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(The characters in this story are 18 or over)

I was always a modest as a teenager, not wanting to be seen naked by anybody who absolutely didn't have to see me. Even getting undressed for a medical exam was a traumatic event. Through school I avoided sports and even phys ed classes – largely to avoid being naked, or even the risk of being naked in a locker room full of other kids. Swimming pool? Forget it – put on a bathing suit in a public locker room? Could I have my teeth drilled instead?

I'm not really sure when I became "sexually aware". I guess reading "Everything you ever wanted to know about sex (but were afraid to ask)" cover to cover two or three times might have done the trick. I was in my late teens by then. (yes, a very late-bloomer.)

My brother's similar obsession with modesty was made very clear to me even though we shared a bedroom and bath. He never undressed in front of me, in fact, if I got near the bathroom while he was shaving or brushing his teeth, he'd hurriedly kick the door closed. I shouldn't leave you thinking that he had a problem associating with his "little brother" – we got a long fine otherwise. Not that I cared about not seeing him naked – at least not at first, after all, I was discovering my own body and doing a little "experimenting" with my own cock. I quickly learned that furiously rubbing your cock to multiple orgasms will leave you chafed raw.

I don't think I set out to taste my own cum – at least not at first. It just sorta turned out one of those times I laid back and slowly stroked myself that my 18 year-old body showed me how far it could ejaculate, sending a spurt up to splash on my chin, and into my mouth. At first I was a little turned off by it, but I got to thinking, that if I someday wanted a woman to swallow my cum, I should be willing to do the same thing myself. From that point on, I tried several methods to get my cum to my mouth. (You can read about the closest I came in "His first taste of a man".) Needless to say, I realized after several fruitless tries that my cock would never reach my mouth.

I needed a surrogate cock, and I asked myself – whose cock is the most like mine? The answer was obvious – my brother's cock. This led to a much more difficult question, how to get it in my mouth. Sure – a horny teenager like me, if he asked to suck my cock, I would have said yes as soon as I regained consciousness. Though I would have insisted I get to suck his in return. He, on the other hand, didn't even like my dirty jokes, blanching if anything "sexual" was uttered. He just seemed too uptight about sex to even broach the subject.

Not being the type to give up easily, I thought and schemed and plotted about how to bring my desire about. I though about conning or blackmailing him into it, but no likely opportunities presented themselves. I didn't have to wait long for a possibility to present itself, and a plan to reveal itself. My brother's 21st birthday marked his ability to visit bars, and he tended to go overboard a bit, resulting in his arriving home late, and often more than slightly impaired. I watched as he arrived home on most Friday and Saturday nights, walking unsteadily to the bed, undressing (in the dark) and falling into a deep sleep. I saw my opportunity.

An additional challenge that needed to be addressed was my own inexperience. I needed to "practice" taking a cock in my mouth before I tried it for real. After all, biting my brother's cock or scraping my teeth over the head could wake up the soundest sleeper. I needed a way to practice before tackling the real thing.

I screwed up my courage and visited an "Adult toy store" on the outskirts of town. I self-consciously eyed the selection of vibrators and dildos and selected a flesh-colored one that seemed to be about the same size as my cock. I nervously paid the sleazy guy behind the counter and took my contraband home. I began practicing "giving head" to that rubber cock every chance I got, slowly overcoming my well-developed gag reflex so that I could take about 5 inches of the dildo into my mouth easily. I even retrieved it from it's hiding place under my bed while my brother slept on more than one occasion, fantasizing it was his cock, and imagining how I would react to him cumming in my mouth. Gawd, that rubber cock tasted awful, but it served my purposes. Feeling capable of taking a real cock into my mouth now, I patiently waited until the coming weekend for my chance.

Friday night rolled around and my first chance to act on my plan arrived. The hot Chicago nights made it fairly normal to sleep in the nude – or as close to it as situations allowed. I always slept completely naked, year round – I just never liked the feel of pajamas or even underwear when I slept, just my naked body and the sheets. Since I was alone in the room, I undressed, tossing my clothes on the floor by the bed before I slid into the sheets. Even with the window wide open and the ceiling fan on high, it was still sweltering. I laid back and closed my eyes, waiting to see if tonight would be the night.

I'm not sure when it was, but he staggered in several hours later – completely wasted. He stumbled into the bathroom, closed the door most of the way but left the light off. I heard him taking a long, long piss – you know, the one you are dying to do after that last beer soaks in and you hurry home before your bladder explodes. Eventually, he finished and the door opened. I did my best "sound asleep" imitation as he sat on the edge of the bed and undressed to his shorts, then collapsed on the bed. As usual, he slept on top of the sheets when it was hot, but with his underwear on.

I watched and waited for a while, and was soon rewarded with the sound of his deep, rhythmic breathing. I waited for what seemed like an additional eternity – probably just a few more minutes before I quietly pulled my sheet off of me and slowly slid out of bed. I crept across the room slightly hunched over – as if I was less obvious or harder to see that way – the ceiling fan giving me chills even in the hot room. I quietly knelt at the side of his bed. Luckily, he was sleeping on his stomach. This allowed me to employ my "2-step" strategy to get his underwear off. I carefully reached over and slipped my fingers under the waistband of his briefs. Taking a deep breath, I slowly slid them down, exposing his bare bottom.

