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Hmmmm, I have a nice story for you. It's about when Baby first trapped Daddy into playing with her. Remember that trip to the cabin when Mommy and your Little Brother (18 isn't so little is it?) went on their special trip, Baby and Daddy went to the cabin in the mountains. After we got there, Baby went to unpack while I made a pot of coffee in the kitchen.

As I was sipping my fresh cup of coffee, you came in just a t-shirt that barely covered your sweet little ass. You noticed me looking and you smiled shyly and asked where the cups were for a cup of coffee. I asked when my little Baby girl started to drink coffee and that it was a grown-up thing to do, it didn't seem like you were 19, but you were. While looking through the cabinets you laughed and said that you do a lot of grown-up things. I raised my eyebrows in surprise at your comment and when you looked over your should at me and winked, I started to grow.

You smiled and turned back and found a mug. Instead of grabbing a mug on the bottom shelf, you reached up and got one on the upper shelf and when you did, your shirt raised up over your sweet, tight, little bum and I could see that you were wearing no panties. While I stared, you looked over your shoulder again and smiled at me and said that you were sorry, but you felt more comfortable like this. I managed to choke out an "It's OK Baby" and went back to my paper, a little warmer.

You poured yourself a cup of coffee and went to the fridge. I heard you pout that there was no cream for your coffee and when I looked up, you were completely bent over looking on the bottom shelf. My eyes were glued to your lower part of your shirt again, only this time, with your legs slightly parted, I could see more then your bum. I was looking straight at your sweet little pussy, and I could not believe that even at your age, there was no hair there. Still bent over, you looked back at me and saw where I was staring, and cleared your throat. When our eyes met, your smile was a little sly and you asked where the cream was. I nervously said to check the top shelf where we always keep the cream. Laughing, you stand up and found it, then poured some into your cup.

Realizing that I'm looking at my Baby girl in a way that I should not be looking at, I return to my paper and try to conceal my raging hard-on that has now developed. Out of the corner of my eye, I see you swaying your hips as you approach me and you come around me to read over my shoulder. I feel your tender breasts press against my back and I moan softly as you whisper in my ear "what are you reading Daddy?" I can barely respond or contain myself.

You ask if I'm OK and I croaked out a yes. You say that you don't believe me cuz I'm beginning to sweat. You then kiss my cheek and tell me that you love me and that this was such a good idea come up here. Then you tell me that you didn't come all the way up here to watch me read the paper.

Slowly I realize that you are right, and I put the paper down. I tell you that I'm sorry, and ask what you would like to do. You come around my chair and surprise me by sitting on my lap. I realize within an instant that you must notice that I have a hard-on and wonder what my little Baby girl must think of me.... am I just some old pervert that has noticed that his little Baby is a beautiful wanton woman? I try to put the thought out of my head, but when you start squirming around in my lap I begin to wonder if maybe you're not up to something.

I try to continue to have a normal conversation with you about what we will do over the next few days, hiking, boating, etc. But your ass feels so good in my lap that my member is straining against my jeans. You look at me and ask if I'm ok, and again I say yes, I just have a little problem and a cramp.

You giggle and say that you can feel my cramp and ask with a sly look, if you can help me with it. My face became red with embarrassment knowing that you can feel my hardness. You continue to giggle and sip your coffee and make a sour face. Lucky for the distraction, I ask what the matter is. You respond with a pouty face saying that your coffee isn't sweet enough and you say that it needs more cream. You put your mug down, place you arms around my neck and while looking me in the eyes ask "Do you have any cream for your Baby girl Daddy?"

This causes me cock to grow to its full length and with a dry mouth, I stammer "Uh....sure Baby, it's in the fridge". You lean in and say that you were hoping for some special cream from your Daddy. I look at you and into your deep blue eyes and croak; "I don't think I can give you that".

You smile and whispering you ask what is wrong with my voice. I tell you that my mouth is dry. Smiling, you lean in and whisper that you can fix that and place your lips onto my own. Shocked, I barley respond, but as you continue to run your lips over mine, I begin to moan and kiss you back. You back away slightly and ask if that's better as you wiggle in my lap. With my eyes half closed, I say, no, that we shouldn't be doing this. You say that my voice still sounds dry and as I begin protest, you push yourself into me and thrust your wet tongue deep into my mouth.

I moan and you feel me relax in your arms succumbing to your seduction. My hands finally reach around you and I bring you close to me as my tongue slips into your mouth. Without breaking our kiss, you move yourself from sitting on my lap to straddling my lap. Your arms are behind me, pulling me into you and your breathing is deep and hard. Your hips begin to grind back and forth on my lap and you can feel my shaft against your wetness. No longer caring, I begin to kiss you harder and deeper. My hands find the cheeks of your ass and I being to rock you back and forth on the outline of my shaft.

Moaning, you break our kiss and begin to kiss my neck and face saying, "Oh Daddy, you make me so wet. I have wanted you for so long. Mommy is so lucky to have you every night". Hearing you say that brings me back to my senses and I push you away and stop you from grinding your wetness on me.

