumming on him. I apologized. My ordinary senses came back.

"It's all right, Michelle. Are you OK now?" Max asked. Warm breath blew on my cheek.

My face turned red embarrassed by the question.

"I'm OK now. Thanks," I answered him then released my legs and stood on my weak feet. My feet tumbled and I helplessly fell back into his chest for support.

I found my wet T-shirt laid on the floor. Walking quickly to pick up my shirt, my hands oddly covering my ass, wanted to cover my still wet pussy. I suddenly felt self-conscious. Totally naked in front of my brother so far was too much for me. I wanted to cover my naked body from the stare of my brother.

With my back facing him, I squatted down to pick up my wet T-shirt and wore them. The shirt covered my body and the fabric clung to my skin again. I managed to maintain some modesty in front of his gaze.

I walked to him and hugged him again; in the way a sister should hug his brother.

We sat on the sofa. I took the first detail look at him. He was tall as before, more than 1.8 meters. Strongly built with wide shoulders. His chest muscles were lightly outlined beneath his shirt. His skin was fair with dark hair. Looked much like his father.

Our parents were both orphans. Married at young age, they did not have good marriage life, simply because both of them were not faithful to each other. I was very closed to my brother, may be because of our parents were spending most of their time quarrelling. He was the 'man' who always looks after me and protects me. So, before our parents divorced at my age of 19, I was still very much a little sister to my brother. The event that triggered their divorce was happened between my brother and me. My father saw my brother harassed me in my bathroom. They fought, mother intervened and then the whole family was ruined. When they divorced, my brother followed my mother and moved to somewhere I did not know. And I lost contact with my brother since then. I followed my father and moved to Kuala Lumpur. My father was a lawyer and used to earn big money. Since their divorce, he has been changing girl friend on monthly basis. May be he was changing sex partner, rather then girl friend.

"How do you find me, how can you came in here?" I asked.

"Well, mother gave me your address and a set of keys," He explained.

"Mother?" A word sounded so strange came out from my mouth.

"Is she here? Where is she?" Suddenly I was anxious, didn't expect to see her.

"Mother's not here. She went to New York. She asked me to find you. Said you need help,"

"I need help? Why?" I asked.

"I don't know. Anyhow, she won't come back anymore. She wanted me to take care of you,"

"Take care of me. When did she start to care about me?"

"Where is dad? It's been 5 years I didn't see him," My brother asked while looking around the house.

"Father passed away 2 months ago,"

"Passed away! How?" His eyes suddenly turned red, seemed totally unexpected.

"Car accident. He died two days after that," I felt tears came out my eyes.

"Oh Michelle!" He leaned toward me as if to hug me. But stopped half way. He held my hands instead. May be he thought that would be too intimate for him to hug his sister who was wearing just a T-shirt and nothing else.

My heavy chest was rising and falling slowly and tears filled my eyes. I can't manage my sorrow anymore; the sadness that I've been keeping with myself. I needed to cry badly. I leaned forward to hug him. He opened his arms to receive me. My body was again totally laying on his. I hugged him hard, buried my face on his shoulder. I was in tears, cried out loudly.

"Oh Michelle...!"

"I missed you brother. Please don't leave me anymore. You are the only one I have now,"


I did not know how long I cried. How long I have been laying on top of my brother. When I recovered from my sorrow, I began to feel the heat and sweat trapped between our bodies. And I felt the lower part of my buttock was half exposed as the hemline was pulled up when I leaned forward. His hands lay on my back. Occasionally stroked my back under the T-shirt.

"Michelle. You still have me. I take care of you," He cradled me harder and the hemline was pulled higher. I felt my buttock was totally exposed and his fingers landed on my skin. A strange sensation was smoldering around my crotch, slowly traveled up my spine. My desire came back to me.

"You will stay? With me?" I asked.

"Yes, I'll stay in KL an take care of you as long as you needed," I heard him spoke in a low and assertive voice.

"Thanks brother. I love you," I raised my head to kiss his blushed face. I caught sight of his eye looking down at my exposed buttock. My pussy turned hot. How long has he been looking?

