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I left my sister at the park so I could get to work. It rolled around in my head how she had apologized for being a bitch to me all these years and belatedly I realized that she had actually been pleading with me and I had in effect pushed her aside because I was unsure how to react. Later I found that as soon as I left her she went immediately to my apartment to talk to the girls. She had already checked out of her hotel room and had planned on heading home after she visited with Tina and Tammy. I later found she changed her plans.

I arrived home from work that evening and found the girls dressed to play "the game" each was wearing the leather harness outfits and holding a riding crop. I loved how those outfits framed their tits and bare pussies. It gave me and instant hardon. The distraction of the outfits is probably why I did not immediately notice the woman who was on her knees between them. She had her head bowed till it was almost touching the floor. For a second I thought Stacey had dropped by but I realized that it was not Stacey's light brown hair I was seeing. He face was obscured and I did not recognize the rest of her. All I could see is that she was naked except for a wide leather belt around her waist and the handcuffs that chained her to it at either side.

Tina spoke. "Good evening Master. We have a new slave for you to train this evening. She has been bad and claims to deserve punishment. But we explained that only you can decide that. She is awaiting your judgment."

I decided to play along and find out who the girls had found for us. Never in my wildest dreams was I ready for what I found. I answered her. "Well what has the bitch done to be punished? Speak to me bitch."

At that command I heard her voice "I have treated my brother badly and abused his love. I am the lowest form of life and deserve to be beaten bloody." Then she raised her head and looked me in the eyes. I already knew from her voice but seeing the face was confirmation. Jen, my sister, kneeled before me naked and chained.

Now for the first time ever I called "STOP". I stood there looking at her and she looked at me and said. "Please not STOP. I need to do this. I need it." She pleaded.

"Do you realize what you are asking? Do you understand what punishment is and that it is real? Real pain! Have you ever played before, ever?"

"No I never have and yes Tina and Tammy explained in great detail what could happen and the rules. I understand about punishment and I also understand rewards. They explained that too. I am here tonight, to be trained and treated however you decide to treat me. To punish me like I deserve or to reward me. I am yours."

I turned to Tina. "Did you explain everything and were you explicit? You do know that if there was any misunderstanding I will be very upset!"

Tina answered without hesitation, "Yes Master. We explained it in detail and tried to talk her out of it but she pleaded with us. I told her in the end it would be up to you."

I looked at Tammy, "What have you to say?"

She looked me in the eye and answered. "Just what Tina said. It's what Jen wants."

I considered for a minute then kneeled in front of Jen and looked into her eyes. "You're my little sister I don't know if I can do this. I 'm supposed to protect you."

She very quietly pleaded. "Please try. I need this."

I stood and said "Ok we try."

All three of them smiled at me and Jen mouthed Thank you before she put her head back down to stare at the floor.

"Is dinner ready Tina." I asked

"Yes Master, would you like me to serve it."

"No. Have the new slave serve us. You can unchain her from the belt but keep the irons on her wrists. She can sit on the floor and eat until she earns her place. Tammy, bring my sweats and change my clothes."

Tammy scurried off to get my sweat pants and returned with them and a T shirt. As Tina exchanged the cuffs on Jen for the leg irons on her wrists to allow her more mobility to serve dinner, Tammy began undressing me. First she removed my shirt and helped me into the T shirt then she removed my slacks so that I was standing in my briefs with my bulging cock pushing against them. I looked at Jen and saw her lick her lips. "Odd," I thought "that she would react like that to me." As I stepped out of my slacks Tammy had kneeled in front of me to pick them up. She looked up at me and then at my bulging cock. "May I service you Master" she asked.

I hesitated. She was asking me if she could suck my cock in front of my sister. My sister had never seen me naked in my life. But then here she was kneeling naked on the floor in my apartment. I decided to push it a little. "Yes you may. But just a little I want to save it for later." I watched Jen's eyes as Tammy pulled the front of my briefs down and my cock sprang free. Then as Tammy drew me into her mouth and started to suck me while bobbing up and down." Jen's eyes got big when my cock came into sight and a slight gasp escaped from her. She stared intently as Tammy gave me a blow job and after a minute or so began to squirm around a little as though she were getting horny at watching her brother get his cock sucked.

