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After Janice and Jenna left, I considered the situation. We had moved out of the fun and games area into a very dangerous arena. There were a lot of jobs and a lot of money involved and someone was likely to get badly hurt and/or die. Since I was one of the possible someone's I began to doubt the wisdom of my trip to see Frank.

By now, it was Saturday night. Since Jean was gone, I had two basic choices, stay home alone or hit a bar.

The Surfrider was full of people, including most of the usual crew. I said hello to a few girls and a few buddies. The main topics of conversation were girls, volleyball, surfing, volleyball, 'if that bitch doesn't get off my boyfriend I'm gonna . . . and volleyball. Despite its name, the Surfrider is where a lot of the volleyball people hang.

Due to my recent activities, I was not hell bent on getting a little pussy. Thus I became aware that some old lady was shadowing me. She was dressed in what I am sure was intended to be an inconspicuous costume. Actually the outfit lacked only a large, flashing neon sign saying: 'I am wearing an inconspicuous costume.' I made my move out to the porch overlooking the beach. It was too early for the guys who were getting close to moving their latest 'little one' out to the porch for a little 'your place or mine' talk. Thus, the porch was damn near empty. I grabbed inconspicuous lady and asked why the hell she was shadowing me. On second thought I told her that first she needed to decide if I was gonna beat the crap out of her boy.

The lady was alarmed, but recovered quickly. She waved boy off and said, "I want the DVD."

I asked politely, "You mean the DVD that you already know I don't have, since neither the goons nor the girls have been able to get anything thus far?" (Now, I realize that the question is insane. However, when a man deals with non-engineering personnel, it is necessary to form such sentences.)

The lady smiled brightly and said, "Yes, that DVD."

I summarized, "I don't have it and you are therefore looking in the wrong place."

She smiled brightly and said, "I don't have any place else to look."

Attempting to keep the conversation going to try to obtain a little more information, I asked, "I assume you are one of the people on the DVD?"

The lady took a deep breath and started to explain. "My husband works for AS. He went over to another AS executive's house 'to watch the big game.' There was no big game that night. I found out that all of the men, including the host, were there to fuck the host's daughter. I was madder than hell! I was gonna kill my husband. I was gonna get a divorce. I was gonna do something. My son found me in this highly agitated state. He wondered what was wrong. I asked if he knew the bitch daughter. He blurted out, "You mean the girl they are gonna screw tonight?"

"I asked my son if he had ever screwed the bitch. He didn't answer, but I am his mother and I knew he had. He started trying to make some sort of excuse."

"I marched him up to our bedroom and made him show me exactly what he had done with the bitch. I had to almost force him to get started, but he felt my breasts, he felt my thighs and finally he felt pubic area. The whole process got both him and me so heated up that we had sex."

"It was a little clumsy but we got it done. My son climaxed, but I did not. So, we tried again. This time he took it a little slower. He got deep in me and thrust so hard that I began to thrust back and moan like I hadn't done for too long. I realized that I was just lying there and I started to move and we reached a mutual climax. It was the most satisfying sex I had had in years."

"When my husband got home that night, he found my bedroom door locked. In the morning we had a discussion and we sort of arrived at a conclusion that he could screw the little 18-year-old bitches if I could screw the 18-year-old studs."

"My husband thought it was a joke because I had put on a few pounds. I went to the gym and sweated of some of the pounds. My son and a few of his buddies sweated off the rest of the pounds."

The woman gazed defiantly at me and then told me, "If you don't like it you can go to hell!"

I told her I had already been. I told her about Les, my ex-boss and my soon to be ex-wife Jean.

The woman gaped at me in too much real surprise for it to have been fake. "Oh god! Les is divorced. His ex-wife won't let him near his kids. He tried to get in on the action with some girl he claimed was his little sister. Since she looked absolutely nothing like Les, we threw him out."

I said, "Then the AS top executives have a sort of ring built up where the boys screw teenage daughters and the wives screw teenage sons?"

The lady started to get angry, then realized that anger would not help. "It was sort of a bizarre game at first. Things were not going well at work and a few of the top AS executives started to screw their 18-year-old daughters. Their wives found out and some started to screw 18-year-old sons. When there were enough people involved, some of the teenage sons started to screw their own sisters."

"There were some damn near murders at first, but we started to have parties where fathers screwed daughters, mothers screwed sons and brothers screwed sisters. The men forgot one important thing. A man of 40 or so can maybe screw once or maybe twice an evening. A boy of 18 can maybe screw half a dozen times. The wives were getting the best of it and we thought it would stop."

"However, George, the CEO, could not get it up unless it was his daughter. There was no way he was going to stop. Finally one of the wives, not George's wife, found out that she could suck George up hard. George then managed to fuck the woman who got him hard."

"That led to a new round of parties. If a boy wanted to screw, he had to first eat pussy. If a girl was assigned a man who could not get it up, she had to suck him up hard."

