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(With many thanks to J, a constant source of help and encouragement!)

When James and Karen first came to me with their idea, I'll have to admit they took me by surprise! Once I got past the initial shock, though, I soon caught their enthusiasm for the notion. Although Frank had been convinced, a few months earlier, that he was due to die, he still appeared to be as strong as ever. So, although we didn't talk about it - and hoped he would have many more happy years with us - he had made us face death's inevitability.

Over those past months, since Frank had persuaded me that we should tell our kids our secret, their new relationship had gone on from strength to strength. The love which had been subdued because they thought couldn't enjoy it to the full had truly blossomed. As far as the physical aspect was concerned, they became every more proficient. We all shared very openly in our talks and discussions and that included all matters sexual. The two youngsters where as keen to learn new positions and techniques as we, their incestuous parents, we eager to teach them all we knew!

So, having carefully talked it over between them, they came to me to see what I thought about letting Frank have what just might be 'one last hurrah.' Quite simply, they had agreed to let Frank share pleasure in his own special way with Karen – making her his fourth generation of ladies.

(Maybe I should recap, for any who haven't read my story of our family, to that point. Frank had been happily married to Annie for many years and was, naturally, heartbroken when she died at just over 60. He got over his tragic loss as well as could be expected, but insisted on living in their old house, alone. My Mum took to visiting him on Friday nights, to give him some company and play his long-time favorite card game, Cribbage. It was on one such night that she let him make love to her. They both enjoyed it so much that, with my Dad's agreement, she stayed over on Friday nights thereafter and it became their regular habit.

When Mum and Dad went on a cruise for a month, in the summer, she asked me to look in on my Grandpa - just to make sure he was all right. Having heard her tell me what a great lover he was - and what a lovely fat cock he had - I had ideas of my own. So, instead of just visiting him, I got into his bed and persuaded him - not that he showed too much reluctance! - to let me feel that cock of his inside me. Well, I'd had a few boys before that occasion, but that was truly special! Not only was his cock a magnificent specimen, but Grandpa didn't just put it in my pussy and do the business. He made love to my whole body and then, when I didn't think it could get any better, he slid it into me and taught me the real meaning of pleasure.

It did't take me long to fall totally and completely in love with the wonderful man. We had the discussion about incest and decided that what didn't affect anyone else was not a problem between us. Mum and Dad were a bit shocked at first, when they got home - but quickly agreed to be our 'witnesses' as Frank and I exchanged our own 'marriage' vows. I was already pregnant by the time we took our honeymoon in Scotland and within two years, we had James and Karen.)

That evening, after dinner and just before Karen could clear away and let James wash up - they took it in turns - I brought Frank in on their idea. He looked at his daughter with a mixture of amazement and love. "Do you really mean you're ready for your old Dad to do that with you?" he asked, in wonder. "And you're in on this too, James?"

James smiled and nodded. "Yes," he confirmed.

"Oh yes!" said our dear daughter. "We've both heard all you have to offer, so I shall consider myself privileged to be the fourth lady to feel you cock inside her. And to be taught love-making at its very best - by a master craftsman! In fact, I'm both a bit scared - and very excited at the prospect!"

"Seems like it's pretty much decided, then," said Frank. "All you need is my 'royal' approval," he added, with a big smile. "Of course, you realise that it may all have been exaggerated," he suggested. "Some kind of wishful thinking in the face of what is really the truth?"

"No way!" I chipped in. "I've been there, don't forget. And if you want another witness, we could always ask my Mum?"

"I don't think we need to bring her into it, after all his time," he insisted. Then he mused, "But we had some special times, your mother and me, before you came along and took her place. When my Annie died, I thought my world had just ended - but your Mum showed me there was still a life to be enjoyed. And then you, my darling Debra - you showed me that I could love, again. I wonder what Annie would say if she could see all that's gone on since she made her early exit?"

"I never knew her," said James, "but from what little I know of her, I think she would be very proud of you, Dad."

"Thanks, son," said Frank, very humbly. There was a pause, then he asked, "And when is this wonderful event to take place?"

Karen was quickly in with, "Friday seems to be the obvious time, to me - if I'm to follow in the steps of the ladies who have gone before me."

