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Mom lives in a small trailer-house on the northeast fringe of a trailer park. The park community calls it 'Wal-Mart Corner' because all four mobile-homes there are inhabited by women who used to work at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is a great store for consumers maybe, but it wasn't so good for Mom's town. About eight years ago, Wal-Mart built a big store financed with lots of tax-breaks from the county. After a couple years, it drove many of the local mom-and-pops out of existence. Then, the neighboring county offered it a better deal so they just left, and moved about six miles to the adjoining county. They made a point of hiring new people from their new county host.

That's just my rant. But it did leave all four women who were loyal cashiers out of work with little employment possibilities. The local Indians are talking about opening a casino, but that won't happen for a couple years anyway. So for right now, times are tough for my mom, Anita, and her friends, Catherine, Rhea, and Cindy. Mom is the eldest at 55 but the others are all in their 40s. Catherine is divorced with a 17-year-old daughter who just moved away. Rhea and Cindy have never married, which I could never understand because I think all three of my Mom's neighbors are hot in their way.

Mom doesn't even like Dad brought up so I won't. Suffice it to say that I have played both son and man-around-the-house-for-whatever-purpose for several years now. However, I live in the city about 120 miles away so sometimes it can be weeks before I get to see Mom for the weekend. Mom and I have vacationed together and in many ways she is exactly what I like in a woman so I don't try too hard to get a wife, although I do date a co-worker occasionally. I'm a database manager for a large insurance company and I make a pretty good salary so life is good for me.

But these days, I've sure been worried about Mom financially, although she tells me not to worry about her. I guess she has some saved up and she lives pretty efficiently and cheaply. She owns her small home and has a nice little garden. She likes it in the trailer park and is close with her neighbors. Mom tells me not to worry about her but she worries about her three friends. They could do with some income, that's for sure.

Of course, I'm not rich. I can't be a philanthropic sugar daddy, solving all their problems. But I could help them, if I could get something in return too. For a couple months I tried to think of a way to spread some money around that would be a win-win situation.

It was on my last trip to Mom's that I had an idea. Now Mom has always been a bit on the loud, exhibitionistic, fun-loving side. That's why I love her like I do. Interestingly, those were the traits that bothered Dad, but I said I wasn't going to mention him. Anyway, it was a hot day for Oregon's coast and Mom was prancing around the trailer in her white bra and panties. Her long black hair was wrapped high on her head so she was doing what she could to keep cool. She knows she excites me when she walks around like that and I noticed a little Mona Lisa smile from time to time, as she would meet my eye. I was sitting at the table working on my laptop and she was dusting and tidying.

She caught my eye following her. "You don't mind me walking around like this do you, Jimmy?"

"No, you know I love it, Mom."

"It's just that it's so hot."

"It's fine, Mom. Really. I wish you'd always walk around that way."

She didn't say anything to that but I know she has an exhibitionistic streak. I saw a little smile again.

I was working on some database code that was really a puzzler so my attention was diverted from Mom from time to time. It seemed like she did things to get my attention again.

Suddenly she was leaning over the table, across from me, wiping up some crumbs from breakfast. Her breasts were hanging and swaying heavily in her brassiere as she vigorously wiped. She was breathtaking and I was immediately hard. I had to adjust my uncomfortable boner and Mom saw me do it, even though I tried to be discreet. Another Mona Lisa smile.

"You know who likes to wear as little as I do on these hot days, Jimmy?"

That was an interesting question. "No, who?" I asked.

Mom was looking a little flushed now and grinning as she said, "Catherine. I think she used to compete with her daughter fashion-wise when she was living at home so Catherine has a lot of skimpy outfits. She always mows the lawn on Saturdays so I'll bet you see her in something sexy today."


Catherine was the oldest of Mom's neighbors, probably in her late 40s, but also was in the best shape. I'd say she was about five feet tall and 120 lbs. Just a guess. Apart from her blond, Irish good-looks her main asset are her breasts. It's hard not to look at them while talking with her. I have a feeling she is used to it because it doesn't seem to bother her and often she dresses to invite you to look.

Mom sat down at one of the stools in the kitchen after pouring herself some more coffee. She has a couple stools along a short counter, wide enough for small plates for example. She was on my right now, but as she turned towards me her legs were not exactly together and I found myself staring between her legs. Mom has never shaved, which has imprinted me for life, and I never tire of her hairy legs and the wisps of hair that escape her panties. She was definitely keeping me hard.