I recalled the dream last night. Did I actually dream about my brother staring at me in the bathroom? Did the man all the while I dream about seducing was my brother? No matter how, I was sure that I was aroused right now by exposing myself to my brother; like what happened 5 years ago.

"It's very hot, why not turned on the air-cond?" He suddenly pushed me away and sat straight. His hard on was so obvious underneath his pant.

"Yes, it is hot. But the air-cond was out. Let me opened the sliding door," I stood up. The hemline was still stuck around my crotch exposing my pussy. I pulled them down, but deliberately pulled harder and lower. The moist T-shirt outlined my tits and the shadow of my hard nipples appeared in that splits of second. I believed my brother did not miss it. He pulled his waistband to free space for his hard on when I walk passed him on my way to open the sliding door at the balcony. I started to recall what he did to me, 5 years ago in the swimming pool then in the bathroom. How he pretended drunk and stripped me in front of his friends. How he forced me against the wall and caressed my bulging tits. How he pressed his crotch to my butt. My juice began slowly wet my pussy.

But when I returned to him, he did not look at my body. I knew he was attracted to my sexy body, but restrained himself from doing anything that a brother should not be doing. We continued to talk until noon. He told me his life with mother in Singapore. I told him my life with father in Malaysia.

The warmth of my body dried my T-shirt. But the sweat collected in between the leather and my bottom made my restless.

Feeling hungry I suggested having lunch.

"Let me take a shower first. I have to wash my hair. I think you should take a shower too," I stood up in front of him, caressing my hairs.

"Yes, I need a shower and change into something simpler," He replied while looking at my monstrous curves behind the white T-shirt.

"OK! See you then," I turned and walked to my room. The scene of my dream suddenly reappeared in my mind. I felt sexy and horny.

Did I really dream of showing off to my brother? Is he really the man who kept looking at me in my own dream? Is he looking at me back right now?

I went straight into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

My father renovated the bathroom when we moved in; he changed the two brick walls into clear glass. With one side looking into the bedroom and the other side looking at the room entrance. The square bathtub located at the end was big enough to fit in two persons. I think that was his favorite playground with his countless partners. I moved into his room after he passed away.

Cool water sprinkled on my warm body and soaked my T-shirt. I stood under the shower to enjoy the refreshing moment. The flows of water awakened every nerves of my skin. I still can't switch away my mind from the dream.

I removed my T-shirt and washed my body with bath gel. Started from my neck, I slowly lathered my whole body. The slippery tits and pussy aroused me further.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door. I briefly washed away the bubble on my skin, then I realized I don't have bath towel to wrap myself cause I don't like to use thick towel. Drying my body and get dressed would be time consuming and silly as I was not done yet. And my inner voice was calling me to do something sexy.

He again knocked the door.

It was my brother that stood outside, and I was pondering the idea of showing off my naked body to my brother again at the first day we met after 5 years. I was surprised by my own desire. But the warmth at my pussy drove my instinct. I decided to re-open the door for my brother to my world of desire and to catch back the long lost intimate relationships.

I took a face towel and walked to the door. I pressed the towel on my chest to cover my tits, but the width of the tower only managed to cover until my two nipples, leaving generous amount of tits showing at the sides. The towel hung down freely and stopped around my crotch. The rest of my body was only coated by thousands droplets of water that helplessly slid down my curves every steps I walk. Some greasy foam still trapped in between my ass cleft made the area around my perineum felt extremely wet and slippery. I opened the door fully while my hairs still dripping wet and I was extremely horny.

Max was surprised by my sudden display. He looked up and down. Scanned my tits few times. His short raised up in front as his dick awakened.

"You've grown up, Michelle. Not like the little girl that I used to remember. You just ... bigger," Looking at my tits while answering, he lost his word probably caused by his lower body response.

"Yes, they are much bigger now," My hand slightly cupped my left tits behind the towel. I assumed he was referred to my tits.

"Brother, I am 24 now, no more your little sister like you used to see," I replied and took a deep breath, my chest pushed further up. I remembered he like to peek into my shirt and short. I was scared then but did not confront him because I knew he really love me. After all, that was the only bad thing he did to me.

