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"Kit, where are you?" Calvin's voice asked, breaking into my thoughts of our first time together.

"Just thinking," I teased.

"Are you going to tell me what you are thinking about? Or am I going to have to pull over and tickle it out of you?" He asked turning to look at me with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Promises, promises. As tempting as the thought of you pulling the car over and tickling me into submission, I will tell you. I was thinking of our first time." I said, knowing that my smile lit up my face.

"Oh, now I understand why your nipples are straining at that little top of yours. Getting turned on by how I corrupted you?" He laughed at his own sarcasm.

"Calvin, you didn't corrupt me. I wanted you just as much as you wanted me. We can't help how we feel. Just let our parent's misconceptions go. You and I are together and that is all that matters." I said, knowing that he was still bitter with how he had been made the bad guy in this situation. I hoped that my love, our love would help him get past it. He reached over and took my hand in his. I gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

We drifted back into our comfortable silence. Soon my mind slipped back to my earlier thoughts of our first time.

Our lips met, tenderly caressing. My hands went up to Calvin's neck, trying to pull him against me. He held himself back, and broke the kiss. Looking up confused, he assured me that he hadn't changed his mind.

"No, baby girl. I have to fulfill my promise," he said. He reached around me for the bottle of aloe and motioned for me to lay down on the bed. I laid on my back, but he told me to turn onto my stomach. My back and shoulders were a little hot, but so was the rest of my body. I felt the mattress dip as he sat down beside of me.

I heard him pop the cap and squeeze some into his hand, but that didn't prepare me for his hands. He was gentle, messaging the aloe into my tender shoulders. His fingers were whispers on my skin. He soothed my burning shoulders and lightly hooked his fingers in the spaghetti straps of my nightie, tugging them down my arms. I lifted my upper body off the mattress helping him move the gown down to rest on my rump. He continued lathering my back with the aloe. I felt him move on the bed and then his breath was against the back of my neck.

" Does that feel better, Kit?" Calvin whispered into my neck. I was on fire, but it didn't come from my back.

I rolled over, surprising him, and pulled him to me for a kiss. It wasn't a tender, loving kiss. It was a heated, passionate kiss. I offered him my mouth and my body with the kiss. I pulled away and tore my gown from my body. Calvin stood and removed his athletic shorts. Before he could set down on the bed, I grabbed his hard cock in my hand. I held it, gazing at the head as it leaked a drip of precum, and dipped my head for a taste. Cal weaved above me, and ran his hands through my hair. Cradling my head, he didn't push me to take him into my mouth. I looked up into his lust filled eyes, and watching him as he watched me, I took the head into my mouth, sucking gently. He moaned above me and I started to lick along the engorged, veined shaft.

He moved one of his hands down to where I was holding him, and guided me into jacking him as I sucked and licked him. I wanted more of him in my mouth, and moving my hand down to the base of his shaft, I opened wide moving him deeper into my hot, wet mouth. I felt the head hit the back of my throat and feeling him tense I knew that what I was doing was right. Bobbing my head, I pulled him in and out of my mouth, working the shaft that wasn't inside my mouth with my hand. Soon, he was trying to pull himself away from me, but I held tight and kept sucking as I felt a squirt of warm fluid hit my tongue. I kept milking him, until his cock started to grow limp. Swallowing all he had to offer, I savored the taste of him as I pulled away and looked up at my big brother.

"Oh, Baby Girl," he whispered, sliding onto the bed with me. He lay me on my back and kissed me. He tasted himself on my tongue and started working his way down my body. Licking my neck, I writhed beneath him, loving the feel of his mouth and tongue on me. His hands reached my breasts and began to kneed the soft flesh, his thumbs teasing my nipples. My back arched, trying to bring my breasts tighter against his hands. He must have decided to keep me at bay like I had him, because he nudged me back against the pillows. Moving his head, he replaced his left hand with his mouth.

I gasped, his mouth was so hot and moist. His tongue flicked against my sensitive bud and a moan grew from deep inside me. His right hand continued its gentle message of my left breast, while his mouth wreaked havoc on my right. He suckled me, licked, kissed and teased my nipple before removing his mouth and concentrating on my left breast. I could feel my sex dripping with need and anxious for attention. I ran my hand down my body, but before I could reach the center of my desire, Cal grabbed my arm and lifted it above my head.

Lifting his head from me, he shook his head no. Then he claimed my mouth again. The kiss sent me reeling. I wanted him, I needed him. His hands roamed my body as our mouths collided. They only brushed over the source of my heat, caressing my skin like a whisper. He broke the kiss and gently licked his way down my body, this time not pausing at my breasts. I felt his hot breath on my belly, his tongue tease at my belly button, then I felt him settle between my legs.

I could feel his hot breath against my inner thighs. My body arched, begging for release that will only come from him. Tentatively, he kissed my upper thigh moving slowly toward my soaking wet mound. His nose nuzzled against me, I heard him inhale deeply.

