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When my cousin Ginger came to stay with us I can't say I was too happy about it at first, she was a spoilt obnoxious brat when she was a kid and as an 18 year old she didn't seemed to have improved much, in fact if anything, she had got worse.

Ginger thought the world revolved around her, her parents fault really, they had spoilt her rotten and they realised it far too late.

It was in desperation that they turned to my father, asking him to help them with Ginger because they didn't know who else could help them.

Ginger was rude, obnoxious, stayed out all hours, was probably having sex with God knows who and didn't know the meaning of money or helping around the house and as for her manners, she hadn't said please or thank you for years.

My Dad is an easy going man, he married young and was widowed young, I'm his only son, I'm 20 now, and I was born when he was 18 so he is only 38, we are more like brothers than father and son, his fair hair hasn't even turned grey, only the crinkles around his deep blue eyes give away his real age.

We're both fit in body, tanned and well muscled, him because he is running a small farm single handed, me because I am a Deputy Sheriff in town.

Ginger was my cousin on my mom's side, her father was my mom's older brother and even after mom's death, they kept in touch with us, which was nice except for their obnoxious offspring, Ginger Snaps as her parents affectionately called her or Ginger Bitch as I termed her after one visit in which she threw temper tantrum after temper tantrum if she didn't get her own way.

I knew my Dad didn't like her much, I could tell though he didn't say anything, his in-laws adored their only child, and he was fond enough of them not to say anything that might offend.

When Mike his brother-in-law phoned him that fateful day I was drinking my coffee at the breakfast table in the kitchen and I heard only side of the conversation but I pretty much got the gist of it.

Mike wanted my Dad to help him with Ginger, he was desperate, the girl was going off the rails and she was just 18 and it wouldn't be long before she into serious trouble with the law because she was drinking whilst underage and had probably dabbled with some drugs, though he was not sure.

I heard my father give some advice and then I heard him say in that curiously odd voice that means he has something up his sleeve other than his arm.

"Okay Mike, she can come here to stay, but I deal with her my way, you and Becky leave her with me for a month and I can pretty much guarantee you will have a changed daughter when she comes home."

I remember thinking that he was making a pretty tall promise but then I remembered that my Dad never made promises he couldn't keep.

He turned at that moment and our eyes met, blue onto blue, and he smiled at me.

I knew then that Ginger was going to be in for rough time but I didn't feel sorry for her, she had reaped what she had sewn and if I knew my Dad it would interesting to see how he "broke" her in, my father might be conventional in a lot of ways but in others he is quite imaginative.

As you can imagine Ginger was not happy to come to stay at our remote farm for a whole month in summer. Not she the spoilt little city girl who had the world at her fingertips but was too selfish and self centred to realise it.

Also she had been made to leave her cell phone at home, had her allowance cut off for a month (my Dad had stipulated this) and was told if she didn't go and stay with her Uncle Dutch for a month, she'd loose her European holiday that her parents had planned for her next year.

It was one pissed individual we picked up from the Greyhound station. My father had also made his brother-in-law send her the cheapest and most uncomfortable way possible to our farm, so she was hot sticky and resentful when she finally arrived.

I had taken a couple of weeks off work to see how my father was going to deal with Ginger Bitch.

I wasn't sure if he could manage her but I changed my mind within twenty minutes of us being in the truck heading for the farm.

Ginger had barely said hello to us and neither of us had offered to help carry her suitcase to the car, I would have done as I have been bought up to have good manners but Dad told me I wasn't too, she had to carry it herself to the truck which pissed her sorely too.

She was red faced, smelt of sweat and smoke but she was still as pretty as a picture despite this, at 18 she was a tall, slender girl, with a pair of large firm breasts that she obviously took pride in along with long red curly hair, freckles galore, a round face, bright green eyes and a large accommodating mouth.

She glared at me and my father as she climbed into the truck, she said nothing at first but Dad said nothing either.

He didn't even greet her in fact, just motioned her to follow us to the truck. I said nothing either, once again my father's instructions.

I think this took her a bit by surprise, her parents had warned her that Uncle Dutch wouldn't be as nice as they were, but he had said nothing nasty to her.

