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It is a little difficult for me to believe that I am sitting naked in the kitchen in front of my brother Ajax, my Dad and Bob, Brenda's brother. However, I can also see Mom and Brenda naked right along with me. It can't get any crazier than this.

Brenda then says, "Amy, you are going to dance tonight. Let's see you dance for us."

Everyone in the kitchen agrees and I have no choice.

Since it was Brenda who suggested the dancing, she gets up and pulls me to my feet. Brenda then shows me a few steps and I begin to dance rather mechanically as I am so stoned and drunk that I am about to fall on my face.

Brenda shows me a few moves that mainly involve jiggling her tits and displaying her pussy. I follow along in rather clumsy fashion.

However, after a few minutes of really clumsy dancing, I begin to get in rhythm and move in a little more coordinated fashion.

The guys begin to make rather crude comments and I am a little shocked. However Mom and Brenda make comments that are even more crude and I realize that what I am doing is what I will need to do at the party.

To keep from thinking about what I am doing in front of people, I begin to concentrate on the mechanics of dancing. The people like me to jiggle my tits, so I jiggle my tits for them. The people like me to show my pussy, so I move my legs apart so that they can get a good view and I realize that my pussy is open at least part of the time and I am really showing all of myself.

I dance for a little more time and then I am tired. I sit back down partly wishing I could sink into the floor and partly proud that the guys liked my body.

Brenda tells me that I did not do too badly, but watch how it is really done. With that, Brenda gets up and does this unbelievably raunchy dance. She jiggles her tits, she exposes and opens her pussy. She dances over close to the guys and taunts them about putting their hands on her.

When Dad reaches for Brenda's tits, she moves back just far enough to stay out of his reach and gets within reach of Ajax who manages to pet her smooth shaved pussy. Brenda moves away and tells Ajax, "Keep your hot hands off my pussy! I am getting wet and I do not want to drip all over the kitchen floor."

With that, Brenda turns and shakes her ass rudely in front of the men and then turns again and pretends that she is finger fucking herself as she dances. She looks as hot as hell!

Brenda finishes her dance and comes back to sit at the table.

Mom then tells me, "Amy, you are going to have to dance at the party. You will start in baby dolls and dance one song. You will take off the top and dance a second song topless. You will then take off the panty and dance the third song nude."

Mom pauses to see what effect her words have had on me. She then continues. "As per our customs, Ajax will then have first try at you since Dad has already tired himself out preparing you. There will be an inflatable mattress on the stage when you dance. You will finish up the third dance in front of Ajax who will eat your pussy until you climax; real or fake, your choice. The Ajax will lay you in the inflatable mattress and fuck your brains out. You will let the room know when you have climaxed and Ajax will join you after one climax."

Mom turns to Ajax and asks, "Got that?"

Ajax pretends to write something on an imaginary note pad. "One climax for Sis and that's it. Got it!"

Mom smiles daggers at Ajax. She then continues, "After Ajax finishes, you will probably have several of the boys fuck your brains out. Normally it is at least another four, but they will stop if you no longer respond."

I guess that Mom sees the shock on my face. I am once removed from virgin and I am now going to undergo a public gang bang.

Mom says, "Amy, I wish we had more time. However, it has to be tonight. The boys do not want to hurt you. They want to welcome you to our group. Very probably one of the boys who fucks your brains out will want to be your boyfriend after tonight."

I manage to stammer, "My boyfriend after a public gang bang?"

Brenda breaks in, "That's the way it was for me and almost all of the other girls. It is a way to meet the boys here."

Mom then continues, "After the gang bang, you will get cleaned up and you will wear the panty from the baby dolls so you do not drip all over the place. If a boy is interested in you he will talk to you and very probably take you over to his family. By the time you get over to his family, his father will probably have screwed his daughter, if he has a daughter, or someone else's daughter if he does not have one of his own. He will probably not want to screw you, but he will want to feel your tits and pussy. If you get excited, you will screw your new boyfriend again. Got that?"

I am so stunned that I just nod to Mom.

Mom says, "If you do not get excited, you will talk to the man who is feeling you. You will ask him if he likes your tits. You will tell him that you would be all excited, but you are exhausted after your gang bang."

I am too shocked to do anything but I just nod again.

Mom again continues, "If the father does want to screw you, etiquette demands that your prospective new boyfriend screw his mother while his father screws you. You will pretend that the father is the best stud you have ever had. Your prospective boyfriend will try to show the room that he is dominating his mother and she will act like he is doing exactly that. None of it really means anything."

I manage to stammer, "And you will . . ."

Mom smirks, "Normally, Ajax would be tending to Mom. However, since Ajax has just screwed the new girl, he will not be expected to perform again so soon. If Ajax does come back, he and I will get it on! If not, your Mom will be attended to by at least a few young boys as the mother of the new girl."

Then Mom gets back to my situation, "Once you have met his family, your new boyfriend will introduce you around to his friends. Most of the boys will offer to fuck you, just as a matter of politeness. However, your new boyfriend will be working on your tits and pussy and you will just pay attention to him."

