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Incest Story Sex Stories Free Submitted Incest Pictures Incest Sex Thumbs Incest Porn Art
Peter woke up first before his mother and he lay there watching her sleeping. They slept nude on his bed and he marveled at the fact that he had become her lover. She looked at her beautiful face down to her gracious neck, to her large breasts. It's a wonder that he's sucking her breasts like when he was a child. And he continued his gaze downward to her pubes framed by a small thatch of pubic hair. He ran his hands slowly along her body, making sure to touch every part of her. This aroused him and he removed her hands around him and began to suck her nipple while kneading and pinching the other. This elicited moans from Joanna but never fully waking. He went lower to her abdomen and licked her cute belly button. Then he parted her thighs and gazed lovingly at her beautiful cunt, which moments ago he was plowing with his hard love shaft. Then he licked her outer labia while kneading her soft legs. Then he buried his tongue deeper and inserted one finger inside her pussy. Joanna clutched his hair and pushed him towards her pussy even more. Then he began sawing his finger in and out and fucking her with his tongue. He added two more fingers and with this he elicited long and loud reactions from her.

"Oooohhhhh... uuummmmhhhh," Joanna moaned.

Peter continued with his tongue and fingers combination until she was squirming on the bed. She began to hump her ass up and down the bed while pulling his head towards her pussy even more.

"Oooohhhhh yessss, Peetttteerrrrr... Suuucccckkk mmmmeeeehhhh... Aaahhhhhh."

Peter continued with his tongue-and-finger fucking until he felt she was coming close. Then he blew on her clit and sawed his fingers faster and faster it was almost a blur.

"Oh, oh, oh, I'm cumming, oooohhhhh mmmyyyyyy... aaahhhh," Joanna screamed.

He greedily lapped her pussy juice like a dog coming from a long walk and offered a bowl of cold water, while Joanna's orgasm came gushing like a dam burst forth. After her orgasm subsided, he slowly licked and kissed his way up until they met in a fiery kiss.

"Wow, that was one hell of a wake up call. If you keep that up I might get used to it," Joanna told Peter in between kisses.

"Mom, I will never get tired of kissing you or fucking you or eating your sweet pussy. If Dad leaves again for some trip, I will wake you up that way every single day," Peter replied.

"Well, you just might... wait, what time is it? Oh no, get up your father will be home soon," she said while trying to push him away.

"Well, can I ask for one last kiss?" Peter teased.

"But... uummmphhh... uhhmmmm."

She never finished her sentence as Peter kissed her fully on the mouth and pushed his tongue inside. They played tongue-lashing for a while before she pushed him off her naked body.

"We have more time for that later, in the meantime I must get to my room and change into something. If your father finds out, we would be doomed. Besides, haven't you got enough?" she asked.

"Mom, I'll never get enough. I want to feel your body against me every second of every day," Peter told her lovingly. "So do I, son, but we must be careful. I love you and I always want to be with you," Joanna answered while stroking his face.

She made her way to her room and took a quick shower, although she loved the feeling of his perspiration on her skin. She changed into a shorts and tank top, and wore cotton panties and lace bra underneath. Shortly after, Jeff came in the door and directly went into the master's bedroom. He found her sitting on the bed and combing her long hair.

"How was your day, honey?" she asked him.

"Well, we will be starting another project soon in Europe and my boss wants me to supervise it. I will be leaving tomorrow and I might be gone for a month or so. I'm going to miss my fishing trip with Peter next week," Jeff sighed.

"Don't be so gloomy honey, I'm sure Peter would understand. He's a bright kid you know, and someday he might just be like his father," she consoled him. But deep inside, some tingle of excitement welled up in her and it made her pussy grow wet. She's already looking forward to a month of fucking and sucking with her son.

That night during dinner, Jeff told Peter about the news and that he might not be able to go their trip. Peter told him that he understood and that it was part of his job.

"I want you to look after your Mom and keep her company while I'm away," he told Peter.

"Don't worry Dad, I will keep Mom company every second of every day," Peter said and looked at Joanna in the eye.

"That's my good boy, I know you won't let me down."

They made their way to their rooms and that nigh Jeff made passionate love to Joanna that her moans were echoed around the room. Peter was at their door listening to all that's been happening and later jacked himself off in his bedroom.

The next day, Joanna woke up early to help Jeff pack his things and later drove him to the airport. Before going home she dropped by at the mall to buy some groceries. She had a naughty idea in her mind and made her way to the department store. She bought three new sets of bikinis of different colors then she went to Victoria's Secret for some new lingerie. When she walked out of the store, she was bouncing with excitement and giddy like a little girl. When she got home, she unpacked the groceries and went straight to the bedroom. She laid out her purchases on the bed and thought of a way to using them on Peter. Then an idea formed in her mind, so she took a shower, pampered herself up and afterwards shaved the remaining pubic hairs. She went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for the two of them. Peter arrived shortly and went straight to her where they met in a sweet French kiss.