She sat next to him in the truck and I was on the other side of her, wondering what was going to happen next.

Like I said it happened twenty minutes into the journey, when the silence got too much for her she said in a peevish voice.

"I didn't want to come here!"

"We didn't want you here either," my father's voice was direct and clear and I almost laughed though I kept a straight face.

She was outraged by his reply.

"Well I don't want to fucking stay at some shitty farm with two hicks who can't even talk properly!"

She didn't expect my father to slap her in the mouth, he did it without taking his eyes off the road, slapped her mouth so hard her head jerked back and her upper lip began to swell.

I don't know who was more shocked, me or Ginger.

"Dad," I heard myself say but my father's voice was hard as he said.

"Keep out of it Rusty, or do you want one yourself?"

It was not an idle threat, I grimaced, I might be 20 years old and a police officer but even I wouldn't take on my Dad.

"You hit me." Ginger's voice was filled with shock, she was too shocked to cry right at that moment and my father smiled then.

"Yes I did," he said as we bumped down the road the long stretch of road that would eventually lead to the farm and Ginger's home for the next four weeks, "And if you speak like you did just a moment ago, I'll do it again, only I'll use a belt instead, and wrap it around your lily white city ass."

"I'll tell my Dad," tears began to fill her large green eyes and I almost felt sorry for her but I kept my face neutral, my father loved me dearly but if I interfered, I'd rue it and we both knew that.

"And how will you do that?" my Dad in his easy going voice, "You have no phone, and the phone at home has been switched off, your mother and father have put you in my hands for a month, they are going on a cruise for a well earned rest, they deserve it, with a daughter like you, they need more than month's holiday in my opinion!"

I think Ginger would have sworn at my father even more but she caught the look in his eye, he meant it about the belt around the ass so all she could do was seethe and sulk all the way to the farm.

My father had cleared out the utility room that was next to the kitchen and put a mattress on the floor for Ginger to sleep on with a couple of blankets and a pillow.

The expression on Ginger's face was comical to say the least when she was shown her bedroom.

"I can't sleep in there!" she cried out, her face going ashen, "You're joking, aren't you?"

My Dad wasn't joking, he wasn't joking about the bucket she had to piss in each night either that was in a corner of the utility room, because she was going to be locked in there after she had finished her chores.

"You can't do this," Ginger said, her eyes wide and horrified and she stepped backwards, almost tripping over her heavy suitcase that she had dragged in with her.

My father smiled again and said, "You can sleep in there," he said, "Or in the barn, make up your mind."

"There are rats in the barn," I heard myself say and she went whiter in the face than she already was.

My father gave me an approving look but Ginger wasn't without some sass.

"I won't sleep in that fucking shit hole!" she yelled, "You can't make me, and I won't sleep in the barn either!"

Big mistake, you don't yell or swear at my Dad, and get away with it, he didn't slap her face this time, he just grabbed her around the waist, swung her under his arm, and then sat down on a nearby chair and yanked her wiggling body across his knees.

I watched mesmerised, as he dragged her short tartan skirt over her plump pink bottom, and pulled her Victoria Secrets thong down and then he slapped her ass with such a cracking slap, I actually jumped back and almost fell over the breakfast table.

If you think I was shocked, you should have seen the expression on Ginger's face, her eyes shot open, the scream in her mouth became a shriek of pain and she bucked on his lap.

I felt a strange stirring in my groin, almost like a pinching warm sensation that throbbed, I felt immediately guilty, because I was watching my cousin get her ass tanned and I was turned on!

My Dad's hand rose and fell for what seemed and age, by the time he had finished Ginger's ass was as red as her hair, along with her red tear stained eyes, her snotty running nose and her gulping gasping sobs of total disbelief.

My father flipped her onto her feet and she almost fell over, her thong was still half way down her legs but she didn't have the strength to pull them up at that moment.

"Where are you going to sleep?" my father asked her calmly, he wasn't even out of breath and his voice was calm and easy going as usual, "Or maybe you'd like some more of what I just gave you?"

When she didn't answer at first, my father stepped toward her and Ginger stepped back, fear in her eyes.

"Where are you going to sleep Ginger?" he said in a dangerous voice.

