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Once more, Jenny attempted to twist her arms enough to free herself but the bindings were just too tight. At the same moment her Father was making the most difficult decision of his life, all Jenny could concentrate on was the numb, burning sensation in her shoulder blades as her Father's fingers pressed against her clammy flesh.

"Don't look down... don't look down... just don't look down," Jenny repeatedly begged of herself, desperate not to have to stomach the sight of her Dad's continued advances.

Of all the things swirling around Jenny's tortured mind, there was one glaring item that she simply couldn't bring herself to face. And that was the one thing Rusty Borland couldn't peel his hawkish gaze away from.

It was the clear and unquestioned sight of his Daughter's now fully flowered vagina, blossoming like a perfect pink orchid between her girlish thighs. Holding his hand less than two inches from Jenny's strangely steaming slit, Rusty flexed his fingers, savoring the warmth pouring out against his sizzling pores.

"Somehow... someway... she's turned on by this too," Rusty blankly realized, trying to work up the courage to make the next move.

Before he could muster the fortitude to act however, Jenny inadvertently beat him to it.

Aroused in a way she could have never contemplated, Jennifer Borland hugged her naked thighs together, in what she thought was an attempt to keep her legs from falling asleep, but in the process she ended up snaring her Father's right hand, directing it perfectly into the sloshing pool of her aroused womanhood.

"GURRGGAAHHH," belted in unison from each of their lips as the wet, sloppy sounds of Jenny moistened genitals caressed her Father's embedded hand.

"She... did that... on purpose," a distant and shaken voice deep within Rusty's psyche murmured.

Feeling the soft flesh of Jenny's inner thighs constrict around his wrist, Rusty's knees buckled to the point that he had to cast his free hand out against his Daughter's shoulder to keep from falling forward.

"OHHH... SHIT," the older man growled, feeling his head start to swim with every inch forward his probing fingers dipped into his little girl's churning depths.

A primal, gutteral groan bellowed out from Jenny's insides as well as she tensely waved her head from side to side, the whole time trying to keep her balance as she choked her Father's hand further up between her naked thighs.

Corkscrewing his fingers deeper inside his Daughter's swollen cunt until the froth of her strange arousal was gushing to the surface, Rusty felt his stomach start to burn as he locked his gaze onto Jenny's contorting face.

"Oh... God," both jointly mouthed, each studying the other's guilty expression.

Rusty could hear the sounds of Jenny's bedframe begin to creak under the strain of her bindings, and just for an instant he thought again of freeing her, but the molten grip of her vagina on his hand was too much to rebuke.

"She wanted to let Shane fuck her like this... she... wanted... to be tied to the bed like this. Look deep into her eyes... she wants you to fuck her like this," Rusty surrealistically marveled.

Twirling his fingers like a runaway odometer inside his little girl's tortured quim, Rusty hung on every breath Jenny took and started to feel an overwhelming urge to taste her tender flesh.

In an almost robotic move, Rusty guided his free hand up to Jenny's right breast and squeezed it like a succulent, superheated water balloon between his fingers at the same time he bit down on the nape of his Daughter's soft neck.

"URRGGHH... SSSHHH... AAHHYYESSSSS," Jenny hissed when the simultaneous sensations of her Father manipulating her cunt, groping her breast and roughly kissing her neck all collided within her brain's synapses at the same moment.

"OOHHH," Rusty shuddered, feeling his heart beat like a bass drum as the texture of his Daughter's liquefied arousal soaked into the skin of his right hand at the same time the jiggly weight of one of her breasts trembled in his left.


"Daddy... No.... Daddy.... No... Daddy... No Daddy... OHHHHH," Jenny spasmed wildly when her Father gently removed his soothing mouth from the reddened swath of her neck.

Several moments of excruciating silence passed inside the darkness of the young girl's mind until a sharp and flaming sliver of sensation rippled through her body.

"OH Daddy... OHH... Daddy... OOHH FUCK DADDY," Jenny whimpered desperately, the moment her Father's tongue penetrated the lips of her swollen and buzzing vagina.

Clamping her legs even tighter around his now buried face, Jenny felt the tears of lurid joy seeping from her eyes, drip off her cheek, down on top of her Father's bobbing head.

