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Blowjob lesson: mom blows my bro and wants me to do the same with dad
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True Mom Son Incest Stories - You have to see it!

True Mom Son Incest Stories

Incest Thumb Pictures Teen Boy Free Sex Incest Incest Porn Picks Son Incest Mother Father Daughter
My name is Kerry. I am 30 years old and happily married to Peter with 2 children. I am attractive. Have medium length dark hair and have two very large secrets.

1. I am addicted to CUM.
Lovely male cum. I love the feel of it. I love the taste of it. I love watching it shoot out of the top of huge hard cocks. I love the feel as it hits the back of my throat. I love the feel of it on my tits. I love my husbands cum. I love any mans cum. Fortunately for me my husband loves to see me enjoying other mens cum.

Its simple I ADORE CUM.

2. I am addicted to behaving like a tart.
I adore dressing tartily and picking men up. I don’t let them fuck me, I want their cum. I want their cum on my hands, in my mouth, on my face, on my tits. My husband Peter understands my needs and encourages me. It turns him on watching me in action.

It all started a long time ago. My brother Lee who is older started me off. I first caught him playing with himself when we were younger. I don’t want to tell you my age when it all started but lets just say I was still at school and he wasn’t. Our parents were out and as I passed his bedroom one day I saw him lying on the bed looking at a magazine and rubbing his cock. I was amazed at the size of it. I didn’t know what he was doing but the look on his face told me he enjoyed it. At that early age I was fascinated with it.

I decided I wanted to catch him doing it and let me watch him. I knew that whenever our parents were out he would go to his room and do it. At this age I didn’t know what it was called. Our parents were going out for the afternoon and left the two us to amuse ourselves. Looking back it should have been abuse ourselves.

I knew Lee would go straight up to his room, but I beat him up there and went into my bedroom. Minutes later I heard Lee running up the stairs. He rushed in, pushed the door shut and lay on the bed. I quietly crept from my room along to Lee’s. The door wasn’t fully shut and I looked in through the crack of the door. Lee was lying on his bed. I saw him reach under his mattress and pull out a magazine. He pulled his trousers and underpants down. I could see his cock was already hard and grown to about 7 inches in length. He flicked through the magazine obviously looking for a particular page. When he found it he lay the open magazine on the bed and started rubbing his cock.

He had his hand wrapped tightly round it and moved his hand up and down it very fast. I was mesmerised by what I was watching. It also gave me a funny feeling in between my legs.

After only a couple of minutes he slowed down and reached for some tissues. He put them over the end of his cock and carried on rubbing it, but slower now, and then he sped up. The look on his face told me he was enjoying it. I was now getting wet in between my legs. I thought I had peed myself but it was a much different feeling. A much nicer feeling.

Suddenly Lee was breathing really heavy now and rubbing his cock very fast. Then he cried out and stopped rubbing it. He was holding the tissue tight over the end of his cock. I was disappointed in not being able to see what happened.

Lee lay there for a while and then started flicking through the magazine again. I watched as his cock started getting longer again. I decided now was the time to catch him. I pushed the door open and rushed in. Lee quickly sat and tried to cover himself. He shouted at me and asked why I was spying on him.

I told him I had seen what he was doing and was going to tell mum what he had been doing. Then I added unless he lets me watch him do it again. Lee thought for a while and said, ‘OK, but don’t tell anyone, it must be our secret’.

He lay down again and looked at the magazine. I saw lots of naked girls. There was one in particular he liked and soon he was holding his cock and rubbing it again. I saw the tissue he had used and looked at it. I opened it and saw it was very wet. There was a big thick blob of something white in it. I touched it. It was warm and slimy. I lifted it to my nose and smelt it. I liked the smell. I liked the feel of it.

All the while I was still watching Lee rubbing his cock. He was staring at a naked girl who had big breasts. Mine had been developing for quite a while now and not as large as the girl in photo I hoped they would one day be as big.

I put the tissue down and concentrated on what my brother was doing. I felt myself getting wet between the legs again and enjoyed the feeling I was getting although I didn’t know what it was.

I asked Lee, ‘Do you want to look at my breasts’. He said he did. I took my tee shirt off and the C cup bra that I was wearing. I felt self conscious when I compared mine to the girl in the photo. My nipples had hardened and grown larger. I liked the feeling I was getting.

