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Note: This is an expansion of a 600 word story I wrote for one of the forums. I liked the concept so much I turned it into a full story. Hope you enjoy.

“Ooooooohhhhhh… oooooohhhhhhhh… oh god… eeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiii…”

Polly could see her uncle’s head between her aunt’s legs. Her aunt was screaming. Polly was shocked that his uncle would hurt his aunt like that.

“Uncle Bill! What are you doing to Aunt Becky?”

Polly stared at them in disbelief. She was wearing pigtails and a short blue polka-dot dress. Polly was visiting her aunt and uncle for the summer and had just returned from her bible study class.

“Hello, Polly. You’re home early.”

Uncle Bill looked up at her. His face was smeared with juices that dripped from his chin. She didn’t know whether to stand there or run and get help.

“Polly, your Uncle Bill was driving the demons from Aunt Becky’s body. I’m surprised your parents never explained this to you. They must not be true believers. That’s too bad because you’re quite vulnerable to demons now that you’re 18. In fact, I’ll bet you’ve already had impure thoughts with some of the boys at school.”

Polly turned red because what Uncle Bill said was indeed true. When she kissed Jimmy Parker last month he put his tongue in her mouth and his hands on her breasts. It made her feel all tingly inside and gooey between the legs. She now realized that it was the demons inside her that made her panties get so damp.

“Come here, Polly. I can see from just looking at you that you need to be cleansed of your demons. Would you like that Polly?”

Polly slowly shook her head up and down. She knew it needed to be done but she was nervous. It must hurt a great deal if Aunt Becky’s screams were any indication. Uncle Bill took Polly’s hand and sat her down on the couch.

“Aunt Becky is going to suck the demons from your body. But that means she won’t be free to help me remove my demons. Would you be willing to do that for Uncle Bill? I’ll show you how.”

Polly nodded her head. She knew demons were bad from bible study and certainly wanted to do what she could to help Uncle Bill get rid of them. She was glad that Aunt Becky would be cleansing her. She would be embarrassed to let Uncle Bill see what she looked like “down there”. Aunt Becky kneeled on the floor and pulled off Polly’s white cotton panties with pink flowers. Polly spread her legs apart and lifted them in the air just like she saw Aunt Becky do for Uncle Bill. Aunt Becky clamped her mouth over Polly’s ripe young peach.

Polly knew it was working right away. She gasped as new sensations spread through her body. Her nipples were about to explode. Pressure unlike anything she had ever felt was building in her tummy. A loud moan escaped her throat.

“Oh yeeesssssss… please Aunt Becky… drive those demons away… oooohhhh…”

Polly clamped her knees around Aunt Becky’s head and bucked up into her face. She could feel the demons streaming out of her body. Aunt Becky’s tongue was driving her crazy as it sucked and slurped on her juicy peach. Polly couldn’t believe how many demons were flowing from her body. She could feel them running down between the cheeks of her bottom. Polly wondered how long it would take for Aunt Becky to suck them all out.

Uncle Bill removed his trousers and kneeled on the arm of the couch next to Polly. His massive hardness wavered only inches from her face.

“My demons can only be extracted from here, Polly. You must put you mouth around me and suck while I try to drive them from my body.”

Polly looked at the swollen flesh streaked with veins and a huge knob at the tip. She looked up at Uncle Bill and nodded. The pressure in her own belly increased when she felt his warm and hard meat slide between her lips. He put his hands on the back of her head and moved it in and out as she sucked just like she was told. She discovered that his groans became louder when she swirled her tongue along his length and over the swollen knob at the top. She decided that this must be helping with the demons so she kept doing it.

“Oh yes… oh Polly… suck those demons from me… aaaahhhhh…”

Aunt Becky did something with her fingers and tongue that caused Polly’s entire body to tense. She could feel stuff pouring out of her body as she bucked and jerked her hips. Aunt Becky clamped her lips over Polly’s gushing peach and sucked the juicy demons into her mouth. Polly wanted to scream but they came out as muffled moans since Uncle Bill was still in her mouth.

Polly’s body was still shaking when she felt Uncle Bill swell between her lips. He roared out loud just before a warm creamy liquid sprayed into her mouth. She knew he must have had a lot of demons because there was so much of it. He kept spraying and spraying. She could feel the thick creamy substance fill her mouth and wash across her tongue. Some of it even leaked out the side of her mouth and dribbled from her chin.

Polly wasn’t sure what to do so she swallowed hoping it wouldn’t make more demons grow inside her. Well, if that happened she could just have Aunt Becky, or even Uncle Bill, drive them from her again now that she knew how.

Polly finally took him out of her mouth. She could see some demons still leaking from the little slit in the top. She swallowed him back into her mouth and sucked his meaty shaft until she was sure no demons were left. Polly was sure she did a good job because Uncle Bill was no longer hard like before when he was full of demons.

Polly laid in bed that night thinking about how glad she was to finally learn about demons. She would have to teach her friends back home. She was sure Jimmy Parker was full of demons. She couldn’t wait to suck them from his body. Then she would let him suck them from her.