That brought a concensus of agreement - and they continued with their interrupted table clearing.

I had no idea it could take two days so long to pass. By the time Friday evening arrived, Karen had fair worn my ears out with her questions. Yes, I knew she was nervous, so I was as patient as I could be, but she asked so many little things - about Frank, about what he liked and didn't like, how she should do this, should she say that, and so on and so on. I told her to relax and that he'd look after absolutely everything when it came to the time, but still she came back with more questions! Yes, I knew there was only one first time - for anything! - and this was the first time she'd ever taken her Dad to bed. And she wanted everything to be just right - so there were more questions.

Finally, at teatime, when she asked, "Mum, can I just ask you something?" I decided that enough was more than enough. "No, you can't!" I told her, very firmly. She was about to argue, but I gave her my rare 'serious' look, the one that brooks no discussion. "There's nothing more you need to know - except that I'm going to watch TV and I don't want any interruptions. I know you want to be your best for your Dad. Just be yourself - that's all he wants. End of discussion."

Poor girl! She knew what I said made so much sense, but I could see her, every so often, just itching to ask me something else. But I'd just give her my look - and she'd sigh and settle down again. What a blessed relief when Frank had seen all he wanted and stood up. He held out his hand to her and said, "I would count myself as highly privileged if you would do me the great honour of accompanying me on an adventure."

Karen rose, accepted his hand and replied, "With such a gallant gentleman, the honour will be mine."

I said, "I'm going to watch the late film. If I'm still here when you finish, let me know, will you? Give me a thump on the floor or something. How about you, James?"

"I think I'll shortly go to bed and wait there; maybe do some reading."

"Right," I said. "Have fun, you two!"

Frank led his daughter out and we heard them climbing the 'wooden hill to Bedfordshire'! Once they got into the bedroom, he said to her, "We both know what this is all about, so there shouldn't be any real surprises. Shall we remove these unnecessary clothes?"

They both did as he suggested, folding them onto the bedside chairs. He looked at his naked daughter with delight and gave a low whistle. "It's been a long time since last I saw you naked," he stated, "and I don't mind telling you - I like what I see! You certainly have grown up to be a beautiful young lady."

She blushed. "Thank you kind sir," she said. "May I add that you are a very handsome man? And is this the famous cock Mum gets so excited about?" she wanted to know, seeing it swelling at the sight of her naked body and anticipating its entrance into her body.

"A little thing," he quoted, "but all my own. I've no idea who said that, but it seems to fit! Anyway, what do you say? Let's measure this item of mine, to resolve the matter, once and for all. I've pinched your mother's tape measure, just for this purpose. Perhaps you'll do the necessary?"

He took the tape out of his bedside draw, gave it to his daughter and lay on the bed. She knelt beside him on the other side of the bed and gingerly took his cock in her hand.."I don't think its quite ready, is it?" she asked.

"Not quite," he said, "but your hand is helping it to stand up for itself. Maybe you'd like to give it a little more encouragement?" he suggested.

Still nervous, this being her Dad, after all, she took a steady grip on it and began to rub it up and down. He said, "Ah," and she said, "Ooo," as the both felt it swell and lengthen some. "Measure it now," he said.

She did so and reported, "Almost six inches long and just five inches around the middle."

"I make that about an inch and a half wide," he told her, "think enough to satisfy most ladies. And an average length which, despite all the stories you can read, is long enough, too. Your Mum told me, a while ago how that Canadian lady doctor on TV said that ladies only have nerve endings for 3 or 4 inches into the pussies. So some of the things they are supposed to feel are simply imagination on their parts - or poetic licence on the part of the writers!"

"Well, it sure looks thicker than James'," she said, "so I can see I have a treat in store!" She lay on the bed and wriggled herself comfortable. "I'm ready whenever you are, my Daddy," she told him.

Leaning up on his left elbow, he smiled at his offspring, leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss. He kissed each eye and then her nose. He very softly kissed one edge of her lips - a butterfly-light kiss - before moving over to kiss the other edge. Then, with a series of tiny kisses, he worked his way inward until he was hovering fully over her mouth.

After several of the same light, touch kisses, she got a bit impatient and tried to reach up to make the contact more positive. He pulled away from her, saying,"Patience, young one - everything comes to him who waits. Or to her. And it will be worth the wait, believe me."