"In the utility room," she croaked, she certainly didn't want another ass whupping that was for sure and she knew then that if she didn't answer right then she'd get another taste of her Uncle's Dutch's hand.

"Take your case in the room," my Uncle said curtly to her, "And go and sit on the stool I've put in there for you, I'll call you when it's supper time."

She had no choice and my Uncle shut the door, as she entered the dingy little room and she let out a yell as the door shut behind her, and she tripped on the mattress.

"Where's the light?" she howled and my Uncle calmly responded.

"You don't get one, you going to complain about that too Ginger?"

Silence preceded my Uncle's words. She wasn't going to complain, not then, she'd had the wind slapped out of her for the moment and she didn't know which way to turn.

I looked at my father askance.

"That constitutes an assault," I heard myself say and my father chuckled.

"It sure does son," he agreed in a deceptively amiable voice, "And she deserved every last slap, don't you think?"

She did, I couldn't disagree with that and then he added.

"Don't go feeling sorry for her yet Rusty, Ginger is a spoilt little bitch, and she has to learn to toe the line, she's going to learn it the hard way, but don't think she won't get some enjoyment out of it, I've met girls like Ginger before, fucked a few of them too, after your mom died of course, was always faithful to your mom."

I believed my Dad, he wasn't the lying sort of man though I was shocked at how easy it was for him to say he had fucked girls like Ginger in the past.

It was only later that evening I realised what he was telling me.

Ginger came out of the utility room when called, she was still red eyed from crying but she was still defiant, I could tell that.

My father made her sit on a hard chair at the table that made her wince when she sat down, he served us up some good hot home cooking but it was obvious my cousin's appetite was poor and she picked at her food, silent and resentful.

"You go to bed at seven each night," he said after we had finished eating, his words were directed at Ginger and her head shot up, she opened her mouth to protest, saw his hard blue eyes watching her and snapped her mouth shut, "You get up at six, you'll have chores all day on the farm, and if you so much as complain I'll give you more of what you got earlier, understand?"

She understood alright, but she was going to fight him all the way, she didn't know when she was beaten.

My cock twitched in my pants and then it hit me between the eyes when my father started clearing up the table.

Ginger wasn't only going to be doing chores on the farm; she was going to be doing chores for my father, literally, chores that included fucking along with everything else.

Don't tell me how I knew this I just did, I could have objected, could have said it was wrong but I didn't.

Ginger after all was only his niece by marriage, my mom's brother's daughter; she wasn't a blood relation, though by law that didn't matter, it was still seen as incest.

As a police officer I should have objected but I didn't, Ginger was going to go home a changed girl and my Dad was going to ensure that change was permanent, he'd break her in, in ways she couldn't even begin to imagine and I had a sneaking feeling that at some point my father would include me in his taming of my brattish cousin, and I have to admit, I wasn't going to turn him down, not even if I felt a tiny bit sorry for her because a hot fuck is a hot fuck and by God my cousin looked like she was going to be a hot fuck.

I was right of course and my father started that night. He locked a sullen faced Ginger into the Utility Room at seven, he let her use the downstairs bathroom to take a leak but it was the bucket throughout the night if she needed to take a piss and in the morning she had to empty it and wash it out, not a pleasant job for a girl who only has ever had to flush a lavatory in her whole life.

It was after midnight when I woke up, I heard some noises downstairs, I got up and saw immediately my father's bedroom door was wide open and his bed was empty.

I silently moved down the stairs one by one, as I did, the noises got a bit louder; they were coming from the utility room.

The door was shut, it was a solid wooden door and the room itself is fairly soundproof but it happens to be directly under my bedroom so it's not surprising I woke up when I did.

The door was locked but I put my ear to the door and listened.

" can't, I'll tell my Dad!" I heard my cousin's muffled voice and my father's soft chuckle.

"Do you think he will believe a little slut like you Ginger? Come off it, I told him you'd accuse me of having sex with you, you've done it before with some of his friends, he told me, he won't believe a word you say, he knows you're a liar, well now you'll be telling the truth and he won't believe you!"

There was the sound of tearing, and a cry of indignation from Ginger.

"That top cost $100!" she wailed and my Dad laughed and said.

