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Sometimes truth can be very incriminating if presented as a factual account. On the other hand, relating a fantasy is merely wishful thinking, that tells a story. It may contain elements of both truth and fiction, it may be total fabrication, or it might even be complete fact disguised as fiction to protect those about whom the story is written. I will leave it to you the reader to form your own conclusion.

* * * * *

There once was a very cute and precocious 18 year old girl who was both physically and mentally very mature for her years. Her Mother had passed away a few months before and she was living with her 37 year old Father. He was a hard working, heavy drinking, and quite horny "dirty old man", but not an unkindly, rough, or insensitive man. He missed his Wife deeply and his Daughter (we'll call her Amy) resembled her Mother physically in a striking manner. She also shared her Mother's natural sensuality and sexual awareness even at her tender age.

Amy had started masturbating young, when she had watched and listened to her Mother and Father having sex on frequent occasions, even witnessing several threesomes involving her Mother and Father and her Dad's Sister (Amy's Aunt) that included fascinating bi-sexual activities between Her Mother and Aunt Susie. Her family made no effort to hide there fun and games from there Daughter being a very open-minded and highly erotic family. She learned the art of teasing, exhibitionism, and the mechanics of sexual pleasure even before she knew what the words meant or had the opportunity to put this knowledge to use. But she did quickly learn how to enjoy what she had between her legs and yearned to experience the pleasure she saw her parents enjoying.

After her Mother passed away, Amy tried to assume the duties as the woman of the house. She cleaned, cooked, did laundry, and still attended school. it was not unusual for her to run around the house in just panties and bra, or one of her Father's dress shirts with nothing on underneath. Even nudity was not uncommon in such an open family. She had seen her Father looking at her many times in the last couple of years and intuitively knew it was with very un- Fatherly interests. This pleased her and made her feel more like a young woman and less the ripe teen. She always gave him plenty to look at, and teased him unmercifully. She even secretly hoped he might do more than just look, but he never did....until now.

For a man used to a healthy and regular sexual lifestyle, he now found himself in a constant horny state that the infrequent romps with his Sister failed to come close to satisfying his needs. He was, as yet, unwilling or ready to join the dating scene, resorting to jacking-off to relieve the tension. And watching his foxy, sexy young Daughter show off and tease him gave him plenty of things to fantasize about. She was just asking for it he knew and now, with her Mother not around, it was getting harder and harder (literally) not to take her down and give it to her. He didn't have any concerns about having sex with his own Daughter.

Hell, she was a really hot-cunted little number and he had seen her finger-fucking herself on more than one occasion. Sometimes jacking-off while he secretly watched, Nor was he scared that she would deliberately tell anyone. The little cunt had been wanting it for a long time and his Sister had been encouraging him to help with her 'education', But then he knew his Sister had ulterior motives. She wanted a little taste that tender young cunt herself. No...his concern was that she might accidentally reveal something out of her natural youthful naiveté. But a man can only take so much, especially in his state.

Then came that fateful Saturday evening. It had been a week since he had had anything but his hand, and he had been drinking for several hours. Amy was cleaning up the house, wearing one of his Van Heusen shirts, completely unbuttoned, and nothing underneath. He had long ago lost interest in the football game on TV, and brazenly stared at his Daughter's small but pert young titties, shapely firm ass, and (as she bent over in front of him to pick up something off the floor) her luscious little cunt; already quite hairy for her age. His mouth watered at the thought of shoving his tongue up that tight little box, while he massaged her firm titties. Catching him looking as she quickly turned around, she plopped herself down on his lap, and with a mischievous smile, rubbed her naked young pussy right against his crotch through his trousers, and asked if he needed anything?

You bet you little cunt, he thought, as he grabbed and massaged her ass cheeks as he leaned forward and suck and licked her young nipples and tit meat. He felt her hand unzipping his fly and her hand massaging his cock. Pushing her down on the sofa beside him, he pushed her shapely young legs up to her head, displaying her ripe young cunt and asshole and buried his face between her legs. Squeezing her tits with both hands, he licked and tongued both her wet little clam and her tight puckered asshole. He had her screaming in lust by this time and eagerly humping her crotch in his face, her pussy juices flooding his face and mouth. Hitting her "G" spot as he tongue-fucked her cunt hole, he suddenly felt an additional flood of liquid spraying all over him and the hot taste of piss as her whole body exploded in total orgasm. He hungrily lapped up every drop of all her hot piss-cum as his own cock felt ready to explode.

