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Incest And Free And Real And Stories Simpsons Incest Pictures Father Daughter Incest Fucking Pictures Mother Son Incest
This is Christa's second adventure. It is about three months later and she has discovered a whole new world. Come, and discover her new world with her.

Christa gurgled as the cum slid down her throat. She discovered that men liked that kind of thing and she always wanted to please. Mark, the man she just finished off, sighed with contentment as he lay back. She stared at him as he dozed and wondered what Gary was doing now. Wonderful Gary, although she had not thought that at first. But even before he was done raping her, she worshiped him. That fabulous man had turned her into a nympho. She thought about the party she had gone to afterwards and her boyfriend Rick's reaction when she started blowing him in the backseat. She giggled at the memory. He had been shocked, because earlier that day she had mentioned again, that she wanted to wait until marriage. But then Gary taught her a few things and POW! Nymphomania here I come. Christa glanced at her watch and quickly threw her cloths on.

"Where are you goin'?" Mark asked. "I haven't fucked you yet."

"Later, I have to go." Her reply was muffled since it came through her shirt. "I'll call you tomorrow."

Christa left and jumped in her car. Her pussy was wet from excitement from the blowjob she had given and from thoughts of Gary, whom she was meeting in ten minutes. She was going to be late, and he would punish her. Tingles went through her body at the thought. Suddenly, she heard a siren.

"Damn!" She exploded. Christa pulled over and waited for the officer to give her the speeding ticket.

"License and registration ma'am." The male officer said.

Christa noticed him checking her out and wondered.

She looked at him with desire in her eyes and laughed inside when he looked startled. Christa let her tongue dart out to lick her lips suggestively. The officer swallowed with difficulty.

"Did I do something wrong, Officer....?" She asked softly.

"You, uh, were, um, speeding, ma'am."

"Oh, but I am in such a hurry!" Christa said dramatically. "You see sir, if I am not home in twenty minutes, why, my step daddy will punish me!" The little lie about the time would be worth any amount of punishment if she could get this officer in her pocket. She forced tears out of her eyes and managed to look alluring and pitiful at the same time.

"I understand-" he began.

"No! You don't know what he'll do to me!"

"If it's illegal..."

"I'll tell you what he'll do!" She sobbed. "He'll pull my pants down and spank me on my bare bum! And then, and then he'll caress it, to take the sting away." Christa snuck a glance at the handsome, young officer and saw that he was torn between duty and wanting to take her pants down himself.

"Well, you really shouldn't be speeding, and I can't just let you go..."

"Oh please! I'll do anything!"

The officer grabbed her arm and pulled her out of her car. Christa smiled, got him, hook, line, and sinker! She felt giddy as he dragged her into the woods. Not far from the cars, he stopped. She saw that he had a huge hard on.

"Bend over!" He ordered.

Christa was glad she had a short skirt on, minus panties. She did as he asked, and heard him gasp as he saw her pussy, wet and shiny in the afternoon light. She watched him from between her legs as he unzipped and let his cock free. He rammed it into her snatch so hard she gasped. He wasted no time, and pounded her hard and fast. Christa felt her orgasm coming and urged him on.

"Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhh yes, yes, yes! I'm cumming!!!" she squealed. Her juices squirted out and onto his uniform pants as he pounded harder. She was cumming again as he shot a load deep inside of her. Christa managed to stay standing as he braced himself on her. As their breathing returned to normal, he stood up.

"Well, you better run along, don't want you to get spanked." He said with a grin. "Don't let me catch you speeding again."

Christa smiled saucily, "I might." With a delighted giggle she went to her car and started the drive home. Gary would be so proud of her. She put her hand between her legs, scooped up a bit of cum and licked it from her fingers. Tasty, she thought, I hope I run into him again.

Gary was not as angry as Christa had thought he would be. He said he had a surprise for her and that she was to go upstairs and wait in his room. He had married her mom a month ago and everything was now his. Christa thought her mom was more of a slave than she herself was.

