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Nikki hugged Sally as she was greeted in the doorway. They made their way inside and Nikki said Hi to Craig who was sitting watching TV in the living room. He waved, acknowledging her greeting.

“I don’t think he even knows I really exist,” Nikki said to Sally when they were settled down the other end of the house in her room.

“Oh I think he will soon enough. I mean, its been ages since he’s seen you and I think with the way that I’ve woken his cock up lately, he’ll be checking you out over dinner and come to realise that you’re not the little brat that you once were.”

“No, now I’m just a dirty slut,” laughed Nikki. “Have you done anything else with him?”

“No, I haven’t been with him since I gave him the blow job, but he keeps trying to get me alone, so I think he may just want to do it again.”

“Huh, well that’s no surprise.”

“What about you, have you done anything more with your father?”

“Oh god, you wouldn’t believe it, I had sex with him!” Nikki said, watching the shock of her statement pass across her friend’s face.

“You’re kidding me?!” Sally finally said.

“Nuh uh, it was just last night. I could see that he was really disappointed that I was coming to spend the weekend here and so I thought that I’d give him a treat after netball training. He was watching me in the shower and telling me to do stuff and eventually when he was licking my pussy on the bed I asked him to fuck me.”

“Shit, was it good?”

“It hurt. But he said it wouldn’t hurt the next time, so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.” Nikki didn’t mention how much she’d gotten off by being treated badly, or that she’d had her arse penetrated. She wanted to save that for a surprise for Sally.

“It makes me so wet when you talk about doing stuff with your Daddy,” Sally told her.

“Yeah, I get wet just thinking about it. Do you want to do something about it?”

“Duh, of course!” laughed Sally, practically leaping on top of Nikki and tongue kissing her. Nikki laughed as her friend’s tongue slipped into her mouth and she started pulling at Sally’s t-shirt so that it would come up over her head. They kept kissing and Nikki undid Sally’s bra as well so that her breasts were free. Then she rolled Sally off of her so that she could do the same for herself.

With the two of them topless, they resumed kissing, rubbing their breasts against each other, teasing their nipples and touching each other’s bare skin with their hands.

“I want you to lick me,” Sally said to Nikki as they broke apart their kiss.

“And I want you to lick me, too, so why don’t we do it together?” Nikki answered.

“Ok,” Sally said, laying back and spreading her legs, “Come and get me.” Nikki laughed and climbed on top of her friend, pausing as her head passed her breasts to suck on her left nipple. As she did so, she felt her own nipple being sucked and realised that her small breast was just as within reach of Sally’s mouth as Sally’s breast had been hers. She moved further over Sally’s body, deliberately keeping her torso in reach of Sally’s tongue, feeling it trail deliciously across her skin.

She reached Sally’s pussy and used one hand to spread her lips as she supported herself on the other, her tongue seeking out Sally’s nectar as she licked along the inside of her labia. Nikki felt Sally’s hands on her arse, pulling her butt apart and downwards until her tongue caressed Nikki’s pussy. Nikki paused in her licking to enjoy the sensations that Sally sent coursing through her before returning to providing the same pleasure in return.

As Nikki licked at her friend’s pussy, she slipped a finger inside her pussy, noting the way her juices were slowly oozing their way down towards her anus as they continued their fun. She thought about how her father had licked around her own bum hole and how good it felt and wondered whether she should do it to Sally. She hesitated and then shuddered as Sally had clamped her mouth over her clit and sucked on it. She lost the thought in the sensations of the moment, focusing her attentions on bringing Sally to her orgasm as her own rapidly approached.

Sally heard the passion in Nikki’s cries as she came. She stopped licking her and dropped her head back, watching Nikki’s lips clench and release as she came, enjoying the sensations that Nikki continued to apply to her own clit. It was only a couple of moments later that Sally cried out in release as she too experienced the ecstasy brought on by another woman.

After they had dressed, the two girls went down to the living room. It was almost time for dinner and they sat and watched some television with Craig as they waited to be called to the table.

They sat next to each other on the couch, wishing that they could snuggle, but wary of the fact that Craig kept sending furtive glances their way, obviously wondering if Nikki’s was the friend that his Sister had been having lesbian sex with.

