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My sincere thanks to everyone who has provided feedback both positive and negative. This is Chapter 7 in the continuing story of “UNCLE DAVE’S MIDLIFE CRISIS”. I hope you enjoy this installment and please let me know if I stay on track. Again Thanks.

Summer vacation for the kids had started only last week. Robert immediately became bored and seemed like he was always getting in some type of trouble. Life with the girls was much different as they were doing things together whenever they could. They’d become friends going shopping, to lunch, the movies and such. Marlene had not found the opportunity to be alone with Jamie since that first time. She found herself getting hornier everyday. She had called her brother-in-law looking for his help with the plumbing problem, but he was busy until Thursday evening. Jamie had found a regular job as a receptionist for an insurance company and now was working days.

On Friday her husband came home from work with several pieces of good news. Good news as far as Marlene was concerned. First, one of his boss’s sons had broken a leg and was unable to attend a two-week summer camp. His boss offered the spot to Robert at no cost to them. Robert jumped at the chance to get out of the house and away from his mom and sisters for two weeks. The second piece of new was that Bill would have to go to St. Louis for ten days of training starting on Monday. He decided he would stay over during the weekend and play golf with several of the other people going.

Marlene got up with her husband just like every other morning, made coffee and was sitting in the kitchen smiling when he came in. Bill set his suitcases by the backdoor and poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Robert just got out of the shower and should be down in a couple of minutes. Are you sure you and the girls will be ok while I’m gone?” Bill asked in passing as he took a small sip of the hot liquid.

“Honey, We’ll be just fine. Jamie’s working during the day so it will be just Jackie and I and she has cheerleading practice 3 days a week anyways. I am a little concerned about Robert though, you do think he’ll be alright don’t you?” Marlene replied.

“He’ll do just fine. It may even do him some good to get away with other boys for a while and he may get so busy he’ll stay out of trouble. Speaking of trouble, have you figured out what’s gotten into Jamie lately?” Bill inquired as he called up stairs for Robert to hurry up.

“I believe that she has finally matured and is looking at life as a young woman and not some wandering teenager. Besides, I like the new Jamie, it’s been very nice to be around her!” Marlene answered with a smile as images of things to come flashed into her mind.

Just then Robert came running into the kitchen, duffel bag slung over his shoulder.

“I’m ready to go dad!” He reported as Bill set his coffee cup in the sink. Walking up to his mom he bend over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “See you in a couple of weeks mom. I’ll call when I get a chance. Good luck with the two brats!” He said as he headed out the door to his dad’s SUV.

Marlene stood up and gave her husband a hug and gentle kiss. “You be careful driving to St. Louis today. Call me when you get to the hotel and let me know you made it there ok!”

“Don’t worry, it’s only about a 7 hour drive and besides Karla and Jack are going with me, I’ll be fine. If you have any problems around the house call Dave, it talked to him last night and he knows I’m gone. He said he’d take care of anything that comes up.” And with that Bill picked up his luggage and left the house.

Marlene watched out the kitchen window as her husband and son climbed in the Explorer, backed out of the driveway and headed down the road. The thought of two weeks worth of peace and quiet, not to mention the hope of some good sex made her smile. “I’m sure Dave will be able to handle anything that come up!” She thought. Standing staring blankly out the window she didn’t hear Jamie walk up behind her. Startled, she jumped when the girl wrapped her arms around her waist and slid a hand into her robe gently caressing her matted pubic hairs.

“Shit Jamie, you scared the hell out of me!” The petite woman squeaked. The teenager’s teasing was starting to have an effect on her as she leaned her weight back and enjoyed the treatment.

“Sorry mom, I didn’t mean to startle you. Are dad and Robert already gone? I didn’t even get a chance to say good-bye!” Jamie pouted. “You really need to do something about this jungle you’ve got between your legs, you know that don’t you? Well, I’ve got to get to work before I’m late, see you about 5:30.”

Before Marlene could turn around, Jamie exited the room and went out the front door. Marlene stood there frustrated for another couple of minutes before deciding to get started on the day’s housework. Finishing her coffee, she loaded the dirty cups in the dishwasher, straighten out the dinette and headed up stairs. Going first to Jamie’s room she found it neat with a small pile of dirty cloths sitting on the bed. Picking up the clothing she dropped it in the laundry basket. Next came Robert’s room, while not as bad as it had been it was still cluttered with dirty laundry scattered all about the room. After picking up all the cloths she thought; “God damn, it’ll take a week to do all this laundry!”