"OK," she sighed, settling back onto her pillow.

He let his lips touch hers a few times, then increased the pressure, slowly. At the same time as he was pressing down, he opened his lips a little, forcing her to open hers, too. And each time, he lightly licked around her lips. Even his patience had certain limits and he allowed his open mouth to settle on hers and they French kissed. They let their passions have sway for a while, enjoying the taste of each other's mouth.

When Frank broke away, his daughter tried to hold him round the neck, but he shook his head and said, "Shhh." She realised that her Dad knew what he was doing and that it was, doubtless, for the best, so she acquiesced.

He was determined to enjoy her whole body - and to give her enjoyment through each and every part. He nibbled one ear lobe, then began to kiss his way around her neck to her other ear. Karen smiled to herself. She was so glad she had allowed her father to do his own thing - it was proving to be pure pleasure.

"Sweet girl," he said, only partially along his journey to thoroughly explore her body, "I love your mother above any living person, but you remind me so much of her when she was your age. You both have such wonderfully soft skin, but yours has the newness - the freshness - of youth. I feel as if I could eat you!" And every so often, he would suck a little of her skin in-between his teeth and chew on it, very gently. She had several telltale marks around her neck, once the evening was over - and later, when they saw them, neither her mother nor her brother troubled to ask about their cause.

Having nibbled on her other ear and whispered of his growing love for 'such a beautiful young woman', he turned his attention to her shoulders. With the softness and warmth of her neck, but with the added firmness of her bones he was now on territory that even her loving brother had neglected. And she simply adored it. "Oh Daddy," she moaned, "this is just so, so good."

"My pleasure, my darling," he assured her as he moved down to her glorious, firm symbols of womanhood. Her breasts were not large, but their shape was sheer perfection. And her deep pink areolae, topped with raspberry red nipples made him think of them as a perfect dessert - although the main course was yet some way off, with many hors-d'oeuvres still to be savoured.

He took the pleasant handful that was one breast and squeezed and caressed it. First, he rolled the nipple under the palm of his hand, exciting it to delicious hardness, then he let his finger and thumb finished the job, making into a little bullet of flesh. At the same time, his mouth was at work on the other side of her chest. His tongue licked round the areola, making tiny bumps come up all around it. Then, he sucked it into his mouth where his tongue flicked at it. It was only as his teeth fastened gently onto it and teased it that it became as hard as its partner.

By that time, Karen was groaning ecstatically, wondering just how much her body could take - without exploding into a million love-drenched pieces. She reached down and, pulling him away from his snack, kissed her father fully and passionately. "Oh, Daddy, my amazing Daddy," she cried, "I just love what you're doing to me. Except that you're driving me absolutely crazy with passion!"

"Gorgeous girl! I'm rather enjoying you myself," he severely understated. And returning to the exploration of his daughter's delicious body, he moved down from the mounds that were her breasts, across the soft plain of her stomach. Coming to the dip that was her navel, let his tongue lick around it, then he kissed it as it were another mouth.

"Ooh, that tickles!" she squealed. Leaving there, he rubbed on down with his nose, over her mons and on down. She had shaved her pussy only that afternoon, ready for her Daddy, so it was as smooth and soft as could be. After letting his nose rub her clit, he sucked her outer labial lips into his mouth and chewed at them with his teeth behind his lips. That was a new sensation to his daughter and she burst out with, "Oh my! Oh dear!"

Turning his head partly sideways, he pushed his tongue in and ran it up and down between her inner lips. She groaned her pleasure and he inserted a finger into her already-wet pussy, quickly followed by a second. With his tongue and fingers exploring and teasing, she could feel herself getting hotter and knew that could only mean one thing.

"Oh, Daddy," she moaned, "I'm gonna cum, any minute."

He pushed his tongue as deep as he could into her warm pussy, licking up the dampness that had already formed there. Her groans became deeper and more urgent. He let a low, deep cry of "Cummm" reverberate into her pussy and that was enough! She pushed her head back into her pillow and raised her hips up towards his face and orgasm'd with a cry of "I'M CUMMMMINNNGGG!" She let her juices flow and Frank was ready for them. Sucking and licking, he took in as much of her sweet nectar as he could catch.