Nikki in turn eyed off Craig whom she considered as hot as ever. She wished that she could crawl over to him and just start sucking on his cock. Just to see how he’d react. She was just thinking about it when Sally’s mother called them to the table for dinner.

Nikki took her place at the table next to Sally and opposite Craig. Sally’s mother sat at one end of the table, closest to the kitchen and her father sat at the other end. Nikki looked him over, appraising him against her own father. Surveying him in a new light, Nikki decided that he was actually quite good looking and had managed to keep himself in shape rather than let himself go to pot as a lot of their friend’s Dad’s had.

Sally’s mum was also in good shape she noted, with a nice slim figure and in the modern clothes that she wore, her breasts appeared to be encased in a bra that held them nicely out from her body, giving them the appearance of youthful firmness and vitality. Nikki had to mentally check herself as Craig asked her a question. Fancy getting caught out because you were mentally appraising how good your friend’s parents might be as sex partners!

As they continued to eat dinner, Nikki quietly rubbed her nipples when no-one was looking, getting them erect, enjoying the fact that both Craig and his father appeared to have noticed and were eyeing her breasts off. As she ate her dinner, she kept dropping her hand to her lap and shifting her hand to Sally’s thigh, squeezing and rubbing it, teasing her.

By the time dinner was finished, Nikki was pretty sure that she had at least 3 of the four family members ready to jump into bed with her. She and Sally made their way up to Sally’s room where Nikki started quizzing Sally about her brother. She was feeling horny and after having teased Craig with her nipples throughout dinner, wanted to know if Sally thought that Craig would be interested in having some fun with her.

Sally had mixed feelings about sharing Craig. Nikki had suddenly become very aggressive about getting a piece of him and Sally hadn’t even had sex with him yet. She was worried that if Nikki went and did it with him, that his attention would shift to her and that she would be cut out of the loop.

“How do you usually start something with him?” Nikki asked her.

“Well, there’s only been a couple of times and either he or I have snuck into the other’s room and climbed into their bed. There’s not exactly any secret code or anything.”

“Would you be upset if I snuck in there and sucked on his cock?”

“Well I don’t know, maybe, I mean, he’s my brother and all and I just don’t know how he’d react.”

“You could come in too?”

“Man, he might freak if he saw both of us in there.”

“Or he could think that it’s the greatest day of his life. Remember, you said he seemed somewhat excited when he thought about you being with another girl.”

“Man, now you’re getting me horny again!” Sally said.

“Well come on then, you only live once, let’s give him a surprise he won’t forget.”

“Um, I dunno …”

“Oh come on!” pleaded Nikki, “Otherwise I am going to have to go in there on my own and you’ll have to deal with the consequences.

“Well alright then, but I may walk out!”

“That’s entirely up to you,” Nikki said excitedly ready to leap out of bed and sneak down the passage.

“Not yet!” Sally hissed in the darkness of the room, “Wait until he’s asleep, that way we can be sure that Mum and Dad are as well. I don’t want them walking in while I have my brother’s dick in my mouth!”

“Hee, I think my Daddy would like to see me with another cock in my mouth, he’s so dirty!” Nikki said, thinking about her father fingering and licking her anus.

“Really, what do you mean by dirty?” Sally asked. Nikki told her what her father had done to her, licking her anus, slipping first a finger and later the brush handle inside her.

“Ewww, that’s disgusting!” Sally finally commented.

“No its not, its awesome,” laughed Nikki, “But I have to admit that I thought it was gross at first too. At least until I came like it.”

“Really, you had an orgasm?”

“Oh yeah, it was great. Do you want me to do it to you?” Nikki asked hopefully.

“Um, not now, maybe another time.”

“Ok.” The two girls laid down and pretended to try and sleep after that, waiting for the time when the clock would tick over to 1am and it was safe for them to sneak about the house. Neither of them really slept though, the excitement building in them as the glowing red numbers of Sally’s alarm clock marked the time in agonizingly long one minute segments.

“Its time,” Sally whispered at last. Nikki slid out of bed, her panties already wet from fingering herself quietly as she waited for the time to pass.

“You go in first and stand in the corner, then I’ll come in and suck him while you watch, ok?” Nikki asked.