After gathering dirty towels from the bathroom Marlene silently opened Jackie’s door. Basked in the early morning light the room was immaculate as always. The open window brought the fresh scent of the summer morning into the room. Jackie’s dirty cloths were neatly hung over the back of her desk chair. As she picked up the teen’s outfit a small yellow thong fell to the floor. Marlene picked up the underwear and was amazed at how little material there actually was to the garment. As she turned to leave the room she stopped dead in her tracks. Obliviously the young girl had gotten warm during the night and kicked off the thin cotton sheet that originally covered her. Asleep on her back she was naked, her firm teacup shaped breasts sat high on her chest, capped with absolutely perfect fat puffy nipples. Her slim flat belly melted into her slightly spread legs giving Marlene a clear look at the bare pussy. She marveled at the appearance of the clean-shaven snatch, fighting the urge to reach over and caress the soft smooth skin. As she left the room her own horniness made its presence known. Thinking about her dildo, safely tucked away in a new place, she remembered the last time she saw it and all the events that followed.

“I guess I’d better have a talk with her when she gets up!” Marlene decided as she entered the laundry room and began sorting cloths. For the next hour she busied herself with housework and finally with everything done sat down to have a second cup of coffee. As she was taking a sip of coffee, Jackie strolled into the kitchen, the look of having just woken up on her innocent face and wearing a short nylon robe. Marlene immediately noticed that if the teenager bend over she would expose all her womanly charms to the world. She smiled as she asked the youngster.

“Sleep well last night sweetheart?”

“Ok I guess, although it got a little warm during the night. I see that everyone is gone. Did dad and Robert get off ok?” Jackie asked as she poured a glass of orange juice and slid into the chair next to her mother. “By the way, did you pick up my dirty cloths this morning?”

“Yes your father and brother are gone for the next two weeks, so it’s just us girls! And yes I did get you laundry this morning, it’s in the washer right now!” The mother answered waiting to see if she would get any reaction from the young girl.

Jackie face flushed as she realized that her mom had probably seen her nude form asleep on the bed. While she wasn’t worried about being seen, she was concerned that she might be in trouble for sleeping in the buff. Shifting uncomfortably in the chair, she figured it was time to discover how much grief she was going to get.

“Mom, I’m sorry if you saw more this morning than you expected!” She quietly stated waiting for some sort of verbal lashing.

“It’s ok honey, it wasn’t the first time I’ve seen you without any cloths. You forget I raised you.” Marlene reassured the girl. “However, there is something we need to discuss! About a week or so ago I was looking for a specific object that belonged to me and you’ll never guess where I found it!”

Jackie knew immediately what her mother was talking about. She had forgotten to return the sex toy she borrowed from her mom’s drawer. After the weekend with Uncle Dave she had put it in her nightstand and completely forgot it was there. There was no doubt in her young mind that she was in deep trouble now. Pondering how to escape the predicament she was in, she finally spoke up.

“I guess it won’t do any good to say I don’t know what you’re talking about? I did borrow the dildo some time ago and forgot to put it back. I am really sorry for going through your things without asking!”

Marlene chuckled at the teen’s discomfort. She decided to play out this little game for a little while longer. “I thought seriously that if you had asked to borrow it I would have said yes! However, there are some things in this house at are the exclusive property of their owners. Did you enjoy your little game with Big Bruce?”

“Jesus mom, you named your dildo, Big Bruce?” Jackie asked in slight state of shock.

“Don’t you think it sounds better to say I’m meeting Big Bruce, than say I’m meeting my dildo?” The mother giggled as Jackie continued to squirm in the chair.

This conversation was starting to get too weird for the young girl. Here she was talking about a plastic cock like it was a real person. More shocking though was the fact it didn’t appear that her mother was angry. “Mom, why do you have it anyhow?” She inquired.

“Sometimes a girl needs a special friend that doesn’t get tired and is always in the mood!” Marlene replied casually intending to try and set the girl at ease. “I think it would be a good idea for you to get your own though.”

