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Come around and sat on dad's dick" mom said... Soon, they were moving in rhythm, as I thrust in he pulled out and so on. Mom loved the way her husband and daughter were doing it. When dad was about to cum, mom said it would be nice to blow dad's boner. Several deepthroats and dad's dick expoloded a load of sperm... she continued working with her hand and soon all her face was spattered with dad's semen Click to know more!
Blowjob lesson: mom blows my bro and wants me to do the same with dad
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Incest Survivor Stories - You have to see it!

Incest Survivor Stories

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I had managed to reach the age of eighteen with out having one incestuous thought and then during a weekend when my parents were gone I ended up having a red-hot incestuous affair with my sister. I blackmailed my sister into finding me a girl to take my hated virginity and when she couldn't find one she did it herself. When it was over she had said, "You don't feel the least bit bad at fucking your own sister do you?" Before I could answer she said, "Of course you don't. You would have fucked mom if it would have gotten your cherry popped. Maybe the next time that dad goes out of town you can try and nail her."

May had planted the thought and I found that it wouldn't go away. At forty-five my mom was still a fox, something that I guess that I had always known in the back of my mind, but she was my mom so I never looked at her that way. Then I committed incest with my sister and didn't get struck down by a bolt of fiery lightening and then May made the comment about nailing mom and suddenly that was all I could think about. Mind now, I lacked the confidence to actually make a move on mom, but that did not stop me from thinking about it.

My affair with May continued with her constantly finding new ways to corrupt my young ass. She taught me how to eat pussy, she let me take her in the ass and she had me hide in the closet and watch her with her boyfriends. She got a huge charge out of doing them and then having me come out of the closet, eat her and then fuck her. Her absolute favorite was to have me fuck her and then hide in the closet and watch while she had her boyfriend eat her. Whenever he would comment about how wet she was she would tell him that she got dripping just thinking about him coming over to do her. The only time I balked at eating May's pussy was the time she brought six guys home and fucked them. She finally talked me into it, but cleaning up after six guys took some getting used to mentally.

Looking back on it now (from twenty years away) I realize that my sister was a cock hungry slut. Between the time she fucked me for the first time and up until the day she got married May fucked over sixty-five guys and those are just the ones I knew about. There were four of us that she fucked right up to the day of her wedding and three of us were back fucking her the day after she got back from her honeymoon. While I wasn't privy to most of what she did after she married and set up house with her husband I do know that she is still fucking several guys (besides me) oh these twenty years later.

But the slutiest thing that May did was to fuck with my mind. "Have you fucked mom yet Little Brother?"

"Hey Little Brother, dad is going out of town next week. You going to try and fuck mom while he's gone?"

"Hey Little Brother, I stopped by the house today and mom looked a little down. She could probably use some cheering up. Maybe if you ate her pussy like you do mine you could cheer her up."

As a result mom was never really very far from my mind. I began to notice the way she dressed, the way she wore her make up and I even tried to catch glimpses of her naked. Along the way I made an amazing discovery - something that had been there all along, but that I had never noticed - mom was as big a slut as my sister! Every time that dad would go out of town on business mom would go out. She said that it was to play cards with her girlfriends, but one night while I was out driving in the car I had just purchased I saw her coming out of a bar, but it sure wasn't no girlfriend she was with. He was as old as dad and he had his arm around her so, naturally curious, I turned around and followed them to a nearby motel. When they hadn't come out in two hours I went on home to ponder these new developments.

I was awake when mom came home and I peeked out of my bedroom door as she came up the stairs. Her lipstick was smeared and she had that contented just fucked look that I was so used to seeing on May. I started following her whenever dad went out of town and found that she got fucked almost every night he was gone and almost never by the same guy. A couple of times I saw her with two guys and once with three. I saw her climb in back seats and I followed her to hotels and motels. She got into vans and into the campers on the back of pickup trucks. The only place she never went was to our house and it finally dawned on me that she never brought her men home with her because I was always there.

The next time dad went out of town I told mom that I was going on a four-day camping trip with some friends. That night I followed her to a bar and when she went inside I went on home to wait and see if my theory was right. Two hours later I saw two sets of headlights pull into our drive and I headed upstairs to mom's bedroom and hid in the closet. It was a gamble - if she was alone and undressed and went to hang her clothes in the closet I was fucked! But she wasn't alone and she and her lover had lost most of their clothes on the way upstairs. I watched from the closet and captured all the action on my video camera as mom sucked him, fucked him, and gave him her shapely ass. I ran out of tape long before they ran out of steam and when mom walked him to the door I got out of her room and into my bedroom. After giving her time to fall asleep I snuck out of the house.

