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Unlike many, or perhaps most, stories you may read on the net which state that they are true, this one really is. Only names, locations and minor details have been changed to protect those involved.

* * * * *

Anne's friend told me that she wanted to have a private conversation with her and they disappeared for a long time. When they came back Anne had changed her clothes. She was wearing jeans and a shirt, ready to travel. The lunch was delayed and when we eventually started back home it was getting dark. As a result of our previous evening's activities, mom went to straight to sleep and I drove in silence, only stopping to stretch my legs and refuel the car.

Anne was afraid of the last stretch. It would be 250 miles and the road was under construction for the last part. She didn't have any appointments the next day so we decided that best thing to do was to find somewhere to sleep and start again early the next morning. A guy at a gas station told us about a small hotel at the sea front some miles away.

We arrived there at sunset and it being an off-season Sunday afternoon we were the only guests. The hotel was nice and they gave us a room on the third floor facing the ocean. All the rooms had a large deck separated them from the surrounding rooms for greater privacy.

I was tired and took a quick nap until Anne woke me up for dinner.

We went downstairs and had a good seafood dinner and then went back to our room. Going out onto the deck. We looked out over the ocean with only the room lights for illumination. Mom was quiet and I guessed she was thinking of her previous night's adventures.

"Mark, there's something I want to tell you," she said, "that guy...well, he invited me to spent a weekend with him."

"That's OK," I said.

"Are you sure that you're not uncomfortable with that?"

"No, we already talked about it. I've just one question. Is he single?"

"My friend told me he is divorced but has a long-term relationship with a woman."

"Listen, I don't want to ruin your plans, but don't forget the last time you get involved with a married man. I'm not saying that you shouldn't do whatever you want, but just be careful. You're free to date anyone. There's nothing wrong if tomorrow, while we're travelling, or even at home, you find someone interesting. If you're looking for a stable relation you should look for someone that is as free as you are and can reciprocate it. I'm sure that you had enough experience of waiting for that man to find a space in his agenda or in his family affairs to be with you for a couple of hours once a while."

"You're absolutely right," was all she said. May be she was expecting more support from me but it wouldn't have been honest to give her a false opinion just to please her.

"Anne, I want you to give me a completely honest answer to this question: are you tired or bored with our relationship?"

"No! Not by any means," she exclaimed. "As a matter of fact I've never been so sexually satisfied. My only concern is about you. Sometimes I feel like I'm keeping you away from a normal life, dating girls; the kind of behavior one expects from a young man of your age."

"Mom, I wouldn't like to go over that again. I told you, I don't have any plans for a stable relationship. First of all I still have two years left at college, second, I don't see myself married and taking care of a bunch of kids. What's wrong with that?" She didn't answer. I came close to her and held her in my arms.

"This is a wonderful moment," I said, "why don't we enjoy it instead of talking about it so much? We could stay here till noon tomorrow instead of leaving early and go down on the beach."

"But I don't have a swimsuit, and neither do you.."

"That's no problem, you can wear panties and bra, they looked like a bikini. I can wear my shorts. You can leave a message with your secretary to say where you are."

After she'd thought about it, mom agreed enthusiastically to my suggestion. It seemed that I'd been able to get around the storm once more. I just doubted how many more times I would be able to do it. We started kissing each other with growing excitement and at the same time I begun to unbutton her blouse.

When the blouse was off I broke our kiss and at that moment, looking over her head to the huge boulder I saw someone moving. It seemed as if he was looking for a better position to see us. Instead of being angry that stranger was spying on Anne and I it increased my excitement. Without telling her about our audience, I unfastened her belt and pulled her jeans down. After another hot kiss I whispered in her ear:

"Don't look now but there's someone looking at us from over by the boulder."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh yes. I can see him moving so he can see us better. Do mind him watching us?"

"If you don't mind I don't mind either."

"He'll see you completely naked, do you know what I mean?"

