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It had been a few weeks since the encounter with Laurie's boyfriend, Mike. He still thought about that night and remembered how it felt to have his twenty year old Laurie and her 21 year old boyfriend, Mike, in his bedroom. If he closed his eyes, he could almost feel Laurie's lips around his raging hardon, while he fished Mike's hard cock out of his pants. Yes, he really enjoyed the night when he felt another guy's cock.

Steve got home from work and decided to get a little workout in before he grabbed a shower. He had bought a set of free weights and a bench for the back bedroom, where he could workout when he wanted, rather than going to the gym. He did enjoy going to the gym, though, because it gave him the opportunity to the see all those young women in their tight leotards, working out.

He got to his bedroom, shed his clothes and stood there for a moment, looking at himself in the mirror that was mounted on the closet door. "Not too bad", he thought. At forty-three, he still had a rather lean, firm body. Staring at this cock in the mirror, he thought again of that evening and he could see his dick swelling a little as he tried to recall all the details. He slid his hand beneath it, and lifted it, liking the way the weight of his cock felt in his hand. "Better stop this before there's no turning back", he thought to himself.

Letting go of his cock, he walked over to the dresser, opened a drawer and took out a jock strap. Steve always wore one when he worked out, and to be honest, he liked the feel and the way it looked, encasing his cock. Today, the jock had a bulge larger than usual because of his recounting of the night with Laurie and Mike. He grabbed a towel and started down the hall to the back bedroom.

As he approached the bedroom door he heard some moans coming from the room. The door was slightly ajar, so without having to open it any further, he could see most of the bedroom. He couldn't believe it. There was Mike, in a pair of sweats, laying on the workout bench, his hands wrapped around the bar of the weights mounted on the stand. Mike's eyes were closed, thoroughly enjoying the feel of Laurie's hand sliding over the swelling in his sweats.

Laurie was wearing only a crop-top which almost didn't cover her big tits, and a pair of cut-offs, cut very high and were beginning to ride up as she leaned over her boyfriend to reach that bulge. Without realizing it, Steve found himself caressing his cock through his jock. He could see his daughter's smooth, tight ass and form the angle, the bottom of her tits as she leaned over. His eyes darted back and forth between Laurie and Mike's crotch. He could feel those feelings stirring once again. "Damn, I'm not gay", he thought, "but I do want to feel my fingers wrapped around that cock of his again."

Steve's cock was trying its best to break through his jock, and he could feel the heat of it through the material. His fingers, now wrapped around his hardon encased in the jock's material, began to slide up and down even though the material was rough on his cock. He unconsciously opened the door a little and Laurie look up, over her shoulder to see her dad standing there in only his jock strap, stroking is hard cock through it. She smiled and motioned for him to come in, while not missing beat, stroking Mike. Steve walked towards the pair, noticing that Mike was unaware of him being there since his eyes had not opened since Steve began watching them.

Laurie put her free hand to her lips to indicate to her father to be quiet as he entered. Steve was quiet as he reached the pair. Laurie motioned to her dad to replace her hand with his. Steve did as she requested and sighed a little as he felt Mike's rock hard cock beneath the material. He continued stroking Mike as Laurie leaned over and kissed her dad, slipping her tongue into his welcoming mouth. She sucked on his tongue as she placed his free hand on her firm, young tits. Steve felt her hard nipples through the material, and tweaked each one a little as he played with them.

Mike opened his eyes to see Laurie's mouth attacking her father's and Steve, stroking him through the pre-cum stained sweats. Mike reached up and slid his hand up and down Steve's forearm, indicating that he approved and wanted Laurie's dad to continue. Steve broke off his kiss with Laurie and smiled down at Mike.

"Nice to see you again, sir." said Mike, grinning.

"See, I told you my dad would like to see you again, Mike." Laurie said as she lifted her top over her head. Her large, firm tits stood high on her chest, the nipples hard and extruded.

Steve slid his hand up Mike's crotch to the waistband of his sweats. Untying the drawstring, he pulled the front of the sweats down, exposing Mike's hardon, which sprung to attention once it was freed. Steve wrapped around the hard shaft pulling the foreskin down, watching as the smooth underside of Mike's cock was exposed. Steve leaned forward and placed his lips on the head of Mike's cock and slowly sucked it in.

Laurie was watching all this as she stripped down her cut-offs and stepped out of them. She straddled the bench, and Mike's head, lowering herself onto Mike's mouth. Her pussy was already wet, watching the action before her, and it covered Mike's willing mouth. As Mike flicked his tongue in and out of Laurie's cunt, Steve took as much as he could of Mike's cock down his throat. He rode it up and down, faster and faster, as he heard Mike groaning.

"Suck me Mike. Faster, baby, faster." Laurie said, tossing her head back and closing her eyes, imagining having both her dad's cock, and Mike's to play with.

"Yeah, baby .... That's it. It feels so good!"

Steve was bobbing up and down on this Mike's hard cock, feeling it begin to twitch a little as he did. He knew that this guy was going to cum soon, and increased his pace, cupping Mike's balls as he sucked on his rod.

"Suck him daddy. Suck him good." Laurie said as she ground her pussy down onto Mike's mouth.

"Does he taste good, dad? I'll bet he does. He always does."

As she talked, it drove Mike over the edge and lifted his hips trying to force his cock deeper into Steve's mouth. He thrust a couple of times and could hold it back no longer. Mike came hard, filling Steve's mouth with him cum. Steve tried swallowing as much as he could, but this 20 year old filled his mouth, and then some. It dripped down Steve's chin as it leaked out of the corners of his mouth.

Laurie too, was cumming on Mike's mouth as she drove her hips into her boyfriend, smothering him as she came.

"AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh .... Oh, YES!!!!"

Spent, she lifted herself from Mike's face and walked around to where her father was kneeling. Pressing against him, she once again forced her mouth against his, moaning as she thrust her tongue into her dad's cum filled mouth. Sucking as much out as she could, she broke the kiss and smiled at her dad as she swallowed what she had just retrieved.

"Dad, I think you need some relief too, don't you? I think that you should do as Mike and I want now. Mike, get up and let dad lay there." Laurie said, as she stroked her dad's cock through his jock.

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