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"Maybe next time." The phrase sat in the back of my mind all the next day. What did mom mean by that? Was there to be a next time? And if there were would I fuck Monica if I had the chance? Silly question -of course I would - in a heartbeat! I had fantasies of mom, Monica and me on the same bed. Mom blond and tanned; Monica light skinned, freckled and with her long red hair - it would be a great contrast. But it was only fantasy and I knew it.

My affair with my mother was not without an element of danger. We pretty much knew when to expect that dad would be coming home, but we sometimes got caught up in the heat of things and lost track of time. That was pretty much the case when two days after the Monica episode we were bouncing around on my bed when we heard dad's Kenworth pull up next to the house. Mom pushed me off her and made a mad dash for her bedroom. I watched as she took a large dildo out the bedside table and then ran back and closed the bedroom door. The front door slammed and I heard, "Honey, I'm home" and my mom hollered "I'm upstairs sweetie." My door was closed when dad came up the steps, but I could imagine what he saw when he opened his bedroom door and heard mom say, "Hurry up damn it, I expected you an hour ago." I could hear the noises coming from my parents bedroom and I thought that there was nothing in the world so cruel as to have a hot pussy suddenly pulled off of a hard cock and then have to listen to someone else fuck that same hot pussy. And then I had to laugh; who was I to deny my dad what was his, at least when he was home.

I was hurting. Dad was home on one of his rare three-week layovers. Three weeks without pussy might not seem like a big thing to a lot of people, but I had gone overnight from virgin to two and sometimes three times a day, everyday and with dad home I was going through withdrawal. Mom could tell I was hurting, but she couldn't help. On Saturday morning I slept late and when I came downstairs I found Monica and her husband Dale having coffee with my folks. Monica's eyes followed me around the kitchen as I fixed myself some toast and cereal and whenever I looked over at her I got a little half smile almost like she was remembering my hands on her body. I sat at the breakfast bar and ate my breakfast and looked at her and I knew that if my dad and her husband weren't there I would have tried to fuck her. As I had that thought Monica looked over at me and blushed. Could she have read my mind?

Tuesday afternoon when I got home from school mom asked me if I was staying in or going out. I told her I had a Calculus quiz coming up and that I needed to study for it and then I asked her why she wanted to know. "Your dad and I are going out tonight and I just wondered." I wondered a few things myself. Like would dad be taking her to any of the places she went to when he was gone and what might happen if he did and one of mom's fuck buddies decided to say hi.

I had my head buried in the Calc book when the doorbell rang. I opened the door to and was surprised to find Monica standing there. "I called your mother to see where we could meet tonight and she told me that she couldn't go with me. She told me if I couldn't find anything else to do that maybe you might like some company." I stood there too stunned to speak and Monica said, "May I come in?"

I was still staring at her as I stepped aside and let her come in. She turned to face me, "I can leave if you want, but I got the feeling the other night from the way you ran your hands over my body that you might like to do it again" and she started to strip. I may have been stunned initially, but as Monica's clothes started hitting the floor I sure snapped out of it. "I liked the feel of your hands on my breasts Danny, please do it some more." She stepped toward me and kissed me and I put my hands on her tits and as I caressed them her hands went to my belt and as my pants hit the floor her hands went into my boxers and one of them wrapped around my cock. I ran one hand down her body and she moaned as my fingers found her slit and began to probe. "Where's your bedroom Danny, get me up to your bedroom honey. I need it, I need it bad."

In the bedroom she immediately took charge, pushed me back on the bed and went down on me. I ran my hand back down to her pussy and put my fingers back to work and for the next two minutes as her head went up and down my fingers went in and out. Then Monica gave a loud moan, pulled her mouth of me, climbed over me and sat down on my cock. She bounced up and down on me and I held tight to her waist to keep her from getting too far away from the head of my dick - I didn't want her coming off of it. After several minutes Monica rolled off of me and pulled me over on top of her, "Fuck me hard Danny, fuck me hard." Another two minutes went by and I couldn't hold back any longer and I let my load loose. Monica cried, "No Danny, not yet, please not yet, I'm almost there" so I did what I did to my mom when the same thing happened. I pulled my cock out of Monica's hot box, spun around and went down on her. I worked on her clit and pushed a finger up her ass and she went crazy and screamed as her body bucked and twisted with her climax.

When she had calmed down I moved up beside her and was lowering my mouth to take in one of her nipples when she said, "Did your mother teach you that?"


"Did your mother teach you to eat pussy like that?"

The lie was on my lips, but before I could utter it she said, "I wasn't totally out of it the other night. I heard her when she told you to be careful and not get me all hot and bothered or you might have to take care of both of us. A couple of seconds later she said what's the matter, momma not enough for you anymore. That could only have meant one thing." She saw the answer on my face and she said, "I sure wish I had her courage. I'd love to make love to Troy, but I can't so I guess you will just have to be my young stud. You don't mind do you? Will you be my young stud horse?" We fucked twice more before she had to leave. "We will do this again, right?" I told her that I would be more than happy to help her out whenever she could arrange it. She gave me a passionate kiss that made my cock hard again and I pulled her down and fucked her again on the floor just inside the front door.

I was in bed but not asleep when my parents came home. I heard the sounds from their bedroom and since I knew what mom looked like when she made those sounds I got hard again. I was just nodding off when I heard my bedroom door open, "Are you awake baby?" she whispered. She got on the bed and I felt her hand search for my cock. When she got her hand around it she said, "Did you like my present baby?" She pulled the covers off me. "What does she taste like?" and she lowered her head and sucked in my cock. I panicked and tried to push her away, but she said, "Relax baby. As long as I can hear him snoring we will be okay." She went back to sucking my cock and in about three or four minutes I gave her what little Monica had left me. She kissed me, "Sleep tight baby" and then she went back to her own room.

My first class the next day wasn't until eleven so I slept late. When I came downstairs mom was at the sink doing dishes and watching dad cut the grass in the backyard. "Morning baby, have a good night last night?" I just smiled at her. "You just make sure that you save enough for me."

I walked over and kissed her on the back of the neck, "Don't you worry, you're primary, she's just back up."

"Speaking of back up, if you raised up my housecoat you would find that I have nothing else on and you father is where we can keep an eye on him."

I raised her housecoat to her waist and she spread her legs and I moved between them. It was so wild to be fucking her while she was bent over the sink begging me to fuck her harder and to make her cum while we watched my dad work in the yard. When I came she turned around and went to her knees, "Keep your eyes on him baby" and she went to work sucking my cock to get me hard again. I fucked her one more time as we watched him trim the rose bushes and when we were through she asked how things had gone the previous night. I gave her a step by step rundown on what had happened, including the fact that Monica knew about us. She grinned, "I wasn't sure if she would come over or just treat it as my kidding around. I'm not going to lose you to her, am I?"

"Are you kidding? I going to give up something that I only have to cross the hall to get for something I'd have to go across town to get? Not likely. My only worry is that Troy will find out and want you in trade."

Mom's expression changed, "You think he would want me?"

It was my turn to be quiet and then I said, "That's not the question here mom. The question on the table is do you want him?"

She smiled at me.

"You slut you."

She patted my cheek, "Yes baby, but that's what you love about me, isn't it?"

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