"Oh yes, I need a towel. Do you have a spare?" He recovered from his little shock and asked.

"Of course I have. But they are face towel like this one. Would it be OK to you?" I indicated to him by pressing on my towel with my hand. The towel clung nearer to my body outlined my tits and the cleavage in between them.

"OK to me, can I have one please?'' He was looking at my towel or tits rather.

"Be right back." I turned to my left and walked toward the cabinet. My back was completely bare inviting my brother to look. My juice continued to slowly wet my pussy. I turned to my right and faced the closet, reached my left hand to slide open the cabinet. I bent down at my waist; leg straight to search the towel.

Now my whole right side was completely exposed to my brother and the vertically hanging towel not covering my body anymore. But my right arm blocked my tits view. Decided to give him the best view. Still bending down, I switched to use my left hand to hold the towel against my chest and extended my right hand pretending to search for towel. Now, my whole right side was completely bare to my brother including the dangling tits. I moved forward and backward, flipped the cloth pretending to search. My free hanging tits swayed back and forth in the process. Water flow down from my hairs gathered in my hanging nipples and fell to the floor drop after drop.

Finally, after about two minutes long, I 'found' it. Holding the new towel on my right hand I walked toward my brother. My towel covered my chest to my crotch again, but only managed to cover my left tits leaving my right tits bouncing freely, inviting him to watch.

"This one for you," I gave him the towel. Never attempted to cover my exposed tit.

"Thanks," He took it and stepped back with his tent pointing at me.

I got extremely horny by my brother's stare. I did not close my door completely, leaving few inches gap; I went back to the bathroom. I wanted him to stay to watch me, like 5 years ago; like what the man did in my dream.

I started my show, imagining he was peeping. I filled my bathtub with water, poured generous amount of bath foam into it. The water slowly filled up the tub. The bathtub started to cover with bubble. I stepped into the tub and sat against the side. Slowly, I started touching myself. Resting my head on the edge of the bathtub, my firm tits emerged from the water like to twin islands, covered with white bubble. I ground and squeezed them with my thin fingers. But my firm tits refused to surrender, still pointing upward although they've turned red under my caressment.

Continued to show my assets. I rested my arms on the edge of the tub and knelt with my ass pointing at the direction of the door and my head facing the wall. I wanted my brother to enjoy the view of my magnificent ass without worrying too much of me catching him peeping. I assumed he is watching.

I repeatedly submerged my lower body into the water and pushed it up again. Every time my lower body emerged from the water, my ass was coated with millions of bubbles and the bare flesh became invisible. Then the bubbles flowed down from the top. In the valley between my two globes, the bubbles separated into two whitish streams on both sides of my bubble-coated pussy before rejoining into the bubble ocean and the ass view reappeared.

Suddenly, I heard a low moan from behind. Yes, my brother stayed to watch me!

I continued to make waves in the bathtub. I knew he was watching through the gap. My heart pounced faster and nipples stiffen.

I have just showed off my body to him much more than a sister should. And I let him openly looked at my almost naked body. He must by now aware that I wanted him to watch me naked. But would he still treat me like his sister, satisfied by just watching or would he desire to exploit my body for his own sexual pleasure like before? How should I tell him I like what he did to me 5 years ago? How should I tell him I like how he striped me in front of his friends, how he forced me against the wall and caressed me from behind? How should I tell him that I wanted him to do it again right now?

Finally, the strong desire gave me the courage. Without warning, I stood up and looked into his eyes behind the gap. My brother was caught, locked by our eyes contact, not able to escape from his mischievous act. While bubbles slowly sliding down my wet body, I walked out of the bathroom and opened the door that stood between my brother and me. I felt like my body was suddenly frozen, all my nerves were numb. Only the pounding of my heart was heard.

My brother was frozen in action with his hands holding his dick, short was down round his ankles.

"Brother, would you do me like before?" Words escaped from my mouth, I felt alive again.

He looked at me and did not answered.

I pulled his hand and lead him to my bathtub leaving his short outside. I stepped into the bathtub and bent down to pull open the water outlet to release the water. Then I squeezed some bath gel on my palm. I turned to my brother, kneeled down and lathered the bath gel onto his entire dick length, lightly squeezed and massaged his swollen crown. His dick glowed bigger and harder. His eyes closed enjoying my service.

