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Lying in the glow of the fire we held each other close as I softly kissed he face and neck. She made a contented mewing sound like a kitten as she snuggled into me

"We have to talk," I said. "You know I did not want this to go this far"!

"Its okay Daddy I have wanted this since I was 13" she murmured, Kissing my chest and cheekily sucking on my nipples. I shivered and gasped "Where did u learn that from?"

"I have been secretly watching your videos and reading your books for over 6 months now and I want to experience everything" she sighed.

Knowing there was some pretty heavy stuff in the videos, I asked, "Everything?"

"Yes. Everything" she replied. My cock sprang into life - I was amazed to hear my sweet Tanya utter the words that I fantasized about. She followed it up with "I want you to teach me everything Daddy"

I thought I was going to explode, I felt like this was my 1st time again. My hands started to caress her back and ass as our lips met. She was grinding her hips against my rigid cock. I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy as I nudged its sweet entrance. She wiggled her hips and I felt the head of my cock entering her tight hole. "Mmmmmmm, feels good Daddy I want it all inside me" she said as she lifted her knee and opened wide. I was surprised how easy my 7" cock was going in, still very tight but sliding in deep and slow. I was holding back not wanting to hurt her but Tanya had other thoughts as her legs wrapped around me and she pulled me deep inside her. "Ahh that's it Daddy, let me have it all" she gasped as I felt the base of my cock n her pussy lips. Tanya started to move in jerky movements like she wanted it to be over quickly. "Hold it sweetie, slow down, we have plenty of time" I murmured in her ear, and kissing her neck. I rolled over so I could control her better pinning her with my weight. "Now this is your 2nd lesson, slow and easy let your body relax," I said kissing her deeply. I started slowly pulling out nearly clear then deeply back inside her. I felt her respond as her hips rose to meet me. "Oh, that feels so good, soooo good Daddy" she sighed.

In the rhythm now I was mixing deep and slow strokes with short fast ones. My hands were feeling her breasts teasing her rock hard nipples I could sense she was not far from cumming so I slowed right down and stopped with my cock hard inside her. "Don't stop now Daddy I am nearly there". She urged me.

I waited until she had calmed down then started again this time I was more urgent, building her up quickly. She was breathing in short sharp gasps. "Yes, oh yes fuck me Daddy let me cum" Her whole body was starting to shake. I stopped deep inside her again and my weight stopped her moving. "Noooooooo, don't stop I need you now" she screamed at me. I silenced with a kiss, her mouth and tongue feverishly sucking on mine.

She was squirming underneath me anxious for me to start again and not to disappoint her I began again . Her hips were moving faster and I could feel her juices wetting the hairs around my balls. This time I was going to make her cum. Harder and deeper my cock went inside her . She was biting on my shoulder . "AHHHHHHHh yesssssssssss " she cried out. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting around my cock as her eyes rolled back in her head. She went limp beneath me, she had fainted. For some reason the French phrase "La petite Morte" went through my mind - I had heard of women fainting at climax, but this was the first time I had experienced it.

I held Tanya feeling her pussy still contracting around my still hard cock. Her eyes fluttered open after 30 seconds. She looked up at me " So thats what it's all about Daddy" she smiled a lust filled smile. " We have not finished yet" I said "that was only your 1st one, Now over on your hands and knees' I helped her up onto her knees as I pushed my cock into her now-soaking pussy. It went in very easy now and I knew her second climax was going to be quick. Tanya relished the new position and now she had more control over the speed of our fucking. Her hips were pushing fast and hard against me as if she was determined to make me cum this time. I stopped and let her ride my cock, feeling the slippery smoothness of her hot pussy. I could feel that familiar tightness in my balls and joined in matching her animal passion. "Ahhhhh I'm cumming again - ahhhh ohh yesssss, yessss" she could hardly breathe. My breathing was getting difficult " OHHHHHH Tanya - Daddy's girl I'm cummingggggg " I gasped. She climaxed and her pussy contracted again as I pushed as deeply as I could and spurted my hot cum inside her. My cock was twitching inside of her matching her contractions and she was draining every drop of cum from me.

She lay down as I also collapsed on top of her with my now softening cock slowly easing out of her pussy. I turned her on her side and held her tight feeling the sweat from our bodies mingling.

"Oh Daddy I love you so much" she murmured into my neck. I just held her and said "You are my special girl" and I added, "And a very good pupil"

My mind was filled with images of what we would be doing over the next few days but for now was content in the sexual afterglow with my daughter, my lover.

To Be Continued…

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