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Background: This story is a work of fiction, staged somewhaer in Pakistan. Urdu is widely spoken language in Pakistan and is almost identical to Hindi spoken in India except the script. English is yet another language largely used in the Subcontinent. In middle and upper classes usually either English is spoken or a lot of English words and phrases are used during the conversation in the local languages. I've used the same practice in the dialogues for realism. Nevertheless, for the non-Urdu speakers, every Urdu phrase or sentence is immediately followed by an English translation. Therefore, if you are alien to Urdu/Hindi just skip the italic words, and surely you'll miss nothing.


Life is strange, so strange! It sometimes leads to such weird and unexpected episodes that one can hardly believe. But they come about in such a way that one is complete helpless to avoid them and against your wishes you become a center player of the events. My life has also banked an account of such an incredible incident that had transformed my entire way of life, not only mine but my sister's as well.

I lived on a fairly normal course before the life took a sharp turn. Years down the line I still sometimes wonder if it was morally right to lead a life I was enjoying. But on the other hand I have no remorse for my living practice rather I am content by it as I had no say in the chain of events that introduce me to a completely new, no matter how forbidden but so melodious, melody of love.

My father was a well-off businessman and mother was a doctor. My both parents were good looking and charming. They were very liberal and broadminded, and had pleasant personalities. They, therefore, had a big social circle of friends. They had two children: Mehvish and I. Mehvish, nicknamed Mena, was a couple of year younger than I. Coincidently our grandparents from both sides were nor alive. My father was the only son of his parents but my mother had two younger sisters. They too were as appealing as my mother. The youngest was married and resided in Karachi with her husband. The middle one lived in Miami and was unmarried. She proceeded to the USA for higher studies and decided not to come back to Pakistan. Though she was too far away from us, she was the favorite of my mother and was very close to all of us. She used to come to Pakistan on and off, and we, on the other hand, had also visited her a few times.

Anyway, that was my family and we were leading a happy-go-lucky life. I was nineteen when misfortune hit our family. We lost our both parents in a plane crash. That was a big below for all of us especially for my sister and I.

As we both were too young, our khalas, Aunts, were pretty worried about us. Our eldest khala, Aunt, Nina, who flew in from Miami, thought we might pack and go along with her to the US. But as I mentioned previously that my father had an established business here and I could not abandoned it just like that. I discussed it with Mehvish, my sweet little sister, and decided to face the music and take the responsibilities destiny had put on our feeble shoulders. So, we took over our father's office. My youngest khala, Manju's, husband and Aunt Nina helped us to resolve and straighten out business matters. Since we both, Mehvish and I, were still attending collage/university, we decided to appoint a CEO to handle the company affairs till the time I am through with my studies.

Slowly and gradually matters settled down as well as our grief subdued and we gradually returned to somewhat normalized life. I felt that Mehvish was turning into a very carefree and free-spirited female. She, like our parents, had lot of friends and was having ball of time. She was not much pushed about her studies, which worried me. But since I was her only family left, I did not want to push her much. (Mind you, that why kids gets spoil!) I did not mean that she altogether got disinterested in her studies but was not giving it enough time as she was doing before the demise of our parents. Nevertheless, at the same time she took a great care of me and we both became much closer to each other than ever before.

As we gradually overcame our distress, one day we decided to sort our parents' stuff, which was not toughed so far. It was a holiday and we got down to rearranging our parents' room. Clearing the wardrobes, Mehvish suddenly discovered a secret ledge beneath a closet. Mehvish called me and showed it. I locked the door so that the servants in the house might not see it. We found jewels and other valuables along with some documents. I took out the documents and went through them; they were business related papers, so I decided to examine in leisure. In the meanwhile, Mehvish pulled out a hardtop box. It was locked. We wondered what could be in there and did not know where to find the key. I, therefore, broke the lock. There were a few photo albums, some loose pictures in an envelope and a few videos.

We looked at each other in astonishment.

"What are these albums?" Murmured Mehvish.

