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Author's Note: This story is a work of fiction. None of this took place. If your faint of heart or don't like incest stories. Don't read it. Thank you. Give me any comments on the story. Good or bad.

My name is Steve. I am currently 30 years old. I am 6'0, black hair and green eyes. I am sort of muscled. I have 4-pack abs. I work out at the local gym. Though I don't over due my self on working out. I have 3 other brothers; I am the middle kid. My brother John is the oldest. He's 34. My brother Jesse is the 32. I am 30, and finally, my brother Matt is 28, the youngest kid. My parents tended to spoil him more than the rest of us. We were all pretty jealous of him when we were younger because he used to get everything he wanted, unlike the 3 of us, we didn't get as much as we wanted. My youngest brother Matt had a few kids. His oldest kid is a girl, her name is Ruth. She is 18; my brother Matt had her at the age of 18.

Ruth is about 5'1, black hair and green eyes. She's a thin girl, looks to be about 115lbs. I saw her a couple months ago, god was she hot. She had an ass that you just wanted to reach out and grab and just squeeze it! But I had to control myself spite the teasing she was doing with me. She had B sized tits, small and firm, semi big nipples, they stuck through her bra sometimes. I always wondered if she shaved or left it alone. God she had really hot legs, I just wanted to eat her out like a madman and never stop until she couldn't take anymore. I never once had a female that thought my tongue had bad skill. I always made a girl cum one way or another. It looked to me that Ruth was an easy turn on and got really wet easily because I sometimes noticed wet spots in her pants. I thought it was just my imagination at first, but then I realized that Ruth was just a horny teenager everyday wanting something to satisfy herself.

My day finally had come that I got a chance with her. I was so excited I almost creamed my pants. It went like this: Ruth's dad decided to take a vacation on his own and get away from things for a while, he certainly needed it with all the bullshit that went on in his life. So Matt asked me if Ruth could spend a month with me. I immediately said yes. How could I refuse that? God I was so fucking hard when I got home it was unbelievable. I couldn't believe how hard I was. And I got to go pick her up in 2 days. I wonder what she thinks of me, hell, I wonder if she'd even let me lick her pussy. A million thoughts went through my head as I wondered what things she liked done to her. I'll find out when she gets here, god I can't wait! I just wanted her sweet mouth on my cock and explode in her mouth.

So two days later I went and picked her up. God she was looking' hot that day. She was wearing' shorts and a tank top. She might have not had a huge chest, but she had nice tits. I had to control myself from not grabbing them there at her dad's house. So I grabbed her luggage and put it in the back of my truck and we started to go back to my place. Which is a 4-hour drive. About 40 minutes into the drive I felt a hand rubbing my thigh and looked at her hand, I thought "Oh god she must of seen my hard-on!". I looked at her and she just smiled as her hand just rubbed and squeezed my thigh, making my hard-on even harder! Ruth grinned and started rubbing my cock through my pants, squeezing it every while. I started to breathe just a tad bit more. I felt her hand slowly unzipping my pants. More thoughts went through me; "shit she must want to jack me off." She must of read my mind because her hand slipped under my boxers and her hand softly caressed it slowly.

I thought I was going to cream her hand, but then she pulled my pants and boxers down and started to stroke my cock slowly up and down. I bit my lip trying to control my driving. God her hand felt wonderful. She made her hand move a little bit faster, squeezing every little while. She must have wanted me to cum pretty bad because she speeded her hand up to a medium pace. My breathing increased and my hands gripped the steering wheel.

God I was about to cum, Ruth sensed this and speeded her hand up to a faster pace. My breathing became faster as I got closer to the edge of Cumming. Then Ruth did something I didn't think she'd do in the car. She got up, crawled over, got underneath the steering wheel and took my cock in her mouth, almost making me cum instantly. She sucked up and down my cock slowly, taking all 8 inches of it. She licked and sucked and grabbed and squeezed. Increasing her suction I finally erupted in her mouth. Sending thick ropes of cum into her mouth, which she just purred and swallowed all of it. I must of shot 5 or 6 ropes of thick cum into her mouth. But she didn't stop! She wanted more!

Her mouth didn't stop sucking my cock; she kept moving her mouth up and down my cock slowly. Licking it everywhere in her mouth, trying to find all the sensitive spots. God I was moaning and breathing a bit hard. She must have been down there ten minutes before I finally erupted into her mouth a second time, I came more into her mouth this time. Filling her mouth with cum, she loved it. I thought she was trying to suck my cock dry because she didn't stop sucking my cock until I couldn't cum anymore. When she finally stopped sucking my cock, she got out from under the steering wheel, she got back into her seat and just licked her lips and smiled at me. I couldn't believe that my niece had just sucked my dick completely dry. I was amazed at what her hot little mouth could do. It was the best cock sucking I ever had. I definitely had to give back some pleasure to her when we got home. I was going to lick her pussy until she begged me to stop.

After she had stopped sucking my cock, we were about forty minutes from my house, and I couldn't wait to get home, but I couldn't speed, so I kept going the freeway's speed limit. I couldn't wait to screw this black haired beauty! However, that's another story I shall share another time!

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