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And life goes on. Well I didn't think life could get better, but Margie's sister turns up in our sleepy little town out of the blue. This is when the adventure started.

Let me tell you a little more about Margie, my slutty married sex friend. Margie was born in Ireland, but because her parents divorced early. She moved to Australia with her Mother while her older sister stayed in Ireland with their father. Margie has no traces of this heritage. Except maybe her witty devilish sense of humour.

Her sister on the other hand is as Irish as you can be, and with milky white skin and an appetite for sex that must run in the family. Claire looks much younger than Margie, maybe because the sun doesn't shine in Ireland. Even though she was 2 years older she looked about 5 years younger and it must be the milk because her figure was firmer and you could tell her tits were much larger.

As soon as I was introduced I started fantasizing about being sandwiched in between the 2 of them, I didn't think it would happen but let Margie know that I would enjoy the experience.

Margie told me she had never thought about her sister, but had fantasized about sleeping with other women. I suggested she should explore the possibilities and that she was already playing with taboos, since Greg was certainly out of the loop.

Claire was in Australia for a couple of months so I new Margie had to work hard and fast. As I only saw Margie on occasions there would not be much of a chance but it was fun fantasizing about it.

It was a Friday mid morning when Margie called and said everyone was out of the house and I should pop over for a swim.

This meant a swim in their pool and a long hard session of fucking around the back yard. I was chewing at the bit and jumped in my van and headed straight around.

I pulled up in the cul-de-sac where she lives and cruised around the back of the house. Margie was sunbaking by the pool, laying on her back a shade over her eyes and naked as a jaybird.

That shaven pussy glistening in the sun. I figured she had already been playing even if it was by herself. This had my cock straining to get out of its lair.

Margie had been busy, she had oil over most of her body, I thought she must have enjoyed rubbing it into her tits as her nipples were protruding outward and ever upwards.

I undressed quietly and crept over trying not to disturb her, I got down between her legs and slowly started licking her glistening pussy.

"Hmmmm, Claire that feels soooo good, but you should hide inside, Michael will be here soon and I want you to surprise him" Margie whispered in a ragged tone. Margie was on the edge of coming again.

I thought, holy shit! Claire is here and they have been getting it off, my mind was racing and I was suddenly nervous, out of expectation as I realized Margie had set this up and Claire was lurking somewhere near.

I kept licking, slowly, carefully so my chin would not get to close, as I knew my goaty would give the show away I could not let it touch that swollen bud protruding from between those puffy lips. Lips that were getting wetter by the second.

My cock was bursting and I started worrying that I would not last long, God, I hadn't even got it in a hot wet cunt yet and it could be servicing 2 in short time. I was going to be lucky if I could get it in one of them before blowing my load.

I was on my knees and had only been there a matter of seconds when I felt a hand on my cock, I didn't look back as I knew it was Claire, a hand on your cock is good but when it is the first time by a new hand and in a situation you have fantasized about it is exquisite.

Well I buried my tongue further into Margie's wet hole and she opened her eyes as my goaty added extra sensations to her slippery slit.

"Surprise!" she moaned, and with that I felt Claires wonderful full tits press into my back as she milked my cock slowly with a hand of experience.

"Oh if Greg could see us now," I croaked as pressure built up in my throbbing balls.

"Maybe he can," Margie came back.

"Claire has her video set up to snap this holiday adventure," Margie continued.

I still hadn't seen Claire naked and I wanted to see those magnificent tits that were pushed into my back, I wanted to know if her cunt was shaven. I wanted to see what this lass from Ireland looked like without all the trimmings.

I rolled over on my back so my head rested in Margies crotch and gazed back at Claire who was on her hands and knees.

She was naked except for a pair of fishnet stockings which gave her that sexy slutty look.

She said good morning, and something along the lines of a surprise she hadn't planned on, But I could only make out parts of it because her accent was so thick unlike the bush between those milky thighs.