As she panted her way to recovery, he looked up at his beautiful daughter and said, "I knew you were lovely, but I hadn't realised you could be such a sweet girl! And it runs in the family - well, at least as far as the three that I've tasted. Has your brother told you how good you taste?"

"Oh yes, James can't seem to get enough of my pussy. I'm sure he'd be eating it all day, if he could!" she exclaimed.

"A man of exquisite taste," he said. With a few last licks to clean her pussy, Frank proceeded to kiss her inner thighs, one side and then the other and on right down her legs. Her long, shapely legs, still nicely tanned from the summer's sun, covered in yet more of her firm but soft flesh - so much to enjoy!

Once he reached her feet, he kissed and licked them, one at a time, top and soles. Having left his saliva on every part of them, he began at one little toe. Taking it into his mouth, he suckled it as if it were the tastiest part of her body. Indeed, it was a small fetish he had, though he didn't indulge himself very often, but since that was one such occasion, he made the most of it. Every one of the ten got the same intense treatment, leaving Karen biting her lip and rubbing her breasts as arousal continued to build within her loins.

"Daddy," she whispered, "you're making me so hot, again. Are you gonna take me, soon?"

"Nearly there, my lovely girl," he assured her. "In fact, will you get up on your knees - I want to have you 'froggie' style."

She did as he said and quickly got two pillows ready. With her elbows on them and her head nestling where they met, her bottom was sticking up and her pussy exposed, invitingly. Frank got on his knees behind his waiting daughter and bent down to give her pussy an exploratory lick. She was wet and ready for him, so he got up and introduced the head of his distended cock into her swollen pussy lips and began to push his body forward.

"Ah, a lovely tight fit, my dear," he told her. Taking hold of her around the waist, he gave a series of pulls as he gave the corresponding thrusts with his hips to drive his generous cock into her waiting body.

"Ooo, and you have the big cock I've been longing to feel inside me, Daddy," she gasped. "You're really filling me up, you know! Go easy for a bit, my big Daddy."

"Of course, sweet child," he replied, "I always like to start off slow and easy - that's nearly always best from both points of view." And so saying, he pulled about half of his cock out of her gripping pussy, waited for a couple of seconds then pushed it firmly back in. "Ooo," he moaned, "it's an absolutely incredible feeling, having my cock so deep in such a wonderfully tight pussy as yours, my lovely girl."

He stayed buried in his daughter's body while he reached forward and down, taking her firm young breasts in his hands and kneading them. He rolled the nipples between fingers and thumbs and gave them a cheeky tweak before pushing himself back to his upright position. He pulled his cock out of the warm nest in which it had been resting and easily slipped into man's favourite rhythm - moving in and out of a willing pussy.

Apart from the slight strain on his knees, he couldn't think of anything more enjoyable. And to be doing it with his own dear daughter, which was forbidden by all the rules of society, gave it that extra bit of excitement. Karen was getting into the swing of it, too. Each time he thrust into her, she would push her hips back to meet him. Even at such a relatively slow speed, their bodies often met with a 'slap' that echoed around the room.

As they slowly picked up the pace, his balls would also meet her bum to increase the slapping noise. And they started to breath that much harder and faster, while the beat of their hearts reflected the higher work-rate of their bodies. Passions grew and orgasms drew inexorably closer.

"Oh Daddy, so good!" she cried out. "Faster, harder! Show your little girl how it's really done!"

Thus encouraged - not that he really needed it! - he gave her all he had until he was ramming her like the piston in a steam engine. And their sweat was almost like that steam as they reached the point where their bodies boiled over and they came together in a mighty mutual climax. He forced his solid cock right into her pussy and held it there as it jerked and twitched and sent his load of seed deep into his daughter's expectant womb.

He knelt there with his hands resting on her lower back, stroking her marvellously soft skin as the movements quickly slowed to a standstill. As their breathing and hearts slowed to more normal rates, the blood supply to his magnificent cock dropped and it shrank within her. Feeling it slip out of her well-worked and aching pussy, she quickly turned around so that they were in a '69' position from where they proceeded to lick and suck each other clean of leaking cum.

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