I took out one and opened it. There was a picture of our parents standing together with hands on each other's shoulders. But what really shook us was that our mom was clad a bikini and father was only in shorts. Well shorts were all right but we had never seen mom in that attire. In the next page, Aunt Nina had replaced our mother. She too was in bikini, with their arms around each other's backs. As I flipped the page, we both jumped out of our tracks. Mom and Aunt Nina were standing together topless. Mind you topless! My God! What was that? We stared each other in awe. The next photograph was even more intriguing. It was our dad alone in a room, stark naked with a hard-on.

"Oh mere Kudaia! Oh my God!" Exclaimed Mehvish, putting a hand to her mouth.

My father had a real long dick, not less than eight inches, I believed. And not only that, it was thick like a pig.

Then came the next one: Nina Khala was lying on the bed naked with her legs spread out. She had a hairless pussy. I watched it intensely. On the next page we saw our mother in the same posture.

"Oh my God!" This time exclamation escaped from my mouth. Our mom was lying nude and her bald pussy was clearly visible to her children.

I shut the folder. "It seems to be their private album, let not intrude their privacy."

Mehvish looked into my eyes for a while. "No, let's see. We must know what kind of people they were." She insisted in a strange but firm tone.

I remained motionless. I was in awe.

She grabbed the album form my hands and started browsing it again.

My mind was reeling and I could hear Mehvish breathing hard. Our dad was sitting on an armless chair and Aunt Nina was sitting on his lap. Not only that both were nude but also his huge cock was in Nina Khala's pussy. Then we saw dad screwing mom from behind. There were a few more various poses of them. Then again it was Aunt Nina, St. George riding dad. The album was full of pornographic picture of the three.

As the album finished, I took the other one. Even the first picture was mind-blowing. Our dad was lying on the floor as mom was sitting on his mouth with him licking her cunt while Manju Khala was sucking his cock. And that was not all; a black man was fucking Manju from behind! In next page the same black gay was screwing our mother in conventional position and she was licking on Nina's cunt.

That was too much for us 'poor kids'. The box was full of such pictures: Dad fucking or licking mom or Aunts or other pussies; mother and Khalas, Aunts, doing the same with father or other men. We also saw, though just one photograph, of Nina Aunty getting screwed by Manju's husband.

We both were staring in the air aimlessly, our minds blowing, and our hearts pounding. Cold waves were running across my spine. I was sure Mehvish must be going through same kind of feelings, feelings which cannot be explained.

I did noit know for how long we remained dazed not uttering a single word. After quite sometime Mehvish broke the ice.

"In main kaya ho ga, what would be there in them?" Said she indicating the videos.

"Pata nahain, don't know. Chaloo dekhte hain, let's see." Said I picking up the videos.

We went to my room and I put a video, labelled 'Europe & US Trip', in the player.

We sat there breathlessly on the bed watching the screen to see what come out of the film. I pushed the remote button.

Our parents were strolling on the television screen against a scenic background.

"We're in Salzburg, it's a beautiful place." Our father spoke. Then he turned towards our mother and asked, "Tumha kaya khaial ha, janoo, what do you think, honey?"

"Oh yeh," mother replied with an accent, "It's simply marvelous. I Love it."

Then Aunt Nina came into the frame. They kept talking and wondering around for a while. Then the scene changed: the first few minutes were normal photography of various places and spots. The next moment the screen went blank and when it came back to life it has view of a vacant room. Soon the door opened and Aunt Nina entered. She sat on the bed facing the camera. She yawned and stretched out her body. She wore a pink blouse and jeans. Then she began unbuttoning her blouse and took it off. There was no bra underneath. She had beautiful and firm round boobs.

I heard Mehvish gasped. She was getting uneasy. My own breathing got heavy.

I returned my attention to the screen.

Aunt Nina was nipping her nipples. They got erected. She then slowly pulled down her jeans. She had white-laced panties on and wet spot was too visible in front of those. She was wet! I thought. She rubbed her crotch over her panties and pulled them down too. She was stark naked now. Her pussy was shaven and small droplets could be seen on the opening of her cuntal lips. I liked her splendid figure. She had a lovely pussy and charming boobs. I felt an electric pulse ran through my spine. She got up from the bed and moved towards the opposite closed door. She opened it. It was a washroom. She went in and the camera moved with her inside. She went to the toilet and stand over it with her legs stretched across the bowl. The next moment we both jumped out of the bed. Nina pulled her cuntal lips apart and started pissing in the toilet.

