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"Come, come, children, I have some strew on the stove. And how about a nice chocolate cake for dessert?"

Both Hansel and Gretel smiled and told their host just how nice that sounded, especially when their stomachs were growling so loudly. Maybe they were just imagining that uneasy feeling that made them a little wary of this woman.

For the rest of the day and well into the night, the twins ate and drank, and then ate some more. Gretel felt herself getting more and more lightheaded after drinking the dark red wine. Finally, she couldn't contain her yawns any longer.

"Oh, poor dear, you'll be wantin' a bed just about now," the old hag sympathized, and then led them both to a small room with a small bed already made up for them. "I hope you don't mind sharing."

Hansel and Gretel exchanged knowing looks and almost laughed aloud. After the woman left them, they got naked and slid under the covers, cuddling but too tired to do anything more. They were just glad to have a comfortable bed and full bellies.

Gretel was having a delicious dream that Hansel was between her legs, sucking on her little bud and licking her glistening pussy. She groaned in her sleep, slowly coming awake, to realize that there was someone between her legs. "Ooohhhh, Hansel," she groaned half asleep, "we shouldn't do this right now. The old hag might not approve."

And then Gretel got the biggest fright of her life when a head came up from between her legs, wrinkled and smeared with pussy juice, smiling like a Cheshire cat. "Oh, but the old hag approves," came the old woman's gravely voice as beady eyes met Gretel's frightened ones. Belated, Gretel realized that she was tied up to the bed and couldn't move. She cried out to Hansel but he too was incapacitated beside her.

The old woman laughed. "It's no use struggling! You belong to me now. And I can do anything I want with you," she said, looking at Gretel. The hag's meaning was crystal clear to the twins. "Since I sucked your pussy, you can repay the favor."

The hag got up, naked, short, stout, wrinkled and chubby, and climbed up on the bed again, but this time over Gretel's face. She lowered herself down and Gretel had no choice but to take a big breath and open her mouth to the musty sliminess of the bitch's slit. The young girl almost gagged on the smell, the hag's overgrown bush brushing against her rosy cheeks like sandpaper.

The old hag was enjoying the tongue but something was missing. Ahhh, yes, Hansel's cock... What a lovely specimen. She wanted to taste it. Without a word, she turned around on Gretel's face until she was facing the girl's feet. Right beside her lay her brother, naked and tied up with a gag in his mouth. The hag bent over and reached out for the boy's long meaty tool. Then, while his sister sucked her off, she took Hansel's cock tip into her mouth, sucking on it with great pleasure.

In no time the hag was feeling tremendous pleasure that was about to escalate into an orgasm at any minute. She moaned on the cock in her mouth, using her hands to play with it and sucking so hard on it that she wanted to suck his cum right out of his balls.

Gretel was repulsed with the stale slit and furry bush that her mouth was forced to pleasure. Hansel, too, was trying to keep down his disgust at having the old gappy-toothed hag giving him a blowjob...and he was actually enjoying it! It wasn't long before his cock shot out its load of cum right into the old woman's mouth. And meanwhile, the old hag, swallowing up the boy's white hot cum as if it were her last drink before dying, felt her cunt vibrate under the girl's sucking and licking until she too finally cummed, right into the girl's mouth.

Poor Gretel, only she hadn't been fully pleasured.

The hag, exhausted but feeling a little charitable, decided to untie Gretel. "But don't think to escape, my pretty!" she warned, brandishing an old pistol along with a little sac of gunpowder.

Gretel shivered as she got up, full of rage and unsatisfied desire.

The hag motioned her over to Hansel. "I want to see you fuck your brother's cock. I want his delicious cum to shoot up into your little belly. I want to see his thick meat pleasure you."

As disgusted as she was with the indignity she'd just suffered, eating out this old hag, she had to give the old woman a few points for generosity. Except that right then an image of her father came to mind, reminding her of those little lectures he used to give her to stay pure until her wedding night. "But I'm a virgin."

The stooped hag roared with laughter at that. "A virgin? That's even better! I think I'll save you as a treat for tomorrow. I'm too tired to really enjoy you—but I will, with pleasure," she said, giving Gretel the slow lascivious once-over with her eyes. Then she turned to Hansel and untied him, keeping the pistol aimed at him as a reminder to not try any funny business. "I really did have my little old heart set on some more cum. Make yourself hard, my boy. I want to see your cum shoot out of that loaded pistol you've got," she ordered, chuckling as she waved her own weapon at him.

