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Hello, my name is Steve. My sister, Ann, and I grew up in the mid west in the 50's. My father was a Navy Seabee during the Korean War and met my mother while on duty in Australia. They soon were married and after his service was up, they returned to the states. My father started his own construction company and times were lean during those early years. I was born in 1952 and my sister was born the following year. I have my mother's features with the dark hair and eyes and my sister had our father's features with blondish brown hair and hazel eyes.

My sister and I were close as children. There were no children our age in the neighborhood and we were our only playmates for several years. During the very hot summers, Ann and I would play in our basement where it was cooler. Often we would play naked unless Mom or Dad was around. We were each other's best friend through out the school years. We had friends but we preferred each other's company. We knew then that we wanted to be a couple and loved each other very much.

We also knew the social stigma of what we were doing and had to be secretive about it, especially with mom and dad. Often we would tell our parents of a fake couple of friends that we were to double date with and then Ann and I would go to another part of town where the chances of someone seeing us together would be minimal. We dated like other kids our age and went to the movies, dances, etc. We loved the outdoors and often hiked to this favorite secluded spot in the nearby national forest. It was very private glade area on a hillside where we would spend hours nude enjoying the sun and each other.

As high school was coming to an end, we both knew that we would be going to college. Ann was concerned since I would graduate a year before her and that she would be alone. I decided that I would go to our local junior college for a year and get some required courses out of the way. When Ann graduated, we both would go to college together.

During Ann's last semester of high school, she turned 18 and I was in second semester of junior college. During that time, our father died of a massive heart attack. He was 45 and the pressure of his business took its toll. It was a big shock to all of us which drove us and our mother closer than we had been before. It also left our family rather well off. Not only was there money from our father's life insurance and the sale of the construction business but my frugal father had socked away a great deal of money into savings that no one knew about. I think that my mother was upset with my father since they could have lived more comfortable if that money had been spent and not saved.

Needless to say there was money for us to go to college anywhere we wanted. The summer that followed brought a deal of change to us. Ann received a scholarship to a university in Florida and I was accepted to that university also.

My mother wanted to do a few things before we would go away to college and one of them was a family vacation. Since my father always worked, we never had been on a vacation of out town. Mom was going to take us to California for the vacation and to have some plastic surgery done with one of those Hollywood surgeons. She was a young thinking woman of 42 who wanted and could afford to have a few things done such as taking some wrinkles and a few sags from her face and breasts. Mom bought a new Lincoln Mark and gave us the Fairlane to use. One morning in June, we packed the Lincoln and headed for California.

We had a great deal of fun on our first family vacation, seeing all the cross country sites and finally hitting the beaches of southern California. We did the usual Disney, Knotts, and Universal stuff. Then it was time for Mom's plastic surgery. We brought her the hospital and after three hours, the operation was over. Mom stayed in the hospital 2 more days for recovery. During those two days, Ann and I made up for lost time in the hotel room.

While the vacation had been great, it left little time for Ann and myself to be alone together. Mom was released from the hospital and we brought her back to the hotel. The bandages were taken off after a week and she looked like she had been in a fight, all black and blue. We drove home a couple of days later and by the time we got back, Mom was healing well. By the end of July, Mom was looking more like a 30 year old and not 43. The surgeons had done a great job and Mom was very pleased with her looks. It wasn't but a few weeks after that, Ann and I were packing our clothes for Florida. After a tearful farewell, we were off.

My sister and I stayed a motel in Florida while we were getting set up with the University. We decided to live off campus and started to search for an apartment. To our surprise we were continually rejected because of our age and being single. During a dinner conversation, we joked that if we were married we would not be having these problems. The light bulb went on in our heads. The next day we went to some pawn shops in Tampa until we found a set of wedding rings that fit us both. We decided to pass as a married couple and for all intent and purpose, we were. Not surprisingly, we got our one bed room apartment, the next day. We used some of our inheritance to furnish the apartment with a color TV and a love seat sofa for the living room and a queen size bed for the bed. We were living life as we wanted with no responsibilities except school and free to be together without fear or suspicion.

