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Author's Caveat: This chapter contains fictional depictions of violence unrelated to sexual activity, female bi-sexuality, and incest. If you are offended by any of these topics, please do not read this chapter.

Penny Auntie

Chapter Three

"Wow, Brandy, that was amazing. It almost felt like I was licking my own pussy when we were eating each other at the same time. I must have come buckets."

"Me too, Pris. Geez, why didn't we try this a long time ago? Think of all the fun we missed out on over the last nine months. I just loved it when you put your finger in my hiney. I thought it would drive me wild. Where did you get the idea to do that?"

"I don't know, Brandy, your ass hole was right there in front of my eyes when I was licking your pussy and you were licking mine. It looked so cute, like a little rosebud. I couldn't resist dipping a finger in your pussy to get it all juicy and then sticking it in your hiney. I wasn't sure if you would like it, but I'm really glad you did. When you did the same thing and stuck your finger in my hiney, I loved it. I can't wait to do it all again."

"Can I feel your pussy, Pris? I just love the soft smoothness of it without any hair. Let's lay down side by side so we can touch each other's pussy. Oh, that feels so good. Open your legs a little, I want to look at your clit. How does this feel?"

"Ooh, that feels really good. Let me touch yours. Gee, it's so cute and pink. I just have to lick it."

"Oh, yes, Pris. God that feels so hot. Open up, sweetie, I'm gonna lick that little bud of yours too."


"What took you so long, sweet cakes? I was beginning to think you were going to stand me up." Ray said as Betty entered his condo with an anxious look on her face.

"I made a lot of turns to see if anyone was following me. I'm still worried about what Drew said earlier," she said as she melted into his arms. "And I certainly do intend to stand you up. I think I can feel it happening already."

"Listen, dollface, if Drew wanted to know where you were going, you'd never know it. I doubt if I could spot him if he wanted to tail me, and I'm trained to pick up on that sort of thing. You're just being a little paranoid over a random remark. Now let's see what you look like under that coat."

Betty smiled seductively and began to slowly unbutton the lightweight trenchcoat she had worn to conceal what lay under it. When she undid the last button, she threw the coat open to reveal a red and blue striped tie over a crisp white blouse on top, and a short pleated blue skirt on the bottom.

"My, my, my! What have we here? Are you playing hooky from school today, little girl? I just love your sexy uniform."

"Oh, mister truant officer, you aren't going to punish me, are you?"

"I'm afraid so, missy. We have to set an example with you so the other little girls will behave properly. Come over here and lay across my knees."

"You aren't going to spank my little bottom are you?" she said in mock horror.

"That's just what I'm going to do, missy. Let's have a look at it first to make sure everything is in order. Aha! Just as I suspected. You aren't wearing any panties, young lady. Trying to give the boys a peek at your little pussy, are you? I'm shocked! This is worse than I thought. And your little pussy is so wet. Have you been entertaining improper thoughts about some dirty little boy, missy?"

"Oh, no, mister truant officer, honest. I was just thinking about what your big hand would feel like spanking my little bottom, and I got all juicy and shivery thinking about it. Go ahead mister truant officer. I'm ready to accept my punishment." she moaned.

"All right, then, take that, and that, and that. Oops! Darn, missy, I can't seem to keep my fingers from slipping into your pretty little pussy."

"Ooh, mister truant officer, what's that bumping against my tummy?"

"That's my rod, missy. You know what they say, 'spare the rod and spoil the child', I'm afraid that I'll have to use my rod on you to save you from a life of dissipation and degradation. Get on your knees, missy."

"Oh, my, mister truant officer, it's so big! It looks like a big lollipop. Can I suck on it before you use it on me, please, please, please, can I?"

"I suppose so, missy, but you're only postponing the inevitable. I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you the full treatment with my rod. Oh, ah, God that feels so good! Keep going, missy. You're doing it just right."

Later, as they lay in each other's arms in Ray's bed, Betty said, "You know Drew better than anyone, Ray. Have you ever known him to make a remark out of the blue like that for no reason? I'm sure there's more to it than you think. Can you talk to him and see if you can pick up on anything without letting on?"

