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This story is a continuation of the Bhavita series in which a sexy Gujerati girl is introduced to the world of interracial sex. This story is dedicated to Ziggy. Comments and feedback are welcome. Previously Bhavita had spied on her older sister Reesha enjoying sex with her black lover. Later three black studs ravished her and she became a whore for black cock. In this story Bhavita has an orgy with four three black studs and this time her two older sisters Reesha and Varsha join in along with their horny mother Radha.

After her encounter with the “witchdoctor” Bhavita had resumed her life as a physiotherapy student at the university of Durban Westville. She was still obsessed with black cock and could not get rid of the horniness between her luscious creamy thighs. She was in a constant state of arousal and her pussy was always moist with her lubrication. The reason for this was that there were many black studs on campus and she saw all of them as potential fuck partners. However even her lust for black cock could not drive her to approach them. Sometimes she wished the black stallions would just force themselves upon her and ravish her tiny body. She often daydreamed about being raped by the students in her class and as a result her pussy would leak love juice and soak through her panties to dribble all over her thighs.

Bhavita masturbated frequently but her pussy was not satisfied. She needed big black cock to stuff her pussy and fill her with its hot ripe seed. One day after college she was walking to her flat when one of the studs that had ravished her previously walked by. He was Jamal. After greeting her he told her that the black studs were regularly servicing her sisters and even her mother enjoyed the black cock of the “witchdoctor” regularly. After hearing, her pussy started to leak and she was envious of her sisters and mother for being so bold. She resolved that if they could do it then so could she after all she was from the same family so it was only befitting that they shared the same desires.

Jamal informed Bhavita that there was to be an orgy involving her sisters and mother that weekend. Bhavita knew her father was going out of town and this was the perfect opportunity for her cock crazy family to indulge themselves in some huge black cockmeat. She resolved to confront her mother about it and see what would happen. That night Bhavita told her mother and sisters that she knew everything and that she had also fucked the black men from upstairs. She also told Reesha that she saw her and her black lover together. At first they told her she could not join but when Bhavita threatened to tell her father they relented and began to make plans for the weekend. Bhavita, Reesha, Varsha and Radha were going to get the fucking of their lives and their pussies knew it and began to lubricate in anticipation for the huge black cocks that they were going to get stuffed with.

The weekend arrived and the Chhiba ladies were preparing for their weekend of lust. The cuckold husband had left early that morning and he gave his wife a fucking that only left her hornier than ever. The three sisters masturbated each other all night and Bhavita had to suck her sisters’ wet pussies and assholes. A task that she thoroughly enjoyed. Later they shaved each other’s pussies and also their mothers. Bhavita could not help but notice how wet all their pussies were and also how red and large her mother’s labia were. She attributed this to having three children but little did she know that it was because of her mother’s obsession with huge black cock. Over the years her black lovers had stretched her cunt beyond belief and she was a master at contracting her pussy so her husband would not suspect anything. This was a talent that would soon be passed on to her three daughters in order for them to protect their marriages but this is another story far from now.

Later that day the women went up to their lovers’ flat and they pussies were tingling in anticipation. They dolled themselves up in traditional Gujerati outfits and were looking incredibly sexy. When they entered the flat there were three young studs sitting in front of the television. The “witchdoctor” was not there. Radha felt a tinge of jealousy when they told her he was gone to service another horny lady. Bhavita also had a feeling of jealousy as she had enjoyed having her pussy stuffed with his monster and then drinking his sperm. Just the thought of it made her cream in her panties.

The young men wasted no time in tackling the four beauties in front of them. Once everyone was naked the women realised there was nothing to feel sorry about. The smallest cock in the room was well over 10 inches long and as thick as their wrists. All three men were uncircumcised and their cockheads were already dripping with precum. The guys’ names were Jamal whose cock was about 12 inches long, Marcus whose cock was the smallest at 10 inches and Sean who sported a semi hard cock that was over 13 inches long. All three were almost the same girth. Their balls hung low and were like swollen grapefruits, an indication of the amount of sperm they held.

The Gujerati women were soaking wet, the wetness only served to inflame their pussies and the fucklube was dripping all the way down their creamy white thighs. The virile black studs pawed the luscious beauties and the contrast between the creamy white skin and the coal black skin was very erotic and animalistic and heightened the sexual energy in the room. The studs were biting the breasts of the women and they were grabbing the huge cocks and stroking the sperm filled testicles. Bhavita and her mother both went for Sean and his 13-inch snake. Radha although in her late forties looked sensuous and sexy. Her breasts were fuller than her daughters as were her hips and butt. Her pussy was nevertheless just as eager and aroused if not more than the younger women’s.

Reesha had Jamal and Varsha was lustily sucking on Marcus’s big cock which was getting bigger and harder after every stroke. Varsha sucked him deep and hard. She let the head enter her throat and gave him a deep throat job that almost made him spew his cum deep into her throat. Reesha was eagerly sucking Jamal’s sperm laden balls and she gently took each one in her mouth and sucked making his cum boil in his balls. Occasionally they would lick the men’s’ assholes and tickle it with their tongues.

Meanwhile Bhavita sat on Seans face and he vigorously licked away at her dripping pussy. Radha put her face in his lap and rubbed his snake all over her pretty white face. She smeared his precum all over her face and breasts before putting the giant head into her mouth. She sucked him with slow but deep strokes and gagged when the head hit the back of her throat. She kneaded his balls and made the sperm churn while also sticking her tongue into his asshole. Bhavita was moaning as wave after wave of orgasms hit her. She was pissing her fucklube all over Seans and watching her sisters and mother sucking on black cock turned her on even more.