It was getting to be Christmas break and Mom wanted to come down for the holidays. She wanted to drive down, bring our presents, and not be alone for the holidays. We were eager to have her come down while living together was great, Ann and I missed our mother. Since we didn't go back to school until mid January, we asked her to stay for about three weeks. The weather at home delayed her coming down until New Years Day. We were going to have her stay at a nearby hotel but her frugality from long ago prompted her to want to stay at our place.

We decided that I would sleep on the sofa (which I was supposed to be doing anyway was the story for Mom) and Mom would sleep with Ann in the bedroom. It was so nice to see that Lincoln pull into the complex and see my Mom get out of the car. We rushed to her and after many hugs and kisses; we took her bags and her presents up to the apartment. It had been awhile since we had seen our mother and hadn't realized how attractive she looked. We opened a bottle of wine and talked about what had been going on in our lives for the last five months and opened the presents. After awhile, I noticed that Mom was looking at our hands and realized we had the rings on. When Mom excused herself to use the bathroom, I told Ann to take off the rings and hope Mom does not get suspicious about it. Mom came back in and she did not look or mention anything about those rings. It was great to have Mom around except that sleeping on the hard sofa wasn't so fun and Ann and I did not have any private time.

We took Mom to the University, showed her around the town we lived in and the few vacationer sites that were fun. After a week, Mom told us that she was going to Sarasota for a few days to visit an old friend and neighbor who used to live in our neighborhood. She said that she would call when she got there and would let us know when she would be back. She did call us from Sarasota and said that she would return on Wednesday.

Ann and I had three days alone to make up for last week. On that Tuesday night, Ann and I were sitting nude on the sofa watching TV. Ann was sitting between my thighs with her back to my chest and I was playing with long blondish brown hair. Ann loved the Mary Tyler Moore show and wouldn't do anything until the program ended. I was glad that it was only a half hour show and after it had ended, my hands slid around Ann and started to fondle her breasts. Even though we had made love often over the last few days, this did not deter Ann from responding to my touch. Her nipples harden and she sighed as I gave her small soft kisses on the back of her neck. The pace of our mutual touch was slow and Ann giggled as my cock grew under her thighs.

Ann got up and had me lay on my back with my knees back upwards. She then sat lightly on my chest with her back against my knees and slid her pussy into my face. It was such a joy to feel her pussy against my lips. It was covered with soft blondish hair and tasted the same as when I first tasted her several years ago, very sweet. I was licking the outside of her lips until they opened to where my tongue could maneuver to touch her clit. Ann's was very small and the fun was in finding it with my tongue but my tongue would always find that little hard target.

It seemed like for hours that I was gently probing my tongue into my sister's pussy. Ann arched back as her first orgasm moved across her body and she pushed her muff harder into my face. I took her by the arms and as I spread my legs apart, I lower her back onto the sofa. I took the cushion from the sofa where I was sitting and laid it on the coffee table. I had Ann move from the sofa and lay on this cushion with her knees off the edge of the coffee table and her feet touching the carpet. I straddled her breasts with my left knee next to her on the cushion and my right leg standing on the carpet. She pushed her breasts together as I moved my cock back and forth between her breasts. The feeling was intense as Ann moved her nipples so they would receive the friction of my cock moving and she would move her breasts upwards with my cock stroke so that the head of my cock would almost touch her lips.

Ann would stick out her tongue and lick the tip of my cock as it would stroke toward her lips. I was getting close to cumming with this dry humping on her breasts but Ann didn't want me to cum from this. She asked me to stop and stand up for a second. Ann turned around with her chest on the cushion and her knees off the coffee table touching the carpet. I got the picture and got on my knees, going between her legs. I guided my cock into her sweet inviting pussy. I slowly entered her pussy which felt as warm and inviting as the first time I fucked my sister. I was pumping Ann while she wiggled her hips with each incoming stroke. We were so engrossed in our lovemaking that we did not hear the door unlock, open and then close.