The next night was the same but with a different man. Again I ran out of tape before mom drained the man dry. The third night was vastly different. For one thing I had five thirty minute tapes with me - I wasn't going to run out again. Mom walked into the room and was followed by not one, but four men. She slipped her dress over her head, unhooked her bra, stepped out of her panties and then did a twirl in front of the men and asked, "You like?" The men murmured their approval and then she walked to the bed, laid down and said, "Who is first?" Mom was a wanton slut that night. She let those three men do what ever they wanted to her and that included taking on three of them at one time. For five hours I listened to mom beg and plead for them to fuck her harder, to not stop, to cum in her and to make her cum.

Finally the men dressed and mom told them to let themselves out. As soon as I heard the front door close I heard mom say, "Get out here!"

I froze. She couldn't be talking to me - there was no way she could know I was in the closet.

"Bobby, I said get your ass out here, now!"

I came out of the closet and found that mom was not smiling. In fact her expression was one of disgust. She glanced at the camera in my hand, "I can only assume that the purpose behind the camera is to blackmail me. What were you going to do, threaten to show it to your father?"

I didn't answer, mostly because I was too scared.

"All right, get over here and let's get this over with. That's what you want isn't it, to fuck me?"

I couldn't find words, but as I stood there looking at her with her legs spread wide and a trickle of cum leaking out of her cunt my cock was screaming, "Do it, do it."

"Well? Either get over here or get the hell out of my bedroom."

I took a deep breath, put the camera on the bedside stand and undressed. Mom didn't smile or say a word - she just lay there, legs spread, and waited for me to get it over with. I don't know why I did it, probably because I was so used to doing it with May, but when I got on the bed with mom I didn't move between her legs and start fucking her, I dove my face into her cum filled cunt and started doing everything that May had taught me about eating pussy.

For a minute mom just lay there silently and then she gave a low moan, "God damn you, oh god, oh god" and her hands grabbed my head and she pulled me down into her pussy. She was pushing her hips up at me and crying, "Oh God, oh God, oh God yes." I spent several minutes munching on her muff until my cock threatened to explode. I pulled away from her pussy and before she could say or do anything I rolled her over on her stomach, pulled her to her knees and entered her from behind. I came almost as soon as my cock slid into the hot mess that the four men had left behind, but before I could become disappointed at it being over with so soon I became aware that my cock wasn't going limp on me - I was staying hard. Knowing that when this little episode was over I was going to pay a terrible price I was determined to get as much out of it as I could.

I fucked her as hard and as furious as I could. She moaned, groaned and ground her ass back at me and I could hear her saying, "Fuck me you little bastard, fuck me." It was almost ten minutes before I came for the second time, but I still wasn't ready to quit. I rolled her over on her back and went down on her again until my cock got new life and then I moved between her legs and put my cock in her hole. As I banged into her pussy her legs came up and locked around me and her nails dug into my ass as she told me to fuck her. "Fuck me god damned you, fuck me." I'd already cum twice so it took me some time before I was ready to let go of my third load and mom begged me to keep fucking her and not to stop as she had orgasm after orgasm. I finally blew and then collapsed on the bed next to her and we laid there side by side for several minutes before she said, "Please leave. Please just get out of my bedroom."

I didn't sleep well the rest of the night. I dreaded what the next day was going to bring. I knew that I had stepped way across the line and that I was going to have to pay for it. But nothing happened. The next day mom ignored me like I didn't even exist. Oh, she fixed my dinner and called me when it was ready, but she didn't eat with me or acknowledge my presence and that is the way it was for the next two days until dad came home. When dad got home she was civil toward me, just enough so that dad wouldn't get curious and ask questions.

I began to look into moving out of the house. I was going to college but it was in town so I was living at home. I decided that maybe I needed to experience dorm life.

One thing that had been going on since the night that I had fucked mom was that I spent a lot of time in my room looking at the tape of mom's gangbang and beating myself raw. I made sure that I didn't do it when dad was home as him walking in on me was the last thing I needed. One afternoon I was watching the tape and whacking away when I heard the door behind me open and then moments later close. I turned to look, but no one was there. Mom was the only other person in the house so I knew that it had to be her.