When she looked at her sisters they were in a 69 position with the guys on either end fucking away at their pussies. Occasionally they would pull put and the girl on the other end would suck her sisters juices of the black cock before it re-entered her pussy. All the while they sucked each other’s clits and the balls of the guys fucking them. The black cocks were pistoning in and out of the Gujerati girls’ pusses like sledgehammers and after each thrust pussy juice would squirt out. Radha had already straddled Sean’s big member and was riding him for all she was worth. With a cock like this there was no need to contract her puss. If anything she needed to relax so that all 13 inches would enter her and fill her up like never before.

After what seemed like an eternity of fucking Jamal pulled out of Reesha with a loud plop. She turned around and began to vigorously suck and stroke his cock and balls enjoying the taste of her pussy. He grabbed her head and pulled her deeper before finally letting out a scream and a stream of hot white sperm into her mouth. She choked on it with the sheer force at which it hit her throat and the sperm dripped out of her mouth and onto her chin to fall onto her breasts where she rubbed it into her skin. Seconds later Marcus pulled out of Varsha and hosed her body with a gallon of cum. He sprayed her face and breasts and the sperm clung to her chin and nipples like icicles. She continued to suck his cock and balls and licked the sperm like a kitten licking cream.

Radha was now lying on her back and Sean was jack hammering into her pussy so hard and fast that her tits swayed up and down with every thrust. She had a look of pure bliss on her face and Bhavita had never seen her so satisfied and content. Finally Sean groaned he was about to come. Since there was no danger of her getting pregnant he did not pull put. Instead he deposited a ton of hot, ripe black sperm into the mother’s pussy. He held his cock there as a stopper and called Bhavita to place her mouth at the entrance of her mother’s pussy. When he pulled out a river of sperm flowed out of her gaping cunt and into her daughter’s waiting and eager mouth.

Bhavita was never so turned on in her life. She was sucking her own mother’s pussy. Her own cunt was on fire and she had not even been fucked yet. Bhavita licked every drop out of her mother’s pussy and even sucked her asshole clean. Her mother was also turned on and orgasmed, contributing to the mixture that was already coming out of her puss. The taste drove Bhavita over the edge and she climaxed as well. The sight of their younger sister eating out their mother also turned on her sisters and they joined in on the act. They had turns eating out their mother and then each other. Bhavita licked all the sperm from their bodies and her pussy was now on fire.

Bhavita needed to cool down. While her sisters and mother played with each other she instructed the 3 studs to get ready to bang her. Sean lay on the floor and she inserted his 13-inch monster into her hot wet cunt. She purred as the missile invaded her most private parts and her puss clamped over his cock locking him in like a vice. She then instructed Marcus to come behind her and insert his cock into her asshole. He entered her tight bunghole and as a result her puss contracted even more tightly around the 13-inch monster that had damaged her mother’s pussy only minutes before. Finally Jamal walked up to her and placed his cock in the only available hole on her body. She eagerly sucked on his cock while being fucked by two other cocks. Her body was on fire and her pussy dripped cum all over her thighs in an effort to lubricate and minimise the invasion of her pussy. The monster cock was damaging her pussy so much that she feared it would remain stretched and she would never be able to feel another man inside her. But as a wave of orgasms hit her body she just collapsed in Sean’s arms and kissed him full on the lips. The gorgeous Gujerati girl was sucking the black man’s tongue while he was invading her pussy and giving her more pleasure than she had ever experienced.

Marcus came first and he filled her asshole with his cum. The sperm was forced out of her ass due to the contractions and helped to further lubricate the snake that was pistoning in and out of her pussy. Jamal was next and he came all over her pretty face and pert breasts. She swallowed as much as she could but was more interested in the monster between her thighs. After a good fucking Sean stood up with Bhavita still impaled onto his dick. She had her arms around his neck as he walked to the sofa. He placed her on her back and after a few more strokes he pulled out his never-ending cock from her pussy and hosed her petite body with his ripe hot semen. Her face was splattered with sperm and her hair was matted with the black man’s seed. Her pussy was red and the labia was swollen and stretched out of her vaginal opening. She was still leaking lubrication and her pussy was still contracting from the orgasms.

Her sisters and mother were amazed at what Bhavita had just accomplished. But Bhavita was far from over. She liked to finish with a golden shower and the men were only to eager to please. To the shock and amazement of her family the men started to piss all over Bhavita. The piss went into her hair and washed out the sperm. She opened her mouth and let the golden liquid into it, which she used to clean her mouth before swallowing. The men pissed all over her breasts and they sprayed her pussy with the warm liquid, which finally was starting to cool down. The men had run out of piss but she needed more. Lying down she told her sister Varsha to pee all over her. Varsha by now was so turned on by what she just saw that she complied and covered her sisters’ body with a mixture of love juice and piss.

Reesha followed and finally Bhavita’s mother straddled her daughters face and pissed into her open mouth. Finally sated Bhavita rolled over and dozed off into her mother's arms. The same mother she had just made love to.

The Chhiba women decided they had enough black cock for the weekend and went back to their flat to recuperate. For the remainder of the weekend the three sisters and their mother slept in one bed and they made love to each other over and over again.

Their obsession with big black cock still lies strong and even after marriage the sisters return to Umgeni Heights to satisfy their craving.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2006 All rights reserved.

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