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Mother Daughter Lesbian Incest

Mother Fucking Son Incest Movie Clips Sexual Family Incest Incest Dvds Video Brother-sister Incest Pictures
"I don't know what I'm going to do about that boy," Emma said to her sister as they sat at the kitchen table. "He is now over eighteen years old, and he has never dated a girl, not a single one."

"What about those socials back in Mark's junior high school?" Robin asked. "Didn't they get him interested in girls?" She had just arrived back in her hometown of Springville and would be living at her sister's house until she found a place of her own and settled into her new job.

"Oh yes, he is interested in girls; I found a stash of girly magazines and fuck books hidden in his room," Emma replied. "He mixed with the girls at the social events in junior high, but as soon as he got into high school, it was books, books, and more books with a tiny break for sports and the chess club. Maybe that explains why Mark has that pile of filthy magazines and books. If it isn't in a book, he doesn't care about it. I can't understand it!"

"Perhaps," suggested Robin, "you should have taken my advice about the Nusselheim Proposal. Remember? I explained it to you several years ago."

"I don't know, Robin. I have always been a little bit scared to become involved in that activity. What happens if he rejects me and blabs about it to someone or makes a big rumpus?"

"I don't think that would happen if it were done properly. Teenage boys are as horny as a herd of cattle. You just need to approach Mark properly, and let nature take its course. Are you afraid because your husband might object?"

"No, Robin, when I told Roger about this Nusselheim business, he thought it was a great idea, but then, he is into kinky stuff." Her mind wandered a bit, recalling some of the interesting sexual activities she and her husband shared.

"I don't think that Nusselheim's ideas were supposed to be kinky," Robin explained patiently. "He proposed them during a very conservative period as a means to keep children safe from all those bad diseases and some other evils of his contemporary society."

"You know what I mean; he was proposing INCEST, for god's sake, and I remember that you told me he got into some kind of trouble because of his unusual ideas," Emma exclaimed.

"All revolutionary ideas meet with some resistance, Sis," Robin replied calmly, trying to meet her sister's objections with cool reason. "People all over the country are secretly following his ideas. There might even be a secret network, but I don't know if there is for sure, even though I wish I did."

"Let me think about it, Robin; I just don't know if I can do it."

"Do you want me to do it? If you are too afraid to try it out, then maybe I can help you."

"I don't know," answered Emma. "Perhaps if an occasion arises..."

Mark noticed his Aunt Robin was a sexy babe. Ever since she showed up at his family's house, she was always giving him hardons with her revealing and flimsy attire. Mom had put her sister to his room, and he was sleeping on a folding bed in the basement rec room. Mark did not realize that his mother and aunt had done that so that he would need to return to his own room often to obtain fresh clothes and other personal items. Because Mark had often found his aunt partially clothed whenever she was in his bedroom, he planned his frequent trips to his room only when Aunt Robin was there. Mark hoped fervently to catch her completely undressed. He did not realize that Aunt Robin was playing him and his male hormones like a fine musical instrument.

"I see what you are reading, Mark, Robin commented as she reclined on her bed. Mark was looking through he bureau for something, he didn't know what, but he would find something soon. His aunt was flicking through his book.

"Ah... yes, Aunt Robin, I'm about halfway through it." He used his answer as an opportunity to look at her. Her blouse was partly unbuttoned and he could see her boobs spilling out of her bra. Also her tight shorts appeared to reveal every contour of her pussy.

"Isn't that an interesting technique the author uses, cycling through the same incidents, adding new information each time?" Robin saw him look and patted the bed, inviting her nephew to sit next to her.

"Yeah," he said, "I never noticed anyone do that before." He moved over to the bed and sat down. He could see her better now; her tiny bra barely covered her tits, it actually seemed to lift them up as an offering to his eyes. Mark realized he had been looking too long and pulled his eyes away, suddenly becoming aware that she had continued to discuss the author's writing style. "Uh... what was that..." he mumbled as his face flushed. His aunt was smiling at him.

She didn't repeat her words; instead she flexed her back as she stretched her arms. Another button popped open, but Robin pretended that she didn't notice, but made sure Mark got a good look. Robin watched Mark's eyes drop down again. She noted a small bulge rising in his shorts. It was time to close in. Her days of teasing her nephew with sexy glimpses had led up to this moment. He was ready; she was certain of it.