The two girls crept down to Craig’s room and slipped inside the door. Sally stood in the darkest corner of the room and Nikki made her way over to the bed, removing her t-shirt and panties, dropping them alongside the bed. When she was there, she set about getting Craig’s cock free enough from the trappings of his bed that she could suck on it. She finally managed to do so, Sally watching carefully, having to remind herself to breathe as the tension of how Craig might react tore through her gut.

Nikki took the semi flaccid penis of her friend’s brother into her mouth, sucking gently on it, holding it in her mouth, feeling it swell in size.

Craig was enjoying his dream. His sister was sucking on his cock again and despite the fact that his mother kept walking past outside, it just excited him more, it was so lifelike. That realisation snapped the thread of the dream and as he wondered about the fact that he knew he was dreaming, he realised that although he was now awake, the pleasure coursing through him continued.

“Oh God Sally, that’s awesome,” he whispered, closing his eyes and enjoying the blow job. “I thought that with Nikki over I wouldn’t get to see you tonight, but this is a welcome surprise.”

Nikki grinned to herself as she slid her mouth up and down the smooth skin of the erection she was pleasuring. He didn’t even realise yet. She wondered how long it would be before Sally would make it known that she was in the room or until Craig realised his error in thinking it was his sister.

Craig was content to enjoy the blow job, his sister had obviously decided to pleasure him and that was fine by him. He’d lick her pussy if she wanted and play with her tits to, but right now, laying back and receiving the pleasure was bliss. He felt Sally’s tongue swirling around the knob of his cock and flicking across it before her mouth plunged downwards. He wouldn’t last much longer; he was going to cum.

Nikki felt the tension building in Craig’s reaction to her efforts and pistoned her head up and down his cock, willing him to cum so that she could taste him and feel his gooey cum in her mouth.

She felt him hold still and then his dick pulsed, spurting a stream of cum into her mouth. She swallowed and sucked as he pulsed again and again until he was drained of cum and he flopped back down on his back.

“Mmm, thanks Sis,” he said.

Nikki didn’t answer, she just started to kiss her way up his body, her breasts dragging over his legs, her erect nipples trailing over his flesh. She felt Craig’s hands travel over her shoulders, moving around to grab her tits. She took his hands in hers before he could get them and pushed them back over his head, at the same time dropping a pillow across his face as her nipples grazed his chest. Her wet pussy ground on his cock, stirring him back to life.

Craig allowed his hands to be pushed back up over his head and accepted the pillow being dropped onto his face. He was surprised, because Sally wasn’t usually this aggressive, but with her pussy grinding on his cock, he wasn’t about to say anything that might stop her taking the next step with it. Besides, he found it strangely exhilarating to have his sister treat him like this, it was like being taken by a stranger.

Nikki let one of Craig’s hands go, putting both his wrists beneath her right palm. She knew that he could easily escape, but he was playing along with the charade of being held down and Nikki was finding it exciting. She reached between her legs and took his cock in her left hand and positioned its head at the entrance to her pussy before sliding back along the length of his shaft. She moaned as she impaled herself on his erect cock and heard an answering, muffled expression of pleasure from beneath the pillow. She looked over her shoulder to see if she could spot Sally, but it was too dark for her eyesight to penetrate the gloom.

Sally could just make out the silhouette of her friend on top of her brother. From the motion she was now seeing, she thought that Nikki must be fucking him. She was moving up and down on top of him and moaning in pleasure, like she did when Sally licked her pussy.

She was torn between wanting to get closer and see more and not wanting to interfere and risk her brother finding out what was going on. She wasn’t sure what Nikki was going to do, but so far she hadn’t revealed that it wasn’t Sally astride her brother’s cock. In the end, Sally decided that she wanted to see what it looked like when her brother’s cock slid in and out of Nikki’s nice pussy and so she crept over to the edge of the bed, peering between Nikki’s legs. It was too dark to really see what was going on but she got enough of an idea for her pussy to be oozing at the sight and thought of what was happening.

Nikki sat up as she realised that Sally was behind her and Craig brought his hands from over her head to her breasts. As his hands closed over them and cupped them fondling and caressing the firm mounds, he wondered about the fact that they seemed to feel different tonight and the wild though went through his mind that perhaps this was Nikki!

