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No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get that image out of my head. Not even after nearly three weeks. It was burned in there, like a colorized negative permanently imprinted on the insides of my eyeballs. That image. That damn image.

The image of my eighteen year old daughter sitting on her boyfriend's lap riding his cock.

I had come home earlier than expected from my date last Saturday night, the woman I was out with proved to be boring so I'd faked a headache. When I got in the house I'd heard some noises coming from Nikki's room, noises that shouldn't have been coming from there. The door was ajar, open just a few inches, and since I was pretty sure I knew what the noises were I crept up to it rather than barging in. Sure enough, the picture in front of me matched what I had thought the sounds would reveal.

Not that I'm a prude or anything. I mean, Nikki is eighteen, fresh out of high school and heading for college in the fall. She graduated with good grades, never got in any real trouble and even worked part time to help save for her education. On top of that she'd been on the pill since she was fifteen, my sister had taken her and explained to her that it was not an approval to do anything but just a precautionary measure in case she did do something. So yes, all in all, my daughter was a good girl, a young adult who certainly had a right to be sexually active if she so chose.

But that image. That damn image.

When I looked through the opening I immediately knew what I was seeing. She was sitting almost straight up, her thin little hips pumping up and down while her twat stretched open and wrapped itself around his hard cock. Her pert little tits were bouncing with her, rolling and jumping as her body hopped up and down. From the expression on her face I could tell that she was definitely enjoying it too, her eyes were closed and her mouth was hanging open as small, little whimpers and moans slipped out each time she bottomed out on him.

In fact, the sight had been so much that I had remained there for a few minutes just watching it. That's probably where I messed up. I should have simply slid back as quietly as I'd approached, maybe slipped back outside and gone for a drive, returning later when they were finished. At the least I should have snuck into my room and gone to bed, let them do as they pleased, they were both adults.

But, God, she was so beautiful. So enticing. Like her mother had been before... Before the accident... Before we lost her. Her mother had been beautiful like that. Exciting and hot. Yes. And now Nikki had grown into an exciting and hot little number like her mother. Man, what was wrong with me, standing there watching my daughter fuck her boyfriend's cock and thinking about her as being hot? It just wasn't right.

But, still, I couldn't pull myself away from watching it.

I watched her pumping her little body up and down on that cock, watched her head lull from side to side as she fucked him hungrily. I watched her pert little tits rolling and jumping as her body hopped and wobbled, her hands holding onto his chest for stability. I saw his hands gripping her hips, holding her and helping her to fuck him. I could hear the sloshing juices of her sex slurping as their bodies pumped at one another. I could see her pussy, red and glistening, could see his cock appearing and disappearing, her cunt lips sliding along its length.

Her whimpers and moans were growing louder as she picked up her pace and hammered her body onto that cock. It was a beautiful image and I felt myself growing aroused as I watched it.

Then it'd happened. She started to get even louder, her little body jumping harder and faster at the cock she was riding. I knew she was nearing an orgasm. Her head started to roll faster too, to fall back and forth and dirty little phrases were coming out of her mouth. I stood there transfixed by the image of her beauty, her hungry lust. And just before her orgasm hit her, just seconds before it went crashing through her body and she started to quake all over from its force, her eyes popped open. They flew open and she was staring right at me.

Three weeks later I still didn't know for sure if she actually saw me, her body was starting to convulse so crazily and her eyes didn't seem to be really focusing that I doubted if she was able to make me out through that small opening. But even with her staring straight in my direction I couldn't move away as I watched her entire body gyrate through the orgasm and her face light up with ecstasy. God she was beautiful.

Anyway, as soon as she started to settle down I did slip away. Only I didn't leave the house and I didn't go to sleep. Oh, I tried to. I tried falling asleep. But the image of her, the way she'd pumped herself onto that cock, her hips working themselves so that his hands on them were basically useless, kept filing my mind. I ended up jacking off that night. I couldn't help myself. I couldn't. I just kept picturing her riding that cock, her tits and her face. It was too much.

