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Author's note: This story is fiction. All characters are over the age of 18. If you are offended by stories of explicit sex and/or incest, please hit the back button on your browser now.

Amber isn't the kind of girl that gets a lot of attention from a lot of guys. Don't get me wrong. She's not unattractive, but she doesn't give off a vibe that screams "good time." She's currently in college and is the kind of girl that was born to be a mother. She doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, loves puppies and little babies. You get the idea. At 21, she's the same age as me, but was born a couple of months later. Despite the fact that we grew up a couple hours apart, we saw each other often on weekends, and grew up fairly close. If only she knew how hot she made me. You might say that her conservative look leaves a lot to the imagination, and I have a very vivid imagination. I remember the first time I fantasized about her. We had spent the whole day out on the lake on a family vacation. While her little sister Josie had on the skimpiest of bikinis, Amber had on a suit that consisted of a halter top and hot pants. Sounds a little risqué, but believe me, as far as bathing suits go, this covered a lot. She didn't know it, but every time she lifted her leg to step over something, or scratch her foot, the hot pants would pull away from her leg, giving me little glimpses of the blond treasure that lay beneath. From that point on, she has turned up regularly in my naughtiest dreams. I never thought that those dreams might become reality.

As usual, our big family Christmas celebration was at my parent's house, a small three bedroom ranch house that was centrally located to our extended family. Amber's parents lived a couple of hours away, as did our common grandparents. Amber and I went to separate schools, both of which were a half-a-day drive away from my parents. Beds were short, so what usually happened was that my grandparents would get the spare bedroom, my aunt and uncle would get my old room, and my two cousins, Amber, her 18 year old sister Josie, and I would sleep in sleeping bags on the living room floor. We had done the same thing since we were toddlers, so none of us really cared to change it up despite the fact that we were all grown up now.

Unfortunately, plans had to change a bit since both Amber and I had forgotten our sleeping bags at school. When it was time to go to bed, we just laid out a big blanket for the two of us to sleep on, and laid two more on top of it to cover up with. It was a little awkward, but we were adults about it and decided that it would be the most comfortable way to sleep given the circumstances.

We all took our turns in the bathroom, getting ready for bed and putting on our pajamas. Amber's choice in nightwear was uninspiring. The visions of silk and lace, or even a feminine cotton, dancing through my head were quickly stamped out by the reality of a bulky sweatshirt and a pair of plaid flannel pajama pants. After putting on a pair of athletic shorts and a t-shirt, I said my good nights and slipped in beside Amber in our makeshift bed.

I couldn't sleep. I tried and tried and tried. Lying in the same "bed" as the object of all of my childhood fantasies proved to be too much. I just couldn't get to sleep. I wasn't the only one. Amber had been tossing and turning since we turned the lights off, and her last toss and turn had her lying with her back against my side. The mere presence of her body pressing up against mine gave me an instant erection, despite her frumpy bedtime attire. As my little head inflated, my big head started getting ideas. I was pretty sure that despite my inability to fall asleep, I had hardly moved since we lay down. Amber probably assumed that I was asleep. I decided to make a bold move. I reached down into my shorts and positioned my cock so that it was resting against my stomach. My shorts were tight enough to at least keep it vertical until I pressed it up against something else. I didn't intend to make it wait very long. Doing my best impression of a sleeping person rolling over, I turned onto my side and put my arm over top of Amber. I don't know how convincing I was, but the result was exactly what I was hoping for. I was now spooning my cousin. Our bodies were touching from head to toe, and my cock was neatly tucked between her ass and my stomach.

