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Thanks to everyone for your feedback so far for my stories. I cannot reply personally to you all, but you do encourage me to write more. This one continues with more teasing, the hotter stuff comes later on...


Whilst the parents slept with their own thoughts of lust, their son and daughter, Mamood and Nisha were having their own lustful desires, separately, in their own beds.

Mamood, typically at 19, had his male hormones raging, and would often masturbate three or four times and day. And the object of his thoughts whilst he did this, was often his mother.

He had a thing for older women. He had a collection of porno magazines which were mostly the 'over 40' type and even one or two entitled 'over 50'. And he just loved to 'beat his meat' whilst looking at nude raunchy pictures of older women. Sometimes he would imagine his mother striking a pose like that of the pictures he would often look at, perhaps a like lady on all fours on the floor showing her asshole and pussy and looking back at the camera as if asking to be fucked senseless.

Tonight he was thinking of his mom, in the tight beige pants she had worn during the day, remembering the way her butt cheeks had stretched the fabric of the pants, and the way they had wobbled and rippled as she had walked about. He'd had to go to his room a couple of times during the day just to wack off and get some relief, she'd turned him on so much.

Funnily enough, he'd also just started to notice how his sister, Nisha's ass was starting to look quite attractive as well recently. He was an ass man, no doubt, and both his mom and sister were both starting to look really hot to him these days.

As he lay in bed, he wanked himself off, thinking about feeling up his mom's beautiful wide ass cheeks, imagining her bending over the kitchen worktop for him, wriggling her butt at him and then letting him cum all over the material of her pants. As he came thinking about this, he made sure his cum went over a towel he kept for the purpose, as he was careful about not leaving any stains on his bed sheets. He was quite secretive about his masturbating, and tried not to leave any signs. As he came, he felt a wave of pleasure run through his body. Slowly he started to drift off to sleep, little aware of the thoughts his mother was having about him a few doors away, whilst lying next to his father.

Across the hallway, in her own room, Nisha lay in bed, with a couple of fingers of her right hand buried in her pussy. She was playing with herself, as she often did, bringing herself to another orgasm.

She had a secret. She was not a virgin, as was so common for unmarried girls of her age in India. She knew what sex was all about, and having already had the 'fire lit', her lustful desires had now to be satisfied regularly.

Whilst being away at boarding school, she had met a boy, the same age as her in the local area of the school, and one thing had led to another. They were now lovers, meeting secretly, once or twice a week, and having sex. But she was not 'in love' with him. No, she was quite sure of that. In the beginning, it might have been puppy love, but that had worn off, and now they would meet just for sex and a laugh, which seemed ok. But this also meant that when she was away from boarding school, she missed the sex quite a lot, having got used to it regularly now.

Her mind was racing, as she played with herself. She was thinking of her boyfriend, Amir, and sucking his cock. She stuck a finger from her left hand into her mouth, imagining it to be his prick, whilst at the same time playing with her cunt with her right hand, and wriggling her pussy mound as she did so, enjoying the sensation.

As she carried on doing this, her mind wandered a little, and she had a flashback the way her father had looked at her a few times recently since she had come home for the holidays. She was not slow on the uptake with the way men and boys would sometimes look at her, and she had seen a lustful look in her father's eyes a few times. She had pretended to be all innocent, and not notice each time it had happened.

For a moment, as she masturbated, her mind replaced her boyfriend's face and prick with that of her father's, and she felt a rush of lust run through her. At first, it felt a little strange, but enjoying the new image in her mind, and continuing with the thought, she finally brought herself to an intense orgasm, thinking of her father, as she pumped her fingers in her pussy.

She lay there, feeling satisfied, but also a little aroused that imagining her father in a sexual way had had such an effect. She wondered what would happen if she teased him a little with her body over the next few days whilst she was home. The idea gave her some pleasure. Thinking these thoughts, eventually she drifted off to sleep.


Seema spent the next morning thinking about how to put her plans into action. Nisha would be home for another 7 days before going back to boarding school. In that time, she had to get Tahir so aroused and wanting Nisha so much, that he would agree to let her have her fun with Mamood, in exchange for a similar arrangement for him with Nisha.

The first thing she would do, would be exactly the opposite to what she had said to Tahir about not wearing clothes to attract the men of the house to herself and her daughter's bodies. Instead she would make sure both Nisha and herself wore clothes that would drive both her husband and Mamood wild with desire, and hope Tahir would want more. She would then slowly give in to Tahir's desires for more, whilst pretending to protest a little. Then she would bring in her own demands for her feelings about Mahmood. She felt delighted at her scheme!

Seema decided she would also have a talk with Nisha just to see how she might react to having some lustful 'seeds' of thought planted in her. If she could somehow get Nisha to be involved in the seduction right from the beginning, it would make things much easier.

Mamood was out with friends whilst her husband was at work. Seema decided to approach Nisha after breakfast.

"Nisha, darling" said Seema, "Would you like to come shopping with me this afternoon? I'll treat you to some new clothes."