The more she thought about it the more her body did things she couldn’t control. Her nipples burned as they poked into her nightie. She felt all gooey between her legs. She decided that she had better consult with Uncle Bill and Aunt Becky about what to do. She might have to get the demons sucked out of her again. Thinking about it made body tingle and her legs feel weak as she walked down the hall.

Polly heard screams coming from their bedroom and thought that Uncle Bill must be sucking demons from Aunt Becky again. She wondered how many times a day it needed to be done. The door was cracked so Polly pushed it open. She saw Uncle Bill behind Aunt Becky bumping into her bottom again and again. He was poking something into the place where he had sucked the demons from her body. Polly couldn’t believe the words spewing forth from Aunt Becky’s mouth.

“Fuck me, Bill… harder… aaahhhh… shove you big cock up my cunt… mmmppphhhh… that’s it… oh god…”

The squeaks in the bed were loud. The headboard smashed repeatedly against the wall. Uncle Bill started yelling like a man possessed.

“Oh fuck, Becky… I’m getting ready to cum… oh shit, your pussy is so fucking hot… oh baby… here it cums… aaaarrrggghhh…”

“Oh yes baby. Shoot your hot cum into my pussy… that’s it… aaaaahhhh… oh, god, I can feel it squirting into my belly… ooohhhhh…”

Polly didn’t know what was happening, but she knew from bible class that some of those words were forbidden. Uncle Bill looked over and saw Polly standing in the doorway. He got off Aunt Becky’s back and walked over to Polly.

“Hello Polly. Aunt Becky had some really stubborn demons in her that couldn’t be sucked out. They had to be driven out. That’s what I was doing to her.”

The place where she had sucked the demons from him earlier was hanging between his legs and dripping stuff onto the floor. She remembered how it felt in her mouth and wondered if she would be allowed to suck the demons from him again. For some reason this made her nipples get hard. The wetness between her legs started to trickle onto her thighs.

Uncle Bill took Polly’s hand and guided her over to the bed where Aunt Becky was lying on her stomach with her legs spread. A large wet spot spread on the sheet below her where sticky white liquid oozed from between her legs. That must be those stubborn demons leaving her body, Polly thought to herself.

“Driving out the stubborn demons is hard work. It helps to shout nasty words. You’re only 18 and may not have any stubborn demons yet. I can check if you would like, but you have to be naked so the demons can’t hide.”

Polly nodded her head. She didn’t want her body full of demons, particularly nasty stubborn demons. Uncle Bill lifted Polly’s nightie up over her head. She was a little self-conscious standing naked in the dim light of the bedside lamp. She often looked at herself in the mirror, but never dreamed she would let a man see her like that. She knew he could see the strip of soft dark curls between her legs and her big pear-shaped breasts with swollen brown caps and hard tips poking up in the air.

She was glad it was Uncle Bill seeing her like this and not some other man. He was being so nice to her by taking the time to teach her all about demons. Uncle Bill put his hand between her legs and rubbed his fingers across the pink flesh peeking out from her dark curls. He pushed his fingers up into her body. Polly knew right away that she was full of demons because her body was getting weak and a huge pressure was building in her belly. Uncle Bill put his lips on one of her nipples and sucked it into his mouth. Polly moaned. She was getting dizzy.

“Oh Uncle Bill… I can feel the demons in me. Drive them from my body Uncle Bill. I need you to drive them out of me just like you did to Aunt Becky.”

Uncle Bill didn’t need any further encouragement. His demon slayer was fully erect and ready for action. He climbed onto the bed and pulled Polly on top of him. She straddled him, lifting up on her knees. Aunt Becky guided his hardness between Polly’s legs. She felt her swollen peach split open as the tip pressed against her pink folds. She gasped.

“I don’t think it’s going to work. It’s too big. Oooohhhhh…”

Aunt Becky pulled it away and put her mouth over it like she was going to suck the demons from Uncle Bill. Then she licked Polly’s juicy peach. Aunt Becky put Uncle Bill’s huge swollen shaft against her again. Polly felt it push into her opening. She sat down on it and could feel her body being stretched.

Aunt Becky showed her how to move up and down on the few inches that was inside her. Something seemed to be in the way that kept it from going deeper. Polly could feel the demons churning inside her. Pressure was building in her belly. Sticky stuff was leaking down her thighs. Her nipples were swollen and felt like they were going to burst open.

The ridge under the swollen tip of Uncle Bill’s hard meat moved in and out, in and out. Polly wanted it deeper so it could reach the churning in her belly where the demons were located. She lifted up and slammed down hard on him. She felt a pinch inside as he pushed deeper. She slammed down again. He slid even deeper as she stretched to accommodate his girth. The next time she came crashing down Polly knew she was fully impaled on Uncle Bill.

Polly had never felt anything so incredible in her life. Her head was spinning and her whole body tingled. She was afraid the demons were going to win. She pulled up and slammed down on Uncle Bill again and again in hopes of defeating them. The pressure in her belly was about to explode. When Aunt Becky kissed and pinched her nipples the pressure became even more unbearable. Polly tried to remember the words Aunt Jill had used when Uncle Bill was driving the demons from her.