Like most teen aged guys I had had fantasies about my sister. Hell she was cute and after she started to develop I got a couple of peeks at her but I always slapped myself down. I was supposed to protect her from perverts not be one of them. My parents had trained me well from the time she was born I had been told I was her protector, that I should look after her and I did, as best I could. Now here she was, watching me get a blow job and apparently getting horny over it. Could it be possible that she had had fantasies about her big brother?

I let Tammy work on me for a bit before telling her that it was enough and she had done well. She beamed with pride at the compliment. Just then Tina took Jen to the kitchen so she could serve dinner. We sat at the table and she brought us our dinner and drinks and served us as a slave would. Then she sat on the floor next to my chair and ate off a plate she held with her manacled hands. She actually did very well. I was waiting for some minor infraction so I could threaten punishment and test her resolve to "play". Finally she screwed up. While clearing the dishes she knocked a pot off of the counter onto the floor.

"What was that bitch?" I called from the dining room.

"Nothing." She called back.

"It did not sound like nothing. What happened?" I demanded

She came into the dining room and kneeled in front of me. "I knocked a pot onto the floor Master. But I will clean it up"

Yes you will and you will also receive two whacks. One for being clumsy and one for lying about it."

She looked like she was about to protest but then simply said, "Yes Master"

"Assume the position of punishment." I ordered

Tina helped her by showing her what was expected and I ignored them until Jen was bent over in front of me. I was still sitting in the chair and she was bent over only a couple of feet from me. Her puckered asshole was exposed and staring me in the face as was her pussy. I stared for a second as I realized that this was my sister whose pussy was open and exposed to me waiting whatever I demanded. My cock got even harder than it had been. I was tempted to drop my pants and sink into her right them. But I gave myself a mental slap. "This is your little sister asshole" the little guy on my shoulder said to me as he poked me in the ear with his Shepard's crook.

I banished my evil thoughts, well most of them anyway, and stood taking Tammy's riding crop I brought it across Jen's ass, then again. I did not bring it down hard. Not even hard enough to leave a mark, just enough to sting. She spoke then, "Thank you master but I deserve more for being evil to you."

"How much more do you deserve?" I asked

"Much more Master. More than you could do in a day." She responded

I hauled back and gave her 5 more cracks, harder this time. "That's enough for now." I told her. "We will decide later how much more you will receive."

"Thank you Master."

As she turned to go back to the kitchen She glanced at me and I saw a smile on her lips and a tear in her eye. It nearly broke my heart. But I let her go back to the kitchen.

We spent the next hour or so "training" our slave. I let the girls do most of the game while I oversaw. At the end of the hour I ordered Tammy to cuff her hands to her sides again and place the leg irons on her feet, then had Jen sit on the floor facing the couch. Really the only way she could sit even remotely comfortable with her legs manacled was cross legged Indian style. This spread her pussy open for us to see and with her hands cuffed to the side of her belt there was nothing she could do to cover herself.

I watched her while pretending to watch the TV. I had had Tina sit next to me and was enjoying the feeling of her closeness. That was the first time I had gotten a really good look at my sister's body, a chance to study it. She was about 5'6" and around 120 lbs. with nicely shaped C cup tits that did not sag but stood up. There was no flab on her just well toned muscle. She did not shave her pussy but did keep it trimmed short and neat so there was a definite start and stop to her bush. Her legs were shaved clean all the way to her bush. Her face was that of a classic beauty. Soft features, fair skin, almost pale, but firm and framed by her light brown hair. She was just a damn fine looking woman and I knew if I did not stop checking her out I was going to jump her bones.

I turned my attention to Tina who had been stroking my arm all this time and I leaned over and kissed her then kissed my way down to her nipple which I sucked into my mouth. While I worked her tit in my mouth I undid the snaps that held the legs of the harness in place this gave me access to her pussy which I stroked gently with my fingers. I got her worked up quickly and soon she had her hand down my sweats and was squeezing my cock, milking it.