"What are you nasty kids doing!" screamed our mom. Startled, we looked to see our mother starring at us with the most ugly on her face we had ever seen. We looked at each other as we uncoupled and both knew we are in trouble. "Stop that and put something on! Both of you! I want some explanation here!" said our mother still screaming.

Strange, Ann and I reacted as if we were 7 years olds and not adults. Ann went into the bathroom and hid. I went into the bedroom, put on some underwear, and returned to face my mother. I sat down at the kitchen table where Mom was sitting with her face buried in both of her hands.

"I'm just shocked" uttered my mother, "I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I walked in. Do you know that it is wrong to do that with your sister? How long have you been doing this? Why?"

Finally I got a pause where I could explain and it was not easy to face my mother and talk about this. Trying to be calm, I said, "Mom, I'm sorry that you had to see us that way. Ann and I have always been close and we love each other. It is more than the way Ann and I love you, it is hard to describe but it is a true love between us. We do not want to be with anyone else and we are not ashamed of how we express our love physically. For all purposes, we are like a married couple. Besides, what are you doing back so early?"

Mom looked up and said "I saw those rings on you two but couldn't make the connection until now. I understand what you are saying but it is still wrong. I was feeling bad in Sarasota because I missed being with you two and now I came back early, to this."

I got up and walked behind her. I gave her a big hug across her shoulders and said, "Mom, we love you and we don't want to hurt you. I guess that you would have found out sometime, not just now. I know that you are shocked right now but this has been going on since we were young. It is something that we are doing and are going to do, regardless of what you or anyone else thinks. I wish that you would feel better about this as we do not want you to be mad at us. We love you."

My mom looked at me teary eyed and said "I'm having a hard time over this. Everyone is going to bed and think more about it in the morning"

With that, it got very quiet. Mom went into the bedroom and closed the door. I coaxed Ann out of the bathroom and retold my conversation to her crying face. As if we were children sent to bed early, Ann and I tried to sleep sitting on the sofa with our feet on the coffee table. It was a restless night for all of us and the next morning, we have coffee and bagels together but the silence was killing Ann and I. Deciding to change the atmosphere, I suggested that we go to Clearwater and play on the beach for the day. Mom was indecisive about going but I made it clear that we were going there. We changed into our swim suits and put some clothes over them.

The drive to Clearwater was absolute silence from us and thank god the radio was playing some good music. My mother was impressed with the beach there as it was cleaner and whiter than the beaches in California. I rented a beach umbrella and some lounges to keep Mom out of the sun. She camped under the umbrella and read a book that she had brought. Ann and I spent most of the morning playing in the surf. By mid day, Ann and I were feeling much better and even Mom was now talking and smiling!

My mother seemed more at ease being on the beach and she so beautiful in her one piece swim suit even under her sunglasses and book. I had never noticed before and maybe the bright sunlight highlighted the porcelain quality of her skin. It wasn't that it was white although she had a fair complexion; it was that her skin was looked so silky smooth.

It was late afternoon and we were getting hungry. I suggested that we go to this casual seafood place on the old beach road that Ann and I knew about. What a change from last night or this morning, Mom was talkative and friendly as if nothing had happen which put Ann and me at ease. We arrived at the restaurant and sat in the shade of some outdoor dining with a steel drum band playing in the background. We order some tropical drinks and a bucket of peel and eat rock shrimp. The drinks arrived and after a few sips, Mom had something to say to us kids.

"I guess you know that I'm happier than I was last night" said my mom and we nodded, "I thought long and hard about this and the main thing for me is to see my kids happy. I love the both of you more than you will know and only want the best for you. I know that Steve will take care of you, Ann, better than any boyfriend or husband would and vice versa. I couldn't ask anything better than that for my children and besides, regardless what I think about this, you are going to be living as a couple anyway. I guess that I need to stop thinking like a 50's housewife and your father's conservative ways. It's true I was shocked but part of that is because I have never seen anyone making love in front of me, not even pictures. I should expect and accept the surprises coming from the love generation."

