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The Misadventures of the Robles Family Chapter Five

Pablo Senior was pretty pissed off. He was standing outside, his thick arms crossed and his body leaning back defiantly on the hood of his most prized possession, a 1964 Chevy Impala Lowrider complete with wire wheels and six switches of hydraulics. Wearing only a white tee shirt and gray sweats, the forty year old man was anxious to get back inside, as the night breeze was threatening him with its cold embrace. The only thing preventing him from doing so was his feisty daughter, Melinda, who was busy pacing a few yards away, the keys to the vehicle held tightly in her grip. "I'm going to tell you again, you are not going to use my car."

The twenty year old woman was quite used to getting her way. She'd abruptly moved out of her parents' house as soon as she turned eighteen, gone against her father's wishes and become a professional stripper as she tried, then failed to complete her classes in the hopes of becoming a beautician. Her father was still paying off the loan, she thought smugly to herself. "My car is in the shop. It won't be ready for another couple of days. I need to use your car."

"Use the van."

"That van is a piece of shit." Melinda countered. "If mom were here, she'd make you let me use the car."

"Good thing she's out for the night." Was Pablo's smartass reply. "She's getting drunk with your Aunt Cessy, and probably won't be back home until tomorrow afternoon."

Melinda glanced back towards the house, and to its many dark windows. Mom was out, Amanda was sleeping over at her friend's, and her brother, Pablo Junior, still hadn't made it back home, even though he'd gotten out of jail two days ago. "I need to use your car."

"Take the fucking van."

"Fuck you." Melinda cursed, ready to play her last card. "Either you let me use your car, or I'm telling mom."

"Tell her what?" Pablo shook his head carelessly.

"That you've been cheating on her."

"That's bullshit, and you know it."

"Oh, really?" Melinda's tone changed, causing the normally confident Pablo to become suddenly wary. Her pacing slowed, and arrogantly, deliberately, she reached up to ensnare a lock of her long black hair with her fingers. This she began to twirl and twist as she spoke. "Do you remember what mom said, if she heard that you cheated on her again?"

She swore she'd leave him, Pablo recalled. Bad enough, he and his wife were still not talking to one another, and since his son Frankie had moved out, they'd started sleeping in separate bedrooms. Another allegation of infidelity, he figured, would be catastrophic to their marriage.

Melinda was staring at him, knowing full well that she'd struck a raw nerve. "If she were to find out..." She trailed off, turning away so her father wouldn't catch the look of satisfaction on her face.

Pablo Senior stared at his daughter with some contempt. She knew how to play the game, just as her mother did. His mind drifted back to long ago, to when he first met his wife. She'd only been a few months younger than him back then, when he'd met her in a brothel just south of the border. She'd been a server then, barely eighteen years old and too young to peddle her wares, although it was rumored that she had slept with a few of the patrons, when the price was right. He'd been infatuated with her from the moment he laid eyes on her, so much that he'd eventually promised to take her away from there, to marry her and give her everything she'd ever wanted. He'd been manipulated a little, and he knew it, recalling the times when the young lady had dangled some expensive piece of jewelry before his eyes, items that one of the other patrons had purchased for her.

And then, the woman had given him an ultimatum. Either he made good on his promises, or she was moving in with some rich old man, and would never see him again. Of course, he'd taken the bait. How could he resist, with her beauty and her charms overpowering his senses? They'd left soon enough, emigrating north to the land of opportunity, and started a new life together.

Over twenty years later, and his second oldest child had grown up to be the spitting image of the woman he had fallen in love with. Melinda had the same black hair, long enough to hang down to the small of her back. She had the same green eyes that occurred every so often on her side of the family, and she shared the same thick hourglass figure that had first brought his mother to Pablo's attention.

Like her mother, Melinda knew how to take advantage of her body. She wore just enough make-up to soften her harsh, calculating eyes, and just the right tinge of lipstick to accent her full lips. Her black shirt was more a half shirt than anything else, pulled to one side to reveal her bare shoulder, and ending several inches above her bellybutton. Over this, she'd draped a fishnet blouse, flimsy and nearly transparent, yet tight enough to cling to her prominent bosom. Melinda's waist was well toned, both from her dancing and her frequent rounds at the tanning salon, and not even her loose denim skirt could conceal the swell of her broad hips.

