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Mom opened her mouth and slowly lowered her head until the head of brother's shaft was warmly wrapped up into her mouth, daughter did the same with dad tool... Dad let out a loud groan as she felt and she understood she was doing everything right. Mom's deepthroat looked much more professional, but daughter's blowjob was getting better and better with each movement of her head... Click to know more!
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Mom Son Making Love

100% Free Incest Sex Stories Free Family Incest Galleries Family Incest Father, Sister Hardcord Incest Mother Son
This part of the story is actually Lisa's who wanted it said the way it has been said. "Dad I will always love you. I have not shaved my underarms and never will."

Dad's cock was looming large before my eyes. There was precum sliding out of his cockhead as I bent down and took his enormous dick into my mouth. God, it was the longest, thickest thing I'd ever seen. He was holding it in his hand, guiding it forward, moving it in tiny circles as he slowly eased the red head into my mouth. I took it out and licked the length of the entire shaft while Mum watched with a mixture of awe and disbelief.

The door opened and Aunt Jane quietly stepped in. I paused to look up and she was smiling as she saw me tongue my Dad's thick prick. I had seen Aunt Jane's nude body several times and mind you though she is not hairy as me she does have huge quantities of dark hair in her underarms. She was in a sleeveless red top and her bushy armpits were clearly visible even though her arms were not raised. The untrimmed jungle in her bushy underarms were glistening with sweat as if she had come from her workout and I could see her crotch was damp and the outline of her magnificent pubic bush

I now knelt down, and pulled Dad's hard cock into my mouth. I took more of him in my mouth as his hands strayed into the heavy pelt of hair in my furry armpits. "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Jane darling look at the fur in her armpits isn't her armpit hair amazing I never knew my girl had so much hair in her bushy armpits. It puts you two women to shame". He pushed his engorged prick deeper into my mouth and closed his eyes as he started moving his hips and started fucking my mouth. It was a strange feeling having my own Dad fucking my mouth and I as I gave him head my own thoughts strayed down memory lane. I was jerked into my senses as he moved faster as started fucking my mouth harder and faster, and it wasn't long before he was coming big time. It was the first time I ever felt like gagging.

His cock was losing the battle to stay hard in mouth as he suddenly started spurting his semen in my mouth. A hot gush of sticky sperm flew into my mouth as he came ferociously. I still had him in my mouth, as he grew flaccid. He started wrapping his arms around me, Dad proceeded to suck on each of my nipples and lick my unusually large breasts. It felt sooooo good! I hugged him to me especially as he lowered his mouth and put it in my right armpit. My armpits were already slick with my exertions as he tongued the massive fur in my unshaven pits. His hot breath sifted through the soft thick curly hair as he licked and caressed the long bushy thatches in my underarms. My hand slid down to Dad's now huge cock. I leaned over and began to lick it again. I kissed and licked it as if it were the best lollipop in the world. Dad began moaning and writhing under my kisses. He clutched his nuts and caressed my head. With new inspiration, I began to suck him hard and Dad was moaning quite loudly now and moving so much that I had a difficult time keeping his huge cock in my mouth.

I was now ready for him and his giant cock sprang up. I now had a closer look at it and I had never seen anything like it, except on a horse. Veins ran all through it, and it pulsated. I licked up his balls and up his cock until I came to the head. I loved sucking cock and I was a little afraid of getting fucked by him more so because Mum and Aunt Jane were there in the room. Still his cock was there to be sucked and I was not letting go. I shuddered as I had an orgasm and then I wrapped my lips around the head and started bobbing my head. I went slowly at first, but picked up speed quickly. Every time I went down, I took more cock into my mouth. Soon, I was swallowing almost the whole thing. Just when I thought I couldn't take the last inch, Daddy grabbed me by the hair and forced it down my throat.

Then I licked the sides of his cock all the way down to the tip, and sucked the tip of it as I rubbed his cock with my two hands in a circular motion. Moving fast and then slow, I wanted him to feel the excitement of reaching climax but unable to, and the sensation of cuming but unable to yet. I sucked his cock back and forth, up and down up, up and down, until I felt him becoming hot and hearing him moan. Then I stopped, I didn't want him to reach climax from the blow I was giving him.

Aunt Jane had slid next to me and was rubbing his balls as she took his nut into her mouth. She had taken off her clothes and her enormous fury pubic mound was almost in front of my face. She whispered to me "Baby your Dad has always wanted to fuck you. He just loves your hirsute body and he is turned on by not only your amazingly bushy underarms but he has a fetish of fucking the women in his family. You know he has fucked Emily too. (Emily was my cousin Aunt Jane's daughter)" I looked at her in amazement but it was the cue that I wanted. I was not holding back. I knew his cock was excited and was hungry for a cunt. I pushed him down and I sat on top of him, and slid his 12-inch fat cock up my hairy wet tight cunt. It was painful, but the feeling was beautiful. Aunt Jane helped push his engorged prick in and then I began moving back and forth as I pumped up and down, while he was holding my long bushy hair in my unshaven armpits.

I'm going to fuck you hard girl. You are hairiest girl baby I have ever seen and I am going to give you a fucking that none of your boyfriends can ever give you, right Jane I will show her what a man can really do" He hissed at Aunt Jane as he viciously pushed me off him. My Dad was getting rough with me but I was not complaining. My underarms were slick with sweat and his kisses and he first sucked at the long hair in my raised arms. I felt him moving behind me. His hard cock rubbing over my flesh. Then with one hard thrust he entered me. I gasped hard as his cock rammed into me. My pussy was stretched open and he filled me totally. Dad held my waist and began to ram in and out hard and fast into me. I gasped and groaned at the sensations filling me.

He kept pulling back on my bushy armpit hair making my gasp. My armpit hair was so long that with every tug a searing pain ran through me. It was as if the horse like cocksman was riding me like a horse. Luckily my armpit hair was slick and slippery and he lost grip on the untrimmed hair in my armpit jungle. An orgasm swept through me as his cock pushed deep into my pussy. Dad's cock was so hard insider me that I was sure he was near to cumming. But Dad was in a very strange mod ad he was determined to screw me like never before. Its not every day that a father fucks a daughter and all his pent up emotions were running high.

But finally he had to cum. Driven over the edge he slammed into me and pumped his cum into my hot hairy pussy. " Darling I am cummmiiinnnggggggg in my daughter's hairy pussy. I want to kiss her bushy underarms I want to feel the long bushy jet-black hair in her untrimmed underarms against my tongue" he screamed To Mum as he tongued he bushy brush of dense hair in my hairy armpits. He started pumping his semen and shot wads of cum all over me as I felt an orgasm run through me as I realized that my Dad had spent inside me. Shuddering he staggered away as I lay gasping for breath smiling at the warmth I was feeling. I could se that even Aunt Jane and Mum were enjoying the show from the flushed look on their faces. Aunt Jane had two fingers in her pussy and was moaning softly while Mum had a strained look on her face.
Mom Son Making Love

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