“Oooohhhhh… you’re sooooo deep… uuuuuhhhhhh… fuck me, Uncle Bill… harder… shove your cock up my… my cunt… aaaahhhhhh… fuck my pussy…”

Polly was sure that Aunt Becky had used those same words even though she wasn’t sure what they meant. Polly figured that a cock must be what Uncle Bill had, and a cunt the place in her body he was putting it. She knew the word “fuck” was really nasty and that a pussy was something between her legs. As long as these words helped drive out the demons she would keep shouting them.

“Oh god yes, Polly… Uncle Bill loves fucking your cunt… oooohhhhh… your pussy is so hot and so tight… aaaaahhhhhh… Uncle Bill is going to shoot his cum in you… uh… uh… uh… aaahhhhh…”

Aunt Jill put her fingers on Polly’s little button just above where Uncle Bill was sliding in and out of her cunt. The pressure in Polly’s belly was boiling and about to explode. She pulled up and slammed down on his cock driving him deeper and deeper. Then it happened.

“Fuck me Uncle Bill… I’m… oooohhhh… something’s happening… aaaahhhhh… shove your cock up my cunt… deeper… oh my god… AAAAAHHHHHH… OOOOOOOHHHHH… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…”

Polly felt like her body was being ripped apart. Juices sprayed from her pussy and drenched Uncle Bill. There was so much of it. Her nipples felt like they were going to burst. Her body jerked and thrashed uncontrollably. Screams pierced the air again and again. Polly didn’t know how long it lasted, but it seemed to go on and on. She was on the verge of unconsciousness.

Aunt Becky rolled her off from Uncle Bill. She watched through a haze as Aunt Becky put his cock in her mouth. She was going to suck the demons from him. Polly was sure all the demons were gone from her body, even the stubborn ones.

“Suck it Becky… suck my cock… yes… ooooohhhhh… just like that… aaahhhhh… I’m going to cum… uuuhhh… now… AAARRRGGGHHH… UUUNNNGGHHH…”

Polly watched Uncle Bill buck up into Aunt Becky’s mouth. Cum must be the stuff that shoots out of his cock, Becky thought. Uncle Bill said he was going to shoot it in her, and now he was shooting it into Aunt Becky’s mouth instead. She wondered why and thought back to the thick creamy taste from that afternoon. She was envious that Aunt Becky was doing it and not her.

A little trickle of white appeared at the corner of Aunt Becky’s mouth. She used her hand to squeeze Uncle Bill’s cock and finally pulled him out of her mouth. She climbed across him until her face was right above Polly’s. Polly was confused and looked over at Uncle Bill.

“Aunt Becky wants to share it with you, Polly. Open your mouth.”

Polly wasn’t sure why Aunt Becky wanted to share. Maybe it had something to do with demons. Polly opened her mouth just as white cum drooled over Aunt Becky’s lower lips. Most of it went in her mouth. Aunt Becky bent down and pressed her lips against Polly’s. This didn’t seem right but Polly knew Aunt Becky was more experienced and knew what she was doing. Their tongues mingled until it seemed to Polly that most of Uncle Bill’s cum had ended up in her mouth. Polly closed her lips and swallowed.

“Polly, why don’t you stay here in our bed tonight in case the demons come back.”

It was a good thing she stayed. The next morning she had to suck the demons from Aunt Becky while Aunt Becky sucked them from Uncle Bill. They must have been stubborn demons because Aunt Becky had to climb up on Uncle Bill and put his cock in her pussy. He fucked her until he shot cum into her cunt. Aunt Becky let Polly suck it out from between her legs. Polly was glad to share just like Aunt Becky had done with her. Later Uncle Bill fucked the demons from Polly’s body.

Polly was surprised to learn that she had to be cleansed of demons several times a day. Later that week Uncle Bill brought Reverend Johnson by the house so she could suck the demons from his very large cock. Uncle Bill got behind her and drove the demons from her body while she was cleansing Reverend Johnson. After she finished swallowing his cum, the Reverend told her that Mrs. Johnson didn’t believe in demons and refused to suck them from him. Polly was happy to do this whenever he wanted, which often meant she had to stay after bible study.

Uncle Bill had several friends who needed help with their demons because no one at home was a believer. Sometimes she would cleanse as many as eight of his friends in the same night. Aunt Becky would often join her. Uncle Bill even taught her a new way to cleanse the really hard stubborn demons that were hiding in the place where she did number two. Sometimes Polly would let Uncle bill or one of his friends do this while she had a cock in her pussy and another one in her mouth. It was a good way to drive out a whole bunch of demons all at once.

Polly was sad when the summer ended. She really liked Uncle Bill and Aunt Becky, and was afraid no one at home believed in demons. She was sure her parents didn’t, although she thought maybe her father could be converted to a believer. Aunt Becky gave her a big plastic cock and another smaller one that vibrated. Aunt Becky explained that these could be used in an emergency if no one else was available. It turned out that Polly had to use them on the airplane before it landed.

Polly felt so lucky to have learned about demons before it was too late.

Copyright © 2006 True Mom Son Incest Stories All rights reserved.

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