Just as it was with her mother, Melinda's ass was her masterpiece. It swayed and shifted with every step, and it dared men not to look at it. It bounced ever so slightly, giving the impression that it was firm and meaty, and jutted out proudly as if it somehow knew it was on display. And on this night, Melinda had chosen an otherwise drab skirt to cover it, the waistline so loose that from behind, Pablo could see most of her lower back, including that hated butterfly tattoo she'd just gotten, as well as the thin strip of black fabric that gave away the fact that she was wearing a thong.

At that moment, Pablo became painfully aware that he was becoming aroused, and he glanced down to confirm that indeed, there was a huge bulge growing beneath his sweats. Cursing himself for wearing cotton boxers, the man walked alongside his car, and turned towards the fender in order to hide his erection.

"Well, are you going to let me use the car, or do I tell mom?"

Regardless, the man was not about to be blackmailed by his own daughter. "You don't know anything. You're bluffing."

"You think so?" Melinda spun around, her hands balled into fists and on her hips. "You're right, I don't. But I know someone who does, and for the right price, she will talk."

"What are you babbling about?"

"Amanda knows." She revealed. "She told me so, even thought she didn't say who she caught you with. All I have to do is make one phone call, and barter with her a little bit, to find out who you slept with. And you know as well as I do that she will tell me."

"Amanda doesn't know anything."

"Oooh, is mom going to be pissed off at you." Melinda teased. "This is your last chance."

With his anxiety growing at the thought of his youngest daughter spilling the beans, and with his hard-on pressing against the cold fender of the car, Pablo wisely chose to remain silent and motionless.

This did not bode well with Melinda. "Fine, you asshole. Have it your way." She scolded, suddenly stomping towards the house. "I'll go get the phone!"


Without looking back, she called out, "Too late, you had your chance."

Knowing full well that the repercussions would be dire, Pablo ran after his daughter. She was halfway across the lawn when he caught up to her, and he reached out to grab her by the shoulder. "Wait!"

Unfortunately, the onset of night made the man's progress a work of daring, and in his haste, his feet came across an old, cement toad that he'd been meaning to get rid of. In the ensuing clash, his feet lost, sending him barreling into his daughter and tumbling the two into the grass.

"Get off me!" Melinda squealed, flailing her arms about and finding herself pinned by the man's considerable weight.

Pablo tried, trying to find the leverage to lift himself around his daughter's frantic movements. After a few seconds, he decided on a wide push-up stance and spread his arms out, only to have Melinda suddenly shift under him. Awkwardly, he dropped on her again, and with his massive erection pinned between his body and her thighs, all hopes of keeping the problem a secret were lost.

"'Get your arm off my ass!" Melinda snarled, just as Pablo began to straighten his arms and get himself off the ground again.

As a defensive measure, Melinda shot back with an elbow, slamming under the man's exposed ribcage and knocking the wind out of him. With a grunt, Pablo slumped into the ground beside her.

"Wait a minute." Melinda sat up. "That wasn't your arm. What do you have in your pocket?" When her father didn't respond, except with raspy breaths, Melinda reached towards his middle and fumbled downwards until her hand ran into something long and hard. "What is this?" She asked, tracing over the shaft until it came to an end at the man's groin.

Several tense moments followed, with Pablo trying desperately to catch his breath, and Melinda's grip on his cock tightening.

"Shit." Melinda finally admitted, still clutching the rod as if it might disappear if she let it go. "Mom said you had, I mean, have a big dick, but this is crazy. This is huge."

Pablo reached down to move his daughter's hand away, only to have her slap his wrist. "What's your problem?"

"That's a lot of meat." Melinda said, placing her other hand atop the first. "Fuck me, its gotta be like eight inches long."

"Fine, take the damn car." Pablo gave up. "Just let go of me, and let me get back inside." Again, he reached for her hands, which he knew he was strong enough to force away.

What he hadn't counted on, however, were Melinda's sharp nails, which she was now using to dig into his man-flesh. "Oh, no you don't. You're not going anywhere." She repositioned herself on her knees. "Not until I get this thing out in the open."

