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Sorry that it took me so long to continue but I hope it was worth the wait.

Special thanks to Dotty for editing my story.


After Nico and Elke took their bath, they ate and went to bed. The day's activities had worn them out, both physically and mentally. When Nico woke up refreshed the next morning he found his mother was gone. But more surprising to him was the fact that his arms and legs were tied to the bedposts. A smile covered his face.

'Well, what is she up to now?'

But as time went on there was still no sign from his mother. He listened carefully and tried to make out any noise in the house. But accept for the usual creepy sounds, there was nothing.

"Damn, where is she? Doesn't she know that most people have to use the bathroom when they wake up?'

His bladder was full and stretched almost to the limit. The pain started slowly but grew with every minute. When he looked at the clock he realized that almost an hour had past. Suddenly the phone rang. However, in his position, Nico was unable to answer it and so the answering machine took it. He heard his father's voice and was shocked for a moment but quickly realized that it was the machine. After the peep he could hear his mother's voice.

'Good morning, sweetheart! Are you awake yet? Uhh I hope so. You aren't in any discomfort are you? I just called to let you know I'm at the mall to get some special groceries for today. I will be home in a while so enjoy yourself. Love you.'

Nico sighed after his mother hung up.

'Shit, I hope I can hold on that long!'

The pain in his bladder was extreme but not yet unbearable. To kill time and get his thoughts off his urge to pee, he started to plan his revenge.

Meanwhile his mother was walking through the shop just looking around. She already bought what she needed and was only killing some time. She wanted her son to be in more agony before she went home. With her husband gone, she thought it was safe to leave her son on the bed tied up and naked.

'I can't wait to see the video of his face later on.'

Elke had placed a camera in the closet out of sight for Nico. She had planned everything into detail...or so she thought.

Little did she know that Nico's grandmother was on her way to her daughter's house. Now that Nico was a student, Heidi didn't get to see him anymore. The last time was almost a year ago and now she knew that her grandson and daughter were home and she wanted to surprise them both. As she drove into the driveway she noticed the car was gone.

'Oh no. Well I hope they are not gone away for the day. Thank God I have the key to the house.'

She removed her 66?year?old body from the car and walked towards the door. For her age, Heidi looked much younger. She was as big as her daughter was but her body was filled out more.

Nico had heard the car pulling into the driveway and was glad to be finally released. But to his dismay, his mother didn't walk directly towards the living room. Only after he called out for her he heard footsteps nearing the bedroom.

'Hurry mom! I can't hold it much....'


To Nico's shock it was his grandmother standing in the doorway with wide eyes and screaming. As his brain tried to cope with this situation he forgot to control his bladder. At first he didn't even realize that his pee was flowing freely over his stomach onto the bed. When he did feel it on his body, he tried to stop the flow but it was useless. The urge to release was too strong and Nico even let out a small sigh.

Heidi was even more shocked to see her grandson tied up naked in her daughter's bed. And when she noticed him pissing himself, it was too much for her. With tears in her eyes she ran outside and drove off, all the while trying to calm herself. Nico didn't even try to stop her. His mother herself couldn't come up with anything as humiliating as what just happened.

'Oh God! How can I ever face her again? How can we explain it to her?' As the questions ran through his mind he closed his eyes and waited for his mom to arrive.

Only ten minutes after Heidi left, Elke arrived home. The thought of her son lying in a bed drenched with urine had made her very horny. She opened the door and practically ran to the bedroom. As she didn't know what happened just a few minutes ago, she was determined to continue with her plan. She took off her wet panties and before Nico could say anything more than 'Mom...I,' she stuffed them in his mouth.

Nico shook his head "no" and tried to finish his sentence but the only sounds that came through the panties were grunts. If Elke hadn't been so horny, she might have noticed that her son tried to say something important.

'Hello my dirty little son. I see you had a little accident! Shall mommy clean that up for you?'

Nico rolled his eyes and again shook his head "no." At this moment he wished that his mother wasn't such a horny slut.

'No? I guess you like the feeling of your pee on your body!'

She moved her hands over his wet stomach and spread it over Nico's chest. Then she went further down and covered his dick and balls with the now cold fluid.

'Oh, clumsy me! I better clean that! You know it's not good for your cock to be dirty!'

