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Mother Impregnated By Son Stories

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Tina stayed in bed for a few minutes after her mother and aunt left the house for the day, she had just taken a bold step towards her goal of having incestuous sex with her mom.

She threw back the blankets and reveled in the mess that her ejaculation had made. The sheets, within about a three foot radius, were completely soaked with her cum. "God, what's happening to me," the little eighteen year old blonde said aloud to herself, "I've never squirted that much in my life."

The girl began running her hands up and down the soaking wet stocking tops on the inside of her muscular thighs. "There's no way they couldn't have known what I was doing," she thought as she pulled one stocking off and brought it up to her lips to suck. "Now they definitely know that I want to be included in their games."

Tina began to fantasize that her dirty mommy was still standing over her naked body attaching her garter as the she started stuffing the whole silky garment into her pretty mouth. "Mmmmnnnfff," she moaned into the hose gag in her now wide open mouth, then pulled the other stocking off and stretched the dripping, open end over her head and face.

Tina pretended that her mother was rubbing her pussy while she watched her perverted daughter's show. Sadie's daughter spread her legs and started moving her hips up and down as if being fucked, then clutched her nipples and pulled them out as far as she could stretch them away from her body, trying to imitate the way her aunt's had been tortured the night before. The teenager continued her bizarre display by contorting her facial expressions into a look of desperate pleading while staring, wide eyed, into her imaginary mommy's reddening face.

The young girl kept this up for some time, screaming from her nylon stuffed mouth, shifting her insane, panicked stare back and forth from her outstretched tits to her invisible momma's horny eyes through the damp, clingy hose. Tina's hips bucked madly, while her feet remained stationary, as if bound to the bed.

She pictured her father between her legs, thrusting away at her with his huge cock, while being urged on by her mom. "Fuck our little baby, OH YEAH, fuck our little Tina for me while I watch, shoot your cum into our daughter's cunt so I can lick it out with my tongue."

Tina kept this fantasy going for some time, one perverted scenario after another raced through her dirty little mind, being fisted by her aunt while her mommy sprayed from her elongated, lactating nipples all over her face, her mom deep throating her daddy's cock above her face, letting the slobber and cum drool into her gagged mouth. She even imagined having an eight inch clitoris that she fucked her pantyhose encased aunt with while watching her mom eat her own pussy.

After working herself into a complete frenzy with these crazy, horny ideas, Tina's fingers dug away furiously at her slippery pussy and asshole until she came again, screaming obscenities into the wadded gag. When her spasms had subsided, she removed the sticky hose from her face and mouth and headed for the shower.

After bathing herself and fixing her hair and make-up, Tina returned to her room to dress for her day alone in the house, she chose a black satin garter belt with vintage, black silk, Cuban heeled stockings like her mother's and very high, black, leather stilettos. Then she left her room to snoop about the empty house. She was dying to get into her mamma's room and search through her things, hoping to find sex toys, porn, explicit photos of her parents and who knows what else.

When she got to her mother's bedroom, Tina felt a rush of excitement as she entered the door. Here she was with the whole day to spend snooping into her mom's most personal items. The almost nude teenager opened the closet doors and marveled at the array of sexy clothing and lingerie.

She pulled one of her mommy's black, transparent mini nighties off its hanger and slipped it over her head. It was trimmed with pink fur at the short hem, low cut neck and elbow length arms. To her thrill and surprise, she noticed that there were two round cut-outs at the front to expose the wearer's nipples.

Sadie's curious little girl kept rummaging through the closet until she found the box that she had seen her horny mother remove the vibrating clamp from the night before last.

Tina quickly opened it and found a plethora of interesting objects. The toy box contained all sorts of different dildos and vibrators of all shapes and sizes. There was a pair of black rubber panties with a smallish, built-in cock attached and there was a black, leather strap-on belt with an area in front to fit the loose dildos into.

Along with these enticing things she found lots of S&M type ropes, ball gags and restraints, including the wide, black rubber bands she had seen her mom secure to the base of her tits. "Oooooohhh, yeahh," Tina exclaimed aloud, "I've got to see what this feels like."

Tina grabbed two of the bands out of the box, along with two adjustable nipple clips and was about to head for the vanity to watch herself bind her big firm boobs, when she spotted the vibrating clamp.

"Oh," she said, picking up the little toy that had been clutching her momma's huge, abnormally long clitoris the last time she'd seen it. The naughty blonde girl lifted it to her nose to breath in the aroma of her own mommy's cunt, then stuck out her ample tongue and started licking the area that had been pinching her mom's most tender areas. After satisfying her kinky tastes, she dropped it back into the box and headed for the vanity.

The intent, young girl was distracted, as she padded along the carpet in her high heels, by the mirror on the adjacent wall that she had been sitting behind, watching and masturbating for the last two nights. Tina turned and stepped over in front of the mirror, imagining that she was being watched on the other side by her father, or mother, or both.

Tina's mouth opened slightly as she forced one of the strong bands over her jiggling, left breast. Emitting a groan, half real, half show, she released the band over the thin, sheer material of her mommy's black teddy and watched her tit bulge into an almost perfectly round orb of taut flesh that stuck out away from her torso, as if separated from her body. Pleased with the snug feeling and the appearance, Tina attached the second bond to her right breast and deeply groaned once more with pleasure at the effect.

"Mmmmmm, that is soooo fucking hot, Tina whispered to herself, running her left palm and fingers all over and around her bulging mounds, turning from side to side in front of the mirror as if teasing someone behind the glass, admiring her new form. The eighteen year old began pinching and twisting at her stiffening young nipples rudely, making painful expressions with her face, mouth open wide.

When her nipples were completely hard, standing out about an inch, she pulled them outward and attached a clip to each one at the areola and adjusted them until they were just painful enough to bear. The clips pinching her sensitive nipples forced them out another half inch, making them stand out now a full inch and a half from her jutting boobs.

Tina was amazed by the size of her puckered nipples and began to realize why her mother's were so long. She wanted her aching nipples to be long enough to penetrate her mom's asshole with and slipped her middle finger along the folds of her bald, wet pussy momentarily while she dreamed about fucking her mommy's ass with three inch, cock like, nipples.

"Mmmmm, I'd better cool it," she thought to herself, sucking the slime from her fingers, "I've got a lot more ground to cover before they get home."

(To be continued)
Mother Impregnated By Son Stories

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