"You don't want to do that." Pablo warned her. "You want to let me go, so I can walk back inside, then you can take my keys, which you already have in your possession, and use my car for whatever you wanted to use it for. Then, the both of us can forget this ever happened."

"Don't move an inch, or I'll scratch your dick so hard, it's gonna bleed." Melinda threatened, releasing one hand to grab at her father's sweats. With a quick yank, she pulled them up to his groin, then switched hands and yanked them to the man's thighs. "Nice boxers, dad."

"You should stop right now."

"Shut up." Melinda snapped back, tugging in vain at the unsecured fly that barely contained the monster. "You can't even piss through these, can you?" She pushed his hands away yet again, then reached under the elastic waistband and wrapped her fingers on the base of the thick rod. A quick shudder ran across her lips. "It's real." Another quick pull, and the boxers joined the sweats around the man's thighs.

"I wish I had some light around here." Melinda muttered, straining to see the cock in the darkness.

"You don't want to take this any further." Pablo pleaded. "It isn't right."

Silently, Melinda placed her other hand on the rod, then softly began to stroke it up and down. "How does that feel?" She asked. "Do you like it?"

It was Pablo's turn to remain quiet, although his breaths were becoming short and rapid.

"You know, I can almost put a whole can of soda in my mouth."

"That's disgusting." Pablo replied. "I don't want to hear stuff like that. Not from my own daughter."

Melinda's response was to lean down and engulf the fat head in her mouth. Slowly, softly, she began tracing its shape with her lips, her mouth ascending to its topmost edge, where her tongue dared to flit out and lash at the opening, then her mouth plunged downwards, taking a good portion past the head into her mouth. Her lips began working in earnest, pulling and sucking at the flesh, while her tongue probed and licked around. Abruptly, she raised her head, leaving a short trail of saliva behind. "If you want the best blow job you'll ever have, you have to say it."

Pablo remained silent, thankful that there were no lights to reveal how aroused he truly was.

"Say it!" Melinda demanded. "Or I'm walking away right this second."

Still no answer.

"Asshole." She muttered, reaching out with her free hand to yank his sweats past his knees. Just as callously, she reached for the boxers. "Lift yourself up." When Pablo didn't budge, her nails began to apply pressure on the man's cock.

"Ah!" He yelped and complied. "Alright! Shit!"

"That's better." Melinda replied, forcing his underwear until it joined up with the sweats, both garments held up by her father's socks and slip-ons. "Now, hold still." She warned, tugging away one of his shoes, then pulling at his sweats and boxers until one leg came free. A moment later, the clothing had come off the second foot, and Melinda had repositioned herself between his legs, once again holding his hard dick with both hands.

"Are you on something? Are you on drugs?"

"Shut the fuck up!" Melinda snapped, rapidly stroking the hot member. "Not another word, or else!"

Having limited options, Pablo dropped his head back and sighed out loud.

Melinda's greedy hands pushed his cock towards his abdomen, when he suddenly felt her tongue lash out and swipe vigorously on his inner thigh. The tongue probed and circled about, leaving a long trail of saliva through his pubic hair, then explored further towards his middle and discovered his hairy sack. Roughly, it slapped and shoved at his balls, sometimes missing and streaking itself on his ass cheeks, then pouncing back on its targets. Abruptly, the action stopped. "Do you want some more?"

Now thoroughly flushed and excited, Pablo simply moaned his consent.

"Say it." Melinda teased, releasing her hold on his penis, and using the nails from one hand to tickle his balls.

"Yes, yes. Do it." The older man muttered in resignation.

Even as he released the words, Melinda's mouth clamped down on his cock again, her lips pumping up and down on the shaft like finely tuned pistons. Over half of the thick rod disappeared into her moist mouth with every stroke, and finally, almost frantically, Pablo reached down to grab her by the head and slow her motion before he exploded. Melinda's response was to cup his ass with her hands and try to take in even more of him, but Pablo used his considerable strength to stop her completely.

"What are you doing?" His irritated daughter asked.

