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I never knew I could be such a filthy bastard.

I'm hard. Not even really thinking about what I did. Just knowing I'm gonna write about it, and my cock's hard as a gun barrel.

Funny, how life works. If I'd driven home, and pulled into my garage like normal, I'd probably never have caught them. But since my piece of shit Probe broke down again, and Peterson dropped me after we'd had a few brews over at O'Leary's, things worked out different. It would have been different, too, if I'd had my radio on me and called for backup, or if I'd seen the shadows moving around in my place before Peterson had driven off, and he'd come in with me. But that's not how it happened. He was half way down the block before I noticed there was someone in my house.

My weapon was where my radio was—on my belt, back at the station. But I had my backup piece. I slid it out of the holster under my shirt, flicked off the safety, and crept up to the side entrance, at the opposite end of the house from where those shadows were dancing on the walls. It's easy to get in quietly when you've got a key. I snuck in and went room by room, checking in the dark to be sure I wouldn't get ambushed when I got to whoever was stupid enough to leave a light on while they robbed me. All clear. Nothing left but to corner the thief fucks ransacking my bedroom.

The door was open and I snuck up quiet. Two. Kids. Not paying attention to anything but my stuff. A girl with long hair and a tight little ass standing with her back to the door and her head bent over some little thing in her hand, and a boy reaching for stuff on the shelf in my closet.

Right here's where things started to go a different way than I could have guessed, even though I'm the one who made them go that way.

I didn't level my weapon at her and say, "Freeze! Police!" I crept up on that girl with the long hair and the sweet little ass, with her bare, thin arms, and caught her from behind, and put my gun to her head.

She screamed and thrashed and writhed, but she was just a little thing and it was pretty easy to keep a hold of her until she figured out what that hard thing was poking at the side of her skull and settled down. Now I was watching the other kid spin around, see what's what, and drop the autographed baseball he'd found, and thrust his hands up in the air.

I asked them if they liked breaking into people's houses and stealing their stuff, but they were both quiet. Even though I'd already broken protocol, I was still thinking I'd just call it in. It really hadn't occurred to me to do anything weird. But as I stood there, asking their names and probably hearing fake ones, the adrenaline that had come on before I'd gotten the situation under control started to fade, and as it did, I realized how hard I'd gotten, holding that skinny, scared girl. I could feel the heat of her body through her t-shirt, and my thigh was pressed against the round curve of that little ass. I wanted to see what her face and tits looked like. That's when it occurred to me not to call it in. But I still hadn't decided.

I wanted to slide my hand up and assess her tits that way, but instead I marched them out to the kitchen, and made her tie him to a chair. I told her she'd better tie him up good, that I'd check how she'd done, and if she'd made it easy for him to get loose, I'd shoot him in the foot. When she finished I cuffed her to the door of the fridge and checked the job she'd done on the kid.

After all that I had time to stand back and really check her out. She stared at me, scared shitless, while I looked her up and down. She was pretty, but in a way that's mostly just because she's so young. By the time she's thirty or forty, she won't look like anything special. But her tits. Small and firm and sticking out invitingly through her t-shirt. Flat belly. A nice curve to her small hips. Very fuckable.

I asked her name again to see if she'd say the same thing, and she said again that her name was Kelly. I asked her Kelly what and after staring at me a minute like she was trying to decide whether to answer or what to say she finally said it was Kelly Gertz. I told her I hoped she wasn't lying to me and I stepped up real close to her. She was pretty small, and her head didn't even come up as high as my shoulders. I asked her did she have any ID on her and she said no. She was looking up at me, breathing really hard like she had some idea what I was thinking, and I said I'd just check to make sure, and put my hands on her ass and rubbed over her pockets, then squeezed my hands inside the pockets, which wasn't easy because her jeans were tight, and the back pockets were empty but I kept my hands in there for a few seconds, feeling her tight little ass, looking down at her looking up at me, thinking about how my dick felt, hard and throbbing in my pants. Then I checked her front pockets, which were empty, too, but all I could feel through those were her hip bones and the softness of her belly, which was flat because she was so skinny and not because she worked out.

