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Authors Note: Thank you for the hundreds of e-mails I received after my first story and to those who asked – Yes the story is completely true – of course names, ages etc have been changed to protect the innocent (or should that be the guilty). I hope those who wrote to me also voted.

A large number of readers wanted me to continue the story which I now will however unlike my first story the following is only closely based on truth. The story is dedicated to Claref with the following "The believer of truth is the true believer"

* * * * *

The Story continues and is related as my Mother told it to me.

I lay in my bed naked thinking about the situation and what we could do to avoid scandal. The more I thought about Joel impregnating Erin the hornier I became. I began to rub my tits until the nipples stood out stiff and then moved my hand down to my cunt. I started to massage my clitoris until it too stood out stiff. I fingered my cunt that by now was dripping wet. Removing my hand from my cunt I reached into the top drawer of my bedside table and beneath my underclothes found my vibrator. I had purchased the vibrator after John died to satisfy my sexual desires.

Turning the vibrator on to a low speed I began to rub it around the outside of my vagina paying particular attention to my clitoris.

Increasing the speed and becoming more aroused I started to push the vibrator into my vagina. I started to moan as my orgasm neared "John, John why did you die and leave me" As I was about to cum there was a quiet knock at the door. My orgasm started to subside as I said "Come in". The door opened and Joel entered the room dressed only in his pyjamas.

"Mom" he said "I know that this is a disappointment to you but you must understand that Erin and I love one another" I took Joel in my arms and started to hug him. "I do understand, darling, it is perfectly natural for people to engage in sex when they love each other"

Joel and I talked for a while about what we were going to do when the baby arrived and then he said "Well I am going to bed now and as our secret is now in the open Erin and I will be sharing the same bed from now on.

After Joel had left I returned to getting myself off with my plastic friend, wishing all the time that someone was in bed with me and fucking me as he was no doubt Joel was doing to Erin at that moment.

Running the vibrator up and down my cuntal split from the opening of my vagina to the hooded area of my clitoris. I began to think back to when I turned 18, several months before I met John.

It was my birthday party and I was now legally able to drink alcohol (not like some other countries where the legal age is 21). I had quite a few drinks during the evening and was very merry. At about 1am when most of the guests had left my father said that he would drive my girlfriend, Melanie home to another suburb about 20 kms away. I volunteered to keep him company. After dropping Melanie off at her home we began the return voyage to our house.

When we were about halfway home I felt that I was going to be sick and I asked my father to pull over. Getting out of the car I stood on the roadside verge retching.

My father got out of the car and stood behind me holding me around the waist as my stomach reacted unfavourably to the alcohol that I had consumed. I felt my Father's hand reach up and cup my breast causing my nipple to erect. It felt so good that I thought that I would pretend that I was more drunk than I actually was to see where this would lead.

I leaned back against him and felt his erection pushing against me. As he manipulated my nipple I reached back and began to rub his cock on the outside of his trousers.

With his free hand he undone his zip and pulled his cock out so that I could have better access to it. He then lifted my dress and pulled my g-string panties down and took his hand from my tit and started to rub and finger my by now well lubricated cunt. I leant forward slightly and reaching behind guided his cock into my cunt.

He started to fuck furiously and only took about two minutes before he came depositing what felt like a cupful of jism into my receptive cunt. Wiping himself he returned his now flaccid cock back into his trousers and hugged me telling me how much he loved me. I put my g-string into dress pocket and we headed home.

Mother was in bed but still awake when we returned home and I stood talking to her in the bedroom. I was telling her in a slurred voice that the party and the night was the best time that I had ever had. While talking to Mom I could feel my father's jism oozing from my cunt and running down my leg. I wished my mother Goodnight and headed to the shower where I masturbated to an orgasm, which I did not reach when my father was fucking me.

The next day at breakfast my father asked how I enjoyed the evening and I told him that it must have been good because I drank too much and could not remember much of it. You could see my father visibly relax thinking that I could not remember what had occurred.

Thinking back to this night and the events that unfolded I could feel my orgasm building and as it was about to reach its peak I pushed the vibrator into my dripping vagina. I had often read of female ejaculation but had never experienced it until this moment. I came with such a force that the fluids erupted from my cunt in much the same manner as jism from a cock. My cunt was covered and wet from my ministrations and after I had come down from my orgasmic high I left my bed to have a shower to clean and dry myself.

Returning to my bed I slept soundly until 9.00am the next morning. About three months later I met John and after a few dates we started our sexual relationship. John was a good lover and we would fuck whenever we had the chance, before we knew it I was three months pregnant with Erin.

Of course both of our parents were not too happy about the situation but agreed readily when we decided to get married. Hasty arrangements were made and set the date for two weeks hence.

My wedding day arrived and John and I were to be married by a marriage celebrant at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Laying in bed at 8am I heard my Mother rise, shower and leave the house for her hairdressing appointment at 9 a.m. For no particular reason I lay in bed gently rubbing my clitoris and suddenly I was extremely horny.

I got out of bed and dressed in only a sheer nightdress I went to my parents room where my father was sitting in bed drinking his morning cup of coffee.

"Good Morning sweetheart" my father said and I leaned forward to give him a kiss on the cheek. "Daddy" I said "Would you do something for me" "Of course" he said "you know that I would do any thing for you"

Pulling off my nightdress and standing naked before him I asked "Would you please fuck me" With this I got into bed with him as I knew that he slept naked and would be naked under the blanket. My father was taken aback by my actions and my request to be fucked by him. He was suddenly silent and I thought that I would help him make the decision. "Daddy" I reminded him "Remember six months ago when we were coming home from taking Melanie to her house and you fucked me by the side of the road, I wasn't as drunk as you thought.

My father pulled me close to him and I could feel his pubic hairs tickling my belly. I could feel his cock starting to get stiff and I wriggled down in the bed and took it in my mouth and began to suck him in and out of my mouth. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh he moaned, that is so good but don't do it too much if you want me to fuck you.

He pulled me up in the bed and turned me on to my back and got between my legs, lifting my legs he placed them on his shoulders and came up over me. This action resulted in my arse lifting slightly off the bed and my cunt raised and open waiting to be fucked.

He placed the head of his cock at the opening of my cunt and gently pushed in, once lubricated his tempo increased his thrusts being met by mine. Suddenly I could feel my orgasm rising and I started to call out " yes, yes daddy fuck your daughters wet cunt, ohhhhhhhhh fuck I'm coming. Daddy said "I'm coming too" "Daddy", I cried out "Cum in your wicked daughter's cunt as I'm pregnant I can't get any more so"

We lay in each others arms for a short while and then went and showered together where we fucked again.

Before we knew it the time for me to leave to have my hair done arrived and the rest of the day was just a blur. That night after our wedding I lay beneath John as he fucked me I kept my eyes closed and thought it was my father fucking me.

As I lay in bed musing about these past and present events I began to wonder

"IS INCEST HEREDITARY - my Father and I, my son and his sister and I wondered what it would be like if Joel fucked me. But then that is another story.

Copyright 2006 All rights reserved.

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