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Tabby was alone in her room. It had been a busy time at school. This year all her assignments seemed to fall due on the same few days. But at last she had finished the task. Now she had time to chill out in her room listening to some music. Later she would meet her friends at the mall and they could do some shopping. Maybe there would be a party to go to. As she was 18 the dark haired beauty didn't have too many problems getting into some of the clubs downtown, so if there weren't any parties she could always find something to entertain herself.

Her Mom had had to go to work early that morning, only Tabby's father remained at home. Her Mom wouldn't finish work until late afternoon so if she wanted some cash and permission for a good night out she had time to act. Tabby's father never said no to his sexy young daughter, especially since she caught him masturbating with her underwear.

As the disc she was listening to finished Tabby reached out for her phone. Quickly she dialed her friend's number. The conversation was short; they would meet at the mall and work out what to do from there. Now all she had to do was get some cash and then she would be ready. It was 10.25 am, if she did it now she would be ready for this evening.

Geoff, Tabby's father, was working in his study next to the basement garage. The sound of him tapping away on his computer could be heard as Tabby approached his door. It was slightly ajar, but still she tapped it gently before stepping in.

Geoff looked up from his computer screen as the brunette entered his space. Her sweet perfume filed the room immediately.

"Hi honey, what can I do for you?" the older man asked, his eyes travelling over the beauty before him, dressed in a tight fitting short faded denim dress with five brass buttons up the front and a tight fitting light colored boob-tube. He had tried to put his sexual experience with his daughter behind him, but sometimes she looked so hot and innocent.

"Hi Dad, I just wanted to ask if it would be OK if I went out tonight with Lana?" the teenager asked.

"Where to love?" Geoff asked without taking his eyes off her slim body.

"We don't know yet, probably just the mall then back to a friends place," Tabby watched his face as it scanned her pert 34B breasts, the nipples standing hard against the soft cotton fabric.

"I guess that would be OK," Geoff replied, trying to take his mind off her gorgeous body.

"Cool, can I have some cash as well?"

"How much Tabby?" his voice changed to that of a gruff parent.

"Oh, about $50.00 should be fine," tabby smiled sweetly.

"Come on girl, what do you think I am made of money. Look here's 20 bucks," he thrust a note toward the girl.

Tabby took it with a look of disappointment. "I could always show Mom those stained panties I have hidden." She threw a seductive smile at the stunned man.

A silence descended on the small room. Geoff thought, he lent back in his chair, then got up. Tabby could see his cock visibly hard in his trousers. Slowly Geoff walked around the desk.

"Come with me," he said and walked past Tabby into the hall.

Tabby smiled again and shrugged her shoulders. She walked to the door and into the hall. Geoff was already climbing the stairs to main house. Tabby followed.

Once upstairs in the lounge Geoff walked to the armchair he usually inhabited during the evening. Beside it was his briefcase. He bent and opened it, taking his wallet from within. Slowly he counted out three ten-dollar notes. Tabby stepped forward to take them, her smile even broader.

Just as she was about to grab the cash from her stony faced father he pulled them back toward his chest. Tabby pulled up short giving him a puzzled look.

"You want this cash?" He asked and tabby nodded. "Well, this time you have to earn it. See I'm sick of you trying to blackmail me all the time. This is the third time since our little game that you have got money out of me."

She stood silently, watching him as the lecture continued.

"I can't afford to keep giving you cash all the time, it has to stop Tabby. So if you want this money you need to do something for me."

"Like what?" Tabby retorted. "I don't have to do a thing. You're just a dirty old man and I can tell Mom about you…about us any time I want."

"That's what I mean, it has to stop. Now. So from now on, you want money you have to do something for me, or else no way. You can tell Mom if you want. It would be my word against yours. As for those panties; do you really think your Mom is going to get them DNA tested or something? Who knows what a vengeful little slut like you gets up to with all those other boys you hang out with."

Tabby hung her head. He had her beat this time.