Brenda then cuts in. "All of the younger girls will be wearing costumes that cover absolutely nothing that is of interest to a man. If a man talks to a girl and he gets her excited, she will screw him. She will give herself completely and do the best she can. However, after they finish, the girl will get cleaned up and will not remain with anyone other than a family member or her boyfriend."

I finally timidly ask what happens if some girl screws another girl's boyfriend.

Brenda says, "Pretty much the same thing as anywhere else. If the couple has agreed to swap partners then it is OK. Otherwise, the boyfriend becomes an ex-boyfriend."

I then ask, "But it is OK for the boy to screw his mother and his sister and for the girl to screw her father and her brother?"

Mom patiently explains to the slow learner. "Ajax is not going to marry me. Ajax is not going to marry you. Thus, we are no threat to his girlfriend. In the same way, Brenda's father or her brother Bob are no threat to Ajax so he does not mind as long as he has me or you to screw instead."

I obviously look shocked.

Mom asks, "Where would you rather learn about sex, from your father or in the back seat of a car parked out in lovers' lane?"

I say, "OK, Dad is going to be much better than some boy who is, like me, just learning."

Brenda breaks in, "However, in our little circle, the boy is also being taught by his mother and he will not be a beginner for long. This goes double if he has a sister."

I say, "So everybody learns how to screw and the sex is great if you do not mind sharing your partner."

Mom asks, "Where would you rather screw? You have the choice of the back seat of a car, the woods or a nice comfortable bed."

I cannot think of anything to say except, "A nice clean, comfortable bed, of course."

Brenda jumps in again, "What if you really feel bad? You are not mad at your boyfriend, maybe you are coming down with the flu or something. You tell your boyfriend of the problem and he threatens to leave because you are not meeting his needs, right?"

I think over the matter for a bit and say, "He maybe believes me because, even though he can't get it from me, he can always get it from his mother, his sister or whatever."

Mom says, "Exactly! If you have a problem, your boyfriend assumes that it is a problem because he can get his sex anyway from someone else."

I think for a bit and ask, "When you say somewhere else, what if he is over here and I get really sick, vomiting and everything?"

Mom says, "Amy, it may surprise you, but boys really do not like screwing girls who are vomiting. It tends to detract from the experience."

I say, "Of course. However he came over to visit and . . ."

Mom says, "If you cannot do it Amy, then I help my daughter. When I am on my period, you take care of both Alvin and Ajax. Then, when you are on your period, it is my turn."

I am stunned by the casual way Mom breaks the news. I stammer, "Then once a month . . .?"

Mom says, "Like the rest of us, you will take birth control pills on a seasonal cycle, so that you will have four periods a year."

I think and then ask, "The men lick and suck a girl's pussy lips."

Mom and Brenda laugh. Finally Mom says, "Once we get past the Halloween parties, we will teach you about sucking a man's cock. If they do it for us, we have to do it for them."

I ask what I need to do to prepare for the party.

Mom says, "You need to try the baby dolls." With that Mom and Brenda get up and lead me back into the bedroom.

There is a set of baby dolls in my best color hanging there. I put on the baby dolls and a pair of my heels.

Mom and Brenda then lead me back downstairs.

I again get to dance for the group in the kitchen.

OK. I have been sitting naked in front of the group for some time, but when it comes time for me to take of the top of the baby dolls, I am a bit shy. At least I had some coverage with the baby dolls, now I am going back to topless again. I finally do take off the top.

Mom stops me right there. "You look like a girl who is being searched by the police. You don't take off the top in a dark corner. You are taking it off to show off your tits! Remove it proudly so that the lucky boys get to see your tits!"

It takes a couple of tries, but I finally get it right as far as the people in the room are concerned.

I then dance with just the tiny panty on. Well, Mom makes me flash the little panty to show my pussy. I am embarrassed as hell, but the men in the room like it.

Strangely, when the second song ends and I have to take off the panty, it is almost a relief. Sure, I am naked but I do not have to flash my pussy like some sort of whore, I am already naked.

I dance naked, making sure that I jiggle my tits and expose my pussy enough to keep the men interested. I get so involved that I almost forget that I am going to be the center of a public gang bang in a few short hours.

When I finally finish my dancing, we decide that I am probably as good as I am gonna' get in the next couple of hours.

So, Brenda and Bob leave and it is upstairs for baths for Mom and me. Then Mom does my makeup with some really nice stuff I never had when I was with Auntie Carol.

I then get dressed in the baby dolls I am to strip out of and the heels that I wore earlier.

I am standing, looking at myself in the mirror and I do not think I can go through with it.

Mom glides in wearing a witch costume. The costume supports but does not cover her tits. The bottom of the costume is pretty much Mom's waist with a few narrow triangles of cloth that dangle from her waist but do not cover her pussy.

If witch costume that is what Mom is going to wear, telling her that I cannot go to a party in baby dolls is just not gonna work.

Mom sees my confusion and tells me that it will work and that is what the people expect.

Mom and I go downstairs and Dad is a pirate with just a brief on below his waist. Ajax is a jungle boy with a loincloth.

We walk out to the car as if it is just another night and drive off to the party.

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