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I awoke the next morning with Sarah, our chambermaid, leaning over me fluffing my pillows. Her young firm breasts were seductively bulging out of her bodice just before my eyes.

"Mmmm Sarah," I murmured sleepily, "What time is it?"

"Late Mistress Beth. Time to be getting ready for the day."

"Surely we have a little time to wake up properly."

I turned my face towards hers and reached up to place a light kiss on her lips.

"Oooh you are a naughty one, Mistress Beth." She teased nevertheless returning the kiss with a little too much fervour.

I slipped my tongue between her lips and at the same time eased her silky breasts out of her bodice. Smoothing my hands over them as our tongues danced I felt her nipples harden against my palms. My fingers sought them out and gently pulled and pinched the rubbery tips until Sarah was moaning into my mouth.

Pulling away she gasped, "Mistress, my nipples are really sensitive. I might not be able to stop myself if you carry on like that."

I smiled at her and locked my gaze onto hers as I bent my head to take one of the stiff nubs between my lips and sucked for a moment.

"And if I should suck on them like this," I took another deep suck, "what then, Sarah?"

"Aaaahh Mistress Beth, please don't tease me so."

I sucked again and this time took the other between thumb and forefinger and mashed it firmly.

"Who's teasing? Come Sarah, take off your shift let us make love."

"Mmmm oooh Mistress, don't. I'll lose my job." She protested half heartedly.

"Don't be silly Sarah. Come, if anyone catches us I'll tell them I made you do it. And besides from what I'm learning about my family they're more likely to fuck you than fire you."

All the while I played with the poor girl's rock hard nipples making it impossible for her to refuse. She tugged at her simple clothes and they cascaded about her feet leaving her totally naked before me. I drank in the beautiful sight of her firm, shapely body with not a shadow of hair anywhere to be seen apart from her auburn flowing locks of her head. Her pussy lips standing just proud, just visible between her legs caught my attention next.

I reached out and slipped my fingers against her sex. It was already moist from my attentions to her lovely breasts and her sharp intake of breath told me all I wanted to know.

She bit her lip momentarily then formed a perfect "o" with her lips and cooed softly while my fingers slipped through her slick slit.

"Ooooh Mistress Beth, if you don't stop .... Aaahh ... I shall surely faint from the pleasure of it .... Ooooh yesss."

My fingers were getting fair soaked as I rubbed them through her hot little pussy slit. Watching the liquid glisten on my fingers entranced me and for the first time I knew I needed to taste this elixir. I looked her directly in her beautiful eyes as I raised my fingers to my lips and lapped every drop of her sex juice from them.

She watched intently as I sampled her juices. "Do you like the taste, Mistress?"

"Oooh Sarah, yes, you taste delightful."

"I think I know what you would like Mistress and it would please me greatly too. Lay back Mistress Beth.

With that she firmly pressed me back onto the bed then with a big grin on her face proceeded to sit astride me, her fragrant womanhood inches from my face.

"Mistress Beth, use your tongue on me. Lick me and make me cum into your lovely mouth."

But Sarah, I don't know how." I protested.

"You will, Mistress, you will. Trust to yourself, you will do just fine." She murmured as she lowered her sex onto my unsure mouth.

Just as she said I found my lips and tongue naturally begin to work on her wet and slippery cunt. I ran my tongue deep into her hole and heard her gasp with pleasure. I looked up at her and watched as she clasped her lovely breasts in her hands and played with her stiff nipples. I studied the changes in her expression as I played my tongue on her clitoris or sucked her lips into my mouth. I held her firm buttocks in my hands and manipulated her against my mouth drinking down every drop of juice that seemed to pour out of her hole.

"Aaah Mistress .... Ooooh .... Aaah ... aaa ... aaaaah ... Mistress just there, aaah .. oh shit Mistress .. aaah ... you're going to make me cum." She babbled.

I wanted her so much to cum for me, to cum in my mouth, my first time. I reached round so that I could use my fingers and got to work rubbing her clit while my tongue burrowed deep in her cunt hole. She went wild on me grinding her whole pussy against my face.

"Mistress, oooooh ..... aaaaa ... aaaahhh ... Mistress ... make me cum ... you're aah .. aaaahh ... aaaaahhhhhhh making me nnnnnnnnnrrrrrrrgrggghhhh."

My mouth flooded with juice, so much so I wondered if she'd peed on me. I swallowed and swallowed savouring every drop. Slowly her movements eased and her breathing became more regular. She eased herself off of me and brought her face down to mine, showering me with little pecks, kisses and licks and lapping up her own juices from my face.

"Oooh Mistress, that was wonderful. I've never cum so hard with a girl before."

We continued to kiss passionately for a few moments sharing her cum between us. She had reached back with her hands and was softly stroking my breasts stoking my embers slowing into flame.

"My turn, Mistress Beth." She whispered. "Come help me take off this nightshift and show me that lovely body."

I did as I was bid and we lifted off my nightshift. She pushed me back on the bed again and we pressed our young bodies together. Her thigh slipped between mine and I found myself rubbing myself up and down her leg as she kissed and tongued my mouth. Her hands explored my small firm breasts and her fingers pulled at my stiff nipples as I arched my sex against her silky thighs.

In what seemed an age she worked her way down my body sucking at my breasts before worming her tongue into my belly button. Her hand took over between my legs, her palm pressed against my mound driving me mad for more positive touching.

She stopped and smiled wickedly. "Mistress you are ever so wet. Look how slippery you have made my thigh. And look at my hand."

She raised it up to me and I grabbed her wrist, bringing her palm to my lips I lapped up my own sex juice. Gods I was becoming a sex fiend. She just smiled pulled her hand back and slipped two fingers against my aching slit.

"Mmm Mistress, I love watching my fingers open your little lips. Your hole looks ever so inviting and I wager that it's ever so tight. Just right for a chambermaid's little tongue or a nice stiff cock, I'd say. Did you like it when your own Father pushed his prick up inside you, Mistress?"

"Sarah!" I chastised. "Do you servants know everything that goes on in this house? If you must know, you cheeky girl, it was a bit dreamy to start with but when he pushed it deep up me I couldn't get ..... aaaahh ....enough."

I gasped sharply as I spoke to her because when I mentioned 'deep up me' Sarah pushed two fingers up me grinning broadly as she did so. She now worked those fingers to good effect fucking me and making my juices slurp as they slid in and out of my wet hole. She manoeuvred herself until she lay between my wide open legs and latched her mouth against my exposed, leaking pussy.

"Mmmm Mistress, your pussy tastes so good." She gasped between licks. "I think I shall want to lick you awake every morning. Now I shall make you cum for me, all over my fingers and tongue, just like you did over your lovely Father's hot prick."

I cast my head back and closed my eyes abandoning myself to her well-practiced fingers and tongue. Visions of my Father flashed through my head as Sarah brought me ever closer to my peak.

She worked me slowly and carefully for what seemed hours increasing the pace of her finger fucking and tonguing very gradually. Then very suddenly she forced her mouth hard against me groaning loudly into my pussy as she did so. Her movements then became more rhythmic and her groaning more constant.

I raised my head and opened my eyes: "In the name of heavens!" I squealed.

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