"So do you want this cash or not? If you don't well I have work to do," he started to put the money back into his wallet. Tabby watched.

"No, no I want the money," she decided. "So what chores do you want me to do?"
A grin appeared on Geoff's face. "I want you to go sit in my chair."

Tabby looked puzzled again, but went and sat in the chair. It was a large comfortable soft chair and she sunk into it. Somehow it felt warm and comforting.

"Now spread your legs," Geoff commanded. "As far as you can, in fact hook them up over the arms."

A look of disbelief was coming over Tabby's face. He was going to do it again. He was going to have sex with her.

"Daddy, no, I don't think I should do this again," she pleaded.

"Oh yes you should. See, you enjoyed making me do things for you last time, well it's my turn now."

She cleared her throat and looked again at the older man. He was rubbing his cock through his trousers, slowly and deliberately. A tingle of excitement went through the teenager and she obeyed his command, hooking both legs up over the arms of the chair. Her butt was now lowered snuggly into the big cushion; the short tight skirt was riding up her thighs. The white lace panties she was wearing were now clearly visible.

"Undo the bottom three buttons on that skirt," Geoff ordered.

"Daddy, I…" she started.

"Just do it you little slut, do it now."

There was no hesitation; Tabby quickly unbuttoned the three buttons, letting the faded denim to part from her legs, exposing the fine white lace. Once more a feeling of excitement went through Tabby. She licked her red lips.

Geoff quickly undid his trousers, letting them fall to the ground along with his shorts. That huge 10-inch cock sprung out, red and bulging. He stroked it a couple of times as he surveyed the young girl before him. Then he whipped his T-shirt over his head so he was standing before her naked.

"Play with your hot cunt bitch," he commanded. "Make yourself nice and wet."

His eyes had changed, they were now large and fixed on the beautiful figure performing before him. Slowly he stroked his enormous cock, keeping it pointed toward Tabby as she lowered her hand to her crotch.

Tabby let out a moan as her finger touched her clit, already hard and wet beneath the lace. One hand held the soft lace to one side, exposing her triangle of closely trimmed hair, while the other rubbed across her clit. Her first touch was gentle, but it still sent a shiver through her body.

"Come on baby," he encouraged as he tugged on his stiff cock. "Show me how much you like your little hot cunt."

She closed her eyes and flung her head back, letting the long thick black hair cascade over the back of the chair. Her thumb dropped to her clit as two fingers disappeared into her wet pussy. It felt wet and sticky to her touch, the walls contracting hard on her fingers as she began to ease them in and out. A slow, low moan emitted from deep within her as she built her rhythm.

With her eyes closed she didn't see him start walk forward, but shortly she sensed his presence standing over her, between her spread legs. She opened her eyes just as he knelt between her legs. A smile spread on her face. One of his hands was still rubbing his huge hard member; the other was reaching out for her.

His fingers curled over the top of her tight fitting boob-tube and slowly rolled it down, away from her stunning breasts. Her nipples flicked into view, hard and taut, standing up on the well-shaped tanned mounds. As the light blue material fell away around her delicate thin waist he lent forward. His tongue darted out to lick one nipple then the other. Each time Tabby moaned softly.

A squelching noise came from her pussy as her fingers plunged in and out. Now she was so wet and so turned on she knew it wouldn't be long before she was ready. His mouth was now clasped to one of her breasts, sucking and playing with the nipple. His hand grasped the other breast, twisting it a little.

Tabby started to buck and groan loudly as her body tensed. "Oh, Daddy, I'm going to cum. Oh, God, yes." Her hips bucked hard, her fingers worked in and out more quickly, her thumb pressed against her clit, rubbing it harder and harder. "Oh, God, yes."

He stood up holding his hard cock out at her as she bucked in the chair. He gave it some hard strokes and then closed his eyes tightly as his balls tightened. A stream of hot sticky cum shot our, hitting the girl right in the face. A second shot caught her cheek and third spurted into her long black hair. He stepped forward as further less powerful shots splattered against her breasts, leaving a shiny glow to the tanned skin. Finally he rubbed the slowly deflating cock against her breasts as Tabby relaxed from her orgasm.