The gurgling and churning sounds of Rusty Borland's mouth delving into his Daughter's deepest and most private of depths echoed throughout the teenager's bedroom as she frantically fought to keep her quivering legs from collapsing under the cosmic weight of her Father's oral assault.

""OOHHH... AAHHH... AAHHHH... SSHHHIITT... AAAHHHHHH," Jenny yelped out, twisting her head back and forth until it looked as if it her exhausted shoulders were playing tennis wth it.

Looking down through the tear stained distortion coloring her eyes, her arms still extended crudely out and binded to each side, it looked to Jenny as if her Father was somehow on his knees, ravenously worshiping the temple of her womanhood as she genuflected above him.

"AARRGGHH... AAAHHHH... GGGRRRAAHHHH... OOHHH... MMMAAAAHHHH," the teenager grunted over and over, rocking in crude circles on her bare feet, thrusting her crotch against her Father's darting tongue as if she was using her cunt to fuck his face.

"No... you can't... Noooooo you can't.... Nooooooo... you can't let him do this to you... you can't... you can't... you can't... let him make you cum... you can't be... this easy to get off," Jenny scolded herself as she felt the ground begin to give way underneath her.

The sensation was simply too much for the overwhelmed girl to handle however. How often she had vaguely fantasized about such an act over the years since the lovely animal between her legs began having selfish desires and needs of its own. Thinking of using it with the man that had helped give her life was too abstract and unfathomable to have even cognitively comprehended.

Deep down however, Jenny knew that if it ever came down to it, her pussy in a way would always belong to him and after nearly 20 years, he had finally come to claim it.

And as her orgasm spread violently from her brain, down her spinal cord and into the flaming hot whirlpool of her gentials, Jenny sadistically bucked her crotch against her Father's face until she could clearly hear and feel the messy results sloshing like a tempest between them. ____________________________________

Rusty Borland's face was buried so far up inside his daughter's pussy that if it wasn't for the adrenaline pumping through his system, he would have most certainly been on the verge of suffocation.

Over the years of his sexual activity, he had grown accustomed to the taste of a woman's vagina, and even though his wife's nectar was all that he had sampled in quite a while, Rusty marveled at the subtly different taste and fragrance any two given women had.

Kneeling in front of Jenny's arched but severely trembling legs, Rusty couldn't get over just how similar his Daughter's sweet aroma and tangy heartiness was to her Mother's as the young girl's pussy quivered and gushed against his boaring tongue and chewing lips.

"Damn this is sooo good," Rusty beamed as he savored the exquisitely ripe nectar that flowed freely from his Daughter's spasming sex.

Rusty's face was pressed so far into Jenny's crotch that the thousands of curly hairs that constituted her pubic fleece tickled and teased his entire forehead and churning cheeks as he swallowed as fast as he could, trying desperately to ingest every bit of his Daughter's frothy release. It felt as if a humid, sticky paste had thickly coated Rusty's skin, from the neck up as he continued to swirl his tongue devilishly around her leaking honeypot.

Looking like a man that had just removed his head from a Baptismal pool, Rusty pulled back and breathlessly stared up at Jenny's disbelieving face above, feeling his heart flutter from the way she helplessly dangled in the restraints.

"You've got to take her lose now," His conscience implored. "You've gotten everything you could have hoped for... you've gotten everything you wanted!"

"No you haven't," another virile and more sinister voice abruptly interrupted. "Feel that log burning between your legs Rusty... you haven't gotten everything you wanted... not by a long shot!"

Kissing his Daughter gently on the inside of each of her chilled and bloodless thighs, with the same tenderness he used to kiss her 'Goodnight' on the forehead before putting her to bed, Rusty planted one last kiss directly on the steaming fissure he had just licked to orgasm before attempting to work his way back to his feet.

Inhaling as much of Jenny's sweet fragrance into his lungs as he could, Rusty fumbled with the fly of his business slacks as he scrambled to regain his bearings.


An almost subliminal gasp of air trickled out of Jenny's mouth when her Father's bulging penis sliced like a blunt pipe from the unzipped fly of his pants.

