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It was around eleven oíclock, the news was over and I had cleaned up the kitchen earlier. I had taken my shower, slipped into a nice thin summer nightgown and was about ready for bed. The cat was out and I remember I still had a small bag of garbage to take out. I did not want it in the house till morning it would smell by then. So I slipped out the back door and walked to the corner of the garage. There is a gate out to the alley where we keep our garbage can.

It was a warm June night and approaching total darkness. So I did not put on a rob. My nightgown was very thin and really did not cover mach. But there was no one around to see me any way so out I went. Our back yard had a small in ground pool along one side. A few fruit trees and the garage is on the other side, Set way back so that the back wall was close to the alley. I made it out to the corner of the garage when I noticed a car parked in the alley right up close to our gate. So I stood in the darkness by the garage to see if it would move.

Then the dome light came on and I saw my son getting out of his best friend Tomís new car. I did not want either boy to see me in my nightgown so I stood still. My son, Edward had opened the gate when Tom, said something to him. Edward turned back and said, ďTom, you are one horny son of a bitch."

"No I mean it Ed, your Mom, is one sexy lady. I saw her in that bikini the other day and she is one hot piece."

Edward said, "Come on Man, that is my Mom your talking about. OK, so she is good looking, donít tell me you would like to fuck my Mom. You're one sick puppy, TomĒ

"Listen buddy, you see your Mom, every day and you know she is fine. So donít tell me you never thought of fucking her. Hell I bet you jack off thinking about that ass. "Tom was talking about me and I could not even say a word to defend myself. Beside these boys were only sixteen, I know boys that age are always thinking about sex, but not woman my age they should be thinking of girls there own age.

I heard my son laugh, and say. "OK, so what if I do think about what it would be like to fuck my Mom. Like you said, she is fine and she has one beautiful ass. . But I bet you do the same thing, I bet you think about your Mom too. She is pretty fucking nice too. Those tits of hers turn heads all over town. Yes, and she wears those short skirts to show off her ass. So donít talk to me about my Mom and how good she looks."

Edward was giving Tom back what he was saying about me. I was surprised to even hear these boys talking this way. I had never heard my son talk dirty. But here he was talking and using dirty words. Of course I had heard all the words any way, but not out of my sonís mouth. I guess boys talk different when they are with there own. Now I heard Tom laugh, and he said, "Man I am already fucking my Mom. You should try to fuck your Mom and you would find out a motherís pussy is great.Ē

Edward said, "you lie, Tom, If you were really fucking your own Mother then you would not be hot after Sally Irons."

Tom said, in a tone that was different and he said, "Ed, Iíll tell you what, you come over tomorrow night and I let you in the back door. You wait in the kitchen and give me about ten minutes and then you come up to my bedroom and you can catch me fucking my Mom. If it works out right you will be able to fuck her to. Iíll get her to give you a cock sucking like you never had before. Even better than Sarah Cook. I know you like the way she sucks cock. OK, buddy is it a date or not?"

I got the feeling that Tom was not just talking he was for real screwing his own mother. I thought about my son screwing Tomís mother. Dotty was a lovely lady, my age and a widow like me. My husband had died three years before and Dotty had been a widow for longer than that. I knew that from time to time I felt the need for a manís arm around me and I sometimes got down right horny. Once about a year go I had driven over to Oakville and sat in a bar to see if I could pick up a man. It had not taken long before a very nice looking guy came by and bought me a drink. But I had chickened out and ran before I got into something I could not handle.

I drove home still horny and that night I masturbated and found I could still have a climax. But I did not think I would get so horny that I would fuck my own son. Edward is handsome, well built, very popular with the girls and I believe he was having sex. But he had just admitted he thought of me in a sexy way. He had said, he did think I was sexy and beautiful. God, he had said, he thought of fucking me. I found that both discussing and exciting at the same time. Was I crazy, here I was a thirty eight old widow standing in the shadows listing to two young boys talking about fucking their mothers. One was and one wanted to.