Elke lowered her head and started to lick around Nico's limp cock. The taste was much stronger this time but she liked it anyway. Slowly she lowered her tongue towards Nico's balls and sucked on them.

As soon as Nico felt his mother's tongue on his body, he forgot all about his grandma. His cock started to stir and rise slowly. By the time he felt Elke's hot mouth around his balls, it stood at full attention.

'You like it when mommy licks your dick, don't you? Oh, I forgot. You can't speak.'

Elke moved her mouth higher until she reached the rigid, purple dick?head. She flicked her tongue over his pisshole and closed her lips around the shaft. Then she sucked hard on it and with her hand massaged Nico's nipples. She lowered her mouth and swallowed the shaft down her throat only to rise slowly again. She repeated this several times till she felt that Nico was nearing his orgasm.

'Would you like to cum, sweetheart? I think you want to shoot your load into my mouth don't you? Well not this time! But before I continue today's exercise I think you need to release the worst pressure.'

With that Elke climbed over him and impaled herself on her son's cock.

'Uhhh.....this feels so good, son! Your long hard cock in my pussy.'

She moved up and down, getting faster with every stroke.

'Ohhh yes. I'm fucking my son, my own flesh and blood and I love every second of it! You like that too, son? Tell mommy!'

Nico was like his mother...near cumming. Her hot throbbing cunt was milking his cock to get its award. Elke removed her panties from Nico's mouth just before they erupted into orgasm.

'Ohhh mom. I'm gonna cum. I'm going to shoot my cum up your hot sluttish pussy. Ahh yes, take it mom, take it!'

Nico's cock emptied his balls deep in Elke's pussy. Load after load shot against her cervix and she felt every one of them. This sent her over the edge and Nico felt her cunt walls contract around his shaft.

'Yes, yes yeeessss...I'm cummmmmingggg...ohhh fuck yes!'

Elke's cunt juices squirted from her pussy and ran down Nico's cock and balls. She slowed her movements and took a moment to get her breath back. But as soon as she heard Nico speak she felt more out of air than during her orgasm.

'Mom, grandmother was here! She saw me tied to the bed and pissing myself!'

Elke felt as if she was hit by a truck. She didn't dare to open her eyes or say anything in the hope she hadn't heard correctly.

'Mom, are you alright?'

'W..what did you say?'

'Grams was here! And she saw me.'

'No, no! That can't be!'

Elke felt as if she was going to faint.

'Oh God. Now what? I'm fucking my son since yesterday and already we are caught!'

To her own surprise, that was what bothered her most.

'Mom? Are you alright?'

'What do you think!', she snapped back at her son. 'Of course I'm not alright!'

She moved away from her son and stood next to the bed. While she was thinking what to do she felt her son's sperm run out of her pussy and down her legs. She couldn't help that a shiver of excitement ran through her body.

"I tried to tell it sooner but you didn't let me!'

'I was wondering why you were acting so strange but I wished it was for another reason!'

'Can I ask you something, mom?'

'Yes, sure.'

'Could you maybe untie me? It's not easy thinking with your hands and feet suspended!'

To Nico's relief, he heard a little giggle from his mom before she loosened his restraints. The rest of the morning and a part of the afternoon they thought about what to do. There were only two solutions they came up with. One was to talk to Heidi and explain everything, hoping she would understand. If that wouldn't work, there was just one more possibility: Make her join them. They started to gather all their courage and left to visit her.

While mother and son were planning their next move, Heidi was also thinking about what to do. After she drove off that morning she just drove around, gathering her thoughts. In the beginning she was shocked and angry with her daughter.

'How could she do such a thing with her son? I raised her differently. How could they?'

However, as she calmed down she found herself thinking about Nico. How he lay there helpless and naked. She had to admit to herself that it was an exciting view. Even when he started to pee. But she dismissed these thoughts as nothing more than lack of sex. Her husband had died six years ago and since then she never had sex again. This was difficult for her because she could never get enough of the feeling of a thick hard cock in her cunt.

'Jeeez, woman. Stop thinking like that. You're to old for that!'

But she couldn't ignore that her fluids started to flow.

'Well, maybe I should go home and look for my toys. In this state of mind I can't think straight!'