Lee said, ‘You can touch my cock if I can touch your tits’. I didn’t hesitate, I really wanted to feel what it was like. I reached and wrapped my hand round his cock. It felt so hot and hard. I started rubbing my hand up and down like I had seen my brother doing. I felt him touch my tits, as he liked to call them. He pinched my nipple and squeezed it. The feeling was lovely, then he started stroking them and squeezing them. All the while I was rubbing his cock. It seemed to be getting even larger.

Soon Lee said, ‘Quick get a tissue, I’m cumming’. I didn’t know what he meant. I assumed the white stuff was going to shoot out of the end. I didn’t want it to go in a tissue I wanted it all over my hand.

I carried on rubbing it even faster and I felt him squeezing my nipples even harder. Then I watched as the white stuff shot out of his cock all over the bedclothes. I carried on rubbing him until the white stuff had stopped coming out.

Lee stopped playing with my tits and lay down and closed his eyes. I scooped some of the white stuff off the bedcovers and ran it through my fingers. It was so hot and sticky. I loved it. I smelt it and then poked out my tongue and licked it. It was quite salty and I liked it.

I looked at Lee and asked, ‘Did I do it all right. Did you enjoy it’. Lee said, ‘Yes, it was great, did you enjoy it too’.

I told him I did. We sat talking and I asked Lee how long he had been doing it. At first he was a bit embarrassed and then told me had been doing it for a few years. He said, ‘It’s called masturbating but most people call it wanking and the white stuff that comes out is called spunk or cum and it gives you the most wonderful feeling as you cum.’

He asked me if I masturbated myself and I said I didn’t. He asked if I wanted to do it again for him. I told him I did and he said, ‘Can I do it you as well’. I told him, ‘I don’t know what to do, I know it felt good when you played with my tits and I felt wet in between my legs.’

He said, ‘That was because you were getting sexually excited. I’ve never done it to a girl before but I’d like to try and if you enjoy it as much I do, it’ll be great’.

I said, ‘I want you to do it to me. I want you to masturbate me and make me cum’.

Now I took my skirt and knickers off and sat down beside my brother. He reached over and started rubbing my breasts and playing with my nipples. I really enjoyed the feeling and felt myself getting wet again. I started rubbing Lee’s cock again and loved the feel as it grew large in my hand.

After a while Lee stopped playing with my tits and put his hand between my legs. I opened my legs slightly so he could put his hand in between them. I felt very wet and didn’t know what he was going to do. I felt him push a finger slightly inside where I peed from and then took it out again but quickly put it back in. It was lovely.

I was rubbing Lee’s cock faster again and he told me to slow down as it was so good he wanted it to last, he didn’t want to cum too soon. Lee was now pushing his finger in and out of me quite fast and I loved it.

He told me was finger fucking my pussy. He was using words I hadn’t heard before. But I didn’t mind I just enjoyed it too much. I was getting wetter all the time and it was wonderful. I was rubbing Lee’s cock even faster now. I wanted him to cum again. I didn’t know then that men couldn’t keep cumming all the time.

The more excited Lee made me the faster I rubbed his cock. Soon I felt it twitching and knew it was going to cum. I put my other hand over the top so his cum went all over my hand. It felt wonderful. He was still finger fucking my pussy and I was still enjoying it.

When he had finished cumming I ran his cum through my fingers. I really did like the feel of it. I smelt it again and licked my fingers but his time I licked them clean and took all his cum in my mouth. Eventually I swallowed it. I can still remember all those years ago my first taste of cum as if it was yesterday. I think that very first taste was when I got hooked on it.

Now Lee told me to lie down. I opened my legs and Lee lay beside me. He carried on finger fucking me for a while and then started stroking me gently. He told me he was finding my clitoris. I hadn’t even heard of the word. But suddenly I had this most wonderful feeling throughout my body. Whatever he was rubbing it was senational.

I said, ‘Oh Lee, it’s wonderful, I don’t want to ever stop, Oh its heaven’.

Lee said, ‘It’s your clitoris, it’s the most sensitive part of your sex organs. Just playing with it is going to make you cum. Do you want your brother to make you cum’.

‘Oh yes, Lee, please, it’s wonderful, make me cum’.

Lee carried on rubbing me just on the right spot. I felt wonderful all over. My nipples were so hard and felt great and I had just the most sensational feeling I have ever experienced.’