Grapping her behind the head he shoved her face down on his cock and ordered her to take his cock meat in her mouth and suck him while he reached down and rammed two fingers up her young box where his tongue had just been, Finger-fucking her juicy wet twat as he fucked his stiff prick into his Daughter's little mouth. In a few short minutes he shot his load down her young throat, ordering her to swallow every drop, even as she gagged on the sudden Fatherly present. Holding her mouth on his seeping prick he made sure she got every drop, which she was gamely trying to do. She was quickly approaching another orgasm herself, wantonly spreading her legs to her Father better access as he rammed his fingers deep in her tight wet cunt hole.

Squirts of her hot young piss-cum arced from her churning pussy spraying all the way up his wrist, arm, and even on to his chest. Without allowing her time to catch her breath from her previous ecstasy, he quickly withdrew his fingers and mounted his wanton young Daughter and rammed his stiff dick deep in her tight juicy hole. As he pumped his meat to her, he heard her initial scream of pain quickly turn into grunting, moaning lust as she begged him to fuck her. Something he was most happy to do, and would have done, whether she wanted it or not! He needed some good fucking, and it was deliciously satisfying to be fucking her full of the same cum that had made her in the first place. This hot little nymph was going to get lots of his cum from now on! In her mouth, in her cunt, between her tits, and even up her tiny asshole if he could break her in. And he was going to reward her with the best sucking, licking, fingering, fucking, and piss-cum lapping she'd ever get. He couldn't wait to let Susie show her what a woman's cunt and asshole tasted like, and he knew Amy would be willing and eager to learn!

Over the course of the next few months Amy's Father invited his Sister and Brother-in-Law to join in the family fun and help with his Daughter's education. Aunt Susie took great pleasure in teaching Amy how enjoyable sex could be with another woman, and being the first woman to have this hot young teenager taste her cunt juices and learn the joys of mutual ass licking (something Amy will only do with another woman to this day), sucking and finger fucking, and the unique female ability to fuck each other cunt to cunt and tit to tit. Amy became the pride of the family and the center of much sexual attention.

Amy herself, thrilled at the adult attention, and became addicted to the pleasure of having frequent and very erotic sex with all three. Sometimes individually, or with two of them, but quite often all three would give this cute foxy young lady a simultaneous licking, sucking, fingering, and fucking. With simultaneous tongues in her cunt and asshole, while the third lapped at her tits, Her Dad and Uncle would fuck her in her cunt and mouth at the same time while her Aunt helped by licking and fingering her all over, cleaning up all of the guys cum and Amy's own hot "piss"-cum from her freshly fucked young box. Everyone quickly learned to enjoy Amy's little habit of spraying "ALL" her hot cunt juices as she thundered to multiple orgasms in her total abandonment to lust. She was the perfect Daughter and Niece, and was soon to become an even more perfect Wife.

By the time she was 18, she was a very talented and accomplish little sexual slut. But thanks to constant family "attention" and supervision, she had very limited experience with boys her own age. I was 28 when I first met her. My Wife and I were going through a divorce and Amy was our baby-sitter. I quickly discovered she was a hot-cunted little fox with a preference for older men. She came on to me whenever my Wife wasn't around and would flash her shapely young charms to me at every opportunity. Totally unembarrassed, she rubber up against me and played kissy face with me, going so far as to shove her tongue in my mouth with each kiss.

She was very hard to resist, but at 18, and with me going through a divorce at the same time, more trouble than I needed. That is...until she confessed to me about her incestuous family activities. She had a real crush on me and she was not only very physically mature for her age, but also very mentally ahead of her 18 years. By the time she turned 19, 2 months after I met her, we were seeing each other on the side and fucking and sucking like a pair of crazy minks. She not only told me she would never tell, but if her family objected she had ways to handle them. For my part, I was in love and lust both.

Amy was worth taking a chance for. She was very eager, willing, and cooperative, and would do almost anything I wanted her too....especially when it came to sex. After my divorce was final, I started seeing her openly. I immediately met resistance and even threats from her Father who did not want his Daughter involved with a recently divorced man ten years older than she was. Amy tried to intercede, telling her Dad she was in love with me and we wanted to get married. When he was still adamantly against it, she played what we thought would be a trump card. She threatened to tell others about their little family secret.

To her amazement, he called her bluff. He told her the rest of the family would simply deny everything and it would be her word against theirs. Whether he was bluffing we really didn't know, but the ploy failed. Perhaps he knew she would not go through with her threat. At this point we were desperate. I was not going to give up this beautiful, sexy young woman who seemed in every way to be potentially the perfect Wife....especially between her legs!