Mom blurted, "Catherine told me once that, in her twenties, she was a topless dancer and she actually liked to show off her body. I think she still does."

"Well, hopefully I'll get to see her this trip."

"You can see her mow her lawn, which I'll bet will be soon. And, in fact, I was thinking of inviting her over this afternoon, and maybe Rhea and Cindy."

"That would be nice." I presumed, though, that meant Mom would put on some more clothes. Too bad for me. Nice show while it lasted.

"Did you bring your camera, Jimmy?"

"Yep, I remembered."

"The insurance company says I need pictures of the car from all sides, not just the crumbled fender."


"Do you have enough film?"

"My camera doesn't need film. It's digital."

"Oh. OK. But let me pay you."

"It doesn't cost me anything, Mom."

"Will digital pictures be good enough for the insurance company?"

"I'm sure. Maybe even preferable. Let me show you, Mom." I went over to my case and dug out my camera. "Check this out, Mom. Not only are they good pictures but you can see them really well almost immediately on a laptop."

I turned on the camera and saw that I had deleted the last pictures that were in the camera. "I need to take a couple pictures to show you." With that I immediately aimed at her and flashed away. Now, my mother has exhibitionistic tendencies but doesn't necessarily like pictures taken of herself in bra and panties.

"Jimmy! Don't!"

I was zooming in on her cleavage and didn't want to stop. "I'll pay for your car repair so the insurance company doesn't even have to know about it." I knew that Mom's insurance rates would go way up because of her fender-bender if they had to pay. This had happened before.

"Really? You'd do that?"

"Sure. Just let me take some pictures of you."

"Like this??"

"Yes!" and I stood to get a better angle. I kind of forgot that I had a hard-on and it would be apparent to Mom just how much enjoyment I was getting from this. But Mom was kind of frozen as I snapped pictures of her sitting on the stool. She wasn't smiling or even looking at me. She looked like she was deep in thought.

"Mom, are you OK?"

She looked intently at me. "Can you afford to do this? It's probably three thousand dollars."

"I know and, yes, I can. I want to help you."

Finally, "Jimmy, what can I do to repay you...?"

"You can slide off the stool, stand in back of it with your hands on top, and kind of bend over so I can get a good shot of your breasts."


"Mom, I think this is fun and exciting. I love to see you like this and now I'll always be able to see the Mom I love when I'm really missing you."

"You're going to jerk off to these, aren't you?"

"It wouldn't be the first time I've jerked off thinking about you, Mom. You know that."

Mom laughed. "Do you remember when you were fifteen? When I caught you..." She laughed aloud thinking of that evening.

"Yes, I do, Mom. That was embarrassing, but the point is that I love women and their bodies and I probably love yours the most."

"This old body?"

"That luscious, sexy, womanly body, yes!"

"Three grand?"

"Three grand."

"You won't post these on the Internet?"

"For my eyes only."

We heard Catherine's lawnmower start up. Mom walked over to the window and looked out.

"Told you. She's wearing really short shorts."

We both peered out the window and watched Catherine cut her first swathes across the yard. Her hair was tied in a ponytail and she looked much younger than her years as she pushed her mower. I marveled at her legs and ass; a loose t-shirt hid her bust.

"She looks good," I agreed.

"She's the one you should be taking pictures of."

"That's not a bad idea. But right now I have a much prettier model."


I noticed that she was in good lighting, standing by the window.

"Mom you're in some good light there. Let me take some more shots."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Give me some good jerk-off material," I said smiling.

"What am I going to do with you?"

"Put your hands on your hips and stand with your legs apart as I take some pictures from various angles."

"What if Catherine sees me in the window?"

"Well, you could say...."

"Nevermind, she's knows I dress like this when it is warm in the house and she does the same. I've seen her in her house. She won't think anything about it."

"OK, great." I started documenting my mother. Her hairy legs. The hair poking out from her panties. Her heavy breasts.

"I'm going to try some different angles now." I love the view of a woman taken from the floor looking up. So I lay down on the carpet and, snapping all the while, worked myself so I was almost between her legs. I got great shots looking up at her panties with Mom looking down over her two breasts.

"That would really be a good shot if you were naked."


