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The wind hissed outside her window violently as the trees created ominous shapes and shadows on her walls. Shelly had been through many thunderstorms, but something about this one seemed unusual to her. Maybe it was the fact that she was all alone in her house, or maybe it was because she didn't like thunderstorms. But whatever the reason was, Shelly knew there was something different about this particular storm. She rolled over in her bed and pulled the blankets over her eyes, hoping to sleep the storm out, when she heard a noise downstairs.

Her eyes widened and her heart began to pound in her chest. So many thoughts ran through her mind as the noises began getting louder. Should she stay in bed or summon up her courage to go downstairs? Finally, Shelly realized that lying in her bed would serve no purpose. Quickly she jumped out of bed and tip toed across the hallway to her parent's room. With silent precision she opened their closet and found her father's baseball bat hidden in the corner.

With her eyes narrowly focused in the dark and her hand wrapped tightly around the smooth bat, she slowly tip toed down the stairs. Upon reaching the bottom, she noticed the light was on in her father's den. Her heart began to race a mile a minute as she neared the half open door. With a trembling hand, she reached out and pushed it open a little further ........ to find her father sitting at his desk thumbing through an open drawer.

"Daddy, what are you doing home?" she whispered, "I thought you and Mom were staying at the hotel by the airport so you could catch your plane early in the morning."

Her father turned around quickly, almost as scared to see Shelly as she was to find him there.

"Shelly baby, what are you doing with that bat?" he asked.

She had almost forgotten she was even carrying the bat, "Oh I'm sorry Daddy, I heard noises down here," she said, sliding the bat thru her fingers and down to the floor.

"It's ok baby, I'm sorry I scared you, your mother forgot her passport, so I had to drive back here and try to find it," he answered.

"Do you need some help?" she asked.

"Yes baby, could you look in Daddy's filing cabinet over there?" he asked, pointing to a small wooden cabinet in the corner.

Shelly smiled and nodded her head, then made her way to the cabinet.

Her fingers were still trembling a bit as she weeded thru the oceans of white papers and manilla folders.

"It's in a red plastic holder, baby, you should have no trouble finding it," he said, turning his attention to his daughter as she knelt on the floor.

As she sat there, Howard began to notice that his daughter was no longer a little girl. She was not the same kid he had driven to soccer practices and dance recitals, she was all grown up. His eyes scanned over his daughter's body as the light shown thru her nearly see thru nightie. He could make out her curves and her perfect little ass. He shifted a bit in his chair, realizing his pants had suddenly became tighter.

"Daddy, I'm not seeing a red plastic holder in here, are you sure it's not in your desk?" Shelly asked as she closed the cabinet and stood up.

"What? Oh, I'm sorry honey, yeah, let me look again," he said, obviously flustered.

Shelly giggled at her father's short memory as she walked over to his desk, kneeling at his feet so she could help him continue looking.

As hard as he tried, Howard could not get Shelly out of his mind. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of her ample cleavage as it poked from the frilly lace tht bordered her nightie. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, trying to gain his composure.

Shelly looked up and noticed her father seemed to be somewhere else.

"Daddy, is something wrong?" she whispered.

Howard opened his eyes again and looked down at his daughter, "No baby, nothing's wrong, let's just keep looking."

As the night wore on, the passport was never found, but the pair did manage to make quite a mess of Howard's den.

"Oh Daddy, look at this place, it's a wreck," said Shelly, bending over to pick up papers and folders that had been thrown from her father's desk.

As she bent over, Howard got an even better look at his daughter's form. Her long slender tan legs, her cute little round ass, her heavy tits that seemed to hang so effortlessly as she bent over, and her long flowing blonde hair, so fluffy and beautiful. He felt his cock grow even harder as the blood began pumping inside his shaft.

"Shelly baby, can I ask you something?" Howard whispered.

"Sure Daddy," she answered, never looking up from her work.

"Did you and that Brad kid ever have sex?"

"Daddy!!, that's sort of personal," she said.

"Well I'm your father, I have a right to know these things," he answered.

Shelly dropped the folders and papers and settled down on her knees, looking over to her father.

"Yes, a few times," she said.

