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I heard a soft knock at the door and decided to ignore it. Then I heard it again. Again I ignored it. Now the door opens and in comes a maid's cart and a girl pushing it. She was about the same age as the three girls I had in bed with me. We had kicked off the covers as it had gotten warm. So what the maid saw was a tangle of 4 naked bodies on one of the beds. 3 Female and one male, the male had a very visible erection also. She actually was about halfway across the room before she realized we were there and she just stood and stared.

"Good Morning." I said to her. That was enough to break her out of her shock.

"I'm sorry! I knocked and no one answered I thought the room was empty. I'm sorry. I'll come back later." She stuttered.

"No, no. Go ahead and do what you have to do." I responded. "Come on girls, time to get up. The lady needs to do her job."

Slowly the girls crawled out of bed and I followed. Now the poor maid just stood there, mouth hanging open as four naked people got up and started to move around. Tina and Amy each stretched accentuating their nakedness while Tammy clung to me and whined "I don't want to get up yet. Take me back to bed and screw me. I'm so horny when I wake up."

"Slut!" her sister called while Amy just laughed. The poor maid still hadn't moved.

"Tina and Amy would you mind helping this young lady with the linens and I'll take this shameless hussy into the shower and give her another spanking." I said as I gave Tammy a hard smack across her naked ass.

"Ouch," she squealed, "more please." As she ran to the bathroom giggling.

"Actually, we'll get the shower started and you two can join us." Then to the maid "We just need the beds and fresh towels. Don't worry about anything else."

"Yes sir," she managed to get out "I'm sorry again I did not mean to barge in on you."

"No problem. We weren't doing anything too naughty." I answered with a smile.

As I made my way to the shower I gave both Tina and Amy a hug and a kiss and took a handful of ass and squeezed. As I was squeezing ass one of them took my dick in their hand and gave it a squeeze. And the maid just stared, mouth hanging open.

As I walked into the bathroom Tammy already had the shower going and was waiting for me. We got in and I started to soap up but she had other ideas. She dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth and started to give me a good slow blowjob. I felt my dick slide between her lips then she ran her tongue over its entire length as she slid me all the way into her mouth until I hit the back of her throat. Then so slowly she pulled me out of her mouth until just the head remained in her mouth and again down her throat I went. I had left the bathroom door open and could hear the girls in the other room.

Tina said to the maid, "We'll strip the beds and you can take care of the towels."

"Is it Ok to go in there with them in the shower and all." The maid asked.

"Go ahead, they won't care. We're not exactly modest here, if you hadn't noticed." Amy answered her.

"It was a little hard to miss." The maid said to nobody in particular. With that she walked into the bathroom carrying a load of towels. She stepped through the door and froze for about two seconds as she watched Tammy going to town sucking my dick. She dropped the towels where she stood and ran into the room. "I can't go in there. Their having sex in the shower!" She exclaimed to Amy and Tina.

"I knew that little slut wouldn't wait for us." Tina said as she strode toward the bathroom. She looked into the shower and saw what was going on. "Tammy make sure you save some for us or I'll kick you ass. You little whore!" Tammy just looked up at her with a grin as she continued to blow me.

"We better hurry or she won't leave us any." Amy said

Now I could tell that Tina and Amy were playing it up for the maid. She was obviously shocked and uncomfortable to have two naked women helping her with the beds while I got a blow job in the shower from another naked woman. But it was only a minute or two before I heard Tina say "thanks, we'll take care of the towels, Have a good day." And with that I heard the door close. Amy and Tina then came in and joined us in the shower. Tina forced her sister off my dick and picked up where she had left off while Amy kissed me and ran her hands over my body. I used one free hand to stimulate her by running two fingers into her pussy from behind. This left Tammy with nobody so she went after Amy's tits with her tongue and our little orgy in the shower went on with everybody switching places. We all soon came at least once. I shot my wad into Amy's mouth and Amy came while Tina was eating her out. Tina came while I fingered her and Tammy came on Amy's face.

We all got out of the shower and dried off. "I hate to tell you guy's this but I should get back or my friends will really start to worry. I mean it's already after 1:00 in the afternoon. I'm sure they're up by now and are starting to wonder where I am." Amy told us.

