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My Mum and Dad told everybody that I was away at college. Not true. I was in prison for GBH. Sent down for six years, did a painful four. Past tense, because I am now out, trudging from the bus-stop, walking familiar streets. Carrying a plastic bag with my bits in. It is amazing the things you forget about a place when you are incarcerated for four years. The increase in road traffic was frightening. Prison had been a sanctuary, for fleeting seconds, I missed it. After a while, the bars and iron doors had become commonplace. Time is long and stands still. It is immutable.

The streets, they are dirtier, unkempt with grass and weeds growing through pavement cracks. Kids are dirtier too, snot running down over their chins onto already soiled clothing. One being shouted at for throwing a stone at a woman pushing a pram. When she went by, shaking her head, I saw the pram was full of washing, freshly ironed.

A kiddie ran up to me, clutching my sleeve with grubby talonlike fingers 'Got any fags, Mister?' 'Sorry, don't smoke.' 'Fuck you then! Stick it up your fat arse!'

The four year old sauntered off down the street as if he was Al Capone. Where I had just come from the Al Capones were many, more grown up. My ass was still sore.

First person who I knew was old Mrs Tenent, still with fat frumpy figure and still as ugly and still smelled as if she had pissed herself. She lived next door. My eyes as ever, were intrigued by the big black wart on her chin. It was even bigger than the last time I saw it. It was repulsive. Made more repulsive by the nest of long grey hairs around it.

'You are home then? Maybe you'll get some work and help your poor old Mom. Poor wee thing, she needs it, bless her.'

Wee thing! Last time I saw Mum, she was an inch taller than me and I am 5.9.

'Good-day, Mrs Tenant. Don't you worry your pretty little head, I will look after Mum for you.'

I passed her, cagily, and was surprised that my key still fitted the same old red, paint-peeling door. Number 13, unlucky for some.

It opened into Paradise!

I was pleasantly shocked by the decor. It was luxury to what it used to be before I went away. Gone were the dangerous loose curled up mats. Fell on my ass a few times because of them. The tatty oilcloth floor covering where countless pooches of old had used as a doggy loo.

Dogs! Never did manage to get them out when they wanted to go. It was my job for a few coins a week, as it was my job to get up the mess. I think it was one of the reasons no-one came into our house, that and the old man, of course. Nobody and I mean nobody farted like my old man!

Now it was wall to wall self-coloured russet carpetting which ran up the stairs, replacing the old red stair-runner. The bannisters were now white when they used to be chipped beat up brown paint.

My eyes travelling up the stairs alighted on a vision of loveliness.

'Mom? Is that you? '

She was wearing a pink negligee, silk, belted at the waist and as she ran down the stairs it became obvious she was wearing nothing else under it. A flash of her pussy revealed she didn't like pubic hair either. She was in my arms kissing me, my eyes, my nose, my lips and I was overcome with a need which sons are not supposed to get for their Mothers. Her hands clutching my head as if proving to herself that I was no mirage. Then she stepped back, looking me up and down. Lingering on the bulge behind the fly in my grubby, bag washed slacks.

'Larry, you have no idea how much I have missed you! I had no idea you were coming out, Darlng. Did they treat you badly? Have you eaten? Look at you! You are a man! My! How you have filled out! You must be starving for a good cooked meal? Mmmmm, and other things too, I feel. In a boy, out a beautiful man. Nice! It feels bigger! Hope you haven't forgotten how to make love to a woman?'

Then we were embracing again. The heat of her warm body was luxury to me. John Thomas was misbehaving and Mum was unashamedly rubbing her pussy against my fully grown and up-for-it appendage. I was forced to push her away from me. There was still an anger within me.

'You missed me that much that you did not come to see me once in four years, two months and twenty-three days, Mom!'

'I couldn't, Larry! Your Dad wouldn't let me. He kept ripping up the passes which were sent to us.'

'You could have at least written a miserable sodding letter!'

'Your Dad, you know I was frightened of him and you did beat him terribly. He almost died.'