Not only was his daughter beautiful and sexy, but she was experienced too. Thoughts of her lying on a bed, lost in total sexual rapture began to run thru Howard's mind. He could see her lying there with those beautiful long legs spread, and those heavy ample tits slung over to the sides.

"Come here baby, sit on Daddy's lap for a second," he said, patting his lap.

Shelly smiled and walked over, obediently taking a seat on her father's muscular leg.

"Yes Daddy?" she asked innocently.

"You know Daddy loves you, don't you baby?" he whispered, running his thick fingers thru her hair, "And Daddy only asks questions like that because he cares."

"I know Daddy, it's just a bit embarrassing, I mean I usually discuss this stuff with Mom," she replied.

"Well I hope you know you can discuss this stuff with me too, baby, Daddy's always here for you," he said.

Shelly smiled softly and leaned in to kiss her Daddy on the cheek before returning to her work.

As she tried to get up, she felt her Daddy's hands slither around her hips.

"Daddy, what are you doing?" she asked.

"Please Shelly, don't tell your mother, but this opportunity will never present itself again," he said, looking into his daughter's deep blue eyes with lust.

"What opportunity?" she asked.

Howard smiled up at her and tightened his grip on her hips, slowly pulling his beautiful daughter to him. Within seconds she was back on his lap. He leaned in and began gently kissing his daughter's earlobe, breathing heavily into it. Shelly could find no words, but she found herself becoming aroused by her father's actions. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. Howard realized that his baby was responding beautifully to this, and that made him extremely hot.

He wasted no time sliding his rough hand up underneath her loose fitting see thru nightie. His eyes widened and his dick almost shot thru his pants when he realized she was not wearing panties. His fingers quickly found his daughter's silky smooth pussy.

Shelly moaned as her father's fingers slid up and down her small slit. Her nipples began to rise and pucker as she opened her legs a bit.

"Daddy needs you baby," Howard whispered in his daughter's ear.

Shelly moaned again as she raised her small ass up and lifted her nightie. sliding it off of her perfect 18 year old body. Her heavy tits bounced free and hung slightly, her skin becoming chilled with the cool air in the den.

While Shelly had her ass raised, Howard quickly lifted his and unbuttoned his pants, letting them rest just below his knees.

Shelly didn't even look back, she just closed her eyes and slowly lowered her body down to her father. Again Howard slid his hands around his daughter's small waist and helped to guide her down ...... her beautiful succulent pussy just inches from his pre-cum soaked cock tip.

When he knew she was close enough to finish guiding herself down, Howard slid his rough hands up to Shelly's heavy tits. He loved that she was so small, yet her tits seemed to be so big for her age. He wasted no time cupping the perfectly round mounds of flesh, and rolling the rock hard nipples between his fingers.

"Ohhh Daddy," she purred, loving the way his rough hands felt on her large tits.

"Bring that pussy down to me baby," he moaned.

Shelly bit her bottom lip and slowly began to work her body down. Within seconds she felt her Daddy's warm wet cock tip pressing into her slit. She could feel his pulse thru the tip.

"Oh God Shelly, please please don't make Daddy wait any longer," he pleaded.

She took a deep breath and plunged her warm wet pussy down to her father's dick. They both moaned loudly, each of them feeling a different sensation. Shelly held her father's cock inside her for a second, wanting to memorize how this felt.

"Ride me baby," he whispered.

Shelly obediently began rocking side to side, grinding her father's thick meat up into her tight wet pussy. Howard could not believe how fucking good his daughter's pussy felt wrapped around his dick. She was so tight and warm and sticky, not too wet, just right. He began to rub her heavy tits harder, kneading the flesh with his thick fingers. Shelly responded to this by slowly sliding her teenage pussy back up to her father's cock tip.

She turned around and stared at him momentarily over her shoulder, giving him a seductive, yet flirtacious grin. She brought her slender middle finger to her mouth and began sucking it while Howard watched. Then suddenly she plunged back down, ramming her father's dick deep into her pussy. She groaned as she felt his thick cock tip bump her womb, almost pushing it thru her stomach.

