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The vacation was going well, and Sophia was having the time of her life. The stride family were in London on their fifth day, after winning the trip at a fancy dress ball. It had been a pretty hectic five days, what with all the sight seeing. So it wasn't a surprise for Mr Stride when everyone elected to have a relaxing day for a change. Although, he personally wanted to see the changing of the guard, so with that in mind, he left the family to eat breakfast and left the hotel by himself.

Sophia was wide-awake for a change, but she didn't feel like going out today. Besides, it looked like it might rain later, and no one felt like trampling miles along massive roads just to see buildings. Her mother and brother's, all fancied a morning swim, but Sophia decided to take advantage of the masseur that was available at the hotel.

She waited for the guys to go, and rang room service. Soon she was lying on her bed, while a muscular guy began to rub oils into her back. Sophia loved the attention as he gently worked his hands along her back, and shoulders. It must have been too relaxing though, because before she knew it she was falling asleep.

She awoke in what seemed like a minute later to find two pairs of hands rubbing her back and thighs. She didn't bother turning her head, as the massage was making her feel a little horny. She made a deep sounding sigh, as the guy on her thighs kept getting nearer and nearer to her pussy as he stroked her inner thigh. The one on her back was also turning her on, as he kept massaging her neck gently and would then move under and brush the part of her breasts that she were exposed.

When she felt another pair of hands, slip both thumbs into the rim of her panties and pull them down in one swift movement, she almost purred it felt so erotic. The same hands then massaged her buttocks, and the fingers were deliberately touching both her butt-hole and her pussy lips each time they past over. She was starting to feel aroused now, and was feeling her loins getting wet. Then she felt a thumb entering her butt as a finger entered her pussy. She made a soft whimpering sound as he rubbed both digits around.

Her bra was then removed leaving her naked on the bed, and she turned over. There before her were her three brother's Steve, Brad and Colin, all smiling and touching her body. The real masseur must have finished, and the guys took over after he'd gone. Just then Brian and her mother entered the room, and they were both naked. Brian picked up her legs and parted them while pulling her to the edge of the bed. Her mother got onto the bed next and moved her thighs into position over Sophia's head.

Her mother's pussy was then lowered slowly over Sophia's mouth, and Sophia greeted it with her tongue. Her mother opened up her womanhood with one hand and felt the tip of Sophia's tongue penetrating her cunt. Her mother then rocked back and forth, passing her slit over the tongue that was lapping at her open and exposed pussy. Brian pushed his cock into her dampness, and was rewarded with a yelp of pleasure as he started to thrust his member in and out.

Her mother was then asked to turn to her right, and was presented with a cock from Brad, who was standing on a chair next to the bed. His mother kept on swinging her hips, and allowed the cock to pass her open lips surrounding her son's engorged member. Sophia could feel another two pairs of hands pulling at her breasts and nipples, and started to cum. She then tasted her mother's bittersweet juices, as she arched her back from the climax that approached.

Her mother was making a lot of noise, as the cock in her mouth was slurping to and fro. She was then rewarded, as Brad started to cum, and filled her mouth with jism. Her attempt to swallow his load was a good one, but some started to escape the corners of her mouth as he massaged the remaining out with his hand gripping the end of his ejaculating cock. Brian started to cum next, and pulled his meat out just as the first spurt hit the end and ricocheted over her pelvis, splashing onto her stomach.

Sophia's mother then turned around, and after leaning forward, she began to lick the white creamy substance from her daughter's belly button with the tip of her tongue. As she licked the entire length of her stomach she felt another spurt hitting the side of her face and immediately tried to surround the offending cock with her lips. Brian pulled back, not allowing her to suck him as he came a forth and final time. Some of it landed on her tongue, but most went into her hair.

Sophia was then placed in a 69 position by her mother, and could feel her mother's tongue licking her swollen slit as she came to rest on her face. Almost immediately they were both turned around together by four strong hands until each of there heads were on the opposite sides of the bed. A hard cock was then placed into Sophia's ass as her mother licked both the clit and the penetrating shaft.

Her mother's ass was also penetrated, making her cry out as Sophia's tongue rolled her clit around with the tip. Sophia then felt her right hand being moved onto another hard cock, as Brad stood by the edge of the bed. She began to run her hand along its length, knowing that her mother would be doing the same with Steve on the opposite side.

Sophia cried out as her next orgasm approached, and could feel both the cock and her mother going faster. She tried really hard to keep the strokes of her brother's cock in her hand moving in a rhythmic fashion, but as she came, she couldn't seem to concentrate on anything else. Her hips bucked, and she seemed to be grinding her pussy into her mother's face as the cock in her ass began to throb.

Sophia felt the first spurt of man seed hitting her insides, but then she felt him pull out, and heard her mother trying to catch his next load with her mouth. Her mother then began to lick the jism from Sophia's crack as it started to leak out onto the bed. At just that moment Sophia's mother started to press her pussy harder onto Sophia's mouth, and moan out loud with the impending orgasm.

Sophia lapped and sucked harder and faster as her mother gushed over her face, and the cock in her mother's ass began to cum. He'd pulled it free after the initial burst, and was now resting it on Sophia's head as he came a second, third and forth time. His cream was running down her face and neck, as her mother cried out with pleasure of feeling Sophia's tongue doing an amazing job of licking her dry.

When everyone had finished coming, the girls looked to be in a sticky mess, and laughed as they ran to the shower together. When they'd finished freshening up, Sophia's father returned, and asked what they'd been up to.

"Oh, not a lot," said Sophia, "we just entertained each other," she added, laughing.

Her father could guess how, and just smiled as he told them what he'd been doing.

To be continued...

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