"Oh!" she cried out softly. "I still have that little pain in my neck. Could you rub it a little, Mark honey." She leaned forward, resting her forehead on his chest. She confirmed the bulge in her nephew's shorts was growing.

"Oh... uh... sure, Aunt Robin." He began to rub her neck with his fingers and felt her hand rest lightly on his thigh. He did not see her undo yet another button, her hand concealed by her head, and pull the flimsy bra down so that her areolas now peeked out the top. He felt her hand grip his leg tightly.

"Mark honey, that feels so good." Robin murmured. "I think the pain is going away." She lifted her head and saw his eyes drop again for another glimpse at her boobs, and almost giggled when she saw how wide they opened when Mark discovered how much more he could see.

"Do you like them, honey?"

"Wh-what... what, Aunt R-Robin?" His brain was fogged with lust.

"Do you want to see more, Mark?"

Mark knew his aunt had caught him. "Uh... uh.... uh..." was all he could say as he groped for words. He saw his aunt reach down and unfasten the last two buttons and pull her blouse open.

"Go close the door, Mark," she directed quietly, "and lock it too."

Mark obeyed instantly and, when he turned back to the bed, he saw his aunt curled there topless, waiting for his return. Not knowing what else to do, he went back to the bed and sat next to her.

"That bra was too tight, honey; could you rub these for me." Robin cupped her boobs in her hands and briefly fingered her nipples, making them stiffen and enlarge. "It's ok, Mark honey, go ahead."

He reached out and let his fingers of one hand touch a breast. He could not believe what his aunt had requested.

"That's right, Mark, but use both hands. Do both of them."

He began to massage her firm tits, and saw his aunt's arm snake out and go under his t-shirt. Her fingers were stroking his chest. He was in a daze, no longer knowing or caring that this was his aunt, his own mother's younger sister. Mark's own fingers began to tweak her nipples gently.

"Would you like to suck on them, baby?"

"Uh... uh... th-that w-would be... uh... wonderful, Aunt Robin."

"Put a nipple in your mouth, Mark," Robin urged. "That's right, just like that; suck on me, honey." She slowly fell back, pulling him with her, his mouth glued to a hard, swollen nipple. Robin felt him put an arm around her. She had pushed his shirt up and continued to rub his chest. She moved her hand down to his shorts and unsnapped the waistband.

Mark switched to his aunt's other breast and sucked on it. He felt his aunt slip her hand down inside his shorts. His cock was like an iron rod; he moaned softly. Now his aunt was holding his manhood in her soft little hand, not doing anything, just holding it. This was so unexpected, but so great. He had been dreaming about his aunt's naked body for a week, and now found it even more wonderful than he had expected, and his dreams had not been scented with his aunt's sexy aroma, some strange mixture of perfume and something else.

"Should we make ourselves more comfortable, baby." Robin whispered.

"Uh... uh... yes... I guess so."

"Relax, honey; it's ok. Come on; let get these clothes off, all right?"

They both rose from the bed, and Mark watched as his sexy aunt pulled her shorts off. She had no panties on! He realized his mouth was hanging open, and his arms were hanging limply at his sides. Quickly he pulled his shirt off and slid his shorts and underpants down his legs in one rapid movement. As he yanked his shoes and socks off, he got a good view of his aunt's round, firm ass when she turned to pull the bed covers down. He was amazed as how sexy her hips were and how excited it made him just to look at them.

"Come on, baby; lie down next to me," Robin said as she patted the bed next to her and slid over another few inches to make room.

"Uh... ok... yes, Aunt Robin," he mumbled and slid onto the bed.

"Now, honeybunch, you just have to relax and enjoy yourself. Calm down and get your breath. Robin said soothingly as she softly caressed her nephew. "And can you stop calling me 'Aunt' for a while, baby. Just 'Robin' is fine."

"Yes, Robin." Mark did feel a bit better after a few deep breaths, and the quivering in his legs seemed to be going away. His aunt leaned over and kissed him on the lips, first softly and then more and more aggressively. Soon her tongue was inside his mouth. She pulled away and kissed his chin, then his neck. Mark watched her slide down his body, and her next kisses were on his chest, flicking her tongue on his nipples. Then her face was pressed into his stomach, and he felt her kisses moving down his abdomen.