Howard raised his hips and began bucking up to meet her as she began grinding down. His grip on her tits became even tighter as he fucked his babygirl. Each time she would bounce on his fat cock, her tits would bounce in his hand, making him even hotter.

"Oh fuck baby, don't stop," he moaned, "Daddy loves playing with your huge tits and fucking your hot pussy."

Shelly threw her head back and moaned loudly into the air. Her back arching and making her tits thrust out even more. This drove Howard crazy, he had always loved women's tits and the fact that these tits were his daughter's made his dick even harder.

"Get up," he hissed, "And bend over Daddy's desk, it's time to fuck you like a whore should be fucked."

"Daddy, I'm not a whore," she said.

"You let that asshole Brad fuck you, YES YOU ARE A WHORE, SHELLY!" he yelled, pushing her over the desk.

He placed his large hand on the small of her back and his other hand on her hip.

"Fuck you look hot right now baby, all bent over Daddy's desk like a slut," he said.

Shelly again looked over her shoulder, looking her father in the eye as he stepped up closer behind her.

"Tell me baby, do you want Daddy's dick back inside that hot pussy?" he asked.

"Yes Daddy, yes, please fuck me again Daddy, please put your fat cock back inside me," she pleaded, slowly backing up to his cock.

Howard smiled wickedly and slowly slid his cock back inside his daughter's hot snatch.

"Oh fuck, you're tighter this way baby," he moaned, wasting no time in beginning to fuck her again.

Shelly leaned forward a bit and gripped the edge of the desk. Her father's thrusts had definitely become harder and his cock was ramming into her deeper. She closed her eyes and purred like a slut as her heavy tits hung down causing her nipples to glide back and forth on the cool desk.

Howard looked down at his daughter's ass, he licked his lips and without warning, lifted his hand and swooped down, smacking Shelly's ass as he fucked her.

"Ohhhhhhhh Daddy," she moaned, "Mmmmm please, spank me again."

Again Howard raised his hand and swooped back down, spanking the exact spot he had just hit. Seeing the huge red spot on his babygirl's hot little ass filled Howard with animal lust and he began pumping her pussy faster. His balls slamming hard into her flesh as his large hand gripped her tiny tits.

The desk squeaked and slowly inched forward with each of Howard's thrusts until it was planted firmly against the wall. Small droplets of sweat fell from his forehead and landed on his daughter's bright red ass.


"MMMM me too baby, me too, Daddy's gonna unload in this hot pussy," he hissed, pumping her with brute force.

And with one final ramming thrust, Howard unleashed rope after rope of his hot sticky seed into his daughter's stretched pussy.

Shelly fell forward on the desk, her eyes rolling up into her head as her climax overcame her. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the desk, her small body convulsing and her hot pussy clamping like a vice around Howard's fat cock.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM BABYGIRL, TAKE IT, TAKE DADDY'S SEED!!!", he screamed, pounding her pussy like a jackhammer, releasing the last of his cum into her.

After taking a moment to catch his breath, Howard fell forward onto his daughter's back, He slid his hands around and grabbed her huge titties, fondling them hard as her climax came to an end.

"Daddy loves you so much, Shelly," he whispered breathlessly.

"I love you too Daddy," she said.

Howard kissed his babygirl's back then leaned back, standing up and slowly withdrawing his wet, spent cock from inside her. He bent down to pull his pants back up, kissing her beautiful ass on his way up.

Shelly stood up and turned around to face her father. As they leaned in and kissed, she purred feeling a small drop of her Daddy's cum sliding down her leg. They stood there for a few minutes, just kissing and rubbing each other as though they had been lovers for years.

"Well Babygirl," Howard said, taking a deep breath,"I should probably get back to the hotel, your mother's probably wondering where I am."

"Ok Daddy," she said, "I'm sorry we couldn't find her passport."

Just then Howard smiled wickedly and turned around to his coat that was slung over his desk chair.

"Oh you mean this?" he asked, pulling a red plastic holder from the pocket.

Shelly was speechless. She felt her face become red as she stood there staring at the passport.

"You mean ....."

"Yes babygirl," said Howard, laughing, "You should go back upstairs baby and get some rest, I'll see you when we get back from Japan."

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