"Uh..." I head Mehvish whined. She moved uncomfortably.

On the other hand, my cock throbbed and got rigid. I got flustered. After all, my younger sister was sitting besides me. I quickly put my one leg on the other to conceal my erection but was sure that she got the glimpse of it. And the thought embarrassed me further.

After Aunt Nina emptied her bladder, she cleaned her cunt with her bare fingers and then put them in her mouth and sucked at them. She moved back to the room. We saw a silhouette in the room. As the camera got closer, the figure changed into a naked man with a huge erection. It was our Dad. He grabbed Nina violently and began French-kissing her. It was evident that she liked his aggressiveness. She was responding in the same way. Our Dad then laid her on the bed, spread her legs wide open and started licking her cunt.

It was exactly like watching a porno movie. We both were mesmerized by what we were watching and had discovering since the last hour. Sitting there almost motionless scared like a prey. Perhaps we were too ashamed or supposing that if we budge a little least not we show the awkward states our bodies were in.

Our father was on top of Nina aunty and his prick was moving in and out of her dripping pussy.

I suddenly felt ill. I was highly uncomfortable. I wanted to move, move my leg. And could not helped it anymore. So, putting my hands over my rigid tool, I removed my leg. I was in desperate situation. And I knew it too well that my sister was also not in less distress by what her eyes were witnessing. I stole a gaze and saw my sister staring at my crotch. What an embarrassment! It was so disturbing.

Suddenly our mother's yelling extract out my attention back to the screen.

She was shouting out of the speakers, "Its enough. I can't stand it anymore. I am dying to get that man-meat in my cunt. Nina aa kar camera sumbhaloo. Tumne bohat meza lay leea, ab mere bari ha, Nina, come and hold the camera. You've enjoyed enough; it's my turn now." And then the screen went blank.

When it got active again, we saw mother riding dad's cock vigorously. She was wildly moving up and down on his enormous manhood.

The film went on with similar scenes with different settings: Father fucking Nina's ass, mom sucking his dick, he exploding his load over Nina or mom's face and boobs, and so on.

But the most mind-boggling scene had yet to come. It was a large room, very elaborately decorated. Our mother was being fucked by a complete stranger, stranger to us I mean. He had a white skin, might be an American. She was on her 'all-fours' and he was screwing her from behind. Then a naked black man, the same guy whose photograph we had see before, entered into the frame with a huge erection. His prick was much bigger than our father's. The white man pulled his dick out of mom's cunt.

"She's all yars," said he to the black fellow.

The black man moved behind our mother and shoved his prick into her with a bang.

"Aaaaahhhaaa..." Her shriek was painful.

He was too huge for our 'poor' mom. I was certain that that enormous prick must have ruptured the cuntal walls of our mother.

But her screams appeared to have no affect on the black guy. He kept on thrusting her cunt energetically with a high pace. Mother was mourning with pleasure and both were uttering dirty words. The scene faded out finally. Now mom was riding the black man's dick and... goodness me! ...And the white guy was screwing her ass hole as she was sucking on our dad's cock. She was having three-way fun, I thought. An attractive young black lady emerges into the screen. Naked as she was obviously, she went behind our father and began licking his anus. Eventually she got up and she and dad began kissing each other. Then the lady moved back and bent down on her 'fours' and our dad inserted his hard-on into her firm looking anus. In the meanwhile, the two other fellows kept screwing mom's two holes as before.

This was the longest scene in the video. All the people, or actors if one likes to call them so, fucked and sucked in various positions. Then Nina Khala, replaced the white guy, who perhaps had gone backstage to manage the camera. At the end, we watched a lesbian act between Nina aunty and the black lady later joined by our mother. The video finished there.

