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There must be something wrong with me! I mean, not physically, there I'm fine. I'm 5'4," 135 lbs. , with nice tits and an ass that's not too awful big, firm and round, but not wide. Short blonde hair and a decent face with big blue eyes. What I mean is that I must be messed up in the head! I'm 19 years old and I should be having the time of my life, but I'm not. I hate sex! I've had boyfriends, and when we first get started I enjoy myself. The kissing and touching start getting me hot, then bam, nothing. Even when I masturbate, I must be self-conscious or something, because my orgasms feel good, but they're nothing to write home about.

This is the way I was feeling as I went out with my boyfriend Tom again tonight. He's beginning to suspect how I feel I think, and the date ended badly. I felt awful by the time I got home, and I just wanted to be alone with my misery.

I walked in the door and my mom's husband, Chaz, was in the living room watching TV. I guess my mom was out doing one of her good deeds again or something. We don't see much of each other, with our schedules, which usually suits me just fine. I didn't want to be bothered, but when he called my name, I went to see what he wanted. My step-dad has always been decent to me, and I didn't want to be a bitch to him.

I walked into the living room and he asked me immediately what was wrong. I must have looked as bad as I felt. I said "nothing" and started to head up to my room. "Wait," he said, "let's talk about it" It must have been the concern in his voice that convinced me to stay and spill my guts. I sat down on the couch beside him and started crying, telling him about my awful night in bits and pieces.

"Tom called me a frigid, little bitch," I blurted out and then I immediately stopped talking. I mean, how embarrassing is it to be talking to my step-dad about my sex life, let alone to let him know how awful I think the whole business is. But he began to rub my back soothingly and pressed me to keep going. "You're one of the warmest people I know," he said, "how could that boy think you were frigid?"

"I hate sex," I confessed. There it was, finally I had admitted to someone how I felt.

Chaz stared at me for a long time, making me a little uncomfortable. Finally he said, "maybe you just haven't done it with the right person. "

"Oh no," I replied, "I've been with a few guys and it's not them, it's me. " I was blushing furiously now. I mean, not only was I talking about sex with my mom's husband, but also for the first time, I noticed what a kind and attractive man my step-dad was. Chaz is Puerto Rican, with short, dark hair, deep brown eyes and a muscular body due to his daily workouts. He's not real tall, only about 5'9," but he has a calm, strong bearing that makes him seem bigger. And though he was 40 years old, he looked years younger. I realized what good taste my mom had.

Lord, what was I doing, thinking of him in this way? Just because he was showing me a little kindness, I was getting hot thinking about how good he looked to me? I should be ashamed of myself, thinking about him that way! I mean, this is the man I've slipped and called "Dad" a few times in the past 4 years that he'd been married to my mom. We've never been what you would call "close," but he'd become family.

He began to stoke my hair, in the way fathers know how to do best, and I tipped my head back to look up at him. "Cece," he said quietly, "maybe I can show you how it's supposed to be. "

"What?," I almost yelled. "No way, you're my da... you're my mom's husband, we shouldn't even be talking about this. " I started to get up from the couch when he stopped me with his hand, wrapped around my wrist like a vice. "Cece, I'm a man first," he replied, "and you are one of the sexiest women I've seen in a long time. I've wanted you for years, watching you walk around here shaking your hot, little ass. " His words shot a spear of heat through my body that spread like a raging fire.

"We can't," I said in a small voice. "We can, and we will. I've waited long enough," he said. His voice strong and husky, and I could see the bulge in his gym shorts begin to swell with our close contact. The sight made me hot at once. "Stand up," he commanded, "I want to see you. " He stood up next to me as I complied and began running his hands gently over my body. He touched my tits and my nipples hardened to little pebbles instantly. "You look like you like this part," he stated. "Yes, I do," I said then dropped my gaze to the floor. He walked behind me, still touching me as he went. "You have the nicest ass I've ever seen" he said, and gave me a little smack on it as if to prove his point. I jumped as if I had been shot, but then stood still yet again. The combination of excitement and mortification at what I was doing with this man who was part of our "family" had me unable to think straight, let alone try to move.

"I've fantasized of doing this to you for years, I just never thought I would get the chance," he said. "First you were too young, and then you were so distant. "

"I want to sink my cock deep in you Cece, and let you know how good this can be. "

"Can I?," he whispered from behind me. Mutely, I nodded my head in agreement. This is where I begin to hate it, I thought to myself, and felt that this time would be no different than any of the others.

Chaz began to undress me, his mouth following the path of his hands. He freed my size 34 D breasts and immediately began sucking on my hardened nipples. First one, and then the other until spasms of pleasure were running through me and my pussy was getting wet and aching for relief.