And my son was about to fuck his best friends mother. This was just crazy, just crazy, as I said this I felt my own crotch getting wet. My nipples were hard and not from the cold because it was warm out and getting very hot the longer I stood there listening. After what seemed like a long time Edward said, "Tom, your not kidding are you?Ē

Tom said, "Not at all my friend. My Mom will do what ever I ask her to do. She will fuck both of us. So come over about ten tomorrow night and we will see what we will see." Tom started the car ad drove off. Edward stood there for a few minutes and I thought he would see me for sure. But he did not. He went in and when I saw the light come on in his room I went in and up to my bedroom with out him hearing or seeing me. It was about ten minutes later.

When I went down the hall to my crafts and computer room. This room connects through a bath to Edwardís room. I donít know why I was doing this I had never spied on my son before. But there were sounds coming from his room. I slipped into the bathroom and the door to his side was not closed all the way. I could see him in bed. He was naked with his hand jerking himself. My son was masturbating. He was talking too. "Mom, fuck me, fuck me Mom. Take my cock, fuck it, Mom I am cumming , Mom, Oh, Mom, I want your ass. Fuck me." Then he moaned and I saw his sperm shoot up into the air and fall back on his belly.

I was so hot, I wanted to run into his room and, and what. What on earth would I do if I did go in there now. Yell at him, no, not yell, take him in my arms. No not that either. Without making a sound I went back to my room and masturbated, all the while thinking of my son.

The next morning I was already in the kitchen when Edward came down. He was only wearing his shorts. This was not uncommon and I never thought about it before. But today I did. I looked at his crotch. I could not see anything. But there was an outline of his penis. I smiled at myself. Last night it would have been a cock. But now in the light of day it was once again a penis. I had not seen or touched or, or yes I had not sucked a cock for over three years. I missed all three things.

I thought about tonight when he will go over to Tomís house, will he fuck, Dotty, will she suck his cock. Then the vision of Tom between his mother legs filled my head. I could see his cock going into his mother's cunt. Her legs held wide apart taking him in. Legs up over his back high in the air. My son standing watching the two of them, waiting his turn. My own pussy was wet and my guts were on fire.

My nipples were hard and I was driving myself crazy thinking about this young boy fucking a lady my age. I mumbled something and ran to my room. It was almost thirty minutes later when Edward yelled up that he was going out and would not be home till supper. The rest of my day was spent driving myself nuts. Thinking all kind of crazy things. Mothers donít do this. Normal mothers any way. I kept thinking about tonight. What on earth could I do. I could call Dotty and tell her what was planed. That was not a good idea.

I could tell Edward I needed him to stay home tonight. But what could I say to make him stay nothing, nothing at all. Then I thought I would call Dotty and invite her over to my house just for old times. We girls could talk and just get caught up. If I did that the boys would know I knew of their plans and I would get caught up in their mess. For one split second I thought of myself in Dotís place.

Two young boys all hot and horny, wanting to fuck me. I could see myself sucking one cock and then the other. Would this be what Dotty would do. Would she take one cock in her mouth and one in her cunt at the same time. Oh, my god, I was doing it again. I had to stop and just not think of it. I would do nothing and just not think any more. Mid-afternoon, I went to my room and laid down. I was still thinking and I could not stop. Maybe a nap would give me some relief.

Dropping off into a misty dream land I once again saw two boys on one bed with an older lady. I was that older lady. I was naked, I was on all fours. I could see my tits hanging down, My ass high ready for anything. The boys were standing next to the bed. Both cocks were hard and standing out straight ready for me. I could see myself on the bed. I wanted to say something but could not speak. I could only watch. Edward got up behind me placing his hands on my ass. Tom got up in front of me his cock close to my mouth. Edward pushed forward till the head of his cock was pressed firmly to my pussy lips. His fingers digging into the checks of my ass.

"Nice fucking ass, Mom. Feel my cock at your cunts door."I could hear his words but could not answer him. Tom was touching my face his fingers tangled in my hair. He was pulled my head and mouth closer to his cock. I opened my mouth to take his cock in. I wanted to taste his cock, I want his cock in my mouth.