"Mom, you look wonderful and... hmmm, smell good, too," Peter told her.

"Mmmm, you look handsome yourself. Why don't you go upstairs and change so we can have dinner. The steak's almost done," she complimented in return.

Peter went to his bedroom and changed into khaki shorts and plain white T-shirt. Then he went to the dining room to see his mother preparing the table. They have a very intimate dinner, with lots of touching and kissing and playing footsie, they acted very lovingly like newlyweds. After Peter washed the dishes, Joanna went to her bedroom to put her plan into action while Peter settled on the couch and turned on the TV.

"Peter honey, I need your opinion on something," she yelled from her bedroom.

"What is it, Mom? Would you like me to come up?" he asked.

"No, no, you just wait there I'll come downstairs," she retorted.

Peter turned off the TV and waited for her to come down. He picked some magazines from the stand and busied himself while waiting for her. The Joanna walked down the stairs wearing her terry cloth robe. She moved to the stereo and played some fast music.

"Are you ready, lover?" she said.

"What's this?" he said puzzled.

"I bought new clothes while I was at the mall and I want to get your opinion if they look good on me. Come here and help me move this table to the side. Then you just sit down and enjoy the show," she said with a big smile on her face.

Peter was able to get a glimpse down her robe while they bent to move the table. He thinks he saw a lace bra underneath, but he can't be sure. After they have moved the table, Peter settled back on the couch. He eagerly anticipated what his mother is wearing underneath the robe.

Joanna slowly swayed to the music. When she moved in front of him, she loosened the tie on her robe and teasingly exposed her shoulders. Peter is starting to get aroused in anticipation and caught site of a red lace bra. She slowly lowered the robe until it fell on a heap at her feet. Peter gazed from her foot, to her long and smooth legs, to red lace thong panties, up to her big breasts covered by a red lace bra. He looked at her face and he saw her smiling.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"Well... wow Mom, you look great," Peter stammered.

She turned around and slowly bent at the waist. Her thong-covered butt is now directly in front of his face. Peter tried to grab her but she quickly straightened and moved from his reach.

"Oh no, no touching," she teased.

Then she picked up her robe and walked to her room to change into another set of lingerie. This time she chose a white pair of push-up bra and French cut panties. She danced in time to the music and swayed her hips teasingly in his face. Then she surprised him and she jumped on his lap and gave him a lap dance. It elicited moans from Peter when she rubbed her panty-covered pussy on his hard cock. Before he could a make, she jumped from him and was again out of the room to change. This time she is wearing a blue half-cup bra almost exposing her nipples and panties cut high at the hips. She twirled in front of him and bent this way and that to further increase his growing erection. When she again went to her bedroom, Peter's cock is hard it outlined in his shorts. Meanwhile, Joanna is beginning to get wet with her teasing show she needed to have him. She removed her underwear, put the robe on and walked out of the bedroom.

"This one, I know you will definitely like," she said and her lips curled in a naughty grin. She lifted her foot and placed it on his hard cock and traced his hardon. This revealed her creamy thighs to his hungry eyes and she let him rub her leg. Then she slowly lowered her robe and exposed her smooth shoulders. Peter thought that she must have been wearing some kind of strapless bra because he didn't see any strap. She continued to rub his cock through his shorts while raising her hands and cupping her large breasts. Then she bent forward and helped him remove his shirt.

"Remove your shorts," she commanded him.

Peter quickly removed his shorts and briefs and his cock is now in view. She licked her lips at the sight of his manhood standing erect in front of her, pointing directly to her moist pussy. She pushed him back on the couch and straddled his legs, being very careful not to give him a hint that she's not wearing anything underneath the robe. She held his hands and placed them on the back of the couch. She kissed him hard on the mouth and she rubbed her breasts to his naked chest. The feel of the robe rubbing against her nipples excited her even more. The she opened his mouth with her tongue and they did some heavy tongue-lashing.

"Hold still," she told him breathlessly.

Peter kept his arms at his sides and watched his Mom kiss him from the neck down to his chest. Then she grabbed a nipple in her lips and sucked him and he moaned at the sensation. She flicked her tongue and at his nipple while her other hand is snaking towards his crotch. She kissed the other nipple while her hand grabbed his cock and slowly jacked him. She lifted herself off and slowly kissed her way down to his navel.

"Oh my, you really have a lovely cock. Can I kiss it?" she asked him pouting.

"Ohhh yesss, kiss my cock Momm... succkkk mmeeehhh... " he moaned.

She put the tip in her mouth and licked the slit at the tip. She encircled his shaft with her left hand while fondling his balls with the other. She jacked him off while putting increasing her suction. She felt that he was closing to cumming, so she grabbed the base and stopped him from ejaculating.

"Moommm, I'm almoooosssttt theerreee... "

Joanna released his cock from her mouth and stood up. Peter opened his eyes and made eye contact with her.

"You haven't seen what I am wearing, lover," she teased him.