All the water was gone. I lathered my body with bath gel until they became slippery again. I leaned on my back in the bathtub, spread my thighs and massaged my pussy with my slippery hands. He stood outside the bathtub looking at me. I lifted up my slender thighs high into the air and pulled them close to my chest. My thighs pressed hard on my tits and my head rested in between my knees. My pussy lips trapped in between my thighs, squeezed on each other and formed two thick smooth pink folds facing my brother asking for his action.

"Brother, you like it this way? Am I doing it right this time?" I looked into his eyes and asked.

"Brother, please... last time you wanted to do me this way, right," I begged him.

"Michelle...!" He hesitated.

Then he stepped into the bathtub, briefly wet his body under the shower then knelt in front of my proudly displayed pussy. Pressing his upper body on my thighs, he laid his dick along my pussy. He long dick covered from my anus until the entire length of my pussy. After he balanced up his body, he moved his dick back and for along my pussy without entering me. My pussy lips were pressed opened and his dick squeezed on my swollen clit. He movement gathered momentum. We both breathe heavily.

"Hmm..." He moaned in a low tone.

His dick head slide along my pussy, caressing my hole and clit. I can fell his balls pressed on my anus over and over again.

With his hands landed on my sides and my thighs pointing up above my head, I was not able to move. I kept pushing up my pussy to match his thrusting dick.

"Haa... You like it brother?" I don't want him to stop. Moans escaped from my half opened mouth.

Suddenly, I felt his strong hands pushed me to one side. My whole body helplessly followed to fall to the side. Then he caught my crotch with his hands and flipped my body over. My face, tits and knees were pressing on the floor and my ass was pointing up at him. His hands went under my crotch and lifted my lower body up. Then he pressed my entire ass to his crotch. With a strong push from his crotch, his standing dick once again pressed hard on my pussy without entering my hole too. He kept thrusting his crotch to hit on my ass in rhythm. His dick head pressed hard on my anus every time he pushed his crotch.

"Uhh..." I moaned and surrendered my whole body to my brother for his pleasure. He was practically masturbating himself by using my willing ass. He kept on thrusting his crotch on me.

"Brother, you said my breasts were bigger now, want to check how big they are?" I asked when catching up with my breath.

"They glowed real big now, brother," I continued to seduce him.

"OK, time for your little breasts, stand up and face the wall, hands up." He finally spoke his words and took his command.

My nipples hardened knowing that their turn was up.

I stood up and faced the glass wall, slender arms obediently raised far up into the moist air. The straighten arms pulled my chest up bringing together my swollen tits and nipples; they thrust outward shakingly, further rebelled against the pull of gravity. My reflection from the glass aroused me further. I spread my thighs and pushed my ass backward. I felt my brother's warm breath blowing onto my ass; I pushed my pelvic bone further to my back hoping to show him the best rear view of mine. From the reflection, I saw the rise and fall of my abdomen, synchronized with the up down moments of my two glittering firm tits.

"Show me your pussy," He ordered and gave a sharp smack on my ass cheek.

"Ahh..." A moan escaped from my mouth. I pushed my ass further up to show my willing foam-coated swollen lips.

"More." He smacked again at the same spot, my ass cheeks and my hanging tits jiggled. The burning sensations on turned my erected nipples into two pieces of bullets. I pushed my ass to the maximum hoping to satisfy him. I stood knees straight, arms raised high into the moist air, ass pushed up to my back, tits went up and down following my heavy chest movements. His warm breath blew softly on my inner thighs. I felt the closeness with my brother that I never felt before.

"Don't spread your legs, Michelle," He ordered then held firm at my ankles and pushed them together. Without loosen up his grips, his palms slowly moved up along my shape legs, touching my skin and squeezed my muscles on their ways up. They passed my thighs then proceeded to my ass. His huge palms passed each of my ass cheeks smoothly, caressing the still burning smack spot giving temporary comfort to the poor redden skin. Slowly, his palms reached my hips; hot flush swept my face and my chest anticipating his palms arrival.

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