Mark realized his aunt's face was just inches from his aching, stiff prick, and... oh god, she was KISSING it! He moaned softly and lifted his head to look down as his aunt took the head into her warm mouth.

"Ohhhh, Robin, sweet Robin, don't stop," he begged. He watched as she bobbed her head up and down a few times. Then he felt her tongue on the underside of his rigid cock. He moaned softly.

Robin knew that she had him for sure. She moved herself around so that her pussy was near Mark's head and spread her legs apart, giving him a good look at her neatly trimmed fur and the puffy lips defining her pink cleft. She lifted her head and looked at him. His eyes met hers.

"Kiss me there, baby, on my pussy, while I kiss your big, hard dick," Robin urged. She turned back to Mark's cock and kissed it at the same time that she flexed her pelvis toward his face. Within seconds she was rewarded with the first tentative touch of his lips; then he began kissing and licking her more boldly. Suddenly she felt Mark go into a frenzy of kissing, licking, probing, and sucking on her wet pussy. She could hear him gasping and grunting as he tried to force his face deep into her juicy twat.

The force of his cuntal assault not only took her by surprise, but also upset her plans. She felt her pussy begin to react to her nephew's lascivious attack and attempted to distract herself by kissing and licking his erection, but it was useless. Mark, novice pussy eater that he was, rapidly drove her over the brink, and Robin felt a wave of pleasure spread from her groin.

"Oh god, Mark honey, oooooooooooooh... ooohhhhh... ohhhhhhhh," Robin moaned as a wave of ecstasy diverted her from her plan. She attempted to pull herself back enough to provide some oral stimulation for Mark's prick. As her pleasure began to subside, she decided to go to plan B. She would forget the sixty-nine she had wanted as Mark's first sexual experience and go right to intercourse. She struggled to pull herself up and to straddle her nephew.

Mark watched as his sexy aunt lifted herself up. He realized something had happened to her. Her face was flushed and a thin film of moisture could be seen on parts of her luscious body. She lowered herself down over his hips, and... and SHE WAS PUTTING HIS DICK INSIDE HER! He watched as she took more and more into her cunt, gradually lowering her body until his full length was within her, deep in her smooth, softly rounded belly. It felt SO GOOD too!

Robin began to lift herself and drop again over Mark, forcing his thick cock to slide in and out of her slippery vagina. She was still in a daze from her orgasm and moved slowly. She heard Mark groan, but it was from frustration not from his own climax. He needed to come so badly now.

Suddenly Mark grabbed her slim waist and rolled her over. He regained his deep penetration in Robin's wet pussy with himself on top, and began to pound into her violently, driving his cock deep into her. Robin lifted her legs and gripped her nephew's thighs, riding with him through this storm of turbulent lust. Her hands ran up and down his muscular back; her eyes looked up at his face, twisted in a grimace of his urgent need. Mark needed to come soon. Robin reached down with one hand and found his balls, swinging in the tempest. She rubbed them gently together as she drove her pelvis against him.

"Oh god, ohhh god, ohhhhhhh god," Mark moaned. He spewed his thick, gooey semen deep into his aunt's pussy, just as she experienced another small climax. Robin sucked in air loudly as she felt the thrill pass through her. Mark's stroking did not subside until well after he felt the last of several enormous pulses of cum surge through his prick. He flopped down softly on top of his aunt and felt her lips seeking out his mouth.

Part 2.

After a week with his aunt, Mark was quite familiar with the modes of love between men and women. Aunt Robin was a good teacher, and she had told him that he had given great pleasure to her very competently. Now Mark was not only confident about himself, but also proud to have given his sexy aunt so much satisfaction. He became sad when he heard that his aunt had found a place of her own and would move out eventually, but, when she promised that he could visit whenever he wanted, he hugged her and told her how much he loved her.

"Robin, how did this happen that we came to do these forbidden things and love each other so much," Mark asked one afternoon after a brief, but passionate session on her bed.

"That will all become clear very soon, baby," she said with a smile. "In fact, all will be explained tomorrow night."

"You mean when mom and dad take my sister to that..."

"Yes, baby, you and I will be home alone this weekend, and we can sleep together all night. We won't need to hide our love from everyone; plus, I will have a new surprise for you too."