"No bra, no panties, no nothing..." she answered with a sly smile. Putting her hands on my chest she pushed me backwards and with a sensual movement unclasped her bra. Then she placed her thumbs in the waist of her panties and very slowly pushed them down. It was clear that she was having great fun exposing her naked body to the unknown man behind the boulder, who must have had a great view.

Coming close again she grabbed my shirt and pulled it up in a rush. I held her in my arms again, feeling her hard nipples poking against my chest. We exchanged another kiss and then I began to kiss her breasts. In spite of her age her breasts were still firm, probably due to their not being too large. The small dark brown nipples were really hard. I took one in my mouth her body shivered as I sucked it avidly. I worked on her tits for a long time, taking special care with her nipples. I kissed downwards towards her belly, loving her soft skin, and inserted the tip of my tongue in her navel. Then, kneeling in front of her I parted her cunt lips. Immediately my nostrils were assailed by the exquisite scent from deep within her body; a unique mixture of urine, sweat and sex juice. Anne leant backwards, supporting herself with her elbows over the handrail. She opened her legs and bent her knees, pushing out her lower belly.

After enjoying the close-up of her cunt and smelling its wonderful odors I couldn't stand anymore and placed my mouth over her snatch. She held my head and pulled it against her. I worked on her pussy for a long time, alternating long licks from top to bottom with inserting my tongue in the crevice and sucking her small clitoris. Mom lost any restraint and was moaning and panting so loudly that anyone in the courtyard could have heard the sounds of her excitement.

She not only pulled my head against her body but also pushed her lower body forward and swayed it in a high sensual way. Her excitement made her body shiver uncontrollably in countless shock waves. I felt her body stiffen and a strange, hoarse sound came from her. It seemed as if she was on the verge of fainting as her body relaxed. I stood up quickly and held her in my arms. Her eyes were glazed, her mouth open and she was breathing heavily, like someone who had just emerged from a pool after a long swim. She placed the arms around my neck and I supported her weight on my body.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"Y-e-s... I'm ... My...God... you almost killed me," she said, still panting. "I've never had an orgasm like that. I don't think I can walk..." she added.

We stayed there exchanging caresses for some time. Anne was sated but I was still aroused, my dick aching inside my tight jeans.

"Let's go back inside." I suggested and, holding mom by the waist, we headed back to our room.

When we were there she said, "Wait a moment," and went back on the balcony. She returned holding her clothes. "Our show wasn't complete," she said. "He didn't see my front properly..."

I was already naked and pulled her over me on the bed. She grabbed my cock and began to suck it as if it was a lollipop, licking it from the top of the knob down to the base of the shaft, alternating her tongue with little bites.

"Let me drink your sap," she whispered, first taking the knob in her mouth and then the full length of the shaft. She accelerated the up and down movements of her head, combining it with hand strokes. It usually takes me some time to cum with a blow job but I was so excited that I felt the eruption from my balls and then it was flowing continuously into Anne's mouth. As usual she drank it all without missing a drop. After we were both satisfied she came close to me and I held her in my arms the way we did every night.

"Oh my God, I'm becoming a debauched woman."

"Why are you saying that?"

"Besides having a love affair with my own son I'm doing all the nasty things a normal human being considers unacceptable, things like we did on the deck."

"And what's wrong with that?"

"I don't know, and it really doesn't matter. It's interesting, I was thinking about it. With you I have a degree of freedom that I've never had before with any other men. I mean things like the way we talk, I was always very careful, I never asked to be " fucked" or said "fuck me in the ass". It was always "put it in me" or "take me from behind". With you everything seems so natural, not only the language but our actions as well. I don't feel uncomfortable or inhibited telling you about my past or sharing the things I'm doing such as last night. I remember the first time I told you about the things I have done. I said to myself: 'my son will start thinking that his mother is the worst kind of slut'. Then I figured that talking about my past wasn't any worst than giving my body to you!"

"You don't need to worry; I love you the way you are. There's nothing wrong with what we are doing. I don't care about what other people think, I'm happy and I believe you are happy too. That's what really counts. I love your stories. This afternoon when I was driving I started thinking about what happened yesterday and I came to a conclusion that it would be perfect if I could watch."