"You can use it to wipe your cunt with it after I've finished fucking you and don't even bother to start screaming, Rusty sleeps like a log, he won't even hear you and he knows what a lying bitch your are, so he won't believe you if you tell him, he'll probably arrest you for lying to a police officer!"

My Dad knows I am a light sleeper, but Ginger doesn't, he also knows me well enough to know where my loyalty lies and after hearing what Ginger had done to some of her Dad's friends falsely accusing them of having sex with her, well she was getting a taste of her own medicine wasn't she?

"Please Uncle Dutch!" I heard her beg, "Please don't...oh my God...!"

I pressed my ear harder to the door, wishing I could see what was going on but I could imagine and my father's voice was like rich honey.

"You like having your clit rubbed don't you Ginger Slut? You like it to be rubbed this way!"

"No I don't!" my defiant cousin cried out but this was followed by a moan and then my father's voice.

"You can either put your hands over your head or I'll hold them there, the choice is yours, it will only hurt more if you struggle, okay, have it your way then!"

Obviously Ginger was going to struggle, I heard the sound of heaving breathing, grunting, not from my father, he is incredibly strong and he has the stamina of an ox, Ginger was just a weak assed city girl not used to being used in such a way so her arms were quickly forced over her head.

"Let's see if you like having your tits sucked!"

"Don't!" I heard Ginger say in a strained voice, my crotch was itching now and I had to slip a hand into my boxer shorts and start to stroke my cock.

I heard the sound of my father's mouth on Ginger's tits.

"You bastard!" I heard her cry out but five minutes later she was moaning, reluctantly moaning as my father's mouth and tongue forced her body to respond to what he was doing to her.

My father took his time with Ginger, I listened to him fondle, rub and kiss her, she struggled for a good while, even with her sore ass, she put up a good show but my father is like a relentless bulldozer and bit by bit he broke down her sexual defences.

Ginger was no virgin, because I heard my father laugh at one point and say.

"You're so wet down here Ginger Slut, not to mention well stretched, I won't have to be gentle, will I, but I don't think you like a gentle fuck, I think you like it nice and rough."

Ginger swore at him but it was done in a sobbing voice that was filled with reluctant desire.

"Let's get your legs over my shoulders, I think I know how to get your going further, let's see how your pussy takes to being eaten shall we?"

That did it for Ginger, I heard her let out a gurgling cry of "OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD, don't do that...oh shit, oh fuck, don't stop, I mean stop, OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!"

I think my father licked and ate my cousin's pussy almost to an orgasm and then I heard movement, a long agonised groan from my cousin and my father's voice, low but still audible.

"I'm going to fuck you now Ginger Slut and you're going to love every dirty single minute it of it!"

She didn't want too of course, my hand was rapidly moving over my cock, I was silent as I listened, I had a feeling my father knew I was outside the door but he didn't mind, I was part of this, the part of breaking in and taming Ginger Bitch or Ginger Slut as she now was!

Ginger's orgasm came quickly, she was almost there already from my father eating her pussy, and she bucked, screeched and howled in pleasure despite herself.

"OH GOD ALMIGHTY!" I heard her wail over and over again, "I'M COMING, I'M FUCKING COMING!"

With her orgasm I came too but more quietly and with a soft groan of pleasure.

I came in my boxer shorts but I didn't mind, it was worth it just to listen to my cousin get her rocks fucked off with the help of my Dad.

And I slipped away before my Dad came, because I had a feeling he'd leave Ginger on her cum soaked mattress after he's come inside of her and go back to his bed, and Ginger would cry herself to sleep, not because he was upset but because she had enjoyed being fucked by her Uncle Dutch, not only enjoyed it in the end but participated totally and utterly despite her protests to the contrary.

The next day my father got Ginger up at six as he had promised, he soon had her mucking out the barn, feeding the chickens, collecting eggs, shovelling up horse shit and taking it to the manure pile half a mile away along with doing as many of the dirtiest jobs that he or I usually did.

The designer outfit she had foolishly put on when she had got up soon look like a shit smeared dishrag, her red hair was dishevelled, and she stank to high heaven with all the filthy chores he had set for her around the farm.

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