Suddenly I felt every part of my body started trembling. I loved it but was scared. I thought I was dying as my body shook and trembled all over but it was just a sensational feeling. After a while it subsided. Lee looked at me and said, ‘You have just cum’.

I smiled at him and said, ‘Oh that was heaven, I want to do it again’.

We carried on like this for the rest of the afternoon, just enjoying playing with each other. Lee showed how to play with myself and he enjoyed watching me make myself cum for the very first time.

Our mutual exploration of each other continued daily and quite often 2 or 3 times a day. Whenever the opportunity arose we took it. Lee never attempted or even suggested he wanted to fuck me. We simply enjoyed playing with each others body.

Every opportunity I got I wanked him off. I never let him cum into tissues again. He would always cum over my hands, or tits or face.

One thing we really enjoyed doing was when we would play with ourselves and watch each other cum. I would lie down and play with my pussy and Lee would kneel beside my face. As I played with myself I would watch Lee wanking himself off only inches from my face. We both soon learnt how to control when we came.

We would talk to each other all the time telling each other how much we were enjoying it and when we were about to cum. Lee would always hold back until I was about to cum. I would tell him I was about to cum and Lee would wank faster as he saw my body tremble as I came he would cum at the same time. I would open my mouth and he would shoot his cum inside it and all over my face.

Even then I think I was getting addicted to cum.

After a few weeks Lee bought another magazine home. This had very explicit photos in it and also stories. As soon as mum and dad were out we went to his room to read it. We undressed and started playing with each other while we read some of the stories. We really learnt a lot that afternoon.

The most exciting thing we discovered was oral sex. I already liked the taste of cum and as soon as I saw girls doing it in the magazine I wanted to copy them.

Lee said he knew about it but had obviously never experienced it.

I said, ‘Well, your little sister is now going to give you your first experience of it’.

I opened my mouth and took Lee’s cock deep inside. I licked it and sucked it. I didn’t really know what to do but I was really enjoying it.

Lee told me, ‘Suck it hard, suck the end and move your mouth up and down it’.

I did as he said and clamped my lips tight around it. Lee was reaching up and playing with my nipples and as much as I wanted to make him cum in my mouth I also wanted to cum myself. The feeling as I sucked and squeezed his cock with my lips was fantastic and when I felt his cock twitching I knew he was going to cum and I wasn’t going to let any of it escape from my mouth.

It was a shock as his cum hit the back of my throat but the taste and feel of it on my tongue and in my mouth soon overcame that. I adored it and although Lee had cum I kept on sucking it hoping to still keep it hard. Eventually I felt it softening in my mouth and reluctantly took it out.

The look on Lee’s face told me how much he had enjoyed it. After a few minutes he told me is was my turn. I sat at the top of the bed and leant against the headboard. My legs were wide open and my brother Lee lay in between my legs. I knew my pussy was already very wet.

I started playing with my own tits. I pinched and squeezed my nipples. Oh how I love playing with my nipples. I just wished I had discovered how nice it was years ago.

I felt Lee’s tongue licking my pussy. It felt like heaven. I opened my legs wider. I wanted him to lick inside my pussy lips. Suddenly I felt his tongue on my clitoris, then his lips. He sucked my clitoris and I was in heaven. I reached down and put my hands behind his head and pulled him tight against me. I rubbed my pussy against my brother’s face as his tongue and lips worked on my clitoris.

I was cumming, oh FUCK, was I cumming. I thought I was never going to stop. Just as one subsided another started. I couldn’t believe how good this was. I just kept on cumming. I just kept on grinding my pussy against Lee’s face. I could not help it. I was out of control. My body was taken over by the pleasure of cumming.

Our life continued like this was quite a time. Whenever an opportunity arose we would pleasure each other. At all other times I would play witth myself. Never a day went by when I didn’t make myself cum.

Things started to change when Lee bought some of his friends home. I flirted outrageously with them and when I masturbated I imagined it was their cocks I was playing with and sucking.

A few days later Lee asked whether one off his friends could join us. He said, ‘You could have double the pleasure, just imagine my cock in your mouth and his tongue on your clitoris. You could cum at exactly the same time as I cum in your mouth’.

I didn’t need any time to think about it. I agreed straight away and told Lee to organise it.

Later that night I masturbated while imagining Lee and his friend doing all sorts of wonderful things to me. My imagination started running wild and I began to wonder if I could get two cocks in my mouth at the same time and if they could both cum together. I also imagined myself wanking both cocks off together while I sat in between them and they both came over my tits and face. The combinations were endless and I woke up in the middle of the night and twice played with myself again.