You look at me and ask what the matter is. I explain that this is wrong, you're my little Baby and I'm your Daddy. Yes I love you, but this is so wrong, we shouldn't be doing this. What would your Mommy say if she found out her little girl and Daddy sitting like this? You look at me and laugh. I say it's not funny, and you respond by saying, "Oh poor Daddy, always and the last to know. Why do you think Mommy didn't want to come with us? She and Little Brother have been doing what we are about to do for a long time, and right now, he's probably sticking his big, fat, cock in her wet pussy right now." Shocked, I ask you how you know this and you tell me that you saw them once. You watched as your Mommy went to her knees and undid your Little Brothers pants and stroked his cock and licked her luscious lips.

With your eyes closed and your hips gently rocking, you continue telling me the story of how you watched through a partially opened door, your sexy Mommy sucking your Little Brother. You tell me that you wanted to see if your Daddy was as big as he, and ask me to show you my cock. Not believing my ears, you look at me and in one swift move; remove your shirt from your sweet succulent body. When I see your rosy nipples and see how hard they are I begin to lose my composure. But it was when you leaned back and slipped a hand down between your legs and inserted a finger deep into your pussy and groaned and then brought it to your lips and sucked your own juice off, I knew I was lost.

You removed your finger from your mouth and leaned in to kiss me and I accepted it without resistance, tasting your juice on your lips and tongue. I reach up and took your breasts into my hands and felt your hard nipples in my palms. Your moaning as we kiss and your gyrating on my lap was becoming too much for me and I squeezed your breasts and began to pinch your nipples. Breathing heavily, you pull back and reach between your legs and feel my growing hardness with your delicate hand. Looking me in the eye, you tell me that you need my cream and that your think I'm ready to be milked. Smiling, I lift you in my arms and set you on the table. Your hands fumble with my jeans and as you open them, you push me back to my seat and slide to the floor in front of me.

You pull my jeans down and work your hands over the bulge in my shorts. With a grin, you lean in let you tongue slip past your lips and you trace the outline of my cock. I look down and I see my Baby girl on her knees with a begging look of desperation to feed on her Daddy's cock. I help you pull my shorts down and your eyes grow wide with excitement and pleasure as you see my long, hard, cock come into full view of your waiting eyes. You take your small little hand and gently take a hold of me and begin to slowly feel my entire length.

Looking up, our eyes meet and we share a knowing smile and you say, "Oh Daddy, your cock is so much bigger and better then Brothers. Mommy is sure lucky to have this, I can't image why she would want my Brothers cock when she can have this." I moan and you ask if your hand feels good. I say yes and I begin to move my hips back and forth. You tighten you grip and you see a little moisture begin to seep from the hole in my tip. Leaning in, you snake out your tongue and lick the juice from my cock and I say that I taste so good.

I knew that I could no longer contain myself and I look down at you, my little Baby girl, and say, "Baby, you're driving your Daddy crazy. I need some relief, will you help me? Will you make Daddy feel better?"

You reply, "Daddy, I have planned this for so long, and you will be satisfied and very happy with your Baby girl. I will make you feel so good; you'll never want Mommy's pussy ever again." And you took my whole cock into your mouth in one long slow motion. Your lips reached my base and when you groaned, I felt the vibrations soar though my body. You slid your mouth back up and then down again. My hands found your head and I began to lose myself in your mouth.

Soon I felt your hand come to my wet cock and I felt the pressure of your fist begin to pull the cum from my balls as you continued to work your mouth up and down my rod. My legs started to become week and my hips started to take on a life of their own. I held your head and began to thrust in and out of your mouth. Soon you released my cock from your mouth while sliding your fist up and down my shaft. You looked up at me and said, "that's it Daddy, fuck my mouth. Please fuck my mouth. It's all yours to fuck, whenever you want. Now cum for me Daddy, fill my mouth with your cum, oh please Daddy, please cum in my fucking mouth!" and you swallowed my cock just in time as my hard, wet, hot cock, began to explode.

I felt my legs tighten and my stomach begin to pulse as my shaft let loose the cum that you had built up deep inside me. Holding onto your head, I groaned, "Oh fuck Baby, oh my GOD, I'm cumming, Oh Baby, Oh.....BABY I'm CUMMING..... OOOHHHHH GOD..... OHHHHHHHHHHH!" and I filled you mouth with stream after stream of my hot, creamy cum. I felt you swallow as much as you could and all the while moaning and pumping me dry. When I finally stopped, I fell back and tried to catch my breath while you continued to lick and suck my softening cock which kept me hard.

You looked up at me and smiled and licked your lips and said, "Mmmmm, thank you Daddy, I loved your cream." You then rose and kissed me deeply and I pulled you hard into me and I explored your mouth with my tongue trying to share my taste with you.

Baby, Daddy is still hard from that. Do you remember what happened next?

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