"Well if Jack will let me drive his car I'll run you back." Tina offered. "But only if you promise to come back later tonight."

"I think that's a promise I can easily make." Amy answered with a shy smile.

Amy and Tina threw some clothes on, Tina grabbed my keys and they headed out the door. Now I was alone with the insatiable Tammy. I knew she was just waiting for this when they started talking about taking Amy back. I hadn't finished shaving when they left and was still scraping my face when Tammy came in and hoped up onto the sink next to me. She was still undressed and just sat there watching me for a minute.

"I got an idea." She offered.

"What's that?" I asked, almost dreading the answer this little vixen would come up with.

"While you're doing that, let's shave my pussy." She gushed.

Now I will admit that I do really like a nice cleanly shaved pussy, I had never done it for anyone. The few women I had known who did shave never asked for my help. So I looked at her and told her, "That sounds interesting, but it's not something I have ever done and I don't want to cut you by accident. That would hurt and put you out of commission for a while."

"Then we'll just have to be careful. Here lather me up." She said as she handed me a can of shaving cream. I took the can and squirted a generous amount on my hand then applied it to her pussy, rubbing it in generously. Next I put a fresh blade in my razor and started. I started at the top and carefully scraped down to her slit and then very gingerly around her lips to get it all. The whole process went a lot quicker and more smoothly (no pun intended) than I thought it would. I rinsed her off with a hot wash cloth and revealed a smooth perfectly shaved snatch.

She stared down at it and then jumped off the counter and stared at herself in the mirror before she let out a squeal of glee. "I love it! My bald pussy! What do you think? Do you like it?" She squealed.

"I love it." I told her. "Now when I eat you out, no hairs in my mouth."

"Let's go try it out." She said as she grabbed my hand and dragged me toward the bed.

She plopped down on the edge of the bed and dragged me on top of her, "Come on, Eat me, please."

It was a request she didn't have to make twice. I dove my tongue in and started to lick her slit and her freshly shaved mound. It was deliciously smooth. I reveled in the silky feel of it against my tongue as I lapped all around, darting down to tickle her clit and spear her hole occasionally. I ate her to a gushing orgasm. Then as she was coming down from her sexual high I stood up and slid my dick into her hole and started pumping away. The sight of my meat sliding into that bald pussy was a real turn on. I fucked her until she came again. Having shot my load into Amy's mouth a little while before I was able to last a long time now. So we changed positions and I took her doggy style, then laid down and had her ride me.

That was how Tina found us when she returned. "I figured you would have gotten him to fuck you while I was gone." She laughed as she walked into the room.

"Come see what Jack did to me while you were gone." She breathed out as she rode my cock.

"What are you talking about?" Tina asked.

"Just come here and look at my pussy." Tammy urged.

Tina walked around so she could see Tammy's pussy and let out a gasp. "Oh my god! You shaved all the hair off of her pussy. She looks like she did when she was 12. Did it hurt Tammy?"

"No, it felt really cool and it is so neat to get eaten out like this. I can even feel his hair tickling me when we fuck." Tammy answered.

Tina stared at her sister's bald twat for a minute before she reached out and ran her hand over the newly shaved skin and then said "Could you do it to me too?"

"Sure," I said, "just let me finish here. Why don't you get undressed? I won't be much longer." I could feel my juices rising in me and knew I was just about to shoot my seed into Tammy. A few more strokes and I shot it into her belly and she pushed herself down onto me and ground into me as the hot cum filled her up.

As she slid off me onto the bed and we both caught our breath I told Tina "go into the bathroom and sit on the counter, get a wash rag and get it wet with the hottest water you can stand and hold it on your pussy. I'll be right there." She trotted off toward the bathroom, then stopped and turned to look at me before saying, "Don't let her distract you, I'm waiting."

I knew that was a warning and since I was trying to avoid any cat fights in my room I started to get up because I knew if I laid there Tammy would start to cuddle up and I would get comfortable in the afterglow of sex and not want to get up. I made my way into the bathroom and found Tina sitting on the counter with the wash rag pressed to her fur mound. I took the rag and rewet it with hotter water and placed it back over her pussy as I began to gather my shaving tools. I laid everything out on the counter and leaned over and kissed Tina very gently on the lips and whispered into her ear, "You're still my favorite, the best of all." A huge smile crossed her face when I had said this.