I pulled my cock free of my sweats by pushing the front down and Tina knew what I wanted so she continued to get them off of me. Then I pulled her on top of me so she straddled me across my lap and lowered herself onto my meat. I slid home and felt her start to gyrate on me. Then she started to whisper in my ear while she fucked me.

"Your sister is a beautiful woman. She has a nice body."

"Yes she does." I answered whispering to her.

"You know she wants you."

"What?" I asked I could not believe what Tina had just told me.

"She wants to make love to you. Very badly. She is depending on it to let her know that you really do forgive her and love her."

I was shocked. My wife to be just told me that my sister wanted me to fuck her. I was quiet for a bit while Tina rode my cock. I looked over her shoulder and could see Jen watching us. It could have been my imagination but it looked as though her pussy were leaking as she watched.

Finally Tina whispered to me again, "Would you like to fuck your sister? Tammy and I would like to have her but she's never been with a woman. If you want her we want you to have her."

It suddenly became very clear. I did want her. I wanted to love her, to hold her and to make love to her. "Yes" I whispered back and at that Tina groaned and shuddered and I felt the orgasm roll through her. Her hearing that I was going to make love to my sister pushed her over the edge and she came with a loud groan, a shudder and a release of juice.

As she finished her orgasm she slid off me and laid her head on my lap. She started to lick her cum off my cock but I stopped her.

"Tina, has the new slave accepted her training well? Is she ready to graduate to the collar?" I asked.

"She still has not learned everything Master but she is doing well." Tina answered.

"Finish her training then, teach her to clean up after sex." I ordered.

Tina ordered Jen over to the couch and told her to clean the master. "Clean my pussy juice and cum from the master's cock." She ordered.

Jen looked at Tina, opened her mouth and in one motion engulfed my cock in her mouth. I looked down and saw my beautiful sister staring up into my eyes with my cock in her mouth. She gave me a long slow suck. Running from the base up to the head and then back down again. I let her continue for a couple of minutes before I stopped her. "Did you like that slave? Would you like more of it?"

"Yes Master. I have waited for too long for that privilege. I would like to clean you more, until you cum in my mouth so I can taste you." My sister answered. Her pale blue eyes staring into mine. My heart melted.

"Tina, I think she has learned enough to graduate to a collar." I ordered.

"Yes Master." Tina answered as she gave me a kiss.

Tammy had been standing to the side and she left and returned with the collar and chain. They helped Jen to her feet and out of her belt and cuffs then the two of them slipped the collar in place around her neck. Tammy then unexpectantly spoke up "We honor you and accept you as a sister of the collar." And she leaned over and kissed my sister full on the lips. Jen at first started to pull back but relaxed and allowed Tammy to kiss her then to tongue her mouth and in a few seconds they were locked into a French kiss. Tammy released her and Tina took over. First kissing her gently on the lips then allowing her tongue to slide across the other girl's lips and into her mouth.

When they were done I stood and gently placed my lips on my sister's and slowly kissed her. She was not reluctant with me at all she immediately opened her mouth and I felt her tongue slide out and caress my lips. I opened my mouth to her and let our tongues meet and dance in our mouths. As I kissed her she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. She ran her hands up and down my naked back as we kissed and finally she got brave enough to grasp my ass and pull my meat into her belly as she rubbed her sex against my leg.

I broke our kiss slowly and leaned back a little I looked into her beautiful eyes and asked "Are you sure this is what you want?"

She stared back and answered "Ever since I was 12 years old."

I kissed her again gently on the lips then each nipple before I grasped the chain hanging from her collar and led her back to the bedroom. With my two wives to be following close behind.

We got to the bedroom and stood at the foot of the bed. I kissed her again, very gently very tenderly and told her. "I love you. I always have and I am glad to have my sister back. The sister I have always loved."

I stared into her eyes as I spoke and watched the tears well up. Then she answered. "I love you too. I am so sorry for how I was and the time we lost. Thank you for taking me back."