"I have a better, idea, babe. Why don't I just come right out and tell him about us? It's been killing me to have to keep it so secret. If anyone in the world will understand and sympathize with us, it's him."

"Why do you say that, Ray? Don't you think he'd be just as disgusted as everyone else if he found out about us?"

"Geez, Betty are you blind? Haven't you ever noticed the way Drew and Penny are around each other? Do you think if she wasn't his aunt there would be any doubt that she'd probably be in his bed right now? They may not even know it themselves, but they're crazy in love with each other."

"Nooo! They can't be in love! She's just a child. I won't allow it! oh, nooo!" she sobbed.

"Hey, take it easy, Betty. There's nothing you or I or anyone can do about it, not even them. Sometimes I feel so sorry for them that I just want to take him aside and tell him it's OK. I'm just worried that he might deck me for making the suggestion."

"You, afraid of anyone? I don't believe it." she said as she wiped her eyes.

"You'd better believe it. Do you remember how I handled that jerk at the Halloween ball? Remember you said he was like a little baby in my hands? That's how I would be in Drew's hands. I've never seen anyone like him. He's like the hero in one of those 'B' movies who goes into a bar full of motorcycle gang members and beats the shit out of them without working up a sweat. Only Drew could do it for real. Do you know why he left the Navy?"

"No, I've always wondered about it. I thought he planned to make a career of it, especially after he got into the Seals." she replied.

"He did, but the Navy cut him loose with a full pension and a retired rank of Commander to avoid an international incident with the Pakistani military."

"Really? What happened?"

"Drew was the leader of a group of Navy Seals that were inserted into Eastern Afghanistan in early 2002 to gather intelligence. They stumbled onto a system of caves full of all kinds of munitions and explosives. According to Drew, some Al Qaeda bigwigs were somewhere nearby. Just when he and his team were about to pounce on them, a company of Pakistani soldiers showed up and blocked their way.

"The colonel in charge told Drew they had crossed over into Pakistan and that it was now a Pakistani operation and he and his men should stand down. Then the Pakistanis just sat there and let the Al Qaeda bigwigs slip away. Drew and his men were ambushed on their way back to their pickup point the next day and Drew blamed the Pakistani Colonel for the deaths of two of his men. Drew stayed behind after he put his team on the pickup helicopter and went back after that Colonel.

"During the night, he infiltrated their encampment and took out all of the sentries and tied them up. Then he went from tent to tent until he found the Colonel and woke him up with his knife to his throat. He marched the colonel a couple of miles away from the encampment and sheathed his knife and then tore into him like a buzz saw. He broke both of his arms and legs , both collarbones, his jaw, and most of his ribs. Then he dragged him back and dumped him outside their encampment. They were lucky he didn't kill them all in their sleep.

"When the Colonel got out of intensive care, he filed charges against Drew and his team. It was his word against Drew's, and neither country wanted to create an international incident, so Drew's career was sacrificed in the interest of international harmony and the story was hushed up before the press could ever get wind of it.

"Gee, Ray, I had no idea. I just assumed he had gotten out because he didn't want to be caught up in the war. I guess I owe him an apology. But what you said about Drew and Penny still upsets me. I guess that makes me a terrible hypocrite, doesn't it."

"No, dear heart, it's just your natural maternal instinct kicking in."

"Ray, don't.."

"Hush, darling, I didn't say a thing. Did you do your homework, missy?"

"Oh, golly, mister truant officer, I forgot all about it. Does that mean you'll have to punish me again?"

"I'm afraid so, missy. Turn over."


Mitch found some candles and some safety matches in a kitchen drawer. He went into the lowest part of the first floor, a conversation pit surrounded by a couple of sofas and several overstuffed chairs with tons of pillows piled on them. He lit one of the candles, making sure that there was no draft to blow it out and wedged it between two cushions on one of the sofas with about three inches sticking out. He repeated the process several more times, then went into the spacious kitchen and disconnected the flexible gas pipe from the large range. He pulled the range into the middle of the kitchen to permit the unimpeded flow of gas.