No matter how much these two sisters claimed to share and to enjoy it there is still that underlying jealousy and posseveness. Tina needed to know that she was number one, the top dog and she needed to demonstrate it by being dominant over her little sister and to a lesser extent over Amy. Tammy showed it by being aggressive and slutty. Since both considered Amy a temporary traveler neither worried too much about her status as they knew she would be gone in a couple of days.

I let the warm wash rag soften up her hair for a minute while I nuzzled her and nibbled her ear, mostly to make her feel better but also because I liked to do it. Soon I was applying shaving cream to her pussy mound and rubbing it in more to stimulate her than to soften things up and it worked in both instances. I picked up my razor and went to work. In a few minutes I had her shaved baby smooth. She looked down at herself as I wiped off the excess shaving cream and beamed a smile at me.

"Um, looks good enough to eat." I said as I dropped to my knees between her legs and gave her a few licks.

While I had been shaving her Tammy had wandered in behind me and was watching. She stood there watching as I shaved her sister and as I ate her pussy. I was working on Tina's clit when I heard Tammy ask,"Can I try when you're done?"

"That's up to Tina.", I answered as I continued my work on her newly shaved smooth pussy.

"Tina, can I try your pussy, please?" Tammy begged.

"Hmmm, Ok. This is so neat I can feel his moustache tickling me. I'm gonna cum soon." Tina answered. I redoubled my efforts on her clit and within seconds had her in orgasm and her girlcum flowing onto my tongue. I gave her newly clean pussy mound a gentle kiss as I stood up.

"Let's move you to the bed, then we can let Tammy try out your bald pussy." I suggested.

We all moved to the bed and Tammy was bouncing around eagerly waiting to eat her first bald pussy. She practically attacked her sister as we lay on the bed. I watched as she licked her bald mound and moved her tongue down into her slit and found her clit. Both girls were enjoying the sensations by the moans and groans. Then I heard Tina say "Tammy, bring your pussy to me I want to try too."

Tammy needed no further prodding. She swung around and was soon locked into a 69 with her sister and the two of them went to town. Now despite having blasted my balls twice already I got a raging hardon watching these two gorgeous sisters eating each others clean shaved pussies. I moved down and positioned myself between Tina's legs and slid my hard cock against her slit. Tammy's tongue slid down to meet my dick as it caressed Tina's pussy lips and she licked the head of my dick. I moved it down a little and with a little shove slid into her love tunnel. I started pumping away on Tina while she ate Tammy's pussy and Tammy licked her and me as I pulled out on each stroke. I plunged my cock in and out of her and before long the sensations of being fucked and eaten sent her over the edge with a shudder she started to leak juices from around my cock. Juices that Tammy eagerly lapped up. Tina's work on Tammy's pussy did not go to waste either as shortly after Tammy let out a groan and stiffened as she came on her sisters face. I kept fucking her but knew it would be a while till I was able to build up the juice to shoot again and I was getting tired so I pulled out and laid down next to Tina. Tammy crawled to my other side and the three of us stayed there enjoying the sexual glow and touch of the others.

While we laid there Tina told us about meeting Amy's friends when she dropped her off.

"Amy and her friends are renting a condo for the week. When we got there she invited me up so that she could give me back the clothes she had borrowed and I could meet her friends."

"Well, we got up to her place and walked in she was holding my hand and she introduced me to everybody. They were all pretty hung over yet from last night and just sitting around. There were three guys and 4 girls counting Tina. Only two of them were coupled up so the rest were like just friends."

"You should have seen the looks we got from everybody. Here we were standing there holding hands, and she tells them that she met me last night at the club and came home with me and my sister. I think she was intentionally teasing them as she never mentioned you at all Jack."

"So after I say hello to everybody she drags me back to the bedroom. On the way she starts taking off her "T" shirt so before we are even out of the room her tits are hanging out on display. Once we get back to the bedroom she stripped out of my shorts and handed me the clothes back. Then she gave me a big hug and a kiss. The door was still open and one of them was peeking a little. So we let them look for a minute and gave them a little show. She was naked and kissing me and squeezing my ass and I started liking her tit a little, then we closed the door just so they would wonder."