I knew she could see my hard-on bulge and I knew she wanted me to pay for her fender-bender. I knew she was enjoying showing me herself, but the taboo needed overcoming. I waited and took some more shots as she thought about it.

"Lower your panties just a bit."

On my knees, I framed her panties in the viewfinder and, after taking a couple shots, Mom hooked her thumbs in her waistband and started to push them down.

"Great, Mom!" I said encouragingly.

"Oh, shit, what if Catherine sees this?"

"She'll think you are really warm." We both laughed.

I snapped away as Mom did a sexy wiggle as she slowly revealed her mostly-black bush to me. I saw there were some gray hairs now and I looked to make sure I had the camera on a high-resolution setting. I wanted these pictures sharp because this opportunity may never happen again.

"Oh, shit, I hope I won't regret this," Mom said as she stepped out of her panties.

"You are so pretty, Mom. Now the bra and I'll be set." Mom reached back and unhooked her brassiere and slowly showed me her very white breasts with large dark areolas and half-inch nipples. I have seen them before a few times but not this close. I couldn't imagine more beautiful breasts.

I took several close-up shots of her breasts and nipples and then another series from the floor, with Mom looking down at me smiling. I was in heaven and thought to myself that I would be hard-pressed to find another way of enjoying three grand so thoroughly. And there was always the possibility that I'd get another chance to take some more pictures. But I didn't want to make this painful for her or have it get uncomfortable so I said, "That was so exciting, Mom. Thank you for letting me do that."

"Tell you the truth, it was kind of exciting for me too, Jimmy. And I think it was a small price to pay for your financial help. I was so worried about how I was going to manage the repercussions of this accident."

"Well, the main thing is you weren't hurt in the accident, and the good news for me is that it has given me the opportunity to adore my mother in a way I've always wanted to."

Mom looked embarrassed and just then the doorbell rang.

"Oh, my god!" Mom screamed as she ran into the bedroom.

"I'll get it, Mom," I said, trying not to laugh at the sight of her trying to cover herself as she ran. I made a mental note that I didn't really document her derriere well enough.

When Mom was out of sight, I opened the door. I kind of expected Catherine, checking out the nudity she saw in the window, but it was Rhea instead.

"Hi, Rhea, come on in!" I said as I held the door for her to enter.

"I saw your car so I knew you were here, Jimmy. I just wanted to come over to say 'hi' to you and your mom."

"I'm so glad to see you, Rhea," I said as I gave her the once-over. Luckily, my boner had gone down a bit in the excitement of the doorbell but I noticed she was checking me too. Rhea is a tall, well-proportioned woman with wiry, brown hair. I noticed she had put on some lipstick.

"So where's your Mom?"

"In the bedroom. She'll be right out." My eyes focused on Rhea's arms. Hairy! Hot-damn. I thought: My penis is in the mood now, so something like a woman's hairy arms at this point could set it off. Be cool.

"Want something to drink, Rhea?"

"Watcha got?"

"Beer, soda, water."

"I'm not working today. Hell, I'll take a beer on a hot day."

"Good choice, Rhea."

We both walked into the kitchen and Rhea sat down on the stool that Mom had just been on. That got my mind working too.

As I popped two beers, and handed one to Rhea, I asked, "How are you doing these days? Any job leads?"

"Oh, Jimmy, I'm fine as long as unemployment benefits last, but that's going to come to an end all too soon. I really need to conserve and find another job pronto."

"I'm sure you will find something soon, Rhea. I know what a dedicated employee you were. Any business would be lucky to get you. Thinking about the casino?"

"Sure, but that's a ways away."


Mom came in, looking a bit flushed, but in shorts and a light blouse, greeted Rhea and gave her a cheek-kiss. "Rhea, I was hoping you'd come over today. Jimmy, can I have a beer too please?"

"Sure, Mom."

Rhea and Mom sat together on the stools and I rummaged through the fridge for another cold beer and refilled it from the case. Rhea had on form-fitting jeans and a yellow blouse but I kept stealing glances at her hairy arms, thinking 'Yikes, I'm so horny now!'

"Jimmy and I were just talking about the casino."

"I wish they'd just start building it!" Mom said.

"I need a job!"

"We all do." They gulped their beer in unison.

Rhea smiled. "I probably shouldn't say this in front of Jimmy but I half-expected you to be in your underwear today, Anita, it is so hot."