"Oh, really, Robin; what is it?"

"You'll see, lover; you will find out when it happens."

So Friday arrived and Mark watched as his mother, father, and younger sister pulled out of the driveway and drove away. His aunt would be home from her new job soon, and the fun could begin! When she arrived, she took a quick shower and changed. Mark wanted to shower with her, but she merely said, "Later." They went out to eat and then returned home. Just thinking about what lay ahead made Mark's dick hard most of the evening.

"Let's use you parent's bedroom, honey. The bed is bigger, and we can get really comfortable." Robin kissed his lips gently. "Go take a shower, baby, and I will get us something to drink. See you in the bedroom." She gave him a small push to get him going.

About fifteen minutes later Mark emerged from the bathroom, his damp body clothed only with a towel around his waist. He pushed into the bedroom. It was dim, but he could see that Robin was in the bed already. He dropped the towel, slid under the sheet, and put his hand on her naked body. His eyes were getting used to the light as he leaned over to kiss her, and...

"Mom! Oh god! What are you doing here?" he cried out in shock.

A bedside lamp suddenly flooded Mark and his mother with light. He turned to look and saw his aunt standing by the bed, completely nude.

"Wh-what... what's... uh... g-going on," he stuttered. He didn't know whether to hide under the sheets or run out of the room. His mother sat up and propped herself against a couple of pillows. Mark looked at her heavy breasts and then cast his eyes down in shame. His aunt sat on the bed, and he moved his legs to make room for her. He was trapped between them.

"First," his mother said, "let's get the unpleasant part over with." Her face had a serious, almost menacing, expression, and Mark felt dread clutch his heart. "You have been having a jolly time for the past several days, but it was all fun without a dab of responsibility."

"But, mom..." Mark said, feeling his limp dick shrivel to nothing.

"Don't 'but' me, Mark; just keep your mouth shut and listen," his mother continued. "You've been fucking your aunt; that's incest. You have been pumping your semen into her twat. Did you give a thought about knocking your aunt up? What about STDs? Did you think of them?" Mark shook his head lamely. His mother was right. How could he ever explain this? He felt his aunt's hand rest softly on his shoulder; its touch made him feel better.

"You need to show some responsibility, Mark," Robin said. "People would not understand or accept what has happened here."

"D-don't w-worry... I won't s-say a word..." Mark gulped out.

"I know, Mark, but we have to remind you that this is a private family matter," his mother said, "and only some family members are allowed to know about it. Your sister Julie is not old enough yet, so not a word to her."

"What about dad?" Mark asked.

"Your father knows all about this. You apparently forgot that he was to take Julie on a father and daughter camping trip. He dropped me off at the mall, and Robin picked me up and left me near the house. I slipped inside while you went out to eat," Emma explained to her son. "So your dad has been in on the whole business from the beginning." Mark's mind was whirling about.

"I was concerned that your sexuality was not developing properly, son," Emma said. "You spent too much time studying and not enough getting out and mixing with the girls. The image of womanhood that you were learning from those magazines and books was incorrect. Something had to be done."

"Yes, baby," Robin said, "I deliberately lured you into having sex with me because we decided to follow the advice of a professor who suggested, more than a hundred years ago, that family members should help each other with sexual matters and give comfort to each other. I want to emphasize that this was not a chore for me. I wanted to be sexually involved with you."

"You mean, Robin, that members of families, even our family, should have sex," Mark said, "sex with each other? What happens if they have children together?" He looked at his mother guiltily, knowing that he had not given this possibility even the attention of a few seconds.

"Yes, baby, he did mean relatives having sex in various ways, and no, he knew that close relatives conceiving children together was a very bad idea and opposed it strenuously."

"So from now on," Emma said, "you must think about birth control whenever you have sex with anyone. As far as diseases go, as long as you restrict your activity to family members, you should be safe. In fact, this was at the heart of the Professor Nusselheim's ideas; family sex was primarily to prevent terrible diseases from destroying the lives of his followers."

"You mean AIDS, momma?" Mark asked.

"No, there was no AIDS problem then, but other diseases were just as bad, and were basically incurable," Emma answered. "Are you beginning to understand what we are really doing here, Mark?"

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