He gathered up the information he had come for and exited through the kitchen into the large four car garage. He found the gas valve that he had turned off previously and opened it all the way. The kitchen would now begin filling with highly flammable natural gas at a rate of flow he had calculated would have it flowing into the conversation pit on the other side of the house from the kitchen in about twenty minutes. By the time the gas reached the level of the candle flames, the entire downstairs of the house would be filled with enough natural gas to blow the house off of its foundation and turn it into matchsticks.

He turned off the interior garage light and slipped out the side door into the night. Too bad about the cunt, he shrugged. She had some really nice tits before he had started slicing her up to get her hubby to talk. It hadn't taken long for him to start offering up his old buddy on a silver platter when he saw Mitch's razor sharp hunting knife tracing a neat red circle around his wife's pretty nipple. He chuckled to himself at how easy it had been.

He had disabled their expensive security system in a matter of seconds and was inside the house less than a minute later without making a sound. He had found the couple asleep in their bed and had subdued the man without a struggle. The cunt was another story. She came awake when she heard her husband grunt in pain and took off running for the stairs as naked as a jaybird. He caught her by her hair just as she reached the top step and dragged her kicking and screaming back to the bedroom. He backhanded her a couple of times and she calmed down in a hurry. He sat them both up against the head of the bed with their hands secured behind them by a couple of disposable plastic restraints.

"I need some information, friend." he had smiled as he brandished his hunting knife menacingly. "Here's how it's going to work. I'll ask you a question. If you refuse to answer it or if I think you're not telling me the truth, I'll take a slice out of your wife's lovely titties with this knife. If that doesn't motivate you, I'll start carving up your balls. Get the picture? Great. Now I'm looking for the man in this picture. Don't try to deny that you know him. I've already confirmed that the two of you were in Lake Tahoe together when this picture was taken. I want his name and I want to know where I can find him. Come here, Mommy, let's give daddy a little demonstration. Let's see if I can trace around that pretty nipple without going outside the line."

When he had the information he wanted, he had put a bullet into each of their heads and gone into the garage to turn off the gas. He was on I-44 heading Northeast when a loud explosion rumbled in the distance accompanied by a bright orange flash. He reached for his cell phone and speed dialed Carl's number.


"What time did you get in last night, Penny?" Betty asked as she poured them both a cup of coffee.

"A lot earlier than you did, Sis. What were you up to last night? A little late night tryst?" she teased.

"Penelope Marie Martin! What kind of remark is that? I'm ashamed of you for thinking such things," she blushed.

"I guess that's why you're turning bright red, Elizabeth Anne Martin. My, my. Aren't we touchy this morning." she giggled.

"Why, you little vixen! I have half a mind to spank your bottom," she said as delicious memories of the previous night suddenly came flooding back.

"Hello, Earth to Betty. You looked a little dazed there, Sis. Were you having yummy flashbacks of your nocturnal frolic?"

"That does it! Come here you little wretch!" she said as she lunged at her younger sibling. "Stop giggling, you hussy! You'll have me giggling too. Oh, damn it, Penny, I can't ever stay mad at you. You're just too adorable."

She hugged her and gave her a quick pinch on the butt before setting her coffee down and gathering up her purse. "There's my ride. See you later, sugar."

"Ouch!" Penny yelped as she rubbed her stinging cheek. "I'll get you for that, you meanie!"

"What was all the hubbub about, Henny Penny?" her mother asked as she shuffled into the kitchen yawning hugely.

"Just the usual morning tussle with Betty." she replied as she hugged her mother. "Nothing to worry about. I think Betty has a lover. You should have seen her blush when I teased her about it."

"You leave Betty alone, young lady. She's entitled to a life of her own. And goodness knows it's been long enough since she had one. Don't tease her. Be happy for her if what you say is true."

"Fine, Mommy. I'll leave her alone if she'll leave me alone. I understand that she's been calling all around asking people to check up on me and telling them that I'm acting strangely. Doesn't she realize that I'm an adult now the same as her. What business is it of hers what I do or how I act anyway? She sure didn't appreciate it when I gave her a little taste of her own medicine this morning."

"It's not easy for either of us to think of you as all grown up, baby girl. It seems like only yesterday that you were running around in your little pinafore with your hair in pigtails. Now look at you. That's one of the problems with getting old, the time seems to pass so quickly."

"You're not old, Mommy. You don't look a day over fifty, and you know it." she stroked her mother's hair and hugged her tightly.