Mom looked at me and laughed. "You know me so well, Rhea. As a matter of fact, I just put this on when you came. I've been in my undies all day."

The implications of that dawned on Rhea. We all three got a little red-faced as we looked at each other.

"I just put this on when I decided to come over here," Rhea said. "Who can take this heat? I can't take off enough clothes."

We all let that one settle in the air too.

"You know, Jimmy did something really nice for me today. He said that he would pay to have my car repaired so the insurance doesn't have to do it. That'll really help me in the long run."

"That is really nice of you, Jimmy."

I didn't want to speak of our photography deal, so I just said, "Friends and family....when in need..."

Mom looked hot. She doesn't do well in heat and she put her cold beer bottle in her blouse, between her breasts.

"Ooh, that feels better," Mom said.

"Listen, Anita, you certainly don't have to be uncomfortable for me. We're all hot. We're all friends. Why don't you take off that outfit and get comfortable like before?"

"I couldn't, Rhea."

"I just talked to Cindy on the phone before I came over here and she said she was nude." My cock twinged as I tried to imagine that.

"Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Anita, I've been over here before in the heat, remember? You were comfortable in front of Jimmy before, right? So...please..."

Mom looked at me and I just smiled.

"Well, OK, if you're sure. I guess I know Jimmy won't mind." Mom got up and left for the bedroom again. Rhea shot me a look.

Rhea got up, walked over to the window and looked out. "Catherine's yard always looks so nice after she mows it."

I got up too and stood beside her. "Yeah, Mom and I were watching her mow for a bit."

"Was she wearing her short shorts?"

"Oh, yes, she was."

"Sometimes cars drive down the street really slowly, just so they can get an eyeful of her in her shorts when she mows the lawn."

"I can believe that," I said.

"No-one does that when I mow the lawn," and pouted her lower lip to be funny.

"I'm sure I'd drive slowly," I said smiling. "Even without short shorts."

"I don't even feel I can wear shorts, Jimmy. I haven't shaved my legs for so long."

As you may imagine, that was music to my ears. "In that case, I may just stop in front," I said, hoping she'd understand.

"Jimmy! Jimmy! Would you open three more beers?" Mom called from the bedroom.

"OK, Mom!"

Just as I got them open, Mom made her entrance. "I put on a fresh bra and panties in your honor, Rhea," Mom laughed. She had too. This bra was cut lower and pushed up higher than the previous one and her panties were much tighter, green ones. Her pussy mound and protruding hair were very apparent.

"Glad to have you back with us, Mom," I said and I really meant it. I didn't want to miss a minute of my mother looking like this. I handed her a fresh beer.

"Thanks, babe," she said as she gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then took a gulp.

I looked over at Rhea and she was just looking at us. I guess trying to figure out the unusual dynamics here.

Mom sat down at the table and drew her chair close, so as she sat holding her beer, her breasts were resting on the table.

"Sit down, Rhea," Mom called. Rhea walked over and sat down on a stool. I set a beer by her.

"I feel so much cooler now, Rhea. I needed to get comfortable again." Mom noticed a stream of sweat running down Rhea's temple. "You know, you look pretty warm yourself, Rhea, wearing that shirt and jeans. Why don't you take something off too?"

Rhea leaned over to Mom and, nodding her head my direction, mouthed "Jimmy."

Mom laughed and took another gulp of beer. "Jimmy has always loved to look at women in their skimpies, haven't you, Jimmy? Should I tell Rhea about that time along the Willamette River in Portland?"

"No, Mom."

"That's a shame, it's a good story"...and whispered "I'll tell you later." And another, nastier, laugh. "Anyway, it wouldn't bother me to have you be comfortable in front of Jimmy. Do what you want to do."

Rhea took another swig of beer and looked around the room like she was looking for a distraction. Finally she said, "It is really hot, isn't it?"

"You look hot, sweetie," Mom said. "Take off those jeans off at least."

Rhea bit her lower lip but I noticed she had her thumb on the button above the zipper. She looked at me, but I couldn't read her. Then she just started unzipping her jeans.

"That's right, honey, be comfortable," Mom said as both of us, as nonchalantly as we could, watched Rhea wriggle out of her jeans. "Being sticky doesn't make this any easier," Rhea explained as she peeled her jeans away from her legs.
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