Christa waited for two hours. She heard her mom come home and Brad, her boss and Gary's brother, was with her. Maybe I should go downstairs, she thought. Just then the door opened and Brad came in.

"Hi Christa. Gary told me to come up here and make myself comfortable." As he spoke he took his clothes off.

Christa raised her eyebrows, "Did he now?"

Brad nodded and played with his erect cock. Christa shrugged and took her shirt and skirt off. "Okay Uncle Brad."

Brad licked his lips and dove for her pussy. He sucked her clit into his mouth and nibbled. Christa squirmed and squealed. As her juices flowed into Brad's mouth, she screamed. He then flipped her onto her stomach and shoved his throbbing cock into her tight snatch.

"Ohhhhhh yes!" She moaned as she clutched the blankets. Just then the door opened and Christa barely registered the shocked cry of her mom. Brad heard and pounded the little slut harder. Gary pushed Christa's mom into the room, and then forced her close to the action.

"Can you smell your nasty daughter's sex? Can you see and hear how wet she is? How much she loves being fucked?" Gary asked harshly. "She's a slut just like you honey. And I made her that way."

Christa squealed with another orgasm and her mom moaned in despair. As Brad continued pounding his cock into the young cunt, some of her cum splashed onto her mom's face. She went to wipe it off, but Gary stopped her. He wiped it off and held it under nose, made her smell it, then he forced his wet fingers into his wife's mouth so she could taste her daughter.

"C'mon Ashley." Gary coaxed his wife into getting undressed. After she was naked he positioned her on her back in front of Christa. "Darling daughter, I want you to eat your mom's pussy, now."

Ashley groaned, as tears leaked out of her eyes. "No, Christa don't!"

"It's okay Mom. Gary will take care of us." Christa gasped out as she licked her mom's clit.

Ashley moaned and her hips jerked.

"Do it Christa!" Gary urged.

Christa sucked the hard clit into her mouth and nibbled. She bit a little too hard as she had another orgasm, but that was the last straw for Ashley. She exploded into orgasm, gushing into her daughters' mouth. A few minutes later Brad shot his load deep into Christa's cunt. As he did, she came, and Ashley came with her daughter.

Gary moved Christa onto her back and then ordered his wife to clean her up. Ashley looked at him like he was crazy, but after a warning look from him she began licking the combined juices of her daughter and brother-in-law out of her daughters pussy. She wasn't as repulsed as she thought she would be, but still, this was wrong.

Christa sighed as her mom cleaned her up. True, she lacked enthusiasm, but hey, this was nice. Ashley gasped and stopped as Brad shoved his hardened cock into her pussy.

"Oh Mom, don't stop!" Christa gasped. Gary forced Ashley's head back between her legs and stuck his own cock into Christa's mouth.

"Look Ashley, your daughter is sucking my cock. She's as good at that as her mother." Gary taunted. Ashley watched her daughter as she sucked on her clit. He was right, she was good, like me, Ashley thought with a spurt of pride. As she screamed with an orgasm, Gary pulled Christa away.

He lay where Christa was and made her sit on his cock. He knew Ashley could see everything. His hard cock, her daughter's pussy sliding up and down as Christa bounced merrily away.

She looks like she 's riding a favorite pony, Ashley thought distractedly.

"Put your cock in her ass Brad." Gary said.

Brad complied before Ashley could comprehend what was happening. She screamed with the sudden intrusion. After a few strokes, she started having another orgasm. While she did, she watched as Gary slid his own cock into Christa's ass. It went in with little resistance and Christa just squealed with joy and bounced faster and harder. By some strange twist of fate, all four of them exploded into orgasms at the same time. The girls screaming through theirs and the guys groaning. They all collapsed into a sweaty cum dripping heap.

Some time later, they crawled under the blankets and drifted off into sleep. The girls in the middle, cuddling, with Gary behind Christa, and Brad behind Ashley.

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