And now, three weeks later I was still wrestling with that image... and my conscience. I kept having thoughts about her, thoughts that a father is not supposed to have about his daughter. Adult daughter or not.

She hadn't helped matters either, not in the past few weeks. I wasn't sure but it seemed like she'd gotten a lot more... Oh... A lot more free with her wardrobe around me since then. And the way she moved. And the things she said. I mean, it seemed like she was running around with just a towel wrapped around her little body for longer after her showers. And she was getting into her t-shirt and panties sleep wear earlier in the evening, the t-shorts even seemed to be smaller, not hanging as low as before. Also she was make little comments like she needed someone to wash her back or she needed some more attention.

I tried to ignore most of these things, telling myself that it was only my imagination. But the more I tried to ignore them the more she seemed to be doing them. A few times I started to entertain the thought that maybe she was doing it to entice me, that maybe she had had some of the same thoughts about me that I was having about her. I toyed with the thought that maybe she had seen me that night and, having seen me seeing her, she was interested in seeing juts what dear old dad had for her. But I didn't really get that vibe from her, I mean, it just didn't seem right. So then I thought that maybe she was just teasing me. That maybe she was playing some kind of childish game, playing with the old man's weakness and toying with his desires.

I didn't know what it was but I did know that it was really starting to effect me. I was getting really edgy around her, wanting to not be around her because I knew what I was thinking and didn't know how to handle it.

Then, finally, on another Saturday night it all came to a head and boiled over.

We spent the day together, the whole day, and I really think that's what did it. Up until then, ever since the night I'd watched her fucking her boyfriend, we'd only spent a few hours max together on any given day. But on that Saturday we were together all day. We'd already made the plans for it, it was our day to get her ready for college. Some new clothes, books, some other things too.

We started out with breakfast. I fixed us some eggs, toast and bacon. I yelled for her when it was just about ready and she came straggling into the kitchen in her t-shirt and panties. The shirt was super tight, outlining her pert, braless breasts so well that I could see the outline of her brown nipples. It also covered nothing of her panties which were so small that most of her cute little ass cheeks hung out of them. When she came in she gave me a good morning kiss and, I imagined, pressed her breasts against me harder than she needed to. I struggled to keep my eyes from locking onto her ass as she was getting the juice out of the refrigerator, but she bent way over at the waist sticking that cute little thing high into the air and I just had to get an eyeful while she was like that. When she straightened up and turned around she had a small little smirk on her face, giving me the idea that she'd known what she was doing.

After breakfast, as I started cleaning up she headed for the shower, again giving me a kiss with a little too much pressure involved. I got the dishes handled and headed for my own shower. Walking down the hall I thought that the shower sounded louder than it should. A few steps later I knew it did, as I saw that the door was standing slightly ajar. With a good idea of what I would see, just like that night a few weeks earlier, I couldn't stop myself from looking.

There she was, standing naked under the shower spray, gently rubbing the soap into a lather as she washed her body. I stood and watched her hands work across her belly, watched them scrub at her stomach and move up to lather her beautiful young breasts. I stood there transfixed as she worked the soap all over those pert little mounds, rubbing and squeezing as the water sprayed down over her. She massaged the soap into her tits for several minutes longer than was necessary and I could see that her nipples were growing stiff under the attention.

Then one hand slid down across her belly and started to wash between her legs, or so I thought at first. But after a couple minutes I realized that she wasn't just washing there, she was playing with herself. As her fingers worked over her slit, her other hand still massaged one breast, she threw her head back. I stood and stared as my daughter slowly fingered her own pussy, rubbing at her clit.

She was moaning softly now as her fingers delved into her sex, her thumb pressing against her clit. The hand on her tit was squeezing the flesh and pulling at her nipple as it rolled between her fingers. She was leaning against the shower wall, water spraying down over her body as she manipulated herself. I saw her hips start to jerk at her hand, watched as she mauled her tit and tugged hard on the nipple. Her hand was a flurry of activity, pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt while her hips bucked back at it.

"Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned as her orgasm rocked its way through her. "Ooohhhhhh-uuugggghhhhhh."

I hurried away from the door as she started to settle down. I climbed into my own shower where the hot water did nothing to relieve the tension I was feeling after watching the show Nikki had given me. Half way through my shower I gave into my own temptation and jerked off, this time with the images of her masturbating filling my mind.

After I'd showered and dressed I found her waiting in the kitchen wearing a pair of skimpy, tight shorts and another breasts displaying t-shirt.

"So, how was your shower Daddy?" She asked, slightly emphasizing the 'your'.

"It was okay," I shrugged, my mind reeling with curiosity.

Did she know I'd seen her in the shower? That I'd watched her play with herself? Watched her get herself off? Better yet, had she done it knowing I was watching? Or even because I was? I didn't know the answers to these questions at that moment, but a nagging suspicion told me that I would by the end of the day.

All during the morning and early afternoon as we shopped for her stuff I continued to receive more questioning thoughts from her actions. Several times she bent over at the waist to pick something up, each time I just happened to be standing behind her so that I got a clear view of her delicate ass, the bottom of the cheeks sticking out from under her shorts. Also she found plenty of reasons to brush her braless chest against me, whether to give me a hug for buying her something or just passing me between two clothing racks.

She also seemed to make it a point of trying on several sexy outfits, all of which I had to see her in. There were skin tight dresses, cleavage enhancing blouses, short skirts and high heels, just about anything and everything she wanted to try on seemed embroidered with the sexy look and she made me wait outside the dressing room so that she could show me every single item.

By the time we'd eaten lunch I was already struggling with another stiffening cock and knew that I would be jacking off again later that night as I pictured her running around in some of those outfits. I was also condemning myself by that point, telling myself that I was surely going to rot in hell for the things I was thinking and the way I was feeling. But I couldn't stop it, especially when she would lean against me as we walked along from one shop to another, her little body pressing against me, her young breasts bouncing ever so slightly.

Somewhere around three o'clock we decided that we'd bought enough and that it was time to call it quits. On the way home she asked me what my plans were for the remainder of the evening since our plans were now over with. I explained that I really hadn't made any, that I was probably just going to wash the car, have some dinner, then maybe go out for a couple of drinks later.

"Can I help wash the car?" She asked with more enthusiasm than I would have expected.

"Sure, Baby," I shrugged, not really thinking about it.

"Then, maybe we can watch a movie after dinner?"

"Umm, yea, sure," I agreed. "Aren't you going out tonight though?"

"No, me and Tommy broke up a couple weeks ago," she informed me. "And since I'm getting ready to go to college I'm not getting into any more relationships before then."

"Oh, okay."

So that was that, I thought. Now I was going to spend another several hours with her... With my continued dirty thoughts and nasty desires. Oh well, I thought, at least she is going away soon and then I'll be able to deal with these demons better. Maybe find me a girlfriend to take my mind off of it.

Once we got home she got us a couple buckets of soapy water while I changed into shorts and hooked up the garden hose. I felt both joy and remorse when I realized that Nikki planned on staying in the tight shirt and skimpy shorts while washing the car. Sure enough, with the splashing water and soap suds, aided by some playful spraying that she initiated, her clothes were soon soaked. I tried desperately not to gawk at her pert, braless breasts straining at the shirts material, her nipples rock hard from the air and the wetness. But, try as I might, I could not help stealing sideways glances every few moments at my daughter's gorgeous body. The effects of the show she was giving, intentional or not, was causing my cock to stiffen partially and I was glad that I was wearing loose shorts so that it would not be too visible.

"Hey Daddy," she called me from across the hood.

When I raised my eyes from the spot I was sponging clean I forced myself to look above her tits at her face. Still I had to take notice of how she was standing, ramrod straight with her chest pushed forward as if purposely displaying them for me. I saw her mischievous expression, the small smirk on her lips, and watched her make a show of raising the hose she held before sticking down into the top of her shorts.