As Geoff fell forward on his knees, resting his head in his daughter's lap a loud moan was heard. Both father and daughter looked up in shock and amazement. Across the room, seated on a couch was Tabby's Mom, Dianne, her panties were at her ankles and her fingers were busy playing with her pussy.

"Dianne!" Geoff exclaimed. Then he looked at his daughter in shock. But the attractive 38-year-old was paying no attention, lost in her own world of ecstasy. The other two gaped as she continued. Then her head lowered and she registered that she was being watched.

"Tabby," she said in a low seductive voice. "Come here my love. Let me clean your face."

Instinctively Tabby put a hand to her cheek, feeling the sticky cum slowly dribbling down her face. She stared at her mother, sat with her legs apart, a violent red slit with a trimmed bush open for all to see. Her skirt and slip lay in a pile on the floor, her panties were rolled down her spread legs, stretched between her ankles.

Tabby stood, forgetting her naked breasts. Slowly the young girl crossed the room. Her mother indicated to her to kneel in front of her. Tabby did so. The older woman touched her daughter's dry cheek, softly then lent forward to kiss her full on the lips. The kiss lingered, soft and sensual. Then they parted again.

"Hmmm…so sweet," Dianne said. "Let me taste your father's cream."

Without waiting for a reply she lent forward again, holding Tabby's shoulder as she licked away the sticky cum from her cheek. Once more Tabby felt turned on; her panties grew damp again. Her mother kissed her softly as she continued to clean the cum from her face and chin. Then she bent lower, licking it from her shoulder blades and finally her breasts. Her tongue worked around Tabby's stiff nipples and once again the teenager moaned softly.

Geoff had pulled himself into the armchair and watched the show as his beautiful wife licked his daughter's body clean. As the show went on his cock began to stiffen again until it was almost at its full strength once more. His hand worked it up and down, feeling the sticky cum which had stuck to it ooze between his fingers.

"Tabby, could you make me cum do you think?" Dianne asked, looking at the young girl now as she masturbated through her white lace panties. "Come on love, let's do the wild thing together."

The 18-year-old smiled at her mother as the older woman began to undo her blouse. Dianne let the garment fall to the floor, followed by her bra. Her 36C breasts stood firm for a woman of her age, the nipples slightly larger and darker than Tabby's. As the bra fell she moved her naked body into a lying position on the couch, one leg draped over the edge.

Taking this lead Tabby stood. While her mother watched she undid the skirt and let it fall, along with the boob-tube from around her waist. She hooked her fingers in the high-cut lace panties and started to tug at them.

"No not those," Geoff called out. "Leave them please, you look so sexy in them."

"He loves lace panties," Dianne winked at her daughter.

"I now Mom," Tabby responded taking her fingers out.

Carefully the young girl climbed on the couch, placing her knee so as not to pin her mother's hair. The other leg supported her on the ground. With a flick of the head she got her own hair back out of the way as she lowered her head toward her mother's pussy.

The older woman gave a moan as Tabby licked the protruding hard clit. It was already wet. Tabby moved a finger to her opening and slowly inserted it. Dianne was surprisingly tight as her pussy clamped on the young girl's finger. Then in and out, Tabby began fingering her mother, feeling her wetness, her heat. Dianne simply moaned as the teenager fingered her. Tabby's tongue kept flicking Dianne's clit, touching gently, then a little harder.

It wasn't long before Dianne started to reach up for Tabby's hidden pussy. Her hand reached into the lace panties through one leg, finding her daughter's hot opening. She rubbed the little teenage clit, making her wetter and wetter. Then she started to finger her girl, in and out went two soft fingers, pushing into her tight hole.