A week passed by and one afternoon May stopped by while mom was out shopping. "I need my pussy eaten Little Brother." I of course being the loving younger brother I went to my knees and went to work. May was full of cum and I knew that it wasn't her husband's because he wouldn't be off work for another two hours. I had just dropped my drawers and was getting ready to fuck her when she asked, "How about it, have you fucked mom yet?" I put mom's gangbang tape in the VCR and May and I watched it as I took her from behind. May was speechless and kept looking from the tape to me and then back at the tape. "You did it? You actually fucked mother?"

I nodded my head yes.


"The night I made the tape."

"Tell me about it you horny little fucker, I want to hear every little detail" but before I could say anything we heard mom come home. "What time do you get out of class tomorrow?"

"Two thirty." "I'll pick you up and we can go to a motel. I have to hear all about it. You really fucked mom? God what a stud!" She gave me a quick kiss and got out of my room before mom could catch us together. That night at dinner dad said he would be going on another four-day business trip the next day. I glanced at mom, but she was looking down at her plate.

The next day May picked me up at school and we went to a Motel 6. In between bouts on the bed I filled her in on what had happened between mom and me. I told her how I had stumbled onto mom's extracurricular activities, how I had followed her and how I had taped her. May listened to me in amazement, "If I hadn't seen that tape I wouldn't believe a word that you are saying. Mom a slut? Christ! Now I know where I get it from - it's in the genes." I told her that dad was going out of town again and that if mom was true to form she would be out looking for some strange cock that night. "I seriously doubt that she will ever bring a man home again, but you could follow her and see what she does if you are curious enough."

The next night was like most of the others since the night that mom and I'd had sex. She fixed dinner and called me and then while I ate she went upstairs. I heard the shower running and I knew that mom was getting ready to go out. I imagined her putting on her make up, rolling her nylons up her long, elegant legs and stepping into high heels - and I gave myself a hard on. I finished my dinner and then went up to my room and got out the tape of mom's gangbang and then I started stroking my hard on as I watched it. I didn't hear the door open and then close and I didn't know she was in the room with me until I heard a moan from behind me. I turned and saw her standing there watching the tape and sliding two fingers into her pussy.

She was wearing high hells and nylons and nothing else and I sat on the edge of my bed and watched her with rapt attention. Her eyes were glued to the TV and the images of the four men fucking her brains out and I began to think that she had forgotten that I was even in the room. Then suddenly she let out a low moan and climbed on the bed with me. Her hand reached for my cock, "Fuck me, please fuck me, oh god please, please fuck me." She was passionate, she was wild and she was insatiable. I fucked her, I ate her, I fucked her again and then she gave me a blow job and we started all over again. We continued until I was exhausted and she could not get me up again. I fell asleep with her looking down into my face with an expression that I could not read.

The next morning she couldn't meet my eyes as she fixed our breakfast. I ate and then went up to my room to get ready for school. When I came out of the shower she was sitting on my bed finger fucking herself as she watched herself being gangbanged. When she saw me watching her she laid back on the bed, spread her legs and looked at me, "Please baby, please? I need it, I need it bad." Mom didn't go bar hopping the three remaining nights that dad was gone, but then I never made it to class on those days either. Mom and I fucked until we were exhausted and then we napped. When we woke up we went at each other again and we kept repeating the cycle until the day that dad was due home again.

I did get a phone call during that period - it was from May. "I waited outside for her to come out and I was going to follow her and when she never showed I figured that since I was in the neighborhood I'd drop in and say hi. I didn't believe you Little Brother, I thought you were shitting me. I still wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. You guys were so wrapped up in each other that you didn't even see me when I opened the door and looked into the room. God Little Brother, she was a total slut. Are you going to be able to fit me in from now on?"

"I don't think you have to worry. If it happens again it won't be till dad goes out of town again. Until then I'm all yours."

Dad has been gone for two days of a four day trip and mom hasn't left my bedroom except to eat and go to the bathroom. We use my bed instead of hers because she doesn't have a TV and VCR in her room and she can't seem to get enough of watching the tape of her gangbang. Quite frankly I hope she never does because as long as she is watching it she is fucking me and I can't get enough of her. But two minutes ago she asked me something that just might complicate my life. She was watching the tape as I was fucking her from behind and she said, "Baby, do you have some friends, maybe two or three, who might be interested in having some fun with an older woman?"

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