"Then somebody got afraid that there would be charges of people, particularly the teenagers, being forced. So we got equipment from AS and made a DVD with everyone having sex with as many people as possible. That is the DVD we have to get back."

I said, "Let me guess. At first the teenagers were girls who were willing to screw their fathers for a convertible. Then there were teenage boys who were willing to screw their mothers for pussy because they were teenage boys."

"Once it got started all of the teenage girls had to screw because many of the teenage girls were screwing and what all of the girls do, all of the girls do. When a husband decided to screw his wife, instead of his daughter, one night, brother demanded to screw sister, since his mother was busy. Anybody who did not play the game got to sleep on a cot in the basement and live on bread and water."

The woman sighed and rolled her eyes. "It wasn't quite like that. Admittedly, George was handing out government money like it was going out of style. The teenage girls who were screwing their fathers were getting very nice things. The sons who were screwing their mothers were also getting very nice things. Anybody who did not want to play not only did not get nice things, but also found themselves doing nasty chores."

I said, "When the government finds out, they will cancel all of their contracts with AS and the company will go belly up. You will go from the idle rich to the idle poor. I understand why you need to find the DVD."

I then asked, "Are there any underage children involved?"

The woman said, "Absolutely not. That was not left to chance. We didn't take people at their word, we got birth certificates."

At this point in time, with the last piece of information, I knew how to find out who had stolen the DVD. However, that trail would lead straight back to me. I had to figure a way out first.

[If it seems strange that I could immediately figure out the answer, consider this. If you worked in a high-level technical or administrative position at AS, you had to have a government security clearance. The kind of clearances required would be high enough that family would also be investigated. If you have a wife or child with say a gambling problem, they might be tempted to try to spy on their parent's secret stuff they were not supposed to bring home but did and then sell the information to someone who would pay well for that kind of information. Since there were only a few people who could access the birth certificate records, one of them had to be involved. It was almost certain that someone who was fucking one of the security people got access to an area they should not have been allowed in. Then, the intruder swiped the DVD so that he could have his sweetie all to himself instead of having to share her with her father, brother and, for that matter, mother. A simple logic chain if you are an engineer.]

I needed to play for time. I had to somehow find out who swiped the DVD and convince him that there was only one way out without severe harm.

I told the woman that I thought I could figure out who stole the DVD. I was an engineer and one of the very best at AS. However, I was going to need help at the very highest levels and I wanted a couple of things done in return.

The woman told me that she was the wife of the Senior Vice-President. If I could find a way out of the mess, we could work something out.

Now, of course, engineers are not able to deal with people. However, some of us can. I could look at Mrs. Senior VP and tell that she would deal from a position of as much strength as practical. Since she had no work hold on me, so there was really only one way that she could maintain a hold on the poor engineer who had his wife stolen. If you said to yourself: 'pussy!" you got it right.

Carrie, Mrs. Senior VP, made her decision. She called her son Carl over and told him to get in his car and drive home. Son Carl did not like it, but he went.

Carrie and I walked back to my place. When we got there, we did not waste time drinking. We stripped and jumped into bed.

Carrie was gym toned, fuck experienced and looking to use the only physical edge she had over the poor, dumb engineer. She let me put her legs over my shoulders and I got deep within the lady. She could take my whole length in her pussy while still maintaining a reasonable grip on my cock. Since the lady was used to being frequently screwed by a variety of men, she knew all of the tricks. It was perhaps like a pair of apes fucking on the grass of Africa of a million years ago or so. I stroked deep and hard and the lady let me bring her to 'orgasm' fairly quickly. Of course, it was fake. However, it got her in the mood. Pretty soon it was no longer fake and I was able to keep her in multiple orgasm for a short while. The clever bitch did not fight the situation at all, but gave as much as she could with warmth and intensity. I shot my cum deep in her long before I wanted to. Her pussy milked the last drops from me and I rolled off.

We lay there in the night. I told her how good she was.

She told me how manly I was and how I had conquered her completely. She quickly worked it around to I had conquered her, now I had to help her.

I laid out my plan. I pointed out that the police would have some horn dog lure a 14-year-old girl to a motel. Only the 14-year-old girl was really an undercover police woman. Then they would put the horn dog away for quite a few years.

Carrie got that part. I then told her that she would set up Les with one of the underage girls. She would tell Les that he had to pass initiation before he could join the club. Les would chat up the underage girl and she would meet him at a motel. Before anything could happen, the police would break in and Les was off to jail. Jean would be made aware of Les going to screw the girl. Then Jean would be given the number of an underage boy and we would play the same game.

Carrie readily agreed to sell out Les and Jean.

I then pointed out that I needed a chart of all the players and the relationships between them. I would have to have access to the younger girls in the chain and I could trace the links back to whoever had stolen the DVD. Once I found the thief, the AS executives would have to deal with that.

Carrie at first did not like the table of organization thing. However, as we discussed it I could actually feel her getting excited. She was going to know everything about each and every relationship in the group. This last is definitely a lady thing.

We got an agreement in principle.

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