"Really? You would like to see me... having sex with someone else?"

"Yes, would be good. What do you think? Is it too crazy?"

"Oh, no! There's nothing wrong, if you like it...Do you know what amazes me? How similar our ideas about sex are. Yesterday, when you said that it would be all right for me to have sex with that man I was concerned with your behavior afterwards. The majority of people are very possessive about their partners, only a few are capable of enjoying sex to its fullest extent and the reason is, one must get rid of some ancient rules. It is not easy, for me it was very difficult to understand at first."

"And how did it happen?"

"I know that you are going to be surprised. It was that man I told you was my great love!"

"You're right. It's hard to believe."

"That's the beauty of it. He taught me how to separate love and sex. For him you love just one person but sex is a physiological necessity, like breathing or eating. One day we were talking and he said that since he traveled very often it was OK if, instead of masturbating to satisfy myself, I looked for someone else to do it. In the beginning I was very upset with him and we almost broke up. I was seventeen, deeply in love with him, and it wasn't easy to understand. The other think I learnt form him was how to discuss a subject in a theoretical level. It very much helped me in my job. We returned to the subject a couple of times and one day he challenged me. He said that I should have an experience and then I would see for myself if was able to do it or not. I reluctantly agreed and we didn't mention the subject for some time.

"One day, he asked me to come to his apartment on a certain afternoon. There he introduced me to his best friend, the helicopter pilot that died on the same flight as him. After the introductions he explained to me why his friend was there and asked if I was ready for the test. You can understand my embarrassment but I agreed. He left the apartment saying that he would be back in a couple of hours. To cut a long story short I had sex with his friend and afterwards he and I had one of the hottest sex sessions of our lives. He make me promise that I would try to do it by myself."

"And your lover?"

"It was completely different; I have it very clear now. He never loved me, he was a frustrated man, married to a woman that never fully satisfied him and at a certain moment he found someone willing to do it."

We were both tired and mom come close to me. I turned off the lamps and we went straight to sleep, soothed by the sound of the wind and waves.

* * *

As usual I woke up earlier than mom. I enjoyed those moments because they were a unique opportunity to look at her. When she was awake she didn't like it, saying that I would notice the wrinkles around eyes. I always replied that the few wrinkles added beauty to her face. We'd slept with all the windows opened, the room was enough light to allow me a long and close examination of that wonderful woman peacefully asleep in her glorious nakedness. I thought about all that happened in the last two days and that was enough to cause an immediate hard-on.

I then start kissing her face and massaging her tits. Slowly she opened her eyes and I pressed my lips against hers. I rolled over her body and pointed my prick at her pussy. In spite of being dry her vagina engulfed my dick until it was deeply embedded in her body. I did my best to make our sex session last as long as I could. I fucked my mother's ardent sex box slowly and we exchanged kisses and caresses until neither of us could stand anymore. Anne had had several orgasms when eventually I poured my semen into the deepest of her womb.

After breakfast we bought suntan oil and borrowed an umbrella and an icebox from the hotel and headed for the beach. There was no one around; but even so we decided to walk a quarter of a mile from the hotel. A tall sand dune separated the beach from a shallow saltwater lake so we didn't think we'd be disturbed. Anne said she was OK with someone spying on her providing there was a safe distance between them! Her panties looked enough like bikini bottoms but my briefs were clearly not swimming trunks! I spread oil over her body and she did the same with me. It was a hot day and after a while we decided to bathe. Once soaked, her underwear became almost transparent, also the elastic in the waistband wasn't strong enough and every time she was hit by a wave her panties slid down, partially uncovering her butt.

"Why don't your take them off," I said on the way back to the umbrella, "It doesn't make much difference."

"OK, but you must promise not to misbehave. It would be hard to explain if someone catches us fooling around here!" I promised and she took off the panties.

"I didn't know you like to show off your body!" I said.