'Should have killed, the effin Bastard! He deserved it for what he did to us. I spent four years of pain because of him. Where is he?'

'He left me, Darling. Just a year ago.'

I studied her, her she had not lost her looks. I was 18 and she was 37 when I went to prison. She was wearing well for 41. I fancied her then and still did now. The only difference this time I had no Dad to compete with and she would be up for it far more now.

I was walking through the downstairs rooms to find new furniture and fittings in everyroom, my Mum attached herself to me like a shadow.

'Where did you get the money to do this? Are you on the game?'

'No, Larry. Its your Grandad, he died and left me some money. Just nine months ago. He left you some too. I will take you to the Solicitor and you should have enough to start your life up again. I have not seen or heard from your Dad since he left. I do not know where he is, in Hell I hope.'

She sat down on the settee with complete disregard for her attire. Her legs and thighs exposed, they were still long and beautiful. Her eyes kept darting backwards and forwards from my face to the bulge in my trousers. The light blue moquette cushion under her hairless pussy was discolouring because the copious juices oozing out of her snatch . Her personal odour was invading my nostrils. I felt my balls contracting.

She was a much different Mum to the one four years back. She was scrubbed up now. Her hair was styled comparing to the rats-tails of before. She had changed it from dirty blonde to dark brown which suited her brown eyes. She was using cosmetics now, where Dad would not let her use them. Her breasts were different too because her weight was down. She was now a very attractive lady. So attractive, I was having lascivious thoughts. Her tongue came out and ran round her lips as she saw my cock growing again.

She suddenly sprang up and threw herself into my arms and kissed me, pressing her tongue against my lips until I opened my mouth to let it in. She was making me desperate to fuck her as our tongues fought to reach each others throats. I moaned into her mouth when her hand gripped the shaft of my cock. She was the first woman to do that to me for a long long time.

Suddenly, she pulled away from me, standing up and looked me sexily in the eyes.

'You must be desperate for a fuck, poor thing. I am too. I want you to fuck me, Larry.'

Reaching out she pulled me up and we clasped our arms around each other. I found that her robe had fallen to the floor and my hands were on her bare flesh. I trembled with her, feeling within her her desperate need for me. I am not going on about guilt, because I did not have any. I had already been punished and had paid for my guilt.

She helped me to rip my clothes off which consisted of a jacket, t-shirt and trousers. The prison authorities had somehow lost the rest of my clothing. All of which would never go on my back again. They stunk of disinfectant and prison and bad memories.

She pulled me back down on top of her with her legs wide open and her arms crushing me to her fantastic bare breasts. My cock found its own way into her very wet, slimy pussy and we went at each other like rutting animals. The foreplay was over, the fucking was a necessity. My dear old mum had turned into a really hot piece of cunt.

There was no thought about who she was, it was just that she was a woman with a willing twat and I was a man with a prick to fill it. I gripped her ass-cheeks and fingered her asshole, which involuntarily thrust her hips forward onto my cock, and she loved it. She would have to love it as I had been a faggot for four years, my ass the target for all comers, screws and lags. I had a lot to teach her about buggery, and I would be crossing the t's and dotting the i's with her delicious butt.

'Oh! Yes! Darling! Fuck me! Fuck your whore! From now on and as long as you need me, I am your whore! Oh! Its feels so good!'

'It will get better. There will be some pain for you, Mother, but you will endure. I have to teach you the kind of love prison taught me. You have to know what protecting you against my Dad cost me.'

'Agh! I'm cumming, Larry! You are too, I can feel it squirting into me. It has been so long since I was last fucked. Come on, Baby. Fill me with spunk.'

Later, after a shower and I had tucked into a fry up and we had retired back into the sitting room and she was back in her robe and panties, sitting on my lap on the settee. I could feel her heat and wetness on my bare legs. Above all, her femininity.

'Tell me about prison, Larry. I did want to come and see you. I used to cry at nights thinking of you in there. Even worse after Jimmy Harris came out and told us what he had been through. How he had to have stitches put in tears in his bum.'