"AAAHH... YESSS," Rusty's prick seemed to sing as it swung freely in front of his Daughter.

Wrapping his right hand tightly around the throbbing slab of his endowment, Rusty felt an icy chill bristle down his spine as he watched the way Jenny's eyeballs followed his cock swinging side to side below. Jacking his manhood off gently for his captivated audience, Rusty proceeded with unearthly clarity and surreal calm the task he never imagined he'd have the opportunity to perform.

Taking a small step back to weigh the gravity of the situation, Rusty closed his eyes for a moment and uttered a private prayer before taking two full strides forward, until he was brushing up against Jenny's naked body.

Jerking the clasp of his pants free, Rusty briskly worked his slacks and boxers down to his knees, the whole time alternating his gaze from Jenny's youthful, but glazed over face, to the demure outline of her ripe bosom as it jiggled between them.

"Do... do you want me to... do you want me to fuck you Darling?" Rusty heard himself ask with almost sheepish politeness.

When the simple word ,"Yes", melted off of Jenny's tongue, Rusty felt as if every nerve ending in his body had imploded.

Stepping out of his pants, Rusty anxiously kicked them off to the side at the same time he ripped his dress shirt free from his arms. Standing completely naked now in front of his 19 year old Daughter, Rusty eased his hands up the length of Jenny's arms as if he was about to finally release her from her unforgiving restraints. Just as he was about to do it however, she somehow mustered every bit of energy left in her system and lifted her spent legs off the floor, wrapping them like a pair of long and lean white tentacles around her Father's back and waist.

Rusty Borland grunted loudly when he felt Jenny's legs constrict around his midriff.

"Fuck me just like this," the 19 year old dazedly begged, her arms still painfully outstretched to each side as she supported her weight around her Father's solid frame.

"You've already made me cum Daddy... bet its the only thing you can taste in your mouth right now... ain't it... now I want to make you cum... I want to make you cum... inside of me... Daddy," Jenny gruffly implored as she cinched in her calf muscles around Rusty's back.

"AAAHHH," Rusty spasmed loudly, his head shaking in surreal disbelief as his Daughter's tawdry words bleed from her mouth.

With nothing left now for each but to submit to the inevitable, another haunting and overriding silence enveloped Father and Daughter as they each explored the other's hungry eyes.

"I never thought I'd be getting ready to do this," Rusty's expression seemed to say as his Daughter gently nodded her head in silent agreement.

"You ready?" Rusty softly whispered.

"Yes," Jenny whispered back before nodding her head up and down.

With the final hurdle upon him, Russell Borland rotated his hips backwards, took the base of his cock between the fingers of his right hand and swung it's girth upwards toward the seering heat of his little girl's vagina.

"BBRRGGGHHHAAHHHHHH", Jenny gurgled when she felt the plowing weight of her Father's cock slice through the folds of her glowing and swollen sex.

"MMMMMPPPPAAAHHH," she purred out loud, wincing each time Rusty altered his position slightly to get just the right angle to stab his dick all the way up inside of her.

"OHHH... GODDD," the older man sighed with a mix of confusion and joy as he felt the sheath of his Daughter's vaginal muscles begin to massage the same penis that had 20 years earlier, helped conceive her.

"I'm inside of you... I'm inside of you.... I'm fuckin' inside of you," Rusty incoherently babbled as he held on to Jenny's clinging body for dear life.

His arms now extended all the way around Jenny's back, Rusty flexed his fingers wide in a wanton attempt to palm the suspended girl's fleshy asscheeks. Rusty could also feel the moisture from Jenny's cunt rapidly oozing out from underneath the crack of her ass as he held her there, the sloppy pungeance coating his fingertips to the point that it made it increasingly difficult to hold his grip on her.

"UUMM... AAAHHH... UUUMMM... AAAHHH... MMMMMMMMMMMMM... AAARRGGHHHHH," Jenny spastically shuddered, partially from the intense pounding her Father was giving her and partially from the debilitating exhaustion of her afternoon's ordeal.

"You're pussy feels so good Baby... Even better than I always dreamt it would," Rusty admitted into his Daughter's ear. "Can you feel me inside of you Baby... Can you feel my dick sliding in and out of you?"