I couldn't resist touching and stroking it – even though I was actually just biding my time until he turned over. I knew it would only be a few minutes as he almost always slept on his back, so any time in this position was temporary. His bottom was like mine, smooth, round – I had to snatch my hand back as he snorted in his sleep and then rolled onto his back. I gulped – it was the opportunity I had hoped for. The bulge of his cock and balls looked huge in his half-off briefs.

I carefully lifted the waistband of his shorts away from his body, freeing his cock, and lowering them to expose him completely. Even as I worked his briefs down his thighs, my eyes were glued to his cock. In the moonlight, up close, it looked imposing – big, threatening. I gulped and reconsidered what I was about to do. I paused and looked up at my brother's face. Still breathing deeply, eyes peacefully closed – I guess alcohol makes you sleep pretty well. I glanced to his cock and back to his face as I moved my hand to gently touch his cock and balls. Not a stirring, nothing. I turned my attention to his cock. I gently grasped it, it felt weighty in my hand, bigger than mine – probably both thicker and longer.

It was obvious that his drinking didn't affect his sexual response as his cock grew in my hand, straightening and lengthening towards his navel. I marveled at the shape of the head of it. Where mine is round and blunt, his was more pointed, flaring quite a bit with a very prominent ridge. I absent-mindedly stroked it lightly as I watched it grow to its full length and thickness. I guess about 7 inches long and almost 2 inches in diameter – a bit bigger than mine. (I made a mental note to be upset about the inequity of having a smaller cock than my brother.)

It was beautiful – I don't know how else to say it, the hard, thick shaft, the darker head – looking almost purple in the dim moonlit room, the flared head. The veins standing out in sharp relief, the swollen head begging to be sucked. Seeing it so close up – like I wanted to – I knew at this point, there was no way I wasn't going to have this magnificent cock in my mouth. It was the height of the masculine art. I'd never seen one up close, from this angle. I had to have it in my mouth.

He was fully hard now, filling my hand and beginning to seep from the tip. Feeling there was no time like the present, I leaned over the bed to bring my mouth to his cock. I kissed the clear drop that was oozing from the tip of his cock. Just like my "precum", it was very neutral tasting, only a tiny bit salty and not at all objectionable, quite the contrary, it turned me on like nothing before. I knew I'd be having more very shortly.

I flicked my tongue over the underside of the head. His cock jumped with each touch of my tongue. I licked from the head down to his balls, licking the salt from the smooth skin of his hard cock. I wanted that cock in my mouth, but didn't want to rush, yet feeling the urgency of the situation. My own hard cock pressed against the edge of the bed as I leaned further over him. I raised his cock as vertically as I could get it – it seemed to "want" to point towards his head. I took a deep breath, and lowered my head.

I kissed and licked the head of his cock, then swirled my tongue around the ridge of his cock. I opened and lowered my mouth, feeling the flared head opening my mouth even wider. The salty taste of his cock made me so excited, my heart was flailing in my chest as I continued to slowly go down on him. I was shocked that I had to open my mouth so wide to accommodate his diameter. My mouth was open wide as I felt the ridge slide fully inside. I could taste more of his precum seeping into my mouth. I spread it around my lips with my tongue, getting them nice and slick for the journey they were about to take – down the length of his hard shaft.

He moaned softly and I froze for a second, but he remained asleep. The increasing seeping from his cock drew my attention again and I slowly started to take him further into my mouth, a quarter of an inch at a time, then retreating, repeating the maneuver a quarter of an inch more each time. Soon, 2 or 3 inches were sliding in and out of my lips, his big head filling my mouth, and the sexy taste of my brother's cock spurring me on.

"Mmmmmm'" he moaned out in his sleep again. I could feel the throbbing of his cock against my lips – my mouth full and stretched wide open – but I wanted more, and I wanted to "prove" that I could take his whole cock in my mouth. I worked more and more of that long, hard cock into my mouth. Each time I got more of it into my mouth, I tasted more of the sexy, salty taste of his shaft. I found myself craving more and more of that taste – so I kept sliding my lips farther and farther down that hard shaft.

"Oh, yeah, that feel so good....." he moaned. I froze – like "freezing" with my mouth full of my brother's cock would be less obvious than my bobbing head. I glanced up at his face, he still seemed to be asleep. I was actually quite pleased that I was pleasuring him – even in his sleep. I really desired to please him. Maybe I'm an overachiever at heart, but if I gave a guy head, I'd want him to enjoy it as much as possible. He didn't give any other signs of waking, so I resumed my mission. It looked like I had an inch or so to get into my mouth, but I was fighting my gag reflex with every stroke, so I figured that 6 or so inches was all I could take.

I was starting to worry that my luck was going to run out, that he'd wake up, so I figured I'd better get to the task of bringing my brother to an orgasm. I really hadn't done a lot of "research" into whether someone could "cum" while asleep, but I figured wet dreams were cumming, so it seemed logical to me. I really hated to rush because I knew from experience the longer the buildup, the more powerful the orgasm, and how copious the ejaculation. I was dying to have a mouthful of my brother's cum and wished I had as much time as I wanted to build him up completely, 'til he was aching to explode in my mouth. I didn't have the luxury of time however.