I laid still for a couple of minutes just taking in the feeling of having my erection pressed up against my cousins soft cheeks and hoping that she wouldn't wake up and roll away. When she didn't I got bolder. Once again trying to act as though I were just adjusting myself in my sleep, I shifted my weight. It would seem subtle to her, but the friction between her ass and my cock was anything but subtle. After she didn't move for a couple of seconds, I did it again. This time, she moved. I froze, ready for the worst. Her movement, however, was much like mine. She just shifted her weight a little bit, pushing her ass ever so slightly into my groin. Deep down in my imagination I wanted to believe that she had done it intentionally, that she liked the feeling of my cock rubbing against her ass, but I just couldn't bring myself to believe it. Never the less, I shifted my weight again. To my surprise, a couple of seconds later, she did the same. I tried it again, the feeling was incredible. A couple of seconds later she responded, pushing her ass lightly into my groin once again. I became bolder. Taking a deep breath, I slowly pulled her into me and ground my cock against her ass, holding it there tight. The response was beyond anything I had ever imagined. She began to slowly, but deliberately, rub her ass up and down my shaft. It was the most incredible thing I had ever felt. It was a miracle that I didn't erupt in my pants right there.

We went on like this for a couple of minutes, the pace and intensity increasing as we went along. I wanted to return the incredible feeling I had, so I slowly slid my hand down her belly to the valley between her legs, and with a slow, steady pressure, I began to massage my cousin through her flannel pants and underwear. Her hand moved down and wrapped around mine. I froze. Had I taken it too far? She slowly moved my hand up to her belly, and then to my surprise, began moving it back down. Together, our fingers found the waistband of her pants, and then moved underneath it. We reached another waistband, and then moved beneath it. She continued to steadily grind her bum into my crotch as my hand felt her wispy pubic hair for the first time. Its softness surprised me. I let my fingers run through it as they inched their way down to her soft folds. She responded by lifting her top leg and resting it upon mine. I now had open access to my cousin's pussy. I rubbed her clit with the palm of my hand as I covered her entire womanhood. We were now rocking back and forth in a steady rhythm, her rubbing her ass up and down my cock as I rubbed her soft pussy. Next I let one, and then two fingers slip into her sopping wet hole. She let out a slight moan, and for the first time I was aware of our surroundings. My younger cousin Josie lay sleeping only a few feet away. I didn't care. I let my fingers enter deeper into Amber's pussy. She must have remembered where we were as well because this time she stayed quiet. I had only been fingering her for a few seconds when I felt the two waistbands move down the back of my hand as Amber hastily pushed down her pants.

Not knowing if I should do the same, I continued to probe her cunt with my fingers. Her intentions became clearer when she reached between our bodies and began pushing down my shorts in earnest. Reluctantly I pulled my fingers out of her, and with shaking hands I pushed my shorts down to my knees. My bare cock was now resting against her bare ass. Once again, I became instantly aware of our surroundings and the fact that only a blanket was between my naked ass and my sleeping cousin Josie. I lied to myself that I was between her and Amber, and that if she woke up, she probably wouldn't notice anything. Not wanting to take anything farther than she did, I lay still and waited for Amber to make the next move. With her back to me and her top leg still resting on mine, she bent at the waste and moved her body up ever so slightly. To this point, we still had not spoken a word. She reached behind, took my manhood in her hands, and gently pulled me towards her until my purple head was surrounded in moisture. I needed no further instruction. I moved my body downward, and then slowly pushed myself up into my cousin until her steaming cunt was hugging my rigid cock. I had to stop and take in the incredible feeling of her tight, wet flower. We laid there for about a minute, and then I began to slowly pump in and out of my cousin. My fingers found their way back around to her clit, and I began to softly caress it as I worked myself in and out of my cousin.

As incredible as this all felt, with our awkward angle, I couldn't get my entire cock into her. I'm no more than 7 inches long, but with our position, I just couldn't get all the way into her. I needed to feel that heat all the way to my balls. I needed to feel our bushes entangling. I removed my hand from Amber's clit and slid it down her thigh. I met her pants and panties about halfway down. I moved her leg off of mine and pushed her pants down her thighs, past her knees, and then off completely. She knew what I had in mind and twisted so that she was on her back as I rolled on top of her. She bent her knees and spread her legs wide. We were still covered to our shoulders by a blanket, but if Josie woke now, there would be no doubt about what was going on. We didn't care. Amber once again reached for my cock and brought it to her opening. I slowly lowered my weight until I was in her...completely. Our eyes met for the first time, and without speaking our lips did as well. I licked her lips with my tongue, and gently her tongue began caressing mine. I began to work myself in and out of her, this time with as much speed and force as I though I could use without waking Josie. Our lips didn't part, but our gentle kissed was replaced by two mouths panting as we replaced our gentle lovemaking with fucking...we were fucking. Our pace and gasps increased, and when Amber let out a whimper, I knew we either had to get away from Josie or risk waking her up and being caught.