"Sure mom", replied Nisha, "Anything in particular?"

"Well, the weather will be getting warmer soon, and I thought maybe we should be a bit more casual around the house. Perhaps we can get some shorts and t-shirts and one or two nice fitting jeans or pants."

"Ok" replied Nisha, happily innocent to her mother's real plans behind the shopping trip.

Seema ordered a taxi and they went to a popular mall in central Mumbai, well known for its westerns style-clothing shops.

Seema picked out a variety of shorts for herself and Nisha and some jeans and pants, making sure she picked sizes that would be quite figure hugging on them both, and show off the curves of their asses well, plus some t-shirts.

In the changing room, as Nisha tried some of the items on, she said "Mom, some of these are a mean, do you think dad will mind me wearing these at home?"

"You mean sexy looking" replied Seema with a smile, as she saw just how good Nisha's butt looked in some of the selections.

"Er....yes" replied Nisha a little embarrassed at her mother's use of the word 'sexy'.

"No that's fine," replied Seema. "I'm going to start wearing shorts too – there's no need to be shy – in the hot weather, and as long as we are at home and not in front of strangers, I'm sure both your dad and Mamood won't mind, us being a bit more casual and free."

Nisha felt a little perplexed at some of her mother's choice of clothing, as they seemed far too tight fitting on her mom especially, but she went with it.

When they got home, neither Mamood nor Tahir were back. Seema made them both some cold drinks and they sat down on the sofa in the living room.

"Before your brother of father come home, Nisha, I wanted to chat about something with you."

"What's that?" said Nisha, smiling back at her mom.

"Well, you're 18 now and quite an attractive young girl, have you ever thought about boys, or a boyfriend?"

Nisha blushed. She had to lie now.

"Well, nothing much to say on that at the moment mom, you know, I'm still quite shy" she said, blatantly lying.

"I think you should always try to look your best," replied Seema. "Even in the house when your father and brother are around, it's good practice to look nice and...," she hesitated, "...Even sexy, as then you get into a good habit, and you never know when you might meet the right man."

Nisha looked a little surprised. "You mean you're not bothered if I don't have an arranged marriage."

"Well, there's plenty of time for that," replied Seema. "And I'm sure your father and I won't object if you meet someone you like yourself and even have some fun, as long as you are sensible. It's not like the olden days now in India."

Nisha looked slightly shocked at what her mother appeared to be saying.

"Erm, I'm not quite sure what you mean mom?" was all she could say feebly, in response.

"I'm talking about sex, Nisha," said Seema boldy. "It is fun, and your father and I are quite relaxed about it. We know what it was like to be your age and we aren't going to be hard on you if you want to have a bit of fun before you get married."

"Oh" replied Nisha, still in a slight state of shock at this conversation.

"If you do meet someone, just be careful, that's all" continued Seema. "And in the meantime, don't be shy about your feelings, just let them flow."

"Ok" replied Nisha.

"Now why don't we go and change into one of these new outfits each before the men of the house come back," said Seema getting up, and inviting Nisha to follow her.

Nisha followed her mother into her parent's bedroom.

"You can change here if you like," said Seema, "Don't be shy now."

And with that, Seema started to undress in front of her daughter. Nisha tried not to stare at her mother, and started to undress herself, feeling slightly embarrassed.

Seema decided to go completely nude in front of her daughter to see what effect this might have. "Take off all your clothes Nisha" said Seema. "Maybe we can compare our bodies before we try some of these new clothes on again and see just what a difference age makes" she continued, jokingly and laughing out loud.

Nisha had already taken her t-shirt and jeans off, and finally removed her bra and panties. Both mother and daughter were now completely naked in front of each other. Both had very lightly tanned skin, almost like a Mediterranean complexion.

"You look lovely," said Seema, seeing her daughter's fine pert boobs, slim waist and bubble butt. "I'm sure men will like you a lot! How do I look?"

Saying that, Seema walked up and down next to the bed parading her nude body in front of her daughter. Nisha, at first, blushed, seeing her mother like that, but noticed how, although her mother's proportions were bigger than her own, her body was still in balance, with full swinging large boobs curving to waistline, and a wide shaped fleshy ass, but with very little cellulite on her ass and legs. Her mom looked pretty good for her age and still curvy!

"You look great too mom" said Nisha, "Dad's lucky to have you!" she added trying not to sound too embarrassed.

"Come and give me a hug," said Seema, smiling and beckoning Nisha to her.

Nisha walked over to her mom and both women embraced. Their boobs squashed against each other as they did so. Seema let her hands wander down her daughter's body, down her back, and over her pert, round, firm ass. Nisha felt a ripple of sexual arousal run through her, and almost unconsciously, did the same to her mom, running her hands down the smooth skin of her back and over her more ample and full wide ass cheeks, groping them firmly and kneading the flesh there.

Both women stood there in a state of sexual arousal, gently caressing each other's bodies.