"Yes... Yes... YESSS... DADDY... YESSS... I can feel you... Dammittt... I can feel you," Jenny cried in reply, burying her tearstained face against her Father's bare, hairy chest.

The plush carpet beneath Rusty's feet, the same carpet he had walked across hundreds of times to tuck Jenny into bed or help her with some mundane problem of adolescence, seemed to turn to quicksand as he fought to keep his balance as his Daughter roughly lurched her entire body against his impaling manhood.

"Give it to me... PLEASE... GIVE IT TO ME," Jenny breathlessly begged. "I can't handle much more before I pass out Daddy... hurry up... please... please... pleasseeee cum inside of me!"

"MMMMMMMMMM," Rusty moaned in return as the molten semen that churned inside his taunt testicles began its boiling voyage to the surface and the vacuuming hearth of his little girl's slurping quim.

"I'm gonna... I'm... I'm gonna... cu... cu... cu... CCUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," Rusty harshly growled, acutely aware the entire time he was in the process of sending jet after scalding jet of his thick ejaculate deep into the cyclonic sheath of his Daughter's brimming snatch.


Rusty held Jenny's body tightly in his arms for what seemed like an eternity, allowing the simultaneous feeling of her heartbeat against his chest and constrictions of her cunt around his spewing cock to build into a magical rhythm inside of every tissue of his body.

When he finally started to sense the mystical fog of what had happened had begun to lift, Rusty gradually lowered Jenny's shivering body back down to the floor until she had to once again flimsily support herself on her all but shot legs.

Rusty felt as if he could collapse into a spent heap as well but he galantly kept his base, doing the best he could to treasure the eye contact with his Daughter after the surreal encounter they had both just shared.

The words "I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry" kept filtering through Rusty's racked conscience although he just couldn't bring his quivering lips to say them.

"You did what you wanted... and... you did what she wanted... you dont have anything to be ashamed of," another inner voice convincingly replied.

A half hour after he had originally set out to free Jennifer's hands from the sadistic restraints her boyfriend Shane had placed her in, Rusty raised his heavy and undid each one of the knots that kept her limbs painfully extended.

"URRGGHH," Jenny gulped with tortured relief when she felt her numb arms fall free. An instant later exhaustion overtook her and she tumbled like a naked house of cards to the floor, into a nearly fetal position between her Father's feet.

Rusty could feel his Daughter's exhausted breath ricochet over and over against his calves and knees as she knelt there trying to rub the feeling back into her freed arms.

Staring down at Jenny's heaving body, Rusty's head swam when he focused on the way their joint secretions glistened on his half limp cock and when he inspected further, his partially deflated cock started the twitch back to life when he gazed between his Daughter's thighs and saw the way drop after drop of his deposited semen oozed free from Jenny's now gaping womb.

All the blood seemed to rush out of Rusty's head when he looked down and saw the way his seemingly spent cock was bucking back to life. Admiring the way his manhood glistened from the copious amounts of vaginal fluid that coated its girth, Rusty felt every nerve in his body tingle when he saw the way Jenny stared at his cock springing back to life, mere inches from her reddened face.

Before he could even gain his bearings, Rusty let out a low, guttural moan of lustful appreciation when he watched Jenny open her mouth wide and close her lips around his greasy but re-energized dick.

Feeling his Daughter quickly gobble down a good two-thirds of his throbbing joint, Rusty reached down and patted Jenny lovingly on the top of her head with one hand and rubbed her churning cheeks with the other as he stood there, freely allowing his little girl the chance to orally clean up the mess her pussy had left on his cock.

A chilling spasm then sizzled through Rusty's body as he lazily watched his only Daughter on her knees, servicing him. Even after the adrenaline of the original incident had subsided, Rusty could clearly feel his blood boil for the young girl slutting herself out between his legs, and from the earnest way it felt to him Jenny was going about her glorious chore, an unsettling excitement bristled inside of his psyche that the passion the two had tapped into was just the tip of a massive, life changing iceberg....


Thanks for taking the time to read it all!!

Copyright 2006 All rights reserved.

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