She drove home and entered her bedroom. She went straight to her closet and retrieved a small brown box from the back. As she opened it, her eyes fell on the 6?inch vibrator and 9 inch dildo. She grabbed them both and walked over to the bed and took off her clothes. Her hands wandered all over her body, kneading her breasts and massaging her pubic area. Heidi felt her dripping cunt and stroked her clit.

'Uhhh!!!!!!....that's it! Ohhh how I missed this feeling!'

She was alone in the house and so, talked out loud; every word adding to her arousal. Heidi turned on the vibrator. She moved it over her nipples, which were hard, protruding out an inch. The other hand took the dildo and started to push it into her hot pussy.

'Ahhh, yes! Push that cock inside this old cunt! Ohhh, it's so hard! Come on, fuck me, fuck me hard!'

She fell back on the bed with her legs spread wide, plunging her dildo deep inside her pussy. As she was fucking herself, her thoughts went back to the morning and her naked grandson.

' I wish I just had jumped you, Nico!" Fucking my own grandson! Sucking on your beautiful dick!'

Heidi lowered the vibrator onto her clit and, at the first touch she started to cum....

'Aaargghhh...yesssss I'm cumminggg! Shoot your hot cream inside your granny! Cum with meeeeeaaahhh!'

A powerful orgasm shot through her body as she thought about her grandson shooting inside her. Even though she hadn't felt like this in years, she felt a bit sad about what she did. Exausted, she closed her eyes and drifted off into a fantasy?filled dream.

Elke and Nico arrived at Heidi's house not too long after. Both had shaking legs as they neared the door and their hearts were beating fast when they rang the bell. They looked at each other nervously as they waited for Heidi to answer the door.

'What's taking her so long? Her car is here so she must be home. Nico, would you ring again?'

Again they waited for an answer but nothing happened. A little concerned, Elke grabbed the keys and let themselves in. They looked around but couldn't find her downstairs. So they walked up the stairs towards the bedroom. When Elke entered she froze in her tracks and Nico bumped into her.

'What's wrong mom?'

Elke stepped aside and answered:

'Nothing, I guess. Look for yourself.'

Nico immediately saw his nude grandmother on the bed. As both stepped closer they could smell Heidi's pussy juices.

'Look mom!'

Elke followed Nico's gaze between her mother's legs and recognized a dildo still buried inside her cunt.

'Well, well. Maybe we aren't in much trouble after all, son! Apparently I'm not the only one you turn on!'

'You think so? What if it's just coincidence?'

'No way that she would have stuck that thing up her cunt if she was disgusted by what she saw earlier! Do you want to continue the game from this morning but with another player?'

'Well she looks hot to me but what about you? It's your mother. Ever done it with another woman?'

As soon as Nico asked that question, he knew it was a stupid, knowing his mother.

'Of course I have!'

'What's your plan mom?'

Instead of answering right away, Elke started to take off her clothes. Nico followed her example and soon both were naked.

'You stick your cock in her while I suck on her clit and push my pussy in her face!'

Nico climbed on the bed between Heidi's legs and removed the dildo from her cunt. Elke quickly sat over her mother's face and lowered her pussy till just above it. She was so excited that some of her fluids dripped on Heidi's mouth. Then Elke bent forward and started to lick her mother's clit. As soon as Nico saw his mother lapping at Heidi's cunt he pushed his cock inside his grandmother's cave. She wasn't as tight as her daughter but made up for it in heat and wetness.

'Man she is hot. How does she taste mom?'

Elke scooped some juices on her finger and held it in front of her son's mouth. Nico licked it off and stated:

'Mmmmhh, just like you, mom!'

As Nico started to stroke in and out of his granny, Heidi's breath became shallow and she started to moan slightly. Elke could feel her mothers breath on her engorged clit and got even hornier.

'Come on, son! Give it to her! Fuck her good!'

Immediately Nico doubled his speed and Elke sucked hard on Heidi's clit while stroking it with her tongue. From all this, Heidi finally woke up in a very aroused state. Her pussy hadn't had this much attention in years and the feeling was incredible. So when she opened her eyes and saw a dripping cunt above her she didn't think straight and started to lap at it furiously.

'Ohhh Nico, she awake and licking my cunt! Uhhh!!!!! My own mother lapping my pussy!'

Hearing her daughter speak startled Heidi for a second, but that passed quickly. At this point she didn't care who was fucking her or whose cunt she was licking as long as the orgasm that built inside her would come quickly. Her grandson's cock was taking care of that and soon she was on the edge. She stopped licking and instead pushed three fingers up her daughter's pussy and rubbed her clit with her thumb.