I reached up and removed her collar. I let it drop to the floor. "This is too important for games. Do you really want this?" I asked again.

"More than anything else. I really have wanted you since I first knew what sex was. I wanted to feel you inside me. I used to lie in bed and masturbate thinking it was you touching me. Please take me now." She answered.

It was the pleading look in her eyes more than the words she spoke which told me she did want this and would not regret it afterward. So I lowered her onto the bed and kissed her again then moved my kisses down her shoulder to her breasts where I sucked in each nipple and gently sucked and chewed each one like it was the only one on earth. Next I kissed my way down to her thighs and pushed her back so she would lay down. She knew what I was going to do and grasped the back of my head to pull me into her sex. I let my tongue do the work then. Kissing and caressing her pussy as her juices ran forth. I ate her until she screamed into her third orgasm and begged me to stop.

While I had been busy eating my sister's pussy Tina and Tammy had stripped off their harnesses and had crawled into bed and laid on either side of her. Each holding a hand and using their free hand to caress her. They caressed her belly and her arms and the curve of her breasts. Just a caress of comfort and love for their new found sister. I knew they both wanted her but were content to wait until I had finished and she invited them to her. Neither was one to force herself onto someone.

Now that she had begged me to stop eating her I crawled up to kiss her lips and her face. I let my cock lay on top of her pussy gently rubbing it back and forth over her slit until she was ready. As I kissed her she spoke to me in a breathy whisper. "I want you inside. I want to feel you cum in me I want your sperm in my womb." Tina and Tammy heard her and smiled at each other and me. I slid down the inch or so I had to position myself at her entrance before I slid inside my sister. At first I was overtaken by the enormity of what I was doing. I just laid there, my cock buried in my sister's cunt. Then she let out a little whimper and moved. That spurred me on and I slowly started to pump myself in and out of her.

Once I started to move inside her she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her, holding me tight against her. She had had her eyes closed enjoying the feelings when she opened them and looked deep into my eyes. "I love you." She said. Then with a smile "How does it feel to fuck your little sister? I hope it feels as good as it does when my big brother fucks me." Then she pulled me down to her and kissed me. A few strokes after that I felt her tighten on my cock and shudder through another orgasm.

Now I heard Tina "Jen, let yourself go. Release yourself to him. Just imagine your leaving your body and entering his. Give yourself wholly, don't hold back. It will be worth it. We all love you."

When Tina told her we all loved her I felt Jen tighten her grip on me and then relax it and suddenly I felt something familiar. The warm tingling waves started at my cock as I felt Jen again tighten down on me and they spread outward over my body and crashed into Tina and Tammy. Then I watched as Jen's eyes flew open and her mouth formed the O as she came again and again pushed to orgasm by the waves of pleasure coursing back from the other girls and myself. Then I could hold back no longer and I shot my sperm deep into my sister's womb. I exploded into her dumping my seed. My own orgasm was so intense that mixing it with the ones the girls were generating I got dizzy and felt the room spin. But poor Jen had passed out much as we had done the first time we experienced it.

She came to a few minutes later, I laid on one side of her and Tina on the other Tammy had crawled down between her legs and was resting her head on her belly and had her shoulder snuggled up against her pussy. "What happened? That was fantastic. I never experienced anything even close to that before."

Tina answered before any of us. "That was your brother. I told you he was good in bed."

Jen stared at her. "I was hallucinating. I imagined I was inside of you and saw your baby and yours too Tammy. God that was weird."

Both girls giggled "You think that was weird. What was weird was you weren't hallucinating. You did see the babies and so did Jack. He knew we were pregnant before we told him because of that. It's what happens when you love somebody and give yourself to them without condition or reservation. If you can give yourself up and offer yourself to the person you love, you can become part of them and feel what they feel, share their orgasm. That's what you did with us. It took you a while but finally you gave yourself over to Jack and because of our love for Jack to us."

Jen laid for a minute considering what she had experienced while we all stroked her body with gentle loving touches. Then she looked at Tina. "You're playing with my tit."

Tina smiled at her and just asked "Do you want me to stop?"
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