Pablo's answer was to reach out and grab one of her arms, which he proceeded to pull towards him. "Turn your ass around this way." He commanded, returning the rough behavior his daughter had been giving him, first by grabbing her middle and forcing her sideways, then by dragging one of her thick thighs over his head. Once he'd positioned her legs directly over his face, Pablo pulled his arms through and settled them over her calves, then pulled her denim skirt up until it hung loosely around her waist. Regretting not being able to see her fine ass, Pablo dug his fingers into her flesh and drove her bottom into his face. As soon as her perfumed skin neared his face, he began shooting out with his own tongue, darting across the backs of her thighs and up and down the pronounced mound that was concealed by the thin strip of thong.

A long, loud squeal issued from the opposite end of his daughter, and a few seconds later, her warm mouth again clasped his cock. A sensual sort of see-saw ensued, with Melinda's head bobbing up and down, while her hands tightly gripped her father's butt, and Pablo on the other end, raising his head and trying to force the thong away to reveal the hidden prize. Impatiently, the older man forced the fabric away, allowing his fingers to briefly caress the engorged and shaven pussy, before plunging two digits into its moistened folds. His daughter barely stifled another long moan, mostly because her mouth was full of cock, and as she lifted her head to expel her forbidden pleasure, Pablo withdrew his fingers and shoved her ass backwards, invading her wet snatch with his tongue.

Even as Melinda's tense head dropped down on the man's abdomen, draping Pablo's legs with her long mane of soft hair, her hands and nails grabbed fiercely at his ass, and her entire body began to convulse from the erotic climax. "Oh, fuck!" She gasped, even as the darting tongue continued to intrude inside her. "Oh, damn!"

Pablo's hands left the thick curve of her ass, gliding past the wrinkles of Melinda's skirt and onto the small of her back. Next, they separated and ran across either side of her ribcage, avoiding the snare of her fishnet blouse and reaching under her half-shirt to cup her full breasts, which were warm and naked to his touch.

"Oohh, daddy." Melinda moaned, trying and failing to wrap her lips around the base of his thick cock, and settling instead for running her tongue back and forth across it. Feeling her father's tongue retaliate by repeatedly thrusting itself into her, both her breaths and squeals sharply increased. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" She yelped with each and every penetration.

Pablo allowed his head to fall back onto the grass, using one arm to force his daughter's leg over. A bony knee smacked into his forehead, but in his mounting lust, he paid it no mind, and soon Melinda realized that he wanted her to mount him.

"We can do that." Melinda agreed, although not exactly in the fashion he'd been aiming for. The young woman stood up, unbuttoning her skirt and allowing it to drop to the ground, then making short work of removing the tight thong. She stepped over her father's prone form, and carefully straddled him. Instead of facing him, however, Melinda had positioned her sultry body in the other direction, dropping her shapely ass directly on the man's stomach. Even as his hands began groping her ass, Melinda gave his massive cock a few welcome strokes, then raised herself slightly and inched forward on her knees. Then, she positioned the fat pole between her legs.

Pablo squeezed his legs together, feeling his member being guided towards his daughter's love box, then tensing in anticipation as the feverish head rubbed across her smooth labia. Once, twice, three times he was teased, even as his own grip tightened on the firm ass cheeks within his grasp, and then, like an ultimate reward, he felt Melinda's weight sink, and his fat head softly parted her anxious opening.

"Uunnnggghh." Melinda groaned, allowing the sweet sensation to sweep through her body, drawing in only a little at a time to prolong her ecstasy. It would take her some time before she could take the entire length, she thought to herself, bucking back slightly, when her father released her butt and grabbed onto both of her thighs.

More than a bit impatient, Pablo simultaneously forced his daughter down and arched his back upwards, impaling the shocked woman with almost half of his eight plus inches. Even as Melinda tried to lean forward and ease her distress, Pablo took hold of her waist and again pummeled himself into her, driving in another couple of inches of his meat, and resulting in a loud and unencumbered scream from his daughter's mouth.

"Ooohh, shit!" She cursed, again trying to dislodge herself from the fat log buried in her pussy. "This is not gonna work." She complained, struggling to pull herself forward, until she used Pablo's legs for leverage. A few moments of writhing about, and she broke free, positioning herself on all fours beside him. "Here, try it this way, just not all at once. That hurts."

Pablo sat up, and through a few stray rays of moonlight, was met by one of the most beautiful sights he'd ever seen. His daughter's shapely ass, so pleasingly curved and bathed in a pale white, wiggling and swaying as if it were some sort of beacon. Without a second thought, he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside.
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