"By the way, where were you the last couple of days? I hardly saw you all weekend." her mother asked.

"Now Betty has you doing it too, Mommy. It was just such nice weather that I thought it would be nice to spend some time out of the house for a change. I ran into some friends at the mall and we did some things together. Don't worry, there were no boys involved."

"Why, Penny, I don't have any objection to you going out with some nice boy. Where did you get that notion?"

"I don't know, I guess maybe because Betty is always telling me not to get involved with the boys in school, I thought you might have the same idea. We haven't ever talked about it, have we? You always let Betty tell me what to do and who to see."

"Well, she's a lot closer to your age and she probably understands those things better than your old mother does, don't you think?"

"I'm not so sure. All she ever told me about boys was to stay away from them until I'm old enough to know what I'm doing. She sounds pretty bitter sometimes."

"Well, uh, that's enough talk about Betty. It's not nice to talk about people when they aren't around, Sissy. Will you pass me the sugar please?"


Drew was busy on his computer when Penny rang his doorbell. He let her in and braced himself as she flew into his arms.

"I have something for you, liebchen." he said holding out a key.

"My, aren't we the accomplished linguist?" she smiled. "Have you been watching 'Heidi' on the late late movie?"

"You're awfully sassy this morning, missy. Are you looking for a spanking?" he teased as he gently swatted her on the butt.

"Geez, you're the second person to assault my tiny hiney this morning. Is this national ass grabbing day or something? Here, let my grab yours."

"Ouch! Where did you learn to pinch like that, girlie?" he said as he lifted her off her feet and twirled her around. "What do you mean I'm the second person? Who else has been invading my private preserve?"

"Put me down, you beast! You're making me dizzy!" she giggled. "Betty pinched my butt cheek on her way out the door this morning. It really smarted too. If you're nice, I'll let you examine me to see if she left a mark."

"Did you and Betty get into a fracas this morning? Did she grill you about what you were doing all weekend?"

"I'm sure she planned to, but I went on the offensive before she had a chance to and accused her of having a late night fuckfest with a mysterious lover. You should have seen how red her face got when I said that. I was just joking, but I think I may have hit the nail on the head. I've never seen her so flustered. And then she got this dreamy look on her face like she was reliving something in her mind. I actually had to tell her to snap out of it."

"Well that's interesting. For her sake, I hope it's true. I don't know if I've ever seen her with a guy. She just always seemed content to stay at home with you and grandma. If she's finally coming out of her shell, it's about time. I wonder who the lucky guy is."

"What makes you think it's a guy? Maybe she's into women. Hmm. I wonder how she'll react if I drop a hint about that." she grinned impishly.

"Don't you dare, Penny! Just leave it alone. You of all people ought to respect her right to be with whomever she wants without trying to make her feel uncomfortable about it."

"You're right, Drew. I guess I was just reacting to the way she's been prying into my private life lately. I won't say anything more about it."

"Good girl. Now let's take a look at that injured hiney."

"Yes, doctor," she grinned.


Mitch rolled out of Tulsa at a little past seven in the morning after a quick breakfast at a Denney's Restaurant near his motel. He had been so exhausted and sleep deprived that he had nearly slept through the morning wakeup call he had requested. Carl had been ecstatic when he called him last night with the news that he had identified their quarry and was on his way to Northern Ohio to settle accounts with him. Mitch estimated that he should be in Port Clinton around Midnight, Ohio time. He'd check into a no-tell motel under a phony name and spend the next day doing reconnaissance on his quarry.

Normally, he would have just gone right in and taken care of business like he had with the Ryders. But bitter experience had taught him that this joker was different. If anyone tried to sneak up on him, they would find him waiting and deadly. Mitch felt confident that he could take him, given the proper weapons and sufficient planning and reconnaissance. He also knew that going in 'cold' was certain suicide.

Besides, Mitch enjoyed the process as much as the ultimate triumph over a worthy adversary. He wanted to savor every step in the process of putting this fucker down permanently. The last time they had tangled, they had both ended up in the hospital; Mitch with broken ribs and a destroyed spleen and his foe with a shoulder injury. He was practically salivating as he anticipated their next encounter.

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