"This is a lot of work Daddy," she laughed, "and I'm getting hot."

I was so glad that I was standing with the front of the car hiding my crotch as her antics made my cock spring into full erectness which my shorts could not hide. I watched her giggle at her joke before pulling the hose from her shorts and spray some soap off of the car. My eyes leered at her deliciously youthful body, the firm breasts topped by their rigid nipples, her delicate ass partially hanging out of the shorts. My eyes devoured all of this as my brain reeled with her antics and her words and I became less sure of her innocent arousing and more sure of her blatant teasing.

Luckily we were all but done with the car wash. I managed to stay with the car between the two of us for the last few spots then had her take the buckets in while I said I'd roll up the hose. Before putting it away though I ran a bunch of the cold water over my body to cool off my heated desires.

I then made a bee line for my bedroom and the sanctity of my own bath where I could have a mental argument with myself. In my mind I kept going over the events of the last few weeks, ever since that night, and especially this particular day. I told myself again and again that Nikki was only being silly, that she didn't really realize what she was doing. But no matter how much I told myself this I kept remembering the shower scene from earlier and then the garden hose antic. These two things, if nothing else, made me question my own belief.

But, no matter how much I came to believe that she was purposely teasing me, that she had in fact seen me that night she was riding Tommy's cock, and had since decided to have some fun at her old man's expense, I couldn't ignore the fact that she was my daughter. Sure she was gorgeous, sure she had a crazy little body with firm everything. But she was still my daughter.

I heard her shower running and fought the temptation to walk down the hall. I wanted to see if she'd left the door open again but I didn't want to torture myself any more either. Instead I forced myself into my own shower and washed the sweat from cleaning the car off my body.

After my shower I started preparing dinner. Nikki came into the kitchen half hour later wearing a robe.

"I feel like being a lounging bum," she announced when I looked up. "Is that okay?"

"Yea, sure," I shrugged.

Secretly I was glad to see she was wearing something that didn't accentuate her body or display certain parts of it. During dinner we chatted about different things, mainly the plans surrounding her leaving for college. She helped clean up the dishes and then we moved to the living room where she picked out a movie for us to watch.

It was still fairly early when that movie ended so we decided to watch another. While she switched them out I went to the kitchen to make some popcorn. Walking back into the living room I froze when I got to where I could see over the back of the couch.

Nikki was laying belly down on a blanket she'd spread out and she had also changed while I was in the kitchen. Now, instead of the robe, she was in a light colored shorty-nightie and a pair of panties that covered very little of her ass cheeks. The way she was laying put her panties clad ass pointing directly at my usual spot on the couch and it was wiggling around just a little as she waited impatiently for my return.

"Hey Daddy," she called, looking back over her shoulder at me.

I remained frozen in place for a minute looking at her mischievous smile and the ass dancing before my eyes. I registered the way her eyes sparkled as I remained in the spot staring at her.

"I decided to change," she explained. "Come on, I wanna watch the movie."

I forced myself to move, to walk around the couch and sit down in my spot. She started the movie and we fell into silence as it played. I didn't watch very much of that movie as my eyes continued to drift down to her ass. She remained in her spot during the whole show, but would roll a little from side to side or just wiggle her body around occasionally. These actions had the effect of pulling her nighty up until her entire ass was bared. I watched it roll and wiggle, watched the cheeks contort this way and that, watched her bend her knees and flap her legs open and closed. It was one of the most enticing shows I have ever seen.

When the movie ended Nikki jumped up to switch everything back to regular TV. I watched her body bounce around, watched the nighty swish this way and that. She finished getting everything set then came prancing across the room toward me. I could see her lovely breasts through the nighty material as they swayed slightly with her walk.

I was mentally frozen again when she got to where she was standing right in front of me, looking down at my face, her slim hips swaying back and forth. I guess she asked me a question because she seemed to be waiting for an answer but I was damned if I could remember any question.

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