Seema pressed her face next to Nish'a lips, brought her own lips to her daughter's. Both women being highly sexed and sensually driven (although not yet known to each other), could not help kissing each other on the lips as this happened. Their kiss became quite passionate and they exchanged tongues in their mouths. Then Seema gently took the lead and slowly guided her daughter over to the bed.

"Mmm that's nice Nisha, " she said, as they briefly broke the kiss and lay down on the bed. Seema positioned herself next to her daughter and started kissing her again on the lips, Nisha responded. Seema guided her hands over Nisha's boobs and down to her pussy, gently rubbing it. She then broke their kiss and moved her mouth over Nisha's left nipple and started to lick and suck on it.

"Oh that feels so good mom" said Nisha, responding to her mother's fingers inside her now wet cunt.

"I'm glad you like it" said Seema, continuing her fingering firmly but also gently.

"Should we be doing this mom?" said Nisha, hesitatingly, as she was enjoying the arousal she was feeling.

"It's ok baby," replied Seema, "Just let your feelings go."

Nisha responded by opening her legs more, which gave Seema the opportunity to explore her daughters pussy more closely. She moved her mouth down to her daughter's now very wet cunt and licked and lapped at it, as Nisha writhed under her, responding to her mother tongue fucking her hole.

"Baby, I'm going to put my bottom over your face whilst I lick you, so you can lick me at the same time," said Seema.

Nisha was feeling highly aroused, and watched as her mom's wide and fleshy ass cheeks came into view over her face, giving her a first close look at her mom's asshole and cunt.

She had often licked her boyfriend asshole whilst they had done a sixty-nine with him on top, and now, she felt a wave of lust run through her seeing her mom's asshole only inches from her mouth, almost on top of her face. As she had never licked a woman's pussy before, she decided to smell and taste that first, and gently inserted her tongue into her mom's wet cunt.

As Seema positioned herself in a 69 above her daughter, it started to feel fabulous to her, as Nisha's tongue started licking and exploring her tingling pussy, as she continued licking her daughter's.

After a moment, Nisha said, "Mom your asshole looks so inviting, can I lick that too?"

"Oh yes baby, please do" replied Seema, not quite believing her luck that Nisha would want to do that so soon.

Nisha gently inserted her tongue into her mom's asshole, first gently playing with the outer star like ring, and then fully penetrating it with her tongue.

Seema was getting highly aroused now and continued licking at her daughter's pussy whilst Nisha had her tongue up her own asshole.

After a few more moments, it being the first time, they both did not last much longer, and came quite quickly, both shuddering in their orgasms, soon after each other.

Seema lay next to her daughter and smiled enjoying the after glow feeling.

"Well, Nisha, now you know something about sex", she said.

Nisha, still a little stunned at what had just occurred, and just how much she had enjoyed sex with a female, let alone that it was her mom, decided to play innocent as she was still unsure about letting her mother know about her boyfriend, and the fact that she was already sexually experienced, as well as having a high sex drive herself.

"That felt amazing mom" she said. "But is it right that we should do this?"

"If we keep this a secret between us and not involve anyone outside the family it is ok, as long as no one gets hurts and we are happy to have fun with each other, darling."

"I wanted to speak to you about sex for some time, but it was hard knowing where to start," Seema continued, realising now was the chance to discuss her plans involving Tahir and Mamood.

"I must make a confession to you. You father and I are highly sexed individuals and still have very active sex lives. I think he is quite attracted to you and for some time I have had sexual feelings for Mamood. I've been thinking of a way for us all to become involved together sexually. Your father doesn't know of my interest in Mamood yet, but he did tell me he was having feelings of lust towards you. Now I've broken the ice with you, so to speak, would you like to get in involved in my plans for us all. I think it would be fun to slowly seduce the men of the house. What do you think?"

Nisha lay there for a minute or two just taking in what her mother had just said to her. It seemed incredible, and too good to be true. She would be able to have all the sex she desired when at home, and still be able to see her boyfriend whilst at boarding school. She decided she would agree, but still pretend to be all-innocent with her mom.

"Ok mom. I found what we just did extremely pleasurable, and it may be even more so with a man, so I'm prepared go along with your plan to seduce dad and Mamood if you want me to. But you'll have to teach me more about sex and what to do and say, and I have some conditions."

"Conditions?" said Seema, intrigued. "And what are they?"

"Well I'd like to know a bit more about just how much you and dad are highly sexed – you'll have to tell me what you do and what he likes. Also, whilst I'm seducing dad, I'm going to get a few things from him that I want that require money, and you mustn't object to those things."

"Goodness me darling, I didn't realise you would be so demanding," replied Seema, surprised at her daughter's brashness all of a sudden. "That's fine though, I'm sure, and I'm quite happy to let you in on the bedroom secrets of your father and I – you'll have to become his bedroom wife no. 2 in a way," she said smiling cheekily.

"Well, let's have some fun then" replied Nisha, smiling back at her mom.

"Yes" said Seema, "Let's discuss exactly how we are going to seduce my son and your father."

To be continued...

Copyright 2006 Young Incest on All rights reserved.

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