I asked the kid what about him, and he said yeah, his ID was in his back pocket. I warned him not to fuck with me and waved my gun in his face to remind him why, then had him lift his ass off the chair, which was a struggle for him because of the way he was tied up, then I fished his wallet out of his pocket. Joseph Gertz. I'd figured they were boyfriend and girlfriend, not brother and sister. I still wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them, but for some reason, knowing they were brother and sister made my dick harder. I looked at the DOB. The kid was two days shy of his twentieth birthday.

"How old's baby sis?" I asked him.

There was a long staredown while he did a lot of huffing before he hissed "Eighteen" through clenched teeth. I don't know what the big deal was about that, why he had such a hard fucking time telling me how old the girl was, unless he'd been hoping I'd think she was jailbait and keep my hands off her.

I was killing time. I was waiting to see if any of my neighbors had noticed the break-in and called the cops. But it'd been at least fifteen minutes just since I'd been home. Who knows how long those two had been riffling through my stuff before that. Fucking neighbors.

Kelly and Joseph both looked pretty scared. Maybe scared I'd call the cops. Maybe afraid I wouldn't. They must have been wondering, by then, why I hadn't dialed nine one one.

I needed something. An excuse, I guess. Or I wanted to test them. I went to the counter and lifted the phone from its base, then went and stood in front of them, and pushed the on button to get a dial tone. While Joseph watched me his eyes started to tear up, but it was Kelly who shouted "don't!" when I pushed the nine button and the one button. I clicked the dial tone off before I pressed one a second time.

She started begging, crying a little. Please, man. Please don't call the cops. The kid in the chair was obviously working damn hard not to cry. I had a pretty good idea what it was all about. I asked Joseph did he have a record and he nodded. Probably he'd had a taste of county and was scared shitless of going back there, or somewhere worse. I asked her what about you and she shook her head no. It was him she was scared for.

I walked over to her. Her tears. The handcuffs. The way she kept glancing past me at her brother. Everything had my dick so fucking hard. I cupped one of her little tits in my hand and gave her nipple a pinch and asked was she sure she didn't want me to call the cops and she said yes. Still squeezing her ripe little tit I turned and looked over my shoulder at the kid in the chair to see if he'd say anything. He looked at my hand on his sister's tit and for a second he looked as pissed as he did scared, but he didn't say anything.

That was the moment when I thought, jesus fucking christ, I'm really gonna do this.

I turned back to the girl. My dick was so crammed against my pants it almost hurt. I kind of liked it. The discomfort. It seemed right.

I lifted up her shirt, and I could see the darkness of her nipples through her skimpy bra. I tugged that up, too, above her tits, and looked at the sweet little mounds pointing at me with their pinkish-brown nipples. I looked at her and she had her eyes shut tight and I told her to open them and she did and I told her to look at me and she did. I wondered if she'd ever fucked anyone as old as me. Probably twice her age. Me, I can't remember the last time I touched anyone so young and soft. I bent down and licked and sucked her nipples, slurping nice and loud so her brother could hear, until they swelled and hardened between my lips and under my tongue.

For some reason, right then I wondered if the brother, Joseph, was feeling anything but terror and rage, watching the guy he'd been robbing groping and licking his sister. I'm no faggot, but I really wanted him to be hard. It would mean he was as bad a pervert as me. Worse. After all, he was the fuck who'd rather let a stranger bone his sister than do his time.

I walked away from the girl, leaving her shirt and bra hiked up and her tits bare, stepped between the kid's knees, and started unbuckling his belt, then undid his fly. I yanked his jeans down without bothering to make him lift his ass. His erection angled up under his tighty whities. Fucking perv.

So I asked what he and his sister liked doing together, besides breaking into people's houses and stealing their shit. He just shook his head back and forth. Ever fuck her? I asked. Ever put your finger in her pussy? I asked. He just sat there, shaking his head.

Goddamn, the girl looked fucking hot cuffed to that fridge, her perky little tits out. I went back to her and undid her jeans and worked my hand down the front under the tight denim, enjoying the challenge. She'd shaved or waxed her bush, and her mound felt smooth and soft and warm as I worked my fingers down, over the smooth lips, working two fingers between, slowly working my fingers back and forth under the tight jeans until I felt her opening and a little wetness and I slowly started working my fingers up into her, finger fucking her, my fingers staying deep, my motions shallow because of how tight her jeans were.