I slowly let the shaft of his cock slide out of his mouth – 'til my lips were wrapped around that wonderful flared head, then smoothly slid my lips down to my limit. Up went my head – lips pausing around that soft tip, then briskly down to within an inch of the thick base of his cock. I could hear his breathing deepen now, his hips almost seemed to be rising to meet the downstroke of my mouth each time, and moans were coming more frequently now. I almost wished he would wake up now, to put his hands on my head and drive that cock into my mouth, to tell me that I was pleasing him.

I could feel his balls tightening and pulling up against the base of his cock, which was getting even harder. His cock was taking on a distinct upward curve now, the head of his cock was riding against the inside of my cheek. I could feel his cock twitching and used my lips to give his iron hard shaft long, full strokes. He was close to cumming and I was ready to taste my brother's cum. I wanted it – wanted to taste what his cum was like. Would it be like mine? Would he cum like I did when I was really aroused? Would he pump thick, full spurts of hot semen into my mouth? I wanted him to – I needed him to.

"Mmmmm – oh yeah, yessssss" he moaned out as his hard shaft swelled even larger and pulsed in my mouth as the first spurt of his cum shot against my tongue. Yes, his cum tastes like mine I thought – for about a tenth of a second – that's when the second spurt completely filled my mouth. I was sure his hips did thrust upward with that jet of hot seed. The fullness of 6 inches of hard cock in my mouth made the spoonful or so cum he pumped into my mouth seem like a quart. I did my best to swallow, gulping and almost gagging. A little dribbled down his shaft. The rest of the spurts were smaller than the second one, and diminishing each time. I swallowed them easily, enjoying the taste of my brother's hot cum filling my mouth.

When I was sure he had finished cumming, I slowly let his cock slide from between my lips. I gently held it upright as I lapped up the semen that had escaped my lips, licking it from the union of his cock and balls. His cock quickly softened in my hand as I quietly coughed to clear my throat. He didn't move, I'd gotten what I wanted without waking him. I only had one thing to do to finish the job. It took me several minutes to work his briefs back up. I didn't have the advantage of him rolling over for me. I didn't think he'd notice that his butt was uncovered anyway – figuring his underwear had worked their way down as he slept.

I quietly moved on my hands and knees back to my bed and crawled back into it – laying on my back and smiling like the Cheshire cat as I started to stroke my own hard shaft, replaying the whole episode over in my mind.

I awoke early that morning, the taste of my brother's cum still in my mouth and my lips sticky. I cautiously glanced over to his bed – empty – kind of unusual for him to be awake before me, especially after a late night. The unasked question of his whereabouts was answered as a plume of steam rolled out of the bathroom door as it opened. As if to make sure that I was awake, a happy – though tuneless – whistling followed the steam out of the bathroom.

I reached next to the bed to retrieve my briefs I has tossed there the night before and slid them on quickly. I crawled out of bed and crept quietly over to the bathroom door. He continued to whistle as he lathered his face – entirely too cheerful for him at this time of the morning. The almost-music stopped as he looked my way and I braced for the usual rebuff, only to be greeted by a friendly "Morning lil' bro, what's shakin'?"

This was a almost too much of a shock for me and all I could mutter was "nuthin'."

I watched as he started to shave – not that that was so exciting, just that it was something I'd never done before. He leaned against the vanity to see a spot better in the mirror, then leaned back. As he did, the towel tucked around his waist came loose and it fell to a puddle around his feet.

"Shit," he muttered good naturedly, "Oh well, not like I need to hide anything from my brother, right?" he asked rhetorically as he stood there, now shaving in the nude.

I could feel my own cock starting to swell in my briefs.

"I had the weirdest dream last night," he continued as if it were the most normal conversation in the world. He looked upward to shave under his chin. "I dreamt that I was getting the most incredible blow job I could imagine."

I gulped as he said this.

"Really?" I asked as innocently as I could – and as if we'd ever have talked about such things.

"Oh yeah, it was unbelievable, so real – like it was really happening."

He stopped shaving and turned toward me, displaying his full frontal nudity to me. His cock was semi-hard, not stiff, but that wonderful full-size swollen and hanging there. I couldn't help but stare.

"Yeah," he looked right at me, "man, it was something – I wouldn't mind having dreams like that more often" as he turned back to the sink and splashed the last of the lather off his face.

I knew I was caught. Duh! Like any guy could sleep through that – sober or drunk.

"In fact," he said turning back to me with a smirk and a rapidly stiffening cock, "I wouldn't mind having that dream again right now."

With a bulge in my shorts and cock-sucking grin on my face, I took three steps and got on my knees in front of him to deliver the second of many blowjobs I'd give my brother that summer.

"Oh yeah," he moaned, guiding my head so that my eager lips engulfed the head of his cock, then slid to the base of his throbbing shaft as he began to slowly thrust his hips, "I wouldn't surprised if you started having dreams like that too lil' brother."

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