Tom said, "Ed, your mom is going to suck my cum filled cock. Yes old buddy your mom, is a fucking cocksucker."My whole body shuttered with his words. I was so excited my cunt was dripping with desire. My mouth wanted to be filled with cum. I felt Edward ram his cock in my cunt. I jerked awake. I had two fingers in my pussy. I was wet with sweat. The windows were open and it was warm. The afternoon breeze came in the open widow cooling my naked body. I pulled my fingers from my pussy and I let the tips run over my ass hole. It felt good to play my fingers over my own ass. Maybe I had dreamed his cock was in my ass and not my cunt. On shaky legs I went to the shower.

Dinner was almost ready when Edward came in. He said he had been playing ball all afternoon. He said, he wanted to shower before dinner so I told him to hurry. The moment he went up I remembered his masturbating last night. How he had called out my name and how he had wanted me. My pussy filled with pain and I was wet again.

After supper Edward went to his room. I watched TV. Around nine oíclock he came down and said, he was going over to Toms house. I ask if he would be long, he said, "I may stay the night. Toms wants me to sleep over."

"Did he ask his mother?"I ask.

"Not yet, but he will when I get there."

I was at a lose for words so I said, ĎOK, have a nice time, call me if you do."

Edward was out the door and I cried. Then it came to me. What I was going to do. I would follow Edward to Tomís house and walk in on them. I had to see, I had to know and yes, I thought that just maybe I could join the party. I wanted to get fucked and I wanted these two boys to be the one to do it to me.

First I put on my sexiest panties and bra. I made up my face and then I pulled on a pair of very tight shorts along with a soft jersey pull over top. I must admit I did look sexy. This was not like me at all. But I was going hunting and I needed all the inducement I could muster. Edward had about a twenty-minute head start on me. Edward would have walked the five blocks to Tomís house. I know how he cuts through back alleys and people back yards. However to make up so time I drove.

I parked behind Tomís house in the alley. I could see the read door leading to the kitchen. The light was on and Edward was standing by the back door. I watched as he entered and if I remembered he was supposed to wait ten minutes before going up stairs. I made my way to where I could see Edward. He waited more than ten minutes and then disappeared down a hall. I waited ten more minutes and entered the house. Even in the kitchen I could hear voices from upstairs plus just sound of movement. I made my way up stairs and stood in the hall out side an open bedroom door. I was afraid and stood there a long time.

Then I looked around the edge of the door. There on the bed I saw Dotty in the middle of a king size bed. Her head and shoulders were propped up on pillows. Tom on one side of her with his mouth sucking on a most generous breast. Edward on the other side doing the same thing. Each boy had a hand between her legs. I could not see much but it looked like each boy had a finger or two in her pussy.

Dotty had her hands down at her sides holding a hard cock in each hand. Dotty had her eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying the boys sucking on her nipples. I had moved into the doorway when Tom saw me. He looked up and begin to smile. He did not say a word, he just reached over and taped Edward on the arm. Edward looked up and Tom pointed toward me. Edward sat up, surprised to see me. Dotty opened her eyes and she just smiled. Edward got up and came to me. "Mom, what are you doing here?"

Tom spoke for me, "Ed my friend I think your Mom has come to join our party. Look how sexy she is dressed."

"Mom," Edward said, "Is this true?"

Dotty was now standing, she came closer and said, "Helen, let me help you out of your clothing. "Tom was now at my side. He put his arm around me and pulled me to the center of the room. I could not speak. I just let them do with me as they wanted. Tom kissed me and I kissed him back. His hands were on my breasts. Dotty was unzipping my shorts. Edward was just sanding there dumbfounded. My top was off and Edward had his arms around me. "He aid, in a soft voice. ďMom is this what you want.?"

ďYes, son this is want I want. I want to join the party."

"God, Mom I have wanted you for so long, "Edward dropped my bra to the floor and lowered his mouth to my breasts. Edward was sucking on my nipples and Tom was running a hand up between my legs. Dotty was also touching me. She had a hand on my ass, her fingers were rubbing up and down the crack between my cheeks. The next thing I knew I was on the bed Tom was kissing me and Edward was sucking my nipples and Dotty was pulling my legs apart. I did nothing to restrain nay of them. Dotty put her face between my legs and started to lick my clitoris.

This was only the first party we shared with our sons. We now get together several times a week. Four is such a nice number. Oh, yes, sometimes when the boys are our playing ball Dot and I get to really have a fine time.

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