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As soon as we got outside, Scott started having second thoughts. This was the first time he had been out dressed as a woman. But he calmed down when he saw the taxi waiting for us; I think he realised he had to bluff it out, or the driver would have known there was something strange going on.

Zoƫ and I led Scott to the taxi, trying our best not to laugh out loud. It was almost too much to bear when I saw the taxi-driver eyeing Scott's legs! If only he knew...

"Mum, this is going too far!" Scott whispered in my ear, as we got into the car. I looked out of the window and pretended not to hear.

"Where to, love?" the driver asked. I told him to take us to a club I knew of.

By the time we got there, Scott was more relaxed.

"Just keep your mouth shut," I warned him. "You might look the part, but your voice will give you away. We'll have a few drinks, maybe a couple of dances, then home. OK?"

Scott nodded. It was still early, so we didn't have to queue to get into the club. I told the girls to find a table while I went to the bar. The club was dark, but more importantly, the music was loud, so if anyone spoke to Scott he could just shrug and smile sweetly. As long as he didn't shout.

As I was ordering the drinks, I noticed the barman looking down my dress. Nice to know I could still provoke a response. He wasn't bad looking either, tall, fit-looking, nice ass. I wondered about his cock, picturing it in my mind; long, thick, veiny, rock hard. I imagined how it might feel in my hand, or my mouth. Or my pussy.

My imagination was starting to run away with me when I felt a tap on my shoulder, and I was nearly deafened by a raucous laugh in my ear.

"Well, hello darling," said my friend Sandra, much too loudly. "Fancy seeing you here. On your own, or did you bring the old man?"

Sandra is a lovely person, we have been great friends, and occasional lovers, for many years. But she has known Scott all his life, and I realised that if she saw him she would recognise him. But there were three drinks in front of me, so I couldn't say I was on my own.

"I'm here with Zoƫ," I replied. "And... her friend." Too late, I saw the gleam in Sandra's eyes. She is very highly sexed, and has always fancied Zoƫ. There was no polite way I could get rid of her, so I headed off to where Scott and Zoƫ were sitting, with Sandra following closely.

Sandra and Zoƫ greeted each other warmly, I'm sure there were tongues involved.

"Sandra, sweetheart, this is Zoƫ's friend... Shelley." I said, feeling pleased with my deception. Sandra looked 'Shelley' up and down with a predatory eye. Scott just smiled back, giving a little wave. Good, he was catching on.

We all sat down, and chatted for a while, as much as the music would let us. 'Shelley' kept her mouth firmly shut, thankfully Sandra didn't address her directly. But I needn't have worried. Sandra leaned across to me and whispered.

"It's OK, I know who Zoƫ's friend is," she said, managing to look smug and horny at the same time.

"You do?" I asked, not really surprised.

"Of course, do you really think I don't know a man when I see one?" she said, getting to her feet. Before I could stop her, Sandra was dragging 'Shelley' to her feet and leading her on to the dance floor. Zoƫ and I looked at each other helplessly.

"Sandra knows," I shouted discreetly at Zoƫ. She shrugged.

When Sandra and Shelley had had enough, they came back and sat down.

"This is getting boring now," Sandra yelled. "Let's go to my place."

It was a relief to get out of there. I realised the pounding music had given me a headache, but I also felt a new kind of exhilaration. It was like all my inhibitions were gone. Somehow I felt that dressing Scott up had liberated me, by going beyond the bounds of normal behaviour. Now anything was possible.

Sandra called a cab to take us to her place. Sitting in the back of the car next to Scott, I absent-mindedly rested my hand on the inside of his thigh. I could feel his hardness through the material of his tights and panties. Sandra, sitting on my other side, had her hand between my legs.

When we got back to Sandra's, she dragged me into the kitchen to make some coffee.

'So?' she squealed. 'Are you actually going to do it?'

'What?' I asked, being deliberately dense.

'Fuck your own son of course! You lucky, dirty cow!' Sandra was so envious I wouldn't have been surprised if she had literally turned green.

'Well, we will just have to wait and see,' I replied, ducking as Sandra made to throw a coffee mug at my head.

We went back into the living room. Zoƫ had helped Scott take off his boots, which had been killing him all evening. I felt a momentary pang of guilt for making him wear them, but I reminded myself how lucky he was. Or would be, soon.

'Mum, can I take these tights off now? I'm sweating like a pig' Scott whined.

'Well that's not very lady-like, is it?' I retorted. 'Take them off, if you must.' Once again, Zoƫ had to help him. All this time Sandra was unsuccessfully trying to stifle her laughter. There was something else in her eyes as well, the unmistakable glint of lust. Especially when Zoƫ didn't stop with the tights, but carried on and removed Scott's skirt and top. Scott didn't complain, his body was soaked with sweat. With hindsight I realised I should have found him something a bit more comfortable to wear. Oh well, never mind.

Eventually Scott stood in the middle of the room, in just bra and panties. He was clearly a boy dressed as a girl, but a very feminine looking one, despite his rugby-player's shoulders.

I excused myself and made my way to the bathroom, where I removed my panties and put them in my bag. When I returned to the living room, Scott was sitting on the couch with Sandra and Zoƫ on either side, running their hands over his body, caressing the inside of his strong thighs. The flimsy material of Scott's panties was being strained to the limit by his erection. I sat opposite the couch and parted my legs slightly, pulling my dress up to allow Scott a good look at my dripping wet pussy.

Sandra stood and looked down at Scott, breathing heavily. She suddenly reached down and tore roughly at the waistband of his panties, ripping them in her eagerness to get them off. Scott's engorged cock sprang free. I found myself kneeling on the floor between his legs, my gaze focussed on the layer of precum coating his glans.

My tongue was reaching out, almost with a will of it's own. A musky smell filled my nostrils as I rolled my tongue slowly around the head of Scott's cock, lapping up his precious fluid. I encircled the base of his shaft with one hand while I cupped his balls with the other. Sandra and Zoƫ were watching intently, not moving, not making a sound. Lowering my head further I took my son's penis into my mouth. The feeling was exquisite, as ever, but this time was indescribably different, this was my own son! I started to suck with a steady rhythm as I gently squeezed Scott's balls. I lost track of time, all that existed for me was my son's beautiful cock between my lips. Gradually I could feel his balls start to tighten and I quickened my rhythm, drawing him towards a climax, squeezing and sucking faster and faster, until Scott gave a low moan and his warm sticky fluid flooded my mouth.

As Scott's eruption subsided I took his softening cock from between my lips, giving it one last kiss. I turned to Zoƫ and she placed my lips on hers, allowing her to share her brother's cum.

Sandra was staring at us, an unfathomable expression on her face. In her place I would have been wondering 'what next?'

What next indeed.
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