Eventually Lee told me had arranged for his friend John to join us one Saturday afternoon when we knew the house was empty. I was so excited I couldn’t wait. I had all these ideas I wanted to try out. I knew John and fancied him.

The day quickly arrived and a few minutes after our parents went out John arrived. I had already taken my underwear off and my pussy was very wet. He came in and we went straight up to Lee’s room.

We all quickly undressed and Lee and John had hard ons straight away. We all stood together naked. I reached out and held a cock in each hand and started wanking them. This was the first time I had 2 cocks and I loved it. John played with my nipples and Lee slipped a finger inside my pussy.

We quickly moved over to the bed and Lee told me to lie down. I spread my legs and Lee went down to lick my pussy. John knelt beside me and I pulled his cock into my mouth. It was about the same size as Lee’s and I sucked and licked the end. I adored the lovely sucking that Lee was giving to my clit which only made me suck John’s cock harder.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long and in only a couple of minutes I felt those wonderful feelings of an oncoming orgasm. I wanted John to cum at the same time but I couldn’t hold mine back and soon I was cumming all over my brother’s face. Although I wanted to cum again I was desperate to make John cum. I wanted his cum in my mouth. I sucked faster and harder and then I felt Lee move up beside me. I reached out for his cock and started wanking it. But it was John I was concentrating on.

A pair of hands was on my tits and giving my nipples those wonderful feelings I adore. I sensed John was about to cum and clamped my lips tight around his cock. I sucked harder and moved my mouth up and down his cock faster. Soon it started twitching. John called out that he was cumming and I felt shot after shot of hot cum hit the back of my throat. As soon as John had finished cumming I replaced his cock with Lees. My mouth was still full of John’s cum as I sucked heavily on my brother’s cock.

John then went down between my legs and started licking my clit. He used very long slow licks all over my clit and pussy lips. He could obviously still taste my cum from previously and he was so enthusiastic that I came again before Lee had managed to. I was so excited with my second orgasm that I sucked Lee furiously and even as he cum deep inside my mouth I continued to suck and lick him.

We took a few minutes to recover and John said he wanted to watch me play with myself. I agreed as long as he and Lee did the same. I sat against the headboard with Lee and John beside me wanking furiously while watching my fingers delving deeply inside my pussy. They both slowed down when they were about to cum and waited for me. As they saw my orgasm approaching they wanked faster and as I came I had the wonderful sight off two cocks shooting their hot spunk all over my face. I let my fingers scoop their spunk off my face and I licked my fingers clean. The taste of my two lovers cum was exquisite.

We lay down talking and John asked if he could fuck me. I decided that what we were doing I enjoyed so much that I didn’t want to spoil it. I was afraid I would not like being fucked or that it would hurt. I said to John, ‘Not just yet, I need to think about it - ask me next time you come round, it’ll give me more time to think about it.’

John was quite happy with that and we were now ready to cum again. This time I wanted both cocks in my mouth at the same time. I wanted a double helping of hot cum.

I sat on edge of the bed with John and Lee standing in front of me. Their hard cocks were standing out in front of them. I opened my mouth but couldn’t get them both inside. I sucked them alternately but it was not what I wanted. I took Lee’s cock in my mouth and started sucking him but I wanted more. I opened my legs and John knelt on the floor and started licking my pussy. Suddenly I was in heaven again as his tongue and lips treated my clit to the attention it needed.

I soon felt those wonderful feelings of an oncoming orgasm approaching. I thought to myself that being fucked could not be any better than the feelings I was getting now. But then I thought that maybe being fucked and sucking a cock at the same time might be even better than what I was experiencing now. I decided I needed to find out.

I let John lick my pussy to orgasm drenching his face with my pussy juices at the same time. But before Lee had cum in my mouth I stopped sucking his cock and told them what I wanted.

They were both happy. It was decided that John would fuck me while I sucked Lee off into my mouth. I lay down on the bed. John put a condom on and lay in between my legs. My pussy was still very wet and I felt John ease his cock just inside my pussy. It was obviously much thicker and longer than his finger and immediately I thought, I like this. John moved back and forward very slowly and gently making sure he didn’t hurt me. Lee lay beside me sucking my nipples. They both wanted to make sure I really enjoyed it.

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