We sat there as were in trance. Both were profoundly intense. We were going through a very peculiar kind of emotional state: we were obviously aroused by the pornography we had watched, our minds were deeply baffled by the new discovery of this side of our late parents. It was hard to believe what we had just seen. But then that was the reality. Our parents, our aunts; where they sex maniacs? I asked myself. No, they were not, my mind replied. They were just liberators of the certain moral values. They probably loved sex and enjoyed it the way they wanted it. They were rather daring and courageous people who gave damn to social norms. Morality is after all so relative. It is a very vague term, I reasoned. But unquestionably our parents and khalas were damn horny folks and they actually loved sex - the most pleasure-awarding act on the face of this planet. Instead of developing any other kind of sentiments for them, I loved them for what they were: daring loving and horny.

I do not know for how long our deliberation had kept us occupied. Then I suddenly came back to reality. I gazed at Mehvish; her face was pale. I could see confusion in her eyes. I thought for a while and said to her:

"Oh, bohat dair ho gai, chloo baqi ka kam katum karain, it's so late, let's get up and finish the chore."

She stared into my eyes, motionlessly.

"Come on, we'll talk about it later." I just wanted to change her state of mind. I extended my hand, which reluctantly taken and we went back to work.

As we finished the job, it was late evening. So I told Mehvish to get freshen up before the supper was served. When I changed and was about to move out of my room and heard a knock on the door. Mehvish came in. Though she had freshened up, her face was still pale. I saw moister in her eyes.

"Mena, Kaya hooa, what happened?" I asked.

She suddenly rested her head against my chest and started weeping.

"Mena, Mena... what happened dear?" But I know well what was going on in that little mind. It was tough to assimilate what she had seen. She was confused. It indeed was a complicated situation.

I dried her tears with my fingers and sat her down on the bed. I began to console her. I told her what I thought about my parent a while ago. I attempted to make a good case for them and tried to present them as fine and normal people. She was attentively listening to me. She seemed to understand what I had to say. And I knew that I had a point in my argument. I was pleased to see that she was getting normal.

"Don't be too harsh on them. We must not be too judgmental about our fine folks. They did what they felt good for themselves. By the way, what's wrong with that? After all sex is imperative for all of us, for you, me, our parents, everyone. Doesn't other people have sex. Sure they do but are afraid of admitting it. They do it furtively being dishonest not only with others, especially with their spouses, but with themselves too." I have to lecture her to calm her down. But I did believe in what I said.

"But along with other people? And what about this video stuff? It's not normal bhai, " She argued.

"I admit, it might me odd but not wrong because they want it that way. Look, our silly cultural conditioning had forced us to believe it as a hush-hush act. I suppose they were better than those who deceive their partners and have extramarital affairs." I pause and added, "I know so many married women having clandestine relations even with boys younger than them."

"I know that, still..."

"Come off it, it's not a big deal."

She looked at me puzzled.

"Come, let's have dinner. We can discuss it over the dinning table."

We went to the dinning room.

"Now I understood one thing which had puzzled me in the past." Said I, having my food.

She gazed me with questioning eyes.

"Tumhain Noni yaad ha, you remembered Noni?"

"Noni? Woh jo kabi hamare pass mulazama hoti thi, the maidservant we had once?" She asked.

"Haan, wohi, yes, the same one. Mummy once caught me with her."

"Caught you with her? Aur tum us ke saath kaya kar rehe thea, and what you were doing with her?" She smiled for the first time in hours.

"Aary, kuch bhi nahain, well, nothing..."

"Kuch bhi nahain, nothing! Main nahien manti, I don't believe that."

"Kuch khass nahien, nothing much, main serf us ko kiss ker raha tha, I was merely kissing her." Said I shyly.

"I still don't believe you."

"I swear."

"Too mummy ne tum ko pukar leya, so mummy caught you,"

"Haan, yes. In fact I was smooching her, ke mummy yekdum kemre main aa gayin, when mummy suddenly intruded the room. Main dar gaya tha mugar woh kuch kehe beggar chli gayian, I was scared but she just left. Afterwards she called and asked what I was doing. I was trembling with fear and embarrassment. I was sure that I would get good scolding for my act. But to my astonishment she asked me to calm down. She said that it was natural for a young kid like me. 'But I thought,' she said, 'you were too young for all this. I never know my kid is turning into an adult. I don't stop you, after all you're a growing kid, but be careful. Not everyone is to be getting close to. So be watchful while making friends.' You know Mena, I was so surprised that she wasn't angry with me. Now I understand why she wasn't."

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