While I banged her I was thinking about what I wanted to do. Fuck her right there, against the fridge. Uncuff her, lay her on the floor and fuck her. Lick her bald cunt. Make her blow me. The idea of her brother watching while I ate her and fucked her, while she sucked me, sounded really good. Knowing she was letting me fuck her so he wouldn't get his skinny ass fucked in prison. But then all these other, nastier ideas started coming to me.

Still banging her, I asked her, You ever let your brother stick his finger in your pussy, Kelly? and like him, she shook her head no. Ever let him taste your pussy? She shook her head no. I pulled my fingers out of her cunt, then, and drew circles around and over her nipples with her pussy juice. Then I made her suck my fingers clean, and uncuffed her.

I took her over to her brother and made her get up on his lap, straddling him, then I told her to give him her tits to suck. She put a nipple by his lips and he licked and sucked it when I told him to. I don't think the little prick really minded sucking his sister's tits and tasting her snatch. Probably he'd been jerking off to the idea of doing pretty much just that for years.

By now my rod was about ready to rip a hole in my pants. I had her get off her brother and was about to make her suck my cock when I got another idea. I told her to pull his BVDs down. They both gave me these looks, like they couldn't believe that this was the direction things were going, when probably they'd both figured I'd just fuck the girl and let them go. But neither of them said a fucking thing. Like they were scared if one of them said no or please don’t to something, I'd say fuck it and just call the cops. Then they looked at each other for a second, and she worked his briefs down around his knees, then the rest of the way off when I told her.

I didn't have a plan. I just started doing things as I thought of them. I made her get on her knees between his legs, then I got on my knees right behind her, my dick trying hard to get at her ass through my pants and her jeans. Her brother's thick dong was stiff and pointing toward his left shoulder. I pulled her long, soft hair into my fist, so I could see the profile of her face when I leaned forward, and I told her to suck him. He was panting hard and looking down at her as she wrapped her little fingers around the base of his big schlong, then brought her mouth to the head, then licked her lips and slid them over the tip of his cock and slid a few inches of him into her mouth.

I'm not usually much of a talker during the average fuck fest, but now I was saying, that a girl, suck your brother's cock real nice. He likes it. Look how fucking hard he is, and shit like that. She was doing fine on her own, but I had all her hair like a rope in my hand, so once or twice I used it to force her down lower on his cock, to pull her back until his dick popped free of her lips and I could see that it was shiny with her spit. I like that part. Seeing the head of his cock clear her lips, bobbing stiff and pink and shiny for a few seconds before I gave the order and she wrapped her lips around him again, bobbing and slurping.

That was it. I was going to fucking die, my dick was going to fucking explode if it didn't get out of my pants and into her. Her pants were still undone from before, so I just worked my fingertips under the waistband and worked the skintight denim down, over her hips and ass, not too low, because I wanted her to be able to spread her legs, keep a wide stance with her knees, but I didn't want to stop long enough to let her take the jeans all the way off.

I barely took time to look at her, I was in such a hurry to get my dick out. I yanked my fly down, shoved my pants and boxers down, and started stroking my rod, just a little and very carefully because I was half scared I'd lose it and cum on her ass without ever getting inside her. Now that I could pay attention to her again I realized she'd stopped sucking the guy's cock. She was all still and stiff, and I wondered if she was scared.

Go on, baby. Be a good girl and keep sucking that cock, I told her. And I told her to do something about her hair, so I could see, now that my hands were busy and I couldn't hold it back. She combed her fingers down from her part to the nape of her neck and pulled it all over one shoulder so it hung down and front of her, and I could see her face and watch her mouth working on that cock as she sucked the head and sank down on the shaft.

When I reached between her legs and started fingering her pussy again, she kind of whimpered, and my cock twitched in my fist. Her cunt was nice and juicy, and I was more than ready, so I maneuvered my knees between hers and told her to lift that ass up for me. She arched her back and with my hand I rubbed the head of my cock up against her cunt, all slippery and smooth. Then I gripped the fronts of her thighs and sank into that tight, slick grip, and between that feeling and the whimper I heard, muffled by that guy's big dick, I almost lost it.