Although their relationship was very strained at this point, Amy's Father was still making her have sex with him on a regular basis. Somehow we needed proof of this. I then hit on an idea that solved our problem. This was at the time that home video cameras were just coming out. They were big, complicated, and very expensive, but I had a friend who owned an adult book store who owned one and used it to make amateur porn. He was in his 70's and no longer able to get it up, but still loved eating pussy...especially "young" pussy. In exchange for me allowing him to eat Amy's hot young twat (all I had to do was tell her to, she did almost anything I asked of her sexually), he let us borrow the expensive camera.

After careful planning, we were able to arrange for me to conceal myself in a place where I could secretly watch and video the front room of Amy's house. When her Father arrived home from work, Amy met him at the door totally naked. Telling him how horny she had been all day and couldn't take it any longer, she dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants, and eagerly started sucking his prick. If he had any suspicions, they were quickly forgotten through his talented Daughter's efforts. Taking him to the sofa (where I had a clear view of the action), she quickly helped him strip off his cloths, and settled on the sofa, spreading her shapely young thighs, she begged him to eat her pussy. With video camera running, my own prick was trying to poke right through my jeans at the deliciously perverted scene of Father and Daughter involved in mutual incestuous lust. It never takes Amy much to get horny, even if she is not in the mood initially.

I watched and video the action as he lapped her sweet juicy cunt and cute asshole, then she sucked him and licked his balls again before going at each other in a wanton Father/Daughter fucking. Amy was really hot ( I latter learned that having sex in front of a camera was a real turn- on for her, something she was not even aware of at the time), and even after a good fucking, she would not let her Father go until she had sucked their mutual juices off his prick and got him hard enough again to cum in her mouth and all over her face. All captured clearly on the camera. After their little family sex play, Amy took him upstairs to the bedroom for some additional fun, and to give me the chance to slip from my hiding place and secretly exit the house.

Returning the video camera to my friend, he helped me dupe several copies. Amy offered to show her Father the video and speak with him herself, but I had other plans. I arranged to visit him at home at a time Amy assured me he would be alone. Of course, he didn't want to give me the time of day at first. Not until I handed him the video and told him what it contained! I could see he was visibly shaken, I had caught him completely off-guard, and he was sure if I was trying some sort of bluff or what. I finally had the upper hand and Ii didn't waste time assuming the role I was to play in the family sex games from then on. I told him to watch the video and I would tell him just what I had in mind.

It took only a few minutes of the video and I could see the fear and embarrassment as he lost his composure totally. Although I had botched the sound on the video due to my unfamiliarity with the camera and the way I had to shoot it, the picture quality was excellent and clearly showed Father and Daughter in hot sexual action. As he watched in stunned silence and horror, I quickly outlined the way the future was going to go from now on. I told him I had several other copies so he could keep and enjoy this one. I further told him that Amy and I now had the proof we needed to back up our threats..if it should become necessary!

But I also told him that I had no intention of doing so as long as he went along with our wishes. I informed him that Amy and I were going to be married and he was going to be very supportive of our relationship and convince the rest of the family to do the same. In addition, I told him I would let him continue to fuck and suck his hot and willing Daughter, but that I wanted him to arrange for me to join in "all" the family fun. I told him that I had no animosity about his previous attitude and that as long as he bore in mind my "new role" in the family he would find it would be to his advantage in many ways. I had many erotic plans for his Daughter, and I would make sure he enjoyed everything right along with us. Not only was I dreaming of licking, sucking, and fucking Amy and her Aunt Susie, but I had plans to use Amy to help us seduce other females for our mutual pleasure. Her Father was really turned-on by young teenage pussy, and was I. And it didn't take Amy long before she too relished the pleasure of seducing and teaching others young ladies the taste of her cunt juices and asshole and show them the pleasure of multiple fingers, tongues, cocks, and cunts.

We were married 30 days later, with her Father's complete support. Amy had already enjoyed having both her Daddy and I both putting it to her several times in those 30 days. And she was in seventh heaven. We had also included her Aunt and Uncle in the fun on several occasions and I was now an accepted family member. They were all surprised at how many new things I had taught Amy in our brief relationship......but VERY APPRECIATIVE! Our honeymoon naturally included a two day family orgy. Amy's best wedding present was a well-fucked cunt simultaneously filled with mine, Her Dad's, and her Uncle's cum.

These were the days when I.U.D.'s were used for female birth control more than the pill, and although some women had problems with them, they were very effective so we could (and Amy and Susie could) enjoy feeling the hot thick cum loads in there hot mouths and cunts and we all enjoyed bathing in Amy's hot, juicy piss-cums. I loved fucking one female while the other licked her cunt and my cock and balls. I especially loved "directing" kinky perverted new sexual activities and seeing how eager the family was to accept my leadership and wonderful imagination.

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