With all of the bedrooms occupied, I could think of only one place for us to go. There was a small bathroom that was conveniently located on the side of the house opposite of all the bedrooms. We could go there, Amber could do all the whimpering she wanted, and we wouldn't wake anybody up. Without saying anything, I pulled out of my cousin, and to make sure she followed me, I grabbed her pants and underwear and headed to the bathroom. She looked utterly betrayed that I had interrupted our session, but when I nodded my head in the direction of the bathroom, she looked over at her sister to make sure she was still sleeping and followed me.

I waited for her to join me in the bathroom, barely the size of a closet, and closed the door behind us. It didn't lock, but at least there was more privacy than on the living room floor. Nervously, I reached up and turned on the lights. With the lack of pants and underwear, the earlier bemoaned sweatshirt had become the most erotic thing I've ever witnessed. I almost blew my load from the sight. The sweatshirt came down and covered about half of my cousin's golden blond bush. With the hair on her head tousled and the hair between her legs matted down by our combined juices, she looked positively stunning. Her inner lips were peaking out at me from behind the matted bush, and I knew I had to taste her.

Without saying a word, I lifted Amber onto the small sink in the bathroom. She lifted her legs up and rested her heels on the edges. She was completely open to me. I dropped to my knees, and forgetting everything I had ever learned about pleasing a woman, I roughly licked her from her hole to her clit. I was a man possessed. I needed to taste every inch of her delicate flower and I tongued at her like she was an ice cream cone. I must have done something right because she began to utter soft, wordless moans. When I had gotten my fill, I stood up. I needed to fuck my cousin again. I took my pants down and stood in front of her. She knew what I wanted. For the third time that night, she grabbed my cock and placed my swollen head inside of her. And for the third time that night I pushed myself deep inside. I slowly worked my way in and out once again, but in no time at all, I had sped up to the most rapid pace we had achieved that night. She began to whimper and pant as I leaned in and kissed her. We mixed in rough kisses with hot breaths, never separating our lips.

As sexy as Amber looked wearing only that sweatshirt, I was filled with the desire to see all of her. She wasn't wearing anything underneath, so her feminine, petite breasts were exposed as I lifted her shirt. Her areolas looked like pencil erasers, from the size, to the shape, to the color, and they capped off puffy, quarter shaped nipples. I grinned as I bent down and began to tease her left nipple with my tongue. I worked it in circles around her little nub, and then began to suck. I reached up with both hands and squeezed both of her b-cups as I moved to her other nipple. This one I sucked on harder. This sent my lovely cousin over the edge. Her moans and whimpers turned to grunts as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in tight. She rested her hands on the sink be hind her, and lifted her ass off of the porcelain as she started to grind her clit against my pubic hair. She came hard and spasmed violently as her pussy began to pulse on my cock. The site of my innocent, school teacher cousin getting off so uncontrollably pushed me over the edge. Not wanting to impregnate my own flesh and blood, I managed to pull my cock out of her. She harshly pulled me back tight against her, but I managed to keep my cock from reentering her. Instead, it went up tight between my stomach and her now pouring pussy. She picked up right where she left off and continued to grind her clit up and down, now on the underside of my cock instead of in my bush. The feeling was incredible and after only a few of her thrusts, my first load shot a foot in the air before landing on her belly. The next few spurts were shorter and ended up tangled in her pubes. When we both had stopped shaking, I fell on top of her. We still hadn't said a word to each other and I saw no reason to start talking now. I did lift my head up enough to give her a long, slow, relaxed kiss.

We lay there uncomfortably on the sink for a few minutes, too tired to move, and just as I stood up to begin cleaning off, there was a knock at the door. And before either of us could say anything, the door opened. I'm not sure if Josie's eyes or mouth were wider...

To be continued...

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