'Ohh!! fuck! I'm almost there! Fuck me harder, Nico! Suck your mother's clit, child! Uhhhhhh, yes!!! Here it comes! Yes...yes.yyyeeeeeesssssssssssss!'

Nico felt his grandmother's cunt walls contracting around his shaft and when his mother pushed a finger up his ass he started to shoot deep inside his granny. This feeling of being filled by her own grandchild triggered another but small orgasm within Heidi who still was fingering Elke.

'Ahh mom! Your fingers feel sooo gooood! You make me cum. My own mother makes me cummmmmm!!!!!"

Elke squirted a load of pussy juice over her mother's face and Heidi tried to swallow every drop of that sweet nectar. But as her lust subsided she stopped immediately and pushed her daughter from her.

'What the hell did you just do to me!', she screamed. 'You raped me, your own family!'

Nico and Elke were taken back by this sudden outburst of anger.

'What are you talking about? You liked every second of it!' Elke answered.

'That doesn't mean shit. You don't have the right to fuck me while I sleep. Moreover, if I had known from the beginning that it was my daughter and grandson, I never would have liked it. That's sick, it's incest!'

Now Elke got mad.

'That's bullshit! If you think it's sick why did you fuck yourself with your toys after you saw Nico?'

'Get out of my house! I don't want to see either of you anymore!'

'Fine mom! Then this great cock will all be mine. But you will come back. Now that you've done it, you'll want it again! And I can't wait to see you beg for it!'

Elke grabbed her clothes and walked out of the room, followed by a stunned Nico. He hadn't expected this sudden outburst of anger and was glad to leave. They drove home mostly in silence only interrupted by comments from Elke like:

'That bitch! That fucking slut! Oh, she will come to us beggin for it. Just wait. You'll see.'

When they got home they didn't feel like doing much so just watched TV and went to bed early.

Heidi on the other hand couldn't sleep. After her family left she started to cry. First, because of what they did to her. But then, because she got mad and kicked them out. Her daughter was right although it was hard for her to admit. She loved what had happened and wanted it again. However, she really dreaded to face her daughter again. Deep in her mind, though, she knew she would, sooner or later...probably a lot sooner than later.

But after lying awake for hours she decided to swallow her pride and see them in the morning. With this decision made, she finally fell asleep.

When she woke in the morning she quickly showered and put on some make up and nice clothes. She was very nervous about what would happen at her daughter's house but couldn't help feeling excitement as well. After she ate she stepped into her car and drove off. Luckily for her, Nico and Elke were up early so when she rang the doorbell Elke opened in her bathrobe.

'What do you want mother?'

'I...I...may I speak to you both?'

'I think you said enough yesterday!'

Elke started to close the door. She and Nico had decided that they would make it hard on her and would treat her like a shit before forgiving....

'Please wait. Let me make it up to you. I'll do anything!'

'The servants entrance is around the back, slut!'

With that Elke slammed the door. A smile crept on her face and she whispered to Nico who had stayed behind the door.

'We have her where we want her. Now let the fun begin!'

Although Heidi was a little surprised that her dauthter would speak to her like that, she did what was told her. She had expected something like this after seeing Nico naked on the bed, but had hoped that their anger wouldn't become reality. But beyond all this, she couldn't help being excited.

'Well, lets see what will happen!'

As she entered the garden she saw her two siblings standing there already. As she walked towards them, Elke stopped her.

'Before we continue I have one thing to say. We will do whatever we want with you and you have to obey every command. If you want to stop it, do it now. This is your last chance. Do you understand, mother?'

After thinking it over, Heidi nodded yes.

'Tell us mom!'

'Yes I understand.'

'All right then. Get undressed slut!'

Slowly she removed her clothes, feeling embarrassed to do so in front of Nico even though he had seen her the day before. As she removed her underwear she started to blush and couldn't look them in their eyes. Finally she stood naked and waited for what would come next. Elke and Nico walked towards her and inspected her body. Her breasts were sagging but her nipples stood erect. Between her legs she had a thick bush of hair and her cunt lips were hanging slightly. As with her daughter she still had beautiful legs and her ass was round but not as firm as it used to be.
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