"God, Kit, you smell amazing," Calvin whispered, his breath tickling against my folds. Then his tongue flicked out, licking up my slit, teasing my outer lips. Moaning, I arched against him, wanting more. Cal shifted his body, leaning his head further toward me. Suddenly he sucked my aching pleasure button into his hot wet mouth. My body moved off of the bed, bucking against his mouth. He stopped sucking and nudged against my wetness. His mouth worked into my folds, tasting my wetness, savoring me. My hands held his head against me as his tongue and mouth licked me into a frenzy. My legs were shaking, and I felt something only felt before when masturbating, I could feel the orgasm building. Cal felt it too, he moved back to sucking my swollen clit and flicking it with his tongue. The orgasm overtook me, I screamed from the intensity of it, rocking my hips against my brother's face. He licked my rushing fluid as I shook against him.

I lay still, trying to regain some sense of composure after the fireworks. The only sound in the room was that of mine and Calvin's heavy breathing. I felt his head resting on my thigh and I ran my hand through his hair. Calvin raised his head and looked down to see him looking at me. First giving my sensitive folds a gentle lick, he worked his way up my body. His legs moved between my still parted thighs and I could feel his engorged manhood against my wet opening. Looking deep into my eyes, he took my mouth with his. I could taste myself on his lips and tongue as his hard cock rocked against me.

Pulling away he asked in a whisper against my lips, "You're sure? I mean we can stop now, Kit, if you want."

In answer, I pushed my hips against him, rotating and teasing against his swollen shaft. He lifted himself off of me, and reached for one of the foil packets on the night table. My hand stopped him, and I shook my head at his confused look.

"I am on the pill. They help with the cramping." I explained.

He dropped the packet back on the nightstand and used the hand to line up his cock to my dripping opening. I gasped as he slipped his enlarged head into my warm cavity. He waited as I grew accustomed to his size, then slowly pushed himself into me inch by inch. I felt him stop as he came to my barrier. Looking down at me, concern on his face, he slowly pulled himself out until only his head remained in me. He began to slowly thrust back into me, in and out, stopping just at my barrier. I knew that he was trying to let me get used to having him inside of me, and while he felt incredible, I wanted more. As he moved into me again, I thrust my hips up against him, forcing him to break the thin shield.

I cried out slightly. Not from pain, but from the feeling of being filled. I felt myself stretching to accommodate his girth. Calvin held himself still, until I started rocking my hips against him. Taking this as an invitation to start truly taking me, he started thrusting. The feeling was amazing. The friction of him against me made me wetter and I could feel another orgasm building. Our arms wrapped around one another and our mouths collided in a searing kiss. Together we set a rhythm, and our bodies worked toward our climax. My breathing turned to moaning panting, my mouth left his and I bit into his shoulder as my body exploded with my orgasm. I felt myself tighten around his rigid shaft as Calvin's thrusting quickened. I came again as his first spurt of semen jetted into me. My muscles tightened, milking every drop of his hot seed into me.

Calvin nestled his head into my shoulder, while his body lay atop of mine, as we let our breathing return to normal. When our breathing slowed, he rolled off me and pulled my back into him. Cradled in his arms, after making love to him, I never felt more lovely.

"Kit, that was beyond amazing," he whispered next to my ear.

"Thank you, Calvin," I whispered back.

"What for, baby?" He asked, his thumb running along my cheek.

"For this, for holding me, for making me feel special."

Turning me in his arms so I was facing him, he lifted my chin in his hand and looked deeply into my eyes. Kissing me tenderly, barely brushing his lips against mine, he pulled back and told me that I was special and perfect, for him. I snuggled against his warm body and he pulled the comforter up over us. Within minutes we were both asleep.

"Hey! Still with me?" Calvin's voice teased me out of my memories again. I looked over and drunk him in with my eyes. The past two years had been both kind and difficult on him. Only someone that knew him as fully as I did would notice the fine lines around his eyes, the crease between them. He never had those signs of worry before. His body still showed how he took care of himself, working out and running. His hair was longer, no more spikes. His eyes were the most telling of the past few months, cloudy and aged, as though he held the weight of the world on him. "Are you ok, Kit?" He asked again, this time squeezing my hand.

"Yes, of course I'm ok. Why wouldn't I be?" I asked while still taking him in.

"Well, you just gave up everything. You're moving to a town you have never seen, filled with people you don't know. Are you sure this is what you want?" His voice dripping with concern and guilt.

"I'm moving to a town that doesn't know us. A town that won't be able to judge us. A town that will accept us as newlyweds, not half siblings. I'm with the man that I love, the man who loves me. I am perfect. Are you ok?" I asked, almost frightened of his answer.

"I don't know, Kit. What if Mom and your dad find us? What if someone figures us out? What if, two more years down the line, you realize that you want someone who hasn't known you since birth?" He asked, pulling the car to the side of the unpaved road.

Before he can ask anything else, I take his face in my hands and pull his mouth to mine. Kissing him, I feel his weariness start to fade, his love and passion for me replacing his guilt.
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