After waiting a few seconds to make sure we'd both get a good long ride, I drew back, then drove into her, hard and deep. Nothing like doggie style for a good, deep fuck. I leaned over so I could feel her body with mine, and so I could hear and see the sucking real close up while I fucked her. It seemed like it would be extra nasty if she came, so I reached around and started rubbing her clit, real soft while I fucker her, hard for a little while, then more gentle, then hard and deep again, liking her little muffled squeaks every time I hit her deep.

I told her she'd be a real nasty girl if she came, some stranger fucking her from behind while she sucked her brother's cock. When I gave her twat a little slap with my fingers, then rubbed her clit some more, fucking her more vigorously and swatting her twat again, she was drooling all over the kid, her saliva pooling in his pubes and running down over his nuts, and from the sound of her breathing I was pretty sure she was going to cum soon.

A new idea came to me, and I pulled out, feeling the warm, wet grip of her cunt slip over my prick. Swear to fucking god the girl made a noise like she was disappointed. I told her not to worry, that I've be giving her a good fucking again in no time. Reaching between her legs I stuffed two fingers into her twat and she grunted as I slid them in and out a few times, then in one slow, determined move, drove my middle finger into her ass. She yelped and straightened up so fast, the kid's cock popping free of her mouth so suddenly I was scared I'd be hearing him scream his goddamn head off in a second. She hadn't hurt him, though. And I hadn't hurt her, either. She was just startled, was all. Maybe she'd never gotten it in the ass before.

I told her she was a naughty baby, and to keep sucking that cock while I fingered her ass. She kept up with the worried look she was giving me, but just for a few seconds. Then she settled back down to her blowjob. I wanted to see how it looked, my finger going in and out of her ass, so I told her to spread her cheeks for me. I could tell it was hard work for her, keeping up that blowjob without being able to support herself with her arms, but she managed. I watched her little hands get a grip on those firm, round cheeks, watched her spread 'em until I saw the little brown-pink pucker of her ass. Then I slid my finger in again, watched that puckered ring of dark skin disappear each time I drove my finger in, watched it reappear each time I pulled out. Then I pushed two fingers in, working them past that stubborn little pucker as she grunted around the cock in her mouth. After a while my two fingers were stuffed tight into her ass, and I was slowly fucking her, stretching her, getting her ready for my dick while I watched her lips sliding up and down Joseph's thick shaft.

When I pulled my fingers out and dipped my cock into her wet cunt one last time for a little more lube, then pressed the head of my cock to her asshole, she stiffened and I heard her whimper. I didn't mind her being afraid. I knew I wasn't going to hurt her. I worked her pucker open with the head of my cock, real slow, until the flared base slipped in and disappeared as her ring of muscle clenched tight around my shaft. Her sphincter hugged my cock tight as I drove it in, nice and slow, to the hilt, and my pelvis pressed up against the backs of her hands, still spreading her cheeks for me. I heard her let out a long breath as I drew back, little by little, watching that dark ring cling to my rod, so fucking tight I thought I might shoot off right then. Back, back, I pulled back inch by inch, feeling the grip of her holding my prick inside, then with a one last tug, pulled the swollen head of my cock free of her ass. So I could go in again. I pressed the head to that tiny little hole and rubbed it. My cock wanted in so bad. Wanted to fuck that tight little ass. I got back in there, forcing her to open and accept me. Then I told her she could stop spreading her cheeks for me. She let go and her round little buns came together, plump and firm.

I started to fuck her. Slow. Nice and slow. She grunted a little every time I pushed in. Now that my hands were free, I pulled her hair into my fist with one, and with the other I reached under her and started fingering her twat again. Her swollen, juicy twat. Pumping that ass, banging that snatch, I watched her sucking her brother's hard, pink prick. I wondered what it tasted like. How it felt to have a thick pole of flesh like that filling her mouth. I made her pull back so I could see the fat, purplish head of his rod, told her to rub the little slit at the top with the tip of her tongue while I fucked her bottom, while I slid my two fingers in and out of her juicy cunt and slid them over her clit, all hard and swollen. I tucked her hair behind her ear and swept it over her shoulder so I could still see when I wrapped my arm around her to steady her as I started fucking her more vigorously, panting and grunting now as I reamed her tight hole with my cock. She licked and sucked his balls when I told her to, and then slurped the fat head of his dick between her lips, and I heard him groan.

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