Then she untied the belt and let the robe fall to the floor. Peter's mouth was agape when he saw that his Mom shaved her pussy mound smooth. He moved his eyes up to her bountiful breasts and stared at her hard, pink nipples. There is a look of wanton lust in their eyes and so Peter grabbed her hips and pulled her on his lap. They hungrily kissed while his hands explored every inch of her body. He grabbed her breasts and tweaked her nipples. She moaned in his mouth and moved her hand down to his shaft. Then he lowered his face and kissed her neck. He traced her jawline with his tongue and licked her earlobe. He put his tongue inside her ear while he pulled and twisted her nipples.

"Oooohhh... aaahhhh... uuhhhhmmmmhhh... " Joanna moaned.

He lifted her up his lap and gently laid her on the floor. He kissed his way down and captured one of her nipples in his hungry mouth. He sucked her big tits as is trying to get milk out of her breasts while he kneaded the other and pinched the nipple.

"Ooohhh dooonnn'ttt stttooopppp... " Joanna sighed.

He alternately kissed her breasts while his right hand moved its way down to her ass. He rubbed her legs up and down, never making contact with her aching pussy. He kneaded her ass with his palm and rubbed his hardon on her right leg.

"I want you in meehhh... Fuck meehhh," Joanna said breathlessly.

Instead, he kissed his way downwards and licked her bellybutton. This further heightened her arousal and she gently tried to push his head down to her pussy.

"Eat my cunt, suck my pussy you motherfucker," she growled.

First, he kissed and licked her smooth legs. Then, he tentatively licked her pussy lips.

"Stop teasing me, lick my cunt Peter... "

Then he dived in her snatch and tongue-fucked her pussy. She placed his hands on her butt and raised her ass off the floor. She curled her hands on her hair and pulled his face even more. Then he lowered her ass back on the floor and inserted three fingers inside her cunt.

"Ooohhh yeeessss... ooohhh Peettteerrrr... aahhhhh... "

He continued to saw his fingers in and out her snatch until he felt her close to orgasm. He spread her thighs wider and attacked her protruding clitoris. He captured it in his mouth and suck on it while he finger-fucks her. Then Joanna orgasmed and her juices came in gushes. Peter greedily drank all she released and continued lapping at her pussy. Her orgasm is again fast approaching and she pulled him up and kissed him and tasted herself on his lips.

"Take me, lover, I want you inside me," she half pleaded him.

She took hold of his hard cock and pointed it at her dripping pussy. She guided him and he slowly sunk his fuck tool inside her wet cunt. They paused for a moment to savor the feeling, something not alien to them but always felt like the first time. Then he slowly piston his cock in and out of her love-hole. He got into a rhythm, three quick thrusts and one almost pulling out. This elicited moans from both of them and soon they were both perspiring with the effort. She pushed him on his back and took control of the situation. She braised herself on his chest and raised and lowered her pussy to his cock.

"Ooohhh, Petteerrr, you're so fucking gooddddd... "

"Ooohhh Mooommmm ooohhh yesssss... "

Peter grabbed one of her tits and sucked the nipple while his other hand held her ass and guided her up and down his cock.

"Ooohhh yessss that's it... suck on my hhhmmm... nipple while aaahhh... ooohhh I fuck you... " Joanna moaned.

She increased the pace of her humping and sensed that she's coming close to orgasm. Peter bit his mother's nipple and he felt he would be erupting anytime soon.

"Ooohhh Mooommm I'm cooommmiiinnnggg... "

"Me too, honey, me too. Ooohhh, come inside me son," she said while clutching his chest.

Then she fully impaled herself on him and threw her head back while he lifted his ass off the floor and met her in a powerful thrust. He closed his eyes shut and released his semen inside her clutching vagina walls while she at the same time burst her dam on his cock. A good minute has passed before they were able to gather their senses. She collapsed in his arm and laid her head on his shoulder. Then he looked up at him and they lovingly kissed each other. They shared a long kiss and tight embrace before finally letting go. His softening cock is still buried inside her until it popped out of her cunt slick with their combined juices.

"Oh, that was wonderful. That was the best yet," she said while stroking his face. "So, which of my underwear you liked best."

"Well, I would say that the last one is the best you have on, or should I say - nothing on. Maybe you should wear that most of the time," he replied.

"You think so? Well, maybe I would, from now on."

Since then, they never wore anything inside their house. They were like Adam and Eve in a forbidden paradise. Either when they're swimming or having dinner, they didn't put a stitch of clothing on. They fucked and sucked all around the house - in the pool, in the garage, in the kitchen. At night, Peter slept with his mother inside the master's bedroom where they fucked each other to sleep and wake each other every morning either by fucking each other or sucking the other to orgasm. She bought new lingerie and bikinis just for him and he showed his appreciation by eating her juicy cunt then fucking her brains out. The summer wore on and soon Peter will be going to some state college. But before summer's over, they have sucked and fucked each other in every place and every conceivable way.

To be concluded...
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