Her tits were magnificent, I was flabbergasted, without a word I was drawn to them like a baby to it's mothers tit. Her hand went straight to my cock again as I suckled on that hard nipple.

"He certainly is a friendly one," Claire said.

" Wait until he is pounding your pussy," Margie exclaimed, "you will be pleasantly surprised."

At this point Margie joined in by sliding down between Claire and I and slowly sucked on my balls.

I had by this time worked my hand around onto Claire's puffy pussy lips that were excreting fluid like a teenager.

I saw Claire's other hand move on to Margie's tit and start massaging it forcefully.

I thought that this was getting better by the moment as Claire obviously doesn't mind it both ways and I new Margie was bi, just I wasn't sure if she was into family members.

I needed my cock inside a pussy and as I have said before my loyalties are lacking so I intended nailing that sweet looking snatch on Claire at the first available moment.

"I need my cock in one of you!" I murmered.

"Which one," Margie inquired, "you have a choice now."

I didn't want to seem to eager to desert the slut I had come to use, but my cock sure was dragging me to her horny sister who was by now playing with her own cunt while Margie sucked on her tit, and massaged the other that I had deserted.

"Claire, get on your hands and knees!" I commanded in a quavering voice.

She didn't say anything, but moved into position with Margie still attached to her tits that hung down like the finest udders I had ever seen.

Margie didn't seem disappointed at all that I had picked her sister, in fact she was so eager for me to fuck her wet hole that she left Claire's tit to help guide my rampant cock into Claire's warm snatch.

" Not before I prepare it properly" Margie cooed.

As she dropped her head to my swollen gland and started sucking hungrily.

"You are such a slut Margie, but I appreciate your dedication" I rasped.

My only concern was getting my cock into Claire's hot wet cunt before blowing my load.

Margie guided me in and it was heaven. Firm, warm, wet and new all the ingredients for a fabulous fuck, and a spectator as well.

I pumped into Claire like there was no tomorrow, I could feel my nuts getting tighter.

Then Claire invited Margie to climb under her. Claire now started eating Margie's whorish pussy.

It was to much for me and I pulled back on those fabulous tits, squeezed the nipples and blew my load deep into Claire's sucking cunt. I was spent and just settled in there as my cock relaxed.

Margie at this point scooted around so she was in a 69 position and started lapping up my juice as it squeezed out from between Claire's red ravenous lips.

The sighs and moans were enough to wake the dead. As the pool in the back yard is not that well hidden I wondered if anyone else may have been looking on. Even though the neighbors were not home it was enough to get a stirring in my loins again.

It looked like two eels together, Margie and Claire, they could have been passed as Siamese twins joined at the cunt. Margie was on top and her pouty arse was sticking straight up. It was slicked up from all the licking and natural girly cum and my cock was back to rigid again looking for a target.

I came up behind Margie and placed my cock at the entrance to her puckered up anal passage.

" Oh god yeah!, fuck my tight arse you motherfucker" Margie exclaimed.

I needed no more encouragement I pushed home and started pumping away.

"I hope your daughter grows up to have better morals" I retorted.

" Keep your eyes off my daughter, It is bad enough you are now fucking my sister, luckily she goes home in 2 weeks" Margie came back.

Margie's daughter was 16 but that was totally off limits except in my fantasies.

Claire at this point had taken up a position on another sun lounge to watch her sister being sodomised. Claire was busy manipulating her clit as I told Margie how she was my slut and would do as she was told.

Her moans had turned to grunts as she told Claire how much she loved getting fucked in the arse.

Claire said she had never had anal before but looking at the expression on Margies face she was ready and with that she got on her hands and knees next to Margie.

I slicked her up and then proceeded to go from one to the other. I was losing control and it was going to be a like a game of musical chairs as to which tight hole got the prize.

In the end it was Margie's tight chute that drained my tool.

We all fell in the pool as we looked like we had just finished a marathon.

I left quietly as I had arrived vowing to have another session before Claire left for home.

We did and that was six months ago, so you will have to wait for the next chapter. No more partners just a better location.

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