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Mother Impregnated By Son Stories

Xxx-rated Father/daughter Incest Sex Sites Mother Son Incest Storys Amateur Incest Pictures Incest Porn Art
I did not have time or the opportunity to speak to either Mandy or Sharon for the rest of the day, and when school closing time came round I waited expectantly with Janice for Darren to come for his "detention".

He almost burst into the room when he did arrive, having evidently been running from wherever he had been.

Janice was ready for him, though. "If you had been much longer I would have taken them off before you got here," she laughed. "But as you are just in time I will treat this as a proper detention for speaking too familiar to me this morning. Over there, Darren!" She pointed to the floor, and when he made to bring up a chair she rebuked him, saying, "No! I mean you to kneel on the floor! After all, you'll have a better view if you are low down, won't you?"

He knelt down eagerly awaiting whatever was to happen. And his anticipation was fulfilled! Janice walked over to him until his head was on a level with her crotch, and almost touching it. She then pushed him gently until he was knelt back on his haunches, whereupon she straddled his folded knees with her feet, leaving his face even closer to her most intimate regions. Once again she twisted her skirt round so that the slit was to the front, which meant that his face was only a fraction from her knickers, so visible now that she had raised the skirt again.

"Now you must promise one thing, Darren. You will not move a muscle until I give permission. Is that clear?"

When he said it was she made him solemnly promise, which he did do.

"Right, then, Darren. Your punishment part of your detention!"

And she tucked the skirt up into her belt so that her black lace knickers were on full display, then calculatingly slowly she hooked her fingers into the elastic and obscenely lowered them until they were just about on a level with the top of the slit of her pussy, which so far was showing a complete lack of any hair whatsoever.

Then she stopped. "I want another promise from you, Darren," she said. "I know you have taken on a bet with your pals, but I want you to promise that you will tell them a lie and say that you lost your bet. In return I will let you actually take my knickers off with no further help from me. But the promise must also include the fact that you will never ever speak to anyone else about this, no matter how tempted you are to do so. So let me hear you make a genuine promise along those lines."

Although he was but an inch or so away from the bunched up lace of her knickers Darren's self-control was such that he did not budge one bit as he unfalteringly said, "I swear most sincerely that I shall tell the others that it was a wild bet that I never had a chance of

fulfilling, that I obviously lost the bet, and that never as long as I live will I speak about this incident to anyone else not present in this room at this time. That is my solemn promise."

Janice smiled at me as he was speaking, as Darren was unable to see her face owing to his close proximity to her thighs, her bunched up skirt hiding his face from hers. But as soon as he had finished she spoke back to him.

"I believe you, Darren, so I shall keep my part of the bargain." As she spoke she was removing her hands from the knicker sides and began holding her skirt even higher as she continued, "So don't dare move your head, but you can pull my knickers right down as soon as you are ready!"

Owing to her position straddling his knees when Darren complied and tugged them to her ankles she had to lift each leg in turn for him to slip them off her feet. I could not see as well as Darren what effect this had on her pussy lips, which I now saw were completely shaven, but this action must have caused her pussy to reveal itself even more openly. Darren was exercising superb elf-control, though, as his head never moved at all as he had been instructed, until Janice suddenly grasped his head from behind and pulled it towards her now exposed pussy lips. She held it there for quite a number of seconds before pulling him away and stepping back from him. "Now, Darren. You have served your detention and it is time you went. I must congratulate you on your self-discipline. You may keep your souvenir knickers as long as this remains a close secret between us how you got them, and that no one else ever hears about tonight. In fact, in view of your genuine promise I know that it will remain our secret. And just to show you that I, too, can make promises, I would like to assure you that you will have to serve a detention at least once a week in future, except that from now on we will call it "extra tuition". And it will be tuition, because tonight is only the beginning. I have something different planned for next week. Now you may go."

Darren hesitated a little as if he wanted to say something, but Janice dismissed him again with a gesture which obviously meant he had to go.

As he left the room she turned to me, coolly replacing her skirt as if to say that for me, too, the show was over.

"I enjoyed that," she told me. "But I am looking forward to something even more enjoyable later on. You are lucky in having Sharon as your landlady or hostess or whatever you may wish to call her. Wait until you meet her properly. And Mandy looks like being similarly inclined from the way they were both talking at lunch. I would say you will find it hard to concentrate on your teaching practice for thinking about either of them. I shall have to find ways of keeping your mind off them during the day, won't I? Like asking if you want extra tuition after school like Darren is in for?"

I was flabbergasted. Not only with her remarks just now and with her performance earlier, but at the thought that this would continue for the next six weeks!

But she brought me down to earth by saying, "We had better hurry or Sharon and Mandy will be wondering where we have got to. Games finish before the school closes so that the girls can shower and be in time for the school buses, so that means that they have had the past hour or so to have finished their shower together."

I followed her across the playing field to a building which I presumed was the pavilion and shower rooms, but on trying the door we found them locked. "They would have locked the door from the inside, I expect," said Janice, knocking on the wooden surface.

Almost immediately the door opened and Sharon came out. "I recognised your coded knock" she said to Janice. I was thrilled to see that she no longer wore her tracksuit, but was in her netball skirt, so short it allowed her red matching knickers to be just on view. She was followed by Mandy, similarly dressed except that she was still pulling up her own knickers. Mandy seemed no in the least embarrassed to be doing that in front of me, and smiled as if we were conspirators rather than acquaintances.

"We thought we had better dress again to go to the car park," explained Sharon. "We can always take them off again when we get home, if Deg doesn't mind watching two naked women."

'How had I been the lucky one chosen for this school?' I thought. 'My first day and already I have seen one pussy and have been promised to be able to see three and even further!'

Somehow we got to the car, Janice and Sharon in front, and me slightly behind them with Mandy.

As we were walking she said quite calmly to me, "By the way, I'm usually known at college as Randy Mandy. Just a warning that I live up to my name!"

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