'Within hours I was forced into becoming a faggot, Mum. You know what a faggot is, Mum?'

'Yes, Dear. I have a good idea. I am beginning to have pictures of you being forced over and men fucking you. After Jimmy described what happened to him so graphically, I used to lay in bed at night, thinking of you, my mind full of naked men and their long hard nasty penises, wishing that I was taking your torment. Makes me shudder, Darling.'

'They forced me to become a whore, Mum! I was sold off to anyone who could pay the price either with dope or fags. Once you start these things, its like a drug, you become addicted and there were times when I did it for nothing. Yes, there were times when I was not fucked and I thought that they had gone off me, it made me depressed. In prison, you do not have the luxury of crying yourself to sleep.'

She placed her hand on my bare thigh, gently gripping the muscle.

'That is all over now, Darling. I will do anything you want to help you to get over it. If you want to treat me like they treated you, then, as I said, I am your whore. Treat me like one. Your Dad used to bugger me. After a while, I did not mind him doing it. It was when he started to bring his friends round after you went into prison. When three of them had me at the same time, it was painful, very painful. As you said, Larry. You should have killed him.'

'Gosh! Mum! You must be fresh out of fantasies!'

She laughed and punched me in the ribs, I retalliated by deep fingering her asshole.'

'Oh! You animal! You will have to use lube if you want to do that to me, Darling.'

'Men used to spread my ass cheeks and spit into my hole and finger it in.'

'You are giving me very lewd pictures, Larry. I saw your Dad being fucked. That really did turn me on. It gave me a big kick to hear him crying out with pain.'

'Did you cry out with pain when your ass was cocked, Mum?'

'Only when your dad didn't use any lube. When he forced himself into me. He was usually drunk when he did it.'

'Yes, I do know what that feels like.'

'I bet you do. I use a douche now so I am always clean there. Now you are home I will make doubly sure that I am always ready for you.'

'One thing I missed in prison was smelling your dirty knickers. I was always into the our linen basket in the bathroom, using them to sniff and have a wank long before I went to prison. Come to think of it, I must have been about 14 when I started doing it. I used to listen at your bedroom door when Dad was fucking you and beat off into your knickers. I knew you were getting it up your ass, because you talk quite loud when you are horny.

'Yes I know, Darling. It was me who used to wash out your spunk stains out of my knickers, remember? I still keep them in the same place. I was never angry knowing you were using my knickers like that, just the opposite. I knew you were fantasising about me as I was about you. I spied on you. I knew how big you were, bigger than your Dad was. I didn't know you were listening all the time, although it did cross my mind that you could hear us mucking about. I think I wanted you to hear me.'

'Yes, I know where you keep your knicks. I have already had a good whiff of the ones in the basket since I have been home. We have obviously been keeping secrets from each other, Mum.'

She laughed and went down on me, taking my half hard cock into her mouth. She opened my legs and caressed my balls. I watched her slurping up the mixture of juices off my cock and balls. Her busy fingers raked my anus which made me jump.

'Its alright, Larry. I don't have a cock. That is, unless you want me to use my strap-on? I used to fuck your dad with it.'

'Maybe I will let you fuck me, Mum. We are both a couple of whores.'

I lay back and closed my eyes and let her get on with sucking me. I had had my cock sucked countless times in prison.

'I didn't stop you fingering my hole, Mum. Just wet your fingers before you push them in.'

I closed my eyes and imagined it was Tim, my bunk-mate. We used to suck each other to sleep at nights.

I felt two fingers rifling my ass and my balls tightening up to my shaft. She was good, she too has had years of experience.

'Ooooh! Yes! Thats nice. Fuck me and suck me. It's on its way! Oh God! Yes! Easy, you are about to get a mouth full, Mum!'

It felt as if my balls were having their innards sucked out. I pumped my cock to the back of her throat and almost fainted, I had cum so much.

* * * * *

I managed to find some clothes, got dressed and took Mum to the Victoria Arms and was greeted like a long lost Son. Everyone wanting to buy us drinks. I told more lies and embroidered more and more the drunker I became.