As he squeezed the nipples and heard her moan, he thought back to dinner and the way that Nikki had kept squeezing her nipples and practically pulling them out for him to look at. She’d been flirting with him all day when he really thought about it. He released one breast and threw the pillow off of his face. It took a bit for his eyes to adjust enough to see, but when he could he discovered that it was indeed Nikki sliding her pussy up and down his cock.

“What the …” he started.

“Like it Craig, do you like me fucking your cock?” she asked him as he lay reeling upon his bed, his mind showing him images of what she had looked like earlier in the day.

“Hell yes,” he replied, deciding to just go along with it. It wasn’t ever day a girl blew you in your sleep and then climbed onto your bed and fucked you.

Knowing what was going on, he couldn’t contain himself any longer and told Nikki that he was going to cum again. She slid of his cock and down the bed until she had him in her mouth again. He couldn’t believe that she was sucking on his cock after it had just been in her pussy! It was that little bit that was required to drive him over the edge, his cum exploding again into her mouth. As he subsided, Nikki stood up and walked to the dark corner of his room.

Craig watched curiously as Nikki led another person back towards the bed. Holy Shit! It was Sally. Sally had been watching him fuck her friend and what was even more amazing was that the two of them were now kissing each other after he’d just cum in Nikki’s mouth. He lay there stunned, not knowing what to do. Nikki bent over and picked up her panties and t-shirt, kissed first his cock and then his lips and said thanks, making her way out of the room naked!

Now Sally stood in the room. Horny, wet, confused. She didn’t know what to do and in the end, as Craig attempted to speak to her, she quickly exited the room.

Craig lay awake for a long time thinking about the encounter before returning the world of slumber. Sally too lay awake, wondering whether things would be the same tomorrow.

Nikki fell asleep, feeling pleasantly fucked. “I haven’t cum yet,” she thought to herself, “But at least I got to fuck Craig.” She drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Craig was walking around the house with a grin from ear to ear after the night’s experience. Sally was rather quiet though. She wasn’t sure quite how to take what had happened last night. It was one thing for her to have sex with Nikki and her brother, but she’d done it with them alone and standing watching the two of them, although incredibly arousing, was eating at her in a strange way. She spent most of the morning thinking about it and finally decided that it was because Nikki had had sex with Craig and yet she had yet to have that opportunity.

Craig had a soccer game to go to in the afternoon and asked Nikki and Sally if they wanted to come along and watch. Nikki was keen and managed to talk Sally into it, “think about all the hot guys we get to watch!”

They had travelled there in separate cars as Craig had to go early to get ready and on the way, Nikki spoke to Sally about what had happened the night before. Sally told Nikki about how she felt and Nikki simply said, “So fuck him. Then you’ll have had sex with him and you’ll feel better about me fucking him.”

“Easy for you to say, but he’s my brother.”

“Hey, you’re talking to someone that had sex with their father here, you’ll be fine, trust me. And it’s a nice sized cock too. Not as big as my Dad’s but nice and firm inside!” Sally said that she’d consider the proposal.

The two girls stood on the side lines cheering Craig’s team on, watching the guys run around and throw themselves at the ball. Nikki kept telling Sally what she’d like to do if she could get a few of the boys alone and by the end of the game Sally was sure that she’d said she’d fuck everyone on the field.

“God, I’d love to strip and streak into the change rooms,” Nikki said to Sally as they watched the guys disappear through the door.

“You’re terrible!” laughed Sally, though she did concede that there were a couple of guys she’d like to see a lot more of.

“I really think you need to fuck your brother tonight, because I am horny as hell and I am going to have sex with at least one of you, but I won’t do it again with Craig until you have,” Nikki said as they drove home again. She reached over and started playing with Sally’s breasts as she drove. Sally laughed and said that she was pretty sure that she would be doing it tonight, but she wasn’t sure if she could do it with Nikki in the room.

“Awww, please can I watch?” begged Nikki, “I was your first girl and I really want to see you lose your virginity!”

“I’ll see how I feel at the time,” was the only concession that Sally was prepared to make on the way home.

Nikki and Sally left a note in Craig’s room inviting him to visit them tonight, as they had done the night before. He came home quite late, having gone out to celebrate their win that afternoon and the girls lay in Sally’s bed kissing and touching each other as they awaited his visit.

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