"Well, there is nothing wrong with it. It's good to know there's someone enjoying the sight of your naked body."

"And do you do it very often?"

"Sometimes, but never at home."

"And why not at home?"

"Sometimes it can be dangerous. I friend of mine once called me. She was very scared. She told me that she was in the habit of walking about nude at home without closing the windows. Then she began to get calls from a woman threatening her, saying that if my friend didn't stop exhibiting her body to the woman's husband she would throw acid on her.

"When was the last time you did it."

"Not long ago, when I was travelling on business. I was checking in at the hotel and the woman at the front desk, after giving me the key, advised me to take care since the men in the an apartment building across the street used to spy on the guests, so I would be better if I kept the curtains closed. When I came back from my work I remembered the advice. With the lights off I looked through the curtains and, as she'd said, there were several men at the windows opposite with their lights off. There was even one who had a telescope! I decided to have some fun and opened the curtains, pretending not noticed the men, and turned on the lights.

"To tease them as much as I could I remove each peace of clothing slowly. I walked about without my blouse, then took off my skirt and panty hoses then, to their frustration, I went to the bathroom! After a long shower I returned to the room wrapped in a towel, let it fall and showed off my naked body. I stayed naked for a long time because I decided to call your grandma and she talks endlessly as you know. I laid on the bed and rolled over several times giving them an eyeful of both sides of my body. I'm sure that day they were rewarded for the times everyone else closed the curtains."

It was very hot and we were sipping sodas. Suddenly mom said, "I'd better go to water, I need to pee..."

"Why don't you do here?"

"Do want to see me do it?" I nodded and she sat on the edge of the towel, her torso supported by her arms, her legs apart. Her pussy was tight in spite of having had three children but sitting in such a position her cunt lips were parted, showing a little bit of the pink inside. After some moments a weak stream started to dribble from her then quickly it became a strong flow and she pissed for a long time. Afterwards she wiped her pussy with the towel.

"Do you have another man who you could have an adventure with?" I asked her.

"Maybe, I'm not sure."

"And who is he?"

"One of my clients, we've been working together for over a year."

"Why do you believe he is a potential lover?"

"Intuition, experience I suppose. I've caught him looking at me several times and he almost always goes red in the face. His company's headquarters are in another city and every time he comes to ours he calls me to make sure I'll be there. It's funny because in our first meeting we had a big argument. He said I was wrong about a clause and I wasn't. But after that we've had good dealings."

"Do you like him?"

"Oh yes, he is very interesting. Younger than I am, maybe late thirties, early forties. A little bit shy but I'm sure that if I give him a chance he would grab it."

We chatted for a while until she decided to take another dip in the ocean. After looking around for any strange men she stood up. She stepped slowly over the soft sand, her ass swaying in a very sensuous way, quite different from the way she usually walked in her high heels. She gave me another unforgettable view when she came out . Her body was lightly tanned and glistened wetly under the sun. I couldn't resist standing up to hold her in my arms. She put both arms around my neck and leant her body against mine.

"You know that you looked like a goddess emerging from the sea?"

"Really? You're so sweet!" I kissed her lightly in the lips and she clung to me, her rock hard nipples trying to puncture my chest. She slowly rubbed her lower belly against my crotch.

"Anne, I love you!" I told her.

"I love you too and you don't know how much I like it when you call me Anne. I feel like another woman, not your mother, just your girlfriend, your lover..."

"I was thinking about that," I said, "there are three different Annes: the sweet mother that took good care of me when I was young, the serious attorney, and the third one, my favorite, when you're hot and horny. Sometimes I hate the fact that I'm your son."

"Why? What's wrong with that?"

"If you weren't my mother I would like to marry you and put a baby inside your belly."

"We both know that's not possible," she said and I heard a bit of anger in her voice, though she didn't stop grinding her belly against me while we spoke. In spite of making me promise to behave she was doing her best to arouse me.

"Why don't we go back to the hotel, there's a couple of things that I want us to do together," I said.

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