As both women moaned and fingered each other, Geoff had stroked himself hard again. Unable to take his eyes from the scene before him he got up and walked over to the couch, his huge bulging cock bobbing as he walked.

He stopped part way along the two writhing torsos and put his hand softly on Tabby's long sleek back. The hand rubbed sensually along her body toward her head, stopping where her breasts hung down over her mother's body. Carefully he squeezed first one then the other, making Tabby take her mouth away from Dianne's pussy to moan each time.

Smiling, he rubbed back over her soft skin, following the contours of her body to her butt. His hand rested on the smooth, soft fabric of the panties. Mesmerised by the sexy butt, moving slightly as she was fingered from below, Geoff ran his hand over the taut butt, feeling the soft lace and the soft skin equally. He bent his head to kiss the pantie- covered butt. Then he licked across the material, down and around to where his wife was busy fingering their daughter. Taking Dianne's hand for a moment he licked Tabby's juices from her fingers before replacing it in Tabby.

Looking Dianne in the eyes he bent further down between Tabby's legs until he could kiss his wife. The kiss was full, their tongues meeting. A hand rested on Tabby's butt as he broke away from the kiss. As he stood back up he slipped the lace panties further aside, watching his wife fingering Tabby. Then he brought his large stiff 10-inch cock up to the teenagers opening.

Tabby gasped and lifted her head again as he eased the head into her dripping pussy. The gasp turned to a full on orgasm as the cock slipped further in. Tabby was calling out as he pumped the hard cock all the way into her. Her pussy grasping the hard member, squeezing it tight, causing Geoff to moan as the sensation swept him. Then he began to pull back, slowly, softly. Her orgasm eased and he was able to pump in and out a little more freely.

As he started fucking Tabby, she returned to her task at Dianne's pussy. The older woman was wet and slippery as Tabby slipped her fingers back in. "Oh yes love, yes," Dianne encouraged. "That feels so good, please keep going." Tabby did.

Geoff was getting harder with his strokes, pushing deep into the young girl. His moans were loud as he felt her tightness surround him. Still he could easily slip in and out on the wet hot pussy juice that she was producing. Dianne had continued to play with Tabby's clit as the huge cock shot in and out of the little pussy just above Dianne's face.

As Geoff's strokes got harder and faster so too did Tabby's licking. Dianne felt herself building, it was going to be a huge orgasm and she couldn't hold back. Suddenly she bucked up and down violently; Tabby had to move her face away. Diane started moaning loudly, almost shouting as wave after wave of sensation swept her body. Tabby felt her fingers almost trapped inside her mother as the older woman's pussy contracted.

Then Tabby felt her own orgasm build. "Oh, Daddy, oh," she called out. "I'm going to cum, Daddy."

"Do it baby, do it," Dianne called out. "Cum all over Daddy's big old cock."

Her young body shuddered, her pussy flooded with juice and her muscles contracted as she orgasmed. She pushed her hips back onto his huge cock, screwing them around as she went. "Oh Daddy, fuck me deep, fuck me, please."

That was too much for Geoff. With a long low moan he let his load go. Spurt after spurt of hot cum shot into Tabby. He held her hips, stretching her panties away from her body in some ritualistic scream. Then he let go, his cock falling back out. As it hung down Dianne quickly took it in her mouth, licking the hot jism from it. A big gob of cum dripped from Tabby onto Dianne's face; she licked that off too.

Tabby's panties flicked back into place only to fill with sticky cum as she stood up. Geoff had collapsed again into a nearby chair, his cock flaccid, lying against his leg. Dianne sat up, a glowing smile on her face.

"Um," Tabby said, mystified as to what would happen next. Quietly she retrieved her clothes and stood with them against her chest.

"I told Tabby that if she wanted money she had to earn it dear," Geoff said to his wife.

Dianne smiled. "Quite right dear," she replied. "Tabby from now on you will have to earn your way, do you understand?"

"Um, yes Mom," the girl replied.

"Good now go get cleaned up and we will decide how much you have earned today," Dianne said.

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