Still sucking and biting at my nubs, he ran his hands over my bare ass and around to my swollen pussy lips. He dipped his fingers into my wet slit and I moaned softly. "Oh god, you're pussy is so wet," he mumbled. "And you seem like you like this part too. "

"Oh, yeah... I do," I breathed, amazed at the feelings inside me. But I knew the worst part was coming, and I wanted to prolong the pleasure I was feeling at the moment. He must have felt me tense at my thoughts, because he began to knead my neatly trimmed mound with his hand. His tongue trailed a wet line down from my nipples to the sensitive under side of my breasts, down my stomach to the top of my aching mound. "What are you doing?," I asked. Never before had any of the boys I dated put their mouths on me down there. "I'm trying to teach you a lesson on how good sex should be," he mumbled, his breath hot on my pussy hair.

He slipped his tongue down my swollen lips, and then up again to find my clit, hard and waiting for his attention. I gasped and my legs gave out sending me crashing down onto the couch with his head still locked between my open thighs. His tongue was lashing at my hot cunt, licking and sucking like he could not get enough. "Oh my god your pussy is sweet baby girl. Your cunt tastes even better than your mother's does. "

Baby girl? Mother? Oh god what was I doing? Having sex with my step-dad in my mother's house. I started to panic, bucking and struggling to get up and away. But my motions only made him more determined, and soon my panic drained away as immense pleasure took its place from what Chaz was doing between my legs. Soon I was gasping, "Oh, oh... I'm gonna CUM... Oh shit, I'm gonna CUM hard!!!!" Then he latched on to my clit with his skilled mouth and I went over the edge. Screaming, my head thrashing back and forth and my legs clamped around my step-dad's head I had the most amazing orgasm I've ever had in my life. My juices ran out of my pussy faster than he could lap them up. I came down slowly to see Chaz smiling up at me, my hot cum covering his chin and running down his neck. "I see you like that part too," he said, "now we're gonna see if you like my hard dick deep in your wet snatch. " I nodded my agreement, unable to speak after what had just happened to me. I watched him strip off his shirt and shorts, gasping as his stiff dick sprang out at me. Oh lord, I thought, it's too big. He had a dick as thick as my wrist. It wasn't overly long, about 6 1/2" I guessed, but it had to be at least 4" around.

Watching him, I saw how amazing his body looked. Smooth bronze skin and rippled muscles everywhere. "You are so fucking hot," I told him when I could finally speak again. Never before had I wanted a boy's cock anywhere near me, but this was no little boys' prick and I wanted to put my mouth on Chazs' dick so bad I was almost shaking with the thought of it. "Chaz," I said, looking at his dick twitching in front of my, "can I please suck your dick"? He grinned down at me and said of course I could. I grabbed his rod with my little, white hands and ran my tongue up and down the thick shaft. I must have been doing it right because all I heard were moans from above me. "Open your mouth Cece, take my cock in your sweet little mouth. " I quickly obliged, opening my mouth as wide as I could, and then I had his bulging cock pumping slowly in and out of my face. Each time he pushed in just a little bit further, stretching my mouth even wider with each stroke. "That's it baby girl, suck my dick. Take it all. " I tried hard to do what he asked and soon had his huge rod swallowed to his balls. "Mmmmm... damn little girl, you do a good job sucking dick, but know I want a piece of that tight, wet pussy of yours. "

He pushed me down on my hands and knees and came up behind me, running his hands up and down my back, telling me in short bursts how good my pussy looked and how hard I made him.

This is what I'd needed all along. Touching and encouragement, no fumbling around in the dark for his release. Not five minutes of foreplay and twenty minutes of pounding my pussy til he got off. This was a real man, making me feel for the first time like I was a real woman.

He leaned down over me, his huge cockhead pushing up against my hot slit. "Tell me baby girl, tell me what you want. Tell me that you like it. I want to hear you say it. Tell daddy Chaz what you want!!!"

I only hesitated a second, I wanted to feel his huge dick pounding into me so bad I would have said anything for him right then. "Fuck me... fuck my tight, wet pussy. " I nearly screamed with frustration at not having his pulsing rod deep inside me. "I want it sooo bad... Please Chaz... Please... NOW!"

With one thrust, he buried his dick up to the base in my dripping snatch. He started a slow, steady rhythm that was as much torture as it was pleasure. "Harder Chaz... faster," I pleaded. But he was not listening. The slow, sweet rhythm was building up a pressure in my lower body. "Do you feel it baby girl?," he asked. "Do you know now how good this can be?" And with that he began to pound my pussy in earnest. Within minutes I was shouting with my second mind shattering orgasm that hour. "Oh god... Oh yeah Chaz... That's it daddy, make me cum... Ooohhh... FUCK!!!!!" My clenching spasms set off his own release and he shot he seed deep within my tight walls.

Exhausted, we collapsed in a heap on the living room floor and I heard him say, grinning, "I see you like that part now too!"

Tonight I learned a lesson I never thought to learn. I learned to like it. Hell, I learned to LOVE it! And with a grin to myself in my darkened bedroom, I hoped that my mother would be out again tomorrow so I could find out what else I could learn to like from my step-dad, Chaz.

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