"Now we were both horny again, so we ended up in a 69 for a quickie before I left. When I went to go I left and walked toward the front door. When I was almost there she came running out with just her panties on and everybody sitting there watching. She threw her arms around me and stuck her tongue down my throat. Well, I do like kissing her so I traded tongues with her for a minute and stuck my hand down inside her panties to squeeze her ass and tease her pussy. Then we let each other go and she said "Tell Jack and Tammy I said thanks and I can't wait for us to get together again. Especially for Jack's dick." Then she turned and ran back to the bedroom. I swear all three of the guys had hardons and were ready to blow their loads right in their pants and the girls just stared with their mouths open."

"She's gonna call later and let us know if she needs a ride or what and what time we should expect her. She's a lot of fun, I'm glad we met her. But I can't help wondering what her friends think now." I chuckled at the thought of her friends sitting there watching the display and being bewildered. I will admit that the imaginary sight I had in mind was hot and had me turned on. But my dick had already gotten a work out and needed a rest before I would be able to perform again. I was also getting hungry as it was approaching mid afternoon and we had not eaten since 2 AM when we went to the restraint. The girls were hungry also and since we had missed most of the sun for the day they decided they just wanted to walk on the boardwalk and get some food, just take it easy and relax.

We got up and dressed. I had the girls put on the white bikinis and a pair of shorts over them in case they decided they wanted to lie on the beach or go for a quick swim. Besides seeing them n shorts with just the bikini tops was a turn on they looked really good. We walked the boardwalk and grabbed some junk food to fill our bellies and did some shopping. I bought each of them matching earrings and necklaces and got a kiss and a very suggestive public hug from both of them and a look of disgust from the woman behind the counter. She was so disgusted she even took my money. I was annoyed and decided to piss her off some more so while I was waiting for my change, I spoke loudly "When we get back to the room I expect at least a blowjob from each of you and maybe some ass fucking." The old bitch stiffened up with her back to me. I knew I hit a nerve with her but when Tammy chimed in and said "You're the best daddy a girl could have." The old bitch nearly had a heart attack right there.

We were all able to hold our laughter until we got outside, but then we broke down and it was a full five minutes before we stopped. I figured the witch had it coming. We found a small shop that had beachwear and in it they had these mini skirt and top sets that I thought would look good on my girls so I had them try them on and they did look good in them. I told the clerk we would take one for each girl. Tina asked if they could wear them right away so the clerk gave them each a bag to put their clothes in and they went to the dressing room to change.

They changed alright. Each was wearing their white Bikini tops and the white mini skirts I had just bought and they looked stunning with there tanned skin and dark hair the White just set them off. Both of them stood there modeling for me in the store and suddenly they looked at each other and pulled up the front of the skirts to reveal two naked bald pussies. Then they turned around and bent over giving me a view of their asses from underneath their skirts. I got an instant hardon. As we walked out of the store, a girl on each arm I had the feeling that I was one of the luckiest guys on earth. These two were so willing and eager to please that if I asked, either one or both would have dropped down and given me a blowjob on the boardwalk in broad daylight and been happy for the opportunity.

The next hour we spent walking on the boards and the girls were flashing and teasing every guy they saw. They seemed to stop every hundred yards or so and lean over the rail looking out toward the ocean. Each one with their legs spread and bent at the waist. Asses and pussies out in broad daylight, getting aired out. Each time they would do this pedestrian traffic would get all clogged up as every male from 12 to 92 would stop and stare. I usually stood between them running a hand up and down their backs and occasionally letting it slide down to their asses for a little rub.

At other times they would have me get them a soft drink and they would sit up on the railing with their skirts hiked up and legs spread. There they sat sipping their soft drinks thru the straw looking innocent as the day they were born with their bald pussies showing, inviting anyone who wanted to, to look. They were enjoying themselves immensely, teasing all the young wannabe studs and with me standing there between them not one of those horny boys had the nerve to do more than glance over at them or stare from a distance. Finally the fun had to end. As we started walking again a cop approached me and said,"Look I know the girls are having fun and I sure as hell don't want to interrupt it but some old biddy just gave me an earful. But since I didn't actually see anything all I can do is warn you that now since I got a complaint I have to watch and if I see anything inappropriate I will have to issue a citation, OK"
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