Jackie was totally surprised at her parent’s suggestion. It was clear her mom knew she was sexually active and seemed to ok with the idea. As she began to relax her mom surprised her with another question.

“Just how long have you been shaving your pussy?”

It wasn’t so much the question as it was the word “pussy” that surprised the young girl. She rarely heard her mom swear and now to describe her private parts as a “pussy” was too much for her.

“I first shave it about 9 months ago. It started out as just a trim but I got carried away and the next thing I knew, it was bald. But I will tell you; I really like not having any hair down there. It seems to intensify the feelings during those times.” Jackie related to the woman wondering just how the conversation taken this course. She was at ease talking with her mom about these private things and she wondered why things were moving in a sexual direction. She didn’t have to wonder long.

Marlene slid her chair out form behind the table until she was facing her daughter and reaching down opened her robe at the waist. “Jamie told me I should ask you to help me trim this hairy mess!” She said looking into the girl’s eyes.

Once again Jackie was shocked beyond belief. Looking down she saw the tangle of thick dark pubic hair surrounded the woman’s vagina. She immediately remembered how Jamie’s hairy pussy looked before they cleaned it up and it was like looking at a twin. “What did she mean Jamie said she should ask her to help trim it?” She thought, trying to make sense out of what was happening.

“How did Jamie get involved in this?” Jackie asked. Now it was her turn to watch her mom’s face flush with embarrassment. “Son-of-a-bitch! Jamie must have somehow seduced her own mother!” She thought as an image of Jamie’s head planted between her mom’s legs formed.

Marlene knew she had fucked-up when she mentioned Jamie’s name. The look of confusion on Jackie’s face confirmed that she probably suspected the two had been together. “Never mind about Jamie, I’m sorry I asked you to help. Let’s just forget about the whole thing!!” Marlene stated as she rose from the chair and left the room ashamed that she had handled the situation so poorly. Walking into her bedroom she closed the door and dropped to the bed and closed her eyes.

Jackie felt terrible that she had unintentionally hurt her mom’s feelings. She decided that if her mom wanted her help she would be more than happy to help out. She felt a tingle of excitement as she thought about the possibilities that might unfold. Dumping her empty glass in the dishwasher, she used the hallway entrance into her parent’s bathroom and started filling the tub with hot water.

Marlene turned on the bed as she heard the sound of running water in her bathroom. “Why was Jackie filling the bubble tub with water? She had her own bathroom so why was she using theirs?” She thought as she climbed off the bed and using the other entrance entered the bathroom. The room was empty except for the tub full of steaming water. Just then Jackie reappeared though the second door, scissors, a razor, shaving gel and lotion in hand. Stopping at the linen closet she extracted a large bath towel, washcloth and hand towel.

“Mom, I didn’t mean to hurt you a couple of minutes ago!” Jackie said in her best little girl voice. Walking over to her mom she grasped the belt holding the robe together and pulled it off. Gently reaching for the robe she lifted it off Marlene’s shoulders and set it on the vanity. Jackie took in the beauty of the older woman’s naked body as she took her hand and led her into the tube. Once her mom was settled in the hot water Jackie pushed the button and kicked in the jets of the tub. Bubbly water began to swirl around the tub and Marlene’s body inducing a feeling of Utopia in the mature parent.

Marlene sighed as the jets produced millions of tingling bubbles that caressed her entire body. With water up to her neck the effect was absolutely heavenly. Jackie sat on the ledge surrounding the tub and watched as her mother enjoyed the treatment of the bubbles. One jet was pointed in the direction of Marlene’s submerged cunt and as the jet of bubbles hit her thighs, feelings of sexually excitement crept into her body. Spreading her legs as wide as the tub would allow, Marlene reached down and aimed the jet directly at her pussy and as the bubbles pounded the swollen labia she moaned softly. Marlene was captured by the elation of the jet and when she opened her eyes she noticed that Jackie’s robe had drifted open exposing a portion of her left breast. The sight of the naked tit and puffy nipple added fuel to her growing fire.