Ann and I both reached over and gave our mother a big kiss and a hug. We felt that we could be ourselves around the person who mattered so much in our life who understood the kind of love we have as brother and sister. It was liberating not having to hide our secret from her. She asked if we wanted the bed and she would sleep on the sofa but I insisted that the sofa was too uncomfortable. I would keep the sofa while she was our guest. That being said, we had a great meal and a pleasant drive back to the apartment.

I woke up next morning and smelled coffee being made. Ann was already up and keeping busy until someone else got up. She had me a cup while a smile and a kiss.

"Mom still asleep?" I asked

"Yeah, I think she is catching up on lost sleep from the other night" Ann said, "I am so happy that she is seeing things our way. You know she could have stayed mad at us forever."

"I know" I muttered, "Mom still hasn't talked to Aunt Jane in years over that car she sold Dad in the fifties. It is nice to have Mom here for awhile. Makes me feel like a little kid again. You remember when we would get in bed with mom in the morning and watch cartoons?"

"Yeah, I remember" smiled Ann, "Those were the days. Where do you want to take Mom today?"

"I would like to take her back to the beach" I said, "She really enjoyed being there and I think she was able to really relax. It has been a tough year for her."

"Me too" declared Ann, "but I don't know if I want to go to Clearwater again." Ann smiled and said, "How about Bluefin beach?"

"The nude beach?" I said laughingly, "You really want Mom to get upset?"

"I think Mom wants some new experiences and some new horizons" said Ann, "I don't think that asking her to go to a nude beach is so drastic. I'd think that she would like it."

"Ok, but you are going to be the one to ask her." I said.

"Steve, you can be such a chicken sometimes" joked Ann, "Let's bring Mom her coffee and we can watch cartoons in bed with her, like old times. Except lets get naked first and it will give us a reason to talk about Bluefin beach." I was shaking my head until Ann guided my briefs around my ankles and she slid out of her sleep T shirt. The next thing I knew, we were walking into the bedroom nude, carrying coffee. We turned on the black and white TV and changed to a station that was showing morning cartoons. Then we slipped under the covers next to each side of Mom, and nudged her to wake up.

"Hi Mom" smiled Ann, "We brought your coffee"

Mom sat up, propped up her pillow, and received the cup that was handed to her. "Cartoons this morning?" asked Mom "We haven't done this since you were little. Nice to have my family with me and I am really having a good time. I loved the beach that we went to yesterday. Can we go again before I have to leave for home on Monday?"

"We thought that you would like to go to the beach again today" said Ann, "You looked so relaxed and refreshed being there yesterday. I think that we should go to a different one today. You know, see what other beaches around are like."

"Is it as nice as Clearwater?" asked Mom

"Better" smiled Ann, "It is a private beach, beautiful clean sand, very secluded, and… is a nude beach"

Mom looked at Ann and said "I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. This has been a pretty liberating vacation so far but honestly I'd be embarrassed to be naked in front of a bunch of people. Why would you want to be with an ugly naked old lady with all those cute people to look at on the beach? I don't know."

"Mom" I interjected "You are not ugly. You look very attractive and look about 30 years old. I mean, why did you go through all that surgery if you didn't want people to look at you? Besides, the beach is not busy this time of year. There may only be a few people on the whole beach and no one on the beach will know you. I think you will like the experience as you feel really free and relaxed there.

"I'll try" said Mom, "But I have never been naked in public before so go slow with me. I haven't see you two naked since you were kids except for the other night"

"Well, not exactly Mom" I said as I lifted to the sheets above her head. "You have been with us naked kids this whole morning and it hasn't bothered you at all."

"You guys!" exclaimed Mom as we broke up into laughter. "What am I going to do with you too!" Mom reached over and tinkled us like when we were kids.

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