We rolled home at ten-thirty and went to bed. Mum was very horny and pressed a tub of Vaseline into my hand after she had come back from the loo.

'Fuck my ass, Darling. All those anal jokes you were telling in the pub was making my bum spasm. I noticed one or two men eyeing you up as well as the women. That guy sitting next to you was feeling you up, wasn't he?'

'Don't know, Mom. I am so used to things like that, half the time I take no notice.' I did notice, the guy gave me a hard-on.

'Felt a bit jealous, I did. Fancy being jealous of people coming onto my son. Do you think I am depraved, Larry?'

'I will tell you after getting this thing up your tight asshole. Sure you want it, you are not just being brave and foolish?'

'Do I have any choice, Larry? You would probably tie me down and ass-fuck me anyway. Your Dad used to tie me down and gag me with my knickers, as I did to him. The ropes he used are still in that drawer. You know where my knickers are. My strap-on is in that drawer too, I can be quite manly when I wear it. Remind me to get some KY Jelly from the Chemist. The girls tell me it is the done thing now. I don't know, I have never used it.'

'Will you shut up woman and get over onto your belly so I can see your ass?'

She laughed and rolled over, wagging her posterior suggestively. I fingered Vaseline into a hole which already had been lubed. I gave her the grease and told her to rub some on my cock as it wasn't hard enough yet. She had no problem getting me back on course with her hands and mouth.

'Thats it, its getting nice and hard now, Larry. Its lovely and big, I will feel this filling up my asshole, no mistake. Don't spare me, put it to me and put it to me hard and deep. I want to feel your cock in my ass as much as you want to fuck me. Give me all the pain those men gave you. I want to feel it too.'

She moved onto her hands and knees and I mounted her and nosed my dick into her anal-canal. It gave into the pressure of my knob and in it popped. She sighed and her body dipped and came back up again as I watched her anus expand around my cockhead. Closing my eyes it felt like a guys ass. I gripped her hips tightly and pushed my cock into her depths and she cried out with the pain and I rejoiced in her pain. I was sharing it with her. I had control over my cock and balls and I fingered her cunt and clitty good style to bring her off. It was lovely fucking a woman again, the fact it was my Mother, was a bonus. I was quite content to stay around the house and keep her happy for as long as she wanted it.

After I had filled her with spunk she was down on my cock sucking it clean. The lags had to make me do that for them. She did not leave me out, her cunt pressed down over my mouth, and like fruit gums, you have to lick and suck.

Deep inside me, I knew that I would want male-to-male pain again. The need for rough handling and the arm across the back of my neck and the arm across my thighs forcing my asshole back hard onto their cocks would remain with me forever. I would dream about the bristly chins in my ass cheeks, the piercing tongues, the sound of spitting as saliva hit my anus. The fingers, delving and multiplying, sometimes into a fist. It was considered to be punishment, but you learnt to take that too.

I am sure it is what men go back into prison for. They do not go back in because they are bad, it is because they have the addiction for and miss the savagery of never ending hard rampant cocks. It is a fear within me that I will have that need too.

I could go and on, but it would be only repetition. Later on, Mum wanted to bring in other guys and women and it did happen. But that is a future story maybe. Enslavement to sex is more addictive than drugs because it is cheaper and sometimes safer to indulge in. As for incest. it is just another name. I was told that in prison. 'We are all brothers, and brothers because of the circumstances we are forced to love each other.'

I know that was true...I was forced!

Basically, it just boils down to people who are billetted together, come together and if you want the adage too, cum together, because we all have a need for each other.

As long as my Mum needs me, then, I am there for her. So-be-it. Her need to have more men in our relationships and her desire to see me fucked by a man can only lead to re-addiction. Future tales to tell? an after-thought, it would be nice to see mum taking three guys and even nicer to tell you about it. That's if you want me to tell you, that is? Unlike my Mum, you won't have to beg for it. Jeez! It's getting hard again! 'Mum! Where are you? Come here and see what I have got for you!'

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