Hansel was nervous. Sure, he'd done masturbated thousands of times before, but not in front of anyone. Seeing that his life and that of his sister's could be in jeopardy, he closed his eyes and grabbed at his meat. As the women watched, Hansel began to massage and pull on his cock as he did late at night under the bed sheets. Only now, instead of watching his sleeping sister as he would have done, he pictured some of the pretty prim and proper girls from the village naked, and that seemed to do the trick. Soon, he began to moan and shudder as his orgasm was on its way.

As the hag watched the young man whack himself off, her boney fingers went to Gretel young glistening pussy and she began to slide them along the slit, making Gretel shiver with pleasure against her will. She took the small clit and rolled it between her fingers, then gave it a good rub to make the young woman spill more of her pussy juice.

Hansel was almost ready to cum...he could feel it and his rabid moaning gave him away. And the shriveled crone wanted to take advantage of it. "Put that tasty cockhead into your sister's pussy—but just the head, not the whole cock. I want her little virgin canal for myself tomorrow. But for now, I still want that cum. Come on, get between her legs," she ordered Hansel, who'd been forced to open his eyes and remember where he was.

He looked over to Gretel and saw her writhing with pleasure as the old woman's hand continued its exploration of her pink crevice.

"But..." Hansel tried to protest.

"Do I have to use this?" she asked with a maniacal glare, and pointed the pistol at Gretel's head even as her other hand remained at the girl's throbbing wet pussy.

Hansel, knowing when he was beaten, continued to beat his meat as he crawled over to Gretel and got in between her legs. He was functioning in a haze of desire and disgust, but lust was winning. He didn't even flinch when the hag took his cock and guided it herself into his sister's tight pussy hole.

"Don't go in any deeper. I want her cherry. But keep jacking off, my boy. I want your delicious cum inside her virgin cunt. That's it, just like that..."

Hansel was on the edge. It was a bit tricky to keep his cockhead inside Gretel while he whacked off, but her walls contracted around him and kept him in there. Before long, he grunted and began to whack of with super speed until he suddenly tensed and then cried out as a river of his hot cum shot up into his sister's tender pussy.

Their demented captor only watched with glee, smiling her gappy smile and licking her lips with something akin to hunger. And maybe she was hungry...for cum...because as soon as Hansel was finished expelling his seed, she pulled his cockhead out of Gretel and pushed him aside so that she could dive in between the girl's supple legs and lap away at the cum-filled pussy.

Gretel hated herself for feeling so horny. This disgusting hag's tongue made her hot and wet, and at the moment it was working overtime on her slit. She felt the old woman's unnaturally long tongue slither into her little pussy, lapping up as much of Hansel's cum as she could. Within minutes Gretel was cumming again, this time into the hag's mouth, Gretel's cum mingled with that of her brother's being swallowed up by their evil host.

When the old crone got all she was going to get out of Gretel, she sat up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, smiling like a satisfied child.

"There's one more thing I have to do," she informed the twins, but then turned to Hansel and straddled his cock with her own withered, wrinkled musty cunt. Young and horny, his cock was more than ready for a ride, and that's exactly what the old hag gave him. She rode him like a woman possessed, grunting and groaning with pleasure as her orgasm slowly built up until it finally exploded.

Hansel, even as revolted as he was by the old hag's passion contorted face, quickly gave himself up to his own orgasm in her filthy old cunt, spewing the last of his man seed into her.

With all the activity and excitement, the old woman fell asleep soon after, but not before tying up her young captives again. Fortunately, this respite gave the twins the chance to whisper to each other an escape plan for tomorrow...

The next day, everything was working out perfectly. The twins were untied and allowed to go into the kitchen while the hag, wearing her pistol, prepared a delicious loaf of bread. After it had risen, she was just about to put the loaf into the huge, wood fueled oven when Gretel came to the woman and distracted her with a long kiss on the old woman's mouth. Taken aback that the pretty girl would kiss her willingly, the hag let her guard down.

And that's all the time the kids needed. Gretel slipped that sac of gunpowder she'd swiped into the hag's robe pocket and slipping her tongue into the woman's mouth at the same time. Hansel came up behind them like a panther, quiet and predatory.

Gretel broke the kiss, smiled and waved at the woman, who looked back in puzzlement.

And then, with one mighty heave, the twins pushed the old perverted hag into the old over, loaf and all, shutting the iron door behind her.

"Let's get out of here before she blows!" Gretel called out to her brother.

They ran out of the house, hand in hand, and headed out of the clearing to take cover behind a rock pile a ways away. Then an almighty boom split the quiet morning air as the old hag's house exploded into smithereens. The kids whooped and hugged each other as their success and safety.

It was some time before they ventured back cautiously to the decimated house. Not much had survived the blast.
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