Allowing her mom to enjoy the bubbles for the next 15 minutes Jackie finally reached over and turned the jet off. As the water settled Jackie and clarified the woman’s tits with the extremely hard nipples began to materialize, followed by the view of the hair-covered snatch. Jackie began to feel her own moisture seeping in her womb. Standing up she reached for her mom and pulled her out of the tub onto the floor rug. Taking a large bath towel she softly blotted the water from Marlene’s back, butt and the back of her legs. Pulling the towel around to the front she dried the rest of her mom’s body adding several loving squeezes to her tits as she dried them. Satisfied she had completed her work she laid the towel on the floor and guided the woman unto her back. Taking a small hand towel she draped it over her mother’s eyes.

“Just how do you want this to look when I’m done?” Jackie asked, as she picked up the scissors, shaving cream and razor.

“I’ll let you decide!” Marlene answered, as she lay there waiting to feel the touch of her young daughter.

Jackie knew that when she was done the area would be bare and as smooth as a baby’s butt. Working slowly, she used the scissors and starting at the top of the abdomen, she clipped away as much of the hair as possible. The few stray hairs along the outer lips of the labia were gently plucked to guarantee the hair would not return. Soon Marlene’s mound looked strangely like the head of a young Marine recruit, just a hint of stubble was evident. Spraying the region with a generous dose of shaving gel she carefully removed all the nubs of hair with her razor. She was extremely cautious along the folds between the thighs and outer cunt lips. Within minutes there was no evidence that any hair had ever occupied the area. Convinced she had removed all the pubic mass she dipped a washcloth in the still hot water of the tub and cleaned the entire area.

“Let me see your handiwork.” Marlene said as she sat up and looked down between her outspread legs. Jackie handed her a small hand mirror to inspect the area. Marlene was surprised to see the complete absence of any hair. “Hey, I thought this was going to be a trim?” She giggled happily.

“You let me decide and so I did!” Jackie giggled back to her. “Let’s go into the bedroom and I can apply some lotion to sooth any razor burn you might have. I’m sure this floor is hard on your back!”

Placing all the hair grooming instruments on the vanity, Jackie waited until her mom stood up and then she gathered towels and washcloth and set them on the edge of the tub. She then reached in an opened the drain to empty the tub and followed her mom into the bedroom. Any pretense of anything other than a sexual escapade was gone as Jackie pulled her robe off and joined her naked mother on the bed.

She picked up the lotion, shook it into her hand and began working it into the newly shaved area. Marlene gasped as the girl’s hand gently massaged the lotion into her most private parts.

“Ohhhhh, that feels soooo goooood!” Marlene cooed as the cool lotion hit her now tender skin. Her daughter’s hands and fingers ever so softly worked the lotion into the bare area sending shivers running through her. Gradually, Jackie’s fingers found their way past the smooth mound and into the crease of the warming pussy. As she slid her fingers lower, the opening into the woman’s body contacted her hand and she took the opportunity to slide a finger into the hole. Marlene’s breathing started to accelerate as the girl teased her cunt with a delicate finger. Soon a second finger was along side the first one and the older woman’s juices were flowing like an open faucet. When Jackie’s fingers finally found the g-spot buried deep with her mom she pushed her thumb up to the hard little clit and began to rub. That was all Marlene needed to bring the rapidly approaching orgasm to the top.

"Arrrggghhhhh yeah! Oh fuck! I'm cumming sweetie! I'm cumming! .... I’m cuummmmmmmmming “ The thrashing mother screamed. Catching her breath, Marlene looked up at her grinning little girl. Pulling the teenager down on top of her she pressed her mouth to Jackie’s and gave her a long slow tongue filled kiss. “Thank you very much for all your help this morning! Now I think it’s time I repaid the favor.” Moving her knee up between the young girl’s thighs she ground it into the bare pussy. Using her knee to massage the young pussy she soon felt the warm flow of juices being transferred to her leg. “Damn these young girls get wet quick!” She thought to herself, as she also realized the time to complete her newly awakened bi-sexual feelings had arrived.

Rolling the youth unto her back she leaned in and sucked in one of the puffy nipples. Sucking lightly on the cap she used her hand to massage the small mound of flesh as she vacuumed the peak. For the next few minutes she paid loving attention to the perfect little tits and nipples exchanging sucks for gentle nips. The girl responded with heavy moans. Lowering her mouth she licked her way down the stomach, past the abdomen and unto the smooth mound. Flatting her tongue she made wide wet circles around the upper surface occasionally feeling the hood that hid the girl’s hard little clitoris.

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